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War of the Blood 3: Of Blades and Hunters [M-LSV]


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[SIZE=3][COLOR=Red][B][CENTER]War of the Blood[/CENTER][/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]

[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Sky. Clouds. Clear. Endless. Boundless. The sky was vast and empty around the small, private aircraft. Darkness crept at the edges of the wide space, enveloping the shuttle in a velvet glove. Soft, black, pure. Endless. Endless life, endless shadow. Boundless space, boundless power. Beautiful, haunting, majestic.

Kuroichi smiled. His hand rested gently on Sumiyaka's thigh as the plane arced across the fading azure expanse. A simple glamour (and careful binding) hid his wings from human eyes. The glamour was something he picked up in his first stay in Croatia. A Nyroma sorceress taught it to him. He learned much through those years.

The aircraft was small, but comfortable. The beings within were each different, dealing with the flight in different ways. The four generals were calm, used to it. Dokeshi smiled oddly, as always, coddling the Seiryuu; Yurei was silent and brooding, Byakko in his lap; Doppo polished the Genbu shield gently; Yaiba pricked her finger on the tip of the Suzaku's "talons".

Jarrah was agitated in a far corner, surrounded by other, equally agitated Zugai. They were not used to flight. Jarrah's last great travel had been by boat. Jawbone was leaning in the aisle, blocking the back of the plane.

The Gods were clustered away. Tsukiyomi and Amaterasu were side by side, faces clouded and mysterious. The gleaming katanas Taiyo and Tsuki were lain out properly. Orochi eyed Susanoo warily. He fingered the dark gauntlet Hydra, and Susanoo gripped his massive blade Kusanagi carefully. Amatsu Mikaboshi was oblivious to the other four, smiling sadistically out the window, the Aku at his side.

The Dragon Kings were scattered to the far edges of the craft. Kuang and Ping were side-by-side, of course, being mother and son. Kuang held her great Iron Wishing Staff. Further, Jun sat regally in his golden chain-mail. Chin held his crimson pheonix-feather cap in one hand, not daring to muss his wild red hair. Shun was calm, the Cloud-Stepping Shoes upon his feet. Ping held no mystic weapon, pleased to be in the company of the great warriors.

Kuroichi scanned the remaining passengers. The five Night Blades. Gargoyle, Cockatrice, Ring Leader, Temptress, and Cobalt. Gargoyle was regal in his twisted black armor, spiky hair hanging wildly about his beautiful face. Cockatrice was hunched in the back, the Kamen Kabushi upon his face. The strange mask covered his sharp, handsome features, leaving only his gleaming silver eyes. Cobalt was grinning calmly in the center, quite possibly oblivious to the fact that his sword was staring back at him. Shiryoku, a strange dark sword, eyed the cabin with its massive red iris. Elsewhere, Temptress was no doubt flirting with the crew, flaunting her body in a revealing black dress, leaving the Kage Kaze fans behind. Ring Leader held a glass of wine, thin black cloak hanging about him, tophat tipped jauntily to the side.

Kuroichi was in strong company. He looked over to his lover, taking in her gorgeous features, admiring her radience in the dimming sun. Her large eyes flickered over, partly concealed behind her dainty glasses. She set a small hand atop his, smiling lightly. Her mission of his death had long bin forgotten. Now, she was his. And he was hers, though he would never admit so.

"This is your captain speaking," rang the voice. "We're drawing close to Japan. We should have touch down in under an hour."

There was a low gasp in the background and a devious giggling laugh. Temptress was, quite obviously, in the cockpit with the crew. Kuroichi knew exactly how the oversexed Vampire worked. He smiled. He knew how they all worked. They were his minions, soldiers, allies.

"I cannot wait to reach home once more," growling Susanoo. "I though the beer was superior in Australia, but it does not compare to sake."

"You and your vile drinks," hissed Orochi.

"Hey, just because I may have tricked you when you were drunk before doesn't mean we should despise drinks entirely," Susanoo laughed. "Though, you gotta admit, I got you pretty out of it in that pub in London. Oh, and how about that little cafe outside of Venice? That was a real good time!"

"Silence, you oaf!" Orochi snarled. His pale lips twisted in a foul sneer, and his pale green eyes flashed.

"Sorry, Oro," Susanoo grumbled, flicking a lock of long dark hair out of his face.

"I wonder if there'll be any lovely new murders when we get back..." Amatsu said distantly. His brilliant blue eyes lit up, and he smiled wider. "I do hope so."

"If there's not, then we shall make some," laughed Dokeshi. He lifted his wicked scythe, eyeing his reflection in the shining black metal. "I'd love a good massacre. Woudln't you, Yaiba? Yurei?"

"Death comes when it is deigned by fate," was Yurei's curt reply.

"As long as I get to test my dear Suzaku," Yaiba cooed, gazing lovingly at the bladed weapon. The wicked curve of it's blade would chill the soul of any normal man. Yaiba was neither normal, nor a man. "It cries for sweet blood..."

"You shall do as the Master orders and nothing else," barked Doppo. He glared up, pausing his polishing to gaze about the cabin with bottomless eyes. "Kuroichi-dono's word is law."

"Yeah, yeah. S'long as nuffink gets borin', right?" Chin growled. He took another sip of beer, sliding further down in his chair.

"Vile drunkard," growled Jun.

"Aw, nobody asked you, ya ol' poof," Chin sneered back.

"We must refrain ourselves from such foolishness in the presence of the master," Ping said curtly. His finely coiffed hair and severe green eyes mixed well with his stiff posture and crisp voice. "Lest we bring him shame, or ourselves dishonor."

"I assure you, dear friends," Kuroichi began. The cabin fell dead silent as he spoke. "There will be much excitement to be had when we return home. I hear tell that the Knubrap have been encroaching upon our land. This cannot be allowed."

"Lets kill 'em all!" Dokeshi yelled, following by a tittering laugh.

"Not yet...perhaps there is an alliance to forge," said Kuroichi, face illegible. His impassive glare silenced the General at once. "We must prepare for the rising storm. The Gwyar and Myrkur Aniol will not go down easily. We must make sure they do not gain an edge."

He stroked the Silver Forge gently, before returning his hand to Sumiyaka's leg.

"As long as we, and we alone, hold the power of the Night Blades, they cannot win. We must make sure they do not learn the secrets. And without the book and Forge, they cannot."

"I will guard them with my life, my Lord," Doppo said, bowing his head.

"But first..." Kuroichi said, a smile twitching at the corners of his mouth. "We must pay our resident Knubrap a little visit."[/SIZE][/COLOR]


[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]So begins Of Blades and Hunters. With the humans joining the War, a new weapon posing a possible end to the opposition, and a mounting threat in the form of the Knubrap, it is going to be a whole new war. So, hold tight, drink deep, and the let fun begin.

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[color=darkred][size=1]Soft footfalls filled an empty street. One of these was getting hard to find, due to the population of the city around him. A simple sash with a black body and two blood dripped ends lay tightly around his waist, and swayed as he walked. His neck tensed. Senji rammed his elbow backward in a perfect upper arc, slicing through a Knubrap.

He dropped his arm down, and the patheic, parasite ridden worm that should kill himself for ever calling him self a vampire, slid off his arm, choking. He was choking because he had no windpipe. Senji took Ju-On up to his eyes, and pulled off the fragile piece of flesh and bone, the bile and blood dripping off of it, looking like nectar and fine wine, but smelling so much worse.

Senji picked up the almost dead Knubrap, and jammed it back in. This only damaged him more, breaking several neck bones.

"While your windpipe is still in, tell me what you were doing before I take your soul for mine." The Knubrap knew what he was talking about, as he eyed the silver plade, still gleaming faintly with his blood. He decided to tell.

"I was sent to kill you. Stop you from reaching the airport." He laughed, blood covering Senji's handsome-when-not-angry face. Senji smiled and wiped it off, fingers flinging the worthless substance to the ground.

"Very well...and I know you're not going to tell me [b]why[/b] you were here."

"Who told you tha-aghhh..." He groaned as Senji snapped the final bones in his neck, one cutting his spinal cord, and the now dead vampire fell limp in his hands.

[i]He would of died too soon anyway.[/i] Senji tossed the unknown Knubrap against the side of a building, and walked away, a silent laugh ringing in the throat of both his and his assailant's throat. His laugh.[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][FONT=Arial Narrow]Zuriel could taste the death in the air. He looked battle-worn from his trip to Austalia, although he actually felt much better in himself than he had before. He was the King of the Myrkur Aniol, he held the power of the Skull Sapphire, and he wielded a powerful weapon, the Night-Blade Harbinger. His hair now hung down over his face, and there were dark rings under his eyes. His body was heavily scarred from his encounters with Zoku and Kuroichi himself. But he was a much more seasoned warrior now than he had ever been.

The Harbinger longed for release, humming with power from the sling on his back. He had only had the courage to use it once, when he used it to dispatch a horde of Blood Spawn created by Kuroichi. It had almost torn the sky in two that night. He dare not use it for fear of what it may do.

Knubrap vampires roamed the streets, searching for blood, of humans or of vampires. Blood flowed into the gutter from the alleys where they had killed. The rain diluted it, but you could still see the scarlet of their life-blood.

A particularly brave Knubrap vampire walked over to Zuriel, not knowing who he was, and drew a knife.

?Where are you going?? said the foolish vampire.

?That is none of your business, filth,? replied Zuriel, grabbing the surprised vampire by the throat. He struggled for a moment, and Zuriel snapped his neck. He pulled the head back so far the flesh of the neck burst and blood flowed out. Zuriel drank deeply, not forgetting his promise to Abaddon not to drink the blood of humans.

He spat the blood out. It tasted foul, as he would have expected from a vampire who wallowed in the filth that this one did. It was bitter, and made Zuriel shudder as he took a mouthful. He threw the body of the vampire away, leaving it to lay in the gutter and rot, as that sort of filth deserved to. More Knubrap vampires witnessed the disgrace of their brother, and rushed Zuriel. He punched the first in the chest, his hand crunching through the bone and cartilage of his ribs. He grabbed the heart and ripped it out. That vampire fell. He kicked the two behind him, smashing open their skulls. He grabbed the face of the last, and rammed his fingers in the eye sockets, then pushed them into the thing?s brain, killing it slowly and painfully.

He walked away, leaving the bodies of the Knubrap in the street for their brothers to find. He went back to the skyscraper which was the Myrkur Aniol?s base in Japan, and rode the elevator to the top floor. The doors opened, and he stepped into a huge room, made entirely of steel and glass, with three thrones against the far wall. The two lowest thrones were taken, by Xaphan and Zophiel, Zuriel?s trusted advisors. He took the middle throne.

?Report,? he said to the vampire who was standing, shakily before the throne.

?Well, sir,? said the vampire, ?We have found that the Knubrap are here to push the Krilat Zmaj out of Tokyo. They have moved significant numbers of their soldiers into the city, leaving enough behind in America to keep any intruders away. Even their leader is here. This means something big is going to happen eventually.?

?And what of the humans? I heard rumours that surviving members of the Project are here in Japan as well as us.?

?That is true. We have surveillance photos of one of them. The whereabouts of the other four are unknown. They could pose a slight threat to you, my lord, but not enough to de-throne you.?


