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Farse Tales: Sign Ups [E]

Dragon Warrior

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[center][FONT=Trebuchet MS][b]Our Story Begins...[/b]

[size=1]One day, Jimmy was bored in Geometry class. He didn't like doing his work and the chick he checks out every day was absent today.

So he started to draw pictures on his paper.

He grew weary of random art, so he drew up a fantasy kingdom called Domking (real original kid, huh?). But this Domking Kingdom was a tad boring.

So he drew an evil warlord named Lord Vill Lun.

But he couldn't just let Vill Lun do damage without trouble. So Jimmy drew up some heroes: a warrior, a mage, a ninja, and... a blob thing.

This made Lord Vill Lun pissed because he liked being evil and frolicking around while killing things. So he decided the heroes will not win. He disappeared to his dark castle drawn on a seperate piece of construction paper and let the heroes decide their actions.

Naturally, Jimmy's heroes decided to kick some warlord butt, so off they went on their newfound quest.

This is...



Welcome to the sexiest thing since mashed potatoes: [b]Farse Tales[/b]! In this wild and crazy RPG, four of you will be the heroes and try to stop Jimmy's evil villain... Vill Lun. But it won't be that simple. Jimmy could draw a dragon at any minute or even erase a limb of your body. He has the power of God in his hand. In fact, in Domking, Jimmy is God and has his own religion. But enough about Jimmy, he made Vill Lun evil and strong, so watch out.

I'll be playing Vill Lun and four others will be the heroes. You may sign up, but getting in depends on how you make your character and your writing skills. You shall select one of the four following to be:





I've given short detail on each. The rest is up to you. Here's your sign up sheet.

Things are pretty self explanatory, but I'll tell you anyways. [b]Char Name[/b] is obviously the name you choose for your character. No naming your hero "Hero" or your mage "Mage." If you're going to do that, at least do what I did with Lord Vill Lun. Also, make them fantasy/medieval.

[b]Char Chosen[/b] is just where you put what character you want.

[b]Background[/b] is the history of the character or their stylings. Though they were just drawn, this simply means that you describe what they like to do and such. This would be a good spot to describe their abilities.

[b]Personality[/b] is just an addition to background. What are they like and how do they act.

Here's my character...

Not too much description for you'll see what he's like later on.

That about wraps things up here. Any questions or comments that aren't accompanied with a sign up should be PMed to me or posted in [b]Within the Black Mage[/b]. Remember, this'll be a comedy RPG, so if you don't think you're up to some actual good humor, don't sign up. I don't want this to turn stupid.

Your sign up is graded on writing ability, humor, and character design. Good luck.

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[color=indigo]Name: Maj Jin

Char Chosen: Mage

Background: Maj is the mage character, a lady mage disguised as a man. She is very talented, but also very clumsy. She could be trying to do a fire spell, and wind up burning down half the forest after she steps on her robe. She works best with fire and earth spells, despite the fact that these cause the most damage when she does them. For some unknown reason, she can't do any water.

She's teamed up with The Hero basically because she burned a palace down on accident, and has been exiled from any large cities.

Personality : Clumsy, bubbly, with a tendecy towards accidental distruction, She also has a very unpredictable temper...the strangest things can make her flip her lid. She likes to crochet...not for any real reason...she just does. The things she makes tend toward the dangerous side. [/color]

DW, this is really an interesting concept...I wasn't sure how much detail you wanted...if you need more, I'll gladly put it in....
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This is realy cool DW...

da da dee da dee- oh sorry, the music distracted me...


[b]Char Name:[/b] Nin Jet Su "Chop Sui"

[b]Char Chosen:[/b] Ninja

[b]BackRound:[/b] "Chop Sui" is a very honorable backstabing sneaky ninja. He loves useing his surroundings as a weapon against his enemy, even useing the enemy him/her self against them self. That sounds strange untill he starts beating them with there own leg...

He oft gets questions like,
-person-: "How can you kill from the shadows, (Backstab) and still be honorable?"

He oft answers
-Nin Jet Su-: "How does the snake devower the slightly larger rat? How do the four heros plan to defeat the vast leigions of evil? How dose the old timey music keep playing over and over in an endless circle? No one knows, Figure out these answers and maby by then I'll have an answer to your first question."

