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Sign Up Punishment Divine [M - LV S is a possibility, and in moderation]

0ber0n the Neko

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In the beginning, there was nothing.

And then, God created the Earth and Heaven.
God then created light, and divided it from the darkness.
He then made firmament among the waters, to divide waters from waters.
Then He created dry land, and all fauna and flora thereupon, and those which dwelt in the waters and in the sky.

Then God made his most powerful creation. God created man.

God smiled at his new creation. "Hello, Adam," he whispered, below that which Gabriel, his scribe, could hear.
Adam looked toward the heavens, and in that single glance, the entire fate of mankind was decided. Adam, God's finest creation, created in His image, to fulfill His purpose, silently hated the more powerful being, which lingered in the sky above. Adam desired power. He wished for the power of a God.

[i]The day shall come...[/i] Adam thought.


Eons later, Mankind grew in numbers. They became more powerful amongst themselves, and with their bullion, stocks, and raw materials, created their own gods and deities. They shunned those who believed in the God which had created them. They secretly despised them. They combined against them.

Now, in the year 2073, the final war shall be fought.

It shall be fought amongst Men, by Demons and Angels.


You will play as either a demon or an angel, who has taken on a human shape, known as an avatar. This avatar's specs are COMPLETELY up to you. Their genders, too, are at your discretion (although a man would make an odd Angel of Love, it's still allowed)


Alright, the rules for this post are simple.

1. Just because you're an angel or demon does not give you license to GOD-MOD
2. Choose an Angel or a Demon, and PLEASE do not make one up. It will be ignored.
3. Your Angel or Demon must have SOME tie to its representation (i.e. Matarael is the Angel of Rain, and should not have flames or lightning protruding from his person, and could more than likely be a moody character)
4. Be creative! The more interesting your avatar is, the more we can connect to it. If more than one person wishes to use a katana, or katana related weapon, they should PM me about it first, because twenty-two people playing as samurai avatar is not fun for ANYONE.
5. Develop your character! Do not use the cliched "reclusive, and doesn't talk much", or contradictory terms. Like "Suboordinate, but doesn't take orders" or "Shy but friendly". Try to polarize your character, as bad as this may sound, it's more fun, and easier.
6. Have fun! If you don't, then we won't.


Sachiel - Angel of Water (Momo)
Shamsel - Angel of Day
Ramiel - Angel of Thunder
Gaghiel - Angel of Fish (Symbolic of Wisdom)
Israfel - Angel of Music (Symbolic of Duality)
Sandalphon - Angel of Birth (Symbolic of Love)
Matarael - Angel of Rain
Sahaquiel - Angel of Sky (Often associated with Wind) (x kakashi x)
Ireul - Angel of Fear (Often associated with Swords)
Leliel - Angel of Night
Bardiel - Angel of Hail (Symbolic of Ice)
Zereul - Angel of Might (Symbolic of Fire [sidenote: NOT the strongest angel])
Arael - Angel of Birds (Symbolic of Memory and Guilt)
Armisael - Angel of the Womb (Symbolic of Earth)
Tabris - Angel of Alternatives (Symbolic of Disguises) (Skye)


Asmodeus - Demon of Lust
Beelzebub - Demon of Gluttony
Leviathan - Demon of Envy
Lucifer - Demon of Pride
Satan - Demon of Anger
Mammon - Demon of Greed
Azazel - Demon of Sloth


Dollaris - God of Money and Trade
Artecius - God of Business and Unfairness
Mectulun - Goddess of Government and Corruption
Senturonuk - Goddess of Advertisement and Control
Nebution - God of Science and Deception

Here's the twist!


Since both are trying to become powerful in the minds of men, they can be on the same side.

To sign up, We will need:

Name of Angel/Demon:
Name of Avatar:
Age of Avatar:
Sex of Avatar:
Appearance (picture or physical description. Should include clothes):
Weapon of Choice:
Weapon Style (is optional):
Favorite Color (Hint: this IS a test):
Biography of Avatar:

Mortal Enemy (Which Man-made God is your worst enemy?):

All-in-all (one sentence summary of your character)


Name of Angel/Demon: Leliel (Angel of Night)
Name of Avatar: Ten Nebre
Age of Avatar: 28
Sex of Avatar: Male

Eyes: Deep purple, they illuminate in darkness, but not in pure darkness
Hair: Black, short and spiky
Skin: Pale
Clothes: He wears a black leather trenchcoat, which makes clanking noises. He removes it to engage in combat, under which there is an outfit similar to this: [URL=http://www.alltrees.org/anime/flamingsword/sk.vash.armor.png]OUTFIT[/URL], which is black and grey.

Weapon of Choice: (Many) Kunai Knives, plus two [URL=http://elitetacticalsources.com/prodimages/Cold%20Steel/35ATCBB.jpeg]KUKRI[/URL] for dueling.