?My lord Zuriel, if I might suggest?? said a vampire from the corner of the room.

?Go ahead, Lucifer, and come out of the shadows. We all know who you are. There is no point in trying to hide yourself.?

A vampire with long black hair and wearing a black robe stepped out of the shadows.

?I believe that the Knubrap could prove to be powerful allies in the war against Kuroichi. Why not try to forge some sort of alliance??

?The Knubrap are hateful of all clans but their own. They will never join with us. Also, they are unworthy to fight alongside our mighty clan.?

?But my lord, I think if we can show them we will destroy them if they do not join, they will. They are, like all clans, interested mainly in self-preservation. They will join if they see a significant threat to their own lives.?

?But we cannot fight them. We have too few men to pose any sort of threat, and I am not willing to lose any more of mine until we have defeated the Silver-Haired demon.?

?But you could destroy the Knubrap alone, my lord. You do, of course, wield a Night-Blade.?

?I will not use the Harbinger unless the situation offers no other alternatives, Lucifer! Now begone!?

Lucifer slipped back into the shadows. He moved to another room, where there were six cloaked figures sitting around a dark table.

?Lucifer,? said one of the figures, ?Have you spoken to the King??

?Yes I have, Mammon,? replied Lucifer, ?And he is unaware of our plans.?

?Is he aware that we wield our weapons?? asked another.

?No. He has no idea that we wield our own Night-Blades, Behemoth.?

?Excellent. The King will be getting a little surprise very soon??[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1]''Why would Zuriel not want an allegance with the Knubrap?'' questioned Dusk over the cell phone. ''They would benefit our cause against Kuroichi tremendously. However Zuriel would hear none of it from Lucifer...''

''Yes...'' replied Zoku...staring off into the night of New York City. Rain and lighting poured down from the sky, making the city very dark this night. His voice was cold, uninhibated by emotion as Sole spoke. ''Lucifer is right however...''

''We've learned that Kuroichi is now moving from Australia to Japan with the Zugai and king, as well as with his generals and other followers.''

[I]Why does he see the Knubrap as such a threat....[/I]

''Me, Jinsei, Dracula, LeStat, and the rest of the Gwyar will be following Kuroichi and will rondevue with Zuriel and the Myrkur Aniol when we arrive. Will you be joining us Zoku?''

''No...I have business to attend to elsewhere for the moment, however I will be with you all shortly. Do you still have the instructions that I left for you back in Australia?''

''Yes...I do Zoku...but; I don't understand them. All that is written is a list of locations...with one circled in red ink...''

''Bring that information to the location circled in red first. The people you will find there will guide you from there.''

''Who's there Zoku?'' Dusk was puzzeled...

''My creations Dusk...they will aid you and the Gwyar tremendously.''

''I understand Zoku...be well...I hope too see you soon my friend.''

''Thank you...for you as well Dusk. I am proud of you and your growth thus far...never forget that.'' the cell phone went dead, Dusk clicking on the other end of the phone.

[I]Good.........the remaining human ''Projects'' must be found.[/I] Zoku looked back on the day when he and Kuroichi fought side by side against these humans...genetically superior to any other. Formed by the Japanese government to fight against the Krilat Zmaj all those years ago.

[I]But now...they must fight again. [/I]

Zoku raised himself from his chair and walked to the screen door of his pent house room, overlooking the entire city. The lighting storm was intensifying...the rain crashing down upon the roof.

[I]It's time...[/I]

Opening the glass window, Zoku stepped out into the rain, his long black hair getting drenched by the water droplets. If was a rare pleasure, the cooling pleasure of water streaming down his face. Ever since giving the Opal of Thirt over to Keitha...he's emotions slowly seemed to be coming back to him. His once bold, and focused red eyes had now become fragments of their former selves, taking the form of his once human eyes; a now bright, beautiful blue.

Stepping to the ledge of the balcony, Zoku jumped and began to free fall down 30 stories high. Never lossing control of his massive body in the air....Zoku landed in an alley, crushing into the cement pavement, leaving a large crator from the impact. Showing no signs of strain, Zoku walked out into the streets of NYC.

The crowd passed by the titan withouth even taking notice of his blade wielded on his waist, Oblivion X...his gift from Kuroichi....and the orginal Oblivion, a seven foot long katana strapped to the back of his black trench coat.

[I]I love this city.....[/I] he thought to himself. [I]Humans...just living out their lives....oblivious...[/I]

''My lord'' a dark figure whispered as a dozen similar figures surrounded Zoku as he walked down the streets, pushing away all the other humans coming in their way. ''What do you ask of us...creations of Caine blood...your humble servants...''

''Kairi...I wish for you to find the location of the Grysham city underneathe these streets. Do not engaged....nor disturb them...simply find the entrance. Lyon, seek out the Mirichai in Texas...tell them I'd wish a meeting in the future.''

''And what of the Labareda?'' questioned Lyon...''you wished to seek them out as well my lord.''

''I know...they now aid the crippled remaines of the Grysham Clan. I would not want to cut that from them yet Lyon.''

[I]I can at least give her that much for now.............I wonder where you are Keitha...my dear...[/I]

''As you wish...'' and the two men dissapeared into the night, leaving ten of Zoku's creations beside him.

[I]We now meet with the Knubrap....they must be unified once more...if they are to survive in Japan. [/I] [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=LightBlue]The plane bounced as it hit the runway, Sumiyaka rested her head back against her seat and smiled, closing her eyes. She loved the rush she got from a plane's landing and taking off, a new journey, a new adventure in those few seconds.

Kuroichi kissed her shoulder lightly and she opened her eyes again, the setting sun glaring in through the half closed window. She squinted and shielded her eyes, smiling slightly at the man next to her. [B]"Glad to be home?"[/B]

[B]"Usually, I would say yes. But on this occasion..."[/B] Kuroichi looked out of the window to see the other passengers filing out of the aircraft, waiting at the bottom of the steps for him. The Zugai walked out slowly, taking in the airport, small as it was. A hard shove from Chin caused the stragglers to stumble down the last few steps, Sumiyaka laughed as she stood and got her bag.

[B]"I don't think we should let any of them near too much alcohol, love."[/B]

[B]"Oh come now, let them have their fun. As long as they don't kill each other, it shouldn't be a problem."[/B] Kuroichi chuckled and kissed Sumiyaka's cheek, helping her with their bags as they climbed down the stairs leading into the airport.
Sumiyaka shuffled along behind the large group of men that she had travelled with, Kuroichi at the front talking to the generals, while she struggled behind, her right arm buried deep into her bag. She slowed down even more as she struggled to find what she was looking for, hoping that she hadn't left it behind.

Eventually she stopped, standing back to search properly. Eventually she found it, a pendant that she had foolishly allowed to be thrown into the bottom of her shoulder bag. It was important, Dusk had given it to her when they had first met, and it was a sign of their friendship. She smiled and ran her thumb over the jewel in the centre, hoping that he was okay...wherever he was.

By the time she had fastened the chain around her neck, Kuroichi and the others were gone. She winced and scolded herself mentally, throwing her bag over her shoulder. [B]"Idiot..."[/B]

The streets weren't terribly busy; the area she was in was relatively up market, which gave Sumiyaka great relief, as she did not want to be confronted by muggers on her very first night in Japan. It was after thirty minutes of walking that she realised she was lost. Utterly and hopelessly lost. She cursed again, Kuroichi wouldn't be happy about having to come and rescue her.[/COLOR]

[B]OOC I'm making a point here. Sumiyaka has been relying on Kuroichi too much since they got together and is loosing her touch. Silly girl.[/B][/SIZE]
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[size=1][color=#696969]Leading the Zugai clan, Jarrah let out a small, hidden chuckle as he exited the plane with the others. He watched as Kuroichi spoke with the generals, walking in front of the large collection of vampires, knowing they looked simply strange, yet what did he care, strange was absolutely normal to him. He looked behind to see if the others got along, only to see Sumiyaka, Kuroichi's lover, walk behind slowly. She seemed restless and confused, which made Jarrah chuckle. He commanded that the clan go on ahead, while he helped Sumiyaka assemble herself.

[B]"Seems like you've lost yourself there."[/B]

Sumiyaka merely looked up in confusion and loss. There was no way she could hide anything from Jarrah, he read people too easily and knew what they thought before they, themselves, spoke it. He laughed a bit, managing to make Sumiyaka smile slightly. It wasn't much, but it was a start from the beginning. He breathed deeply in and held out a hand in gesture to say, after you. She thanked him with a slight nod of head and walked on, wanting badly to be with Kuroichi.

Upon joining the others, Sumiyaka walked to her lover and Jarrah stood with his clan, towering over them as his shadow covered the most of the entire clan of vampires. They stood reckless and ready, almost as if there was nothing else to do but do what they do best, kill. Jarrah watched the others underneath the dark moonlight. The generals were tranquil and cool, the Gods seemed indifferent to all others, the Dragon Kings, once again, were separated from each other, and the Night-Blades stood in their massive darkness. Presently, they awaited the dark lord?s order, what the next step should be.

It was at that moment that the scent of blood came to Jarrah?s own blood hound, a vampire who acts in strange ways, yet all see it as his own ordeal. Jarrah looked to him and knew at once that the blood feud had begun. The moment that they stepped onto the lands of Japan, it was sensed. Somehow, he smirked underneath his mouth cover and was ready for the battle to begin.[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=Gray][SIZE=1]Dusk put his cell phone in his pocket and walked back into Dracula's manor. Dracula, LeStat and Jinsei were standing there, waiting to hear the news. He informed them as to how the conversation went. LeStat frowned, apparently unhappy.

[B]"Other matters to attend to? What's more important than gaining the Knubrap's allegaince and bringing Kuroichi to his knees?!"[/B]

[B]"Whatever he has planned will undoubtedly help in one way or another. He wouldn't let us down."[/B] Dracula and Dusk both spoke at once, almost as if their minds had been interconnected momentarily. Dusk rushed his hair aside from his eyes and continued to speak.

[B]"Anyway, he seems to have something in mind for us in Japan. He wants us to go to this this location"[/B], he showed them the map, [B]"and meet whoever it is that's there after we meet with Zuriel and the Myrkur Aniol. He said they were his creations."[/B] Dusk walked over to the coat rack and grabbed his overcoat. He turned around and grabbed his bags, the walked towards the door.

[B]"Well?"[/B] Dracula and Jinsei grabbed their bags and followed behind. LeStat grabbed his stuff, scowling under his breath. They all walked to the car, and Dracula, Jinsei, and LeStat entered it. Dusk got in afterwards and grasped a something around his neck. Jinsei turned to hi, curious.

[B]"What's that Dusk? I haven't seen you wear that before."[/B] Dusk smiled and his eyes began to water. He wiped away the tears quickly and smiled at Jinsei. Dracula's eyes saddened, for he knew the pain in Dusk's heart. Dusk began speaking.

