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Down to Earth [M - LVS]


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[color=slategray][size=1]It?s the year 5013, and fashion statements have to be the [I]last[/I] thing on anybody?s mind. Wearing flip-flops on the street could result in serious burns, sometimes even deadly, to your feet, as the ground burns with heat and seeming anxiety.

Anxiety? For what?

It was nearing the time of Raid, which, for the past thirty years, has been a time of peril. For the past thirty years, bombs have dropped like rain, killing those within a 5-mile radius. The only safe place was underground.

No, there was one other place. A place called Haven.

Haven was a grove of tree?s magically protected in the middle of the desert, covered by an illusion. Only a chosen few and those lucky enough can find it.

For 30 yrs, people have gotten into the habit of diving underground when Raid came. For 30 yrs, the tradition of celebrating about Jesus and the Crone was cast away in an attempt to preserve humanity, as were race, culture, and any religion.

For 30 yrs, teens grew into grown ups, grown ups to old folk, old folk died, and babies grew to teens. For 30 yrs, these people were killed one by one by Dyran, the enemy government of Lacunas. For 30 yrs, all hide in their basements and root cellars, hiding anywhere they could, some still getting caught by the poison gas and impact from the bombs. Now, they wait, wondering who will die, and who will live to pray they will live after next Raid. All hold their breath, and wait for the bombing to begin.

Only, none does.

All is silent, no bombs explode, no poison gas seeps into unprotected spots to kill the occupants, and nothing pollutes the air. The temperature drops from 102 degrees to a bearable 95. Everyone waits for a day and a night, and still nothing happens. People come out of hiding, crowding the streets on awestruck groups, all packed together. A murmur or relief and awe sweeps through the streets of Lunar.

All but nine teens, 3 at the YMCA fields, 3 at the third floor library, and 3 at the outskirts of town. The trio at the outskirts are a group of two girls and one boy. They control elements. The group at the Y are all boys, and they are telekinetic. The three at the library, all girls, are alters. They can alter matter?s many forms. All can use telepathy, though none know that anyone other than the others in their group have these powers. The powers they are unaware of are the ability to change into an animal and ?talk? with the animal they ?borrow? the form of. Last but not least, they can teleport.

The trios all stare, wide eyed, at one another, their thoughts circulating. [I]::This isn?t right.:: ::Something?s gone wrong.:: ::Way weird.::[/I] Nine others feel these thoughts, Sensatives. Nine others now feel the dread of doubt. Twelve yr old twins, a mother, three junior high students, and three teachers. They all have the potential to do what the nine teens can. But can they develop their powers?

They must contact the government of Lunar, Yranmill. They must try to help. They must find out what Dyran has in mind, and why they delay.

They must save Lunar.


Okay, I think that?s okay. You know the rules- no spam, good grammar, blahblahblah. I need [u]at least[/u] the nine teenagers, if not the Sensatives also. Remember-

3 elemental mages
3 alter mages
3 telekinetic mages

The sign up sheet is-

Name- {First and last, if not his/her middle name(s)}
Age- {That should be a ?duh?.}
Gender- {Another ?duh?. Female or male? Sorry, no neuters.}
Appearance- {Looks? Go into detail please!}
Power/Control- {Telekinesis? Element? Alter? What? If an element, which one? Max 1}
Group- {Outskirts? YMCA? Library?}
Bio- {Another ?duh?. At least a paragraph, people! I would like you all to MENTION any ?peculiar? behaviors, also?}

I will post my sign up if I get any posts. ^_^ I have my hopes up for this one, so you had better do a good job! I'm not gonna be nice this time, so if it doesn?t come to my standards, then your not in((Sorry!)). If the person you wanted to sign up as is taken, go ahead and sign up as them anyway. I will choose the best sign ups. And even if someone does not sign up as the same person as you, I still reserve the right to say you are not in. I hope this does better than the last time. Anyway, sign up to the best of your abilities, and have fun![/color][/size]
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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]Interesting story, Mouse
Name: Krad Luh

Age- 18

Gender- Male

Appearance- Golden, blonde hair with sparkling green eyes. A muscular body and stands at the height of 5'10''. He tends to wear a dress shirt and jeans most of the time.

