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A lonely goddess... PG-13 V,L,S


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The wind whipped around the young girl as she walked alone down the dark mountain path. She gripped her cloak tightly, bringing it closer to her shivering body. Her blond hair hung down in her face hidding her pale blue eyes which darted in every direction. She jumped at every sound, and quietly spoke to herself hoping to leave her fear behind. Her small voice spoke in an elven tounge, singing a quiet tune. She turned her eyes up toward the sky as the cold snow began to fall. She jumped, a sound in the trees near by.

"Hello..." Her shaking voice was filled with fear. She squinted her eyes in the direction of the trees, she could se no one. She slowly moved on, continuing to sing to herself. She strained her ears to listen for anything that ight threaten her. The trees once again gave her a startle, this time it sounded as though a voice was calling to her. She felt her skin crawl as the voice grew louder, she continued to walk only faster.

"Kalana..." the voice was a ghostly whisper, hollow and empty. A chill ran down her spine as the voice called again. "Kalana..."

She stopped suddenly as 5 robed figures appeared around her, surrounding her. The one standing before her spoke in the same hollow voice.

"Come now, why do you fear us... we will not harm you." The figure replied softly. The girl shook her head as she looked down at the snow covered ground, she refused to look the figure in the eyes. His eyes that burned a crimson red locked on the small girl.

"You, can't take me... not alive at least. Not as long as you serve him." Her child like voice was filled with determination, but fear hid just beyond.

"He, requires your presence young one." An empty laughter filed the air. The four accompanying figures closed in on the small girl.

"You will not take me." Her voice cried out to anyone who would listen. The leading shadow leapt forward reaching out to the eleven child.

Hey there, this is where you all come in if you choose to enter here. I figure it was a decent place to start, because after all everyone has to travel. Have fun, and good luck. :animeblus
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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]OOC: Alright let's get started!! ^^

Luna walked through the dark mountain path.

There she saw someone and she looked older than her.

''Uhh...excuse me???'' Luna mumbled.

There was no reply and Luna thought she must of not heard her. So she tried once more.

''Excuse me??'' She said a little louder.

The person didn't look up. Luna get a bit disappointed because she knew her voice
wasn't loud enough. She was hungry, cold, and desperate for a job. Her parents are gone and now she has to live by herself. She hasn't got shelter yet but is still in search of one, hoping someone would take her in. She tried one more time.


She was interrupted by a cold breeze. She was cold and couldn't afford any clothes.

''Excuse me??'' She said this more louder.

The person looked and Luna thought how glamerous she looked and wanted to be just like her.

The lady asked,''May I help you??''

''Uhh...I was hoping to find a job. Will you let me have a job? I'll do the best I can, I'll serve under and do everything for you...Please could you give me a job?'' Luna begged.

The lady just stare at her. Luna was full of tears at that moment and she would do anything to get a job.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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"Anything, you say?" The womens voice was most interested in 'Anything'. She stood up, her movements graceful and fluid. She was elven, standing only 5'5, and she wore briallant blue robes which dragged across the ground as she moved. Her blue black hair was long and pulled back into inticate braids, and her dark eyes seemed to look into the soul of all she looked upon. She smiled warmly as she approached the young elven girl standing before her shivering, tears running down her cheeks. Tears formed in the older womens eyes, and she removed her over cloak placing it over the small girl.

"Of course you may stay here, I understand your situation." Her voice was kind and gentle.

"Really... you're going to let me stay?" The girls eyes brightened. A tall man entered in and knelt bowing his head. His voice was silky as he spoke.

"My goddess... he is here." He glanced up to see the girl, his violet eyes focusing on her. When he stood at his full height the young girl could see that he was much taller than any elf she had ever seen, standing at almost 7 feet. Hie wore blue robes with silver chain mail, and his long silvery hair was tied back.

"Very well, I will speak with him, take Luna upstairs and make sure she gets anything she needs." She smiled down at Luna as she spoke.

"Wait." Luna replied quickly as the woman began to walk away.

"Yes?" She turned to face Luna.

"How did you know my name?" Luna asked quietly.

"I know much more than that dear child." She replied kindly. "Now go with Aranel I'll see you a little later." She walked away and exited through a pair of double doors.