"When me and Sumiya--no. When me and Beth first became friends, we exchanged pendants, swearing that we would be friends for all of eternity...no matter what life threw at us..." He turned to stare out of the car window.[B] [I]Beth...I'll never give up hope. Someday...someday we'll be together again, and Kuroichi will no longer have this hold over you...or anyone else...[/I][/B]

He scowled, clutching the pendant close to his heart.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[Color=DarkBlue][Size=1]Yukiko sat at home, reading over some papers she had gotten from the others. It had been a long day for her after she had been called from sleeping to meet with the Hunters. There had been news of Kuroichi, the vampire that had killed her mother. He was supposedly flying into the airport and it seemed like some of the vampires there in the city weren?t happy about it.

From Yukiko could remember the vampires were divided into ?Clans? so she guessed that Kuroichi wasn?t incredibly popular with this particular ?clan?. Yukiko was reading the scant information they had on Kuroichi. Everything seemed like a lie or stretch of the truth, because not many people who have seen him have lived to tell about it.

For the time, they had discovered him to be in Australia, but recent reports told otherwise. For now, they would continue to conduct surveillance and try to find a weak point. Yukiko seriously doubted this, but the only thing on her mind was the way she was going to kill Kuroichi. He had done so much to her, and she was fed up. She wanted to end this, right here, and right now.

Yukiko set down the file on her table. She walked to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of water. She drank and walked back over to the table. She suddenly got an idea. What if she checked out the airport and made a report from there? That would most certainly help things along.

So, Yukiko changed clothes and brought her ?kit?. She then hopped in the car and sped towards the city, hoping she wasn?t already too late. She hopped out of the car and walked over to gate. She pulled out the binoculars, and peered at the specs she saw loitering around. It looked like a welcoming party, so Yukiko continued watching and gasped. A plane had landed and people were unloading while she had been staring. Yukiko watched, and as she zoomed and took note, names began to come to mind. Jarrah, Sumiyaka, and Orochi stuck out and Yukiko started to take notes.

Yukiko then hopped back in her car and picked up her cell phone. She hit a number and speed dial and it began to ring. ?What Yukiko?? a voice said.

?Where are you? I?ve got some news.? She said

?Usual place. I?ll see you then?? the voice replied.

?Of course.? Yukiko said hanging up.

Yukiko arrived at the headquarters shortly there after and parked her car. As she stepped out, she noticed a note taped on the door. She pulled it down and stepped into the elevator. She pushed the twelfth floor and wait for the eye scanner. She was scanned and stepped back, grabbing the back handrail. She didn?t like elevators, but the stairs were a huge pain to go up, so Yukiko lived.

The elevator opened and Yukiko was shown again, why those bastards up there were up to no good. Everyone in the top floor was dressed in silk and cashmere and even the servants were better paid than she was. She scowled as she walked through the hall, turning into a door about almost entirely of gold. She spat on it and walked in.

?So, you said you had information?? a voice rang out.

?Where the hell are you and what?s with the booming voice?? Yukiko said, pulling out her pad of paper.

?Sorry, just wanted to try the new chip I got. It?s the world?s smallest megaphone.? The voice said as it moved into the light.

?Your kinda childish, aren?t you Naoto?? Yukiko said, trying to not laugh at him.

?No, you just have no sense of humor Yukiko.? Naoto said, walking over to her.

?I have one, but you just don?t seem to crack it.? She said, flipping through the pad. ?I went to the airport, and indeed Kuroichi was there. The only problem was he brought back allies. Jarrah and his entire clan, Sumiyaka, and Jun. You know that wherever Jun goes, Kuang, Shin, and Chun aren?t far behind. There were others, but I didn?t get a good look at them. We need to take in account that before we attack. Already we are outnumbered 200 or more to 1, and by adding more vampires, we should really consider finding backups.?

?Pah, we could easily take them all.? Naoto said, his chip floating in the air.

?Don?t get cocky Naoto. These are powerful and old vampires we?re talking about.? Yukiko said, turning towards the door.

?Where do you think your going? We?re not finished.? Naoto said, moving towards Yukiko.

?I?m not sleeping with you. That?s final. Good night and good luck trying to find more information. I?ll be at home sleeping.? Yukiko said, closing the door behind her.

?The never of some men.? Yukiko said allowed as the elevator doors closed behind her.[/size][/color]
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[color=darkred][size=1]Senji knew that he was too late to get to the airport, but he didn't mind. He knew they could take care of themselves. Hands in his pockets, he began walking, eyes peering at the ground, littered with small wrappers and other random trash.

Trash. Just like the Knubrap. He remebered the one who had jumped him earlier. Senji looked down the alleyways as he walked by them, and saw Sumiyaka, alone. He then saw Jerrah, and so Senji though to leave, but he noticed the shadows seeming to stretch.

Focusing, he stepped into the shadows, invisible to the naked eye and otherwise. Approaching the shadows cauciously, he saw several Knubrap, about 10 of them, in a huddle. They seemed to be out to either kill or capture Sumiyaka.

Senji stepped out of the shadows, and using his Ki, teleported behind Sumiyaka and Kuroichi. Senji sank to one knee, head held down.

"My lord, a group of ten Knubrap are in the East Central Alleyway, and more are on the way, I believe."[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1]''What business do you have here?'' declared a Knudrap guard, watching over one of NYC's tallest skyscrapers.

''I'm here by request from your master.'' Zoku said politely to the young vampire. He and his followers waited patiently for him to respond.

''Lady Rose does not wish to see anyone this night...please...depart.'' as three more Knudrap came out from the entrance, pointing automatic weapons at them.

[I]I don't have time for this...[/I]

''Fine...'' and at that moment, Zoku and his followers leaped into the air, swiflty scaling up the walls of the building. Gunfire could be heard from the surface behind them all, but Zoku and he creations were far to agile and quick to be hit by mere bullets.

Ascending up the skyscaper, dissapearing from the guards view in the darkness, they all finally came arrived at the top; bursting through all the windows of the floor. Many more Knudraps were already prepared for them, and attacked Zoku and the rest of his creations. However, they were no match for them, staining the carpets with blood as they progressed their advancements upon the office.

''Wait out here...'' Zoku instructed to the other ten grey hooded figures, as he knocked on the door...and stepped through; they obeyed without question.

His strong, muscular form echoed in the long corridor as his boots walked across the tile floor. In the distance Zoku could see a room forming, a red-velvet color blazed through the white colored corridor. As Zoku entered, a fireplace in the corner was lite with a desk, a chair turned towards the fire, hiding the figure sitting in it, and thousands of books stracked on the walls; it looked like it was a library.

''I see you've come to me without much trouble from my guards......Zoku-sai.'' a nice, gentle voice fluttered from behind chair, hiding the figures appearance.

''My Lady Rose...*Zoku bows in respect*...did you really believe you could stop me.''

''No...'' as Rose turned the chair around, bringing her attention to the behemoth standing in her doorway. She was quite beautiful; exotic, with her flaming red hair pulled back into a ponytail, just like Zoku's as it laid across her lap. Her brown eyes were deep...with much history hidden behind them with the two of them. Her head laying on her folded hands underneathe her chin...''I just needed to know that it was really you Zoku-sai.''

''All you had to do was take a look for yourself.'' Zoku walking towards her, taking a seat beside her next to the fire.

''True...'' leaning back in her chair...''but where's the fun in that.''

''You haven't changed one bit Rose...except of course...for turning.'' Zoku looked at the woman before him, once a good and loyal friend during there days being part of the Project in Japan all those years ago.

''As I see the same for you...you've become even more powerful than Kuroichi ever dreamed back in those days Zoku. I must say...I like the new look...still have those eyes I see.'' as she smiled...locking her gaze upon his.

''It's good to see you again Rose...''

''As am I for you Zoku...but I don't think you've come to me for simple talk. I...the leader of the Knudrap, will hear what you have to say.''

''Of course.'' Zoku got himself of his chair and paced back and forth in front of the flames. Rose took notice of the blade hanging to his side, as well as on his back. He certainly had changed in appearance back in their days in Japan.

''As you are well aware Rose, Kuroichi and his followers are returning to Japan to bring down your takeover of the island. With his new alliance with the Zugai, it will be nearly impossible for you to be of any kind of threat; especially with your forces divided almost halfway around the world.''

''I know where our clan stands Zoku my dear...however I did not know of the Zugai betraying their faith for that of Kuroichi. My clan certainly will have our hands full in Japan. Why are you telling me this Zoku?''

''I'm asking you...my old friend...to let down your pride...and join the Gwyar and Myrkur Aniol.''

''Are you mad!'' yelled out Rose as she burst out of her chair and stopped Zoku from pacing. ''Those clans would certainly kill us on sight...nor would they ever be our allies.''

''The Gwyar and Myrkur Aniol have joined forces, despite their differences. We all see that Kuroichi is the greatest threat compared to one another. I have already instructed Dusk; a close friend of mine, to seek out the few remaining comrades of ours from the Project all those years ago. Hopefully, they will also cause Kuroichi some problems in Japan as well.''

''I will not fight for them ZOKU!'' her eyes were burning like the fireplace beside them. She had such hatred for them....especially the Gwyar. ''They believe themselves to be the greatest of our clans, and for centuries, they have oppressed us. We only survived by spreading ourselves as thin as it is between all the major cities of America so that they could not find us. We felt that Japan, with Kuroichi gone would prove to be a great land to take for our own.''

Zoku was quiet...taking in Rose's words.

''They are arrogant and selfish...forcing us into a corner. They are no better than the Krilat Zmaj.''

''Then fight for me...''

''What...'' Rose's intense eyes faded to a soft look upon her face. Shocked at what she was hearing from Zoku...

''Fight for me then...you know me well enough to know my intensions to be honorable. You believe in the fates, just as well as I do. Everything will come to pass at the end of this war. I could not stand by and watch your clan be slaughtered by Kuroichi, nor fall under his control.'' Zoku placed a hand on Rose's shoulder, who only came up to his chest, trying to reason with her.

''Rose...I need you.........you wont be alone anymore. I want peace...but there's a peace, that can be only found on the other side of war. You'll have me by your side in Japan, as well as the support of the Gwyar, Myrkur Aniol...and hopefully the Mirichai.''

''The Mirichai...they're blood thirsty killers Zoku...they would never...'' but she was interrupted...Zoku placing a hand over her mouth. ''They have far more advanced technology than any other clan...they'll be an advantage in battle. They want to rule over all the clans as well...they have more of a hatred for the advancements of the Krilat Zmaj than any other clan.''

Rose moved away his hands...and stepped closer to him. ''And what happens at the end of this war Zoku...will we be formed under one clan.''

''No...things will go back to the way they were...and hopefully...a new sense of peace and order will come from all this.''

Rose crept closer to him...and attempted to kiss him, but Zoku turned his head away. ''HHmmmm...'' as she stepped away from him. ''Still the strong one........even with the rumors of the Darkness Moonstone flowing through your veins...you still have emotion. Who is it Zoku?''

Smiling...''a story for another time my friend...we need you...I need you...your people need you. All I ask is to unite your clan into one cohesive unit, and press hard with us against Kuroichi's forces in Japan.''

''I will speak with the other heads of the Knudrap; but...I can say that we will fight against the Krilat Zmaj.''

''Thank you my Lady.'' as again, Zoku bowed...and headed back down the corridor. Rose watched him as he and his other creations jumped out through the windows from which they came.

