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Sign Up Star Wars: A Wound In The Force (M-VL poss. S)


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[color=darkslategray][size=1]Star Wars: A Wound In The Force (M-VL poss.S)

The Republic battleship, the Sentinel, was under heavy Sith fire. The enemy swung around, firing two proton topedoes. One flew off into space, the other struck the Sentienl's shields, disabling them with a glow. The battleship began to be assulted with any turret the Sith ship could spare, as Republic fighters came out from Hyperspace, firing on the Marauder, the Sith Warship. However, the shields held strong, and the Republic fighters were soon destroyed.

[b]"EVERYONE TO THE ESCAPE PODS!"[/b] The captain of the Sentinel roared, as the crew felt the ship being torn apart. The airlocks were released, two docked ships already autostarted, the navicomptuer booting the Hyperdrive system in the Ion engine. Several took these ships, the others to the escape pods. As the final pod was fired off, the ship exploded, sending the on-board crew members flying into the cold space, freezing them.

All of the pods landed on the jungle moon of Dxun, which orbited a nearby planet. The Mandalorians soon found them, and took them to the Main Camp, under the care of Mandalore. Several among them were Jedi....and possibly a Sith Lord...

[b]"What is the status of the Sentinel?"[/b] The captain of the Marauder asked calmly.

[b]"Several escape pods have been released, and have landed somewhere in the Onderon system. We will continue to search for the crewmembers, but the ship is gone, along with any Fighters."[/b] The Tactical Advisor spoke, his heavy silver armor, which was standard issue for the Elite Guard, weighing on his shoulders.

[b]"Good. Lord Nihilus will be...pleased. If that's possible..."[/b]The captain seemed to have doubts on what his Lord even was. He knew that Jedi were the only that stood in his Master's way of consuming the galaxy into his ravenous hunger...but what, or who, could drive such a force? He saw his Lord destroy Katarr, but...it...was impossible. He simply...made it into space dust, no bodies, just ash. Just ashes and lightsabers, burning in space, the owners burned into obilivon.

[b]"The Exile has grown strong, even Darth Sion has been defeated, who walked the blinded path, seeing only the darkness. ."[/b] A member of the reinstated Jedi Council spoke.

[b]"The anger that emnatates from the Dark Side blinds our vision into the future."[/b] Another spoke simply. The Exile stood in front of them.

[b]"Exile, you are hereby recognized as a Jedi Knight, one of the greatest. We...we had no place to sever you from the Jedi after the Mandalorian Wars. But to serve Revan was wrong. You understand this."[/b] The Exile nodded. Why couldn't they just call him by his real name, Zurel Arraff? It seemed a bane for anyone to speak it anymore.

[b]"We have a job for you, Zurel."[/b] Zurel snapped to attention.

[b]"The Sentinel, a Republic Warship has been destroyed. Several survivors have made it to the jungle moon of Dxun, near Onderon. You must retrive them, they are Jedi. Your ship, the Ebon Hawk, is ready for departure."[/b] Zukel-Narra Serroco told the Exile, who bowed, and took his double bladed Lightsaber in his hand, walking off.

[b]"The Staff Lightsaber...it is for those who have anger in their hearts."[/b] One spoke, as Zurel left. [b]"His blade is virdian, a mix of silver and green...tainted white and the earth. At least, he does not wear the Red."[/b] The council nodded in agreement. However, they trusted Zurel Arraff fully. The doors slowly closed.

Sign ups:

Name: Keep it spacey

Age: There aren't going to be 10 year old Jedi Weapon Masters runnin' around, so keep it within your common sense.

Gender: Male or Female. However, some spieces are indistinguishable, so you may put "Unknown" for different races.

Race: Now, you should of played or watched some of Star Wars stuff if you've read this. You've got Humans, Zabracks (Darth Maul), Trandoshans, Wookies, Weequays, Twi'lek....lots of them. Choose carefully.

Appearance: Picture or a good desciption.

Alliance: Sith or Jedi? Remember, some of the crewmates are Sith...

Side of the Force: Light or Dark? Choose carefully, it will set your path in motion, guided by anger and hate, love and devotion....death and destruction.

Class: There are three starting classes. The Guardian focuses on Lightsaber training, the Sentinel on both Force and Lightsaber, and the Counclars on Force. However, even if fighting a Guardian, don't underestimate their control of the Force.

