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RPG Welcome To Your Lesson on Love [M-LS, pos V]


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[COLOR=#ff00ff][FONT=Trebuchet MS][center][IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v641/ozyssite/lol2.jpg[/IMG]
Thanks Ozy!

[size=3][u][b]Welcome to Your Lesson On Love[/u][/size][/b]

Kagami High School resides in the small city of Kitakata, in the region of Fukushima.

In this school, in this town, teenagers will face the many hardships of growing up.

Crushes, romances, affection, competition, rivalry, sexuality and love.

Some want others to be their companions, their partners, their lovers.

But of course, things don?t go as always planned.[/COLOR][/FONT]


[FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=#6666cc][b]Wednesday.[/b]

The sounds of sparrows chirping outside echoed through an apartment building in the small city of Kitakata. The city was a little ways north of Tokyo. A few miles out of the city was a large beautiful lake. It was called Kagami Lake because the water?s reflection was said to be a mirror to the sky so that the dragon of the lake could think he was in Heaven with the other dragons.

Kitakata was a clean, peaceful city. There wasn?t much crime, or little the public heard of. Most people were on good terms with their neighbours and friends. This air of happiness was mostly seen in the local high school. The students there were some of the best in the country. Kagami High School was highly regarded academically and athletically. Past students had become successful in what career path they have chosen.

A nice-looking apartment building stood in one of the main streets. A slight wind rustled the leaves in the trees along either side of the street. The sun shone softly down through the eastern windows of the apartment building. On the third floor, you could see someone sit up in their bed. This person was Alex Kiyamoto.

Alex sat up in his bed and rubbed his eyes.
? Mmmm?.. morning?.. school?.?

He looked around his small room, his silvery blue hair swished around as he turned his head. His schoolbooks were all over his desk from studying last night. Getting out of his bed, Alex grabbed a towel and a pair of shorts and walked to the living room. He grabbed his MP3 player before leaving his room.

In the living room, Alex put replaced his slacks for shorts and put his headphones on, starting his usual morning workout. The sun shone through the large glass doors that led out onto a small balcony. Half an hour of an intense workout, Alex gathered his towel and slacks and walked to the bathroom.

Taking a nice refreshing shower, Alex came out of the bathroom, bumping into his flatmate, and best friend.

? Good morning Jace-chan!? Alex said brightly. He received a grunt in reply as Jace dragged his feet to the kitchen to make himself a coffee. Alex laughed at Jace. He went to his room and got changed into his school uniform before going out to the kitchen, seeing Jace sitting at the bench, sipping a cup of coffee.

? Not a morning person Jace-chan? I can?t have my 3D partner slacking off on me,? Alex said provokingly. Jace looked up and glared at Alex who just laughed at him.

? Ok princey-boy, your badboy partner is just not a morning person!? Jace replied crossly.

Jace and Alex were known as the 3D boys ? Duo Dude Death. This was a nickname given to them by their fan-girls at school. Alex was the prince every girl wanted to be swept off her feet by. Jace was the badboy every girl wanted to have protect her. And most guys at their school were envious of the two of them. The two boys had been best friends with each other since grade school.

? Well Jace-chan, you?d better get ready for school. Otherwise I?ll leave without you so you can get attacked by Kitoyama-san downstairs,? Alex said, watching for Jace?s reaction. Jace almost choked on his coffee. Kitoyama-san was an elderly lady that had taken a liking to Jace, and Alex was the only one who could pry her off of him. Jace slammed down his cup of coffee.

? Sometimes I wonder why I live with you,? Jace said before returning to his room to get dressed. Alex smiled as Jace retreated in disgust.[/COLOR][/FONT]


OOC: Ok everyone. It's Wednesday and what a beautiful morning it is. Remember if you decide to get to school, follow your timetable. I'll put up who's in what class and the map soon. Have fun! ^_^

I've put up, who's in who's class, who's who in the RPG and the teachers of the classes. They're in the Underground.
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[FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1][COLOR=Green]Amy awoke to the smell of a hardy Korean breakfast, she sat up from her bed slowly yawning and stretching her arms. Her silver hair fell to her shoulders; she swung her feet over the bed and landed on one foot planting the other foot slowly on the ground. [B]?Yes! I love going to school!?[/B] she skipped over to the bathroom and turned on the shower. She placed her hand in the shower to check the temperature; she adjusted it to be a little bit hotter and hopped in.

She lathered her hair and washed the shampoo out of it, she yawned and almost fell backwards in the shower. [B]?Ish!?[/B] she cursed as she stood upwards. The water soon turned off and Amy hopped out and dried her self off. She took a whiff of her hair and said [B]?Ahh! Cherries!? [/B] she took a comb and ran it through her silver hair.

Her blue eyes looked back at her through the mirror, she blinked and smiled. Her big white smile flashed off the glass. She chuckled to her self, with a towel wrapped around her she ran into her room. Noticing that her brother?s door was still closed, [B]?That lazy bum?? [/B] she laughed once more and took out her uniform for Wednesday. Her closet consisted of a uniform for every week; everyone was washed the day it was used.

She put on her white shirt and buttoned her buttons and put her tie on. She grabbed her skirt and shimmed it on up her legs where it fit perfectly on her hips. She shaked her skirt and watched it flow, she smiled and ran downstairs.

There was her mother placing some food on the table, Amy bowed slightly and sat down. Her parents were not exactly fluent in Japanese but they chose to speak it within the household. But, they will find themselves talking Korean almost all the time. [B]?Thank-you Oma, you are the best!? [/B] Amy gave a kiss on the cheek to her mother and started to eat.

[B]?Where is your brother??[/B] asked her mother looking up the stairs. [B]?He?s sleeping??[/B] she took a bite out of her bread and started to hum.

[B]?That lazy bum?just like his father.? [/B] Amy chuckled; her mother and her had the same thinking. [B]?Come down here!?[/B] her mother yelled up the stairs, Amy heard a thump and some growling. Her brother was up.