''We will fight for you Zoku....I....will fight for you once again...just like the old days.''

***Back on the Streets of NYC***

''My lord...what now?'' asked one of the hooded figures.

''I must wait for the Mirichai's answer; however, I want the rest of you to find the hidden city of the Grysham and aid Kairi in his search...it is vital that I find it.''

''What about you my lord...''

''I feed tonight my brothers...now go...''

At his command, the others faded away into nothing...leaving Zoku alone in the rain.

[I]Please...make haste Dusk...we need all the help we can get. [/I] he thought to himself...as Zoku walked the streets; looking for his meal.

[I]With the Knudrap and Mirichai as allies...we may have a fighting chance. [/I] taking a hold on the handle of his new Oblivion X [I]These blades; were made for a purpose...if I was given one...then Kuroichi's most powerful followers weild such weapons as well. We must be cautious...Kuroichi....what are you planning my friend?[/I]

Zoku quickly shruged the thought away, knowing that he couldn't do anything about it now...his goal was to strength the efforts of this new alliance. His work was far from being completed...

[I]What to do about the Labareda.........they aid the Grysham...devoted allies to the Krilat Zmaj...our enemies. But........I've already hurt them enough with the loss of David. My dear Keitha...where are you?[/I]

Suddenly...Zoku's attention brought him to a bar shining bright with extravagant lighting and attractions.

[I]mmmm....[/I] as he licked his lips...[I]something sweet I believe is on for tonight...[/I] as he ran across the road to enter the club. [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DimGray][FONT=Arial Narrow]A warm breeze raced across the dry Australian outback, pulling loose dirt into the air just to be tossed onto the ground once more. Under a small, scrawny tree, back braced against rocks that seemed to be yearning to break free from the earth, was a lone figure. It sat cross legged, leaning over the object in their lap.

The figure tilted its head to the side, peering at the strange blade on her lap. It was no bigger, heavier or lighter than the blade she already carried, but some how it held something so powerful within it. The figure reached forward and ran her fingers across the perfectly shiney metal, its cold smooth surface gliding gracefully under her skin. Another warm breeze swipt across them and Kietha brought her head to the other side.

"You give me such a powerful object, but deny me the instructions to use it, my dear Lord Kuroichi." Kietha whispered to herself paying no attention to the strange and almost nerve-wrecking dance the shadows seemed to be doing around her.

Kietha had spent day after day training with both the blades, Chaela constantly protesting the Assassin's Heart's part in it all. No matter how hard she tried to discover the sword's secrets, she just could not. And without the Opal chained firmly to her neck, Kietha could barely pick up the Assassin's Heart.

Another breeze dragged itself across her and the her swords, blowing her crimson hair across her face. Her long hair had always been tied back because of its length. Reaching to her romp, it was easy to get tangled up in the mess or one's vision to be empared. But now, Kietha's hair fell only to the tops of her shoulders and was now streaked with black. At first glance one would think they were dyed, but further expection showed that they were not.

Behind her, the shadows continued to dance and take on a life all their own. They laughed and hissed in the bright moonlight; Kietha paid no attention to them. She focused solely on the blade before her. Yearning to know all its secrets.

"The priest comes," the shadows hissed as they started to swirl in protest.

Kietha only smiled and brought her head up.

"I was wondering when you would find me, priest." Kietha allowed the words to seep from her lips and across the shadows.

Colville stood motionless as the shadows danced closer and closer to him. He held his sword calmly at his side and a cross around his neck.

"Ye Lady wants you to return to her." Colville spoke above the shadows' roars and screams.

"Ah, yes. Has my Lord survived his mortal wounds?" Kietha's voice sounded almost numb, not full of hatred nor love...just barren of it all.

"Ye, he did."

"And now you wish to drag me back?" Kietha still stayed cross-legged in the fine Australlian sand, her expression vacant.

"Ye would be correct."

"Sadly, I won't."

Colville instintively brought his sword before his face just in time to catch one of Kietha's blades. She had rushed him so quickly that Colville couldn't even see her, just feel her motion. Kietha reached up and pulled Chaela from its sheath at her side and swung it around. Colville back out of the way just in time to be missed. He pulled his own sword to the side to block yet another attack from Assassin's Heart. There was no expression to Kietha's face as she swung left with Assassin's Heart, right with Chaela. Up. Down. Forward. Back. He did all he could just to block her, let alone try to attack.

Colville shoved Kietha back, the assassin stumbled none, but allowed the priest to have his moment. Staring into what was once amber eyes, Colville saw nothing but a dim gray color. The evil amber or the passive green were no where to be found. Just the dim gray and the white that made up her eyes.

Kietha tilted her head as the shadows drew closer and closer to them, and for a moment Colville drew his eyes to them. They hissed and snarled at him, their human like forms with no eyes or mouths staring into his very being. Wanting to destroy. Wanting to kill.

"They will not hurt you." Kietha spoke softly, her body leaning from one side to the other as she stood and watched him.

Colville drew weary eyes from them to her, not knowing if he could trust her or not. Kietha smiled gently as she rushed forward again. She brought Assassin's Heart high and down quickly upon Colville. He blocked effortlessly as he dodged yet another attack from the side.

He threw her sword back, swinging at her mid-section only to hit steel. She swirled around with Chaela to block once again with Assassin's Heart. Attack after attack and block after block, neither warrior seemed to be advancing.

"Ah, it is time for me to stop this foolish game. I have been far too easy on you." Kietha nearly growled into Colville's ear as she pushed back from him.

She rushed forward, both blades at her side. Colville prepared for another side attack from the left, but how mistaken he was. An upper move from the right, and a left kick brought Colville off balance and Kietha's Assassin's Heart went straight into his leg. But before Kietha could move to make another attack, Colville shoved his own sword straight at her chest. The Shadow Assassin flew back and smacked her head against a small pile of rocks. Her swords fell from her hands and her body lay lifeless.

The shadows screamed with pain and protest to the fall of the Shadow Assassin that Colville had to fall to his knees. He covered his ears, trying to found some comfort. Not even the wound in his leg compared to their shrieks.

But just as painful as their shrieks were, the silence was almost worse. As if some one had turned on all the lights, the shadows had vanished and taken their original shapes again. Colville looked about, the assassin still laid against the sand. He pulled himself to his feet, grabbing his sword, and made his way over to the fallen Kietha, oblivous to the wound in his leg. He bent down next to her to check the wound on her chest to find there was none!

His sword had hit the Opal and nearly split it in two. He brought his head closer to see that a second jem lay hidden within...a Blue Lace. Before Colville could take his next breath, a firm sudden hand was around his neck.

"You should have killed me when you had the chance," she kissed, throwing him over her shoulder into a tree.

He groaned as his body slammed into the earth, creating a small cloud of dust around him. He pulled himself up enough to see that Kietha had vanished some where into the shadows of the night. [/FONT] [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Smoke. Noise. Lights. Stench. Filth. Grime. Such was the way of the Knubrap club. The Bloody Moon had opened in Tokyo, catering to the new arrivals. The Knubrap invasion of Japan had been heralded by a series of dank, noisy clubs opening all across the country. The Knubrap congregated. They fed on curious humans. They rutted like dogs. The engaged in debauchery too dismal for Kuroichi to ever imagine.

The whispering cries of power filtered around Kuroichi, and he turned to face Senji.

"We are being followed?"

"Aye, m'lord."

"Then they die."

His eyes scanned the darkness. The Amethyst of the Night made it clear where the darkness was interrupted. His senses made it clear where the Knubrap lay huddled, filthy and breathing hard. And his soul ached with the thought of a fight.

"Stay down," he murmured. "This one is mine. They enter my city, build filthy clubs, engage in such foul activies I had never dared encounter, and they made my people theirs. They die for these crimes."

His eyes flashed, and those around him stepped back. Power crackled around him. The Silver Forge shone, and the gems embedded in it flashed. His wings broke free of their bindings.

"You hear me, Knubrap!" he roared, face twisting with rage. "You against me. I fight alone. I fight for honor."

"What is honor, but the dream of a fevered madman..." hissed a cold, slick voice. "An old belief...like sickness caused by demons...heaven...God...foolish beliefs of the past. A new time is coming. And we shall make it so, by cleansing the old."

Kuroichi's eyes narrowed, and he gripped the hilt of his katana. "You are no ordinary Knubrap. Even they still know the old laws, and even they wouldn't say such foolish things."

"No, I am not ordinary," was the silmy reply. "I am the knight at the head of the army of the new. A messanger. A herald. A harbinger of your doom. And, tonight, your death!"

They streamed in all around, lunging out of the gloom like animals. Feral, snarling, screeching. Using their long, strong fingers to pierce the walls and rain down like demons. Glaring with shining purple eyes. Licking blood-stained yellow fangs. And standing at the front, like a man, was their leader.

"Kuroichi...you deserve to know Death's name, do you not? I am Kharalik," he sneered.

Everything that Kuroichi was, Kharalik was not. Were Kuroichi was elegant, Kharalik was grimy and deranged. His black hair hung in thick, greasy strands. His wide mouth was smeared with gore, and Kuroichi could see flesh between his teeth as he spoke. He was clad in old rags and leather, grungy and stained with piss, bile, and blood. He twitched long, gnarled fingers. Blue veins pulsed in his skin. Kuroichi was a demon, but Kharalik was a monster.

Kuroichi could hear his men drawing their weapons. His eyes flickered to Jarrah and Sumiyaka. Jarrah had his arms raised, blocking her from the Knubrap. He needn't waste his energy. Kuroichi smiled grimly as he saw her hold the South Wind.

"Before we tear you to shreds, any last requests?" Kharalik said, smiling evilly.

"[I]Hai. Shinei![/I]"

Hell tore loose.[/SIZE][/COLOR]


[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Blood was everywhere. Gore splattered the streets. Limbs and entrails, bones and flesh. The small spot of land haloed by street-lamp light was awash in red. Kuroichi stood in the center, coated from head to toe. He was untouched.

Kharalik did not fare as well. All his men were dead. His left arm was gone; all that was left was a ragged, bleeding stump and a jutting, broken bone. He was covered in gashes and nothing else, bare skin stained with his own dark ochre. One eye was stretched wide in terror. The other dangled from his shattered eye socket. The skin was torn loose around it, hanging in limp strips. Pale bone glittered across the side of his face. His mouth was full of shattered teeth. His hair was matted with blood, half of it carved loose from his scalp. One leg was useless, knee-cap torn clear off.

Kuroichi's men stood, stalwart. They had not moved, save to dodge the flying corpses. The horde had gone untouched by them. Kuroichi was the lone killer.

"How...how...?" rasped Kharalik. His voice was slurred and wracked with pain.

Kuroichi leaned in, eyes flashing dangerously. He grabbed Kharalik's mangled face and pulled it close, hissing his words.

"I am not to be mocked by fools. You dared to even [I]think[/I] that you could match me? That is the greatest mistake made by any man."

"N...no!" choked the dying Vampire. "You can't be this strong! It...it's impo - "

Kuroichi drove his fist through Kharalik's sternum, the crunch of bone mingled with Kharalik's shriek of agony.

