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End of Days: Prototype [M-LV, poss. S]


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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]"Since the dawn of time, a great war has been fought for the fate of the world. With the infernal forces of Hell on one side, and the glorious celestial armies of Heaven on the other, they would clash until Judgement day, when one would rule and the rest would die. It is your sovereign duty as a warrior of Hell to fight to ensure our victory blah blah blah!"

Guilt spat off the edge of the bridge, glaring lazily at the oncomming traffic. Since he first came into being, he had the ancient philosophy of war crammed down his throat. Frankly, after 18 centuries, he was sick of it.

"Bloody ol' fools tryin' ta tell me what I should be doin'...ain't doin' 'at good a job 'emselves, if you ask me, which they won't. I'm just a low class soldier, to fight and die, fight and die," he snarled, taking on the thick accent of a British street punk. It was how he modeled his life, afterall. Too much Billy Idol.

Still scowling heavily, he placed the battered old pair of binoculars to his eyes, staring out across the fields of exhaust fumes and road-rage. Made him feel at home, it did.

"Can't b'lieve I'm out 'ere, tryin' to find some stupid bloody prototype for their stupid bloody war. The bloody sods should find the stupid protoype themselves, they should. 'Sides, no skin off my nose if we lose. 'Course, no skin [I]on[/I] my nose if we lose either. Maybe I should defect while I've got a chance..."

"I'd advise against that, Guilt," grumbled a low voice behind him.

With a low groan and a roll of the eyes, Guilt turned to face his commander/mentor/father-figure/thorn in his side, Krell.

"I was only jokin', Krell," Guilt sighed. "You know me. Always the kidder, eh?"

"Drop the accent you stooge," Krell snarled, glaring down with fierce golden eyes.

"'S my right to pick whatever accent I want while in human form, Krelly. So if I wanna be a Billy Idol clone, I'll bloody well be a fucking Billy Idol clone, hear?"

"Unfortunately, yes."

"Good. Now, what's the big emergency, eh?"

"We have to find the Prototype before it destroys us all, that's what."

"An' why do I have to do 'at?"

"Because you're a punk and I'm your superior."

Guilt turned away and muttered various insults and curses under his breath. There was still nothing to be seen in the chrome river that served as a highway.

"Listen, Guilt," Krell sighed. "Just do as I say, and maybe I can get in a good word to the Crimson Duke. That'll get us both better jobs. Hopefully far, far away from eachother."

"Ol' Crim can save 'is promotion's fer summat who cares..." Guilt muttered absently. Something was tugging at the back of his brain. Some kind of warning.

"You should care, and you should refer to him as the Crimson Duke," Krell lectured.

What was that warning in the back of his skull? It seemed so obvious, but it was stuck on the tip of his forked tongue.

"He's leading the warriors on Earth at the moment, so show a little-"

"Flying Mercedes at 12 o'clock!"

"Wha-oh shit!"

The two demons jumped to the side as a large vehicle hurtled through the bridge, tearing up the concrete ground and landing fifteen feet behind them, causing a rather large number of accidents. Guilt slowly rose to his feet, rubbing his head.

"Since when to Beemers take to the air?" he asked no one.

"Since enemies throw them at us, I'd wager," Krell snarled, staring down at the highway.[/SIZE][/COLOR]


[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]OOC: And so, the great War of Heaven vs. Hell vs. Earth begins. Anyone who wants to be the car-thrower, take up the call. To make things a little easier for you, Krell is a lot like Guilt in power and fighting style, though a little more experienced and powerful.

Have fun. Be sane. Fight dirty if you have to.

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[COLOR=Blue] [FONT=Arial Narrow]

Pride's humanoid body rippled with adrenaline, the act of throwing a Merc touring sedan was invigorating. "Ahh! Oh to be alive and on Earth once more." He smiled, smelling the rising awareness of the pair of Hell Knights only a few hundred feet away. "Perhaps I should make an aquiantance or two."

He sped down the highway towards Krell and Guilt, denting the hoods of vehicles unlucky enough to be under his long stride. "Gentlemen, let me introduce myself. I am Callith Alguroth."

Knell snorted at this statement. "Well Callith Alguroth, what the fuck do you think you are doing, throwing cars at your fellow searchers?"

"I like to keep things interesting, what can I say. If you'd still like a brawl, I'm sure we can arrange something."

Guilt tensed his muscles, feeling the raw power inside him well up. He bunched his rock like fist, but Krell waved him down, "This is Pride, Guilt, I'd strongly advise against fighting him. You see, he is our regional co-ordinator for our Prototype Hunt."

"Indeed I am. Phh.... what have you fellows uncovered today?" The Sin Trapped Angel sneered, the joy of command, the joy of command away from Lucifer nearly overcoming his poise.

Surveying the surrounding wreckage, Guilt smirked, "O I'd say a field 'o bloody blinkin' road rage."

"...indeed. The Prototype? Any signs at all?"

"No, Callith, none. Why don't you go coordinate two other lucky bastards, eh?" Krell replied, a tense politeness in his voice.

