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RPG Final Fantasy XII (RPG - Non-signup)


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[i]The world of Oceana is rapidly changing. The time-honoured traditions of the past are dissappearing and people are moving away from towns and villages in droves.

They are all moving to the world's capital, Makuhara, a city which was once filled with old-world architecture and magic shops. A city where magic and the practice of magic flourished.

However, in recent years, things have changed in the capital. Large corporations have formed and have brought with them significant change -- glass & concrete skyscrapers which reach high above the clouds, rampant air and water pollution and government corruption.

The corporations formed a cartel, a body which connects the major polluting companies and which virtually runs the entire city, a city with a population of more than 10 million.

The cartel's director, Dr. Nomura, has recently been "elected" to the city's government -- corruption has made him Mayor of Makuhara.

His first order of business was to ban the practice, sale and even the mere mention of magic. Magic shop owners were arrested, shops were closed down (and in some cases, vandalized and destroyed) and those found practicing magic have been either arrested or secretly murdered by government agents.

The city's change is in direct contrast with the rest of Oceana, a planet with only one single, large continent. Other villages, towns and cities on the continent practice magic freely and have not yet succumbed to the technology-and-greed driven power of the "Makuhara Cartel".

But time is running out. The Cartel's influence is growing, its power is spreading and an even more sinister force is just waiting to unleash its fury on the world of Oceana...


[i]A small boy awakens in the middle of the night. His village is hundreds of miles from the city of Makuhara, yet he feels uneasy. He is too young to understand the ways of the world; he is perhaps only 12 or 13 years old. Yet every night, he dreams of terrible events: friends and family dying, villages in flames and dark shadows creeping through the streets...hungry for the innocent and strengthened by chaos and violence.

The boy sits up in bed. He looks out his window and watches the grass sweep back and forth in the gentle breeze. The small fireflies chase each other in and out of the blades of grass -- totally oblivious to any danger.

The boy pushes the window open and leans against the ledge...

Boy: I wish I could sleep. What's wrong with me? I'm tired of all these dark dreams...

[i]The boy hears footsteps from outside his bedroom door, yet he doesn't turn his attention away from the glowing fireflies outside.

The door opens and his mother peeks her head around the door...[/i]

Mother: Jiro, honey...is everything alright?

[i]Jiro continues to stare at the fireflies...[/i]

Jiro: Yeah...I just can't sleep. That's all.

Mother: Are you okay? Do you want some warm milk?

Jiro: No thanks. I'll be fine...I'll try to get back to sleep.

Mother: Okay honey. Goodnight.

Jiro: 'night ma.

[i]Jiro's mother closes the door quietly and he hears her blow out the kerosine lamp in the kitchen. He sighs quietly to himself and closes the windows. He slides down under the covers, and tries once again to sleep, having no knowledge that his dreams are infact premonitions of things to come and that he will play an integral role in the planet's future...[/i]

[size=1](You guys can continue this however you like. I was thinking of having a quiet start, to set the scene.

Just some more helpful info...

Jiro is about the same age as the young Link in the Zelda series. The villages outside Makuhara are FFIX style in terms of architecture -- they have a fanatasy style. Whereas Makuhara is a mix of both -- the fantasy style buildings are mostly destroyed and crumbling...and are being rapidly replaced by modern structures (think FFVII style).

I'd like to progress with this as more of a story/novel than a fighting RPG...but we'll see how it goes. I've never started an RPG before...so I hope this is okay. I just wanted to have a good intro to flesh things out and give you guys an idea of the kind of setting.)[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=darkblue][i]Chole and his group of theives sneak around the town of Makuhara breaking into stores and portable shops.[/i]

Chole: Shhh...don't be too loud, you might wake up some of the people who live here....

Boy: Who said you were leader? I can do whatever I want...

Chole: No, you can't...you'll get caught!

Boy2: *Pushes Chole over* Shut-up!

Chole: *Knocks over a portable shop selling blue and green orbs.*

Boy: Now you've done it...

[i]A few lights in the nearby houses flick on.[/i]

Boy: Split! We're done for!

Chole: *Dazed, he Gets up and flees the scene, leaving his pack...*[/COLOR]
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[color=crimson][i]Within minutes, Makuhara police are on the scene...[/i]

Cop1: What's this?

Cop2: Looks like some kind of magic shop, sir...

Cop1: Magic shop, eh? Where's the owner?

Cop2: I don't know sir...it looks like the store's been robbed.

Cop1: Heh, then I guess our work has pretty much been done for us...

Cop2: Yeah...

Cop1: Okay, let's get outta here. I don't have time to waste on something like this. We'll let someone else deal with it...

[i]The two cops laugh and walk away from the scene. The pack still laying on the sidewalk next to the abandoned magic shop...[/i][/color]
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siren sildes carefully around the coner carefull to avoid the cops... she turns and runs heading twords the outskirts before she can get 5 paces she trips over choles backpack and falls on her face... biteing back a curse she picks it up and runs into the night stopping on the out skirts to look for id
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[color=red][i]Jiro wakes in his village that is hundreds of miles from Makuhara... He slowly gets up and walks otuside his house[/i]

Jiro: *Yawn*

[i]He walks back inside and does his morning routine... then he runs to Laurena's House.... Laurena is a Sorceress Teaching Jiro Magic... Jiro is only 14, but he can do most of the basic spells...[/i][/color]
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Jiro arrives at Laurena's house, he knocks on the door and waits. There is no answer... As he is waiting he sees something around the back of the house, it's a pot plant hovering in the air. He walks around the side of the house. The house was old and the paint chipped on the walls. Jiro opens the old creaky gate slowly. He then see's Laurena sitting on the porch.

Jiro: Hi Laurena.

*The pot plant drops and smashes* Jiro goes to pick it up...

Jiro: Oh, oh, i'm so sorry. I didn't no that...
Laurena: Oh don't worry about it ken, i was just practicing the levitation spell. so ready for your lesson today?
Jiro: I sure am.
Laurena: Ok, have you had breakfast yet?
Jiro: Umm....no, i was so eager to get here.
Laurena: All right, lets get some food first
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An Elven assasin walks into a town near to Makuhara. He sneaks stealthily along the ceilings of the houses, until he comes to a town meeting. The mayor is speaking.

Assasin: That is the man I must kill............

The assasin takes out Anduril, his sword, and leaps down off the roof. His long white hair and trenchcoat flutter as he descends, and he lands behind the mayor in complete silence, even with his heavy black boots. He swings his sword, and takes the mayors head clean off. He then jumps back onto the roof, and sprints away, as guards try to give chase.
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