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War of the Blood Pt. 2: Skulls and Crosses [M-LSV]


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Blood. Blood is life. Blood is a necessity that all are granted upon birth. Blood is a given, blood is a constant. Until you fall into Death's sweet embrace. Then, Blood is never taken for granted. We call those that have died and returned many names; Ghouls, Revenants, Zombies, the Undead. But when they seek blood, that purest source of life, we call them Vampires.

Though they have permeated our culture, we see them as little more than fairy tales. The stuff of gothic romance novels, cheesy horror movies, and occasionally nightmares. But they exist, they walk, and they hunt.

For eons they have walked among us, slowly stealing away our essence in the form of that rich, dark liquid. As they grew in number and power, evolved beyond the simple blood-suckers, they split apart. They formed the Clans. The Clans lived together in peace for centuries, millennia. Save the occasional squabble, things were calm among the Vampires.

But when the one known as Kuroichi, the Dark Blood, rose to the world of the Vampire, he decided that things should not be this way. He started his own Clan, the first to start in a thousand years, and slowly he swept across the globe, calling to his brethren. They called him mad when he went the way of peace, so he decided to go the way of war.

Thousands fell to Kuroichi's Clan. His bloodthirsty nature, demonic power, and trademark silver hair earned him his nickname...Demon of the Silver Hair. The Clans fought back, and he was pushed back to his homeland of Japan. His Clan dominated the island country, and he was pleased for a time.

Unfortunately, the Japanese government finally decided to lash out against the Vampires. They started a secret project, seeking out a few hundred children born with a strange power. These children were trained in the martial arts of the world, becoming expert warriors. They were the Hunters, deigned to slay the Vampires once and for all. Kuroichi was intrigued by these warriors, and decided to test them. There was a great massacre, and many of the Hunters died at the hands of Kuroichi. However, still many lived on, to fight against the Vampires with greater fervor.

Suddenly, the now-seasoned Hunters began to disappear. And at the same time, Kuroichi's Clan began to rise in power. The Hunters were becoming his Clansmen, and something had to be done before he became to great a threat. This began what would be known in the future as the War of the Blood.

Soon, Kuroichi's campaign swept across Europe as he stole the mighty Gems of the Ijuuj. With the Gyshram as his allies, he struck against the great clan, quickly taking the Emerald and Ruby. Along the way, he joined and fell out with Abaddon, Angel of the Abyss, and fought a former pupil...Goryuu Zokusai.

With Three Gems in his possession, Kuroichi was viewed as a horrific threat by the Gwyar. Some of the Elders, Dracula, LeStat, decided to overthrow the Great Elder himself, Cain. They would strike against the Krilat Zmaj and all who joined them. Thanks to Zoku's hatred of Kuroichi, they gained two of the gems, Zoku keeping one himself. The last gem is lost, along with Night Rider of the Ijuuj.

Zoku is missing, the Gwyar are plotting, and a beautiful Vampiress is slipping into Kuroichi's good graces. Now, he heads towards Australia to find the Zugai, and form a union with them. Their hatred of the Ijuuj makes them prime allies, seeing as Kuroichi has all but destroyed the religious "Crosses." The Zugai, the "Skulls," will soon join him...unless he can be stopped by the Gwyar.[/SIZE][/COLOR]


[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]It is your job to find out who gets the crown in the War of the Blood. One Clan must win, and your warriors will decide who. The Clans are:

Nyroma - The Nyroma own the lands of Eastern-Europe, governing the Vampires there with their great magical skill. Their illusions and spells are responsible for many of the myths surrounding Vampire lore. While the Nyroma aren't known for their physical prowess, they draw great fear in their knowledge and magic.

Knubrap - The Knubrap are the second newest Clan, existing wherever there is corruption, filth, and darkness. They are predominant in major American cities. The Knubrap are the basic Vampires, drawn together into their Clan out of necessity, rather than want. Though they have little power, their numbers are overwhelming, and they always know the terrain.