Power: Ability to make area completely dark, ability to see in total darkness

Favorite Color: White

Likes: Secretly, he likes to be noticed
Dislikes: Loud noises

Biography of Avatar: Leliel has been living in the mortal world as Ten for five years. During that time, he has made friends with many of the more powerful Angels. He, after seeing Asmodeus, wanted to meet him, and make him an ally.

Personality: A very social person. He likes to make powerful friends, and is a strong believer that people are equal. After all, in the dark, can anyone see the differences between peoples? He has many secrets that he still hasn't told anyone, which makes him somewhat mysterious.

Mortal Enemy: Senturonuk, because she blinds people to the truth. (THAT'S MY JOB, DAMMIT!)

All-in-all: The social climber
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[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue][B]Name of Angel/Demon:[/B] Sachiel - Angel of Water

[B]Name of Avatar:[/B] Amica Kura

[B]Age of Avatar:[/B] 21

[B]Sex of Avatar:[/B] Female


[U]Body:[/U] Amica?s skin is cream-colored with a voluptuous figure. Her ears are small and delicate as well as her hands. Amica?s cheekbones are prominent with an average forehead and thin eyebrows. Her chin is has a nice shape and strong looking. She stands 5?6 and weighs about 126. Her lips of full and seductively curved. She had a white rose tattoo with rain drops falling from the petals behind her upper left back shoulder blade

[U]Eyes:[/U] Her slanted see blue eyes remind you of the ocean.

[U]Hair:[/U] She has luxurious long curly hair that is the color of the jet black. Her hair goes all the way down to her waist. Amica?s hair is usually worn in an seductive style. Her hair is half way pinned up in a bun with water fall curls spilling from the sides. The rest of her hair trails loosely down her back like silk.

[U]Outfit:[/U] Her wardrobe is sexy and attractive.

[U]Pants: [/U] She wears a scandalously tight pair of black pants that hugs her hips and thighs like a second skin. Around the waist hangs a chain belt of golden circles.

[U]Top:[/U] [URL=http://www.geocities.com/hypnotic_beauty2003/denisse/File0005.jpg]Top only[/URL]. The color is royal blue.

[U]Shoes:[/U] A pair of sexy black looking stiletto heeled boots.

[B]Weapon of Choice:[/B] Chinese Fan and Twin Fork Sword (You get the point no?)

[B]Power: [/B] Ability to manipulate water.

[B]Favorite Color (Hint: this IS a test):[/B] Green

[B]Likes:[/B] Being Happy

[B]Dislikes:[/B] Rainy Days

[B]Biography of Avatar: [/B] (I?ll finish this asap)


[U]Good:[/U] Calm and collective. She always thinks before leaping into any situation and likes to analyze things. She keeps to herself and enjoys her own company. She is very creative and peaceful, but like any body of water, she can be deadly.

[U]Bad:[/U] If someone or something pisses her off, Amica will make sure she rids/destroys it. She often has mood swings...one minute she;s happy the next biting somone's head off.

[B]Mortal Enemy (Which Man-made God is your worst enemy?):[/B] Nebution - God of Science and Deception Amica hates him for always outwitting and twisting her words around.

All-in-all (one sentence summary of your character): Mood Swings[/COLOR]
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[center][size=1][color=red][b]Name of Angel/Demon:[/b]
Tabris ? Angel of Alternatives
[b]Name of Avatar:[/b]
Becca Lonestar
[b]Age of Avatar:[/b]
[b]Sex of Avatar:[/b]
[b]Appearance (picture or physical description. Should include clothes):[/b]
[b]Body:[/b] Becca?s skin is darkly tanned, the color of light coffee, and very smooth. She stands 5?6?, with a pretty average, though top-heavy, form. She has very long, tightly muscled legs, and long artistic hands. Her feet have a graceful dancers arch to them. Her face is oval, with a long nose, and full, red lips. Becca?s chin is strong, with slightly squared cheekbones.

[b]Eyes:[/b] Becca?s eyes are almond-shaped and slanted attractively. They are hazel in color, but if you look closely, they change shade according to her mood, and they are nearly see-through.

[b]Hair:[/b] Her hair falls to the middle of her back in loose waves and curls. The color of it is like tiger maple wood, dark brown, light brown, dark gold, light gold, dark red, and dark red-brown. She leaves it loose most of the time, or pulled back in a ponytail.

[b]Pants:[/b] Becca wears a pair of deceptively tight hip-hugging blue-jeans in dark blue, with flared bottoms. Around her waist is a black leather belt with a large, silver buckle that has flowers engraved on it.

[b]Top:[/b] Her top is a black, form-hugging spaghetti strap shirt, and a black, denim jacket that is cut off halfway, so the edges go to just above her belly.

[b]Shoes:[/b] A pair of laced-up black leather boots with three-inch wide and thick heels.

[b]Weapon of Choice:[/b]
Varieties of throwing knives (many)
[b]Weapon Style (is optional):[/b]
None but her own.
The ability to change form at will.
[b]Favorite Color:[/b]
Clear/no color
Going to extremes; danger; men
Normal people
[b]Biography of Avatar:[/b]
On her good side, Becca is pretty funny. She can crack a joke at exactly the right time to break the tension between people, and is pretty good at making people feel good about themselves. She also has a way with words, and a way to make men blush. A flirt at heart, Becca loves to hang with her friends, which are mostly guys.