Amy finished her breakfast and head over to the living room, she turned on the TV and switched over to the Korean channel. [B]?Chicken Fight!?[/B] yelled the announcer. Amy smiled as two young women in chicken outfits tried to roll each other out the circle. Mickey stomped down the stairs. These were their last days with their mother, they were going to move to an (un-sure yet. I will fill this in when the map gets up.) on Friday.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[COLOR=DimGray]Micky grumbled out of bed.[/COLOR]

[B]"Aiish...I don't wanna go to school," Micky said siting up from his bed. [/B]

[COLOR=DimGray]He rubbed his head and headed downstairs.

"Good morning!" his mother said. [/COLOR]

[B]"Morning..." Micky mumbled and took out a box of cereal.[/B]

[COLOR=DimGray]"Hey..young man, you aren't eating that! You are eating one of your mother's best cooking," she said while putting the box of cereal back in the cabinet.[/COLOR]

[B]"Alright. Call me when it's ready."[/B]

[COLOR=DimGray]Micky went and sat down with his sister watching "Chicken Fight." They were both rooting for the blue one. Amy and Micky both laughed and watched the rest of the show until their mother called Micky for breakfast. Micky ate quick and got ready.[/COLOR]

[B]"Oh man, I'm gonna be late!"[/B]

"Pah-li Wah!!!(Hurry Up!!!)" Amy said.

[B]"Yeah hold on...like fifteen minutes."[/B]

[COLOR=DimGray]Amy crossed her arms and waited. Micky rushed to the shower and came back out in ten minutes then went through his dresser and and took a clean shirt and pants. He searched for his tie but couldn't find it. [/COLOR]

[B]"Hey Amy! Where's my tie!?!"[/B]

"I have it. Hurry up!"

[COLOR=DimGray]Micky combed his hair nice and neat and tucked in his shirt. He got his bookbag and wore his socks. He ran downstairs and finally put on his shoes. [/COLOR]

[B]"Ok...how was that?"[/B]

"Five minutes late.."


[COLOR=DimGray]They laughed and Amy gave Micky his tie. He straighten it and they went outside.

"Chal-Gah!" their mother said.[/COLOR]
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Loud punk music vibrated through the walls and shook Ken?s bed. He woke-up and stared at the ceiling, swearing under his breath. Rubbing his eyes and taking a deep breath, he threw off the blankets and pulled on pajama bottoms. He padded down the hall in his bare feet, following the music. He pounded on his sister?s door; there was no answer. He groaned and went to take a shower. When he got out, the music was still blaring. He ignored it and went into the kitchen.

[B]?Lord grant me strength and coffee grounds?[/B] he said, fumbling through the cupboards.

He perched himself on a stool and inhaled the brew. After a moment, feeling more human, he went back down the hall and pounded on her door again

[B] ?Aka! Coffee?s ready! Aka?? [/B] He opened the door a crack and peeked in. She was out cold, snoring and sprawled across the bed. He rolled his eyes and covered his ears, making his way to her radio. He hit it with a fist and the music ended. Aka sat upright in bed.

[B]?wha the?? [/B] she mumbled, rubbing her eyes.

He sighed and smacked her with a pillow. [B]?Coffee?s ready, you got half an hour.?[/B]

She looked like she was going to say something, then she brushed her hair out of her face with a hand and looked at the clock.

[B]?Oh, shit!?[/B]

She jumped out of bed and started tearing through her drawers. Ken rolled his eyes [I]?women? [/I] he mumbled, going back into the kitchen to grab a second cup. He took it into his room, threw on some jeans and ran a blow-dryer over his hair. He was lounging on the couch, scanning a magazine when Aka ran frantically into the kitchen, pouring a cup of coffee, and drinking it down in one gulp.


She turned and smiled at him [B]?Much. How do you get ready so fast every morning??

?I wake up when your alarm goes off.? [/B]

She grabbed a pillow and threw it at him. He smirked and ducked, catching it, throwing it back. She ran at him and tackled him, punching and clawing. They rolled onto the floor, beating on each other until they both ran out of breath and started laughing. She picked herself up and ran a hand through her hair.

[B]?You should be ashamed, letting yourself get beat by a girl.?[/B]

He grinned [B]?Yeah I know, except I can say I taught this one all she knows.? [/B] He stood up and grabbed his backpack. [B]?Ready to go??[/B]
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Dirk smirked, watching his alarm clock go off. He'd been up for two hours previous, like all mornings, running his three mile morning warm up. He'd already groomed and showered by the time the clock went off. [b]"Why do I even set the damn thing?"[/b] he chuckled, clicking it off. This had become a morning ritual for him.

He sighed, grabbing his bag and exiting his small flat. He took the stairs down to the parking lot and threw he school stuff carelessly into the back of the S7. Struan drove to a cafe and purchased a double shot mocha, [b]"Hot damn! Thats the way to make a mocha, whats your name oh Coffee Goddess?"[/b]

The saleswoman was young and attractive, but she wasn't that young. "I'm Kiku, and I'll trade my phone number for a copy of your high school diploma."

He paid for the mocha, wearing a sly grin. [b]"I'll tell you what, give me that phone number and I'll fax it to you, huh?"[/b]

"I'll admit you're pretty hot, for a kid, but school starts in fifteen minutes, and you better get going." She chortled, laughing at her own matronly tone.

Dirk gave up and went on his way.

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[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=1]"Beep, Beep, Beep" The sound of Ranmaru's alarm beeped in his ear making him pull his blanket over his head. To his dismay the beeping still pierced through the blanket and he knew the pillow would be no help. His arm came out and swatted the alarm clock knocking it somewhere. He sat up in his futon and pushed the blanket on the side. Ranmaru looked around his normal teenage room; cloths, book, paper, garbage and things not even known anymore spread out on his floor.

Standing up he scratched the top of his head. Heading over to a pile of cloths that he had designated as clean he found his school uniform. He grabbed his eye patch off the side of his desk. It was the only surface in the room that you could see. Hiss books and paper lay neatly on top, which he gathered up and pushed into his schoolbag. He looked in his bag and nodded his head. He had everything he needed. Ranmaru set the bag on his chair and headed down the hallway into the bathroom. He knocked on the door first to see if anyone was in there and than when he was sure no one was he went in. Running his hands through his hand hair and straighten it out a bit. Looks fine he told himself and brushed his teeth quickly.