Power/Control- Element. Powers:Fire

Group- Outskirts

Bio- He lives with his mother and little sister. He can be a bit protective of his sister. His father left them when he was 10 and was never heard from again. He's a great friend once you get to know him and a very relaxed, cool, and calm kind of guy. He also tends to be a gentleman.
When he was 13, he was outside at night playing with a lighter and then something amazed him and he caught fire in his hands! He was so amazed and he kept practicing for a long time. He soon became use to this powers of his and went on with his life. During that time he never told anyone about this and he just kept it to himself.
Now he's a senior at a highschool and he seems to ditch school few times just to play with fire and carries a lighter all time and has another spare in his other pocket.

OOC: I know the bio is short but I couldn't think of anything else if you give me some more examples or something then I'll put some more on to it but for now this is all I got.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Name- Aquaria Cannon

Age- 15

Gender- Female

Appearance- [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=22744&stc=1]Aquaria[/URL] , She usually wears what is shown in the picture. She is about 5?5??

Power/Control- Earth

Animal form: A small yellow bird with a red dot on top of its head.

Group- Outskirts

Bio- Aquaria was born into a wealthy family in Beijing, China that owned a greenhouse. Through her life Aquaria learned many things about plants and anything that sprouted from the Earth. When Aquaria was 9 something odd happened to her.

She was in a arguement with two other girls at school. When one of the girls launched her self at Aquaria vines shot from the Earth and held the one girl down. No matter how hard the girl kicked and screamed teh vines held her down, the other girl fled from teh sight and so did Aquaria.

When she turned 12 her powers manifeisted once and for all. She learned how to control her powers as her family moved to (um..insert place here). Here she met two other just like her, with powers to control the elements. Aquaria had feelings for the male conterpart but never will tell a living soul. Only her flowers that she makes grow all over the place.

Aquaria has been called weird on several occasions when she is caught speaking to flowers. Only if people knew that the flowers talk back to her. The lilys are sweet, the dandelions are tomboys, the violets are vixens, and teh roses are the romantic.

Aquaria's favorite place to sit and talk to the flowers is in the flower garden somewhere out of the outskirts. When the sun is out the flowers are the flowers are the brightest thing there. This is teh same thing with Aquarias soul and personality.
OOC: Tell me if you want me to change anything.

EDIT: Ok i changed mine to earth becuase i reeeealy want to be in this Steph!! Please! Reject Innocent (no offence) but please accept me!! I beg of you!!!
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[size=1][color=slategray][b]Name-[/b] Shaylee Mercedes [Last name unknown]
[b]Age-[/b] 14, almost 15
[b]Gender-[/b] Female
[b]Appearance-[/b] 5?6 ½?, 132 lbs, waist length jet black hair, thick, silky, loose, w/ blue, green, and silver streaks, green eyes w/ gold flecks, thick black eyelashes, short black jean shorts, black tank top from Fang w/ silver Celtic knot design and blue glitter, black socks, black and blue Army boots, fingerless black leather gloves, silver anklet w/ clear beads hanging off it, identical bracelet, long, tan arms and legs, long sharp features, black leather chocker (thin) w/ a black onyx rose head hanging off in a silver clasp, large silver hoop earrings w/ black onyx rose heads hanging off, and her cladagh ring.
[b]Power/Control-[/b] Elemental: Water
[b]Animal Form-[/b] White/Siberian tiger w/ green eyes
[b]Group-[/b] Outskirts
[b]Biography-[/b] As a young child, Shaylee, called Shay, lived off of the forbidden tales of hope and survival told by the old wives. Her parents were taken away from her when she was five, and killed right in front of her. She rarely lets herself care for anyone now, afraid of what would happen. Around the third grade, when she was nine, she began to ?hear? other peoples thoughts in her head, and those gave her the perspective of each side of an argument, if there ever was one. In sixth grade, she met two other?s who could also hear others thoughts, a boy and a girl, and they became outcasts together.