Pride kackled, "That's a spiffing idea. I did, however, think of it long before you. You two just tickle my funny bone. Sayonara!"

And just like that, the Captain of Hell was off.

"Bastard." Guilt said matter-of-factly.

"Bastard indeed."


OOC: As I understand it, all of Hell wants the Prototype under control again, so I figure a multilateral recovery effort makes sense. I'll alter if need be.
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[size=1]Kyshandra floored the brakes as a Mercedes Benz landed on the road in front of her, and she swore loudly. She managed to swerve to the side of the road before colliding her back bumper with the nose of the Shelby mustang behind her. Kisa held on to the dashboard as Kys went onto the median, saving a lot of humans from accidents. The two sat in silence for a few moments, collecting their wits.

?[b]Why the hell did that Mercedes just fly out of the air?[/b]?

Kyshandra?s tone was irritated. Kisa shook her head to clear it. ?[b]I am assuming the agents of Hell, dear one.[/b]? Kyshandra masked her anger, and got out of the car, closing the door behind her. She was silent, keen ears listening.


?[b]Bastard indeed.[/b]?

Kyshandra snarled, not unlike her wolf reaction, and strode purposefully towards the two demons. Kisa held her back by the shoulder, and shook her head. ?[b]Allow me.[/b]?

?[b]Who was that, your Captain?[/b]?

The two demons turned to look at them. One smirked, the other snickered. Kyshandra had had it.

?[b]Do you know how many people he just killed?![/b]?[/size]
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[size=1][color=blue]Tsuchi swerved in and out of lanes at high speeds, watching out for no one in particular. Singing along to the deafening roar of the music she had pouring out of her stereo, she paid just enough attention to the road to prevent from crashing into anyone.

Noticing a slowing of the cars, she moaned.

"What [i]now[/i], dammit?"

Peering out her window as her stolen Elise Motorsport slowed down. Coming to a halt, she growled impatiently, rolling up her window. Seeing a small gap in the nearby lane, she blazed between the two cars, recieving several honks and shouts; none of which hindered her at all.

Sliding between several large gaps, she managed to reach the front of the halted cars. "What the.." she began, gaping at the car that looked as if it had been thrown off the highway. Catching scent of something, she concentrated, and then felt her and her car beginning to rise.

From below, she heard gasps and ahhs, but ignored them. She did things like this all the time. She got attention, but was never "caught". Carrying herself and her car with the wind, she gently landed in front of four people. Two were wolf spirits, and the other two were demons. Tsuchi's nose hadn't lied to her yet.

"My, my. You two boys getting a bit roudy?" she gawked, hopping out of her car, sliding her keys into her pocket.

"I didn' throw the bloody ca', lady," one of them replied in a very fake accent.

"Oh, knock it off! It's driving me insane," his companion spat at him.

"I'll talk 'owevah I bloody want ta!"

As they seemed to spiral into an arguement, Tsuchi sighed impatiently and walked over to the two girls.

"They throw the car?"

"No. But it was a friend of theirs."

"He's NOT our friend," the two replied in unison.

"Calm down," Tsuchi sighed, "Just make sure you don't throw things off a highway. Because naughty boys get punished, you know."

The two rolled their eyes.

"By who? [i]You?[/i]" the demon replied sarcastically.

"Nope," she squeaked, smiling at him and rocking on the balls of her feet. "By [i]him[/i]," she grinned, pointing at a flying figure that was coming in faster by the second.


OOC: Hope you don't mind the intro, Rin. ^_~[/size][/color]
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[font=Verdana][size=2][color=navy]Kisa had been meditating in the car seat when there was a screech of brakes and she felt the car swerve to the side quickly. She quickly opened her eyes and surveyed the scene, she looked out the back window and saw a Mercedes Benz lying in the middle of the road and several other cars crashed or swerving, with wavy skid marks marring the black tar. She grabbed onto the dashboard as she saw they were going to crash, and was pulled forward by the force, but keeping restrained in her seat by her seatbelt. She looked over to her very loyal companion and friend, Kyshandra.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=navy]"[b]Why the hell did that Mercedes just fly out of the air?" [/b]Kyshandra asked after several moments of silence.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=navy]"[b]I am assuming the agents of Hell, dear one." [/b]Kisa replied.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]The two of them exited their wrecked vehicle and worked toward the demons. They listened and Kyshandra snarled angrily. She was about to walk over when Kisa held her back, shaking her head. It was too dangerous, and they didn't know the power of the demons. Not long later, a car floated down in front of them and Kisa looked at the person cautiously, sniffing. She knew that scent.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]"Tsuchi. How have you been?" [/b]she questioned the dragon spirit in disguise.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]"I've been better." [/b]she replied, then talked to the two pairs of people.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]At her last comment, they all looked to the sky, and sure enough they saw a figure approaching, the question being why he was flying so obviously.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]As the figure got closer, she recognised it as Rezel, another dragon spirit who was also in his human form.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]Kisa knew the dragons because they all lived in the South, and because she ruled in the South, she would of course know the other spirits and animals that lived there.[/color][/size][/font]
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[size=1][color=#C82356]Stepping onto the concrete pavement, Beelzebub adjusted his white knee length trench coat before addressing the spirits and demons. He approached them with an icy atmosphere that surrounded him; a flare of terror brought them to look upon the human form of Beelzebub known as Faust. All of their eyes turned to him as they could feel his footsteps and his presence leaning closer and closer as he came upon them.