"I am a god, you fucking whelp!" Kuroichi snapped. "You invade my home, kill my people, and dare to think you are my better?" He twisted his arm, garnering more whimpers. "You are nothing but filth. And now, you're a corpse."

With a savage twist, Kuroichi wrenched Kharalik's head loose from his neck. His skull dangled limply, flesh and tendon the only anchors to his body. Kuroichi slid his arm out of Kharalik's torso and let the body fall. A wet thud, and it was over.

Kuroichi turned to face his allies. His eyes still burned. His face was sharp and steely. The blood sizzled on his skin. No one dared make a move.

"We return home. There all shall stay but I and you, my Dragon Kings. It's time we took back our city. But first...I need a shower. This blood is filth," he spat.[/SIZE][/COLOR]


[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]I thought briefly about making Kharalik a recurring character. Then I decided that he was scum, and not worthy of living. However, he did serve a purpose...he has made the Knubrap Kuroichi's foe. Kuroichi shall stop at nothing from destroying every last one in Japan. And anyone who tries to stop him.

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[color=darkred][size=1]Senji watched with mild interest. Kuroichi was powerful, much more than himself. [i]I am glad I am a friend, not a foe.[/i] He thought as he saw Kuroichi gut the Knubrap like a fish.

"We return home. There all shall stay but I and you, my Dragon Kings. It's time we took back our city. But first...I need a shower. This blood is filth," Kuroichi spat, and left. Senji looked at the pile of corpses, and then began to clean up the bodies.

After the pieces of shit formerly known as Knubrap were in a pile, Senji approached the bar, where he found several cases of Imported Drinks.

[i]Highly Flammable....[/i] Senji laughed. He began to spread the liquour around. Within 10 minutes, the club was drenched in heavy murk from the drinks. Grabbing a cigarette and a pack of matches from his pockets, he lit one, then threw the match backward as he walked out of the club.

Senji realized that he had not had contact with his Clan for a while now. He was freelance for now, until they contacted him. Senji pulled another item out of his pocket. A cell phone.

"I need to speak with Kuroichi."[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][FONT=Arial Narrow]"My lord," said Michael, archangel of the Myrkur Aniol, "Rumour has it on the street that Zoku has forged an alliance with the Knubrap. This could prove most useful."

"Then their alliance is with Zoku, not with us. It just happens that he is also allied with us. I want no part of their friendship," spat Zuriel.

"Zoku has also sent out a message to the leaders of the Mirichai, requesting their allegiance."

"Fine. Then we shall be allied with the Gwyar, the Mirichai, and...the Knubrap," he said, with hatred in his voice.

"If you don't mind me asking, my lord, why do you hate the Knubrap so?"

"They are filth, scum, not worthy of living on this Earth or any other. They wallow in grime and dirt. They do not stand tall and proud like vampires should."

"Well, by my reckoning, that is not all. You hate them for reasons above the fact that they live in filth."

"Who are you to question my judgement, Michael?" shouted Zuriel.

"I was the prime archangel for this clan for many years before you came along! I have understanding of these matters!" replied Michael.

Zuriel broke, and walked over to Michael. He embraced him as a brother.

"Forgive me, my brother," he said, "The stress of war has been bringing me down. I value your opinion over all others, Michael, I hope you know that."

"I do, Zuriel. But another matter. I am worried about the attitudes of some of the Fallen. Lucifer especially has been rather resentful towards you. I worry about possible plans of an uprising against you."

Zuriel walked back and sat on his throne once more.

"The Fallen may resent me, but there is not a lot they can do. At least they do not have Night-Blades such as yours. That means the Archangels outclass them in power by a great deal."

"But the other Archangels, as well as myself, are worried that they might have their own Night-Blades that they are keeping from you. Why would Kuroichi send these weapons to the Archangels but not the Fallen? It makes little sense."

"Perhaps you are right, my friend. But it is night. We must find Zoku, Dusk and Dracula now. Will you travel with me, Michael?"

"Yes. The other Archangels will accompany you as well." Michael put on his white robe, and the other Archangels followed suit. They left with Zuriel to find the Gwyar and Zoku.

Lucifer entered as Zuriel left, and the other Fallen moved out of the shadows as well. There were now only a few Angels left who were loyal to Zuriel, and the Archangels had left with the King. The rest were powerless to stop them now.

Lucifer moved to the throne, and Zophiel stood.

"Welcome, my brothers. It is not often we see you in the throne room."

Lucifer opened his cloak, and drew his weapon, the Night-Blade named Pride. It glittered in the moonlight streaming through the windows, and he thrust it through Zophiel's chest. Blood fountained out, and Zophiel called the other Angels in with his last breath. Xaphan stood as well, and drew his blade, but Satan was too quick, and had already cut him down with his Night-Blade Wrath. It glowed red with Satan's hatred. More Myrkur Aniol vampires swarmed through the door, but the Fallen were too strong. Behemoth, Mammon, Leviathan, Beelzebub and Belphegor attacked with their Night-Blades, named Gluttony, Envy, Lust, Greed and Sloth.

Soon, all the angel in the clan loyal to Zuriel lay dead on the floor, their blood staining the floor crimson. Lucifer walked up to the throne, and sat on it, taking what he believed to be his rightful place. Satan and Beelzebub sat on the others, and the other four Fallen stood in guarding positions around the thrones.

"And now begins a new era for the Myrkur Aniol. An era ruled by Lucifer and the Fallen!" Lucifer shouted, and the Fallen all began to laugh, evil, degrading laughs which echoed throughout the building...[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1]The mans flesh was sweet and tender as Zoku lifted the man up by his throat, tight in his grasp as he fed upon him within the mens bathroom. The drugs flowing through his veins were a pleasant delight to Zoku's lips. Not as good as a vampire...but was quite a treat for human flesh.

His fangs were delicate upon the mans neck as every drop was consumed by Zoku's lust for blood...preventing any kind of mess. After Zoku was finished with him, he simply left the body sitting on one of the toilets and locked the door to the stall; Zoku climbed over.

Back out at the bar...Zoku ordered what he usually did, a beer and steak and took a seat at one of the more pretigious booths of the club, listening to some Slipknot playing at full blast in the background. Taking out a cigarette...Zoku lite it and leaned back comfortably, staring into nothingness.

There were many Knudrap wandering around the bar, pleasuring themselves in all their desires. They may not be the most respected, and well mannered of the clans...but they were the closes to being human, despite what they were. Living for the moment...living for what they believed. But they had been taught the wrong path...and now are in an everylasting tunnel, spirling down to nothingness. Never were they guided, never embraced as a vampire; merely outcasts.

Zoku felt the most connected with them...despite him not taking in their ways, he understood the feeling of being alone...not knowing what to do with ones self; doing only what they thought they could do.

[I]So many of our people have come to this Kuroichi...are we to simply let them perish...they are the new generation. [/I]

[B][I][COLOR=Black]You cares if they live or die...[/COLOR][/I][/B]

[I]Because they didn't ask for this war...[/I]

[I][B][COLOR=Black]But why do you care...they are nothing compared too you...what does it matter if their lives are lost. [/COLOR][/B][/I]

[I]Anyone can take life...I don't need you to do that...so what more am I...[/I]

Then the voice was gone...ever since handing the Opal over too Keitha...Zoku has been battling with himself and the Moonstone. Constantly craving for death...destruction; but he always stayed strong. Reasoning with himself not to loss control.

[I]Caines blood runs through my veins...I will not be controled by a mere gem. I will take what power it offers me, but nothing more...I will not become it. [/I]

Caines power flowed through Zoku's veins...staying dormant till it was mastered. He...a simple commoner took the blood of the holiest vampire, the first of them all. Such blood was not ment to be taken in...such power was not ment to be weilded. With the darkness moonstone was it able to lay dormant. To stay focused...

Zoku closed his eyes and tried to calm himself once more...he began to drift away to sleep till a Knudrap came to his side...

''Zoku...I have a message for you...........the Mirichai will meet with new on the next moon. Meet them at central park...''

''Thank you...now be gone...'' Zoku replied, as the figure drifted away from his presence and joined the rest of the Knudrap in the bar.


[I][COLOR=Olive]She is everything and more
The solemn hypnotic
My Dahlia bathed in posession
She is home to me

I get nervous, perversed when I see her to worse
But the stress is astounding
It's now or never she's coming home

Oh (She's the only one that makes me sad)[/COLOR] [/I]

The lyrics of the song flowing through his inner being...bring back his thoughts of her. At first it felt like warmth...but then frustration...the taste, the rush of the humans drugged blood was burning up quickly. He needed more...

Zoku motioned for the Knudrap who had previously disturbed him to come back to him. As the vampire sat back next too him, Zoku decieved the vampire by showing that he had something to his whisper.

With the Knudraps head blocking the view of Zoku's mouth, he ripped through the vampires neck...sucking with great intensity...trying to get in as much blood as possible as quickly as possible.

As he finished...Zoku simply put the body underneathe the table; no one in the bar took notice of what just happened for it occured so swiftly.

The waitress came back and layed down Zoku's steak and beer for him. He nodded his head in approval...and began to eat.........not taking his eye of the waitress...

[I]And you my dear...will be my desert for the evening. [/I] [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Rumbling like the belly of a great beast. Flashing like bursting stars. Growling, shaking, pulsing. A fierce stench. A bitter taste that hung in the air. Acrid like smoke. Sweet like bad wine. Coppery like blood. Foul like shit. The club was a tumour on the surface of Japan. Cancerous. Toxic and vile. Sucking the life from the city like a parasite. Killing it like a disease. Spreading like a drug. Inviting passer-bys to death and debauchery.

Kuroichi strode elegantly foreward. The four Dragon Kings behind him. Chin was hunched and smiling, hands in his pockets. Jun scowled at the velvet sky, arms crossed, back straight, head held high. Shun was smiling as well, a cold grin of hatred. Kuang moved ethereally along the ground, pale hair billowing behind her.

The heavy bass beat of the club grew louder and more tactile as the five drew close. The stench was heavier. The taste more vile. The whispers of power growing. Flickering crimson neon proclaimed it to be [I]the Hyena's Den[/I]. Kuroichi felt the comparison was a good one. The Knubrap were filthy, ravenous dogs. And they would die like dogs.

A hulking man stepped in front of the illuminated door. He towered over Kuroichi, bald and glaring with dark eyes. A scar traced wickedly along his chin, and a gun was strapped to his side. His tight shirt bore the insignia of the club, and a badge informed Kuroichi that his name was Cole.

"Where d'you think you're goin', slick?" Cole said, voice lower than the earth's core.

"In there," Kuroichi said, matching Cole's harsh stare. "Got a problem with that?"

"As a matter of fact, I do. Club's full. You ain't goin' in 'til someone comes out, got it?"

Kuroichi smiled politely and turned briefly, swinging back around to plow his fist into's Cole's fact. The glamour faded and the Silver Forge appeared just in time for Cole to see it destroy his face. His nose exploded in blood and teeth clattered to the ground. Kuroichi pulled his fist back and brought the other one up, lifting Cole up by his sternum. There was a cracking noise like breaking glass before Cole hit the ground again. He didn't move.