On her bad side, Becca is a pretty scary person. She can be manic, crying one minute, laughing at you the next, or throwing things at you just to hear something break against the wall. She will always stand up for her friends, and has no misunderstanding about where her loyalties lie. She will stick up for her group even if she?s wrong. No one messes with her and gets away with it.

[b]Mortal Enemy (Which Man-made God is your worst enemy?):[/b]
Senturonuk, because she blinds people to the truth. (THAT'S MY JOB, DAMMIT!)

[b]All-in-all (one sentence summary of your character):[/b]
The trickster

Okay, now just working on the bio![/size][/color][/center]
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[FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=DarkRed][CENTER][B]Name of Angel/Demon[/B]: Sahaquiel - Angel of Sky

[B]Name of Avatar[/B]: Fallan (last name unknown)

[B]Age of Avatar[/B]: 20

[B]Sex of Avatar[/B]: Male

[B]Appearance[/B]: [URL=http://tinypic.com/4pt7ac]Fallan[/URL]

[B]Weapon of Choice[/B]: A long sword shown in the picture of Fallan's appearence.

[B]Weapon Style[/B]: Fallan often prefers larger weapons, hence his large sword. He often straps the sword to his back or side and fights with his fists. He likes the combination of a slow powerful sword and quick fist strikes.

[B]Power[/B]: Fallan is able to manipulate wind. Create tornados, strong winds, etc.

[B]Favorite Color[/B]: White. He loves the color of clouds, he often manipulates them to a certain shape giving himself a quick laugh.

[B]Likes[/B]: Fallan likes things to be peaceful. He likes to fly as well as judt watch the sky sometimes. When he first learned of his power he was unsure of what it meant. But now hes confident theres no other power he'd want. He loves to relax and just listen to the wind blow.

[B]Dislikes[/B]: Fallan dislikes anarchy. He doesn't like yelling or being forced to stay in one place or do something he doesn't want to. He likes to feel free, like he can go anywhere he wants without worrying of the consquences.

[B]Biography of Avatar[/B]: Fallan was raised on Earth by people he calls his parents. When he was just a baby he feel from the sky and landed in the hands of a capable family. They took him in as their own, they called him a "gift from god." Little did they know that this was actually true. Fallan had realized his powers but had no idea he played a vital part in the wars between heaven and hell, demons and angels. He always knew he was special, but he had to realize his true power, and would soon have a rude awakening.

[B]Personality[/B]: Fallan is carefree and loves to move from place to place. When he was young he was confined to his home town, but as soon as he could he left to explore the world. He longed to learn and meet new people. In every city he visited he made sure to talk to everyone he could, and visit all the sites. He had met lots of good people on his journies and felt an overwhelming happiness towards the direction his life had went. Fallan is laid back and often watches things play out before actually giving his opinion. He likes to do what he wants, and despises orders.

[B]Mortal Enemy[/B]: Bardiel - Angel of Hail. Fallan hates the idea of the sky being blamed for such a terrible act. Its not the power of the wind nor the sky that causes so much damage to the earth. Its the power of others.

[B]All-in-all[/B]: A carefree spirit with a sharp mind and a tiring advocate of happiness.[/CENTER][/COLOR][/FONT]
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[CENTER][SIZE=1][B]Name of Angel/Demon[/B]: Lucifer, Demon of Pride

[B]Name of Avatar[/B]: Alexander Hellios

[B]Age of Avatar[/B]: 25

[B]Sex of Avatar[/B]: Male


[B]Body[/B]: Alexander is tall, but not bulky. His muscle is sinewy, and does not bulk him up a huge amount, but it does increase his strength greatly. His feet are rather too small for his figure, and his hands are long and slender, with flexible fingers with perfectly manicured nails.

[B]Face[/B]: His face is long and slim, like the rest of his body, and his chin is pointed slightly. He has been known before as a "pretty-boy," but he doesn't mind this.

[B]Skin[/B]: His skin is very slightly tanned, and very soft and smooth, as he moisturises fairly often.

[B]Eyes[/B]: His irises begin as a deep red colour in the centre, around his slightly slitted pupils, like a cat's. Then, they spiral out, like flames, through orange and into a harsh yellow colour. His pupils, however slitted, are not bad enough for people to notice on first glance.

[B]Hair[/B]: His hair is quite long, and falls down to his forehead naturally, but he gels it down further, so it now comes down over his eyes. It is jet-black in colour, with deep crimson streaks highlighting it. The spikes which fall over his eyes are tipped with crimson, and the entire back of his hair is red.

[B]Clothes[/B]: Alexander wears stylish black trousers, and pointed, shiny black shoes, with a shirt, often red or black, and a knee-length black jacket. He wears a small necklace, just a chain really, and a solid metal ring on his left index finger. Sometimes he wears black leather gloves over his hands.