"Faust."[/B] The first to speak to Beelzebub was Guilt. His voice was proper and almost daring Beelzebub to bring out his inner demon, so to speak. [B]"What brings you to the surface?"

"Hell was suffocating me. I needed some... fresh air. And you?"[/B] Suddenly another familiar voice entered the conversation, it was more annoyed of Beelzebub.

[B]"Cut the crap, Beelzebub. We're tired of listening to you."[/B]

Chuckling, Beelzebub looked to the spirits who stood with the two demons. He smirked and one tried to advance upon him, only to become entangled in Beelzebub's arms. This spirit smelt of wolf, her spirit was strong and vibrant. Beelzebub was amused, the human disguise gave him many of the qualities that humans possessed, it was as if he teased her to feel the coming of death or more.[/size][/color]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=RoyalBlue]Mercy smiled curtly to the storeowner as she cupped a couple of flower heads in the pals of her hands, their sweet smell lifting her emotions. The sun was out and only a light breeze ruffled her hair, it was a beautiful day. For only a few seconds did the wind turn cold, an icy turn to what was previously a present coolness on the skin. Mercy shuddered, of course, no one else noticed the change; this cold was a sign of evil.

While lower Angels would not be aware of it, Mercy's senses were sharp, she could sense the Demon, she could even pin point him. [B]"Beelzebub..."[/B] she whispered. The storeowner looked up, his eyebrow cocked in confusion, [B]"S'cuse me ma'am?"[/B] he scratched the back of his head and Mercy chuckled.

[B]"My apologies, its nothing."[/B] she held out some money and paid for a small bouquet of purple and pink chrysanthemums tucking them under her arm before heading off in the direction of the bridge over-hanging the main road.

After ten minutes of walking she saw it, a crowd of people surrounding a smoking wreck of a Mercedes, on top of a bridge a group of people had gathered, none of them looked out of place. [I]'Except for you...?[/I] Mercy looked at the man in the white trench coat, it was easy for her to tell that it was Beelzebub. While she had never had the...pleasure of meeting him in human form, Beelzebub and Mercy were well acquainted from her visits in hell.

Then she saw it, one of the Spirits advanced on Beelzebub. [B]"Fool!"[/B] Mercy shouted, turning one of their heads. A male demon, he looked like scum but Mercy ignored her opinion and started running towards the bridge, flower petals scattering out behind her.

[B]"Don't fight him, you'll only be hurt!"[/B] then another demon turned, Mercy recognised his face. He jumped from the bridge, followed by his companion.



"Good to see you again."


[B]OOC Anyone want to start a fight with Guilt or Krell, up to them, just know that Mercy will only be trying to convince you all not to fight because creatures of the First should get along and blah blah blah. ^_~ Oh, may be interesting if one of the Demons force her to fight, heh, weakness in the ranks of Heaven and all that Jazz.[/B][/SIZE]
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OOC: Nothing against you personally Neuvoxetere, Pride just doesn't like Beelzebub.

[COLOR=Blue] [FONT=Arial Narrow]

Pride had only gone two or three miles when he smelled it. The stench of ten thousand harbingers of Filth. The stench of a rotting corpse in the heat of the day, a smell so intense, so evil, that he nearly vomited. "Why is it that only archdemons and such can smell him. Blech. What the fuck does he want this time..."

He turned and hurtled like lightning back to the wreckage spot. Enjoying the feeling of crushed steel beneath his feet as he trod on immobilized human vehicles. Callith Alguroth simply loved to spill the blood of humans, especially in creative ways. Suffocating them in steel cages (as he described cars) was particularly invigorating to him.

When he arrived at the scene, he sneered at the gathering of Spirits and Demons. "Hello. Beelzebub why are you in my region? To eat wolf spirits?"

The Demon bellowed with laughter. "[i]Your[/i] region, Pride? As I recall you could barely hold Dis from Leviathan, so do not speak to me of possesive regions. She is particularly lovely, don't you think? Would you like a bite?"

"Think you are real special, huh? You are nothing but a demon, no class. Pitiful, your weapon is your stench."

"My weapon is anything I damn well please." The slightly older being chuckled.

Pride struck himself in the face comically, and mocked a smile. "My dear Mercy! I am [i]oh[/i] so sorry! I would have talked to you [i]ages[/i] ago, but the whole Lord of the Flies overpowering my olfactories thing, well you know.."

The ArchAngel smiled at him, she couldn't help remembering the good times they had had in Heaven. The good old days, back when Lucifer was still around. [i]Ahh well, thats what memories are for, right? They were my friends then, but not now.[/i] "Sigh.... Pride, long time no see. Such a shame, I too noticed ole' Beel here, had to pay him a visit."