As he opened the door of the bathroom he smelled that something like breakfast. He was stunned. ?No way. Hell must have frozen over.? He tore down the hallway, quickly going back in his room to retrieve his bag. He jumped down the stairs and slid into the kitchen. He stood there staring at his father who was putting marmalade on a piece of toast. He was hoping his Mom had made breakfast for him, but like in the past seventeen years of his life none was there.

?Morning Ran. Thought breakfast was on the table again didn?t you.? He Dad chuckled. He was dressed in a sharp black suit and he had papers lying on the table. [I]Must be meeting a client today.[/I] Ran?s Father, Kyogo Ariaki, works as an architect for a huge company. Kyogo is forty-two years old and has been working in the business for twenty years. He sank down in a chair as his Dad passed him a piece of toast. ?You know Ran you do this about once a year. It would be good to have breakfast or dinner or even a lunch for once, but that?s your Mother for you.?

He took the toast and nibbled at it. ?So where?s Mom??

?Working.? He put his fingers to his lips to let Ran to be more quite. ?Do let her hear you or else.? He warned. It was to late though they heard the door to her studio slide open. Ran and his Father both jumped up and began gathering their things.

A woman in her late thirties came through the kitchen door. She looked like she hadn?t slept in days, her hair was all over and he blacked rimmed glasses were crocked. She was dressed in a gray sweater and sweatpants with a bandana on her hand that said, ?You can do it? in Japanese. ?Maru,? Ran?s mother was the only person to call him that. ?Kyogo, I am so glad you are up. Since you are up you can help me.? She almost broke out in tears. Na-Roo Ariaki, is Ran?s Mother, she has been a Manhwa artist for years, as a child she was always reading comics and drawing. She has one problem though she is lazy and tends to procrastinate.

?I love to dear, but I am on my way out. See if ran will help you out.? He gave a her a quick kiss and ran out of the house.

[I] Damn you Dad. How could you do that.[/I] His Mother turned her sight on her son. ?Oh Maru, I know you will. You are the best son in the world.? She latched onto him in a hug.

The phone rang. [I] Thank you![/I] ?I will go and get that Mom.?

?No don?t.? She grabbed in by the arm. ?It?s my editor. He will yell at me again.? Ran rolled his eyes.

?Listen Mom I got to go. I have school. As soon as I get home I will help you out. Promise. Besides your assistance will be coming soon.? He was able to escape from his mother?s grasp.

His Mother nodded. ?Okay than have a good day at school. As soon as your Father gets home he can help, too.? With his Mother all pumped up again she headed back to her work. Ran gave out a sigh of relief, this is how it always was when it was close to his mother?s deadlines. [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=SeaGreen][FONT=Tahoma]Jace stormed through the flat and into his room. He slammed the door, grumbling all the while. He hated it when Alex made him go to school. He took a deep breath and scratched his abs as he looked for clean clothes.

Despite his badboy rep, Jace was very organized with his personal belongings. Everything was neatly put away in its own little space and soon his bed was going to be made. He fixed everything really quick as he pulled his uniform from the top dresser draw.

He grumbled some more as he wandered into the bathroom in only his boxers to take a very quick shower and get dressed. He did some quick grooming before heading back out into the flat to grab his books.

Jace didn't wear his uniform like he was suppose to. Where was the fun in that? His pants were normal enough, but his under shirt was usually unbottoned without his tie and rarely did he ever wear his coat completely bottoned. He hated restricting his movement is such stuffy tight clothes.

"Let's go." Jace grumbled as he walked past Alex. The even height boy smiled at his flatmate's antics as he followed behind them. They snuck down the stairs without that creepy lady seeing them and started towards school.

The chaotic noise of the school yard slammed into both Alex and Jace as they stepped onto school grounds. Alex had a playful smile as students came up to him saying hi and being friendly. Jace rolled his eyes and turned his head away from Alex.

"What do we have here," Jace cocked a smile.

Sarah Nevada, the biology teacher that was well known for her great legs and huge rack. She was always dressed in something small and tight and it was hard not to drool over her. She had dropped something on the ground and was bent over trying to pick it up. Her ass in the air and her chest nearly falling out of her low cut blouse.

"Hey Ms. Nevada!" Jace called out. "Your tits are looking great this morning! And your ass, marvelous."

The woman stood up quickly, her face a rosey color. "Jace Tahlia! Do you have no shame!" The woman shook her head as she yelled at him.

"No ma'am." Jace smiled broadly as the woman hurried into the building.

"Did I see you drooling again, Jace-chan?" Jace heard Alex's voice over the noise.

Jace turned and gave a sharp look at Alex. The boy smiled at his best friend as they continued towards the building.[/FONT][/COLOR]

OOC: Sorry this is so short and crappy. Will do better next post!
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[color=Navy]Zephan heard the knocking at his door and groaned, turning over in his bed and putting his pillow over the top of his head to block out the sound.

[b]"Oi Zeph! Okiru! You'll be late!" [/b]he could his mother shouting from the other side of the door, pounding loudly.

[b]"Ah! I'm awake." [/b]Zephan yawned, sitting up in bed.

His chestnut brown hair was messed from sleep, but he just ruffled it a bit more and left it, because that was his particular hair style.

Zephan walked over to his closet and opened it, there were clothes hangers sitting on the horizontal pole. He pulled two of them out and rummaged around for his tie. He donned his uniform quickly but didn't put on his tie yet, and went to the bathroom to wash up.

After that he ran back to his room to gather his books. Zephan carefully put them into his bag and went down stairs for breakfast.

Zephan's mother was finishing the cooking and putting the food into bowls, so he took the time to put on his tie, doing it perfectly from lots of practise. He tied the loop but left it loose around his neck, he would tighten it at school.

[b]"Ohayou, 'Kaa-san." [/b]Zephan greeted.

[b]"Ohayou Zeph-chan~" [/b]his mother said while she carefully set down the bowls of food.