Aranel offered his hand to Luna, she slowly reached up and took it. His hand was soft to touch, and warm. He led her up a set of marble stairs and down a hall with tall statues. Each statue was of an elf that was tied and wrapped in cloth, their eyes covered with a small piece of fabric. They entered through a dark wooden door and he allowed Luna to enter first. The room was carpeted with thick luscious blue rugs, a round table in the center of the room, and a large bed agains the wall. A fire burned in the massive fireplace, and a tall wardrobe stood with its doors wide open, the clothes inside all looked to be Luna's size.
"There are clothes for you there, and food on the table. Lanin will be up to see you soon." He replied smoothly as he stepped outside.
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Kaida, the dragon girl, wandered slowly through a dark alley. She looked human and to everyone else... Was human. No one knew she was actually a pure dragon in disguise. She wandered slowly watching everything untill she saw someone. She blinked and stepped out of the shadows to get a better look at her.

She looked familliar but Kaida shook her head and continued on.

Suddenly she felt someone tapping on her shoulder. She turned around to see three large muscley guys. Kaida glared at them. "What do you want?" She asked with a growl.

"Well well. Not very nice is she boss?" The guy on the left with blonde hair said.

"Nope... Put her in her place boss heheh." The guy to the right with brown hair said.

"One you dont tell me what to do and second of all... Ladys like yourself shouldnt speak like that to men."

Kaida grinned, "I can speak to anyone anyway I please you moron!" She sneered.

The middle man had dark blakc hair and brown eyes which began to glare at her, "Why... I... oughta!"

He clenched his fist and pulled it back, "You may be a girl but some girls need to be told their place!" He thrne sent his fist flying.

Kaida swiftly jumped out of the way and kicked him in the chest. She forgot she was playing human and kicked him a little to hard... because he went flying backwards twenty feet. She said oops in her brain and then glared at the other two guys.

"Uh boss you alright?" Blonde boy said running to help his boss up.

"She kind of freak are you?" The man with brown hair asked before he went to also help his boss.

"The kind you dont want to mess with. Now get out of here and go get rea lives." Kaida turned around and began to walk away. She noticed the woman from earlier was watching her. [i]'now what?' [/i]she thought.
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The woman stood alone, she appeared alone at least. She was cloaked so that no one could see her entire face, and she spoke in no more than an elegant whisper.

"That is amazing strength, though a little much for the occasion wouldn't you say... Kaida?" She slowly walked forward from the darkness of the shadow, her blue robes billowing about her.

"My name, how do you know my name?" Kaida asked almost nervously. She could sense something about the woman, she wasn't a mere mortal that was for sure, she carried imense power.

"I know what you are and I can see that you have an idea of what I may be. I know your name Kaida, because I have been watching you for sometime now. But first allow me to introduce myself, my name is Lanin, most know me as the mistress of sacrifice, but you may call me by my name. I am in dire need of help from one such as you..." There was along pause as the woman removed her hood, she was beautiful, but there was a saddenss as Kaida looked into her eyes. "Are you interested... young dragon?"
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He swung and his axe tore itself into the side of the tree taking out a large hunk of the meat from under the bark. Thorn wiped his forehead free of persperation. Chopping down this tree had been large work for someone of his stature. He much rather be forging some weapons for a dealership then chopping at this ancient oak.

Thorn took a moment to sit and rest his arms of the axe he carried. He stroked the blue in his beard and spoke to himself. "Why did that zeffer of mine have to find himself stuck up in a tree?" Thorn made it obvious through just his voice that he was very aggrivated about his zeffer. "All it was is throwing practice. I didn't chuck it that hard. Maybe I made it lighter then I thought I did?" He sighed and picked his axe back up and took another chop into the meat of the tree.

Thorn then saw past the tree and spotted several people. Two of them appeared to be women, not of his race, that were conversing. The other two appeared to be human males running from something. They were coming from the direction of the two women. Could they be running from them? As they to the tree Thorn fould pleasure in sticking out the hilt of his axe to trip the two men up. They tumbled over and let out a scream of fright.
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Thron watched as the two men he had just tripped stopped in mid flight and the women were not running. The birds had stopped chirping and the wind had froze. Standing in midst of all this was an elven woman, a smiled crossed her face.