Kuroichi turned to the Dragon Kings and spoke slowly and clearly. "Make sure no one leaves. Mingle with the crowd, don't draw attention, but don't be afraid to kill on sight. We're tearing this place down, and everyone dies. Everyone."

"Gotcha, chief?" Chin said, grinning wickedly.

"Heh...time to taste of blood once more," Shun growled.[/SIZE][/COLOR]


[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]The club was filled with people writhing and dancing. A human corpse lay upon the bar, Knubrap tearing into it like animals. Lights pulsed and flashed over the dance floor as the dancers contorted their bodies, grinding against eachother. In darker corners, some injected themselves with chemicals, others smoking various substances. And all around was the stench of sweat, blood, and sex.

Kuroichi and the Dragon Kings stood near the door, watching. It was fascinating in a horrible way, like a train wreck. At last, the music stopped, and Kuroichi turned to face them again.

"Remember, no one leaves. Everyone dies."

And with that, he was gone. The music began again, a song only recognized by Chin, a regular club goer.

"Oy, I love this song!" he said. "The Prodigy fucking rocks!"

"Vulgar fool," Jun sneered.

"Kuroichi did say to blend in, didn't he? Well, I'm gonna go blend, mate!"

"Wait..." was Kuang's flat cry. Her pale brown eyes opened wide and she stared into space. "I have a vision."[/SIZE][/COLOR]


[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Kuroichi stepped towards the VIP room. As he did, two guards stepped in his way. Each towered over him much like Cole, the bouncer.

"Sorry, punk, but nobody gets in without an appointment," one said. His hair was long, greasy, and a pale straw yellow.

"And you don't look like you've got one," sneered the other. He had yellow, dirty teeth and short graying brown hair.

"I have no time for this!"

[I]Change my picture, smack my bitch up.[/I]

Kuroichi stepped forward, bringing his elbow out to slam into the first man's gut. He choked and buckled, face lurching forward. Kuroichi brough his forearm up, hand shattering his jaw. With a savage, whip-like motion, the man's head wrenched back and he collapsed to the ground.

[I]Change my picture, smack my bitch up.[/I]


Kuroichi whirled and lashed out with a flat hand, fingers spearing into the guards windpipe. The demon pulled his hand loose and blood spurted forth. The dieing man slumped to the ground, wheezing and gurgling.

[I]Change my picture, smack my bitch up.[/I]

With a single kick, the metal door burst off its hinges. There was a foul crunch as it crushed a man standing behind. A clamour arose, and several guns pointed at Kuroichi's skull.

[I]Change my picture, smack my bitch up.[/I]

"Don't move!"

"I don't need to..."

Energy ripped through the room, flashing in crimson bolts that tore apart metal and flesh. The gunmen fell in pieces. Kuroichi stepped around the corpses, not wishing to dirty his shoes.

He walked calmly through the halls. Guards stepped out to block him, but he struck them down easily. Kicks to the side. Punches to the sternum. Axe kick to the neck. Uppercut to the jaw. Eyes gouged. Knee caps shattered.

The music slowed behind him as he opened the door. He was vaguely aware of an ethereal female voice.

"Come in, Kuroichi-san," came the growling voice of the man inside.

Kuroichi stepped in, and saw a fairly well-dressed man sitting behind a massive mahogany desk. His hair was black with frosted tips, short and well managed.

"Toshio, I think it's time to end this."

"Whatever do you mean, Kuroichi-san."

"Cut the shit!"

[I]Smack my bitch up![/I]

Kuroichi brought his leg up, kicking through the desk. It exploded into shards, two chunks flying to the side.

"I like that desk you piece of shit!"

Kuroichi was on him in a second, fist flying out to plow into his face. Toshio flew from his chair, rolling to the ground. He brought his head up to glare at Kuroichi, blood dribbling from his mouth.[/SIZE][/COLOR]


[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]"Kuroichi knows not the gravity of the situation. The world is changing. Nothing will ever be the same."[/SIZE][/COLOR]


[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]"Things are changing, Kuroichi-san," Toshio yelled. "The war is going to tear this world apart, and in the end, the Knubrap will be all that's left! We will survive because we have cast off the foolish old ways! No one will stop us!"

"I will."[/SIZE][/COLOR]


[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]"A demon will make the world anew. A phoenix rises from the ashes the fight him. The Titans break the chains of hell to forge a new path. The shadows are blinded by the light, but fight back to victory. And a new wind shall heal the broken ground."[/SIZE][/COLOR]


[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Guards streamed in around Kuroichi. The beat was changing. The world was changing. So, he figured, the fight will change.

Shinku no Umi slid from its sheath.

[I]Your body move...your body move...your body move...your body move...[/I]

He slid into a ready stance, and eyed his opponents.

[I]If this don't make your body move, you're dead![/I]

Kuroichi moved.[/SIZE][/COLOR]


[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]The doors burst open. Men flew through the doorway, crashing onto the catwalk. Toshio scrambled out, followed by guards and, last, Kuroichi. They stepped onto the steel surface high above the crowd.

"It's time to end this, Toshio!" Kuroichi growled.

Around him, the sound of J-Rock swelled, and the people writhed below. It was a paradise of impurity. A haven for hellions. And Kuroichi was going to bring it down, brick by brick.

A fist dashed by his skull, nearly clipping him. He stepped to the side and brought up the hilt of his sword to the man's skull. The assailant staggered and tripped over the railing of the catwalk, plummeting to the ground below. He went unnoticed by the dancers.

Men rushed him, but he just dodged them, occasionally pausing to cut in. Blood dripped down from the sky like a demonic rain.

[I]Feve, a fever oh yeahr![/I]

His foot spun up to meet a man's face, sending his skull wrenching to side. He collapsed upon the steel of the surface, and Kuroichi stepped over the corpse.

"Give up, Toshio!"


Toshio reached behind him and pulled out a silver cylinder. A quick press of a button, and it quadrupled in length, becoming a long metal staff.

"It ends now, old one! The new shall slay the old!" Toshio bellowed.

"The Krilat Zmaj is the new!"

Kuroichi darted forward, swinging Shinku no Umi down. Toshio blocked swiftly with his staff, pushing up with the weapon. Kuroichi took an agile step back, and brought up his leg to plant his foot in Toshio's gut.

The beat morphed again, and Kuroichi used the pause to clear his head.

[I]A full threesixty a complete return
With no excuses and no concerns
The ultra-heavy-beat is going strong
If it feels this good then it can't be wrong[/I]

Kuroichi darted forward. His sword cut swiftly, moving almost too fast to be seen. Toshio was barely able to parry each swing. He was easily outmatched. But he pushed forward.

[I]Karma echo eternity
What's good for you is still good for me
And after all we're not looking back
We manipulate the future to stay on track[/I]

Kuroichi let lose a loud cry and cut hard, pushing the staff out of Toshio's hands. He pressed in, swinging up his leg to kick Toshio in the side. The club owner staggered back, and Kuroichi cut through the staff, taking off a piece.

"Looks like I have the edge, Toshio," Kuroichi growled.

[I]Damned if you do and damned if you don't
You better seize the moment before it's gone
The ulra-heavy-beat goes on and on
When it's all said and done this is what you want[/I]

Toshio tapped a button on the staff, and electricity hummed around it.

"Not hardly!"

[I]The vision direction reflecting perfection
The manifesto translates post mortem
Buried alive and left for dead
One step back is two steps ahead[/I]

Kuroichi stepped back as the electrified weapon nearly struck him in the head. It crackled through the air, and he ducked and dodged each blow easily. Sparks flashed as it touched the catwalk. Kuroichi leapt aside, and readied his blade.

"Enough playing."

[I]Rise from the ashes and decay[/I]

Blood floated from the corpses into Kuroichi's hand.

[I]Rise from the prison of your grave[/I]

I slowly floated into the form of an orb. He pointed the hand at Toshio.

[I]Rise above the standard and the norm[/I]

"This ends, fool!"

[I]Rise into the eye of the storm[/I]

Thousands of blood daggers exploded out, cutting through Toshio. He collapsed to one knee.



He rose back on his feet, gripping the pole tightly.

"Get out of my club!"

Fury flashed in Kuroichi's eyes. "I am King of this country!"

[I]Raise the flag carry the flame
The more things change the more they stay the same[/I]

Toshi and Kuroichi locked weapons, pressing close together. They glared into eachothers eyes.

"The king is dead!"

"Long live the king!"
Mayhem riot uprising[/I]

Kuroichi swung forth will all his power, sending Toshio flying back. The club owner crashed to the ground, and Kuroichi let the glamour drop, revealing his wings.


"No," Kuroichi sneered. "Demon!"

[I]A small step for mankind
A giant leap for rock 'n' roll[/i]

Toshi lunged forward, swinging his pole. Kuroichi jumped back, parrying with his katana.

[i]We control the rhythm
The beat cops are on patrol[/i]

With a quick turn, Kuroichi flipped behind Toshio and sliced through his back. Toshio screamed in pain.

[i]Wake up people
Get on your feet[/i]

The club owner fell to his knees, breathing heavily. Kuroichi stood over him, grinning viciously.

"The King is dead, eh?"

[i]It's time to do your part
For the ultra-heavy-beat[/I]

"He will be!"

[I]Rise from the ashes and decay
Rise from the prison of your grave
Rise above the standard and the norm
Rise into the eye of the storm[/I]

Toshio jumped up, the pole crashing into Kuroichi's leg. He staggered to the side, roaring fiercly.

"[I]Kono baka na![/I]"

[I]Shoulder to shoulder
Back to back[/I]

Toshio staggered back, tripping over a corpse.

[I]All guns ablaze
Systematic attak[/I]

Kuroichi stepped forward, pulling Toshio up with one hand.

[I]Strong and rigid
Bold and vivid[/I]

"I have no pity for fools, Toshio. You and every filthy piece of shit in your club is about to die!"

[I]Spread the news the ego has landed[/I]

"You don't have the power! You don't have the fucking balls!"

"I have more than you could ever dream!"

[I]Metal detectors

Toshio dropped to the steel catwalk, and Kuroichi glared down at him. With a single, swift movement. He cut through the chain holding up the catwalk. It lurched to one side.

"What the fuck are you doing!?"

[I]Don't let the systems continue to rape you[/I]

"Tearing this place apart!"

[I]Vodka and benzene
Destroy the machine
The glorious end justifies the means[/I]

The second chain shattered, and the catwalk dropped beneath Kuroichi's feet. Toshio stared in horror as he stayed aloft, lifted up by his wings. The Silver Haired Demon smiled coldly. It was the last thing Toshio saw before he died.

[I]Rise from the ashes and decay
Rise from the prison of your grave
Rise above the standard and the norm
Rise into the eye of the storm[/I]

Power crackled around the winged warrior. Green, red, purple, silver. It flashed and coursed like lightening. The screams below let him know that it had begun. The smell of burning flesh informed him that Chin had begun the crowd control.

[I]Rise from the ashes and decay
Rise from the prison of your grave
Rise above the standard and the norm
Rise into the eye of the storm[/I]

A sphere slowly began to form in the palms of his hands as the energy focused to one point. The screams grew louder. The catwalk fell to the ground, crushing several. The satisfying stench of blood and death filled the air.


