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If I were President


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[color=darkviolet]You can thank a pointless IM conversation with our very own Lost Prophet for this thread :animesmil What would you do if you were president or Prime MInister if you're not in the US.

This has nothing to do with talking about Bush. He won, those who didn't vote for him or just don't like him will have to just grin and cross our fingers. It's just like one of those papers your teacher gave you in grammar school. Nothing political about this thread.

The first thing I can think of right now to do if I were president is to get rid of the military's don't ask don't tell policy. Honestly who ever thought up that policy should have their arm ripped off and get beaten with it. Ok, maybe it was begun to protect homosexuals against soldiers who with a lack of a better hobby would harrass them, but I think now it's more to protect the soldiers from dealing with something they don't like. Therefore it needs to be taken away.

The second thing would be to create The Department of T.S. and if you don't know what the letters T.S. stand for poke yourself. This department would bring back public humiliation for people who do stupid things like steal. There would also be a section that covered flogging of child molestors and rapists. Yes there would have to be proof of the rape or other lewd sexual act, and there would be medical attention available. But still it would happen. I happen to feel very strongly about this though.

And you know what, that's all I can think of...except for finding a department for LP's pyrotechnic ducks...long story.

So, what would you do?[/color]
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I've often dreamt about being king of the USA.

First order of business - screw the judicial and the legislative branches. I'm king. I'm dictator. I answer to no one.

Second order - set up my own personal concentration camps for dogs. All dogs, except seeing-eye dogs, will be exterminated from the US.

Third order - Cut welfare out. The money instead will be used to train everyone previously on the program to be traffic cops. Therefore there will be traffic cops on every street corner. You'll never have to deal with people not signalling their turns or cutting you off again.

Fourth order - caps on the salaries of entertainers. Mostly this is sports players.

Fifth order - eradication of at least a quarter of the population of the US. Mostly people of my picking. Then I'll place limits on how many children people can have. Some people will not be able to reproduce at all (and I'll make sure of it).

That should it for awhile.
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If I were the president of the US I would do alot of things. Here's a list of tasks I would wish to complete during my time:

1: I would create an emergency extra term which the people had to vote on in case of emergency and they didn't want to switch leaders during this time.

2: I would figure out what all the groups in Iraq want and based on that make a decision as to weather I'd continue fighting or leave and if I stayed I would determine who the the most feared being is of the majority that needed me and take him out.

3: I would stop this stupid conquest for oil and instead spend the money I was using to fuel this conquest and instead focus the money on research for new resources.
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[size=1]Well if I was Prime Minister [OMFG n0t aMeRicAn!1!][yes, thats right, there are other people here too], and for some reasons had omnipotency over whatever area of Australian democracy that I wanted, then I would make a lot of changes to the judicial system. I think that there should be a board set up to take a look at [b]every single case[/b] to pass through the Judicial System, and decide whether or not it is fitting. Many cases where people are suing are getting out of hand, many cases deserve to be thrown out of court for sheer [b]stupidity[/b]. It disgusts me. I would impose life sentences for rape, murder and any offences relating to children. Cases where tenants kick out their [b]landlords[/b] really piss me off, so I'd take a hand in that too. I'd intitate public shaming for those who've broken the law, but in a less serious manner...such as shoplifting, fraud, robbery etc.

I'd restrict the advertising directed at children, and try to encourage more exercise and healthy living among children [and adults], and I'd fund the creation of gyms and recreation centres. I'd raise taxes on those who can afford it more, and ease the burden on poorer families. I'd try and take a hand in the public utilities and buy back any parts like Telstra and Western Power who are being sold off. Privatisation increases costs for consumers.

There is probably a world of other things I'd like to do if I could too, but they're all [b]details[/b].[/size]
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[COLOR=GREEN]I've actually thought about several things I could do to improve this nation (the US).

[B]First off,[/B] the welfare system would be thrown out and replaced with one that would include job training, so they wouldn't have to stay on welfare forever.

[B]Second,[/B] an award of a heck of a lot of money, (plus royalties, a patent, and all that stuff) to the first person or group that can design an automobil than runs on some sort of renewable resourse (ie, solar power, electricity, trash, etc.) and still go as fast as gas powered cars. If we can find an alternative to fossil fuels then we won't have to worry about the Middle East and we could just isolate them from the rest of the world until they promise to stop attacking us with suiside assults.

[B]Thirdly,[/B] the nation's budget would be overhalled. Too much money is going to the millitary now, when I think that money should be going to things like education. And speaking of education...

[B]Last,[/B] the public education system (levels K-12) would be changed to something similar to the system American universities use. I don't know exactly why, maybe it has something to do with more funds, but the public university system in the US is one of the best in the world. Even public lower schools whose management has been taken from the local school board and been given to a university show drastic improvement.[/COLOR]
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If I were President, the first thing I'd do would be to try to create a foolproof plan that would sort out all of the wars in the Middle East. That would cancel out about 99% of all foriegn affairs concerns.

After all that is overwith I'd campaign for sepparation of Church and State. Religion would be an appropriate subject to learn about in public schools if done tastefully (most of history revolves around religion anyway), but the US wouldn't be considered a "Christian country" and the 1st Ammendment would be more enforced.

This brings us to our second issue: censorship. Certainly networks need to have common sense, but government-funded censorship should end. Hearing an F-Bomb at midnight on TV when kids should be asleep doesn't hurt anyone, so the networks deserve more power in censorship than the illogical FCC.

Finally, I'd get the US to finally sign that international anti-global warming petition. There's no reason why doing so would harm the nation and it would help the environment, so why not do it?
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Well, if I was PM, the very first thing I would do would be to elimenate the GST. Hell, I'd elimenate every tax except one. The smokers tax. I figure if we made a pack of smoked cost 150$ the country would be even richer, and we'd be forced to cure cancer. After all, if all the smokers died our econamy would suckm so we'ed have to.

Secondly, I would increase our budget for the Kyoto Accord (A mere 60 Million) by drawing some of the reperation to Native Americans, and First Nations (A total of 250 Million) Don't get me wrong, I think that the Native Americans and First Nations need reperation for what our ancestors did, but comon, 250 million? Frankly I think that the enviroment is more importent then setting up three new Indian Casinos every year.

Thirdly, I would increase the Canadian Millitary Budget, so we can afford to send more Peace Keeping troops into the Middle East/Asia and therefore greatly contribute to bringing peace to the third world.

Finally, I would do all I can do abolish Canada's reputation as being a weak nation. Lies need abolishment, somone has to do it, so I would.
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The first thing I'd do would be to eliminate the Catholic school system, because nobody needs that. I'd put an end to all this ridiculous "Aboriginal Reserve" business, as well.

I'd increase the smoker's tax to 500%, and do the same to the original price, then use the money to buy back the highways.

I'd put in place a test that all citizens would have to write, in order to be allowed to have children.

Any crime involving a gun, along with murder, rape, and, as it's been suggested, any crime involving children, would result in a lifetime penalty.

People dying of smoking-induced ailments can pay their way back to health, and stop dragging the rest of us down, too.

Immigrants who commit serious crimes, even if they are citizens, are to be deported. Immediately. So as to discourage the abuse of our being a nice bunch of guys and ladies up here.

Oh yeah, and blow the hell out of every Walmart.
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