"Now, now this an interesting situation. What are you going to do now master dwarf? Will you udge that the men are wrong doers here andpunih them or will you decide that the prisuers need the punishing? How will you decide what needs to be done here, did you act without tought, or do you have a thought out plan? I'm interseted to watch and find out what you choose." Her voice was like water as she spoke, then suddenly life sped back up as he watched the men hit the ground and the women ctach up to them.
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Kaida stood there for a second... she felt just just lost a bit of time. Perhaps from staring at the lanin's beauty or perhaps her mind was making it up.

Kaida nodded still a bit mystified
Kaida clenched her fish and looked at the men running, the two henchmen like fellows were curled up on the ground. Kaida noticed that someone had tripped them. The boss on the other hand had run in another direction because he was nowhere in sight.

Kaida looked at the ground 'Dragon... pah a dragon cant fly is merely a lizard...' she thought to herself.

"You got my attantion miss. Im interested..."
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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]OOC: Sorry I wasn't here for awhile (or I think I am). Ok here's mine.

Luna walked through the doors and she was really happy she got the job.

''I will be most loyal to her,'' Luna said to herself,''She has such a wonderful beauty.''

She got dressed into a little purple dress which was a bit big for her but she didn't mind. She ate the whole meal and folded her dirty clothes somewhere. She thought that the room was marvelous but wasn't fit for her only the tall beautiful lady.

''Oh boy I have a job and some shelter and now I can live in peace with the lady,'' She said,''But I still do not know her name...hmmm....now what should I do?''

Luna walked out of the room and found Aranel waiting for her. He took her hand and told her to follow him. Luna followed him through the tall cooridors and went into a large room that sparkle a lot.

[I]Wow[/I], Luna thought, [I]it's so huge and pretty.[/I]

She walked and saw the lady she saw in the woods.

''Hello,'' she said, ''Did you like your room?''

[I]Woah my room![/I] Luna thought.

''Yes I liked it very much! Thank you!'' Luna said cheerfully.

The lady smiled at her.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Blue][SIZE=1]It was chilly. But for a cold-blooded creature, it was very cold indeed. Tsuchi wrapped her wings around her, trying to get warmer. It was hard in dragon form. Spitting out a breath of flame, she warmed her face a bit.

"I hate the cold," Tsuchi mumbled to herself. Stumbling through the forest, she noticed a bit of commotion ahead. Not wanting to bother her company in the forest, she strayed from the path, getting tangled up in the vines and plants occasionally.

Though she wasn't on the beaten path, it probably wouldn't be hard to see her; she was, after all, not very good at blending in. How hard would it be to spot a blue dragon amidst bright green leaves and bushes, after all?

"Maybe if I transform.." she paused. If she did transform, she would have no clothes. Her scales turned into human skin; not cloth. And she'd still be cold-blooded, and feel cold.

"Maybe there's a village up ahead.. But they wouldn't give clothes to a naked girl, now would they?"

Tsuchi stopped walking, and sat down for a moment, bursting more flames out her nostrils. Thinking, she absent-mindedly began staring at the group of people still on the path. She snapped to attention when she saw one look at her.

"Uh-oh." Instinctively, she spread her wings and pushed off, and with one great gust, she was up in the air, above the trees. "I'm not to be seen," she muttered, then shook her head. "I'm still acting as if I were on the job. I need to relax.." she soothed herself.

Gently swinging her wings again, she held herself up in the air.

"I could ask one of them.." she whispered, looking down through a part in the tree canopys, spotting the group of people again. Suddenly, a scent caught her nose. Taking a few whiffs, her eyes narrowed.

"Dragon. Another halfling. Very young. Not even 50 years."

Glancing around, she found the source of the smell. Immediately decending, she landed quickly and gracefully before the halfling and an elegant woman. Stopping the two in their paths, the young one glared impatiently at her, but the woman smiled softly.

"I need a robe," Tsuchi spoke. The woman held out her hand, and in it, was a long blue robe. Taking it with her claw, Tsuchi bowed, then flew up in the air.

"What was that?" the young one wondered, staring up in the sky, though there was no sign of the large dragon that had, a moment before, been blocking her path. "Be patient. She will return."

