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Sign Up Twilight: Light vs Dark (M-SLV)


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The earth. A large but fragile world. Different from the earth we know but with similar problems. Food shortages, less water to be found in areas that need it most, and the dark evil ones seeking to either destroy the world or rule it. It has happend time and time again. Every once in a while there would be a war. Then a peace that lasted only for a short while.

One day someone described seeing a large dark cloud decend onto his village. He wrote what he saw in his journal, about how it seemed to move like numerous creatures, about how it left the village so dark even torches didnt give off much light. He then wrote how a black fog filled his village and thats where his journal ends. In other books and journals found across the land described the same thing. People, animals, and even plants seemed to die in this black fog that spread everywhere.

One book stops dead at an entrie describing a bright silvery lizard sweeping into the village and with its mighty breath eliminated the fog. Many beleive that this person kept writing even after he knew he was going to die like the others around him... as if he knew there would later be others that might need this information.

This wave was called the "Death Wave" for it eliminated every living thing on the planet. The water became poison, the air became stale, and plants turned into dust. Soon nothing lived and the entire planet was just another planet floating in space.

One day though life appeared again. Only in small things untill everything seemed normal again. New humans looked at the destroyed world with confusion and began to build and live on their own. They would get more advance and they read the books left behind but they never fully understood what happend. Then one day it happend all over again. And this cycle continued. The blackness blocking out the sun, the black fog of death, and the silvery dragon swooping in and with its mighty breath ridding the world of the fog and briging light back to the now dead planet.

Some people wrote that they beleived that this great silvery dragon was the one that brought the life back to the world but this was just a guess. And everytime they reached a certin level of technology the wave would come again. Finally the people began to learn that progress was bringing this so they stopped inventing new ways to travel and new ways to cook. Then progress slowed to nothing and the world seemed to man as if time had stood still.

Many people beleived it was a good choice to quit moving forward and that where they were was just fine. Others on the other hand thought to live like this was living in fear of the wave and holding ones abilities back. Some people beleived that progress was the only reason to live. They figured if they were just going to sit around with huts for houses and feet for transportation (or a horse if you could catch and tame one) that they might as well be dead. This depression caused many people to either kill themselves or kill others. The world was again going sour.

In one village though they taught the young kids defense with a sword and taught them to protect and search for a way to prevent the wave from ever returning. Each generation failed to find the cure but they did help the village by becoming protectors. They fought off the bandits that murdered for fun.

This year a small group of young adults (and a few older ones too if you like) have decided they will also search for a way to rid them of the black fog forever. With little knowledge they will need help. Mysteriously every time a group of young people in this village decide this a group of eggs appear. One egg for each person deciding that they will be the ones to fix the world and allow progress to pick up again. One egg is left after people chose. The left behind egg hatches on its own and it helps protect the village.

Inside each egg is mythological creature. Some young dragons (no wings and no larger than a smaller sized horse.) and some pheonixs too (small... Not much larger than a bald eagle) and even some other crazy creatures. Each creature forms a bond with the person who hatches it and each creature can speak english. Also the creatures can talk with the animals of the land. Animals are smart and can pick up on things that humans might not. So with that these young adults decide its their time to search. The eggs appear and the eggs are chosen. Then the journey begins. Unfortunatly after a year or two and no information has been found the creatures die. They are up against time. Are you one of them? Can you handle it?


I apologise for the length of this but it just came to me. I wrote it all as it came to my mind and it got a little long. I hope this works out. Iv been wanting to use my character/ creature in an rpg and couldnt find one right enough so i decided to make one.

Sign ups are shown below:

[b]Name:[/b] nothing like Olthaneth Uilos (Keep it somewhat easy to pronounce and read)
[b]Age:[/b] 17 - 30 If human (Look at race section for available races to chose from... decide your age from that if you wish to be something other than human.)
[b]Gender:[/b] Simple... Male or Female
[b]Description: [/b]What your character looks like (picture or details)
[b]Race:[/b] (Didnt see this coming now did you?) Elf, Dwarf, Human (those be your choices! If you want something else pm me and tell me what the race is with some information about that race and perhaps ill allow it)
[b]Weapon:[/b] Bows, Swords, and stuff like that. (meaning no guns laser swords and tanks) (Limit of two. A bow and a dagger, a bow and a sword or a sword and a sword. You get the point.)
[b]Egg Color:[/b] Pick a color. There can be more that one egg with the same color but if someone signs up with a blue egg and you want a blue egg give your egg details... like stripes or spots.
[b]Creature: [/b]This means what hatched from the egg. (Note on the creatures. Dragons for example hatch out of small eggs but within a few days are full size. Keep this in mind)
[b]Creature Description: [/b]What does your creature friend look like? (Picture or detailed description)
[b]Creature's Name: [/b]You gotta name your friend! The same rules apply for its name as it does with your own.
[b]Creatures abilities:[/b] Like fire ice lightning or water (nothing huge just small powers like SMALL fireballs or SMALL shocks... now fire storms and lightning storms large enough to level a village)