Zugai - Also known as the Skulls, the Zugai are violent, physically powerful, and deadly in numbers. They hate the Ijuuj above all others, seeing them as holier-than-thou scum that needs to be destroyed. The Zugai are resilient, strong, and have a never-may-die attitude that gives them an army of suicide soldiers to hurl against their foes. They are mostly found in the harsh terrain of Australia. The leaders of the Zugai have taken an interest in Kuroichi, mainly due to his mostly single-handed annihilation of the Ijuuj.
Maura Trepas - Bloody_Moon

Ijuuj - The Ijuuj may be the most formal and strict of all the Vampire Clans. Acting as a religious order for Vampires, they fight against the reckless Anarchists of the Zugai Clan. The Ijuuj follow their leaders (called the Kerlek) with fanatical devotion comparable to human fantasists but their greatest asset is their resistance to holy objects, a usual weakness for Vampires. They exist mostly in Western Europe. They have been almost decimated by Kuroichi and the Krilat Zmaj, and all seven of the mystical gems that gave them their holy resistence have been taken. It seems as though the Ijuuj are doomed.

Mirichai - Militaristic and bloodthirsty, the Mirichai seek power amongst the Vampire community, their desire for one great Clan preempting Kuroichi's. They utilize advanced human weaponry, mainly guns, in their conquest for power. They make their home in the Southern US and Mexico.

Gyshram - Shadowy assassins, the Gyshram hire themselves out to anyone who can pay well enough. They are well known for never failing to kill a target. Their exceptional speed and agility, as well as the power to manipulate shadows, gives them an edge in this secret war. They generally hide out in the World's deserts. They are in league with Kuroichi, but no one is sure how long, or even why.
Keitha - demonchild781
Lana - amgoddess

Labareda - A Central American Clan of Vampires that routinely dip their hands into human (and criminal) affairs. Drug trafficking, assassination (often aided by the Gyshram), political takeovers, extortion, and murder are just a few of their daily activities. With coffers full and weapons a plenty, they might be a hard force to stop.
Kunarma Dubrin - Pumpkin

Myrkur Aniol - Though small, the Myrkur Aniol is by far one of the most dangerous of the Clans. Taking the names of Angels (Fallen or otherwise) upon their "creation?, the Myrkur use the power of name to strike fear into the hearts of others. And if that doesn't work, their inhuman power will. While one of their members, Abaddon, is disgusted by Kuroichi, the Silver-Haired Demon himself is the second-spawn of the mighty Gabriel himself. Will Kuroichi's relation bring about an alliance, or will Abaddon convince the Angels otherwise?
Zuriel - Blayze

Krilat Zmaj - The powerful Clan lead by the Silver Haired Demon himself, Kuroichi. With the mysterious Power, a telekinetic energy, at the disposal of many a Krilat, and the use of near all Asia's Vampires, Kuroichi may be too great a force to defeat. The Krilat Zmaj have grown immensly in power due to Kuroichi's secret powers. He wields three of the Seven Gems of the Ijuuj, and it seems as though his higher-ups have other mysterious abilities. Who knows what their true power is?
Takeda Kana, alias Kuroichi - ULX
Zoku - kairiKIce2

Gwyar - The most ancient, wise, and powerful Vampires form the hallowed clan of the Gwyar. They show that Vampires truly are immortal, many of them present at the Crucifixion. It is rumored that their numbers include Dracula himself, and they are rumored to be lead by the very first Vampire. The Gwyar are led by Cain, the first Vampire, though he may not lead for very long. Other higher-ups seem to be tired of Cain's rule, and they plot to overthrow him and take over the Clan to destroy Kuroichi entirely.
Kyu Hitori - Sole-Energia
Jinsei - Midnytsun

Gene Colville - lil kitsune boy

Sumiyaka - Methuselah

If being a Vampire is not your fancy, a few Humans should be thrown into the mix. I place no restrictions on the lives of the Humans, but know that they shouldn't have any real powers, unless you PM to see if you can be one of the last surviving members of the Project. Having a few Zugai would be nice. And all from the first Part can join. I am contemplating a Chapter system. Feedback would be nice.


Name: It should fit your region of origin. Remember that the Myrkur Aniol must have the name of an Angel.
Nickname: If you have one.
Age: From 20-2000.
Gender: Male or Female.
Species: While most will be Vampires, this is in case there's a human or two.
Clan: Not necessary for human players.
Appearance: Either a picture or a fairly detailed description.
Weapons: Keep it basic unless you are a Mirichai or Labareda.
Powers: Telekinesis, magic, Chi techniques, shadow control...keep it under control, let's say five powers/techniques each, and don't have too much power. Remember, Knubrap don't have much in the way of power, Zugai are reletively weak when it comes to energy and magic, and the Nyroma are incredible sorcerors.
Bio: Not too long, but give me some info.
Other: Anything else you feel necessary to include.