[B]Weapon of Choice[/B]: A pair of short swords, each about as long as his arms, with black obsidian-like blades and chrome handles. They are inscribed on the blades, one says "Pride," and one says "Vanity."

[B]Power[/B]: He can create and manipulate small amounts of black "Hell-Fire," which burns twice as painfully as mortal fire. However, he cannot create much of it, only small flames, not raging infernos, otherwise he is left completely drained and unable to do anything for a few days.

[B]Favourite Colour[/B]: Black

[B]Likes[/B]: He enjoys inflicting pain on others, especially long, agonising amounts of pain. He is, in short, a sadist. He also loves to cause chaos and havoc, taking great pleasure in destruction.

[B]Dislikes[/B]: He hates conformity, and tries to stand out in a crowd whenever possible.

[B]Biography of Avatar[/B]: Alex has lived on Earth for fifteen years, and has done his best to cause havoc and mayhem wherever he went, as well as torturing the odd person along the way as well. Any terrorist atrocity in the last fifteen years, and Alexander has probably been a part of it, no matter how small. He has been hunted by the police, but they can never catch him, so currently he is on the run from the law.

[B]Personality[/B]: Alex seems to be one of the normal ones, getting along well with everyone around him. But, behind closed doors, he is a complete psychopath. He has killed a lot of people in his short time on Earth, some in large scale terrorist atrocities, others in personal, one-on-one torture and murder sessions.

[B]Mortal enemy[/B]: Senturonuk-Goddess of Advertisement and Control, because she causes people to conform to a single line of work, or leisure, or dress.

[B]All-in-all[/B]: The suave psychopath

(OOC: Hope this is okay)[/SIZE][/CENTER]
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[B]Name of Angel:[/B] Zereul, Angel of Might

[B]Name of Avatar:[/B] Michael Phothitia

[B]Age of Avatar:[/B] 1200 Years (if combined)

[B]Gender of Avatar:[/B] Male

[B]Appearance:[/B] Michael, the avatar, has been used for thousands of years. His human form is tall and slinder, standing around 5'11", his body weight is 144 lbs, about 9% of it being fat, he is skinny and bony, with long muscles. His hair is short cut and flipped at the bangs, being auburn in color. His eyes are a clear hazel, which give off a brick-red tint when exposed to the light. His skin is dark in tone, since he is mediteranean in descent. He has a roman nose, posed upon his face around his large eyes, which are usually lazily drooped, but when opened fully, they give off a sense of furiousity and intenseness. The avatar, Michael, roots back to ancient Greece and is several thousand years old, but his appearence never changes.

In the current time period he is usually seen wearing clothing that is different, but socially exceptable, so that he is common, but attractive towards those around him, as if giving off some aura. He enjoys the colors red and white to wear ontop of dark blue jeans which hang from his thing hips. His movements are smooth and flowing.


Being the Angel of Might, Michael/Zereul has natural strength, which is unseen in his thin frame. He therefore took advantage of his body instead of opting for weapons, and began studying in the Earth's fighting and martial arts. He has mastered the ancient Grecian fighting art of Pancration Wrestling/Boxing. With the combination of his speed and strenght, Michael is a deadly hand to hand fighter, even if posed against and armed combatanant. At the age of 18, Michael was given his true weapon by God, which he found, as was he told in his dream vision, in a feild behind his parents farm house. The weapon was a finely decorated sword, the blade being exactly three feet in lenght, the base of the blade is decorated with gold weaving into the handle, which turns into golden twists into it's butt, which is a red saphire. The sword was the of the original Angel of War and Destruction, Michael, also known as Loki, whom destroyed Sadom and Gamora.

[B]Powers:[/B] Zereul/Michael can summon the will and spirit of fire and manifest it in nearly any form he wishes. His favorite and most effective form of fighting with it is surrounding his holy sword with flame and fighting at close range with his sword, but he is also capable of breathing out the fire and shooting balls/streams of fire from his hands and mouth. When angered, Michael has an unknown technique that he can manifest using fire, but no record has ever been taken of its exsistance.

[B]Favorite Color:[/B] Red

[B]Likes:[/B] Training/Building his body's power. Fire (a bit of a Pyro...). Cigarettes.

[B]Dislikes:[/B] Being Alone. Losing. Cheaters.

[B]Biography of Avatar:[/B]

Zereul has been in human for nearly 19 years in the current era. However, he has been in contact with the human race from back in the ancient Greek era. He has been the inspiration of legends for as long as humanity could tell tales of heroism. He travels from place to place, time to time, helping those in need of his abilities. And always, he would disguise his death and leave back to heaven when needed. His avatar has gone through several name changes, but always the same body. Through this, he has gained insurmountable battle expirience. He took part in several wars, including the Crusades, fighting alongside the guise of a knight, fighting alongside the Crusaders. But no matter what face he took, he was a war hero, who died in battle, supposedly.

