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Project: INFINITE [M-LV]


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[COLOR=Blue][SIZE=1]It was dark, and every breath made a little puff of smoke drift upwards towards the moon. The street was filled with overturned cars, dead carcasses and broken glass and brick. Some of the road had holes in it, along with large skid and claw marks. But in the middle of it all sat a small girl, lost and alone.

[B]"Where.. Where am I?"[/B] she whispered, tears streaming down her face and silently falling to the ground.

Standing up, she began to remember. The headaches, the pain in every inch of skin, from her nose to her feet. It had engulfed her. "It", she remembered, was herself. Another part of herself.

One she had not invited.

Struggling to her feet, she felt weary. [B]"What.. What h-happened?"[/B] she managed to mutter, before the lone sound of more whimpers and tears. Beginning to stumble down the trail of dead bodies, she moaned as the smell reached her nose.

It was quiet. Very quiet. That was unusual. After all, she could hear for miles. Remembering this, she felt atop her head and, to her dismay, she felt them. Her ears. Her [i]new[/i] ears.

As the memories began to flow back, she cried more and more. At the pain. At the destruction. At the death. At all she had gone through and done. [B]"I've.. I-I've killed them.."[/B] Spinning around, she saw a boy. One she recognized.

[B]"I-.. Isaak?"[/B]

She had heard him before he had even moved. Though her sight was the same as a human's, her hearing was a hundred times better. He stepped towards her. His appearance frightened her, as she stepped back. She could see the anger in his eyes, and the hear the frustration in his voice.

[B]"Nina. Look around. Do you see it all? .. We did this. Together. I can remember it all. Don't you remember? This was our latest "hit". We've been going around killing people!"[/B]

His angry shouting was followed by loud crying and a stronger flow of tears. He stepped closer. She stepped back.

[B]"Nina.. We can't control it."[/B]

[B]"Stop.."[/B] she moaned. [B]"Please, stop. I don't want to hear it.."[/B]

[B]"But it's true,"[/B] he paused, then let out a sigh. Cursing himself, he slowly walked forward and embraced his friend.[B] "It's over for now. We're us again. Shh.."[/B] he soothed, waiting for her to finish her crying.

Several minutes passed, the silence of the death-filled night broken only by the young girls sobs of anger, fright and grief. It was too much for her. She was still young. Still trying to hold onto her innocence. But she was a killer, a freak, and an outcast, acompanied only by those few like her.

[B]"Out of billions.."[/B] she spoke suddenly, startling Isaak, who let go of her slowly. [B]"Out of billions, we had to be the ones.. They chose us to become their.. 'pets',"[/B] she spat as she growled the last word.

The two stood in silence, until she let out a sigh, and shivered a bit.

[B]"It's cold. You should wrap up. I have this,"[/B] he ruffled a patch of fur on his arm. Nina hated using her wings, since they reminded her of the freak she was. But Isaak was right; it was very cold out. And she would get sick if she didn't warm herself. Her wings, shadowed by the moon, made her look very menacing as she raised them high in the air. But Isaak had seen it before. It was nothing new.

Wrapping them around herself tightly, Nina felt the warmth. [B]"Where.. are the others?"[/B]

[B]"Probably killing people in another town. We're somewhere in Pennsylvania right now. But don't worry. We'll find 'em. Just not in one night. Com'mon. Lets find a grocery store we can ransack,"[/B] he smiled a bit, trying to lighten the grim mood.

Following quietly, Nina wiped her last tear of the night of her cheek.

[B]"I'm not looking forward to tomorrow.."[/B] Nina whispered, glaring up at the moon.

OOC: Well, there you go. I've *cough*finally*cough* posted it. Here are the links to the sign up thread and the underground thread.

[url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=45948][b]Sign Ups[/b][/url] [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Destroyed property, raging fires, lifeless corpses, and a city so silent that it would frighten even the most hardened individual. To Francesco this scene was almost like a dream that had been repeated for months, but slowly the dream faded and the fog lifted. The reality of the situation struck like a flash of light from an opened door as his human consciousness finally regained control. However, it seemed that the dream persisted even in reality.

"So, I guess you are telling me that I wasn't strong enough before?" Francesco stared at the scales on his right hand, but directed his question to the Almighty One. In his own mind this incident was merely another step toward cleansing the Earth of the unworthy side of humanity, the blight that was killing the planet. "I will carry out your desire to save this planet."

A strange sensation struck for a moment, before Francesco remembered what it was. He had forgotten, after losing control of himself, that he could sense the heat produced by his surroundings, and especially those of humans. Following the scent he came across a pair of children, a brother and sister huddled inside of a large dumpster. Looking at the two he smiled warmly, and spoke in a comforting manner that most would not believe him capable of.