Here's me:

Name: Kuroichi (Takeda Kana)
Nickname: Ginkami no Akuma or the Silver Haired Demon
Age: Around 500 years old
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire
Clan: Krilat Zmaj
Appearance: I have a picture somewhere, but until I find it...
Kuroichi is of average height, with a lean, muscular build, kept from years of martial arts. He has silver hair that reaches around shoulder length. His eyes are a deep gray that changes color based on his moods (or so he says). He is pale (he is a Vampire, after all), and his body is laced with scars, the most prominent a large gash across his chest. Despite this, he is quite handsome, known for seducing his female victims.
He wears a simple outfit of a black t-shirt, black jeans, and a black trench-coat. Around his neck is a silver chain with a pentagon at the end. He wears a large, simple, silver ring and a more elaborate silver dragon ring. He also has a silver skull belt-buckle.
Weapons: A katana that he calls Shinku no Umi (Crimson Sea), the Ruby of Blood, the Amethyst of the Night, and the Emerald of Corpses.
Powers: Kuroichi has the unique power to manipulate blood, be it his or another?s. He can change it into a very strong material, with which he crafts weapons, armor, and other structures. His favorite use for it is the Blood Mist, a cloud of incredibly small blood daggers that slowly cut anyone inside the mist to ribbons.
He also seems to command the Power, though instead of its usual Gold color, it is a dark red.
Thanks to the three Gems he holds, he has three more powers: the Ruby gives him the ability not only to manipulate blood ( apower he already had), but to create it, as well. The Amethyst gives him mysterious powers during the night hours, but so far it seems to manifest as an energy force much like the Power. Finally, the Emerald of Corpses can animate the bodies of the dead, as long as there is enough intact to animate.
Personality: Kuroichi is suave, cool, and in control no matter what the situation. He is incredibly wise, as well, a quick thinker and a devious planner. He can be very manipulative at times, leading people into thinking exactly what he wants.
When not conversing with pretty women or his equals, he can be very smug and cocky. He treats those he sees as inferior as inferiors, making his opinions of them known quite well. It takes a lot to earn his respect.
When in a fight, Kuroichi is condescending to his foes, trading witty banter and leading his opponent into stupid mistakes. He is sadistic, cold, calculating, and merciless.
Bio: Kuroichi (born Takeda Kana) was born during the Sengoku Period of Japan in the Kai province, shortly before Portuguese sailors reached Japan. He was trained in swordsmanship and the martial arts by his father, a high-ranking Samurai in Takeda Shingen's army. However, his father was killed in one of the Battles of Kawanakajima, the Battle of 1564. Kana was only in his early 20s.
Kana left his home in the Kai province, seeking fortune elsewhere. While walking out near Kawanakajima itself, he was accosted by a filthy soldier. Kana nearly defeated the man, but he lashed out with unnatural strength, and bit Kana's neck. Days later, Kana awoke late at night, and found himself a Vampire.
Kana was at first disgusted by his fate, casting off his name in favor of Kuroichi, meaning Black Blood. The name carried, but the disgust rapidly faded. He began to embrace his nature, learning to control his powers. His latent Power, a red energy force that could manipulate matter with no visible cause, was awoken during a fierce battle, the Siege of Osaka.
Kuroichi had seen many empires fall. At the beginning of the Meiji Era, he scorned the modernization and the destruction of the Samurai Class, aiding in a few attacks against the new government. But as the country finally settled down, Kuroichi took flight, seeking powerful warriors.
It was during a stay in Croatia, just before it?s becoming the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes, Kuroichi met a powerful Vampire of the Nyroma Clan. The Vampire taught Kuroichi about the Vampire's existence, and their various Clans and past battles. Kuroichi did not believe that the Clans could last forever, and he and his teacher parted ways.
It was during World War II, in the puppet state that Croatia had become, that Kuroichi decided to attack the Clans and form a new government. He decided that the current system had been in power far too long, and that a new system needed to replace it. He returned to Japan and rallied the Japanese Vampires to form the Krilat Zmaj (a word learned during his stays in Croatia).
After his first attack on the Clans failed, Kuroichi decided to make the best of the situation, making the Krilat Zmaj the predominant Asian Clan. When the Japanese Government began the Project, he had to see what the "graduates" were capable of. He slaughtered many, turning some into Vampires, and left the others to hone their skills.
Now, he is sweeping across the globe, gathering the Hunters into his Clan. Soon, he will bring an end to the Clans. And he will be around to see the final results.
Other: Nothing, really.