"What to do about him? I'm sure you and I have rather different goals here on Earth, but its becoming apparent to me that I don't much like Garbage King over here."


Beelzebub and the others had patiently (stange, huh?) waited for their conversation to finish. But Guilt's patience had run out. "Wha' the bloody 'ell are we all doon out 'ere, anyway?"

Pride turned to answer him, however Beelzebub, still holding the girl, beat him to it. "Why did you lapse into that horrendous accent again? I am rapidly becoming bored here..."

Carcharoth and Jeulnelune appeared in Callith Alguroth's hands. "Let us liven it up then."

"Don't you dare Pride!" Mercy shouted, a note of urgency in her beautiful voice.

"He is Demon. No Angel, Fallen or not, will lose to such scum."

"This isn't the place or the time. The human authorities will be here soon."

"Your point?"

Beelzebub dropped the girl, and she rushed back to her companion. His body seemed to tense up, like he was gathering some sort of power. "Well, Fallen One, the ball is in your court."

Pride drew the bead of Carcharoth right between Faust's eyes, and squeezed the trigger. Faust twitched his head as the fire bolt passed, dodging it by a slight margin. "Not bad, that is the first time I have [i]ever[/i] missed."

An angelic voice shouted in the rapidly closing distance, "I can think of at least one other occasion!"

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[SIZE=1][B]OOC: Thanks for the intro, Kitty. To bad I wasn't able to use it efficiantly. :animeswea [/B]

[COLOR=DarkRed]Rezel watched the ensuing unrest and disorder develop from the skies, and finally decided it was time to intervene. He spread his massive wings, making his presence known to all by blocking out the sun, then plummeted down towards the ground. He landed in between Beelzebub and Pride, glaring seriously at them both. Guilt and Krell just watched, Guilt amused and Krell wary.

Pride raised up Carcharoth and attempted to fire at Beelzebub once more when Rezel thrusted his hand out, and raised the gun upwards, causing it to fire off into the sky. He bellowed a mighty roar from his human body, attempting to show that this was not the time or place for this.

Such a fierce sound coming from a human frightened many people, and they cowered in his presence. Rezel growled and pushed Pride back, then turned to Kisa, smiling.

[B]"Greetings, my lady. It is good to see you...Quite a ruckus, it would appear...From the amount of damage done here, my first guess would have been Tsuchi had done this", Tsuchi grolwed at Rezel,"but from the smell...demons?"[/B] He motioned towards Guilt and Krell. Kisa shook her head and Tsuchi stepped in.

[B]"No, not demons. Their friend. Come on! Teach him a lesson."[/B] She pointed at Pride, and he threw her a dirty look. Rezel turned from his comrades and walked to Pride, anger lining his eyes. He removed his blade from his side and pointed it towards Pride's neck.

[B]"Would you care to tell me why you decided to threw that car into the air, causing sufficient damag and inconvenience to these humans?"[/B] Pride laughed and looked at Rezel to see if he was kidding. He wasn't. Rezel jutted his blade closer to Pride's neck. Pride laughed again and spat on the edge of the blade.

[B]"Because I felt like it."[/B] Rezel closed his eyes and laughed softly. Tsuchi shuddered. She knew what that meant. Rezel was angry, and no good could come from that. Rezel threw his head back and began laughing loudly. Tsuchi was fraid that he might unleash his full power right then.

Suprisingly, Rezel cleaned his blade, and returned it to his side. He turned from Pride and walked towards Tsuchi. She was taken aback when he begn speaking abruptly, as he once again had a calm tone of voice. He had obviously regained his cool, otherwise he might have hurt the innocent, and he knew that.

[B]"Do you know of any areas nearby where I can battle this disrespectful physical manifestation of sin?"[/B] Tsuchi nodded behind her, but didn't get the chance to speak, as Pride interrupted her.

[B]"Why not here,"[/B] Pride laughed mockingly,[B]"what, are you to afraid to fight now? Coward."[/B] Rezel looked around sadly. [I]Sorry...but it must be done...[/I] He let his great wings loose again, and with a mighty feat of strength blew the cars off of the road, the people along with. He then brought his blade to his hand once more. He turned to Pride.


[B]OOC: Raid3r, if you want to do battle then fine, but if you would rather not or someone wants to intervene, go right ahead.[/B][/SIZE]
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OOC: I hate to post again so soon, but I sort of need to.

[FONT=Arial Narrow][COLOR=Blue]

Pride eyed Rezel, studying him up and down. A voice tugged at the back of his mind, "The Prototype is the prime objective, not killing everyone who upsets you. It is [i]my[/i] wish that you order your priorities in a more acceptable manner."

"Yes, my Lord." He muttered. "But I will give him a show before I leave."

"What are you babbling about?" Rezel demanded, his desire to get this overwith very strong.