Below, Blood Spawn slowly began to rise from the ground. They lashed out, killing everything in sight.


The energy in Kuroichi's hand grew brighter and brighter. The screams and blood made him work harder. Blood flowed up to his hands. The corpses fueled his power. Darkness and night crackled around.


Chin set fire to a crowd of bar-goers. The alcohol and bodies burst into flames around him. It was a satisfying sight.


Jun sent a pair flying with a crack of his whip. Blood sprayed from the strike. He stared out flatly, cutting through the crowd like a scythe in wheat.


Kuang swung out with her Iron Wishing Staff. Many Vampires flew through the air. The landed with thuds and splats, groans and shrieks of pain filling the air. She dispatched two Blood Spawn that got too close, then ten more Knubrap.


Shun cut through with his ornate sword, hacking through the crowd like they were paper. The Cloud Stepped Shoes on his feet let him dance above the ground, striking from on high like a deranged Angel of Vengeance. And he did it all with a smile.


The Blood Spawn ate through the opposition, tearing them apart limb by limb. Death was rampant. Kuroichi's creations were unstoppable. The Knubrap were doomed.


"Dragon Kings! Leave and bar the doors! NOW!"

The Kings did not argue, fleeing the scene as soon as Kuroichi spoke.


The screams were deafening. The stench was mind-numbing. The power was immense. A star in between his hands. He glared down at the crowed. "This is the fate of all who oppose the Krilat Zmaj! This is the fate of all who dare mock me! This is the fate of my enemies!"


A flash of light, and the world was gone from view.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Colville simply stared at the space the assassin had stood a moment before. A look of disappointment on his face.

'Ye've lost something, vampiress.' he said, 'Now ye be like the rest...' he sighed his sadness. Looking down on his sword, he decided to leave it there in the dust. He drew his guns, then twirling them back into their holsters.

'...on borrowed time.' he finished.
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[color=darkred][size=1]"I'm sorry, but you cannot speak to Kuroichi unless you have an appointment."

"Fine." Senji growled, and clicked off his cell. However, he flipped it back up, and went through his call memory and found Sumiyaka's number. Pressing ok, Senji pressed the phone lightly against his ear.

It rang. [i]At least she doesn't screen her calls...[/i] It rang again. And again. [i]Pick up pick up...[/i] A click on the other side, and he heard Sumiyaka's voice.


"Its Senji."

"Who? Oh....right. Senji. From the alleyway."

"Yes. I have worked with you on several other occasions, though you may not remember it."

"Hmm...so what is it?"

"I need to talk to you, because Kuroichi isn't taking anyone without an appointment, I guess."


"...Meet me at Club Sinjai."[/color][/size]
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Zuriel and the Archangels entered the bar where Zoku was last seen. There was nothing left of him, save for a bloodied corpse underneath a table, another in the men's bathroom and one more, of a waitress stuffed behind the bar.

"Dammit!" shouted Zuriel, "Where could he be?"

Gabriel was busy, talking on his cell phone. He was listening intently to what the person on the other end was saying. Zuriel could hear muffled voices and then a high-pitched scream and a splatter, and then the phone went dead.

"What was that about?" asked Zuriel, fuming.

"The Fallen have made a move. They have killed every member of the clan loyal to you. That was the last one on the phone, and Behemoth killed him before he could give me any details. We need to go back to the headquarters, Zuriel."

"We shall go immediately. The Fallen shall pay for this insolence!" he shouted, storming out of the bar and driving back to the large building.

He walked in the door, and the Archangels drew their Night-Blades. Vampires loyal to the Fallen rushed them, but were soon cut down by the Archangels. Zuriel took the lift, and they went to the very top floor. The doors opened, and immediately they were assaulted by dozens of vampires. The Archangels took up defensive postitions around their King, and cut their attackers to shreds.

Then all who were left were the seven Archangels, Zuriel, and the Seven Dukes of Hell. Lucifer stood from Zuriel's throne, as did Beelzebub and Satan. Behemoth, Leviathan, Mammon and Belphegor took up their own defensive positions around their leader.

"Well, Zuriel, we weren't expecting you back so soon. And Michael. I thought you were better than to join the King. You could have been great working with us!"

"I would never join you, Lucifer!" shouted Michael, his Night-Blade, the Archangel glimmering in the electric light.

"We are stronger than you will ever be!" shouted Zadkiel, his Night-Blade Nebuchadnezzar glittering.

"Oh really, Zadkiel? Well lets see how strong you are when we do this!" replied Lucifer. Leviathan hurled the Lust Night-Blade at Zadkiel. It slammed into his chest, and pinned him to the wall, a fountain of blood weltering out of his chest. He gasped a few times, struggling for breath, then he died. The Lust vanished, and returned to Leviathan's hand.

Zuriel was furious. He turned red in the face, and shouted at Lucifer:

"Are you too cowardly to face us in a face-to-face battle, Lucifer? I will have your head for this treachery!" He grasped the hilt of the Harbinger, and the leather straps fell away, dropping to the floor. He drew it, and held it ready for battle.

"I thought you would not use the Harbinger unless the situation offered no other alternatives, Zuriel?" gloated Lucifer.

"This situation does not appear to, traitor!" Zuriel felt the power of the weapon course through his hands, and he activated the power of the Skull Sapphire. His eyes glowed blue, and energy gathered at his hands. He fired a beam of energy at Lucifer, but he dodged, causing the beam to hit the wall behind him. The wall began to crumble, and an army of skeletons appeared through the cracks. They moved towards the Fallen, who destroyed them easily with their Night-Blades.

Then the Archangels attacked. Night-Blade struck Night-Blade. Wrath hit Eden; Greed hit Zion; Gluttony clashed with Maximus; and Lust, Envy and Sloth fought against Prophet, Elijah and Archangel. Lucifer and Zuriel faced each other across the room, their Night-Blades humming with power in their hands. Finally, they moved, and Pride struck the Harbinger, sparks showering off them, burning holes in the floor.

And so began the Civil War of the Angels...
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[COLOR=Gray][SIZE=1][B]"Dusk! Dusk! Wake up!"[/B] Jinsei shook Dusk fiercely. Dusk opened his eyes in shock and quickly glanced around the room. Dracula, LeStat and Jinsei were standing around him. He sighed, and then eased into his chair. Jinsei growled and hit Dusk over the head.

[B]"Dammit! We were worried sick about you. While we were on the plane you just kinda blacked out, and we had to carry you to this hotel."[/B] Dusk couldn't comprehend. [B][I]A plane? When had we borded a plane?[/I][/B] He tried to recall, but his memory was hazy. All he could remember was being in the car, reminiscing about Beth...and that was all. He stood up and grasped his head. After a while he gave up trying to remember and looked for his bags. The others watched him curiously.

He finally found his stuff and began going through it. Pulling out the paper Zoku had given to him, he walked over and grabbed his coat, preparing to leave. Jinsei ran over to him.

[B]"What's wrong with you?! You were completely out of it for a couple of hours, then you grab a piece of paper and whisk out of the hotel room ny yourself?"[/B] Dusk turned and smiled at Jinsei. Jinsei cowered a little. Dusk leaned closer.

[B]?Who said I was going alone??[/B] He grabbed Jinsei?s arm and dragged him through the door. After Dusk and Jinsei left, Dracula grabbed the phone and called the Myrkur Aniol. The phone just rang. He tried again. No response. He began to get worried.

[B]?Hmm?Should we got to find Zuriel or go help Dusk? He has changed, and is now fueled by vengeance. He may do something reckless.?[/B]

[B]?Do not fear, my liege. He will be fine. Jinsei is there to watch him. But at the moment, we have more important matters to attend to?Let?s go to the Myrukr Aniol base. And prepare to fight if we must??[/B] With that, they took their leave.


[B]?You sonn?a bitch. Hand over some cash right now, else your gonna get two in the skull.?[/B]

Dusk and Jinsei were surrounded by six humans, all obviously part of some street gang. They were only a few blocks away from the location, and couldn?t afford to stop now. The one standing in front of Dusk was holding a hangun up to him. Dusk merely walked past him, knocking him over. The man jumped up and shot Dusk in the heart. Dusk collapsed from shock, and the pendant around his neck came off. The man walked over and looked at it.

[B]?What a nice charm you got there. Mus? mean a hella? of alot to ya?, iffin you were so unwilling to give it up. Maybe I should just break it. That would show you to mess with me.?[/B] He raised his foot and brought it down swiftly. Dusk?s hand shot out, and grabbed the man?s foot. Firmly holding him, Dusk threw the man into the wall, jumped up, and tore him in half. He licked up some of the blood and then spat.


The other members began firing rapidly at Dusk. When that didn?t work they ran off in fright. Dusk scowled, picked up the pendant, and put it back around his neck, then strode off towards their destination. Jinsei grinned and ran up behind him.

They reached the front door and Dusk knocked. Movement could be heard from inside, and soon someone was at the door. They called out before opening, however.

[B]?Who?s there??[/B] A feminine voice called out. Dusk yelled in back response, saying they were friends of Zoku, and that they had proof. The door swung open, and there stood a tall woman with brown hair and gleaming red eyes, like Dusk?s. She was dressed oddly, but Dusk took no notice of that. She welcomed them in, and told them to take a seat. Dusk loked around as he sat. [I][B]An abandoned warehouse?how original[/B][/I]. He could hear movement in the rafters and he laughed. The woman looked at him strangely.

[B]?After I give you proof that we were sent by Zoku will you tell your comrades to come down. They are quite skilled, I can tell from their grace, and I would very much like to meet them.?[/B] Dusk tossed her the papers and smiled. She looked them over and grinned. She signaled for her men to calm down, and they did.

[B]?Sorry for all the suspicion. We just had to be sure. So you must e Dusk, and the kid over there is Jinsei. My name?s Disaster.?[/B] They all shook hands. Dusk raised an eyebrow, slightly confused. [B][I]She got screwed over when Zoku named her..[/I][/B] She told three of her comrades to step forward. The one at her right had brown hair as well, and a scar netween his eyes. The other two, who stood at her left, had red and blue hair, and dressed like assassins.

[B]? Here to my right is Griffin. Red hair on my left is Rift, and blue hair is Obstruct.? [/B] Dusk couldn?t help but notice a common trait in all of them. Light skin, and fierce red eyes. Like him. [I][B]So much like me?[/B][/I] He shook it off.

[B]?We are the ones who will be journeying with you. The rest?[/B], she pointed over at the other side of the warehouse, revealing a mass quantity of the creations, [B]?Will go to aid the Gwyar and Myrkur Aniol. And any others who rally to our cause against Kuroichi.?[/B] Dusk grinned. [B][I]Good?I like these four the most, anyway.[/I] He took out his cell and dialed Zoku's number. It rang twice and then Zoku's voice echoed into the phone.