In seventh grade, she almost let herself fall in love with a really sweet and cute girl in her Algebra class, but shied away, afraid of her liking another girl. When she noticed she still liked boys, too, she became even more frightened, and almost shut out her only two friends. When Shay and her friends found out about their powers, they made sense to them, as they corresponded with when they were born, and what their Zodiac signs were. As Shay?s was Pisces, born on 3/13/4999, she had control over water. Her moon sign was Aquarius, and, according to Astrology, she was a moon child, because of the way her personality leaned towards her moon sign. Now, she stands with her friends, and waits.

I was gonna use water, but air works, as she tends to lean towards Aquarius which is a air sign. :) Now, Innocent, you can edit and go into more detail.

EDIT: Who am I kidding? Depending on who gets in, I can still use water! xD[/size][/color]
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[size=1][color=slategray]THat would actually be pretty cool, Arika. xD Bah, to lazy to type out your whole name. And if Jacob gets here before I decide this is a no-go... *grins* The old crew would be great! And I wonder if DW has seen this yet...[/size][/color]
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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]The originals huh? Alright, that saves me the toruble of making a new one ^___^ I'm just gonna edit a few things though.

Name: Isaac Paul Ghentro

Age: 15

gender: male

Appearance: 5'10'', though he appears 5'8'' because of his posture (explained later). Black-gray hair that comes down over his ears in a straggely mess, deep, deep blue eyes. His features are soft, but wary, like a wolf's. He stands and walks with his legs slightly bent at the knees, as if he's more comfortable nearer the ground, though when he's running, his whole body seems to sink a little, as if aerodynamic(sp?). He wears a simple blue-gray shirt, and a thin gray jacket. He has blue jeans, but no shoes... instead, he wraps his feet in old cloth.

Personality: Isaac is solitary and mostly a mystery, though works extremely well in his group of friends, mush like a wolfs in it's pack ((hint *nudge*)) He's quiet most of the time, but very talkative if you bring up the right subjects. He is quietly romantic, but you wouldn't guess by looking at him.

Power/Control: Lightning (electric current). His animal form is, you guessed it, a wolf, with black and gray hair, and the same deep blue eyes.

Group: Outskirts (Nothin' against you Innocent, just the place I originally wanted)

Bio: Isaac, though most of his old friends called him Paul, was born in one of the more distant towns, where things weren't so constantly chaotic.. but the fear was always there. When Isaac was seven, a bombing raid came through, destroying the little that they had built up, and killed every near him... The only reason he lived was a large peice of rubble witch came down almost on top of him, keeping the intense flames at bay. Having no one to take care of him, he wandered around the wilderness, as ravaged and desolate as it was, and searched for... anyone. It was nearly a year, during wich he developed almost wolf-like skills in tracking and survival. Out in the wasteland, he aslo slowly discovered his talents with electricity. He dicovered he could literaly smell the scent of people... and so he followed it. Upon reaching the small community, he could hear their thoughts... a surprising and slightly disturbing abilty. Although it came in handy, he heard everything. Their fears, their dreams, and even their (sometimes sick) fanatsies. He eventualy met two others like him... they were wary of each other, but became friends. Although he would probably give his life to defend them, Isaac finds that he doesn't share most of their ideas of fun and humor... perhaps it was his life in the wasteland. He longs now for something, or someone, who can restore order to his chaotic mind...

Doesn't seem to fit in like it used to... oh well. I look forward to it.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[b]EDIT: [/b]I noticed there were too many Elementalists so I'll take Alter instead.