"There is no reason to fear any longer. The fact that you are alive now means you have been chosen to live in the new Eden that my brothers and sisters will bring." Despite the comforting words, or perhaps because of them, the two continued to shy away, and loooked almost ready to face their fate. Francesco said nothing more, and walked away from the area. While leaving the small town, headed for the next, he sense many more that had been spared, and that would rebuild the way God intended.
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[LEFT][i]Indigo stood outside the door, his new, strange ears picking up every sound from within. He'd snuck back in, somethings that had been difficult to do...his body felt twice as clumsy as it ever had before.[/i]

[b]Dad'll help me, I know he will...[/b] [i]One stripe-furred hand went out to the doorknob. [/i] [b]Dad always knows what to do...[/b][i]This time, however, doubts were spinning in the back of Indigo's head...[/i]

[b]He didn't know how to stop it...how would he know what to do?[/b][i]Indigo shook his head angrily, refusing to listen to that voice. His fingertips had just brushed the door when the phone in the office rang. He jumped, startled, when he heard his father's voice for the first time in...it felt like an eternity. The confidence returned. [/i]

[b]Dad'll be able to fix this.[/b][i] He finally began to turn the knob...but something his father said made him freeze...

[b]"Yes, director...yes, the INFINITE creatures must be destroyed...I agree with you one hundred percent on that point..."[/b] Indigo just stared at the door. [b]"If it wasn't for the fact that they're so strong, they'd've been gone long ago..."[/b] The instincts kicked in...the zebra instincts...danger? run. run fast. scared? run. run fast. angry? run. run fast. So he did, ignoring the clatter of his hooved feet as he burst from the door, anger and sorrow welling up inside of him to burst forth as tears. He brushed them aside angrily as he ran. Zebras didn't cry...why couldn't [/i] that[i] have dissappeared with the rest of his humanity? He ran until he could run no more, collapsing onto the ground some hours later, to fall into a deep, troubled sleep.[/i]


It was three days later, and Indigo's heart still hurt. He'd tried to go into one of the few un-destroyed towns in the area...there'd been the usual shouts of "freak"...and he'd snapped. He had tried desperatly to get the blood off his hooves...but no amount of water in the world could wash his mind.[B]

[i]I hate this! Why'd you do this to me, dad? I thought you loved me![/i]

[/B] Now, as he stared at the stars, no answers sprang to mind, no grand explanations...someone stepped on a branch in the woods behind him. The instincts told him to run, again...until he recognized the scent. It didn't help much - as a matter of fact, it made the zebra part of him even more scared - but it made the [i]Indigo[/i] part feel a lot safer.

[b]"Vhere have you been, Nathen?"[/b][/LEFT]

Hope you don't mind the intro, Anarchy...
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[LEFT][A flash of yellow fur flew through the sky flashing by the moon. A cat girl licked her paws and purred. A young couple went by talking, obviously on their way to downtown to have a walk under the neon lights. Elisa pounced down a couple yards away from them.

?Look a kitty!? the girl exclaimed as they got closer. But, as they got closer they noticed it was no ordinary kitty. It was a kitty with the eyes of a serial killer. It also had human like features like standing erectly and speaking. The couple began to run for their lives.

?Meow! Don?t you wanna play with me? Elisa purred and ran on all fours toward the couple. She punched on both of them with each paw.

A few seconds later?

Elisa walked away from the scene licking her claws leaving the two dead corpses behind. ?Kitty like blood?? she talked like a little girl. A flash of light and she was her human form. She held her head and moaned. She waddled over to a ledge and sat down.

?Oh my?what am I doing..? she gasped to herself, the cat form inside of her was clawing to get out. Elisa fought back the urge to transform back she was successful. Elisa used her senses to find the other projects. After a long walk she found Indigo and Nathen.

?What?what are we?? she asked them. Indigo shook his head.

?Something horrible?now we are going to have to be on the run. Forever??

Elisa looked up at the moon slowly sliding down into the earth.

?This is it huh?. Let the chase begin..?

OOC: Sorry for the shortness!![/LEFT]
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Isaak stood, staring into an empty grocery store, in a now desolate town. No longer afraid that he would injure someone, as there was no longer anyone left in the city, he drove his fist into the window, and the glass shattered.The sound rung loudly in both Nina's and his ears, and he apologized to her.

He jumped in gracefully, avoiding the broken window shards, and opened the door so that Nina could walk in. It was a bit warmer in there, suprisingly, so Nina used this as a chance to unwrap her wings. As her wings took their place behind her once more ans she walked off elsewhere, Rin walked into the deli section.

The creature inside of him demanded meat, and now. He grabbed some and ate savagely ripping it to shreds. He was so happy Nina had left his side. He did not want her to see him this way. This...this savage he was now.

Even when his appearance shifted to that of which it once was, there was no hiding the beast. It was forever a part of him. And he hated that. It hurt him more, however, to know that Nina was in pain, suffering. He threw the remains of what he had been eating away, satisfied and disgusted at once, and grabbed a soda.

As he raised the can to his mouth and began drinking, his ears twitched. He could hear voices coming closer, at a rapid speed. Hostile voices. He dropped the can and ran frantically throughout the store, desperately trying to find Nina. He heard a scream from the front, and sprang over the isles to get there. He gaspd at the site.