Force Powers: List two. Nothing too strong, just like Heal, or Shock, or Disable. Contact me if you need some suggestions.

Lightsaber/Weapons: Single Blade, Two Single Blade, or Double Bladed. You can upgrade these at Workbenches. More on this will be on the upcoming Underground Topic. Your character is also armed with a Battle Rifle and whatever arments he or she brought.

Bio: What has your Jedi done in his life? Tell us, not too long, though. At least two paragraphs.

[i]If you wish to be a normal, non Jedi character, contact me.[/i]
On with your sign ups, and may the Force be with you.[/color][/size]
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[FONT=Garamond][COLOR=DarkRed]Name: Chiju Coche

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Race: Human


Alliance: Sith

Side of the Force: Dark

Class: Sentinel

Force Powers:

Lightsaber: Two single-bladed silver lightsabers.

Bio: Chiju grew up on the planet of Nar Shadda. A planet populated by a majority of thieves and mercenaries. The planet is highly-evolved from a technological standpoint and is covered with tall buildings and fast ships. Chiju grew up with his father, his mother had died when he was young and he barely remembered her. His father made his money in Swoop races and had become quite good over the years. Chiju loved to watch his father race and by his teens had become an established pilot himself. At 20 he raced alongside his father and they were always neck and neck at the finish. Chiju had yet to beat his father in a race but longed for the day to come. This day would not come, however, because Chiju's father soon died in a Swoop race. Chiju continued to race in spite of his father's death and became one of the best on Nar Shadda. This gave him quite the name in some of the wrong circles of the planet.

After winning a race against a Sith pilot he was marked for assassination. He was attacked in his home soon after. "You will die Chiju, never to race again." Chiju laughed "Your a fool, attacking me because you lost." The Sith ignited a lightsaber and swung at Chiju. He jumped and kicked the Sith's hand causing the lightsaber to fly across the room. Chiju jumped and grabbed it striking quickly killing his pursuer. Soon after, Chiju was offered to race for the Sith in an attempt to win money and gain fame for them. He accepted but soon took a liking to fighting rather then racing. He requested to be trained in the field of battle and was given a Sentinel position by his masters. He trained for years and became skilled in both weaponry and force use. He was a formidable opponent and became one of the higher generals of the Sith army.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[color=darkslategray][size=1][b]Name:[/b] Sychrah Ishthorin

[b]Age:[/b] 21

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Race:[/b] Mandalorian- Sychrah looks human, like all members of his race. However, they are more combat ready then even the most trained human, Jedi or Sith, normal or enhanced, could ever be. Sychrah is no exception, with the strength of his race hidden by his lightly robed body. He does not use the Mandalorian Battle Amor.

[b]Appearance:[/b] [URL=http://model.otaku.ru/images/kiske01.jpg] Sychrah[/URL]

[b]Alliance:[/b] Unknown, his ultieror motives are allied with the Sith and Jedi, though.

[b]Side of the Force:[/b] Sychrah is decendant of the one Mandalorian Sith Lord. He takes on the Dark Side heavlly, but respects people who use the other side.

[b]Class:[/b] Guardian

Drain Life

Battle Meditation

[b]Lightsaber/Weapons:[/b] Sychrah uses a single, red colored lightsaber in respect to the great duelists. He has another Lightsaber, which he uses in a tight spot.

[b]Bio:[/b] Sychrah was raised on Dxun. He studied the way of the Echani battle arts, as well as the Mandalorian He trained with the Jedi, known as the Exile, and his other, some who used the ways of the Jedi also. He managed to defeat the Exile once, in Vibroblade combat. The Exile gave him a Lightsaber, and told him to come along. He was delivered to the Council, newly assembled, and began his training, the first offical Padawan in 5 years.

Sychrah used his powers for whoever he saw that needed help. The Sith, when they were taking the world of Malachor V, fought against him, and fell. However, he was stripped of his greater powers by the council, and left with only his Lightsaber and two powers, Drain Life, and the revered Battle Meditation. He had been training on the Sentinel, fighting against the crew members who also used the Force, when the Sith struck his ship down, and he was forced to take the Alpha Striker, a small class fighter on board, with several soldiers.