In the sky, Tsuchi transformed, her blue scales turning to pale skin, and her horns turned to long, flowing hair. Her wings remained, and embraced her. Quickly placing the robe over her naked form, she fell gracefully from the blue of the sky, landing once again before the girl and the woman.

"So, Tsuchi, I sense you caught scent of my company?" the woman spoke softly.

"Aye. I did. You are a halfling, too, are you not?" Tsuchi replied, now looking at the young girl. She nodded. Suddenly, Tsuchi let out a cough of flame. "Sorry about that. I'm a bit chilly," she smiled. "What is your name, young one?"

"Kaida," the young girl replied.

"Ah. You are but a hatchling. Very young. Have you mastered flight?" Tsuchi immediately regretted this question, sensing the touchiness of the subject from Kaida's face, and the sad look the woman gave her.

"You. What is your name?"

"I am Lanin."

"I've heard of you, Mistress. I am Tsuchi, master of--"

"No need for titles, Tsuchi. Please, join us. You have traveled far and need a place to stay, no? And besides, I have given you a robe. All I ask in return is your company," Lanin smiled.

Tsuchi bowed again, then turned towards the two men on the ground, the dwarf, and the cloaked figures.

"Shall we join them?" she wondered.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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"I'm glad, I put special work into that room knowing it was to be yours. Now come with me and I shall tell you of the assignments you will be recieving." Lanin spoke gently her voice no louder than a soft breeze.

Aranel pulled up a chair for Lanin at a beautiful dark wood table then did the same for Luna.The table top glitened in the candle light, and Luna could see her own reflection on the surface.

"Now Luna, the first task I will need you to do for me is a delivery." She reached her hand into the air and pulled a letter from nowhere, Luna's eyes widened with wonder as she did this. "This is a letter to one of my dear friends, and I need someone to take it to her. I have a map of where she lives..." her smile widened, "can you do this for me?" A lok of determination crossed Luna's young face.

"Absolutely, I will do anything for you..." she stopped a moment when she realized she didn't know the lady's name. She though long and hard about what she should call her, then she remembered when Aranel first appeared he called her 'goddess'. "I'll do it for you goddess." Lanin's smile never left her face as she spoke.

"You needn't call me that, you may call me Lanin, dear Luna."

(1 1/2 years later, when everyone else is playing.)

Everyone else:

Lanin now stood before two dragons, a dwarf, and her own two personal servants, who were both cloaked. She looked over everyone and held her right hand up, she paused a moment and then snapped her fingers. The company suddenly found themsleves standing in on a mountain pass, the sky was dark and snow was falling from above. Up ahead they could all see a young elven girl surrounded by cloaked figures. Lanin was silent and watched as the dark figures closed in on the young frightened elf.

"Some one help me please." Her voice was quiet and meek. Lanin continued to only watch. [I]Now we see how you react to one in need.[/I] She thought to herself, waiting and watching for the company's reaction.
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Kaida stared for a moment... She first felt more ashamed about her flightlessness when the older dragon asked her the question then she felt some what comfortable with another dragon around and now she felt rage and fury. She sometimes let her emotions go a little haywire and she would get over confident. She saw this girl in need and wanted to kick the shadowy freaks butts from the mountains to the desert and back but she did not want to make herself look foolish in front of the much older and skilled dragon... The one who could actually fly.

Kaida though could not handly thinking about it any more.

"I may be just a hatchling and a flightless one at that but I am not about to sit here and let you jerks terrorize some helpless girl!"

With that Kaida rushed quickly at the shadows... Her eyes were red and glowing. She had let her temper eh... explode. Just like a human baby the temper was a very touchy thing with kaida and she was... angry!

Suddenly her hand turned to a claw. Black with a few bright orange scales and the nails were very sharp. She lifted her claw and swipped at the robed figure. "Leave her alone!"
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Lanin watched as Kaida charged forward, she could feel the anger raidiating from the young dragon.' [I]Thats what I need to see.[/I]' She though The smaller robed figure standing behind her wished to move forward, but she knew Lanin wasn't waiting for her help. Luna had already been through this test, and she had seen others go through it. Luna knew both endings, and hoped that she would see the better of the two tonight.