If you read through the first part ([URL=http://otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=43821]here[/URL]) and see an NPC you want to be, feel free to sign up as them. Just PM me before-hand for the OK. And remember, I would appreciate at least ONE Zugai. And an Ijuuj or two.

Have fun, hold tight, and drink deep.

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This looks awesome! I'm in!

Name: Zuriel

Nickname: Nightbringer

Age: 680

Gender: Male

Species: Vampire

Clan: Myrkur Aniol


But he has black hair streaked with red (sorry if the pic's a bit blurry)

Weapons: Twin short swords (not the Buster shown in the picture)

Powers: Telekinesis, fire-casting abilities

Personality: Zuriel is a vampire who takes great pleasure in his purpose. He enjoys the hunt as much as the kill. He sometimes starves himself for days to see if he can hunt and kill with his strength depleted. He has a very black sense of humour, which is natural in his line of work.

Bio: A young man by the name of Jacob was brought up by his uncle and aunt in the Middle East, and they despised the child. He was routinely abused and tortured at the hands of his unkind relatives. When he was ten, he stowed away on a boat from his hometown and travelled illegally to China. He lived on the streets here, making jewellery to scrape a living. He was found at the age of 12 by a wise young man who took him in. He was trained by this man to join the Chinese army, in preparation for his future. He was taught how to fight, both unarmed and armed, and he became extremely proficient in both forms of combat. Then, when he was 19, he joined the army as a footsoldier.

But one night, when he was making his way across the battlefield, a dead soldier from the opposing army rose to his feet and bit Jacob on the neck. He passed out from loss of blood, and when he awoke in the medical tent, he attacked the other men in there with him, killing them all. He ran from his fate, which was to be executed by the General, into the woods, where he lived as a feral beast for many years, feeding off the blood of small woodland animals.

Within three years, he was found by a member of the Myrkur Aniol Clan, who took him to the rest of the Clan. He was deemed fit to enter their ranks, and gradually recovered from his feral state. He has since proved himself one of their most worthy warriors, and has moved all the way from being a feral creature to being a well-spoken, wise-cracking member of the Clan. He took his name when he had been a Vampire for 9 years, from a more senior Vampire who had fallen in battle protecting him. He has seen many of the tortures of the world, and this has given him a strong bloodlust and poweful hunter's instincts. The first thing he did when he was a fully-seasoned Vampire warrior was go back to the Middle East and torture his aunt and uncle mercilessly, before killing them and leaving their bodies for the hounds to feast on. He has since visited the man who took him in in China and turned him, allowing him eternal life in return for everything he had ever done.

(I hope this is okay, PM me if its not)
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Name: Keitha
Nickname: Shadow Assassin
Age: 1000
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire
Clan: Gyshram
Appearance: At first glance Keitha looks to be the picture perfect beauty. Her curvy frame, strong buttocks and large bust line. Her long crimson hair is pulled back at the base of her neck, a few stray strains falling amongst her face. But watch out for the green-amber eyes because once she flashes you a glance, you're gone.
Keitha is usually dressed in flattering clothing, but rarely seen in dresses or skirts. When out on assignments, Kietha wears leather trousers, a black undershirt and a blood red tunic tied tightly around her waist.
Weapons: A simple katana named Chaela and two hand guns hiden within her outfit.
Powers: To manipulate shadows and untouched stealth.
Personality: A strong-willed woman that usually holds her tongue. She rarely shows emotions especially on assignments. Enjoys seducing weaker men and killing them before intercourse accures. She loves to play with powerful and strong men.
Bio: After a the murder of her father and producing three children after being raped by vikings, Kietha fleed from her captors where she found Serio. A vampire far older than his outward appearance. He took in the young twenty year old woman and together they took vengance on the Vikings that had destroyed her life. When Serio finally told Kietha of his true life, she asked to be his enternal lover. After a long fought battle with Kuroichi, Kietha had no more strength to give. Serio came to save her, as he always did, but at a price. He gave his eternal life to save her's. So she grew and gave everything to her Clan.

