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Chrono Saga [M-VLS]

Kayin Cloud

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Chrono Saga [M-VLS] (a KazeRaijin Production)

A cool breeze blows past, the sky is rich blue, and not a trace of cloud can be seen. Children are walking to their schools every morning, and returning in the afternoon, having learned something new. But these schools aren?t the ordinary kind that you and I know. These schools are special, for Elementalists. And these schools teach from beginners to those who have almost mastered their element. But besides teaching how to control a particular element, the students are also taught how to enhance regular skills that anyone should have, and the regular school curriculum.

Once someone has graduated, they are considered a master elementalist, unless they mastered their course before graduation, which is rare, but has happened and can be done.

But these children aren?t learning how to control elements for the fun of it; there is a problem raging.

In another place, and perhaps time, the sky is black all year round, the clouds blanket the sky so that only the shine of the moon, coming through is proof that there?s sky on the other side of the clouds. Storms clash, the wind howls, thunder booms, and the lightning lights up the sky with brilliant flashes.

There, battles wage and there is a great source of evil. Anyone that goes there would feel it, even without being trained to sense auras. This evil is in conflict with another of its kind and the battle has seemed to end between them. However, these battles take effect upon the rest of the world?

People have disappeared in several families and their reason for disappearance is unknown. Each victim of the disappearance has someone in their family whom is a powerful elementalist, and each with a different element. This seems to be the only link to the ones who have disappeared but these elementalists could care less as they go to find their family-dead or alive. However there are some elementalists that know the cause and are simply on a vendetta to the ones who wronged them?

Here?s the deal, you are related to the victims of this in some way or are simply out for revenge or for any reason that makes sense. There will be five who were chosen by whoever is responsible for our journey, each a powerful elementalist of their own element. No one knows the reasoning of the five being called but it will be found out soon enough. (The enemy is already determined and more than likely I?ll use them as a character of my own.)There will be something else that will come up later on in the RP so be ready for anything...

[U]The Elements:[/U]
Earth, Wind, Fire, Ice/Water, and Lightning
(If you do not like one of the elements listed, PM Sakura or myself with an element that you?d rather use and get our approval.)

[B]Name:[/B] (keep it somewhat simple)
[B]Age:[/B] (16-24)
[B]Appearance:[/B] (well explained description or a picture)
[B]Weapons:[/B] (max of three)
[B]Element:[/B] (no one will have the same)
[B]Reason for Mission:[/B] (reason to be after the enemy)
[B]Bio:[/B] (2-3 paragraphs)

[U]My sign up:[/U]
[B]Name:[/B] Kayin Cloud
[B]Age:[/B] 19
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v365/Kayin_Cloud/artworks/KayinCloudRaiden.jpg]Kayin[/URL], [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v365/Kayin_Cloud/artworks/KayinCloud.jpg]Kayin2[/URL], [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v365/Kayin_Cloud/artworks/KCloudFtgd.jpg]Kayin3[/URL], [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v365/Kayin_Cloud/artworks/KCloudNinClad.jpg]Kayin (Ninja Clad)[/URL]
[B]Weapons:[/B] Shadow Sword(seen in pics), [URL=http://nsrex.hp.infoseek.co.jp/graph/shuriken.jpg]Shuriken[/URL] and Kunai(seen in pic3)
[B]Element:[/B] Lightning
[B]Reason for Mission:[/B] Sisters have disappeared
[B]Bio:[/B] Kayin?s parents disappeared not long after his younger sister was born. Kayin took care of his two sisters, Kristen and Treacae, as well as he could with just the three of them. Even though he and Kristen were twins, he took care of them both like an older brother. Whatever work he could find, he?d do no matter what. At the age of 11, Kayin began to attend a different elementalist school, where he could also learn ninjutsu under someone he found work under. After six years he graduated, this being considered an early graduation and received the katana known as Kage, the Shadow Sword.

