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The Battle of Archaus [M - VSL]


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N. B. - Please note that the rating of this thread has increased. I feel that a believable account of a war based RP needs the freedoms of more mature content.



The technologically driven world known as Archaus has come into conflict. Every aspect of its existence, from its people to the very heart of the land, has felt the corroding influences of its century spanning war. Humanity has dwindled to a fraction of its former size and power, confined to dozens of city sized environment preserving structures known as the Elysia.

The Elysia are mankind?s last refuge, the last regions of Archaus uninfluenced by the Archtype, the mysterious face of Archaus? cancer. Nobody has ever seen the Archtype and there are few left willing to try. Its legions, its armies, its children are the bane of humanity. They march across the wastelands in forces thousands strong, there scant figures riddled with tattoos signifying their allegiance to their master.

Humanity hasn?t given up on the fight. The psychic exhibitions becoming more and more prevalent among their populations may prove their final hope against the menace. Recent technological innovations have allowed those with latent psychic abilities to begin an assault against the Archtype. A specially designed computer network linked to a series of chairs in each Elysia allow mankind to in contact with one another and mount assaults against the Archtype?s mainframes. Unfortunately these attempts have proved fruitless and a great number of psychics have been lost.

Archaus itself is not without hope. The ancient elemental race, calling themselves the Lai, have begun to resist the influences of the Archtype. With much of the planet destroyed or otherwise corrupted beyond recognition their powers have dwindled and they no longer have the control over the elements they once had. Abominations have appeared in their race. Children of the ever prominent rain, metal, magma and swamps have begun to appear. Their conflicting dispositions often leads to their exile from the Lai homelands, leaving them alone in the world Archtype?s world.

The Lai aren?t the only race to feel the corruption stretching across the planet. Humanity has begun to crumble as large factions have moved into conflict with those organizing the fight against the Archtype. Nobody is sure how to combat its phenomenal powers; infighting has become common and threats the integrity of many of the safe havens. Even the Children of the Archtype have felt the corruption spreading around them. Many have begun to desert the Archtype in favor of a less restricted life. There attempts have failed time and again but larger numbers of mutineers have begun to appear recently?

[color=#227722][u]The Characters[/u][/color]

Kalliope (Neuvoxetere) and Sakura (Okhami) ? The lyricists, the Archtype?s elite warriors often used to lead small forces.

Takahiro (Kayin) ? An Eon, among the bulk of the Archtype?s warriors they are generally equipped with differing sets of equipment to allow them to fulfil a multitude of roles, from foot soldier to storm trooper.

Azruliath (skedy) ? A Junip, the scouts of the Archtype?s armies; they often provide are support for larger armies and are used for espionage missions into the Elysia.

Kai (Blayze) and Sendre (Nefertimon) ? Psychics, the gifted warriors of humanity. They alone can employ the newly developed Psytech and often make used of minor psychic manifestations.

Origa (Freude) ? A soldier, the traditional combatants of the human defence movements. They make up the majority of the human forces and fulfil a variety of positions within the army.

Mekalu (Pumpkin) ? A medic, the staple point of any force. They provide much need d healing and medical treatments for mankind?s armies.

Seuneu (Takuya), Andrial (skedy), Ruth (Legacy) and Lurlan (Quad) ? The elemental spirits of the planet. They wield the planets traditional elemental forces in an effort to preserve themselves and Archaus. They are not aligned with the Archtype or Humanity; and certainly move with or against either, so long as they benefit.


The characters above all originate from Mercarus, a continent on the planet of Archaus, within the locality of the Elysia Piel-5. The environment on this continent is toxic and cannot be trod by humanity unless they employ environmental protection suits. It is rumoured the Archtype is on this continent but the area is still huge and no one has succeeded in finding him.



Caius tugged nervously at the seals on his suit. He had seen what happens to a man outside without a suit, and it was something he surely didn?t want to see again. The heavy doors thudded together, closing the station behind him. Their partners began to part, the shrill sirens tearing through the icy chamber, the harsh atmosphere tearing at the walls.
The reports, the design specifications, pages of statistics scrolling across the screens, he was familiar with the mistakes of the past, all the engineers were. The first chambers had failed to withstand the brief burst of atmosphere. Technicians had miscalculated the long term effects, the walls gave way in dozens of stations?thousands were shredded, more casualties of the century long war. With a heavy clunk; the exterior doors had peeled into the wall, opened the chamber to the environment.