"As much as I would like to, today is not the day. Chain of command and all that you know." Pride had trouble getting the words out. "O Fuck! I hate being overridden. I am no mere manifestation of Sin. I was once as glorious as yourself, and I [b]shall[/b] be again!"

Callith Alguroth became Pride, Fallen Angel, once again. Massive black feathered wings sprouted from his back. A crown of un-glory adorned the air above his head, he shone with light both radiant and chilling. The air in the area twirled with the raw power, and the twin emeralds blazed with incredible fury.

[b]"Next time I will fight you, Lucifer's command or not. I have to go reorder my priorities."[/b] His voiced boomed like thunder over a raging sea. Taking to the sky, he winked at Mercy, and laughed a villianous laugh worthy of a mighty being of evil.


OOC: Again, I didn't want to post so quickly, and I avoid doing so as much as possible. I am not in anyway trying to dominate the story more than anyone else. Have fun all!
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]"Well," Guilt said, staring after Pride. "That was melodramatic and overblown." He lazily rolled his head over to stare at the assembled Spirits. A grin slowly split his face. "Anyone else care fer a fight, eh?"

The towering Dragon Spirit that had recently arrived snorted and looked away from the street punk.

"You are not worthy of my time, Demon," he growled. "Let us fly, Tsuchi."

The two dragons were about to fly off, when a bolt of fire hit Rezel square in the back. He turned, glaring harshly at Guilt, who was staring at his hand with mock interest. Smoke curled from his fingers.

"Wonder 'ow that 'appened...spot o' bad luck, eh?" Guilt sneered.

"Don't try my patience," Rezel snarled, hand trailing to his blade.

"How about I try that blade ya got there?" Guilt said, holding out his hand.

Fire began to crackle around it, and it spiraled forth, a few centemeters away from Rezel's chest. The flames dimmed, and a hooked broadsword hovered momentarily in the air, until Guilt's hand wrapped around the hilt. He lifted it up high, bringing it down onto his shoulders.

"What d'ya say, Dragon? Care fer a fight?"

With a fierce swing, Guilt brought the blade back up, arcing it around to dig into the bridge. Rubble rained down onto the highway below, and the screeching of metal and breaks heralded more crashes.

"Or do I need to tear this planet apart to get yer 'ttention?"[/SIZE][/COLOR]


[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]OOC: For the record, Guilt's picking a fight with just about everyone. Anyone who wants to step in, feel free.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[font=Verdana][size=2][color=navy]Kisa had been watching everything happen quietly. Everyone was fighting and people weren't sure who's side people were on. She only knew of her allies, and they were the other Spirits. They all came from the South and were the neutral party, caring only for the welfare of the Earth.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]She was watching as Rezel and Tsuchi were about to fly off, but then they were stopped by Guilt. He challenged Rezel to fight, creating havoc on the highway below. Kisa's eyes narrowed as she heard the screeches of cars and the sounds of crunching metal as vehicles collided.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]Kisa growled angrily, as did Kyshandra. Kisa was mad, Guilt had caused more damage to the city and she wasn't going to stand for it. Her nails sharpened to become claws in her fingerless gloves, her canine teeth grew longer and her eyes changed to a golden colour. She reached to her back and pulled a curved sword out of the sheath that was there, it had been made of a fang of the First Wolf and was passed down through the proceeding Wolf Lords.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]Kyshandra changed into her wolf form, a large dark brown wolf with her fur tinted with silver and gold. She was about the size of a medium horse.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]"Do not destroy the city any more, Demon. We accept your challenge of battle, for the welfare of Earth." [/b]Kisa spoke, answering for the four other spirits.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=black][b]OOC: [/b]Sorry for the short post, I couldn't really think of anything.[/color][/size][/font]
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[COLOR=Blue][SIZE=1][B]"My, my, my,"[/B] Tsuchi gave a toothy grin. [B]"At least I'm not the [i]only[/i] one who's bored here, eh?"[/B] Guilt spat at her, recieving a shot of flame at his face.

[B]"Don't you dare,"[/B] Rezel began, gripping the handle of his blade rather tightly. [B]"Quiet, you ass,"[/B] Tsuchi growled, nudging her fellow in the side with her elbow, [B]"I can defend my [i]own[/i] honor, thanks."[/B]

With that, she kicked up her left leg and caught the handle of a large knife that came flying out of it, then proceeded to take another knife out of a small holder on her hip.

Spitting out a small stream of fire, Tsuchi smiled once more.

[b]"Pitiful,"[/b] she smirked, looking the demon up and down. [b]"You don't look like a very strong demon to me,"[/b] she continued, rubbing at an imaginary beard. [b]"Looks aren't everything, Tsuchi. You know that,"[/b] Rezel, feeling it needed, added to her statement.

Rocking away, back and forth, on the balls of her feet, Tsuchi continued grinning for no apparent reason. After several taunting moments of this, Guilt cracked.

[b]"Wha' in the bloody 'ell you smilin' at?"[/b] he whined, immensly annoyed and distracted by her unprovoked motions. But instead of an answer, he recieved one of her large knives flung at him at much higher speeds than it should have been.