Zephan smiled, his mother worked so hard since she was a single parent, he was proud of her strong will. But his mind shifted to his father and he felt a great hatred toward him for what he had done. After his mother told him what had happened with his father, he swore to become the complete opposite of him.

He looked into his bowl, it was beef ramen, his favourite meal of all the foods that his mother cooked.

[b]"Itadakimasu!" [/b]they toned simultaeneously as they picked up their chopsticks.

They both slurped their meal loudly in appreciation, for it was an insult to not make noises when eating. Zephan finished quickly, practically inhaling the noodles.

[b]"Arigatou, oishii desu." [/b]Zephan told his mother, washing his bowl in the sink and putting it on the drying rack.

He picked up his bag and put on his shoes. Slinging the bag over his shoulder he remembered something he forgot and ran upstairs again. He grabbed his Mp3 player off his table and put the earphones into his ears, tucking the small bar into the breast pocket of his short sleeved shirt. Zephan ran back downstairs and flung open the door.

[b]"Ittekimasu!" [/b]he called to his mother.

[b]"Yoi ichinichi o." [/b]was her response.

Zephan left the house, the door closed loudly behind him and he walked at a brisk pace toward school. He turned his Mp3 player on and hummed to the music.

Zephan liked his first subject of the day, it was the class he did the best in, IT. He loved anything and everything to do with computers, technology and electricity. And his teacher was pretty funny too, he claimed his best friends were his computers.

Zephan thought about his schedule and predicted it would be a relatively good day.

[b][color=Black]OOC: [/color][/b][color=Black]Sorry, I couldn't think of much.[/color]
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[COLOR=DimGray]"Chal-Gah!!! (Have Fun!!!)" their mother said while Micky shut the door.[/COLOR]

"Hey...did you know cousin Drew is coming to our school?" Amy said cheerfully.

[B]"Oh really?? I didn't know," Micky said sarcasticly.[/B]

"So you knew this whole time and didn't tell me!" she pouted.

[B]"Yup! I'm sorry I guess I forgot...that time I think I was playing a video game or something."[/B]

"Aww....you didn't tell me. How could you!!"

[B]"Hey I told you I said I was sorry."[/B]

[COLOR=DimGray]Micky and Amy talked the whole way to school and decided to pick up Drew while walking there. [/COLOR]

"Why are you going in this direction! It's that way!" she pointed.

[B]"We're going to pick up our cousin."[/B]


[B]"Yeah so let's start heading there!" Micky smiled and walked to Drew's house.[/B]
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[COLOR=Navy][FONT=Palatino Linotype]"BEEP! BE-!"


Drew Takeda was already beginning the process of getting ready for a new day. As a quick reflex, his arm raised in the air and dropped onto his small digital alarm clock. "Man..." He groaned into his pillow. "It's way too early for all of this!" He sat up and shook his head, his tuffs of blonde bedhead dancing wildly.

He stood up, stretched, and walked into the bathroom. He brushed his teeth and washed his hair and face, then walked out into his living room/bedroom. "Now, I know I had my uniform out and ready last night." He said to himself in regard to his small dilemma.

'Think Drew! Think!'

"Oh!" He walked over to the coffee table and opened the large storage door underneath the surface. Sure enough, the uniform waited, begging to be worn. Drew pulled it out, throwing the shirt on while struggling with the pants. He grabbed the tie and slung it around his neck after he was done putting his socks on. Drew was never one to handle a tie, and he wasn't about to start now.

He set his schoolbag down by the door and went into the kitchen. Drew opened the refrigerator door, a six-pack of wine coolers and other necessities greeted him. He grabbed the unopened carton of "Moo Moo Strawberry Milk" and opened it up. He then walked over to the small cupboard above the stovetop. With the other hand, he pulled out a small bottle labeled "Vitamins" in his chicken scratch writing. He popped it open and pulled out two capsules, throwing them in his mouth. He chugged the strawberry milk, and this is what Drew called "breakfast".

Drew stopped whe the previously full carton was about halfway gone, and smiled when he realized that he had a pink milk mustache. He wiped his mouth and closed the carton, placing back in the refrigerator afterwards.

*~Outside the Apartment Complex~*

Drew was walking along to school, when Micky and Amy caught up to him.
"Hey there!" He waved.
"Hey!" Micky smiled as he ran to catch up.
"Sleep well?" Drew asked as he brushed his hair out of his face.
"Yeah, you?" His cousin asked.
"Alright...but I think I killed my alarm clock."

The two boys laughed as Amy caught up to them and Drew realized that this was going to be another ordinary day...[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Blue][SIZE=1]A loud alarm blared through the calm of the morning, a startled Rin scrambling to turn it off. "Damn.." she sighed, walking back over to her computer. A few clicks and she was up again, heading towards her bathroom. As she entered, she mumbled, "I hate it when I leave the alarm on."

Waking up early was a habit of hers lately, since she was starting to put off her homework at night. That didn't stop her from getting it done and turned in, though.

Rin glanced at the shower and noticed she'd left her towel in there from last night. "Damn it," she muttered. "My memory's falling to crap," she coughed, returning to the sink. She combed out her short hair, then grabbed her uniform, which was placed neatly up on the rack behind her. She changed quickly, but left her tie undone around her neck. She always tied it after she ate.

Calmly strolling into the kitchen, she poured herself a small cup of orange juice, then made herself a small bowl of cereal. When she had finished, she made a bagel for her father, and left out his to-do list beside his placemat. He would always forget it if it wasn't by his food.

Rin rushed back to her room to grab her papers. Fitting them somewhere in her notebook, she shoved that inside her bag, then went to the bathroom to brush her teeth. When she returned to her computer desk, she placed her bag over her shoulders, and leaned over to turn off the computer.

She walked towards the door, slipped on her shoes, and was about to open the door when she realized she hadn't done her tie. Pausing a brief moment to tie it, she then opened her door and raced towards school. She didn't bother taking her bike since the school was just a minute or two away from her home.