?Systems stable. Exposure complete. Status check.? The metallic voice blared into Cauis? mask
?Positive control. Conditions as expected.? A generic response. That?s what kept the system running. It was expected. It kept them safe. Double checked his harness and stepped hesitantly into the world beyond. He had grown accustomed to the station; he had been here almost three years now, transferred from Piel-5. There weren?t many engineers left; the war had drained the Elysia of its youth. There was simply no one left to train. Sure there were a few, but the medical sciences were far more important and not many people were willing to risk exposure, not without the bravado of war.

?Good l-ck? Control crackled through the headset as Caius found the station?s outer wall. Sweat was already dripping across his visage. The environ suits more than halved the heat, stopped its corrosive air tearing at the flesh. This was one of the worst areas, of course. That was why the station was built here, to investigate the extremes. That?s how the chamber was developed, the first faults found. They were confident there were no more left.

He edged along the wall. Fumbled for the outcropping, the thin wall connecting the GD units to the station. The air was thick with dust, tearing against the suit, near pinning him to the wall. They had given up using conventional torches long ago. Only the military carried light sources on their person now, only they travelled in regions calm enough to see with them.

Caius? hand bounced over the small lump, imperfection, in the wall. It was the halfway point, as near as he could tell. The station?s designers hadn?t thought to quell the fears of the poor souls left to venture outside, along the wall, over the roof. They were employed for practicality and practicality alone.


?A-mos- there.? A speaker crackled in the control room, a distraction.

?Roger that.? Angela replied, carefully studying his suit?s readouts. The team never fully trusted the research suits. It wasn?t a spoken mistrust; that was mutiny and something they certainly couldn?t avoid. They simply knew one another thought it, didn?t want to risk saying it aloud, not in the station at least. And where else was there to go?

She peeled away from the console, rumbled across the ground on rickety wheels. The chairs hadn?t changed, they work, always have. A sensor had failed. Triggered the blaring screech of yet another console. It was a motion sensor, a recent addition to the perimeter. She was never sure why they had installed them. They had done nothing but malfunction.

She flicked the alarm off, turned to the speaker. ?The sensors are fouling again. Dirt?s frigged them again.? A positive reply, as usual. Then: ?Are you ---- i-?s a foul??

She frowned and peered across her shoulder at the console again. ?Yeah, what else could it be??


Daniel through his papers onto the desk with a sigh. The alarms were blaring again. Another false siren, a faulty seal, misread hatch. Paperwork. An archaic term, paper hadn?t been used to close to a century now, you needed trees for that. Not the aesthetic ones in the parks, the fabricated ones dotting the Elysia.

?What is it?!? He?s crossed to the intercom. Relaxed his finger, frowned with concern. There was no reply. ?Angie, what?s up?? No reply. He hurried out the door and to the closest stair. Stations weren?t afforded the luxury of the Elysia, they were too small, uninfluential to install elevators. Probably better anyway, they?d only kill someone if they held to the standards of the other machines around the place.

A broken rail, the stair well?s only imperfection, its halfway point. There wasn?t much that could go wrong with the solid cement column, the iron case welded to its walls. Its heavy steel coated door slammed against the corridor. The station?s highest level, a domed floor centred round the control room, the station?s heart.

Daniel paused at the door. It was heavy, airtight. The only one in the station. It sealed everything important from the harshness of the world, its atmosphere. It was what they wanted should something go wrong, the information, the future.

The door was sealed. Locked. He knocked anyway. A dull heavy thud. It was pointless, there was no way she could have heard him. He collected his breath and keyed the pin, slipped, swore and repeated it.

Sand. Heat. The acrid smell of the exterior. The curved ceiling of the control room, its twelve feet of protective plexiglass, torn to the floor. Three lightly clad figures stood behind the door, already sneering at the captain?s mistake, their comrade?s close behind.

Daniel dropped to his knees, his arms peeling in clusters to the ground beside him. Angela?s remains already scattering through the door, tearing at his face amidst the sand, the vengeful earth.

The captain?s life ended, his brittle skull smeared in its flesh across the air filled corridor. The children moved into the station, quickly, efficiently, emotionless?


?The armies must move. They have already begun moving against the stations. The line will be breached!? Senator Mahon fell back to his seat. It had been a heated session, every representative had had something to say, there was little to agree on. Twenty men, ten women. They all knew something must be done, knew it was important.

?The line won?t fall, they haven?t the strength to move against it. It?s the stations themselves they want. We?ve only five left. We need to consolidate, reclaim what we have lost!? Commander Barakis? voice rose across the auditorium. He rarely spoke on his own volition. He seemed hesitant to impart his reports upon them. The room fell silent. The men, the women, curious. ?Piel-5 will be all you have left soon. We don?t even know if four and five are still standing. If you keep withdrawing our forces we?ll have nothing past the line. Then It will rally, muster its forces. Is that what you want, isolation?!? He took his seat.