-Person-: -[i]Odd stare[/i]-

-Nin Jet Su-: "Ok, so Dragon Warior knows how the music works...But nobody knows the answers of the other two...do they?"
-[i]looks around to see if anybody knows the answer to the other questions.[/i]-
"Put your hand down! You don't realy know the answer."

-Person2-: "Um, yes I do."

-Nin Jet Su-: "No no you don't-"

-Person2-: "Yes, yes I-"

-Nin Jet Su-: "What? No complaining, you don't know the answer...See no one knows the answer-"

-Person2-: "I know the answer."

-Nin Jet Su-: " No, no you don't!"
-[i]Beats Person2 with his own leg[/i]-
He is fighting with the others because, well his God Jimmy has told him to do so...

[b]Personality:[/b] Nin Jet Su is honorable and peace loving and nature loving. Its odd then that he has an addiction to stabbing his enemies in the back befor they see him, getting into large battles to show off his fighting talent, and watching whole forests suddenly combust into flame...

Hope Im Accepted.
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[color=pink][b]Char Name:[/b] Hee Row
[b]Char Chosen:[/b] Hero
[b]Background:[/b] The thing with Hee is that he doesn?t remember much. Except being kicked out of the army, and the fact that people think he?s a bad guy. Sometimes he?ll get dark and mysterious flashbacks, taking up a couple pages, and annoying the crap out of his companions. Of course, afterwards, he stands there and looks as if his brain has shut down.

Hee also has no clue that he was drawn on paper, and thinks that his abnormal looks are normal, which should be seen as abnormal, but Hee is very stupid, so he can't tell normal from abnormal.

[b]Personality:[/b] Hee Row is your typical hero. Very nice, considerate, and very distractible. He loves side quests, which is constantly annoying the other members of the part ? except, of course the blob. The hero is very valiant, and can?t resist helping cute things, as well as maids in distress. It is very distressing to the maids/men in his own party, but he doesn?t seem to notice it. He has a habit of pointing out the obvious, and it is one more thing that gets on his teammate's nerves.

[quote]Random Girl: [b]?He is soooo cute!?[/b]

Random Girl 2: [b]?WHAT?! Hee is ugly! And stupid![/b]

Random Girl: [b]?No, not Hee, him!?[/b]

Random Girl 2:[b]?But you said Hee, not him-?[/b]

Random Girl:[b]?No, I said ?he? not ?Hee?!?[/b][/quote]

Whee! SO much funsies.[/color]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=SeaGreen][B]Name:[/B] Nin Juu Goldeneye

[B]Char Chosen:[/B] Ninja

[B]Background:[/B] Being the Ninja, Nin Juu has an obligation to be badass. He has to be serious, he has to be cold and most of all...he has to be cool. Unfortunately, he is none of these due to the awfully tight headband that Jimmy drew for him. Nin cannot remove this headband. His excuse is that it is a sign from the gods that he is a chosen Ninja. A warrior of skill. A fighter. Yes, he fights; his ***** slaps are a force to be reckoned with. Though the lack of oxygen in his bloodstream in the upper most part of his head affects his senses and balance somewhat. On off days, a tree becomes a deadly assassin. He suffers from splinters often and complains to no end.

Basically, Nin Juu Goldeneye is the failed badass Ninja of mixed origins. We can only assume that Jimmy has an interest in James Bond, or maybe he just thought the name sounded cool. Whatever. Nin does his best to prove himself to all; he has a dream to defeat Vill Lun...though we can't see him succeeding on his own.

[B]Personality:[/B] Nin Juu is the attempted and failed badass character. While he may get lucky and execute some mad Ninja skill type moves, must of the time he just mucks them up. He blames his god-given headband, of course, but in reality he just doesn?t think before he acts.

He may act serious and cold towards others, but he's a softie deep down. A softie who doesn't really want to fight and hurt people, he makes an exception for Vill Lun because of the amount of people he's hurt.[/COLOR]

If you need anything else in the way of detail, or any clarification, then just tell me. I love the idea of this, but you already know I worship your writing.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=TEAL][B]Character Name:[/B] A. B. Slime

[B]Chosen Character:[/B] Blob

[B]Background:[/B] Slime [As he prefers to be called] was the last character to be drawn so this obviously makes him the youngest. His first memory is opening his eyes and seeing that he had been drawn on the far side of the paper Jimmy on which had drawn the heroic team on and so his first quest began, to get to the other side. Slowly but surely we slid his way over leaving behind him a thick black trail of Ink for reasons unknown to him but he just learned to live with it. Half way across the paper as he was wishing he could move faster he felt his body shift around him and out popped several feet underneath him. Figuring out he had the ability to shape his body seeing as he was this blob thing he straight away became a more rounded pen figure because if he was feeling sad at a particular moment or not happy with his appearance he could just morph and *poof* he was different.