When word spread of Kuroichi wanting to take over the clans, Kietha was quick to her feet. She advised Lady Liltha and Lord David to join Kuroichi in his fight telling them that their clan was no much against Kuroichi. But after much plotting, Kietha's motives began to become unclear. She had aquired the Death Diamond and had given it to Zoku, Kuroichi's most powerful advosiary. After learning all she could of Zoku, Kietha joined him on an outing to meet up with Dracula, LeStat and Kyo. There she had discovered their plot against Kuroichi. But the Shadow Assassin didn't seem to be choosing sides, but she had clearly stated to Zoku that she wanted the clans unitied.

Others: Just to let you all know, my spelling sux! So please bear with me :D
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Ooh, this looks fun, ok here goes.

Name: Gene Colville
Nickname: 'Paladin' Colville, or simply 'Death'
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Appearance: approximately 5' 9", semi-long strawberry blonde hair, slim build(picture as soon as i find one)
Weapons: Two customized Desert Eagle 9mm semiautomatic pistols
Personality: Which one? One is a simple priest, Father Eugene Colville, a priest at your local Catholic Church and the nicest little Irish man you'll ever meet, the other is a Vampire Hunter and a madman, going out of his way if it will allow him to kill anything he sees as evil(including humans, at times)
Bio: Father Colville started out as nothing more than a psychotic killer, bent on ridding the world of all evil(seeing as how he's nuts, that definition is pretty wide), at which he was quite good. Eventually he was stopped by the Catholic Church, who used a form of hypnotism, which locked the madman inside until the command is given. There are those who pray it never is.
Other: The command is pretty simple, 'Good morning, Paladin Colville.' It works in any language. The few vampires that would have heard of him would only know him as 'Death', even fewer have actually seen him and lived to tell of it.

I may have used this character before.
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[B]Name:[/B] Lana

[B]Nickname: [/B] Black Widow

[B]Age:[/B] 120

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Species:[/B] Vampire

[B]Clan:[/B] Gyshram

[B]Appearance:[/B] See attachment - without the horn

[B]Weapons:[/B] Two sais

[B]Powers:[/B] Shadow melding, orb magic (like in the appearance picture) and teleportation

[B]Personality:[/B] Sexy and sassy, Lana loves to dabble in the affairs of human men. She loves to lure them into her traps, taking advantage of their complete infatuation with her. Human men frequently come to their end at her hands, as her thirst for their blood is unquenchable. Lana prefers rich young men that are willing to spend their fortune on her, mostly on diamonds. Devious, daring and deathly, Lana is a vampiress not to be messed with, especially if you a male.

[B]Bio:[/B] Lana was born in the Sahara desert, near the Nile, where her vampire clan always dwelt. Growing up in ancient Egyptian pharaoh?s tombs, Lana perfected her shadow melding and orb magic by herself in the darkness. She yearned for civilisation and left the clan.
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[COLOR=Indigo]Name: Maura Trepas
Nickname: Hornet
Age: 140
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire
Clan: Zugai
Appearance: [URL=http://www.psycko-hentai.de/grafix/gallery/bg53/image5a.jpg]Maura 1[/URL] [URL=http://www.psycko-hentai.de/grafix/gallery/bg51/image3a.jpg]Maura 2[/URL] [URL=http://www.psycko-hentai.de/grafix/gallery/bg50/image2a.jpg]Maura 3[/URL]
Weapons: Throwing Neddles, Daggers, bow and arrows, and a long sword.
Powers: Little telekinesis uses mainly to keep neddles, arrows and daggers on track.
Personality: Maura is your basic Zugai with some anger issues. She'll do anything to win and trains consentially. Because of her telekinesis she is either hated by other Zugais or envied. She loves teasing male vampires and humans. She knows that she's strong and isn't afried to hide her strengh. Ready to kill anyone that gets in her way of becoming the strongest in her clan. She hide her emotions untill she's on the battle feild. She's such a strong warrior because if this.
Bio: Maura Trepas, her first name mean dark and her last name death. Her mother was killed in a battle while her father lived on training Maura. She shows no regret for the lose of her mother. Her mother lost her life in a proud way. The proudest among the Zugai. Her father protects Maura because he fells to blame for his wifes death. Maura left her father's sheltering hands to join the leaders of Zugai. She bacame an appreantice of one of the leaders. Maura also is in love with one of the Ijuuj soilders and rumors are that she has a child.
Other: My spelling sux also so, hope you can stand it.