The dark figure on the farthest left leapt toward Kaida, no fear shown in his eyes. Suddenly a long sword appeared in his hands and he thrust the blade toward his approaching enemy. Kaida ducked to the side the blade barely missing her shoulder.
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Luna was so frighten she could barely move. She saw two dragons, a dwarf, and two people who were both cloaked blocking her path. She desperately wanted to get thru to finish her missions she had started past of year and a half. She didn't want to disappoint Lanin.

She was scared,''Oh please, help me please.''

She looked around and it seemed like there was no way out except back. She started to turn around but the dwarf and the two hooded figures blocked her way.

''Uhh....''she gulped. She was in danger now.

OOC: Sorry this is short I couldn't think of anything else.
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Kaida didnt want to change to her dragon form but her dragon scales were almost impervious to sword damage so she leapt behind a bush... With speed she peeled off all her clothes before changing, She needed those clothes for later after all. She suddenly grew large. Her body was taller than a horse and her body was twice as long as one. Her scales were extreamly hard and shiney. Most of them were jet black but all over he body in random places were bright orange scales that stood out.

"Yaaaarrrr!" She whipped her tail around and slammed her tail into two of the hooded characters. "You have made me angry and I dont ignore those kinds of things!"
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"Lannin? Where is this? Another mountain range? Haven't you ever heard of telling me BEFORE you teleport me somwhere freezing cold?!" I'sha was a touch indignant, she thought she could count on the goddess to be a bit more curtious.

Then she heard the little girl's scream. All thoughts of discomfort vanished as she sent her mind forward to assess the situation and unhooked her lochbarre axe from the center of her back. Spreading her gray-feathered wings, she took flight and raced the wind to the darkness she detected ahead.
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'[I]Heroic... as usual.[/I]' Lanin thought as I'sha appeared. She watched as both Kaida and I'sha rushed the robed figures, each of them putting their hear and sould into the conflict at hand. A tinge of fear sruck her as she suddenly felt a faamiliar presence that she did not intend on feeling. Faster than anyone could notice the image of the girl dissapeared and the hoded figures faded into the darkness, all the company could see was a tall hooded man standing over Lanin as she stood infront of him baring his path.

"I warned you Lanin... but you still came out into the open." His voice was frightning and sent chills down the companies spines. Lanin's heart stopped only a moment as her he reached forward to touch her, she leapt back evading his touch.

"Come now dear friend, you've never had a problem with my touch before." Lanin could hear the smile spread across his lips as he spoke.

"You have no right to call me, dear friend, not after what you have done." Lanins voice was soft, barely heard against his deep strong voice. A blood freezing laughter split the air, and Lanin backed a step away. "What have you done with him?" Her tone was filled with anger and her heart ached as she spoke.

"Who... your precious little high priest? He's alive, only barely though... and that how I'll keep him until I have you." Then as he finished his sentence he leapt toward Lanin, and quicker than he appeared... Lanin dissapeared. The figure stodd for only a moment before hs gazed upon the company and laughed, he too dissapearing.

A small letter had fallen where Lanin stood. I'sha stepped forward and picked it up.
[I]I apologize for leaving at such a desperat moment, but had I not I would be in great danger. I will ask that I'sha and Luna please lead you to my temple where I will finish briefing you on the current situation. [/I]
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Thorn wasn't feeling too happy. In fact his was angry. These people who he did not even know the names have been fighting. They were intentionally fighting the robed figures, but unintentionally and without even really noticing they had nearly struck him several times. "Hey watch yourselves you clumsy dirt-treaders.You could have nearly taken my head off with that tail of your missy." Thorn said liviedly to te dragon girl. "I don't want to be losing any part of my body. I'm a young fine product for all of the lasses and they don't like damaged goods. Besides that I'm no enemy of yours." He looked at them all sternly. "Well I'm still waiting for that apology that yo'al owe."
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Kaida turned her large body to the small little man and glared, "Well if ye dont want to be hurt dont stand so close! Its not easy keeping my large body away from everyone on such a small path! Eh... I should have more carefull. Oh hold on a second." She said looking around. She went behind the bush and began to shrink. In a short amount of time she was in human form again and was putting on her clothes fast. Once dressed she walked out from behind the bush and looked at thorn.