[B]"It's me, Dusk."[/B]

[B]"Ahh...Dusk. How are things?"[/B]

[B]"Fine. We've finally contacted your creations. What should we do next?"[/B][/COLOR][/B][/I][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][B]OOC: In case you need any help Zuriel there's Dracula and LeStat to your aid. Hope I did what you wanted me to, Zoku. Oh, and the attachments are of Disaster, Griffin, Obstruct, and Rift.[/B][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1]''Excellent Dusk......I'm glad to hear that you all have arrived in Japan without harm. If you chose to continue this....the rest of the locations on the paper I gave you are last known living residences of all the men and women who participated within the PROJECT.''

''What exactly is the Project Zoku?'' Dusk questioned on the phone. ''I mean, I know of the war that they and the Japanese government waged against the Krilat Zmaj all those years ago...but what exactly are they?"

Zoku was silent for a moment...standing in a dark alley in NYC, watching the other humans walk past him; trying to remember the past.

''They're humans Dusk; humans who have powers beyond that of any normal person. Gifted beyond recognition...able to fight against us. Back then...they were called The Hunters....who hunted us down Dusk.''

''Are you kidding me...you want me too seek these individuals out...wouldn't they be old...wouldn't they want to kill me and the rest of us?'' Dusk was in shock...he couldn't believe Zoku was asking this of him...it seemed impossible.

''Yes Dusk...they are much older now...but many of them were only children when they first joined...between the ages of 13 and 21. So don't worry about age...and they wont attack you. Many only have a hatred for the Krilat Zmaj and Kuroichi. I can imagine that persuading them will not be difficult.''

''However...if they refuse to aid you, do not force them...we don't need to be on their bad sides...they are old friends of mine. Mention my name...and maybe it'll help. How is everything else there in Japan?''

''Something is happening within the Mrykur Aniol...Dracula and LeStat are going to see whats happening. And I sense battles occuring all over the city...Kuroichi is here Zoku.''

''I know...I'll be there shortly...my business here is almost finished. I'll keep in touch Dusk...bye.'' as Zoku shut the cell phone shut. It was still pouring outside...many people in the streets were leaving.

[I]Time to meet with the Mirichai....where are you Kairi?[/I] [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Sienna][SIZE=1]"[B]Lady Julia[/B]," the vampire said softly as he bowed, and then stood in silence.

The cool ocean breeze whispered through the loggia, a partner to the soft moonlight that bathed the rich furnishings and tropical plants in a soft, silver hue. A dark figure sat unmoving in the woven bamboo chair, face hidden by the shadows of the pillars.

A soft sigh escaped. "[B]This night is so peaceful, the sky is beautiful, and the moon seems to smile when I look to its light. What is the matter Rocket? What is it that disturbs my peace?[/B]"

"[B]News, Lady Julia[/B]," the vampire replied. "[B]There is news of the Myrkur Aniol, and...something else[/B]."

Julia's delicate hand came into view, motioning for the vampire Rocket to come forward. "[B]Light please, Rocket[/B]."

The vampire obliged, lighting the blue oil lamp on the table beside his mistress. He handed her the crisp piece of paper as well, and waited as she read it.

After a few minutes, she laid the paper beside the lamp, "[B]So, Zuriel is victorious...so far. Proceed with the delegation to him then, if he allows it. He may be too busy to see us, but we shall see...[/B]"

The vampire hesitated, but brought forth his question, "[B]But is there not a risk, m'lady? The Fallen are powerful as well[/B]."

"[B]The Fallen are not to my liking[/B]." Her voice warned of further questions, and the young vampire acquised. Of all things, his mistress [I]detested[/I] the betrayal of trust.

"[B]And what of [I]the Hyena's Den[/I], Lady Julia?[/B]"

"[B]That seems to be the question, doesn't it Rocket? It seems to be the question that follows the path of the silver-haired demon... We shall see...[/B]"[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=#696969][B]"Why do we gots to go home when there?s plenty to do out here? Why can we be having fun, King Jarrah?"[/B]

Silence overcame Jarrah. He knew that bloodshed would soon be near. It had erupted since the day they had returned and it has continued since, never ending as the Knubrap picked off each helpless human one by one. It was certain that Jarrah enjoyed a meal of fresh blood once in a while, but constantly sipping on the blood of humans was vastly overrated, whereas the blood of a vampire's was richer in taste as well as feast.

The other vampires of the Zugai clan looked to Jarrah as he merely walked on back to their home, an old, run-down mansion that took much space for his clan. It was dark and gloomy, a house that none would ever visit, unless they loved the fresh feel of fear, that trembling scent of death that just causes your arms to numb and your body to shiver with chills, but not many wish to know that, not many wish to see it, which is why it is a good choice of a home. It reminds them their entire olden homeland, a darkening land that would never return to innocence.

Jarrah stepped forward and swung the gates open, to see the homely black was almost welcoming. The darkness within was inviting and the death that fell upon it was warm as well. He couldn?t help but smirk beneath his mask, knowing that he was home. The others raced in, while many slugged their arms around, wanting to go out and enjoy themselves in a bit of fun. Jarrah understood this, but what ever Kuroichi said was what they must do unless otherwise.

Walking up the tall, spiraling stairs, Jarrah ended up in the master bedroom that was once beautiful and intricate in its way. Its laced curtains were once decorated with beautiful ribbons, now they were adorned with cobwebs and moth-eaten holes. It was home to him and his clan, no one else could take this sanctuary from them, they would not leave once again.

He sat in large sofa that had several blood stains upon it; Jarrah cared nothing for it and placed Jawbone aside onto the bed, along with the mace that he held. The garments that Jarrah wore began to bruise him as he had worn them for so long. He began to remove them slowly, watching it unlatch and release the stress that had been building. First the mouth guard that covered half of his face, then the gloves that wrapped around his hands, after that, he removed his shin guards that tightly wound around his legs, then finally his axe sheath. He allowed each body part to be able to breathe from the fierce accessories that he held on so greatly.

A knock arose and a young member entered. Her name was Akuma, one of the most devilish vampires of all of the Zugai clan to ever arrive. She bowed to him and gave to him a message from the outside. She was known to walk through the streets and never be seen, only by those who could feel the sense was known to be allies of hers. He nodded and she left, walking outside, knowing that the others were eager to know.

Jarrah sat in the room alone, letting the message replay, waiting for more information, knowing that this night was not the end of anything, nor was it the beginning yet. They were not near the beginning of something greater.[/size][/color]
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[Color=DarkBlue][Size=2]Yukiko had driven home slowly, and she lay in her bed asleep. It had been her first good night?s sleep in over a week, and she was enjoying every minute of it. As she turned over to look at the clock, she realized it was already 8 PM, so she got out of bed and padded towards her kitchen.

First, she checked her messages while pulling out a bottle of water. She then sat back down and grabbed the file she had laid down before she left. She added her new notes and set the pen down. She doubted that when it came time to actually take on these ?things? that her notes would help at all, but for the time being it was all she could do.

As Yukiko became deeply involved with her thoughts, her cell phone went off and broke off the train. She grumbled and picked it up, snapping at the caller. ?What is it??

?Yukiko, its me Naoko. You have to come in right now. This is urgent, and it cannot wait.? He said, sounding worried.

?What?s so freaking important that I should rush?? she asked, already changing her clothes.

?It?s Zoku.? He said, his voice seeming to quaver.

?Who the hell is he?? Yukiko asked, closing the door behind her.

"Don't you fucking worry about that. Just get your ass over here." Naoto said, his voice quavering.

"Don't you dare get that way with me you asshole. I wouldn't be helping you if... what happened hadn't. Look I'll get there, but you better shape the hell up." Yukiko said, getting in the car.

She hung the phone up and gunned the car up. Now Naoto had gone and pissed her off. SHe hated him when he did that, but she always gave in and bitched him up and down the street. Sometimes she thought he liked it.

Yukiko once again flew down the highway, her fear of cops replaced by her anger. As she parked haphazardly in the parking lot, she thought about calming down, but quikcly dismissed the idea after remembering the way Naoto talked to her. She pushed the button, and in a haste, tried to bring the elevator down faster. SHe concentrated on it, and listened as the brakes kicked in. "Damnit!" she yelled out loud.

Yukiko then pulled the door to the stairs open, and slammed it into the wall, enjoying the smashing sound it made. She started to run up the stairs two at a time, and didn't stop until she reached the twelfth floor. The hall began to get dark, but Yukiko just lashed out at the door, and blew it off its hinges. Naoto stood there with a look of shock on his face. "Your damn elevators broken, and your stairs take too long!" Yukiko yelled, throwing her purse at his head. "This had better be life threatining or I swear, someone will get hurt!"

"Calm down Yukiko. This is important." Naoto said, dodging a plant. "You really need to calm down. I'm sorry about what I said, but this is important. Zoku was part of the Project. I saw him die from a sword wound, but yet here he is, calling us. Its not right and I don't trust this." He said, coming out from behind the door.

"As serious as that is, you still have no right to even think of talking to me like that. I am supposed to be helping you, but that can change at the drop of a dime." she said, snapping her fingers.

"Look, we've got to go meet some of Zoku's friends, so I want you to come along." Naoto said, motioning for the other three to follow.

"Well, I haven't got a choice, do I?" Yukiko said, picking her purse up.

"Nope, but this will go better if we go in together." Naoto said, motioning for the elevator.

Yukiko shook her head and followed, her head spinning from everything that had been going on.[/size][/color]

[B]OOC[/B]: Sole Energia, if you want to go ahead and meet, be my guest. And whoever's playing Zoku, if I got anything wrong, please say something.
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Lucifer was thrown to the ground with a pulse of energy from the Harbinger. Zuriel stood over him, bloodied and bruised, with his clothes ripped to shreds at the hems. He held the Harbinger, and watched as the Archangels battled the Fallen. Blood of the vampires made the floor slick with crimson.

Lucifer flipped to his feet, and swung the Pride at Zuriel, who blocked it with the Harbinger. Sparks began to erupt all over the surface of Zuriel's Night-Blade, and Lucifer's began emitting black sparks. Energy rumbled from both of them. The other warriors stopped fighting and merely watched this spectacle.

The red and black energy spiralled into one huge column of energy, which burst forth from the top of the building, ripping a rift open in the night sky. Purple energy met the column from the two weapons, and flew back into the two blades. Lucifer spasmed wildliy under the pressure of that amount of energy, and was thrown backwards, his flesh fried black. The leader of the Fallen was badly injured, and his Night-Blade fell to the floor.

For Zuriel, however, it was a different matter entirely. The purple energy conducted down his own Night-Blade, and entered his body. He was thrown about by the conflicting forces in his body, then he flew backwards. He dropped the Blade, and then got up, blinking furiously. He opened his eyes fully, and they glowed a hideous blood-red. He laughed, and then spoke in a deep, guttural voice:

"Pathetic Fallen Angels. Fighting amongst yourselves. But it doesn't matter. Soon the power of the Blades will destroy you all." He was changed.

"Who are you, monstrosity?" asked Satan, hefting the Wrath.

"I am the spirit who lies inside the Harbinger. I am the Harbinger, and I am using this body to make my own presence known."

He clamped his hands together, and purple light began to emanate from them. Energy lashed out in tendrils, breaking the walls of the building apart, tearing the concrete from its steel girders. He was ripping the building apart by himself.

Soon, there was nothing left but a large pile of rubble. The angels and the King himself were gone, buried under the rubble...
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