There were 7 people standing outside the store, in front of what appeared to be a hummer. They were holding shotguns and handguns, and one had obviously shot at Nina and missed, for she was sitting on the ground frightened and a bullet hole was embued in the door. Isaak's eyes widened with fury, and he spoke to the humans, his voice quivering with anger.

[B]"Y...yo...you...you tried to shot her?!? I'll...I'LL NEVER FOGIVE YOU FOR THAT!!"[/B] His fur got thicker, his ears larger, his fangs longer, and his nails sharper. He attacked, showing no mercy, and soon the battle was over. When he came to he was holding one of their necks in his mouth, and there was a bullet hole in his shoulder. He was also standing in front of Nina. He suddenly recalled hwta happened. This one had tried to shot her, so Isaak took the bullet instead and then attacked the man.

He tried to get close to her, but she shook with fear and fell backwards. Returning to his human state, Tears streamed down Isaak's face. He turned away from Nina, unable to stare at the horror in her eyes.

[B]"I always thought we would become more powerful after the expiriments...But no. It turned us into monsters, shunned from the world...Forever alone...The only things left in our lives, one another."[/B]

She stood up and tapped Isaak on the shoulder, and Isaak turned and collapsed into her, crying. She bent on her knees and held him, crying as well. And there they stayed throughout the night, the moon illuminating their sorrowful tears, until the angel known as sleep ascended from the heaven and, taking pity upon these god-forsaken youths, ushered them into her domain.

[COLOR=Gray][SIZE=1]OOC: Wow...that made me really sad... :( [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]"Elisa, we have to run. Stop staring at the sun," said Indigo, one of his hooves pawing the ground.

"But I love the sun, especially when it rises. It reminds me of the colour of the blood I spill."

"Well, alright then, but we have no time for your stupid little memories, Elisa. The humans are going to be out after us soon, and I for one don't want to get caught by them," said Nathen.

"Well, that's just typical Nathen, isn't it?" said Elisa, her anger flaring, "Always looking out for number one, never caring about anyone but himself!"

"Why should I look out for anyone else when anybody else I have ever met has turned out to be a psycho, or a drug addict, or a mad scientist! I can't trust anybody except myself, so that's who I care about. Me, and no-one else!" shouted Nathen in reply.

"Well, don't you think we've been through the same as you? We've been through Hell to get here, and we can open up to each other!" Elisa screamed, her claws popping out from her paws.

Nathen slipped his claws out, unnoticed by Elisa and Indigo. He snarled slightly, then turned and walked away, dust kicking up around his heels.

Indigo glared slightly at Elisa, then followed Nathen. Elisa followed soon after them.

(OOC: I really hope this is okay, I didn't really know what to write. PM me if its not and I'll edit)[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[LEFT]Inna had walked around town for a while looking for someone to talk to. She didn't like being alone. When she finally found a group of people, they took one look at her and ran off yelling something about mutants. She had put on her best poker face and pretended not to be hurt, not that anyone was around to see anyway, just to stay in practice.

Not wishing to stay in the burning city with all the corpses, how anybody could do something like that she didn't know...or rather, she may have...she just didn't [i]remember[/i]. She began walking - she'd seen a river that way...river = water = happy seal. She laughed at the thought.

She'd almost made it out of the city when she heard a noise. Turning, she saw Francesco, stalking and talking to himself as usual...the snake-boy scared her a little...but at least he could talk...she launched herself at her fellow project member, latching herself onto him in a hug.

[B]"Cesco!"[/B] She yelped, her sentence become run-on and rapid. [B]"Cesco, I'm so happy I found you! I need someone to talk to and the people in the town weren't very nice, they wouldn't talk to me and they called me a freak and they ran away and it hurt my feelings but now you're here and I can talk to you and I'm happy again!" [/B] Francesco had frozen. He seemed to be twitching. [B]"Something wrong, Cesco?"[/B] She didn't wait for an answer. [B]"They're all these dead bodies back there and they scared me an it was icky and...you're twitching again..." [/B] She untangled herself, and stepped away. Francesco began walking out towards the outer edge of the city again. Inna just followed, still babbling. At least she had someone to talk to again...[/LEFT]

[COLOR=DarkRed]OOC: Heh heh. I have derailed the angstfest...we need one hyper, happy character, right? It's kind of short...sorry.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Indigo]He stood up getting out of the cot at the military base. He looked in the mirror and smiled another day another smile. This had become his trademark phrase. He looked around and saw a few of his buddies stirring around. He walked outside and smelled of the air. Death destruction no beauty left on this planet anymore only misery destruction and mayhem. But why, was it because of sciene revenge for the injustices caused upon them. Why were these kids like this?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Indigo]He did not want to kill Children but it was what his mission as a special forces agent to do. He did what he was told and he was told to kill the I.N.F.I.N.I.T.E children which seemed evil. But as he thought about it he thought back to when he first saw them as they destroyed the city he lived in and killed his family and he chuckled picking up his rifle and looking around. Time for me to make a living. He jumped into the jeep and drove off towards the city.[/COLOR]
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[size=1]The fog crept off of the mountains as the sun just began to light the horizon. The sky slowly went from the dark blue/black of night to the light raidance of early morning.