[b]EDIT2: [/b]I finished the Bio, hope that's alright. Let me know if I should make any changes.
Name- [/color][/b][color=Navy]Lai Rumiko

[/color][b][color=Navy]Age- [/color][/b][color=Navy]16
Gender- [/color][/b][color=Navy]Female
Appearance- [/color][/b][color=navy][font=Verdana][size=2][b][/b][color=navy][url="http://img91.exs.cx/img91/4927/ai9yl.jpg"][color=#0000ff]Here[/color][/url], keep her goggles but replace her clothes with a [/color][color=#000080]forest green button up shirt with pink cherry blossoms embroidered on the bottom right side of the shirt, and creamish white cargos.[/color] [color=navy]She also wears [/color][url="http://img169.exs.cx/img169/8239/rensq0241p028uv.jpg"][color=black]this[/color][/url][color=navy] pendant and [/color][url="http://img169.exs.cx/img169/5079/rensq0247p0101026ez.jpg"][color=black]this[/color][/url][color=navy] ring[/color][/size][/font][/color]
Power/Control- [/color][/b][color=Navy]Alter
Animal Form- [/b]Lai becomes an hawk that looks like [url="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v294/mechinfinity/wu-felix-hawk.png"]this[/url].
Group- [/color][/b][color=Navy]Library
Bio- [/color][/b][color=Navy]Lai never had a chance to know her parents as they died when she was young and she couldn't remember anything about them. She was immediately shipped into a nearby orphanage because she was too young to live alone, and she had no known relatives that she could be sent to.

The orphanage was a hell hole and was terribly rundown and not taken care of. All of the inhabitants had lost their hope of being taken under someone's wing, that was evident in their facial expressions and looks in their eyes. Lai was saddened when she was put down with the other children, they were young like her, but their eyes were dull and lifeless, void of emotion.

Lai soon made friends with the others and they got along, and as they grew up together, she saw emotion and colour fill their eyes and she was glad, she wondered if she had been the cause of the change but doubted it. When Lai was 10, she discovered her powers. She was leaning against one of the cold, grey brick walls and was thinking about a lesson about matter she'd had a while ago, which was part of chemistry. She didn't really understand, and was running through the three phases, when she reached liquid, she felt the wall shudder and she felt a strange feeling. When she thought about gas, she stumbled as she felt the wall disappear, she looked around and saw the wall had gone see-through. She was puzzled and waved her hand through the wall several times. She thought about liquid again and saw the form of it wobbling continually like water and she felt a bit of resistance as she waved her hand through it. Then when she arrived back at solid, the wall was as it had been. Lai was shocked at her discovery but didn't tell anyone.

Finally, when Lai was 14, she told the other orphans and they planned to escape later that night. All went as planned, and the caretakers went to bed as usual after checking them for the night. They all pretended to be asleep, but when the checker left, they got up and Lai made the wall closest to the gate of the orphanage into its gas shape and they escaped.

When they were free, they didn't have anywhere to go, so they lived on the streets, fending for themselves, but they were also in hiding from the people of the orphanage as they were being hunted out. Lai practised with her powers and soon learned how to control them reasonably well, and now she's almost mastered them.

Now Lai and her friends have split up to leave separate lives and she usually always hangs around in the library. One day she was on the 3rd floor when she saw two other girls together. Lai walked over and introduced herself, not knowing what was going to happen.
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[size=1][color=#C82356][B]Name-[/B] Kilani "Tarot" Shi'iandra
[B]Age-[/B] 17
[B]Gender-[/B] Female

[B]Appearance-[/B] Tarot stands at a fair 6' with luscious, layered black hair that ends at her shoulders with bangs that come across her face, covering at least half of her left eye and curling outward. Her face is small and round, yet its features are vibrant and lively. Her lips are full and a color of deep red, her eyes are a deep brown with hazel tints, and her face is a creamy shade with rosy hues on her cheeks. Her body is limber and slim with slight definitions of muscle on her arms, stomach, and legs, yet not showing too much.

Being a tomboy and a motorcycle rider, Tarot tends to wear clothing on the lines of her hobby. She wears a black leather jacket that bears the Fox Racing logo on the back, a white tee that has black edges over a black thermal and a white camisole underneath it all, with black and gray DC shoes, and three belts of different styles of studs. She also has five piercing: 2 on each lobe, a barbell going across her right cartilage, an eyebrow piercing on her left brow, and a tongue piercing, as well as four tattoos: a sun around her belly button, a tribal cross on her lower back, a scorpion on her left thigh, and an elegant banner with the word Tarot on her right upper arm.