He followed the pods to his home, Dxun.[/color][/size]
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Name: Shinzo Nyru Tsunami (aka: Blaze)
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Appearance: 6'0", 190 lbs. He has short spiked black hair and black eyes. He always seems to see everything, often making people feel uncomfortable. He has a lean well muscled body. He has a clean shaven handsome face. He wears a black jedi suit. His bearing makes him appear to be arrogant. He holds himself tall and proud.

Alliance: Jedi

Side of the Force: Light

Class: Sentinel

Force powers: Heal and Levitate

Light saber: One blue blade light saber

Bio: His parents were unknown. A jedi knight found him as a 10 year old child in a deadly jungle on a rim planet, surviving with his force powers. There was no sign of his parents other than a three seater spaceship, found deep in the jungle. The jedi knight took him against his will from the planet by force. Shinzo thought that he himself was a creature of the jungle and not a human being.

The Jedi knight took him to the council which tested the child and found no sign of evil in him at all. He was surprisingly powerful in the force. They sent him to the jedi training school where he learned to weild a lightsaber and the force properly and efficiently. His physical fitness level was already far above that of the other students, his speed and strength was unmatched by anyone. He developed them on the planet with a gravity that far surpassed that of the area where the jedi training facilities were located, surviving against beast that would have been able to kill grown men with a flick of their claws.

The jedi knight who had discovered the young protege took him as his apprentice. He trained him in every method of hand to hand combat that he knew of. They were sent on numerous missions, completing tasks for the jedi council. When Shinzo turned 16, the jedi council decided that he was ready to become a full fledged jedi knight even though he was kind of young to accept those responsibilities. He was sent on hundreds of missions over the past four years, each of them were minor and easy missions, until this current mission came along.

When the Sentinel exploded, Shinzo was able to find an escape pod just in time and escpe to a nearby planet, back into strange jungles.
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Navy][B][U]Name[/U][/B]: Zoltin (name given to him by the counsel)

[B][U]Age:[/U][/B] 20
[B][U]Race:[/U][/B] Human
[B][U]Gender:[/U][/B] Male
[B][U]Alliance:[/U][/B] Jedi
[B][U]Side of the Force:[/U][/B] Light
[B][U]Class:[/U][/B] Guardian
[B][U]Appearance:[/U][/B] [IMG]http://server3.uploadit.org/files/BurningGundam-Jedicharacter.jpg[/IMG]

[B][U]Force Powers:[/U][/B] Heal and Shock
[B][U]Lightsabers:[/U][/B] Two single bladed sabers, one blade is pale blue while the other is green. However Zoltin will only use one at a time unless provoked to use both.
[B][U]Biography:[/U][/B] Zoltin was given to the Jedi academy as an infant and there he flourished and became an expert with the lightsaber. When Zoltin was age nine he was selected as a Padawan apprentice. Ten years later, Zoltin's teacher was killed in a horrible accident, to this day though Zoltin blames himself somewhat for what happened to his teacher. When this had happened the counsel decided to make Zoltin a Jedi and thus far Zoltin has proved to be a great asseset so far.

What lies beneath Zoltin's exterior is a youth who is disappointed with the way things are going with the Republic. Chancellor Palpatine in Zoltin's eyes is seen as a shadowy figure always concocting some scheme beneath his smooth talking and quick words. When the Sith started showing more ferocity in attacks and such Zoltin finally decided he needed to do something.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Name: Shade Moltox (Darth Moltox)

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Race: Miraluka (Like Visas from KoTOR 2)

Appearance: [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v704/LordRevan88/ShadeMoltox.bmp]Click (Thanks to Hero Machine 2.0 for creating my char)[/URL]

Alliance: Sith

Side of the Force: Dark

Class: Guardian

Force Powers: Drain Life, Force Resistance (Give User Medium Resistance To Force Powers)

Lightsaber/Weapons: Two Bright Red Lightsabers

Bio: Shade is said to be the last of his kind, because his home planet Katarr was destroyed. He blames the Jedi for his planets destruction, and has sworn an oath that he would destroy them all.

He found out there was a ship carrying Jedi, so he accompanied the sith when they boarded the ship and started to destroy it from the inside. Before he could reach the Jedi the ship was beginning to collapse so he took an escape pod and landed on the opposite side of Dxun.
Hope this is ok
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