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The Loonatics Underground [PG-LV]


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[SIZE=1][COLOR=TEAL][I]?These faces may appear familiar, but trust me; this is an entirely different world?


?There have always been two dimensions within the Human world, the first being referred to as the ?Real World? and the second being referred to as the ?Toon World?. For as long as Humans have existed so have the Toons. In the Real World it was long supposed that the Toon World only existed as part of the Human psyche, or our imagination. But we were wrong. Ever since the first Toons were drawn their world has been as real as ours though we cannot see it, just as they cannot see ours. In the beginning the Toon World was crude, colours out of their lines, the sky often any colour but blue and the Toons themselves were rather simple in appearance, most often Stick Figures.

?Eventually Humanity became better skilled in drawing the Toons and so their world developed along with ours. Characters, cities and even planets would pop in to existence every so often and were greeted warmly by the residents of the Toon World. So as Humanity created new and better ways to draw the Toons themselves began to evolve and take on more defined looks. Even the older Toons started changing, their colours more realistic, everything in proportion and their personalities more defined.

?So all was good in the land of the Toons; that was until Man discovered how to travel to the stars. Suddenly the Toons were no longer important and lay forgotten in the vast archives of Mans knowledge as he drew further and further away from the Toons he had created. So it came to pass that the Toons realised they had to stop all their adventure and wacky games in order to create a society that was no longer dependant on Humanity. And so the New Toon World took shape.?


[U]The Year 2772[/U]

?It has been sometime since Man discovered space flight and voyaged to the Stars and found nothing but empty planets. With this discovery space travel lost its wonder and mystery as it was realised Humanity was alone in the Galaxy. Such troubles did not plague the Toon World as they had entered a Golden Age, technology was reaching incredible heights, comedy had been developed as a basis for culture and the Toons along with the World they inhabited became more realistic as the days went by thus they soon lost their comical appearances and took on more realistic appearances.

?Man was oblivious to the change that had come about in the Toon World and nor did they care. With space travel now obsolete it was decided to focus on Inter-Dimensional travel instead. Rather than finding new races they would find alternate versions of Humanity in an attempt to create a Utopian society. But while Man was busy tinkering with the fabric of space a new threat entered the Milky Way from a distant galaxy, they were hell bent on conquering our Galaxy and removing our kind. But they had not counted on one thing. The Toons.

?Just as Humanity breached the dimensional barrier between their World and the Toon World the alien invaders struck the outer colonies of the Solar System and Humanity was at War again. With the discovery of the Toons Humanity hoped to find an ally in the war against the Invaders. Speaking of an Alliance between Humanity and Toons for the first time they attempted to gain the trust of the Toons.

?The Toons themselves had forced their wacky instincts and destructive nature down in order to keep their society stable. Now faced with the prospect of a full-scale War the Toons, quite literally, went insane. They quickly agreed and entered the Real World through the portals Humanity had made. As always in a War their must be the Elite of the Elite or in this case the Wackiest of the Wacky. And in this case they are THE LOONATICS.?


This is based on a new Cartoon that WB are doing and I want to get some reactions to this idea. Vicky and I are doing this and we're just checking what people think about it.

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[COLOR=DarkOrange]I don't know....I personally, despise the look of the new show. *Kicks WB for changing Bugs Bunny*

An RP, however, could be fun. Is there a basic storyline you wanted to go with? There's not much plot known about the show yet (obviously), so are you really waiting until the show comes out? Or are you just coming up with a story you think would be cool?[/COLOR]
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This sounds like it could be a good, well-structured RP with the manic touch of the Looney Tunes. I've done some research and found out about this new show-it kinda freaked me out when I first saw it, I must admit, but I'm beginning to come around to it.

I'd really like in on this one, and I'm thinking I'd want to go for Wile E. Coyote. He's so cool, and silent...

Please let me know when this starts.
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