[b]"What the [i]fuck[/i] was [i]that[/i] fer?!"[/b]

Again, he recieved only a knife as his answer.

[b]"Oh, well. Seein' as 'ow [i]that's[/i] 'ow yer goin' ta fight,"[/b] he sighed. Taking a second to step back, he suddenly flew at her, returning her grin with a creepy smile. Leaping into the air, she hovored above him as he flew underneath her.

[b]"Ya missed!"[/b] she giggled, sticking her tongue out and flashing him the finger. [b]"Aren't you nice,"[/b] he breathed, faking a smile.

Rezel, disappointed and aggitated with Tsuchi's pointless antics, let out an audible sigh from the sidelines. [b]"Don't be an idiot.."[/b] Sending him a fierce glare, Tsuchi returned to the ground and let her wings emerge from her back, shadowing a large portion of the highway.

Guilt was not impressed.

[b]"Come on! I didn' come 'ere fer a show!"[/b]

[b]"This ain't no show, Billy my boy,"[/b] she called teasingly. Suddenly, scales emerged from beneath her flesh, and she was more dragon than human, though she kept a human form. [b]"Tsuchi..."[/b] she heard a moan. [b]"Shut it, Rezel, or I'll stick your sword up your ass,"[/b] she spat. Holding up her hands, her knives returned out of seemingly nowhere.

[b]"This'll be fun.."[/b] she smiled.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]"Neat trick, love," Guilt said, with an audible yawn. "Real nice. Now, care to show me what you can [I]really[/I] do? Or is that all the great Dragon Spirits can do?"

With a flash of hellfire, Guilt's wings flew open. He rushed Tsuchi like a bullet, bringind up his broadsword to clash against her. She managed to block with her knives, but was staggered back. The jet of fire that rushed by her face didn't help, and neither did Guilt's mocking chuckle.

"Shut up, Demon!" she snapped, lashing out suddenly.

Her knife traced a thin gash across Guilt's cheek. He stared in shock as the blood sprayed from the wound. With a fierce roar, the hilt of his broadsword dug into Tsuchi's chin, snapping her head back. The demon brought the blade up, and twisted it in his hands in preparation for a vertical strike that would leave Tsuchi cut in two.

If not for the jet of fire that sent him flying to the side.

Rezel stood majestically in the air, glaring harshly at Guilt.

"I will not let you harm my comrade," he growled, drawing his blade.

"Try'n stop me, Spirit," Guilt spat back, sending a massive fireball Rezel's way.

The Dragon Spirit easily deflected it, but not so easy to avoid was Guilt's broadsword. Rezel stepped aside, dodging the blow and bringing down his fist to send Guilt streaking towards the ground. The demon spun in the air, stopping just above the street.

"All right, mate," Guilt snarled. "Now it's on! Krell, permission to release Limiter 1!"

Krell stared up at the Dragons, then eyed Guilt carefully. Finally, he spoke a single, commanding word.


"Brilliant," Guilt laughed.

His hand strayed to his lip, and he slowly pulled loose the stud lodged in his flesh. A spark of light flashed through the air, and he crumpled the piece of metal in his hand. With a wicked grin, he moved. And drove his foot into Rezel's stomach.

"In case you survive, mate," Guilt muttered. "Remember that demons never show their hand in the beginning."

Rezel titled up his head, staring Guilt in the eye. Fire exploded around him, propelling the demon back a few feet.

"Neither to I!"[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]Rezel stood up, wings spanning far past the edges of the road. Rezel's skin became scales, as Tsuchi had done earlier. He blew smoke from his nostrils and and a mighty roar tore from his mouth. He had unleashed a potrion of his power, but he would not unleash anymore untill the demon did so first.

Rezel and Guilt took to the air simaltaneously. Once airborne, the two warriors glared at each other, eyes met, deadlocked. Rezel took the initiative, putting his magestic wings into motion, propelling himself towards Guilt, his blade steadied.

Guilt and Rezel's blades clashed with such a mighty force that both were flung back in the direction they had ascended from. Faster then the eye could behold, the two soared forwards and engaged in fierce battle. Blade met blade, and steel met skin. Spilt blood washed over the ground, tainted the skies.

Below a crowd of humans had gathered on the road around the others, watching the battle from below. They gawked, amazed by the forces they could not understand. Guilt looked down and laughed, taking Rezel by surprise.

Guilt used this to his advantage, knocking Rezel back. And, aiming towards the ground, summoned flames to his hand. He looked towards Rezel sadistically, dropping his accent to sound more malicious.

[B]"Say goodbye to your precious mortals!"[/B]

A plume of flame erupted from his palm and plummeted towards the earth. The flames licked the road, engulfing the ground, sending all into a living hell. Screams and cries could be heard from below, as the humans were brought death by the hands of fire.

After the flames cleared only Tsuchi and the others were left standing, and the ground was litered with burnt corpses. Rezel's eyes opned wide with fear, and tears streamed down his face. He could not believe what he had just seen. And he had not been able to do anything. He had been powerless to stop the destruction, the suffering.