[b]Theo-[/b] "Beautiful..." Every morning. Every morning he sat up here watching the sun rise. It was the last pure thing about this world. The sun. So wonderful. So pure.

Nothing was sacred to the human race anymore. The atmosphere is dirtied. The ground is filthy. Disease is rampant. And even the children aren't sacred any longer.

Theodore O'Connor looked down at his feathered arms. When was the last time he wore a shirt? It didn't matter. Just one more fragment of the humanity he lost long ago. Shirts were useless pieces of cloth that hurt his feathers. He could tolerate pants, even in his animal form. They didn't hurt or irritate anything. he glanced down at his arms again and silently cursed his parents. Damn the ones that gave him up. Damn them for lighting the fuse on what became this life.

The sun touched above the horizon. Theo squinted and let the animal part of him come forward part of the way. It was always better to have a consultant when you sttempted to fly. He jumped off of the peak, racing the sun down the mountain. It was ahead of him today, but only slightly so. He tucked his wings and shot downward like a missile. He crossed over into the shade the horizon provided and let out a screech of victory. Just before he got to the ground the falcon told him to flare his wings and come to a stop. He followed directions without deviation, and touched down just as the sun washed over him.

Maybe today wouldn't be that bad. His ears caught a faint noise. It was a Nepalese Yak. A good breakfast.[/size]
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A quiet sigh escaped Francesco's lips as he leaned against the tree. It was the first calm moment he had gotten in the last twenty minutes. A few yards away Inna was running about wildly through a knee-deep creek. The water seemed to occupy her mind enough to turn her attention away from grappling onto Francesco's arm, or spouting long sentences that rarely had ends.Despite the incessant babbling it was good to see another child of INFINITE.

A noise caught Francesco's ear, and immediately he dropped down behing a small bush nearby. Down the way a dust cloud was being kicked up by an approaching vehicle. Francesco turned his head and spoke sharply. "Inna..." he said, waving his hand. The happy-go-lucky girl stopped and moved up next to Francesco, who was drawing a knife in expectation of a fight.

"Stop it!" Inna almost shouted out loud as she grabbed Francesco by the wrist. "Don't kill anyone." A look of genuine worry appeared on her face, but was it for the humans in the truck, or for Francesco? "They are a blight on this world. We must get rid of them." Francesco stated coldly, trying to break Inna's iron grip.

"No! No more killing! I wont let you kill them." The look in Inna's eyes changed to that of resistance to his plan. It was stange to see her willing to challenge someone openly. [i]Damn it[/i], was all that Francesco could think. He wasn't willing to go so far as attacking his "sister" just to kill a few humans. Quietly he sheathed his knife and let the truck pass.

OOC: Inna is a difficult character to create lines for. It's hard to keep her from seeming too agressive. :animeswea
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Nina awoke at the break of dawn, feeling the weak rays of the sun falling on her. She shifted slightly, rubbing her eyes of the sleep she had enjoyed so much. She stayed on her back silently for a few minutes, just glaring up and the transforming sky.

Nina admired the beauty of the remaining stars before they were out shined by the extravagant sun.

Sitting up, she realized that Isaak was sleeping on one of her wings. Not wanting to wake him, but not wanting to stay on the ground, she decided to wake him.

[b]"Isaak? Wake up,"[/b] she cooed, nudging his shoulders. He let out a sleepy moan, grunting his desire to continue dreaming. But Nina would not let him. Leaning over his ear, she began softly. [b]"Isaak... Iiisaak.. WAKE UP!"[/b]

At her shouting, he jerked upwards, nearly hitting her in the face.

[b]"Watch it, you idiot!"[/b] she barked. [b]"Don't shout in my ear, then,"[/b] he replied, using a finger to remove the wax from his ears. In a huff, Nina stood up and hit him on the head before walking away. [b]"Hey! What was [i]that[/i] for?!"[/b] Isaak whined defensivly.

Nina strolled off, not bothering to wait for her slow companion. She wasn't sure where she was going; she didn't know the town very well. After a few minutes, she found herself at a park.

[b]"Wow.."[/b] she whispered in awe.

The park was untouched. It was full of healthy trees, healthy bushes, beautifully crafted benches, and a large duck pond without a ripple. There wasn't a soul anywhere, not that it surprised her, but it seemed a little eerie. For someplace so beautful, she was disappointed that no one else could enjoy it.

Isaak caught up with her moments after she had taken a few steps onto the cool green grass. Before he could begin to shout at her, he was taken aback by the park's perfection as well.

[b]"Amazing.."[/b] he muttered, stepping onto the grass as well. There was no cement walkways. There was very little modernization other than the benches. It was very surprising to see a park. Very few existed. The only places that actually had nature were either fakes, zoos, or parks like this one. Most of the world had been completely bulldozed and replaced with concrete.

It was a human's world. No place for animals.

