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Sign Up Judgement Day- Black Earth (M-L,V, possible S)


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It was July 4, 2005, something went terribly wrong that day. Someone, it was never discovered who, activated the launch system for releasing 200 nuclear bombs, each capable of destroying whole countries. The nukes were targeted at specific spots around the world, each major city was a prime target. There was no way anyone could destroy the nukes and stop them from reaching their destinations.

Bomb shelters and radiation protection suits were sold like wildfire within a couple of hours. The nukes were due to strike in six hours, maybe less. Every major city was evacuated along with anyone within a 1000 mile radius of the destined areas. Riots showed up every where around the world. No one wanted to face the fact that they were probably going to die.

Six hours later, after the bombs were triggered, they all struck simultaneously. The world shook as people stared in horror, there was no escape from this dreadful fate. Nearly everyone was killed in the nuclear blasts. Only a few survived, something in their genes allowed them to live, to survive the terror. These few survivors developed strange powers, things that, before the nukes were launched, they could only dream of and read of in comic books.

These few people, only about 500 of them survived out of the 6.5 billion people who lived on Earth before, populated the Earth once more; they passed on their strange powers and genes to their offspring. Each generation became more powerful than the last. Regular humans had been replaced by super humans.

The radiation stayed but the people were adapted to it, the nuclear radiation became as harmless as water. However, the once rich Earth, was barren. In their place cities of steel grew up from the black ground. The Earth was no longer alive, only the people lived.

Humans developed new spaceships by the year 2060 that were able to travel faster than the speed of light. They sent out expeditions, searching for new worlds and galaxies to inhabit. Humans moved to the stars, living on the newly discovered planets and gigantic spaceships, abandoning the Earth. Little did they know that dark things awaited them out in the universe, and new evils were evolving on Earth, beings that were even more intelligent and powerful than humans ever were. Judgement day was coming.

Hope this got you interested. Sign ups are as follows:

Sex: male/female
Job: (pilot, space cop, etc.)
Physical Description: (pic. or a good description)
Bio: (character background)

I?ll post my character later. Hope that I get at least 5 people to join this one.
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Sounds interesting I'm in...hopefully.

Name: Kyth "Mind Reaver" Syndal
Age: 28
Sex: male
Job: Smuggler

Powers: A number of psychic powers are the gifts Kyth recieved from his parents. All are susceptible to them, although-
Telepathy- Kyth can shift through a persons thoughts, reading their minds like an open book. This subtle power has proven invaluable in Kyth's chosen "profession", helping him to discern friend from foe. Unlike his other powers, he can use this on multiple people.
Mind Wreck- A focused version of Telepathy, by concentrating his telepathic powers on a person's mind, Kyth is able to cause severe headaches that can quickly have several devestating effects such as amnesia, temporary/permanent brain damage, internal hemorhaging, and death. This power earned him the nickname "mind Reaver".
confusion- Kyth's last power, with this he's able to muddle the thoughts of anyone he's aware of by sending his own directly to his targets mind.

Physical Description: Though his psychic abilities hint at an over developed intellect, Kyth is not a pasty face bookworm. He learned and understood that early on physical strength was improtant, so he worked long and hard in gym's to strengthen his muscles, and lengthen his wind for long distance running. His steel grey eyes sparkle with a humoured, intelligent light, and his lean face always carry a mischeivious grin as if he knows the thoughts of the person he speaks with
His rugged spacer's vest is lined with utility pockets of all kinds, and his clothes are in line with both comfort and protection in mind. He rarely goes any where without his pistol "grim" A modified laser pistol, that carries a heavy blade along the bottom side

Personality: Playfull like a middle schooler, and never without a sarcastic comment, Kyth loves life and lives it to the fullest. Though his sense of adventure and playfull demeanor have gotten him through some tough spots life, it's also brought some of those tough spots down on him.
He has a love of women, and with his psychic talents giving him insight, they love him back, and he's never really paid attention to the minor things concerning women, like their marital status, and weather or not thier fathers would be appreciative of the young rogue.
His endless stream of one liners pisses customs agents and crimelords thugs off to no end, and Kyth loves it all to no end.

Bio: Kyth was born on the Nalfar space station, growing up with a myriad of people around. His parents passed their psychic abilities on to him and he, much to the dismay of his parents, used them to get into no end of trouble. Making bets with people that he could guess their ages for money was only the beggining with Kyth. He went on to be a pick pocket using his abilitities to confuse his targets and and rob them blind. Cops werent a problem, usually, and every now and then a customer with an attitude problem would come knocking, looking to ring the scrawny youths neck.
Yearning for something more, kyth saved his "earnings" to by his own starship, only to be rejected when his record was pulled up. Unrelenting, Kyth went to other sources, signing on to work for the crimelord Org Malthon, who "provided" Kyth with a ship.Knowing he had to leave quickly,at least before Org realized what had just happened and sent his boys after, Kyth gathered a few of his trusted, like minded friends and ditched the Nalfar station, making their way in the worlds beyond.