He still worked for the master of the ninjutsu academy to provide for his sisters. Two years after he graduated the disappearances began. Unfortunately, Kayin was the among the first to experience a loss?both of his sisters had gone missing?

[U]Slots filled[/U]:
Earth ?
Wind ? Kaze Kitsune(Sakura)
Fire ?
Water/Ice ?
Lightning ? Kayin Cloud(Kayin)

We?ll get this RP started once the other slots are filled. Once we begin, we?ll give you any necessary details. Thanks for checkin it out.
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[font=Verdana][color=navy][color=black][b]Edit: [/b]I've been bored lately so I've given more info and a History for my weapons which would be part of my Bio but I don't want to add it in there because I can't be bothered.
[b]Edit 2: [/b]I decided that my flute did play an important part so I've replaced my dagger. :catgirl:
Name: [/color][/b][/font][font=Verdana][color=navy]Kaze Kitsune [Pronounced car-zeh kit-soon-eh]
[b][color=navy]Age:[/color][/b][/font] [font=Verdana][color=navy] 18

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Appearance:[/b][/color][/font][font=Verdana] [url="http://img91.exs.cx/img91/4927/ai9yl.jpg"][color=#000000]Here[/color][/url][/font][font=Verdana][color=navy], keep her goggles but replace her clothes with a forest green button up shirt with pink cherry blossoms embroidered on the bottom right side of the shirt, and creamish white cargos. She also wears fingerless, greyish blue gloves with grips on the underside.

[b]Weapons:[/b] [url="http://img92.exs.cx/img92/5388/TwinBlades.jpg"]Twin Blades[/url] that can be put together to form a staff (like the one in the pic), [url="http://img89.exs.cx/img89/4794/starsthrowingstarsvseries6vn.jpg"]Shuriken[/url] (equal amount of 'Scorpions' and 'Piranhas') and a [url="http://img193.exs.cx/img193/1017/crystalflute4aw.png"]Crystal Flute[/url], but it's slightly shorter. She uses it to summon, hypnotise, alure, seduce, and a number of other things.

Kaze usually carries her Twin Blades in her staff form when not being used, keeps her shuriken in a pouch that sits on her right hip, held there by a strap that goes through the belt loops of her cargos and her flute is kept in a thin case that sits in her right thigh pocket of her cargos.

Kaze gained her Twin Blades when she entered her first special school when she was 9, as all students had to have some weapon, they were allowed to choose from a variety and she decided on a staff that was revealed to be concealing blades.

Being an Elementalist of Wind, she was given large pouches of shuriken so she'd have spares. Being of the Wind, she was quick and deadly, good at throwing weapons and being agile. Of course, Kaze lived up to these stereotypes, being able to hit the target with Shurikens many times and being one of the best students at being agile, quick, stealthy, flexible, acrobatic and gymnastic among being skilled with weapons.

When Kaze mastered her element before graduation, she was given an early graduation present from her masters, which was her flute. They told her it was special and her test was to master one of its abilities by graduation, which was a week away. Kaze, never turning down a challenge accepted and learned how to call on strong winds by playing a particular tune. Her masters already told her that wind instruments were given to favoured students because they enhanced power, and that the flute was particularly special as it had been passed from the Wise Master who first started the school. When graduation came, she promised that she'd master all of the flute's secrets in less than a year, and has done so proudly.

[b]Element:[/b] Wind

[b]Reason for [/b][/color][/font][font=Verdana][b][color=navy]Mission[/color][/b][b][color=navy]:[/color][/b][/font][font=Verdana][color=navy] Best friend/Sister Meiko disappeared.

[b]Bio: [/b]Kaze's parents died in a car crash when she was 7 years old, which happened while she had been at school. When her parents didn't pick her up after school as they usually did, her best friend's parents took her home.

When they arrived there they saw a group of police. Her best friend's parents told them to play inside while they talked to the police. They were told the news that Kaze's parents had died in the ambulance before they had reached the hospital. They were so upset because they were best friends with Kaze's parents and were deeply grieved.