By the time he reached the other side of the paper and meet the Hero, the Mage, and the Ninja he had become very egotistical and declared he should be the leader seeing as he had the best power and could make himself incredibly sexah thus become irresistible to the female villains, assuming Jimmy drew any. But the Hero and the Ninja just laughed at him and stuck their beers in his back because he was easier to use than a coaster and that just made him mad; and so before the journey had even begun Slime already disliked some of his companions. As for the Mage Slime didn?t pay him much heed because the Mage was off somewhere staring out into the distance on the papers edge. So while the fellowship waited for Jimmy to drawn the first task/adventure thing Slime busied himself with seeing how many things he could morph into.

[U][I]Morph power[/I][/U]
Just like to give a bit more information on the morphing. A. B. Slime can morph his body into pretty much anything but it drains his energy a bit each time and he can?t hold it indefinitely. Generally he just makes himself vaguely human shaped but with weapons instead of hands. The morphing ability makes him a great asset to the fellowship and so it?s gone to his head a bit.

[B]Personality:[/B] He was the last drawn thus he is the youngest. Being the youngster of the fellowship Slime is the most admiring of the world they?re in and generally gets lost in thought. At first he was very optimistic and ready for the challenges that faced him once he got to the other side of the paper and then when he found his morph ability it made him very big-headed and egotistical and thus very insufferable around the others. Now after he has meet the others of the fellowship and has gained some greater control of his power he feels annoyed that Hero and Ninja treat him badly so he resents slightly while still having a big head about his power and being, as he sees it, the most important part of the fellowship.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[CENTER][b]~ * ~[/b][/CENTER]

[b]Character Name:[/b] [url=http://img19.exs.cx/img19/5328/mizzlegizzlethemage9ka.jpg][U]Mizzle Gizzle[/U][/url] [indent]([I]Full Name is Mizzalliosus Gizzandos[/I])[/indent]

[b]Character Chosen:[/b] Mage

[b]Background:[/b] Mizzle (Miz for short) is a mage. As a mage, he is weak physically, but strong mentally. With a cap on his head and a staff in his hand, Miz enjoys being magical and saying scientifical stuff like 'Apples are Red!' and 'Eyes and Ears my dear Watson'. Ok, those aren't very scientifical, and scientifical isn't a word, but that doesn't change the fact that Miz is the smartest of the group.

Born and raised as an adult, Miz has no father or mother, Miz isn't even sure if he is a guy or a girl because stick people have no way of telling the difference between the two.

Although Miz is often enough drawn badly, this doesn't stop him from studying up in the arts of Healing and Attack magic. That's pretty much his life.

[b]Personality:[/b] Miz, a kind and caring mage, is always thinking about something (unlike other members of his group) and always listens to others ideas. He never uses them, but he still listens. Being a mage and all, he is very shy and often hides his face under his cap looking through the darkness. (Yes, Jimmy is a very unoriginal Final Fantasy fanatic) Not much else to say except he likes to play poker... and that's not saying much.

[CENTER][b]~ * ~[/b][/CENTER]

[SIZE=1]Awsome idea, Dragon Warrior. Look forward to the actually Adventure... even if I don't make the cut![/SIZE][/CENTER]
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[size=1][color=blue][b]Character Name:[/b] Tsu Ni
[b]Character Chosen:[/b] Ninja

[b]Background:[/b] Tsu, like the other characters, never had a childhood. Using this as an excuse for bad behavior, and using his stealth to pull them off, Tsu runs around pulling pranks on innocent civilians, such as the stick figure over there, and the stick kitty in the margins. Being very gifted with martial arts, he pokes things randomly with his toes. This makes him feel very proud of his "abilities", though everyone else just thinks that he's being an idiot.