The schoolyard was noisy, just like always. Rin giggled quietly to herself at some of the students doing silly stunts, and was forced to duck as a few things were thrown her way. She paused by a familiar bike rack and waited to see Aka's face emerge from the dorms. She waited almost every morning for her there, and was always pleased when Ken didn't break away with his friends.

While waiting for her friend, Rin spotted a few faces she recognized, belonging to that of Alex and Jace. Alex flashed her a smile and sent her a wave, being the friendly person he was. Jace, however, was staring at Ms. Nevada.

Rin turned around and was about to tell her about her breasts nearly falling out of her shirt, but was beaten to the punch by Jace's 'compliments'. She blushed furiously and stormed off, just like she normally did when he called to her. He never did have anything nice to say, if he could help it.

She gave him a stern glare, but he returned it with a smirk then continued on his way. "Jerk," she sighed. But she knew he'd end up saving her from some bully later that day, and for that, she'd thank him. He did at least once a week, and it hadn't happened yet this week. Rin's eyes returned to the dorms, once again looking out for her friend.

"If we're late again, Genki'll kill us," Rin muttered under her breath after glancing at her watch. She referred to her History teacher as "Genki" because he had asked the class to do so a while ago. Most didn't, still in the habit of calling him Mr. Ranigo. But Rin continued to call him by his first name, more for the fun of it than anything. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Green][FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1]Amy caught up with the boys who were laughing, [B]?Oh, hey Amy.?[/B] Said Drew as Amy slowly walked toward the two. She lifted her wrist up and sighed, [B]?for the train?We are early again.?[/B] The other two sighed; they were always an hour early for the train. ?[B]So?what are we going to do while we wait??[/B] asked Mickey as he looked around the area. Drew shrugged, then Amy spoke up

[B]?Maybe we can go to the book shop, and have some coffee?? [/B] the other two agreed and they made their way to the bookshop. They entered the store and a small bell went off, they walked up the stairs and were greeted with the sweet fragrance of fresh coffee.

[B]?Ahh!? [/B] Amy loved coffee; they walked over to the counter and Amy ordered a medium, Drew and Mickey ordered a large. Amy sipped it once and the warmth ran down her throat and settled in her stomach, [B]?Good coffee right Amy?? [/B] Mickey looked over at her. She responded, [B]?Yes?it?s good.?[/B]

They started for the train station; they walked down a busy tunnel and sipped their coffee. Amy threw her empty cup away,[B] ?I need to use the bathroom before I get on the train.? ?Ok then make it quick!?[/B] called Mickey as she ran into the women?s bathroom. After a few minutes she washed her hands and ran out the bathroom and met with her brother and cousin.

As they boarded the train they quickly made their way to some seats and a conversation brewed on their way to school Thee on the opposite seat was Kyo.[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=GREEN]"Kyo! It's time to wake up," he heard his mother call from downstairs. Kyo rolled over, reaching for his alarm clock, and ended up rolling right out of bed, onto the floor.

"Ug, damn hardwood floors," he muttered from the floor. He reached up and pulled the alarm clock from his bedside table, as he rubbed his head with the other. "Agg! Baka! I thought I set this damn thing!" Not waisting any more time, Kyo quickly pulled on his uniform, grabbed his bag and tie from his desk and headed downstairs.

"Morning, son," greated his mother in a condesending tone, "How nice of you to finally grace us with your presence.

"It wasn't me, mom. My alarm didn't go off," stated Kyo, trying to defend himself.

Kyo's father sat at the table, his head buried in the newspaper. "Mind your mother, Kyo." he said without looking up.

He quickly grabbed a peice of toast as it popped out of the toaster. "Gotta go." He made his way to the door and slipped into his shoes. "Bye."

[I]Jeez, parents of the frickin' year. I wish they'd get off my back and stop pretending they care.[/I] thought Kyo as he made his way to the train station. As he broaded the train, he tried to stiffle a loud yawn. "Man, I've gotta stop watching those late night movies on TV," he said to himself as he took a seat. He propped up his head and began gazing out the window, trying to keep his eyes open, but before long, he had dozed off.

"Morning, Kyo," he heard a cheary voice say. He opened his eyes to see Amy sitting next to him, smiling. He always seemed to see her with a smile on her face, now a days; a smile suited her pretty little face.

Kyo smiled back, "Morning," he replied, stretching from his nap. "When did you guys get on?" he asked, wandering how long he had been out.

"About five minutes ago," replied Amy.

"That's good," he glanced down at his watch, "I wasn't out too long. Hey, Drew." Kyo called over Amy's sholder. Drew was sitting on the other side of the car, talking with Micky. "How come ya didn't wake me up, man?"

"Aw, but you looked so peaceful over there," Drew replied, jokingly.

"Ha ha, very funny," Kyo said sarcasticly.
OOC~ Sorry for the late-ness, my friends dragged me out to eat. Also can't think of any more to put. Sorry again :animeswea [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=blue] Kina was still sleeping. She woke up and with a giant yawn looked out her window. "Ah, what a beautifal morning. It's seems to be a little more sunshiney than it should. What the? How'd my clock get unplugged?" She looked at her watch on the dresser and it was already 9:00. "Oh my goodness! I'm late! Oh crap!" Kina was frantically trying to find out where her clothes were. She was hoping around, puting on her clothes and fell down, hitting her head on the dresser.
"OW! That hurt! I can't take a shower, since I'm late enough." She ran through the appartment seeing that her sister had already left for work. She grabbed a small bit of breakfast and went outside the door. She looked and was feeling lucky that she had a bike, even though her sister gave her a ride. She climbed on it, not caring about her skirt, until she started riding and then made sure that it wouldn't fly up from the wind. She rode as fast as she could peddle. She got the to the school at about 9:20 and ran into class. She ran in to have the teacher say to her,"Miss Mitori, do you want to explain to the class exactly WHY you are so late?"
"No Mr. Saunders. I'm sorry Mr. Saunders. I didn't mean to."
"Well have a seat." Kina went over and sat right next to Micky.
"What happenned?" asked Micky.
"My clock got unplugged somehow. I just want to get through today.[/COLOR]"
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[size=1]Kaela sat at her desk, brushing her hair and going through her Geography book. She turned the page lazily, and jumped as her alarm went off. She had woken up early, as always, but had, again, forgotten to turn her alarm clock off the first time. She had it set for two times ? seven and seven thirty. She slammed her hand down on the snooze button, and went to go wake up her father up.