?A vote. Should the army withdraw to the Line or move to retake the stations?!? The chancellor addressed the room. Began the vote. It hadn?t always been this way. There used to be a representative democracy, when the populations were large, when rule by the masses wouldn?t lead to demise. They had learned that the hard way, on the other continents. When It first came, finished the job, sealed fate. Now it was the elite, those competent enough to rule, chosen by those before them. Society is the past however and the democracy remains. Perhaps the deciding factor in the war. If its recent performance continued It wouldn?t waste much more time, Piel-5 was vulnerable, weak. As weak as it had been for the last three hundred years.


?I won?t do it Chancellor. We?ll loose too much.? The Commander struggled with the absurdity of the Senate?s decision. ?I just can?t. There will be a mutiny soon. They don?t like the indecision, you look incompetent!?

?Sit down Commander.? The Chancellor countered sternly. The Senate feels the Line is too weak. Supplies, more funding, more men. Anything at all to make them feel better. Piel-5 doesn?t know about the stations. If we move the armies they?ll panic.?

?Fine. But I warn you Chancellor. They won?t put up with much more. Incompetency isn?t going to help with their outrage.? Commander Barakis stole out of the room, he had better things to do than argue with the democracy. The masses where his concern, not the elite.


N. B. - Barakis is the Commander of the human forces operating in the Elysia Piel-5. I will be playing him as an additional character and post a sign-up for him at a later time ~ skedy
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[COLOR=DarkRed][FONT=Arial Narrow]It was boring. Staying posted was boring. Having to sit there for hours on end, not knowing what decision the Senate was going to make eventually.

Kai sat in his chair, wondering what they would decide to do. Withdraw forces to the line or take back other stations? He thought about it while he concentrated on his hand. A tiny ball of flame burst into life in it, and he threw it around the station for a while. It bounced quite well, he found, but it singed if it hit his blue tunic, the blue tunic all psychics had to wear.

He extinguished it after a while. Playing with fire only had appeal for so long, then it got boring. He decided to float a book around for a while instead. The citizens of Archaus had to do things like this to keep themselves occupied in times of boredom. Even moving things with his mind got boring after a while, though. He dropped the book and left the room, searching for more things to do. He went down to the Psy-lab, visiting some of his psychic friends who were hooked up to computer mainframes which allowed them to attack the Archetype. He sat down next to one of his friends for a while, talking to him about the indecision of the Senate, even though his friend couldn't hear.

Then, one of the workstations spewed sparks and bolts of electricity, throwing the psychic occupying it across the room, killing him instantly. One of the techies rushed across to him, but he was already dead. Another rushed to the workstation, trying desperately to repair it quickly.

Just more of the everyday happenings to occur in the world of Archaus...

(OOC: I hope this is alright, I didn't really know what you wanted from our first posts)[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[color=navy]She sat there in silence over looking the blood red sea that was left from the old world. Hues of her fine non-reflectant depthless violet looking over the area in complete silence. Lips finely drawn together as the fine clothes of her white made dress dancing upon the breeze. The white dress was finely done by her own hands, and the clothe was just perfect along her pale skin soft enough not to bruise it at all for it was that fragile.

Her thoughts dancing upon the breeze like the fine threads of silk that her delicate mind were made of. Her strands of chestnut brown hair floating along the wind as hands moved in intricate patterns cutting finely through the air as if getting beat to something. A light song drifting from her lips and each delicate note floating upon the air. Her nose taking in the scents of the ocean air, and soon her head turned to end her little song. Something was approaching...

[b]"Oh my..."[/b] She whispered then shaking her head lightly to herself. It was the main Lyricist of her Hive her lady and commanding mistress. She hurriedly gave a deep bow strands of her hair dancing past her face as she bowed, and the single gesture from the lady made her raise up straight once again.

[b]"The Archetype has planned to send Eons to our Hive,"[/b] The Lady began her pale skin turning even more palor as she spoke. Her blue eyes were already abscent of emotion making her seem a dead ghost, and her strands of ice violet hair trembled along with her form dressed in those fine rich violet robes. [b]"Our Hive is next on the slaughter list."[/b]

Sakura just stood there frozen for a moment a shake of her head in disbelief was given then. [b]"But, but we have done nothing!"[/b]

[b]"Officer Ragnar of the Eons thinks otherwise, you denied him Sakura..."[/b] Spoke the Lady Azul in calm notes. [b]"It is our duty to obide to the Eon, and give ourselves to them when they demand. No Ragnar will destroy our Hive claiming us as Betrayers to the Archetype."[/b]

[b]"The Archetype isn't even there anymore, well it is but it is dying m'lady the Eon's and Officer Ragnar have full power now until the full power of the Archetype is restored."[/b] Muttered Sakura then, and she just moved away from the Lady without another word walking along the beach trail in silence as she walked along.