OOC: Tell me if I need to change anything.[/COLOR]
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[CENTER][COLOR=Purple][SIZE=1]I'm signing up, but I needed to ask you something.... but since you're not [I]online[/I], I can't. *grumble*

[B]Name:[/B] Sumiyaka (Formerly Elizabeth Archer)
[B]Nickname:[/B] Breeze
[B]Age:[/B] 1700
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Species:[/B] Vampire
[B]Clan:[/B] Neutral
[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=21478]Sumiyaka[/URL]

[B]Weapons:[/B] Whereas Sumiyaka used to be one of the more passive Vampires, no fan of blood shed and unnecessary violence; she has changed considerably since her first meeting with Kuroichi. She now uses a simple [URL=http://www.castleen.com/cma/cma3/images/shinai.jpg]shinai[/URL], which she wields with great skill. She also uses a knife which she keeps hidden in her top, it's light and can be thrown easily.

[B]Powers:[/B] Sumiyaka is very skilled in manipulating her Chi energy. She has mastered basic techniques like Barrier and a simple blow, but apart from those two she also has another powerful attack.

After reciting an incantation, Sumiyaka is able to launch a powerful 'Death Blow' that can knock most foes to the ground, Depending on how well trained and how powerful her opponent is obviously determines the damage, though even the likes of Kuroichi would feel a sting form this attack.

Sumiyaka has now fully mastered the art of Shadow Manipulation. Her puppets are powerful and can block basic attacks and ever weapons. She usually uses them when she is backed into a corner and has no other choice. Afterwards, Sumiyaka is drained and needs to regain her strength by feeding, something she still regrets.

[B]Personality:[/B] Sumiyaka is a recluse, plain and simple. She takes no pleasure in others pain and regrets that the only way she can survive is to feed on others blood. When she can, she will find a hospital and break into their stores, feeding on the medical supplies instead, it's something that other vampires have scolded her for.

She is, however, a fighter and refuses to give up even when she's in the most dire of situations. She's also grown to be quite arrogant, refusing help form others when she needs it most.

[B]Bio:[/B] Back when Sumiyaka with the Gwyar clan, she was a follower...a puppet that the elders manipulated. She was powerful but had no will and that was what pulled her right down below her friends. Now, Sumiyaka has left her clan and one of her best friends behind, she refuses to even acknowledge her old name and is known only as Breeze, or Sumiyaka.

She gained this nickname from her travels in Japan when a woman who 'disappeared like the wind' was reported to be seen in a hospital, feeding on cold blood stores. She now resides in China and is constantly gathering news of Kuroichi, a man she fears, respects and ultimately, hates. She still considers him an enemy even though she no longer classes herself as a clan vampire. If she gets the chance, Sumiyaka will fight Kuroichi to the death.

[B]Other:[/B] Sumiyaka is rather paranoid; any mention of her old clan members sets her off. She is also known to love children; she will risk her life if one is in danger.
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Kyu Hitori


His eye color varies with his mood. He wears black gloves that cut off at his knuckles. He wears goggles, as well.

Solen- The blade he weilds in the picture. It harnesses the energy of the sun inside of it.

Kyu is unique in that he studies and controls one of the most abundant forces of energy that most vampires ignore or overlook, the elements. His extensive research of the four traditional elements-fire, water, wind, and earth- allows him to control the manmade element, steel, and the majestic elements, light and shadow. Recently he's discovered that the fire and darkness energy that resides in him is much more powerfull and proficient then his other elements.