[left]OH and a note to people who choose to have BOWS:[/left]

[left]You cant have an unlimited supply of arrows (like on lord of the rings *laugh*) Your character will have to occasionally make more. I mean taking the arrow tips off the arrows once the target is dead and using them to make more arrows later works. Or extreamly sharp plain wooden arrows... Just as long as you do remember to run out once in a while and make more...[/left]


[left]Here is mine:[/left]

[left][b]Name:[/b] Nida[/left]
[left][b]Age:[/b] 19[/left]
[left][b]Gender:[/b] Female[/left]
[left][b]Description:[/b] Picture Attached (Without the wings and pigtale things. Her hair is also longer and darker brown. She wears long pants and a tanktop that is a dark green color that looks belt like. Think lulu from FFX)[/left]
[left][b]Race:[/b] Human[/left]
[left][b]Weapon:[/b] A strong bow and the weapon in the picture except black.[/left]
[left][b]Egg Color:[/b] Black with orange spots[/left]
[left][b]Creature:[/b] Dragon[/left]
[left][b]Creature Deescription:[/b] Picture Attacked.[/left]
[left][b]Creature's Name:[/b] Zash (Pronounced Zay-Shh)[/left]
[left][b]Creatures Abilities:[/b] He can spit small fireballs.[/left]

[left]As for the picture of the dragon.. Ignore the wounds... Just picture skin or fur where its needed... the wounds were just part of the drawing when i drew him... Its not like hes a zombie that wanders around with wounds like that.[/left]
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[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue][B]Name:[/B] Sean

[B]Age: [/B] 21.

[B]Gender: [/B] Male.

[B]Description[/B]: On my Banner/Avi

[B]Race:[/B] Human.

[B]Weapon:[/B] Bows And Arrows.

[B]Egg Color:[/B] Sky Blue With Blue Lighting Stripes.

[B]Creature:[/B] Dragon.

[B]Creature Description:[/B] [URL=http://www.azraels-reich.de/mediac/400_0/media/DIR_109/Ice~blue~Dragon.jpg]Click Here[/URL]

[B]Creature's Name:[/B] Ice.

[B]Creatures abilities:[/B] Control Ice[/COLOR].
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Name: Ryan


Gender: Male

Description: Ryan is about 6 feet tall, and is undernurihsed. He has green eyes, and shoulder length brown hair. He wears white pants, and a blue long sleeve shirt. He also has a necklace with a symbol on it. (I will attach the symbol as soon as I can get it scanned.) And has the tatoo of a pheonix fighting a dragon on his back.

Race: Half-Elf (thats ok right?)

Weapons: One long sword, and a short sword. He's left handed so long sword, goes in the left hand, and short goes in the right.

Egg color: think of a dark rainbow.

Creature: Chimera. For those of you who don't know a chimera is a creature that has different parts of different animals. For example one chimera could have the head of a lion, the body of a horse, the tail of a komodo dragon, the wings of a dragon, and the legs of a tiger.

Creature Descreption: [b]Mine[/b] has the head of a bull, the body of a human, the arms of a wolf, the legs of a leopard, and the wings of a vulture.

Creature Name: Aremic

Creature Abilities: Aremic, has the speed of a leopard, the somewhat limited ability to fly (he weighs about as much as really fat human no offense to you over weight people), and is really strong. Since that he can't shoot fire or control water. But he can run up to you and punch the crap out of you or just scrath yo to death.
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Yes phayt thats fine. I forgot to mention mixed race is ok as well. Part human part elf is fine.

Um... Who am I? You will edit in the descriptions later I hope heh. I have seen people in rpgs say that and never do it. But your sign up is good too except for lack of descriptions.

EDIT: I edited my OWN SIGN UP... I took out the sword. Someone brought to my attention (because i had not thought about it) that the weapon in the picture would be cooler for my character and i realized it does work well. So She now nolonger carries a sword but a large Scythe (grim reaper girl!) but it is black instead of the color it is in the picture.

EDIT #2: I would like to point out too that the dragon isnt grey lol. His furry patches are bright orange and his scales are deep dark green. The spikes are bone color (the big ones on his back and the horns and spine on his head) the two spike thingso n his tail are black.
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Name: Katelyn Conners

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Description: Dirty-blonde hair at about shoulder-length. Has bright green eyes.
Usually wears a tattered white T-shirt and black jeans. A sword is sheathed at her left hip (for she is right-handed) and a dagger close to her back pocket. She usually has a determined look, and is forever being optimistic.