Kaze's best friend - Meiko had been playing with her when the two adults entered the house crying. The two girls questioned what was wrong and they decided to tell the truth as it wouldn't be right to lie. telling them to Kaze's parents had died. Kaze had been overcome with grief and cried heavily. That lasted for over an hour, and the others tried to comfort her, but they were all crying too.

Finally they collected all of Kaze's belongings and left for their house. A few days later they sent for removal vans to empty out the rest of the house, and they picked up adoption papers that were quickly signed and sent off, legalizing Kaze as their child.

She discovered her element when she was 9 and was trained until she was 13, then she was sent to a special school to train her in the arts and skills of controlling the powers of her element to perfect them. It lasted for 5 years and she hadn't seen her family for a long time.

When she got home, she discovered Meiko had gone missing and their parents were panicked, not knowing what to make of the situation of knowing what had happened during the night. Kaze set her mind to go out on an adventure to find out what had happened to her best friend/sister, swearing to her adopted parents that she would find Meiko and bring her home.[/color][/font][font=Verdana][size=2][color=navy][font="]
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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]Wow this story is interesting...ok here's mine.
Name: Luna Lee

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: She has long straight black hair and she ties it up (when its tied it goes up to waist). Her hair goes nicely with her purple eyes. She's kind and she likes to wear jeans. She is a great friend once you get to know her.

Weapons: Sword, Amulet (with a strange power), Staff (she uses it mostly)

Element: Fire

Reason for Mission: Missing brothers (Krad, 8 and Noah, 10 ) and revenge for her father

Bio: When Luna was 11, her father died leaving her, her brothers, and mother. Her mother and brothers and herself tried to stay a strong family. When Luna became 13 on her birthday, her brothers got kidnapped. That was when she got her powers at the time. She practiced her powers but realized she couldn't control it very well so she went to school.
Now she is attending the school to punish the person who ever took her brothers away and killed her father. Her mother is a bit worried and not pleased about her going to this school alone but Luna wouldn't mind. She will stand strong and protect her family at all cost.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Name~ Amelia Lien



Apperance~[IMG]http://alumni.imsa.edu/~leda/anime/images/deidlit.jpg[/IMG] Only without the pointed ears.

Weapons~Long sword,Thorwing daggers,Scys.


Reason for mission~Her brother has gone missing

Bio~Amelia was born on the shores of Britin and was trained there as an elementalist but she was transfred to America as soon as her powers begn to grow, her brother had gone to the battles and had come up missing her parents died when she was young her older brother all she has left she now trains and fight hard to find him again. She is somewaht disatnat and doesn't trust very easily but is very dedicated to her mission.
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Name: Alaycia Evanlion

Age: 22

Gender: Girl

Appearence: Shes not very tall standing at 4'10, so most people guess her age wrong. She has black hair with dyed pink streaks that hangs just above her shoulders, and she wears it up into two pigtails, and she has dark ash colored eyes. She wears a black hoody that cuts off two inches abouve the navel. On the hoody is the picture of animestyle punk kitty. Her pants are black and pink pinstripes that zip off at the knees, and she wears black knee high boots that lace up the side. Her wrists have a clack leather strap watch and leather bracer on the other. She is also always wearing a pair of headphones.

Weapons: rapier, and throwing daggers.

Element: Earth

Reason for Mission: Her Fiance is missing.

Bio: Alaycia is very American, and has always lived in the big cities. Her paraents are both Lightening elementalist and hoped that their daughter would be as well, so they were shocked when she became a earth elementalist. She has been fencing for 14 years and is unmatched in skill, at least so far. When she graduated, she moved onto continue studying.
She's very quiet by nature, and very skeptical of others. It takes a lot to gain her trust but once you do she will give her life it means saving yours. She met Aiden when she was 20 and the two of them continued to see eachother and eventually became engaged. She found out he was missing when she went to visit him at his home and his apartment had been torn apart, and there was a note left on the table.
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[color=Navy]Alrighty, I'm [b]Sakura[/b], the Co-Maker of this RP, fear me! Nah, I'm just kidding, no need to fear me, unless you make me angry...