?[b]Papa-san, time to get up![/b]?

Her father rolled over, and yawned. ?[b]All right, Kaela-chan, I?ll be right down.[/b]?

The girl was down the stairs and pouring him a cup of coffee when he got downstairs, and then she was back up the stairs. He shook his head at her quick moving.

Up in her room, Kaela slipped on her skirt, and shirt, and began simultaneously buttoning it up while slipping her socked feet into her shoes. Taking her tie of her desk, she expertly tied it, and then looked at her short, silky hair. With a sigh, she took out a rarely used headband, and put it on. She slipped her books into her bookbag, checked her watch, and was downstairs in five minutes.

?[b]Papa, I have to go. I?ll see you after school.[/b]? She grabbed her lunch from the fridge, and left.

Kaela made her way from her house to the train station. She saw some of her classmates on the train, but kept her head down, avoiding them.[/size]
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Aka rolled her eyes.

[B]"Of course I am. Lets go already..."[/B] Ken laughed.

[B]"And I'm the one who had to get you up. Now your acting like you had to wait for [i]me[/i]..." [/B] He followed Aka out the door to where their motorcycles were parked.

[B]"Com'n Ken, race? It'll get us to school faster you know."[/B] She grinned at him. [B]"Although I'll probably skip around noon, gotta meet someone."[/B] He shook his head, but grabbed his keys from where they were dangling beneath her hand.

[B]"You're on."[/B] He started his engine, shouting above the roar. [B]"Do you hafta meet someone today? We have drama today you know."[/B] Aka pulled her helmet on.

[B]"Yes, I have to meet them today, don't worry I won't do anything bad, and I'll be back by then anyways."[/B] Ken smirked.

[B]"He cute?" [/B]

[B]"Who said I was meeting a guy?"[/B]

[B]"C'mon, Aka...you're sneaking out of school to meet "someone". What else would it be?"[/B]

[B]"First, I ain't sneakin'. I'm simply going to stand up, and walk out. Second, how do you know I'm not meeting someone from the PoisonCats?"[/B] Ken ignored the question.

[B]"Aka and whoever, sittin' in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g..." [/B] Aka rolled her eyes, ignoring the fact that he wouldn't see that fact.

[B]"C'mon, let's just [i]race[/i] already..."[/B]

She started her engine as Ken pulled on his helmet, and together they drove their motorcycles into the street.

Aka held three fingers down towards the ground, then two, then one. Once all three fingers were in a fist she pressed the gas and she shot out ahead of Ken.

She wove her motorcyle through the early morning traffic, Ken close behind her. Aka turned down one of the alley ways, coming out about a mile from the school. She swerved quickly as Ken who had used the main road came out beside her.

She pressed the gas pedal harder and entered the parking lot ten feet ahead of him.

[B]"Beat ya again, boy! Your gonna hafta stop driving like an old person."[/B] She punched him on the arm as they entered the school and walked towards their first class.

[COLOR=DarkRed]OOC: These are Aka and Ken's bikes.


[URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v650/DeSotoDiceFreak/Kenichi.jpg]Ken's[/URL] [/COLOR]
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Dirk judged the time that Sarah Nevada had walking very carefully. Exactly 37 seconds, which was the number his "uncle" Chen from Hong Kong had told him (good luck or something..), before he walked after her.

[b]"Miss Nevada, I think you left this!"[/b] he called, a tone of sincerity creeping into his voice. He was pleased with this craft. [b]"Here, you can't teach without your chalk!"[/b]

"Oh, you must be mistaken, thats not mine, that brand is far too expensive." She mumbled, still tingling from Jace's rather Cockney comments.

[i]FUCK! HOW COULD I HAVE MADE THAT MISTAKE![/i] Dirk roared at himself, but let nothing show. [b]"Really? I could have sworn you dropped it. Take it anyway. How's Vis. Art going these days?"[/b]

Nevada's ample chest heaved, she was very pleased that a student actually took interest in her work, rather than her body. Dirk laughed on the inside, enjoying the relaxed way she carried herself while they talked. "Very well... although I could use a few more students like you, a fine young man. Would you consider joining us?"

Dirk forced an amiable chuckle, [b]"Thanks m'am, but I'm not that young you know. You only have me by what, three years? Thats chump change in the game of life."[/b]

Sarah didn't think much about those comments, "Well, will you join our class? I'm sure I can have it arranged with the guidance couselor."

[b]"I'm a very careful man, Miss Nevada. I like to know what I'm getting into, you know, perhaps we could meet somewhere, and you could go over the basics with me? Who knows, I may even teach you something."[/b]

Nevada didn't think that was appropriate, but she also thought that Dirk was one of the more noble students, "Perhaps in the future, Di- Struan, I'd like that." Her face nearly turned red, however Dirk sensed he had succeeded and said his goodbye before she became embarassed.


OOC: Don't worry, Dirk isn't going to boink a teacher (or maybe he will ;) ), I just felt that this creates an opportunity for high hijinx/hilarity in the future of our RP
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=1]Ran had escaped his house without having to help his mother this morning. He wished that he had a normal mother, one that cooks and cleans. He let out a sigh nope he has a mother that procrastinates all the time and than begs Ran and his father to help her out. He still loved her though, he just wished sometimes she would be more responsible. The growling of his stomach drew him out of his thoughts. Ran just realized that he hadn?t eaten anything yet. With a quick look at his clock he made sure he had time to stop at the little store.

He entered the store and he seen some students that went to his school there as well. He didn?t know any of them. He grabbed a bento lunchbox and a pastry. Normally he would pack his own lunch but last night he forgot and his Mom was the cause that he didn?t have one this morning. He gave the woman the money and stuffed the food in his bag.