"Im am sorry... I didnt mean to hurt anyone or nearly hurt anyone. I sometimes my anger builds and I lose control. I didnt mean you any harm." Kaida held out her hand to Thorn.

He eyed her and shook her hand, "Apology accepted..."
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"Now that you've gotten that out of your system, can we continue to the temple?"
I'sha smirked as she settled her wings against her back, letting her sarcasm get the best of her. "Oh, by the way. . . I'm Lady I'sha Morgan, knight without a horse (thanks to our beloved goddess), faithful servant and all-around pest of Lady Lannin. Hope you all can live with me -- from the looks of things, we're going to be in each other's company for a while." I'sha made a flourishing bow, making sure to keep her very large axe away from anyone's anatomy.

"Why didn't SHE say what pass we were in in the first place? Would have saved me a lot of confusion." she muttered under her breath. She started walking off in the correct direction. . . a way she had traveled several times in the past few months. After a few yards, she turned back to the party who were just standing, staring at her.
"Coming? It's warm and not-snowy inside the temple." She then started off again.

Eventually they were all on their way into a small, narrow box valley where the temple marble shone softly in the setting sun. Trudging through the snow, she heard someone grumbling, probably the dwarf, about the creapy guy that threatened the goddess. "About him," I'sha jumped in. "He's Feanor. Dark, dank and all around dreary guy. Half-shadow something, I think. Magic powerful and oozing a whole lot of 'I-hate-the-world-so-I'm-going-to-blow-it-up-or-take-it-over'. Really mad at Lannin about something. Not sure what the whole high priest thing was about. Last time I was here, his-loyal-cuteness was still here, happy, and worshipping the ground Lannin tread upon. Hopefully we'll get some answers inside."

As they reached the temple, I'sha pushed the door open because the normal door-keeper had appearantly been kidnapped. "Welcome to Lannin's high temple, everyone."
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Thornwander his way into the temple closely following those before him. He was a cautious dwarf if you ever met one. Running into a trap is something he would never do. He would rather just be fooled then run into a trap without even taking the time to think and study what possible dangers there could be. Thorn had traveled a long ways to get here and he wasn't going to fall into any trap without knowing it first.

"Having this been the only temple I've ever been in all my life I must admit that it is shockingly welcoming." Thorn said. "I'm not sure if I like it, but the feeling I get from it isn't a bad one. Are we going to be staying here long or are we moving on by next dawn?" He got no response, just a bit of a giggle from the woman that lead him there.

The door of the temple eased itself shut so no one noticed it. Thorn took the heavy weight off of his back and dropped it on the floor near him and looked towards the ceiling. It was so tall that a painful knot formed in his neck only after a few minutes of peering. He tenderly rubbed the pain from his neck and spoke again. "Well being a dwarf I'm familiar with having to look up, but looking up so high is a strain even on me."
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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]Luna entered the temple. She looked in awe. It was so huge like the place she stayed in when she got her job. She was looking around and soon began to wonder.

"Hey uhh...Miss I'sha can I see the note that Lady Lanin left??" asked Luna.

"Why sure. Here you go." I'sha said.

"Thanks" Luna replied and read.

Huh? She left so unexpectely(sp?), Luna thought as she read, Why so all of a sudden?

This made Luna curious. She wandered around the temple for awhile and began to read the note again. When she was finished she put it in her pocket and thought deep to herself.

OOC: Sorry this post is short. I couldn't think of anything.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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'You have every right to wonder why I left so suddenly. Welcome to my home, please allow me to explain over dinner." Lanin replied, she was standing in a doorway on the far side of the main room. The company entered the room to find a long darkwood table, each place was accompanied by a plate filled with food.

"I believe you'll find your favorite dish somewhere on the table. Please sit, it has been a long day for you all. Oh and I'sha I must apologize for bringing you here sithout warning." She waited until everyone had sat down before she found herown seat at the head of the table.

"I noticed Aranel is missing from his usual 'no more than five feet away position', I suspect that is why we are here." I'sha stated taking her seat near Lanin.

"Most observant... as usual. She is correct, Aranel, my high priest, is missing. I need your help to get him back." Kaida looked over at Lanin, a confused look on her face, she was about to speak but was interupted by the dwarf.