Taking a few moments to take it all in, their silence was interrupted by Nina's shouts of glee. [b]"Last one in the water does the laundry!"[/b] she squealed, running at the duck pond. It had been a long while since her last good swim. A long while.
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Isaak laughed and sped past Nina at the pond, quickly removing his shirt and springing into the water without slowing down. Hit hit the water full on, creating a giant pillar of water. As he brought his head above water, Nina squealed with delight and plunged in. Isaak was showered with water, but it felt good. He hadn't felt the cool touch of clean water in a long time.

Nina came up behind him and jumped on his back, knocking him over. Isaak retaliated by grabbing her legs and pulling her down. He came up and laughed loudly, and they began wrestling. They had a great time, something they had been deprived of for months. Isaak ears twitched as he heard a sound in the distance. Another animal, he thought. He sprung from the pond and shook, drying off his fur. He grabbed his shirt and quickly put it on. Glancing around for the source of the noise, he sniffed the air. Nina jumped out and Isaak turned to talk with her, and then spun around, embarresed. He spoke quickly.

[B]"Uh....Someone'sherehurryandgetdressed. Gonnagofindoutwhobye!"[/B]
He rushed off, blushing. He ran close by and found a dead Nelapese Yak. He heard a sound from the sky and looked up quickly. An unknown figure was speading towards the ground. Isaak ran at the nearest tree and catapulted off of it, at the flying figure, and tackled it to the ground. He was about to bash it's face in when a familiar voice came from it.

[B]"Is that anyway to treat a friend, Isaak?"[/B] Isaak chuckled as a tear slid down his face. It was Theodore. He gave his friend a hug and yelled for Nina. Nina came over cautiously and, upon seeing Theo, jumped on top of Theo and Isaak. And there the three friends lay and reminisced.
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[LEFT]Elisa woke up meowing. "Yowwww.." she got up and streched. As she looked around she saw that Indigo was asleep but Nathen was sitting on a log looking out into the middle of no where. She slowly walked over to him and put her paw on his shoulder.

"Ken-cha-na" she said in Korean. "It's ok, we will find out how to change our selves back.. we will get our revenge." He turned around and looked at the Korean girl "It's not that..it's just..that.. I think..I won't be exactly..."

Elisa cut him off "Loved?" she shook her head and sat next to him. "Don't worry about that...we will..." Elisa looked into Nathens eyes and he looked into hers. She leaned toward him and they engaged in a kiss. Elisa pulled away and blushed, "I...I am sorry.."

"It's ok..." Nathen said scratching his head.[/LEFT]

want anything changed PM me please.
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]"It's ok," said Nathen, scratching his head. He got up and walked away, leaving Elisa and Indigo alone. He entered the woods, and crept through them, moving towards the nearest town.

It was a small, but heavily populated town, built just on the outskirts of the forest. He crept to the edge of the forest, and changed. He fell onto all fours, and fur sprouted along the length of his body. A tail sprouted from the base of his spine, and his hands turned into paws.

He leapt down into the town, and found people wandering around. He smiled, as much as a lion could smile, and leapt at them.

In just under half an hour, Nathen was walking slowly out of the town, licking his paws clean of blood. Indigo and Elisa were waiting for him, and they looked behind him into the town. Blood stained the streets.

"How many people did you kill this time, Nathen?" asked Indigo, furious.

"Oh, just a few. Hundred. Okay, the entire population of the town," replied Nathen.

"Great!" shouted Indigo, "Just great! We're supposed to be protecting ourselves, not slaughtering towns full of people! How is that going to prove to them that we are not monsters?"

"I don't care what people think of me!" shouted Nathen, grabbing Indigo by the scruff of the neck and slamming him against a tree, "I just do what I need to do to survive!" He drew a claw, and pressed it against Indigo's neck, drawing a drop of blood. Elisa split them up.

"Stop it!" she shouted, "We're supposed to be looking out for each other, not getting at each other's necks!"

"I'm not looking out for anyone except myself!" shouted Nathen, "And if you don't like that then you can just leave me alone!" He ran off into the woods, running away so no-one could find him again...[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Indigo stared after Nathen, rubbing the scratch on his throat.[B] [i]Stupid carnivor...bloodthirsty maniac....gonna get himself killed...or all of us....[/i][/B]

That thought made him break into a run, his hooves pounding the ground so fast they were a blur. Being a zebra mutant did have it's advantages...a lion could hardly outrun him for long. He broke out of the trees, and dodged in front of Nathen.

[B]"Where do you thing you're going, hmm? Look, I don't know about you, but I really don't want to be alone..."[/B] Nathen just growled, trying to push past Indigo. Indigo swallowed, but jumped so he could stay in front of his angry friend...

[B]"There's safty in numbers, Nate..."[/B] Nathen snarled again, but turned back towards the direction they'd just come from. He didn't say anything, but Indigo took this as a small victory. Now if only he could keep him and Elisa from going on yet [i]another[/i] killing spree....[/LEFT]

OOC: hope I got your character ok, Anarchy...I'll change it if it needs to be changed.
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[LEFT]Inna sighed in relief. It seemed as if even though he wanted to get rid of those who were not like the children of INFINITE, he was not willing to hurt her to do it. She smiled.