Hehe, hey [b]Kayin[/b], if ya look everyone kinda has clothes from sorta like a different time period, ne? :catgirl:

Sorry, I just noticed that and had to laugh ^_^.

Something I noticed is several ridiculous spelling mistakes. It's ok if you don't know the word, but there's words like Britain, and parents that should easily be spelt correctly. I understand that sometimes your fingers mess up and stuff but I'm just asking for you guys to be more careful and stuff.

I'm sorry if I'm nitpicking and stuff, just I don't like spelling and grammar mistakes, it's one of my obsessive things.

I won't say anything about who's in or not because [b]Kayin[/b] and I haven't discussed anything yet.

Thanks for signing up. [i][b]If anyone else wants to join they can try for any of the positions[/b][/i] other than [b]mine[/b] or [b]Kayin's[/b].
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[quote name='Sakura][font=Verdana][color=navy]I also just noticed that I don't have my flute, but it doesn't matter because I have no more room in my weapons section, I'll make do without it, ne [b]Kayin[/b]? :catgirl: [/color'][/font][/quote]
Aw but...but...the flute! You can't leave that out...*whimpers* heh.

But anyways...back to business people. We have [I]not[/I] yet closed the sign ups so there are still possibilities for others to join. The only definate spots are mine and Sakura's until we try to figure out who's sign ups are good enough to make the cut. But for now that's all until I get in touch with Sakura. Thanks to all who have signed up.
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[size=1][b]Name:[/b] Matthew Duffey[/size]
[size=1][b]Age:[/b] 16[/size]
[size=1][b]Gender:[/b] Male[/size]
[size=1][b]Appearance:[/b] He stands at a height of 5' 3'', rather short for his age. His hair is dark brown, almost black, and rather unkept due to its short length. He has hazel colored eyes, but they may change color when emotions go overdrive. Matthew has various small scars on his arms due to clawing from the various squabbles and fights him and his older sister got into. His attire is mainly just a black waist length leather jacket, with the sleeves being slightly longer than his arms to hide small objects. He keeps it unbuttoned to expose an undershirt which has no sleeves, but is a creamy white and presses against his upper body as it if wasn't there. He wears a pair of black jeans, with two grey portions on the right pant leg near the ankle. His shoes are black leather boots which tie at the tongue and he likes to rest the pant legs over the tongues of the boots.[/size]
[size=1] [/size]
[size=1][b]Weapons:[/b] [/size]
[size=1]~Dual Dai-Katanas~ He wears them on his hips, a belt strapped over his jacket to hold them up. The sheaths are a dark grey with a red band spiraling down the sheath. The katanas themselves hold another secret. On the blades are inscripted in elvish writing the words 'Life, Love, Prosperity'. The handles are tinted a steel blue and the pommels (not sure if I spelled that right) are ruby.[/size]
[size=1] [/size]
[size=1]~Wrist Blades~ Wearing a special devices at his wrists, Matthew can draw a blade at each arm. They are used only when his katanas are gone. With the gentle touch of a button on the wrist band, the blades materialize from the device and shoot forward like a bullet, ready to be used for battle.[/size]
[size=1] [/size]
[size=1]~Emerald Green Amulet~ Not really a weapon in itself, this pendant amplifies his earth magic powers ten fold. But it drains the user of strength, so Matthew uses it as a last resort weapon. He wears it around his neck with a small piece of string.[/size]
[size=1] [/size]
[size=1][b]Element:[/b] Earth[/size]
[size=1][b]Reason for Mission:[/b] He watched as his step families murderer escape into the dark lands with an item he gave to his step sister.[/size]
[size=1] [/size]
[size=1][b]Bio:[/b] Matthew was born into a rather wealthy family. As a child, he was considered to be spoiled because he had everything handed to him on a silver platter (literally). He hated the way his life was up till he was 8 years old. He went out for a walk and entered a dark alley. There, a group of rogues snatched him and threatened to kill him if he didn't give them all the money and valuables he had on him. He gave them what they wanted, but they attempted to kill him anyways. At that moment, before the daggar came to strike, he raised up his hands to somehow block, and as he screamed, a large shot of rock and dirt shot from up under the man with the dagger. It knocked his head off completely, covering Matthew in blood. The other rouges left their friends body dead.[/size]
[size=1] [/size]
[size=1]He ran home and told his parents about the experience. Shook up over what happened, they sent him to live with another family who were elementalists. There he was trained and developed a love/hate relationship with his step sister, Peggy.[/size]
[size=1] [/size]
[size=1]When he was 15, Matthew had learned most of the stuff about controling and using his powers. As he was walking home one day, he spotted his dead sisters body lieing on the ground. He rushed over to her as he saw a man in a dark cloak clutch a brooch he had given to Peggy. The man rushed off into the darkness. Matthew walked into his home to find his step parents murdered. He then vowed to find the killer and make him pay for what he had done and what valuable item he had stolen.[/size]
[size=1] [/size]
[size=1] [/size]
[size=1]Hope thats good. Laters![/size]
[size=1] [/size]
[size=1]Had to edit the magic and the amulet thing. I remembered my mistake last night. :animeswea[/size]
[size=1] [/size]
[size=1]~EDIT 2~[/size]
[size=1]Made changes to my character.[/size]
[size=1]~EDIT 3~[/size]
[size=1]Made changes to element and amulet to Earth.[/size]
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  • 2 weeks later...
To all who have made sign ups I thank you for your patience. Unfortunately, since Sakura and I are on two completely different time zones. I shall try to meet with her tomorrow. Until then, please continue to be patient.