Yeah it's not my best work, but I hope it's good enough.
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Name: Luna Lee

Age: 22

Sex: Female

Job: Business/Therapist

-Ability to read minds

Physical Description: [B][URL=http://animevisions.net/Pictures/girls/girls99.jpg]Click Here[/URL] [/B] Dark black hair with sparkling blue eyes. Wears a business suit most of the time.

Personality: Calm, caring woman. Sometimes she can be independent and dependent. She is a wonderful and hard worker and tries to make time for people.

Bio: Works two jobs. A therapist and business worker. She is mostly busy with her business rather than her boring therapist job. Though she helps people with their problems in her therapist job, she can get tired of it but she gets a lot of money out of that. She lives in a house. She can be lonely most of the time in her house but when she has friends, it's a blast! Lives by herself, her parents died, and a few siblings, she rarely keeps in touch with. She is a busy, lonely woman all at once.

OOC: I'm sorry I gotta go and eat. :animeswea

Edit: Added!!!
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Name: Jason Rigley "Jace"

Age: 21

Sex: male

Job: Bounty Hunter

Powers: Can manipulate metals into melee weapons such as swords, daggers, etc.
Can conjure up small energy orbs and blasts, though this takes up great amounts of energy and can only be used sparingly

Physical Description: Post a picture later

Personality: Jace is calm cool and collective. He enjoys a good laugh, but can turn as serious as anybody if the situation turns dire.

Bio: Growing up with scientists for parents Jace grew tired of studying. Not having a choice his parents sheltered him from everything because he seemed not to have any powers. At age 16 they finally told him his lack of powers came from his fathers "genome" testing. His father attempted to create a superweapon in Jace but instead only a normal child. Disgusted at his parents deciete Jace's energy could not be contained any longer he realeased an energy blast killing both his parents and leaving him unconscious for weeks. Jace awoke to the news of his parents death and became a space wonderer. After being stranded on an abandoned planet for weeks Jace was rescued by a crew of bounty hunters.

He quickly grew into the profession and joined them. At age 20 his whole crew was killed in a freak accident in which they were hijacked by space pirates, Jace then realized his second power as he changed a piece of Steel into a dagger and plunged it into the pirate leader's chest. After escaping he began "hunting" on his own, in the mean time trying to hone his abilities and become the richest hunter in the galaxy.
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Name: Gia Kinshiro
Sex: Male
Job: Vigilante

Powers: Able to create energy pure energy that is extremely destructive. He was given superhuman strength and speed. He can also fly short distances.

Appearance: See attached

Personality: He is kind at heart although he may not always appear to be. He gets angry when he sees others being mistreated. He likes a good fight. There is always a good motive behind his actions. He never backs down from a fight no matter what the odds are. This sometimes makes him appear to be an idiot even though he isn?t one. He is very persistent in achieving what he sets out to do. Even death itself might not be able to hold his will back.

He is the fifth generation of his family, and the last. His family was wiped out by a group of 50 murderers. Only he was left in the debris, a baby overlooked by the murderers. Even after the terrible event, some people were still evil. He was found later by an investigator, recording evidence from the crime scene. The investigator took him in and raised him as his own.

He was carefully trained in the arts of fighting and in the use of his powers. The investigator was ambushed and killed by the same group of men who had killed Gia's family when Gia was at the age of 14. Gia took his revenge when he turned 15, tracking down the men and killing them one by one. His hatred burned out after this and he became a vigilante.

Any omre participants? I'll wait until I get at least one more.
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Name: Kyle Yugo

Age: 19

Sex: Male

Job: Asassain

he has the power to disappear whenever he wants and can't be seen by anybody and can pass through walls. He also has the power to make what ever weapon he wants from energy. He also can hack into poeple's mind who are around him and do what he wants with them. His last power is that he is incredibly fast.

Appearance: see below

Personality: A very quiet person and has a cold harsh almost evil demeanor about him, but is very smart and can figure almost any puzzle out

Bio: He was abandoned when he was a child and was taken in by the head of one of the world's terrorist rings. He was taught by the best martial artists and asassains amd has never missed a target.

He was underground when the bombs hit and gained his superpowers when he returned to the surface. He found nothing left of his caretaker's building and has vowed to continue the Legacy of the Black Hand.
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[COLOR=Orange]Name: Eldrinn Pixler


Sex: Female

Job: Pilot, spy

Powers: Flight, illusion, plasma (ablility to form matter into deadly blasts), and animal control. (I ran out of ideas!) Also, she can minupulate fire.

Description: Brown hair, brown eyes. Dark skin, average height. Shapely. Dark clothing. Golden amulate with fire symbols engraved in red.

Personality: Keeps to herself, but will speak when spoken to. Always says whats on her mind, when in conversation. But when shes happy, she'll show it. Also polite. Sometimes she acts slightly naive. But she always follows whats around her.

Bio: She grew up in a very loving family, with a twin brother. Her and her brother were very close. When the bombs hit she was seperated from her family, Eldrinn never saw them again.
When she came back above ground she searched the home's remains. The only thing that was left was an amulate her brother always wore.
Another survivor found her digging around in the debris of the city.
He took her in and trained her in espionage. *I really can't spell

(I hope thats okay. Its kinda short but you get the point.)[/COLOR]
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