Tsu has always had an enormous fear of the color pink. After all, anyone who's seen fellow stick figures erased would fear the large pink thing that comes from the sky. Tsu has heard such names for it as "Pinky McEraseyourbutt", which he always thought was a silly name, "the Meet Your Maker-er", and "Super Duper Thingee Mabob". The last one being his favorite, he sleeps almost everyday. Why those two statements are relevant is beyond him.

Going back to the martial arts thing, Tsu trains daily. He uses stick targets, which are fake stick figures.. though he gets mixed up all the time and accidentally hurts actual stick figures. He also trains on logs and sandbags. Very skilled at cutting falling things into pieces with his barehands, he's always thought about becoming a show off-y chef. But that would be hard without a knife, so he doesn't bother.

[b]Personality:[/b] Tsu is a very brave stick figure, except when it comes to the color pink. But you knew that. He also is very carefree and dignified. Determined to prove that he's "da bomb", as you all call it, he spends his time calling himself "da bomb". This strategy, he believes, will get others used to saying he's "da bomb", and therefore, soon everyone will be calling him "da bomb".

Other than that, he's a very down-to-earth ninja who feels he's "da bomb" and would like everyone to know it. And he has a strange fetish for penguins.[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][B]Character Name[/B]: Treno Ma Jeh
[B]Character Chosen[/B]: Mage
Background[/B]: Ah, Treno, who could describe such a mage to you, well me of course, I?m the teller of this little guys story. Well Treno was brought up in a little kingdom called Domking, where he wasn?t loved, no he wasn?t. People rejected this poor soul because, well because he was 8 years old and had a moustache, they saw him as a freak of nature. And no matter how much he shaved, it just grew back bushier than before, his parents even disowned him, so he left his parents house in search of a new life.

And Treno found a new life, in another Mage?s hut, just next to the walls of Domking, he found it whilst chasing a talking frog that promised him gold, alas he never found his gold, but he found the hut. A hut where an old mage lived, a very old mage, who was ready to teach the bushy 8 year old how to use his powers. And so they began, Treno and Mr. Mage as Treno called him studied countless amount of scribbles made by the Lord God Jimmy, the scribbles full of uncovered secrets, and through these scribbles Treno learned how to summon the scribbles within him.

The scribbles took over his body when he summoned them, but they helped him a lot, he grew nearly twice his height, which is amazing for an incredibly short mage like him, he was actually the size of a decent hero out there. And Treno unleashed his powers, where he found the power of the pencil staff, he could rub out opponents, or draw his allies arms back in if needed. He was ready to encounter and rub out his foes with a swift push of his eraser.
Personality[/B]: Treno, he?s just a little kid still, must be coming up for around 10 now. But when he was younger and yes, before the moustache, he was a kind type of guy, who helped if you needed help, and fought with you if you needed the back up, but this led him into a world of trouble. Treno began to get more aggressive as he fought different opponents, ranging from the three little witches the Lord God Jimmy must have drawn when he felt a bit like an ?anarchist?. Treno then got his moustache, and got ridiculed, as you know, and he grew more aggressive, randomly attacking people for even talking to him. He left, and regained some of his calm-ness back from Mr. Mage, and with that he grew to work with his anger, and everyone lived happily ever after. Sort of.[/COLOR]
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Well, ladies and gents, sign ups close. I was gonna wait another three hours, but who would sign up then? Meh.

I'll post the results of who made it in after all sign ups are read and things are figured out, so watch this sexah thread. Muhahahahaha!


[B]EDIT:[/b] This was quite difficult to do, but I've come up with our cast. I'm sorry for those of you who are disappointed with my choices. AS I said, it was a tough decision.

[b]Dragon Warrior[/b] - [i]Lord Vill Lun[/i]
[b]Jokopoko[/b] - [i]Blob[/i]
[b]Mouse[/b] - [i]Hero[/i]
[b]Saishi[/b] - [i]Ninja[/i]
[b]Katana[/b] - [i]Mage[/i]

That's the cast. If some of you wonder how you got in or didn't, I'll explain my reasons. Some characters seemed to fit the part more than others, not to mention the roleplayer may have done better with grammar/spelling. Always be sure to look over your sign up for errors. That could've been your downfall.

Thanks to everyone you signed up. The RPG will commence in good time.

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