EDIT: Sign ups are still open until then.

EDIT2: [B]Venge[/B] Lightning is taken by me so please change your element and then I can consider you. To all who sign up in the future, Wind and Lightning are unavailable! Please do not select them as your element! *pants* Okay I'm good now.

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[color=navy]Sure [b]Reiku[/b], go ahead and go for any position except both of ours of course.

So just post your sign up sheet and we'll check it out.

[b]Kayin[/b], PM me about this and we'll talk then because I don't think we'll both be on at the same time.[/color]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][FONT=Times New Roman][U]Sign-up:[/U]
[B]Name:[/B] Rei Karaji

[B]Age:[/B] 17

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Appearance:[/B] See attachment

[B]Weapons:[/B] [URL=http://gungfu.com/pics_general/pics_weapons/viper_sword_500.jpg]Two of the Viper Blades[/URL]

[URL=http://www.tlotr.com/fan_art/theonering3_chris.jpg]The Fire Ring - Julian's last gift to Rei[/URL]

[B]Element:[/B] Fire

[B]Reason for Mission:[/B] Disappearance of older brother, Julian


Rei grew up in a small family consisting of her older brother, her grandmother and herself. They lived in a tiny apartment in the suburbs. Her grandmother, Rosaline, grew what vegetables and fruits they needed in a small garden patch on the ground floor. Her brother, Julian, worked for a local butcher, which meant the money he earned, he spent on buying meat for the family.

Being a small girl with a strange appearance, Rei was often teased when she was young. Other children would throw rocks at her and shouts insults at her. They often perused her if she ran away. If she stood up to them, they would beat her up.

One time when the other children were throwing stones at her, one hit her in the forehead. It hurt immensely and blood trickled down her forehead and down the side of her nose. This was when she got really angry. Standing up, she looked at each stone that was coming towards her and made them burst into flame, becoming ash. That was when she, and Julian, realised that she was an elementalist.

When Rei turned 10, she was accepted into a specialist elemental school. Her fire summoning skills were honed to their utmost ability. However, Rei was always the quiet achiever, quite opposite to what most people would think a fire elemental would be. She never liked showing off her abilities, or showing how powerful she really was. Spending 6 years, Rei graduated ahead of schedule, able to control her fiery powers with ease.