"Thank you so much Cesco! I knew you wouldnt do it!" She began twirling around, the smile still huge upon her face. Francesco sighed.

"You do realize that we are the greater beings of this world don't you? Eventually they will have to be taken out." Inna stopped twirling.

"Don't say things like that please. I don't want to think about it." She looked upset for a minute but then her face brightened as if what Francesco had just said had already left her mind. "Can we go visit New York City? All the really big stars of the stage live there. Please Cesco, please?" Inna tugged on Francesco's arm, making her face look as sad as possible.[/LEFT]

[COLOR=DarkRed]OOC: Inna is giving me the impression that even though she's one of the older INFINITE children, she acts younger. Sorry it's short. Couldn't think well. :animeswea [/COLOR]
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A fax popped out of his car and he looked down at it and pulled it out reading it outloud.

Another city destroyed by the I.N.F.I.N.I.T.E Children. The entire city was wiped out by the one called Nathan.

Oh man not again.

He punched in the coordinates and the place popped up and the map began to trace the path there. He began to drive towards the city and he saw the bodies laying on the side of the road as he got closer.

This is just Mayhem.

he saw a trail leading into the woods and he came to a complete stop and got out grabbing his rifle and walking towards the path he heard some rustling in the woods and he smiled.

maybe i'll be lucky and it least injure one this time he looked through the treelines and saw the kids sitting around he raised the gun up and it clicked against the tree and their ears perked up and they looked right at him

Crap not again.

He pulled out his knife redy in case of a fight
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[size=1][b]Theo-[/b] "Is that any way to treat a friend, Isaak?" Isaak turned around and hugged his friend. Nina came over, cautiously and tackled them both to the ground.

[b]Nina-[/b] "Where have you been?!" Theo chuckled and wiggled out from under the two bodies. He stood and preened his feathers. A couple had been bent in the hug-tackle.

[b]Theo-[/b] "I needed to get away." He looked at his companions and at the cityscape around them. "From everything..." He still wanted to be away, but sometimes wants were not the most important things in the world. He loved his friends like family. And time was drawing near. Something stood in the air like a thick blanket of fog. Almost tangible, but always just out of reach.

[b]Nina-[/b] "Yeah..." He could feel the relief her voice carried.

[b]Isaak-[/b] "We thought you were dead." He smiled, or at least as much as his beak would let him smile. "After the incident you kinda just dissapered. No one knew where you had gone." He blinked, unable to think of anything to say. Nina propped herself up on one elbow.

[b]Nina-[/b] "Where did you go? What have you been doing?" Theo smiled.

[b]Theo-[/b] "I've been thinking. First I went to Ireland, my home... But it had already been destroyed. Understand that I'd been hiding for about a month after we escaped. I saw all the ruined houses, and the burning fields... I snapped. The next thing I knew, I was up in the mountains of Nepal. It was so beautiful up there. I didn't want to leave." He sat up, wrapping his arms around his knees. "But I missed you guys." He hoped that he didn't make a mistake by leaving the mountains.[/size]
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They'd only been wandering a short time before Indigo needed to stop. The sprint had left him slightly winded - he hadn't needed to run that fast in a while.

[B]"Guys, I need a break...'s ok?"[/B] Nathen sneered, but stopped jogging. Indigo sat down, his back against a tree, absent mindedly eating a handful of grass he'd picked up. Nathen rolled his eyes.

[B]"How can you eat that? That's disgusting."[/B] Indigo just glared.

[B]""s better than something that's all bloody..."[/B] Elisa smiled slightly.

[B]"Don't knock it 'till you try it." [/B] Indigo opened his moouth to protest, but shut it again with a snap when he heard something snap in the wood.

[B]"You guys hear that?"[/B] Nathen nodded, his face grim. Elisa just slid out her claws. Indigo rose into a half crouch. There was another snap. All three turned, to see a soldier, clutching a gun and a knife. Indigo glanced over at Nathen. Both Nathen and Elisa were grinning slightly.

[B]"Only one?"[/B] Indigo could see what they were planning...so he broke into run, straight at the soldier. Halfway there, he jumped in the air, his right foot planting firm against the tree, using it as a centerfuge as he swung around, his other foot connecting with the soldier's shin, knocking him to the ground. He bent low towards the soldier.

[B]"Play dead!"[/B][/LEFT]
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Play dead, huh.

He stood up and roundhoused the one they called indgio in the chin knocking him to the ground he looked at the other two and smiled bringing his hand and and using his pinky index pointer and middles fingers to beckon them to come forward but as he did this he looked down to see the other one standing up.

You should have played dead.

He jumped and kicked craig in the chin again knocking him down he smiled. Fresh meat

Craig looked up and him and smiled driving the knife into his leg. The kid yelled and turned and ran soon thereafter the other two fel in behind him.

He reached and grabbed his knife glad I installed the tracking buggy on this knife. He looked down at his Palm Pilot and typed on it and a red dot was running very fast away from him.

He grabbed his shoulder popping it back into place having dislocated it when he was knocked down.

I've got to get back to base.