He also posses the ability to levitate and is igradually getting stronger with his chi. Before he could only focus it into his hands and launch small amounts at his opponents. But since recieving the Skull Sapphire and Death Diamond he can summon large amounts of his chi at one time.

His last ability is a strong hold over others, mostly humans. He needs only to talk with them for a period of time or look them directly in their eyes and they?re at his beck and call. Doesn?t work to the same extent on vampires.

[/B] Kyu is no longer the kind and compassionate person he was. Only those he cares for ever see his compassionate side, otherwise he is ruthless and will stop at no end to finsh his opponent. Since his physical appearance has been altered (see bio) he no longer feels the need to be anything like his weak former being.

Recently many things have occured in Sole's life. Both Chienzeru and Kay'liel, his friend and girlfriend, were killed and he was overcome with grief. He voyaged to his mentor and father figure, Dracula, in search of wise words. There he discovered unrest in his clan and patience running thin.

A close friend of his, Beth, arrived shortly after he did, comforting Sole slightly. The elders, Dracula, him, and Beth discussed the ever ensuing problem of Kurochi when Beth announced the she believed she knew what his weakness was.

Afterwards the elders sent her to take down Kuirochi, but once she met him she was overtaken with an unsual change, as if she was someone else. Meanwhile the human Zoku gave Sole the Skull Sapphire and Death Diamond, telling him he must reunite his clan.

Sole trained with Skull Sapphire and Death Diamond, in an attempt to become more powerful. His physical appearance altered, his personality changed, and he decided to adopt a new name. Now he ventures to unite his clan and return Beth to her former state, before she forgets him altogether.

At times it can appear that he is cold and heartless, but deep within him resides his former self, though he makes sure to suppress those feelings. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER]
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[CENTER][SIZE=1][B]Name: [/B]
Blaine Rhinefield
[B]Age: [/B]
[B]Weapons: [/B]
The Archangel. A scythe that brims with the power of death, yet deep within it sleeps a holy energy.

[B]Powers: [/B]
Necromancy- Quite the unusual ability, even for a vampire. Though this skill requires a great deal of concentration and energy, it can prove to be a useful asset in battle. With the ability to raise the dead at his disposal he can use the corpses as diversions, or for battle. It pains him to have to take away life after giving it back, and he suffers greatly in his mind.

Mentality- Jinsei?s mental abilities are peaked, allowing him to teleport, levitate, move objects with his mind, and read thoughts among many other things. Sometimes he cannot control his mind reading abilities and is plagued with others doubts and despair.

Jinsei, despite his horrifying abilities, is actually caring and lighthearted. Since dieing he has a newfound meaning for life, and knows now that it should not be taken for granted.

After meeting Sole he wants to journey with him in an attempt to bring together their impatient and restless comrades. He looks to Sole as a brother and trusts him without a second thought.

Jinsei knows quite a lot about death, as his mother died giving birth and less than half a mile away from his house was a cemetery, where his mother was buried. Growing up Jinsei was a normal kid, though he was fascinated with stories of vampires, werewolves and other creatures of the night. Unfortunately, this obsession with such ?myths?, as his father told, was what led to his death.

He grew tired of school and ditched occasionally, venturing off to study his surroundings. His friends joined him one day, and told him of an old manor not but 2 miles from the school. Jinsei found this as an excellent chance to explore, maybe getting the chance to see an actual vampire. After getting there they were attacked by an unseen force, and Jinsei was bitten. A couple of days later he was believed to be dead, and his father buried him. Jinsei awoke and was terrified to find he was in a coffin. Being frightened he focused all of his will into getting out and the next thing he knew he was breathing fresh air.

He discovered his condition and went into hiding, in an attempt to control his powers and keep away from the living. He met Dracula many, many years later and decide to join the Gwyar clan. After being shown such compassion and receiving a feeling of acceptance from the members of the clan he would be heartbroken to see them all destroyed by Kuroichi. He grew extremely close to Sole, dazed by his extraordinary display of powers, and hoping to become as powerful as him. He begged Sole to allow him to help in uniting their clan and Sole happily agreed.

[B]Other:[/B] Jinsei is loyal to the other members of the clan and will protect them no matter what.[/SIZE][/CENTER]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]All right, just letting you know I haven't forgotten about this. It'll start as soon as kairiKIce2 posts their character, since Zoku has become integral to the story it seems. Anyone else who wants to get their characters in needs to post soon.