[B]Power/Control-[/B] Alter- Being a master of alternation, Tarot is able to form herself into that of a black panther.
[B]Group-[/B] Library, although it is a place that Tarot despises.

[B]Bio-[/B] Hiding her past was all that she could do for she was ashamed to even have a past. She despised the fact that she was exiled into hiding because of the place she had, the one place she never wanted in the first place. It was given to her upon being a descendant of the Shi?iandra lineage. She despised every waking moment that she spent, listening to tutors and advisors who spoke of what a Shi?iandra heir was to do. The only time that she could spend in peace was locked up within her room or at night, while she let her eyes rest for the remaining hours to come.

The horror stuck with her throughout her years, taunting her as she heard the voices within her mind. It was known that the Shi'iandra family knew their powers before any one else had, yet it was only Kilani who knew nothing. She knew nothing at all, even from the beginning.

As people entered her home, there had been no pictures seen of her parents or family. With a cold voice, she would always reply that she had no family. It had been that way since the day she was left in a large house filled with only servants, maids, and a butler. It was too soon that she became an enigmatic stoic. She was the most popular girl in school, not because of the money she had, not because of her being an heir, but because of the things she did and said. It was because of her leadership that people liked her, yet she felt no direct connection to them, only to two girls, whom she called the only sisters she'd ever had. It was only these two that kept her sane and kept her from exploding. Even though they were there, they knew nothing of the depression or the pain deep within. It was because of the suppressed emotions that caused her to cut herself and carve the flesh on her body, giving torture to herself, taking prescription drugs to keep the demons away from her.

Throughout her years, she found that it wasn't the depression of the pent up emotions that caused her to cut and carve, torture and torment, it was her own liking to pain. She liked the pain that coursed through her body. No one knew of this, not even her two younger friends. She did not fear the rejection nor the gossip, she feared nothing, but she did not want to worry them, knowing they would want to know many of the things that she hid from them.

EDIT: My old character with a bit of new for you, Mouse ^_~*.
Plus, the attachments below are 3 of the 4 tattoos my character has.

EDIT 2: I've decided to be an Alter since there are too many Elementals. By the way, hope this isn?t too graphic.[/size][/color]
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[size=1][color=slategray]Mkays! I guess I'll go ahead and get this started on Saturday, cause tomorrow I'm going ot be very busy. Anyone who wants to sign up before then, you can, but I'll show you which places are open:

Elemental: 3 places taken
- [b]Me:[/b] Shaylee
- [b]Kyuai:[/b] Isaac
- [b]Pandia:[/b] Aquaria

Alter: 2 places taken
- [b]Sakura:[/b] Lai
- [b]Neuvoxetere:[/b] Kilani

Telekinetic: 0 places taken

Pandia, could you flesh out Aquaria's story just a little bit? Other than that, you're in. Apologies, Innocent, but only one male could be in the outer group, and Kyuai's sign up was best. Sign ups close on Saturday, everyone!! So hurry![/size][/color]
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OOC: Ok since I didn't make the spot, I'll take a different one. With the same person though.

Name: Krad Luh

Age- 18

Gender- Male

Appearance- Golden, blonde hair with sparkling green eyes. A muscular body and stands at the height of 6'1''. He tends to wear a dress shirt and jeans most of the time. Kinda looks like this:

Power/Control- Telekinetic

Group- YMCA fields

Bio- He lives with his mother and little sister. He can be a bit protective of his sister (His sister is also telekinetic). His father left them when he was 10 and was never heard from again. He's a great friend once you get to know him and a very relaxed, cool, and calm kind of guy. He also tends to be a gentleman.
Part of his family is telekinetic but he only knows that, the only thing he doesn't know is that other people can use it as well. On his mother side no one uses it but only on his father side could use it. Since he's father isn't there to teach him, he taught himself. When he was 12, he was able to use it without any trouble. So he had mastered his power.

OOC: Change it!
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