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Sign Up Can you see me?? Can you hear me?? [M-VL possible S]

Who Am I?

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[CENTER][I] I want to tell you a story.
[B]A story?[/B]
Yes a story.
[B]A story about what?[/B]
A story about us.
[B]About us?[/B]
Yeah, about us and it was the best time of our lives.
Yeah and we would laugh and play.
[B]That sounds fun.[/B]
It was. We would always call each other to play.
We didn't have any siblings so we would call each other siblings.
[B]Thats good.[/B]
You would always joke with me.
[B]Was I funny?[/B]
Yeah...but you got heart broken after the inccident.
[B]What inccident?[/B]
....I died.
I'm sorry I left you...please don't leave me...ever.
[B]I won't. I promise[/B].[/I]

The inccident happened fifteen years ago. My best friend died. I would never forget that moment.

[I]Hahahaha!! That's funny...let's play ball.
[B]UP AND UP!!![/B]
It's okay. I'll get it!!!
I got it!!
*Footsteps are scurrying along the street*
[B]Huh?? Watch out!!![/B]
AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! *Tire screeching was heard*
[B]No...HANNAH!!!!!![/B] [/I]

*Tears streamed down* My friend died and I saw. I ran to my house and told my mother. She was in panic and rushed to Hannah's house. She told the mother and they hurried toward the park. When I came, the car was gone and Hannah's body was lying on the floor. I clinched my fists. I wanted to get revenge.

[B][I]You BAKA!! Didn't you see her? [/I] [/B]

I wanted to scream that but I couldn't. I was so depressed. I knelt down at Hannah's side.

[I][B]Hannah?? Can you hear me??[/B][/I]

She wasn't moving. She didn't hear me.

[I][B]Hannah?? Please wake up.[/B][/I]

My mother pulled my arm and told me it was time to go.

[I][B]No!! I'm not leaving her....[/B]
Please sweetie...

My mother was crying as well but I didn't want to leave. I had no choice but to leave. The ambulance came and took her.

Leave her alone!! I want to be with her!!!!!!![/B][/I]

My mother pulled me all the way into the car. I banged on the window.

[I][B]HANNAH!!! HANNAH!!!! Don't go!!! HANNAH!!![/B][/I]

That night I couldn't go to sleep. I was depressed. I didn't want to believe she was dead. I was staring at my phone waiting for a phone call. I fell asleep. Two weeks after that, Hannah's parents arranged a funeral.

[I]May Hannah rest in peace...[/I]

The priest had his head down and spoke those words. I was crying so much that I wanted to run to the coffin and say...

[B][I]Hannah! Hannah! I know you aren't dead, so wake up! Wake up! Please!! Don't leave me!![/I][/B]

Tears were streaming down on my face as the coffin began to descent. I was seven at that time. During my time, I would rush to Hannah's grave and put flowers. I would say a prayer and then shout something after.

[I][B]DAMN IT!!! Why couldn't it been me!!! WHY HER??[/B][/I]

I cried...

[I]...[B]Hannah. I miss you so much. I would do anything for you.[/B]

That's when I met him.

[I]Anything you say??
[B]Huh?? Yeah..[/B]
Really?? ......are you sure???
[B]Anything to see her.[/B]
Alright. How 'bout we make a deal?
I let you talk to her and you give me your first born child.
[B]Huh? But I'm only 12.[/B]
I know but as you get older.
[B]How would you know if I ever have a child?[/B]
I know.
[B]Umm..okay but how would I talk to her?[/B]
She'll be a ghost. You will have the ability to talk and see ghosts.
[B]Really? [/B]
Yeah...but you better keep your promise.
[B]Uhh..yeah I will.[/B]
Okay. Here you go.[/I]

He said some weird words which I didn't understand. Soon a bright light shone below me.

[I][B]What??? What's happening??[/B][/I]

He spoke more words.

[B][I]Hey...is this a trick?!?![/I][/B]

Soon the bright light surrounded me and then I was sucked into it.