He walked out of the woods and got into the jeep and drove back to base to report to his head officer.

(if i screwed up soewhere pm me and I will change accordingly.)
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]"What the hell were you doing?" shouted Nathen, "He was trying to kill us, and you go and let him get away?!"

Indigo passed by Nathen and Elisa silently, with his head hung. Nathen looked at Elisa, and then followed Indigo.

"I heard what you said to him. You told him to play dead, didn't you?"

"So what if I did?"

"That bloke was a soldier, Indigo! Now that he's managed to get away, don't you think he'll have some way of tracking us? He'll be back soon, with an army come to destroy us, and you know what'll happen then! We'll have to kill them all! If we had killed that guy, then we wouldn't be facing this problem! Doesn't the saying go: the few must always be sacrificed at the altar of the many?"

"But he wasn't hurting us!"

"He was going to, though! Didn't you see the gun and the knife? What else was he going to do with them?"

"I don't want to have to kill anyone else, Nathen! I'm sick of it! I can't sleep at night for all the blood I have spilled, and I know that I deserve that. What about you, Nathen? Or you, Elisa? Can you sleep at night? How does the bloodshed affect you?"

"I block it out. It is a natural part of the animal world. One animal kills another to survive."

"But we aren't eating the humans, or at least not all of them. We don't need to kill as many as we are!"

"But you admit that we still have to kill some!"

"Well, of course, but..."

"Aha! So you didn't mean what you said before!"

"Not entirely, but..."

"Just stop digging, Indigo. Let me go away on my own, and you won't ever be bothered by me again. Goodbye, Indigo. Goodbye, Elisa." He ran into the wilderness and disappeared into the forest.

After a few miles, he looked back to see if they were following him, which they weren't. He walked on a little more, until he heard voices just by the edge of the woods. He recognised the voices. The belonged to three of his fellow Project Experiments, Nina, Isaak and Theo. He listened in on what they were saying for a while, then got bored and broke through the bushes.

"What are you talking about, then?" he said coldly.

"Nathen!" shouted Nina, surprised to see him. The other two showed as much surprise as her, and she got up and hugged Nathen. He pushed her away, snarling. They sat back down, and he sat separately from them, lost in his own private dreamworld...[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[B]"Nathen.."[/B] Nina sighed, slumping a bit. Though she was reuniting with so many she had missed, they didn't seem happy to see her. This both frustrated and hurt her, but she kept her feelings inside. She wouldn't let them out now.

[B]"Well, Theo.. It seems your breakfast got away,"[/B] she said in a low tone, pointing towards his prey. The yak had wandered off and into the distance. [b]"Shit,"[/b] was all he had to say.

Isaak attempted to talk more with his old friend, but Theo didn't seem willing to cooperate.

[b]"How the hell'd a yak get into the city, anyway?"[/b] Isaak mumbled. That reminded Theo of something, for he perked up. Standing up quickly, he rushed off. [b]"Theo!"[/b] Nina called, but he didn't look back. [b]"What's up with him?"[/b] Isaak whispered in her ear. She shook her head, still confused about what made the others run from her.

Was it how she looked? No.. Couldn't be. The others were like her, too. All distorted and changed in different ways like different things. Was it how she acted? It wasn't her fault. She was just always happy to see her old friends. They had grown close. Why wouldn't they want her to be happy? Why weren't [i]they[/i] happy?

All these questions popping up in her head made her want to scream. But, instead, she turned towards Nathen. [b]"What's up?"[/b] she asked him, a bit of her frustration sounding in her voice.

[b]"Don't start,"[/b] he warned her.

[b]"Oh, stop it,"[/b] she growled, [b]"Stop it now! After all the time we've been apart, I'm glad to see you, and I try to talk with you. But what do you do? You ignore me! Then when I try to figure out [i]why[/i] you're ignoring me, you tell me to leave you alone! Well you know what? Fine!"[/b]

And with that, she raised her wings and flew away, tired of being ignored and taken for granted. She wasn't trying to be angry, she just wanted to spend time with her friends; the only ones who would accept her for who she had become. Nina wanted nothing more than to be normal and do what normal kids did. But that was no longer possible.

Everybody ran away. No one would even give her a chance. Not even her friends.
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Isaak watched as Nina flew off plauged with sorrow, and he turned to Nathen, enraged. He grabbed his friend by the collar and shook him.

"Dammit! What's wrong with you! All she wants is for all of us to be together, to be close to you guys! And you pushed her away." Isaak roared at Nathen. Nathen merely shrugged. Isaak's temper flared and he punched Nathen in the face. Isaak then sprang up and ran after Nina.

He ran off into the forest and searched all over the place. Theo emerged from the bushes and asked Isaak what he was doing. Isaak was going to snap at him, but he had gotten himself in check, so he calmly told him what happened and that he was now looking for Nina. Theo frowned.

'I only wanted to go eat my breakfast before it spoiled. Hmm...We should hurry and find her..."

They ran off in search of Nina. They found her balled up next to a small stream. She was crying. Isaak sat down next to her, and without saying anything, put his arm around her and held her close. She sobbed into his shoulder.