Michael Phothitia is the 218th reincarnation of Zereul, the Angel of Might. He had been raised on the Greek island Crete since his birth, and was raised by a very relegious and poor family. His father raising lamb for a living and his mother sewing wool products, they made due with the little they had. Because of his poverty, Michael grew up defending himself constantly from neighbourhood bullies, with this, he began becoming a fighter, but little did he know, he was much stronger than any other boy his age. This is something that confused him as he grew up, but thought it as a blessing. When Michael turned 17, he was told by God in a vision, his true descent, as Zereul. Soon after this dream, he found that he could control flames and fire with his mind and will power. Later on, he found his other gift from god, Michael's Sword, in a feild behind his parent's farm.

Once again, in another vision, Michael was told by God that he woulds soon have to take part in a grand battle. With out a doubt in his mind of the truth of this vision, Michael began preparing himself for a battle with an unknown enemy, his only clue being "Evil will be amongst them...". With this, Michael begins his quest to search for these evil beings, and for those who can help him in his quest.

[B]Personality:[/B] Michael is smooth talking and authoritive. He possesses trust from those around him, and inspires them to bravery. Aswell as this, he is very selfless with his action and much rather sacrafice himself than those that he cares for.

[B]Mortal Enemy:[/B] Artecius, God of Business and Unfairness

[B]Over All:[/B] Leader by Example.

(I do hope this is correctly made, do tell if it needs changing or improvment.)
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[COLOR=Navy][B]Name of Angel/Demon:[/B] Ramiel - Angel of Thunder

[B]Name of Avatar:[/B] Micky Lee

[B]Age of Avatar:[/B] 22

[B]Sex of Avatar:[/B] Male

[B]Appearance (picture or physical description. Should include clothes):[/B] [URL=http://animevisions.net/Pictures/guys/guys39.jpg]Click Here[/URL]

[B]Weapon of Choice:[/B] Sword.

[B]Power:[/B] Control Thunder. Make it come out of nowhere.

[B]Favorite Color (Hint: this IS a test):[/B] Blue?

[B]Likes:[/B] Being in solitude.

[B]Dislikes:[/B] Being annoyed.

[B]Biography of Avatar:[/B] *Later*

[B]Personality:[/B] Mysterious and quiet. He thinks smart. He's a very understanding and patient guy. Caring and lovable type.

[B]Mortal Enemy (Which Man-made God is your worst enemy?):[/B] Artecius-unfair to people..

[B]All-in-all (one sentence summary of your character):[/B] Quiet One.[/COLOR]
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[b]Name of Angel:[/B] Matarael - Angel of Rain

[B]Name of Avatar:[/B] Solomon ?Zimmy? Zimmerman

[B]Age of Avatar:[/B] 20

[B]Sex of Avatar:[/B] Male


[B]Body:[/b] Solomon, or Zimmy, as he prefers, is a slight, tiny little guy. He stands at a simple 5?5? with little to no tan to be seen on his unblemished skin. He weighs about 120 pounds, only. His fingers are long and skilled, but dyed slightly yellow from his smoking addiction. He is very skinny, his legs are pretty long (long compared to how tall he is) and slim. He has absolutely no muscles whatsoever, but he can run quite fast if he feels the need to.

[B]Face:[/B] His face is just plain, although somewhat longish. His cheeks are a little chubby, as Zimmy never managed to lose the baby fat there. It?s embarrassing for him, but women think it?s adorable. He also has an almost slightly hooked nose that earned Zimmy a lot of laughs as a child.

[B]Eyes:[/B] This is where everything changed for Solomon. While he never did any sports during school or had the leading roles in the plays, Zimmy had his [i]eyes.[/i] They are round and big, his eye lashes long and somewhat effeminate. They are the most remarkable blue, ?Bluer than a Robin?s eggs, I tell you!? His old Jewish mother would boast to everyone she could. While this was another source of embarrassment to Zimmy, even he admits they are lovely. It has been said that you could see Solomon?s eyes through rain, snow, and the dark.

[B]Hair:[/B] Zimmy has black, naturally curly hair, betraying the stereotype of his religion. Although he combs it as often as anyone, it sticks up and above his forehead, his curls out of control.

[B]Clothing:[/B] Solomon has a weird habit. He wears clothing, nice enough, for sure, but clothing that is usually ill-fitting to him, making him look skinnier than he already is. He wears a long sleeved white shirt with black pinstriped jeans. Because his shirt is too small for him, the sleeves only barely go up to [i]behind[/i] his wrists. His jeans, however, seem to fit him well enough to allow him to move freely.

[B]Shoes:[/B] Zimmy wears a simple pair of dark blue sneakers, tied up and almost unnoticeable.

[B]Weapon of Choice:[/B] Prefers not to use weapons, primarily, but anything he can get his hands on, if needed, will work fine.

[B]Power:[/B] Anything from creating a simple, calming rainstorm for soothing noises or a full on thunderstorm when the man is pissed.

[B]Favorite Color:[/B] Any shade of blue. It came naturally, what with his mother ranting about his eyes all day.