He lowered to the ground and overlooked the demolition. His tears fell to the ground, creating a tiny pool of grief at his feet. Suddenly, a ring of fire encircled Rezel, blazing ferociousy, causing the others to jump away from fear of being singed. The flames began to spin faster and faster, and it created a pillar of fire around Rezel's body.

He bolted out from the top of the pillar and blade in his hands, tears stinging his eyes, he let out a sorrowful, anguished cry. He then faced Guilt, his eyes cold and intimidating.

[B]"Die."[/B] Golden flames licked his body and blade as he charged towards the demon.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[font=Verdana][size=2][b]OOC: [/b]Hey, is everyone ignoring me and Mouse or something? [/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2]Where are the rest of the good guys?[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2]And I'm confused, who's in what form? Are the dragons in their human form or spirit form?[/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=navy]Kisa continued to watch the battles that were raging, the two Dragon spirits were being wreckless, Kisa and Kyshandra watched silently, their eyes tracking the movements of each figure present.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]Kisa was paying most of her attention to Rezel, he was over confident and cocky, which got him into lots of trouble. She peered at Kyshandra from the corner of her eyes and saw her snarling as she watched the battles.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]"Be calm, Kyshandra. There is no need to get worked up, yet..." [/b]Kisa said softly. Kyshandra's ears flicked back and she bent her hind legs, sitting beside Kisa. Her tail was still erect and her nose remained scrunched, but besides that she was fairly relaxed, with her senses aware.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]Kisa heard footsteps and talking, and turned to see humans standing around and watching the battles, her eyes flitted between the gathering crowd and the battles. She thought that the situation was quite dangerous but they wouldn't listen to her anyway from the looks she and Kyshandra were getting, it was unusual to see Dragons (Tsuchi and Rezel), Winged People (Demons and other winged folk), Wolves (Kyshandra) and Mutants (Kisa) in a street.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]Then she heard, [b]"Say goodbye to your precious mortals!" [/b]come from Guilt without the accent. Her head snapped around to look at them and saw a large incoming flame.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]The screams and cries from the crowd were loud and Kisa and Kyshandra had to block their ears from the high pitched noises that hurt their sensitive hearing. They felt the heat but were unaffected. When the flames died down, Kyshandra stood and Kisa turned to look at the charred corpses.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]"NOOOOO!!!!" [/b]she cried, tears flowing from her eyes as she saw bodies of men, women and children alike, along with animals.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]Kisa fell to her knees and clenched her fists, slamming them into the tar, creating large dents from the force. Her tears fell and left wet marks, evaporating soon after from the heat that remained from the attack.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]Rezel made a fire pillar and attacked, but Kisa didn't care, she was angry beyond measure. She stood and whirled to face the battle, watching as Rezel charged Guilt.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]Kisa's eyes changed shape into that a wolf's and she began her change, growing to twice her human height, almost double Kyshandra. She roared loudly as her skeleton changed, her spine extended and formed a tail, whitish silver fur sprouted over her body, her ears moved to the top of her head, her nose became black and wet and grew out into a muzzle. When her transition was complete, she was a huge silver white wolf. [/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]"I will get vengence for the innocents that you killed!" [/b]Kisa roared angrily, tears still in her eyes.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]Kyshandra was right beside her, she was snarling again, with her sharp teeth bared, as was Kisa.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]Kisa roared loudly again, and the sky became dark and covered and storm clouds floated over and blanketed the sky. Thunder and lightning crashed as Kisa joined the fight, hatred burning in her eyes.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080]She opened her mouth and a large spiral of fire emerged, heading toward Guilt.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=black][b]OOC: [/b]Ok, I hope my post's ok with everyone, let me know for changes. I needed to get Kisa and Kyshandra into the action because no one's paying attention to us.[/color][/size][/font]
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[SIZE=1][B]OOC People have ignored Mercy, too. *feels hurt*[/B]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Mercy felt her voice catch in her throat when the fireball exploded on those poor humans. She raced over to the bodies, a ball of light already forming in her hands. They were all dead, yes, but with her power she could bring them back. Of course, it would take a while to erase the onlooker?s memories, but that wasn't even an issue now.

Mercy knelt and began healing, her hands steady and quick. She tried to block out the noises of battle and screaming behind her, until she felt a sharp tug on her hair. She yelped and turned to see Krell, a sadistic smirk on his face.

[B]"Krell, please, these people...they, they don't deserve it. Let me heal them..."[/B]

Krell shook his head, [B]"That would ruin it for Guilt, and I think you can see that he needs the exercise."[/B]

Mercy felt the grip on her hair tighten as she was hauled to her feet; the on looking Spirits winced at seeing the Angel in such pain. She whimpered and Krell lifted her clear off the ground, throwing her into the fight between Rezel and Guilt.

Mercy looked up to see the Wolf spirit charging towards her, she rolled, knowing that the Spirit would not stop now. [B]"Only...one last hope."[/B] Mercy lifted herself, keeping an eye on the advancing Krell.