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[B]Name:[/B] Kunarma Dubrin
[B]Nickname:[/B] Kuna
[B]Age:[/B] 300
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Species:[/B] Vampire
[B]Clan:[/B] Labareda
[B]Appearance:[/B] Either a picture or a fairly detailed description.
[B]Weapons:[/B] Keep it basic unless you are a Mirichai or Labareda.
[B]Powers: Telekinesis, magic, Chi techniques, shadow control...keep it under control, let's say five powers/techniques each, and don't have too much power. Remember, Knubrap don't have much in the way of power, Zugai are reletively weak when it comes to energy and magic, and the Nyroma are incredible sorcerors.
[B]Bio:[/B] Not too long, but give me some info.
[B]Other:[/B] Anything else you feel necessary to include.

[B]OOC: I'm so sorry I will be back to complete this soon. [/B]
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Name: Zoku
Age: 2000
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire
Clan: Krilat Zmaj

Appearance: Due to his transformation, Zoku is a tank now. Standing about 6'2'', his size is thick with a muscular form to his body. With long black hair coming down to his waist...with a tint of silver glowing from his hair when shined upon in the moonlight. His eyes have turned from his once pure aqua-blue eyes to a deep, shining red (Riddick Style) eyes. Zoku wears a basic tight black shirt with black pants and boots, as well as gloves with a silver earing in his left ear.

Weapons: Forged from his masters' two ancient scimitars (a gift given to him by Caine himself)...Zoku now weilds a 7 foot long katana (think of Sephiroth) named Oblivion.

Powers: As a human...Zoku always had trouble controling his KI powers. He was just as strong as any other Vampire, but always had to meditate in order to keep himself under control. Now as a Vampire, Zoku has no need for it. He's finally mastered his abilities to the point where he has no special abilities. If he could fight with even Kuroichi himself in terms of speed and strength...imagine him now as a vampire. His power has grown to the point where KI blasts don't even affect him. He could use KI...but choices to uses his basic skills as well as his katana.
He is immune to silver, crosses and garlic...and is very resistant to sunlight...however needs to take cover of darkness over time.

Personality: Zoku has an uncontrable lust for blood...he constantly feeds on vampires and humans alike. He endulges himself in any desire he sets his eyes upon...thus becoming a pure killer. He still has a heart...but bows to no one. He no longer feels confused and lost; now he's very strong and firm within himself and his abilities.

Bio: (this will explain any confusion above)
2000 years ago...as a child Zoku was bitten by a vampire. But an archangel cursed him, taking the vampire within him out...but leaving the thirst to kill...to spill anothers blood; and it would never be satisfied. Whenever Zoku died...he would come back in another life still contaning the memories of his past...as well as his strengths. Over 2000 years, as a human he learned to control massive amounts of KI within himself...his strength and speed was not human. And as wise and pure as he tried to make himself out to be...he was always torn by the demon side within him.

When he was taking refuge in Dracula's castle...after giving one of the gems to Kyu. He lost control and snapped in his bedroom...crying out for someone to help him before the demon took hold. But the lord of the Grysham came and broke him and his friendship for Keitha. Zoku had grown attached to her...and even began to like her, still knowing that it couldn't be possible. So after he was attacked by the high lord...Zoku fled and ravaged his anger and killing against every town he came upon.

Caine came to him, trying to help the pour human. Taking it upon himself...Caine turned Zoku...in a hope that he would protect him when the fellow Gwyar turned against him. However...the Dark Moonstone took hold of him unleashing the evil within Zoku and he killed Caine himself with his guard down. It's been 2 months since that night...and Zoku now is searching for the one person who truly understood him...the one person he could trust...Kuroichi.

Other: (you can use Zoku whenever you'd like. I'm not anal bout others using him...understand Zoku is no kind soul anymore. He is very loyal to those he trusts...but other than that...he is a very formadable foe. The dark moonstone no longer a stone...but is part of his very essence now which fuels his dark side)
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Thanks for all your entries. It has now officially begun, over in the Adventure Square. And while sign-ups aren't closed per se, I doubt that anyone will sign up after this. So, if anyone else out there wants to sign up, feel free to do so.

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