On Rei's 16th birthday, Rosaline and Julian decided to throw her a party. Rosaline organised Julian to go pick-up a cake she had a friend make for the birthday party and a small present for Rei - a golden ring with Elvish inscriptions on it.

All day at school, Rei had been excited. This was the first [i]real[/i] birthday party she had ever had. She ran all the way home from school to find her grandmother weeping in the kitchen. When Rei asked her what had happened, she told her that Julian had disappeared and that the only thing left from where he stood was a little box that Rosaline gave to Rei.

It was the golden ring. And Rei's last gift from Julian.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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I?ve been waiting for something like this.

[COLOR=DimGray]Name: Lea

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Appearance: Check [URL=http://www.ant-media.co.kr/data/img/sony/sw/hack-1/rose.jpg]here[/URL] If you didn?t get it then she looks like rose from .hack. If you still don?t know what she looks like she has somewhat spiky white hair with barely visible pink highlights. She has purple armor with gold lining. Her pants are a navy blue with a red vine like line going down them.

Weapons: Katana (Like in the picture. Swirly like it.)

Element: Ice/water

Reason for mission: Her family lived at the edge of safe grounds. They were attacked but Lea survived and now strives to kill all who oppose the safe elementlist grounds.

Bio: As a young girl Lea was brought up as a thought fire elementalist. She was thought to be fire but she hated everything to do with it. Her parents were given the wrong information. The Doctor handed them the wrong report. She was then trained, quite late, as a ice/water elementalist. Her powers were pretty good and she did well.

Later after being able to go into the higher classes of elementalist training she moved to the edge of the so called ?Safe Area? She could feel an evil presence lurking over the hills of her house. But everyday was the same. Friends at school, getting grades, eating, and walking through the city. Nothing changed from moving to a more outer area.

All you know what will happen. She was at the dinner table one day when the question was asked. What lies over the hills? Her parents lied quite obviously. They replied that it was no where special. After dinner she went to her room to do her project on how elementalists gain their power and how it is produced into safe guards and weapons. She busted out the markers and sketch paper. Then the sound of lightning pierced through her ears. She opened her door a crack and saw two men standing over the smoldering bodies of her mother and father. Her eyes fell short of popping out. She wanted to scream but couldn?t. All she could do was let out a tear and close her eyes and pierced both men with ice crystals. The blood ran down the spear of ice and their bodies lay on the wall. She then let out more tears and sobbed over the charred bodies of her parents.

After wards she buried them and went to live with her grandparents. Her vow to kill these men has been sealed since.[/COLOR]

OOC: I hope it is good enough for your standards. My sign ups are not as long as my posts. Ask Reiku about that.
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*Cocks head and sweat drips down* :animeswea

Lol. I guess you got me there. In the end of DF I couldn?t believe it. I took up three pages on Microsoft word with my posts. My sign up was only one page. Now try saying it again. Honestly I?m on a time limit. You have to except my reasons. There is not time to make the post longer. I wonder though when all these things will start up. Your story on Greek myths, Darkness Falls, and this, and it is all on a time limit. I have a feeling I will be busy. So sorry you guys who post in this story but I think I?ll be a lot more busy than I have intended.
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I am proud to say that we are finally ready to start this RP. I'd like to thank everyone that signed up, but these are the final selections

[COLOR=Sienna]Earth ? Matthew Duffey(Venge)[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Green]Wind ? Kaze Kitsune(Sakura)[/COLOR]
[COLOR=DarkRed]Fire ? Rei Karaji(Reiku)[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Blue]Water/Ice ? Lea(Kiba_the_Chosen)[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Yellow]Lightning ? Kayin Cloud(Kayin)[/COLOR]

I will more than likely start this RP on Thursday or Friday. Thank you all for your patience and cooperation. Let's hope this goes well.

EDIT: I will not be on next week very much so if you have any questions then, please ask Sakura. And while I am gone, Anyone who volunteers can take over Kayin.
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