[B]"You know I won't kill you, you're far too pretty to damage and I think the Demons in hell could use some entertainment."[/B] he licked his lips and Mercy's fists tightened.

[B]"One wit' the ladies, eh, Krell?"[/B] Guilt shouted, swiping the back of his hand across his mouth. Mercy shuddered and Krell stepped closer, his weapon held firmly in his hand. [B]"You going to make this fun and fight me, Mercy?"[/B]

She shook her head,[B] "You know that isn't the way I do things, Krell."[/B]

As she spoke, Mercy lifted off the ground, a white glow enveloping her body. She had never transformed on earth, she knew it would take a while and just hoped that the Spirits would have enough sense to distract Krell. She smiled as a stone hit the Demon's head, he snarled and turned, and Mercy began the final show.

A blinding light exploded from her body, causing everyone around to shield their eyes. She leant her head back and spread her arms wide, the position of the crucifixion; she always took it with a transformation. First, two massive golden wings sprouted form her back, lose feathers scattering the street, some landing on Rezel, healing his wounds. Guilt cursed and tried to dive at the Angel, but Rezel cut him off, feeling Mercy's energy flow through him.

Next the wings from her head came out, not as large as the ones on her back, but impressive all the same. These feathers were softer and brighter. A simple flap and the transformation ended, Mercy floating in mid air with her long red hair radiating in the afternoon sun.

She smiled down at Krell and drew her staff. [B]"I will not fight, but I will protect."[/B][/COLOR]

[B]OOC Mercy will help the Spirits and Rezel, and she's going to be trying to heal the humans. Just so everyone knows.[/B][/SIZE]
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[size=1][color=#C82356][B]OOC:[/B] My, my, seems to me they all have forgotten Beelzebub, haven't they? Oh well, time to intervene.

Watching the meaningless battle above, Beelzebub found it best to intervene, knowing their purpose was not to battle, but he allowed them to pursue their battle longer, only to amuse himself with this interesting event. He stood against a wall and chuckled to himself, watching Krell fight Mercy, as Guilt battled against Rezel, Kisa, Kyshandra, and Tsuchi fought against Guilt. It became known to him when spectators stood and pointed to where the demons and spirits were, knowing they would gawk and gossip about what they had seen. He sighed.

[B]?Alas, if this is how it must be done, then let it be that way.?[/B] At that moment, Beelzebub walked into a dark alley and emerged into the sky as Beelzebub?s true form, a truly demonic and horrendous sight. He was a demon who resembled that of a mixture of creatures, it was unsure of what he truly was. His snarling roar had caused the others to look upon him as he sent forth a spiral of black light to the humans below, causing everything in its path to stop, as if time ceased for him. He then flew towards the fight and proceeded to have them refrain from brawling any further. [B]?This is not the time to wreak havoc against one another. Until another time.?[/B] Facing Guilt, he motioned for him to leave. Guilt only looked to Rezel, knowing this was his chance to hit. Beelzebub knew him too well and bellowed at him. [B]?We leave. . . NOW, GUILT! I suggest you take your leave as well, Spirits.?[/B]

Tension rose in the air as Beelzebub turned to leave towards Krell, only to know that Guilt was lingering behind, eyeing the spirits cautiously. Beelzebub could hear mumblings coming from the Demon behind him, yet he knew that this was not the time and place to even cause such raucous. Krell followed shortly behind, smirking at Mercy as he made to leave, she knew what it meant yet she did not fear it. She accepted it, but wanted nothing to do with it. The three demons walked down the street to an alley and in there, Beelzebub, Guilt, and Krell had formed to their human disguise, and Beelzebub had allowed time to regain its position, knowing that the humans would forget what they had seen.

Groaning, Guilt began to walk out of the alley, only to be stopped by a hand. He knew it to be one of the higher demons. He turned and it was Krell, a smug look upon his face. Leaving Krell?s hand, Guilt only walked out. It was Krell and Beelzebub in the alleyway, talking amongst themselves.

[B]?I assure you, Beelzebub, it only a momentary thing, something to get out of our system, ya know??

?Yes. I know that feeling quite well. But know this Krell, if I find there is another incident such as this, punishment is in order. But if the others should happen to have advanced, then we shall soon see.?[/B] A beeping came from Beelzebub and he looked to his watch. A green demonic eye had appeared upon it and it had meant that there was a counsel meeting. [B]?I must get back to Hell. I shall soon see you two.?[/B] As soon as he was about to leave, Beelzebub waved behind. [B]?By the way, since I am taking my leave, I won?t be here to watch the combat take place. Have fun, my boys. Try not to hurt as many innocents next time.?[/B] With that, Beelzebub chuckled and disappeared, leaving Guilt and Krell with a sly smile across their face.
[B]OOC:[/B] F.Y.I. Raid3r, I don't mind what you say about Beelzebub. He wouldn't be what he is if he didn't have people hating him. And Beelzebub doesn't care for human bloodshed or spectators, only the fact that there were so many wasn't the ideal battle he thought of.[/size][/color]
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