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Art The Nightmare Before Christmas Bannerwork

Dragon Warrior

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I am a big Tim Burton fan and as many do, I love The Nightmare Before Christmas. But I like it because of the artistic way Tim did it and his style of portraying the worlds of Christmas (happy happy!) and Halloween (dark and morbid). It fascinates me and today I got the wild urge to make TNBC banners.

[size=1]Jack at the meeting.

A landscape shot of Halloween world.

Jack admiring a snowglobe innocently.

The sketch of Jack, the Pumpkin King.

I thought this to be one of the most artistic points in the whole film, simply because of the way they placed the leaves and the stonework and everything! It's almost beautiful, if not a little strange with her limbs all akimbo and decapitated. Nevertheless, the placement of objects was just... perfect.[/size]

They're all of different sizes width-wise (height is 100 pixels). Many of them are Jack, not only because he is a very rich character (in the sense that he was developed wonderfully), but also because I'm told I resemble him in the fact that I am tall, skinny, and have his uncanny walk. Though that's not always a compliment, I've taken a liking to him character a little more because of it.

These banners in particular are of what I thought were artistic points. I'm sure I'd do more, so perhaps I'll post some later on. Comments on the screenshots I snapped from the movie?

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[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen][SIZE=1]I haven't seen it for quite a long time so I barely remember those scenes. I remember the most important ones, though. Like the green boogie man. lol

Well, I remember a lot more than that, of course.

I like the one with Jack and the snowglobe. It's a nice screenshot and the focus is just right. You even got a perfect place for your signature thing. Teh last one is good too, with what you said and all. But I like the snowglobe banner more. ^_^

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Thanks. I actually found the snowglobe one more "adorable" than artistic. He just seemed so innocent, playing with his snowglobe. God, do I sound gay or what? Anyways, feel free to use the banners any time. If I don't make them for myself, I'm most certainly not making them for my health.

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[quote name='Dragon Warrior'] I'm told I resemble him in the fact that I am tall, skinny, and have his uncanny walk. Though that's not always a compliment, I've taken a liking to him character a little more because of it.[/quote]

[COLOR=DarkSlateGray]Ohh I hear ya, I once was nicknamed "Bone Daddy" for the longest time in little school.

I also I'm a fan of Tim Burton's style and not just the movie its self, So of course the banners would catch my eye. I like how they each are different sizes depending on the image. Each picture is crystal clear and the text isn't out of place. There isn't anything absract about them but then again It's Tim Burton and you don't mess with his masterpiece. Cool Job.

I enjoy the "A landscape shot of Halloween world" the most. *steals it*[/COLOR]
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Since I took the screenshots directly from the movie using my DvD-Rom and the fact that I didn't change the dimensions at all is why it's so clear and perfect. And like you said, Hack, you can't mess with Tim's work. It's too unique and beautiful.

And I'm glad I'm not the only one who's a Jack look-alike ;)

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[FONT=Tahoma]Ohh, I like =). The Nightmare Before Christmas movie is like one of my favourites till this day. Anything that has to do with it is really attractive to me =). I like them a lot, but banner and skill wise, you should've mixed up the borders and the font and stuff, because they all look the same, you know? Unless thats what you were going for. But personally, I love the simplicity =).

- Kittay[/FONT]
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That's why I didn't ask for any real critiques on my skill, just on what scenes I chose. The border and font were to be redundant throughout the series, but I see where you're coming from. And I too find anything TNBC attractive, if that's the right word... XD

Anyways, I did go ahead and make some more. Once again, points where I saw artisticness.

[size=1]I was thinking whether I should do this banner or not since I was wondering if people could tell what it was of, but after asking people, I found they could. But for those who don't see it, it's the back of the angel statue that Jack falls in the arms of. You can see parts of Jack hanging loosely behind.

A front shot of him perched on the angel statue's book. He's singing :3

A fun shot of him standing proud in the moonlight.

Sad in the angel's arms again...

I find the unraveling hill to be one of the most unique and artistic parts of the whole film and the snow just makes it OH-SO-MUCH loverly, don't you think?[/size]
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