[B]Likes:[/B] Smoking, noises, sarcasm.

[B]Dislikes:[/B] Not smoking, being alone, fire (this is strange, I know, but when I say fire I mean like?[i]fire[/i], not the little light at the end of his cigarette.)

[B]Biography of Avatar:[/B] I?ll have to do this later ^_^

[B]Personality:[/B] To think of a few words to describe Solomon Zimmerman, they would probably be ?Sarcastic? and ?Passive.? Quite a dangerous combination, as the unskilled human might not be able to tell whether Zimmy is joking or really trying to make you cry.

Underneath the tough façade is a man who, if he thinks he really hurt your feelings, will feel absolutely terrible about it until he can apologize for it. Empathy is his weakness, but the ladies find it absolutely adorable, like everything else about him.

Solomon is not really much of a ladies man, but since all the girls around him tend to squeal about his eyes and his cheeks, he can?t help but love ?em anyways.

Whenever he gets mad, Solomon can [i]get[/i] mad. Usually it?ll only evolve into a screaming match, unless the other person smartly backs down in time.

[B]Mortal Enemy:[/B] Nebution - God of Science and Deception, because if he keeps all this crap up, the rain might get a little more dangerous than intended.

The cynic.[/color]
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Name: Israfel- Angel of Music

Name of Avatar: Bethany

Age of Avatar: 21

Sex of Avatar: Female


Figure- Tall and shaply she has long limbs. She is very strong but she dosn't look it. She has naturally tan skin.

Face- She has a clear, bright face and wears no make-up. Her eyes are emerald green, with gold streaks. She gets a lot of looks from strangers, for her looks are different but beautiful. Also, she has a birth-mark under one eye that looks like a black line running down her left cheek. Her gaze holds intelligence.

Hair- She has long brown hair with blounde ends. There are two peices of hair that frame her face the are pure white. She always wears her hair down, reaching the middle of her back.

Clothing- Her outfit consists of a dark green shirt with white flames in the middle. She wears blue jeans that fit her loosely. Her shoes are black boots which the jeans fall over the top of.

Weapon of Choice: A bow and arrow for long-distant, and a small machete for close-range. (I suck at spelling)

Powers: The ability to control people with her hypnotic voice and eyes. Also she can tame any wild animal.

Favorite Color- Green, she believes it to be the color of music

Likes- Nature, music (duh!), sports & books

Dislikes- Constantly happy people

Bio of Avatar: She grew up in a loving family but was torn away from them because of the raids the revoulution caused. She came to earth at the age of seven and was placed in a foster family. When the humans kidnapped her they abused her until she finally had to destroy them.

Personality: Trustworthy and calm people tend to feel relaxed around her. Her voice has an uknown accent. She is a moderate talker and is always offering her own insight. She knows all about a variety of subjects and can hold a coversation with just about anyone. Beth likes to be in company and a companion. But it suites her fine to be alone. Often she sings to herself. She can be found in the middle of the night singing sad songs.
In the spirit of duality temper always reigns. If she gets a little bit annoyed she'll kill. That may not be a good thing for her friends, but it comes in handy on the battle-field.

Mortal Enemy: Sunturonuk- Goddess of Advertisement and Control
(They BOTH have the power of control and the angel is second to NO ONE!)

All-in-All: Calm and Nurturing, with reverse affects
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Alright, everyone!

Here's the scoop. We really don't need any more angels, but outstanding posts [i]will[/i] be expected from those who wish to be an angel after this point. We need all the devils to continue, because Lucifer can't handle it all by himself (no matter how badass his description is! Nice job, anarchy!)

Just a few updates on the plot, the holy grail in this story is the Ambrosia, the forbidden fruit. The reason that the M.M. Gods have so much power now is because they posess it. They also have the Holy Grail, The Original Crucifix, The Crucifix of St. Peters, and the Lance of Longinus (for all you who need a Constantine definition, the spear of destiny in the movie is the same as the Lance of Longinus. (note - there is no mention of a Spear of Destiny in the Bible, but there is a Lance of Longinus, so S.O.D. is its improper title.)). These artifacts are seperated amongst the M.M. Gods, and must be retrieved to restore balance to Earth.

Ambrosia - Imbues the one who holds it with incredible strength and knowledge
Holy Grail - Grants user more strength with each man they kill
Lance of Longinus - Grants user speed with each man they kill
The Original Crucifix - Grants owner long Life
St Peter's Crucifix - Acts as a catalyst for magical and Alchemic reactions, amplifying damage and potency

Just an update of who has survived the cut...

Momo - Sachiel
Skye - Tabris
x kakashi x - Sahaquiel
Anarchy - Lucifer
ReFlux - Zereul
Muse - Matarael
elementalshadow - Israfel

Who Am I?, your post is insufficient for signup purposes until you make some more of the changes I suggested in a PM to you awhile back. You also need a Bio and Appearance revamp. Sorry.

We need the rest of the Demons,
Any more angels will need outstanding posts to be accepted,
Holy/Unholy items have been attributed to the M.M. Gods.