Race: Human

Weapon: Sword and Dagger

Egg Color: Dark blue with grey swirls

Creature: Pheonix

Creature Description: (See pic)

Creature's Name: Horus

Creatures abilities: Can shoot icicles
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[color=Navy][b]Name:[/b] Azalea Sinclaire
[b]Age:[/b] 19 in human years
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Description: [/b][url="http://img253.echo.cx/img253/5082/05redscarf1zr.jpg"]Here[/url], her skirt's a little bit longer. Her sword is strapped to her back with the hilt peeking over the top of her right shoulder.
[b]Race:[/b] Elf
[b]Weapon:[/b] Sword and Metal Claw Gloves that she wears [see pic]
[b]Egg Color:[/b] Navy blue with silver stars
[b]Creature: [/b]Gryphon
[b]Creature Description: [/b][url="http://img37.exs.cx/img37/7783/gryphon7kc.jpg"]Here[/url]
[b]Creature's Name: [/b]Zandell
[b]Creatures abilities:[/b] Flies well, scratches, bites, can summon Streaks of Lightning to attack an enemy.

[b][color=Black]OOC: [/color][/b][color=Black]Hope that's ok. Let me know if I have to change anything.[/color]
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Ok. Five people are in this rpg. Depending on the answers I get from the pms I sent you Ill start this soon. If most of you are on often and not justo nce a week I can start this really soon (like tonight or tomorrow)

Anyways... The sign ups are still OPEN so anybody who is interested come on in and join. (and pm me telling how often you come on OB or put it in your post. Im just asking everyone who joins so i can determin when to start)
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Name: Zero Tros

Age: 19

Description: see below

race: human

Weapon: A very long Kitana and a small dagger for close up

Egg color: looks like a burning fire

Creature: Fire dragon

Creature description: see below

Creature name: Fay

Creatures abilities: He usually just acts like a torch, but more or less he acts like a little flamethrower.
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Name: Kyo Ken

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Description: See attatchment, 2 pics, one in armor other in everyday clothes

Race: Human/Elf

Weapon: Double edge sword and Katana

Egg Color: Blood red

Creature: Dragon

Creature Description: See attatchment

Creature Name: Fang

Creature Abilities: He can sense the presense of others from miles around. He can spit fire. He is good at sneaking around and is strong enough for Kyo to ride him with out getting tired. He is also a good ally to have in a fight.
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Ok everyone i started this.

Takuya is going to post his sign up here some time soon but aside from him the sign ups are now closed.

[font=Arial Black][size=4]I Repeat... The sign ups are now closed [i][size=1](except for takuya who pmed me earlier)[/size][/i][/size][/font]
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And in those PMs, we discussed my sign-up. this character has been approoved by Blanko.

Name: Laqara

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Description: Laqara is pretty much exactly six feet tall, with shoulder-length black hair, and blue eyes. She's not exactly a model of beutey, but she has no desire to be. the women people see as the epitome of female physical perfection are putting their health at risk, and she has no desire to do so. She's quite content with the body Nature gave her. She makes sure to keep herself in good shape.

Race: Um... starts human, but doesn't stay that way.

Weapon: She wields a pair of bladed staffs.

Egg Color: N/A

Creature: None. Laqara does not get a creature as a partner. Instead, she more or less becomes one. She becomes fused with the elemental energy of water, becomming an elemental being of water.

Description: When Laqara becomes an elemental being of water, her appearance changes somewhat. Her form is still a human female's in shape, but does not look at all human. Her skin becomes a kind of blue-green color, the color of water, and becomes a good bit tougher, functioning as something of a hide rather than just skin. Her hair becomes a similar color, but more green than blue., and her eyes turn the same color. She is covered, but not by what anyone would call clothes.

Abilities: Obviously, her abilities are elemental abilities of water. These include the ability to breath underwater, as well as basic manipulation of water. She can create it in very limited amounts, which limits her when away from a water source. However, she is able to draw on the water that exists in the air to a degree, which helps offset this.

Like the creatures the others have as partners, Laqara's abilities will increase over time. Where the creatures become stronger as they mature, Laqara's powers will increase as she adjusts to her new self, becomeing more and more attuned to the elemental energy of water. As she becomes stronger, the scope and strength of her manipulative abilities will increase, as will her ability to create water. Eventually, she will become able to shift her body, temporarily becoming a fluid being. She will not be able to hold this state for more than a few minutes, however.

Well, there we go. Again, Blanko approved that.
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