Ranmaru enter into the schoolyard. Chaotic and busy as usually. People hung out in their cliques and talked to each other. Fights would start to form, but a teacher would come from nowhere to break them up. It was the same thing everyday. Ran never stayed out here for to long. He had enough chaos at home and didn?t feel like dealing with it at school, too if it could be avoided. As he passed through the crowded schoolyard he seen faces of a couple people he knew. He would talk to them later, at some point in time of the day he would have a class with them.

Ranmaru entered the school and headed for his history class with Mr. Ranigo. Ran wasn?t thrilled. History wasn?t his favourite class, but it was better than others. Besides Mr. Ranigo amuses ran when he gets really excited about what he is doing. He knew that he had said to call him Genki, but he could brake the habit of calling him Mr. Ranigo.

Ranmaru slide the door open on the classroom and took his seat. A couple of the students where in their seats gossiping to one another. He ignored them and fished around in his bag. He had a pastry in there waiting to be eaten. He found it and unwrapped it smiling happily. He always did better work with a full stomach.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=Navy]Zephan walked to his locker first before he went to class, his bag was pretty heavy from the different books he was carrying. He couldn't see any of his friends, most of them lived far from school and took the train or other modes of transport. Zephan didn't mind walking, good time to think or do whatever else. Zephan closed his locker and decided to head for his IT class.

Zephan dropped himself into his cushie swivel chair, where he always sat, the computer was already booted up and all he had to do was log in.

[i][b]Name: [/b][/i]Zephan Sinclaire
[b][i]Password: [/i][/b]**********

Zephan hit the enter key and the message box disappeared, replaced with a loading page, then the screen changed to the desktop.

He looked around and pulled his earphones out, he was early to class today. Zephan tightened her tie and folded his crisp collar over the top.

The door opened and Zephan swivelled to face it, his teacher, Mr. Saunders entered the classroom.

[b]"Ah, Zephan, early as usual." [/b]he greeted, walking over to his desk and putting the laptop he carried down gently.

[b]"Hai, what are we doing today?" [/b]Zephan asked.

[b]"Well...I was thinking of some simple stuff like adding onto the school site." [/b]Mr Saunders replied, slipping into his chair.

[b]"Ok, I'll get the programs up."

[/b]Zephan turned to his computer and clicked into the menu, starting up all the programs they would need.

He was bored with no one to talk to and hoped that the other students would arrive in class soon.
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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=#6666cc]Alex sniggered as Jace 'complimented' Miss Nevada. They continued to walk into the school, Alex's messenger bag bumping against his leg softly. Jace yawned.

" School... at least this is our second last year. I'm beginning to get really bored with it," Jace said, his hands behind his head.
" It's not that bad Jace-chan. But I agree that it's good for it to be our second last year. I hope this year is more interesting than the last," Alex replied as they walked through the large school, towards each of their classes.

" You have Biology first up Jace-chan. Nevada-sama isn't going to be happy with you," Alex said, waiting for the reaction of his best friend.
" Let her be mad. It only make her tits jump up and down more," Jace said, a huge smile on his face as if he was imagining it.
" What am I going to do with you Jace-chan?"
" Absolutely nothing princey-boy."

Jace turned off to his Biology class while Alex turned off to his History lession. They were in opposite ends of the building. The school was mainly a large builing. All the science and computer labs and arts classes were on the first floor; the maths, languages, English and Japanese rooms on second; and finally all the history, geography, business and media studies were on the third. Gym was in a smaller separate building near the oval and sporting facilities of the school. The performing arts had their own acoustic building for performances and the such.

Alex climbed two sets of stairs before coming to his floor. The bell rang. Lucky he wasn't on the first floor where there would be a massive rush now. He flicked his silvery-blue hair out of his face and continued on to his classroom. The sounds of the crowd downstairs echoed in the empty corridor.

He walked into the classroom to find Genki-sama already in there, already writing up what they need to copy on the board. Alex sighed before sitting down in his normal seat, the one nearest to the window. Alex waited for his classmates to join him, before the lesson began.

[b]OOC: So school begins. Bear with us until next lesson. Then something will happen. Hee.[/b][/color][/font]
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[CENTER][COLOR=Indigo][SIZE=1][I]She is not scared to die..
The best things in life drive her to cry.
Crucify then learn..
(take so much away from inside you, makes no sence,
you know he can't guide you, he's your fucking shoulder to lean on, be strong!)[/I]

Maria speed down the hill upon her skateboard, the music from her mp3 pad blarring in her eardrums. With her dark purple hair blowing in her face, wearing the usual attire that she wore to school; or course not the suggested uniform standard, the faculty finally gave up on trying to make her wear such dull clothing.
Sit and watch me burn..
She's led to believe, that it be ok,
look at your face, scarred in dismay,
but times have changed, and so have you..
I think I'd rather crucify then learn
(take so much away from inside you, makes no sence,
you know he can't guide you, he's your fucking shoulder to lean on, be strong!)[/I]

Singing at the top of her lungs to the lyrics of the song Brackish...she grinded on top of some convertable that crossed her downward desent on the street. The man driving did some obseen gesture to him, but she simply turned around and blew him a kiss as her image quickly faded down the hill.

[I]Sit and watch me burn..
I'd like to take you down, and show you
deep inside, my life my inner workin
so smell and lack of inner pride,
to touch upon the surface, is not for
what it seems, I take away
my problems, but only in my dreams.
(take so much away from inside you, makes no sence,
you know he can't guide you, he's your fucking shoulder to lean on, be strong!)
Crucify the learn..
(take so much away from inside you, makes no sence,
you know he can't guide you, he's your fucking shoulder to lean on, be strong!)
Crucify then learn..
Sit and watch me burn..[/I]

Finally getting the entrance of the school, watching everyone filing into the hallways for their first classes...it was wednsday...that ment IT with Mr. Saunders. He had requested her to be part of his class due to the surprising intellect that she possessed, especially for what she "presumed" to be in her choice of clothing and actions.

She didn't care...[I]whatever...just another year[/I] she thought to herself as she got off her skateboard and held it under her arms as she went into the building.