Happy posting!
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[COLOR=DarkRed][size=1][b]Name of Demon:[/b] Asmodues - Demon of Lust

[b]Name of Avatar:[/b] Julian Norris

[b]Age of Avatar:[/b] 26

[b]Sex of Avatar:[/b] Male


[b]Body:[/b] Julian stands to be 6'3. He's not to muscular nor' too fat, but just slender enough to look a bit feminine and masculine. Lightly tanned skin. He has a pair of devil wings tattooed on his shoulder blades

[b]Head:[/b] Has deep hazel eyes making it hard to see his pupils. On his right ear he wears two silver [URL=http://esilvershop.com/images/eass009.jpg]earcuffs[/URL] in which he likes to play with. On his bottom lip he has a lip-ring. He has shoulder length shaggy hair combed to one side of his face (left) making it hard to see his left eye, he likes to dye his hair from time to time, or just mess it. It's currently brunette with deep red tips.

[b]Clothes:[/b] Around his neck he wears a chain. Just a plain old chain. He wears a loose red and black mesh muscle shirt. When it's cold out he wears a midnight colored jean jacket. His style is quite funky sometimes, but he tries to restrain himself. So he just wears messed up painter jeans with holes on the knees, he also wears it loose and uses a studded pink belt to help hold it up. He believes that women like men who wear pink. On his feet he wears plain old converses (sneakers.)
He also likes to wear studded bracelets on his wrist too. Also loves the silver skull rings on his left hand.

[b]Weapon of Choice:[/b] He prefers to use Chained Kamas (sickles). He doesn't always carry them around though. When he doesn't have them he sticks with his own street fighting style.

[b]Power:[/b] Julian can control ones movement. He usually picks on who he feels is weak. Although his power may not work against all. Also can make one have a sexual desire towards him or a lust for something else.

[b]Favorite Color:[/b] Crimson

[b]Likes:[/b] Women, sex, smoking, music, sleep, comfortable beds.

[b]Dislikes:[/b] Aggressive women, bitchy women, people who treat women badly, bad spring matresses, being called "old man" and being lectured.

[b]Biography of Avatar:[/b] Asmodues was actually born into the human world as he chose to expirence human life by bits and years. Julian was named by his mother who passed away when he was three with a very dangerous illness. So he was raised by his laid-off, gambling addictive, womanizing father. Because of his father's way he was raised poorly. He rarely had any food to eat. So when it came for Julian to take responsibility at sixteen he decided to get a job at a grocery store as bag-boy. Although the salary wasn't much he had ways to eat and had some money to buy things. Usually as a son of gambling addictive father, he had to lend some to his father. He didn't want to, but he knew his father would get his money anyway possible.

"Why don't you get a frickin' job?" He yelled at his father one night. His father was furious and being drunk the consequence didn't end up so well. Each night his father would bring home a new women to be at his side while he was gambling with some friends. He got along well with the women, he always asked why they would be with a scum like his father. Usually the answer was "He paid me." It got old so he stopped asking that question, instead he asked what they wanted in a guy. How he should act and dress. Because of all this he is what he is today. When Julian turned nineteen his father eventually retired from gambling. Julian sent him to a retirement home where he would be a burden. He didn't want to deal with his father's rambling.

Being legal enough to own the house on his own he did whatever he wanted. No one could scream at him. He was... A trouble maker. A delinquet as some may say. He hung around local neighborhood gangs dealing drugs and get himself involved in battles between two gangs. He has hung out with gangs secrectly since he was nine. Picking up their ways. This is how he learned how to street fight, and pick up women. Now at his current age he still works at a grocery store as the co-manager.

[b]Personality:[/b] Suave, and romantic man. He feels like he should usually get his way. But if he doesn't he's cool with it. Calm and laidback, quite flirtious with the ladies, hoping to get what he wants. Also very social, and has a thing for troublemaking. He still has the energy of a juvenile delinquent. He doesn't mind being alone or crowded around. He also likes to act like a smartass.

[b]Mortal Enemy:[/b] Mectulun - Goddess of Government and Corruption
Although a women. He thinks she's quite annoying. She's always getting in his way of crimes.

[b]All-in-All:[/b] Euphoria

(I hope my character is appropriate. PM me if any changes are needed! I'd appriciate it.)[/size][/COLOR]
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Name of Angel/Demon: Satan - Demon of Anger

Name of Avatar: Katie Collons

Age of Avatar: 16

Sex of Avatar: Female

Appearance (picture or physical description. Should include clothes): Has dirt-red hair that reaches down to her shoulders. Bangs usually cover her eyes...Which are a fiery red colour.
Usually wears a black tank-top, black fingerless gloves, dark-blue jeans, and black running shoes. A chain is attached at the side of her pants.

Weapon of Choice: Pistol, dagger

Power: Able to cause destruction

Favorite Color (Hint: this IS a test): Red

Likes: Pain, suffering, basically everything that's against the law, seeing people angry.