"First of all... who are you... exactly" Thorn asked quickly, his paitience thining down.

"Oh haven't you figured it out yet... shes a goddess." Luna replied happily sitting next to Lanin.

"The goddess of suffering and sacrifice to be exact." I'sha added kindly.

"They speak the truth, I am the goddess Lanin, and I am in need of you." She stated picking up a glass of golden wine. "My high priest Aranel has been taken by Feanor, the man which apperaed earlier. He is a cruel man... twisted by power and greed."

"Why can't you just go get him yourself if your a deity?" Tsuchi asked suddenly.

"This man has the abilty to take me and use me for his own evil purposes, but if I stay here then I will be protected by the power of my own temple. If I leave he can take me... this is why I need your help. Are you interested, I promise you I will make it worht your while."
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Everything was just happening so fast Kaida was no sure where to start. So this goddess needed help. Why did she select the people that she had? And why 2 dragons? Why not just let the one with flying ability come Why chose one who is afraid of heights, who cant fly, and only knows basic ice powers... A dragon who cant even use her fire breath yet.

Kaida took this moment to ask her question, "I hope i am not the only one wanting to ask this but Im going to ask even if I am."

The goddess nodded, "Go ahead"

"Why me? I mean... A full dragon who has not learned to use her fire breath yet. I cant even fly yet. Im sure I could fly but eh..."

The dwarf spoke, "What do ye meant ye fly?"

Kaida lat her head hand sadlyy, "I am terribly afraid of heights... So even if I could fly Im afraid to. I get struck with fear with just the mention of me having to fly. Thats why I always travle looking like a human. SO I will as again.... "

"Why you?" The goddess repeated Kaida's question.

"Yeah... Why a Firebreathless and Flightless hatchling like myself?"
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[COLOR=Blue][SIZE=1]OOC: Oh jeez. Sorry it took so long to reply! I (for one reason or another) could not find this thread!! But.. That shouldn't be a problem anymore. *subscribes to thread* ^__^;

"Hatchlings, just as Elders, have their purpose," Tsuchi spoke up before Lanin. Kaida gave her a strange look. "Yes.. But what [i]is[/i] that purpose? It certainly cannot be as important as the purposes of the Elders!" Tsuchi gave her a smile. "Do you even know what an Elder's purpose is?"

"Of course! It is.. Er.." Kaida paused, thought for a moment, then said, "No I don't." "Well I doubt you could understand what your purpose is if you do not understand what an Elder's purpose is," Tsuchi chuckled. "And why is that?! Why should I know their purpose? I am not them!" Kaida growled in impatience. But Tsuchi returned her growing anger with a chuckle.

"Kaida, my dear hatchling, we have much to talk about." The bewildered young one spoke no more, and began thinking over Tsuchi's last statement.

Taking on a serious tone, she turned to Lanin. "You said our help would be made worth our while. Tell me. Can you grant us [i]anything[/i] we wish on the condition that we succeed in finding your 'Aranel'?"

Lanin nodded, keeping the same smile on her face.

"Tell me. Can you grant me entry to my village? The one I was bannished from?"

"That depends, dragon. Are you sure you wish to return?" This quizzical answer put a strain on Tsuchi's patience. "Well if not to my village, I wish entry to the Great Den. Can you grant me that?" Tsuchi asked with a face of stone.

"Aye, great dragon. That I can grant you," Lanin nodded, the same smile still on her face.

To this, Kaida immediatly chirped in. "Can you grant me flight?!" It was easy to hear the excitement and glee in her voice. "No, my dear. That you must learn from one who can fly," she answered in her same whispery voice, with her same taunting smile. Kaida turned to Tsuchi.

"Can you teach me flight?"

There was silence. Tsuchi had not taught anyone anything. Ever. How was she supposed to teach? Taking what seemed like ages to think it over, she then let out a sigh. "Aye. I guess I could give it a try, ha-.. Kaida."

Kaida let out a short squeal of glee, then quieted and looked to Lanin. "You didn't answer me," she whispered. "Oh, I did not?" Lanin asked, with a somewhat fake look of surprise.

"No. Tsuchi replied to my question. I would like to know, however, why you have chosen me?" Kaida sighed. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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