Getting out a piece of bubble gum...one earpiece lay dangling so that she could hear the noise around her as the other still began to play music in the other. Putting the skateboard in her locker, she obtained the books that she needed for the day, put them in her pack, and headed for IT class. [/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER]
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[B]?Well if this isn?t the prettiest sight to see first thing in the morning,? [/B] Ken said, smacking Maria on the ass

She turned, smirking, and hit him upside the head


[B]?How many times do I have to tell you to keep your hands to yourself??[/B]

[B]?Oh at least a hundred more?[/B] Ken said, slinging an arm over her shoulders. She rolled her eyes.

[B]?You?re incorrigible Ken?Ichi.?[/B]

[B]?Damn, my full name, I must be in trouble.?[/B]

She laughed [B]?Babe, when are you ever not in trouble??[/B]

[B]?Fair point.?[/B] Ken said, running a hand through his hair.

[B]?I?m headed to IT, I?ll catch you at lunch?[/B]

[B]?K, later babe.?[/B] Ken caught up with his sister and ducked into their history class. He high-fived Alex, and sat down in his seat behind him, scanning the room. His focus was caught by a timid looking girl in the front row.

[B]?Whoa,?[/B] he whispered to Alex, [B]?who?s the new girl??[/B]

Alex looked up from his notes at the girl Ken was referring to. [B]?Her? I think her name is Haruko. Why, you looking for a new conquest?? [/B] He laughed and Ken hit him jokingly in the arm.

[B]?Thanks for your support dude.?[/B]

[B]?Hey, I just call it like I see it.?[/B]

Aka leaned across [B]?Seriously bro, you think she?s cute??[/B]

[B]?She has potential?[/B]

Aka shook her head [B]?Poor girl.?[/B]

This caused Alex to snicker and Aka grinned at Ken who shot her a look before the final bell rang and Genki-sama cleared his throat to get the class' attention.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen]Hoshiko sat at her desk, trying to stay awake. Today...today had begun like every other day...

[i]"Hoshiko?" Hoshisko buried her head under her pillow, ignoring her mother's soft voice. "Hoshiko, you need to get up."

"NO!" The sound of her voice was muffled by her pillow.

"Hoshi..." The voice, like that, had gone from soft and motherly to the voice of a drill sergant.

"Go away."

"Hoshiko Johnson, you will get out of that bed THIS INSTANT or I will DRAG you out!" That threat, she knew from experience, would have been carried out. She pulled her pillow off her head, glaring at the smudge that was her mother.

"I hate mornings." The sweet, motherly voice was back, but Hoshi could just [b]tell[/b] that her mother was smirking as she fumbled for her glasses.

"I know you do. They aren't so fond of you, either, I'm sure." She left as Hoshi tried to remember what she'd done with her uniform...[/i]

Her father had dropped her off on his way to the elementary school where he taught, a mere ten minutes before first bell. She'd stumbled to her IT class in her normal morning-funk, and sat down next to Zeph. Zeph gave a small smile, already typing away. Hoshiko returned it half-heartedly, and leaned on the desk in front of her, hoping she wouldn't fall back asleep before class began.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkOrange]OOC: Gah. Sorry 'tis so short, but precalc calls...[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=SeaGreen][FONT=Times New Roman]Jace grumbled as he made his way into his Biology class. What a waste of time, but it was better then any of the other classes he could be stuck in right now, besides. He got to stare at Miss Nevada all period. It was about the only class he ever showed up on time for and stayed the whole period too.

He threw himself into a seat and leaned the chair back onto the legs. He threw his feet up onto his desk as he watched the other students file in. God...this class was so dry. No one to harass really, just a couple of kids that hung out with Alex every now again.

"Good morning class," Nevada's sweet voice broke through Jace's tattered thoughts as he brought his attention towards the board.

"Good morning, Nevada-sama!" Echoed the class, all except Jace.

Nevada placed her bag up on the large desk in the front of the room and looked across the class. She pulled out her attendance sheet from her bag and started calling out students names.

"Jace Tahlia." Nevada called out over the quiet room.

"Back here, teach." Jace nodded his head up to draw the teacher's attention. "How was your walk through the building, busty?"

The girls in the class turned and sneered at the vulgar young man in the back of the room. He gave a smugged smile as he waited for the teacher to react.

"It was fine, Tahlia." Nevada smiled softly as she checked off Jace's name. He chuckled to himself as the other students starting pulling out their books.

"Another boring day in class," Jace mumbled.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Navy][FONT=Palatino Linotype]Drew yawned a little as he said goodbye to Micky and Kyo. He walked into the History room with Amy to see Alex sitting quietly at his desk. He waved, and in return, recieved a light-hearted smile.
"Yo Genki!" Drew smiled as he patted his teacher on the back rather hard, scaring the old man. "How's it goin'?"
"Mister Takeda, how many times have I told you not to startle me like that?" The old man asked.
"I don't know...fifty, sixty times?" Drew smirked with his reply.
"Ha ha ha...we're all laughing with you, Drew." Genki replied sarcastically. "Now get to your seat!"
"Alright, alright. Geez...you don't have to be so cranky, Genki." Drew put his hands up in surrender as he walked to his desk. Some of his classmates smiling at him, including Ran, one of his teammates from soccer. "Ohayo, Ran. What's up?"
"Nothing much." Ran replied. "Same old, same old."
"Yeah." Drew replied as Amy sat down next to him.
"Drew, why is it that you can never seem to take care of your tie?" Amy asked as she turned him toward her and began fixing it.
"I'm not sure...too lazy, I guess. My little brother, Jake, always did this for me." Drew replied.

"Drew!" Dirk walked in and sat down in front of him as Amy finished. "How's it going, kid?"
"Alright. I'm just a little tired." Drew yawned again. "What are you so bouncy about?"
"Me? Oh...nothing." Dirk replied, thinking of his little 'incident' with Miss Nevada.

Drew looked around to see Alex talking to Ken, another classmate, and a new girl, supposedly named Haruko.

That was when Genki cleared his throat, signaling that he was done with the notes and wanted attention from the class.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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