[b]"You feel no guilt Sakura!?!?"[/b] The Lady shouted across the distance, and Sakura stood there for a moment before freezing up eyes widening at the claiming of her having no emotion.

[b]"Unlike you m'lady."[/b] Came the sole reply as she continued along the path.
[/color][color=#000000][b]EDIT: [/b]I switched the names now.[/color]
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[size=1][color=#8A1A28]The rose whip uncurled itself as Kalliope sat on a flat surfaced rock, watching the winds move across as the skies began to turn maroon and golden. She closed her eyes and song filled itself where empty space was. The Rose Whip hissed as it heard Kalliope's song. Her song began to echo throughout the garden, in which Kalliope was in.

Footsteps were heard behind and a young girl appeared, her face filled with anger, as well as confusion. She sat beside Kalliope on a rock below and laid her head upon her folded arms that were atop the rock that Kalliope sat upon and watched. Kalliope took notice and slightly brushed Sakura's hair; the fresh sea salt scent arose and mixed with the orchid and lavender, creating quite an aromatic atmosphere. She merely smiled and spoke in a crystal tone that was as clear as the babbling brook, but distant as a hidden waterfall.

[B]"The lady fears only for the worst. She does not know. Her judgment is unforeseen by her clouded mind."[/B] Kalliope turned to the young girl. Kalliope's glimmering ivory hair falling down past her arms, her full and sultry lips an apple red that glistens in sunlight, while her ruby red eyes twinkle in the moonlight. The young girl admired Kalliope's beauty and was in awe of her voice. The young girl sat up straight and spoke.

[B]"Lady Kalliope?"

"Yes, young one?"[/B] Silence hung in the air for moments. Kalliope turned to the young girl. [B]"What is it?"

"Are we doomed to our death?"

"No, we are not. The Eon leaders may be strong and have a powerful army, but there is not much he can do against the mystics. There is much to learn and much to know, yet so little time. Do not fret or fear. Go on now, be at peace."[/B]

Smiling, Kalliope took the Rose whip and it wound itself around her waist, and walked out of the garden. Questions arose in her mind and only one woman was able to answer that, and if anything, that woman was just as good as dead to her than anything in the world. This woman was someone they called, the Lady.[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=Blue][SIZE=3][FONT=Garamond]Takahiro waited in his quarters, polishing his X-Calibur. He sat staring blankly at the wall across from him. He broke from his trance and punched the wall beside his seat. [I]What the hell is the commander so pissed about? I'm sick and tired of just waiting here...[/I] He holstered his pistol and drew out his kitana and began to polish the blade.

"I don't think it a good idea to go anywhere until the commander cools off anyways..." He said to himself as he walked toward his door. [I]But at this point I could care less...[/I] He sheathed his sword and opened the door. The hallway was desolately empty, for all other eons who had stayed behind were still in their quarters waiting. Takahiro let out a sigh as he walked down the hallway.

He could see that he was the only one out of their quarters. [I]Why do they stay within their rooms? It's not as if we were ordered to do so...[/I] He thought, realizing the truth of the matter. Not one of them were ordered to stay in their quarters. "Perhaps...it's out of respect..." He stopped and returned to his quarters shutting the door behind him.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

(OOC: Sorry if that wasn't enough...)
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OOC:It's probably more my fault then your's. But Barakis is the Commander of the human forces. The Archetype certainly does nto make use of hte senate, he is trying to protect the stations from the Archetype's children...it ties in with the first segment of the post when the research [i]station[/i] is destroyed. The leaders of the Archtype's forces are Ragnar and Einar. Ragnar is the one who is charged with halting the incursions within the ranks and hives of the Lyricts. It would be appreciated if you edited the names in your posts accordingly, everything else is right and checks out, just not Barakis' name. Again I apologize for not making the connection clear enough in my own posts.



Twelve stations in seven days. Azruliath mused, gliding swiftly over the turmoultous winds of Archaus. The Archtype had begun moving its forces to take the few settlements the humans had managed to maintain beyond their Elysia, Piel-5 they called it; he wasn't sure why. There were three more stations as far as the Junip could tell, he was the one leading the team through the region. It was his mission to verify the location of the remaining stations and what defenses they had if any. It was his head if they were wrong.


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