Dislikes: Happy people, social outings.

Biography of Avatar: Katie had an average life; going to school, coming home from school, doing homework, hanging out with "friends". But when alone, Katie plots ways to make people suffer.
She didn't have the best homelife; her father walked out on her when she was 3, her older brother commited suicide, her mother was lazy and out of work...That added to the ever expanding anger inside her, which still resides in her, today.
Although she hides it, there is an almost tiny part inside her, that wishes her, to be happy.

Personality: She keeps to herself most of the time, and when forced to talk to people, she seems like a kind and caring person. But she is a skilled liar, so you almost never know when she is telling a lie or the truth.

Mortal Enemy: Dollaris - God of Money and Trade (Katie hates him because he always complicates things with money and trade. Why waste time calculating how much something costs, when you can just walk into a store, take something and leave?)

All-in-all: A skilled liar who loves seeing people in pain.
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Purple][B]Name of Angel/Demon: [/B] Beelzebub - Demon of Gluttony
[B]Name of Avatar:[/B] John Castle
[B]Age of Avatar:[/B] 32
[B]Sex of Avatar:[/B] Male
[I]Body:[/I] John is short and very plump. When he came onto earth he created his avatar in the likeness of Danny DeVito. He always thought of DeVito when he thought of himself as a human.
[I]Eyes:[/I] Black, beady eyes.
[I]Hair:[/I] His hair is black and has an almost greasy look to it. He is also balding.
[I]Face: [/I] When he smiles, he squints, making his eyes harder to see. He has no scars or other telltale traits.
[I]Clothes:[/I] John likes two types of clothing. Business suits, and Hawaiian shirts with kakhi shorts and a wide brim straw hat.
[B]Weapon of Choice:[/B] A dirk or any gun that shoots fast. After all, he isn't very athletic.
[B]Weapon Style (is optional):[/B]
[B]Power:[/B] He can control food. Sounds stupid right? Well, he can control whether or not that food is poisonous, or going to give you an allergic reaction to it. More often than not the allergic reactions are fatal, usually by causing your digestive system to explode.
[B]Favorite Color:[/B] Purple, because it relaxes him enough to eat.
[B]Likes:[/B] Fatty foods. He also likes the word combination of "Free Food," because, hey, come on, it's food and it's free. Beer is also good.
[B]Dislikes:[/B] Health food, Atkins, and other diet regimens, stupidity.
[B]Biography of Avatar:[/B] What better lifestyle for the demon of gluttony than food critic. John Castle has traveled the world and has criticized food from any region, and he doesn't have to pay a cent. Being a world renowned food critic he gets to eat all the food he wants and not have to worry about a thing. His favorite place to visit is Germany. Because they have good food, and good beer. It just so happens that he is somewhat a beer critic too.
[B]Personality:[/B] Surprisingly John is easy to befriend, and easy to piss off. Usually if he has a good beer, or a good plate of food in front of him he's happy and ready to be a friend to anyone. Especially pretty ladies that are somehow attracted to his... charm. But the second you interrupt his meal, or do something extremely stupid he will be ready to kill you (and he more than likely will).
[B]Mortal Enemy: [/B] Nebution, because science leads to health studies. **** that!
[B]All-in-all: [/B] Angry fat man.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkSlateGray]Room enough for me, 0ber? Sorry for the late start. I was gripped by... laziness.

[B]Name of Demon:[/B] Azazel, the demon of laziness

[B]Name of Avatar:[/B] Jan (pronounced like yawn) Stronham

[B]Age of Avatar:[/B] 26

[B]Sex of Avatar:[/B] Male

[B]Appearance:[/B] Jan's hair looks like he just got out of bed because, in this case, he did. His eyes are a perpetually bleary and bloodshot hazel.

In terms of clothes, he wears whatever rumpled and wrinkled and perhaps smelling ones he picks up off of his floor, which he hasn't seen since he incarnated.

[B]Weapon of Choice:[/B] A pistol. Guns don't require that much effort to use.

[B]Power:[/B] He can put anyone he meets to sleep.

[B]Favorite Color:[/B] The pattern on the inside of his eyelids.

[B]Likes:[/B] Sleep. Pillows. Beds. Soft, warm places to curl up and nap in.

[B]Dislikes:[/B] Alarm clocks.

[B]Biography of Avatar:[/B] Jan has never done a lick of work in his life, and yet has always somehow stayed afloat. The money for the rent, the term paper, anything he's ever needed will somehow just... appear.

[B]Personality:[/B] If you somehow find Azazel A) concious and B) in a talkative state of mind, you will find him an easy-going, friendly man. He is a poweful ally, just don't count on him doing any work assigned to him without having to be nagged to death about it.

[B]Mortal Enemy:[/B] Artecius, and the business world in general, for having all those damn effort-requiring rules and guidelines. Plus, he wears a suit. Both Azazel and Jan have an instinctive distrust of anyone with the energy to put on a suit.

[B]All-in-all:[/B] Preferably unconcious.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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