"Why? Why don't they want to be with m--" Isaak put his finger to her lips and hugged her again. They sat there in silence, and Theo sat down as well and put his arm around Nina.
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[LEFT]Elisa still looked into the woods where Nathen had ran off into. She fell down onto her knees and she sighed.

"Whe...Whe?" (Means Why in Korean) "Did I do something wrong?" Elisa's eyes got red and tears trickled down her cheek. Something flashed by the sun and Elisa looked up. It was Nina flying by. "I hate her...little miss emotional bitch..." Elisa wiped away her tears. She started to run on all fourse to where she saw Nina land.

Elisa came to a clearing where she saw Nina curled up within her wings crying. "Is that all you do? Cry like a little 2-year old?" Elisa shook her head as her claws appeared. "Leave me alone!!!!" Nina screamed as she slapped Elisa with on of her wings.

Elisa hit a tree trunk, she screamed like a cat and ran up to Nina. She scratched her face as blood dripped from Ninas face. Nina returned with another slap which made Elisa bleed her self. Elisa held her jaw and screamed once more. They engaged in a bloody battle of hatred. Someone came into teh clearing and yelled

"STOP IT!!!!!!"
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Nina was hurt, and had been left alone after Isaak went with Theo to help him with the Yak carcas, when Elisa had shown up and attacked her.

Enraged at Elisa's pointless hatred for her, Nina slowly began to show less and less mercy. Each blow was more powerful from the last. Nina had the advantage, for she could avoid almost every blow, and could return it with an even stronger one.

After a few minutes of hatred fueled battle, the two stood glaring at each other; Elisa near fainting, while Nina had lots of energy left. [b]"What the fuck is your problem!?"[/b] Nina cried. Elisa spat at her, but said nothing. [b]"I just wanted to be left alone!"[/b] she yelled again, lunging at her opponent. Elisa took the charge head on, and was on the ground, but sent Nina into the water with a well placed, and well timed kick.

Panting, she rolled over to see Nina, but instead saw only the stream. [b]"Where.. did she go?"[/b] she coughed out. [b]"Up.. HERE!"[/b] Nina shouted from up in the air, preparing to dive towards the ground and end the fighting with a powerful attack. As she approached the ground, picking up speed as she went, she neared quickly and happily awaited Elisa's death.

But seconds before she hit her, a voice screamed, [b]"STOP IT!"[/b] causing her to hesitate, and leap onto the ground feet away from Elisa.

Turning to her left, she saw a familiar face. [b]"Inna.."[/b] Behind her stood Francesco, who was examining her and Elisa. [b]"You nearly killed her,"[/b] he said in an emotionless tone, leaning against a tree. [b]"What were you [i]thinking[/i]?"[/b] scolded Inna, bending over to Elisa to check her over.

[b]"She attacked me,"[/b] Nina pointed out, wanting to make that very clear, [b]"And I don't even know why! All I wanted was to be left alone."[/b] Nina turned to walk away, but instead turned to see the chest of Franscesco. Looking up, she frowned. [b]"What?"[/b]

[b]"You can do great things,"[/b] he whispered in her ear. [b]"What are you talking about?"[/b] she asked him. [b]"You can kill thousands of people, and even one of your own. You are truly capable. Help me. Help me cleanse this Earth."[/b] Nina stood, bewildered with Francesco's odd request. [b]"I-I.."[/b] She could not answer. Part of her felt sympathy for the humans. Part of her wanted to be like them.

But another part wanted to be rid of them. After all, they had done this to her. And now they scorned and mocked her.

Again, she fumbled in answering. [b]"It is okay friend,"[/b] Francesco sighed, giving her a smile. [b]"Even if you do not understand yet, you are young. You will come to learn that the Earth needs cleansing. Come to me when you understand."[/b] And with that, he turned and began walking away.

[b]"Cesco!"[/b] cried Inna. Glancing back and forth from the nearly unconcious Elisa and the disappearing back of Francesco, she moaned sadly and lept off after him.

Nina stood silently, watching the shadows of her companions disappear into the wooded forest of the park. [b]"Nina!"[/b] She turned and saw Isaak. He noted her bloody fists and face, and the crumpled up Elisa. [b]"What.. What happened?"[/b] he asked her, his face showing a bit of disappointment and fear.

[b]"She attacked me. Because I was crying,"[/b] Nina said in an emotionless tone. One she had just heard from Francesco. [b]"I was going to kill her.. I almost did. But.. Inna stopped me. She left with Francesco, though."[/b]

[b]"Inna and Cesco came by? Damn. Theo is with Nathen,"[/b] Isaak muttered.

[b]"I almost killed her,"[/b] Nina repeated to herself. The two stared into each other's eyes. [b]"Isaak.. I almost killed her. And I would have.. I-I tried to kill a friend!"[/b]

[b]"Nina!"[/b] Isaak cried, reaching out for her, but she was already in the air. She wanted to escape again. She knew she'd be found; she wasn't very good at hiding. But even a little time was enough time.
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