I was in pain but soon the feeling was gone. I opened my eyes and the man stood there.

[I]Sorry..was it that bad?
[B]It's alright[/B].[/I]

He lended me a helping hand and I took it.

[I]Are you alright?
What's your name anyways?
[B]Uhh..Lynn. And yours?[/B]
[B]Nice to meet you.[/B]
[B]Well was it suppose to work?[/B]
Oh yeah well you're suppose to wait for a couple of days.
Well just be careful. You might just run into some nasty and bad ghosts.
[B]Oh okay..[/B]
Well remember the deal we made.
[B]Yeah. My first born baby...[/B] [/I]

He left. I just stood there watching him until I couldn't see him anymore. I stared at Hannah's grave.

I'm 22 now and I'm staring down at Hannah's grave once more.

[I][B]Hannah? Can you see me? Can you hear me? [/B]

Yeah I can...
[B]Good. I missed you.[/B]
So did I. So did I...[/I]

[B]Plot:[/B] Well your best friend/family member/ boyfriend/ girlfriend etc. died. It can be anyone just someone has to die and you want to see them again. Soon after 5 years you meet a guy named Mark(who I'll be playing) and you make a deal. To have the gift of seeing and talking to ghosts, you must exchange something in return. He will ask you for something and you must give it to him.

[B]Sign Up:

-Age: (what age are you now)
-Appearance: (picture or description)
-Who died:
-What was your deal with Mark:[/B]

I know the sign up is short but at least there is no bio! I'll sign up shortly after someone else does. Well have fun![/CENTER]
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[b]-Name: [/b]Frankie Flora-Lee Shaw (but is normaly called flora)
[b]-Age:[/b] 18
[b]-Gender:[/b] Female
[b]-Appearance: [/b]Attachment.
[b]-Personality: [/b]Some what quiet. When she wants to talk she talks alot but mostly nothing of importance. She keeps emotions and memories to herself. She is secretive and sort of depressed still. The only thing that kept her going was her gift of song and her gift of art. She would sing beautifly to calm herself and to let out her feelings and emotions she would draw anything from dark scenes to happy things. Nothing else mattered but these two things now that her sister was gone.
[b]-Who died: [/b]Sister
[b]-What was your deal with Mark: [/b]Her gift of Song and Art

[b]A note:[/b] The attachment is an old picture of me. Add a black shirt with a chain on it and black flare jeans. (Sometimes and orange shirt that says "my road to success is under construction" and some regular jean flares.)
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[color=Navy][b] -Name: [/b]Azalea Sinclaire

[b] -Age: [/b]18

[b] -Gender: [/b]Female

[b] -Appearance: [/b][url="http://img213.echo.cx/img213/9813/angelazalea1mu.jpg"]Here[/url], [/color][color=Navy]keep the jewellery she has on, [/color][color=Navy]minus the wing and change her clothes to a navy blue, long sleeved, tight shirt which she keeps pushed up to just above her elbows and black leather pants.

[b] -Personality: [/b]Azalea's a friendly person and was close to her twin brother, they caused a lot of trouble together. After her brother, Zeph died, she became a little less enthusiastic about things and withdrawn. The sparkle of joy had disappeared from her eyes, but she tried to keep up her old personality.

[b] -Who died: [/b]Twin Brother, Zeph, they're identical beside the fact that they're different genders.

[b] -What was your deal with Mark: [/b]Gave away her ability to love anyone outside of her immediate family.
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[Color=DarkBlue]Name: Jake Abrams

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: -Pending-

Personality: Jake was always an open soul. He kept every opinion, secret, and thought with his friend Jill. They were each other's diaries, and kept the other in check when things got bad.

After Jill died, Jake drew within himself, and shoved the world out. He hasn't made anymore friends, and rarely comunicates with his family. He has been sent to the therapist, but she just thrws him deeper into himself.

Who died: Best Friend

What was your deal with Mark: Gave away his soul mate.[/color]

OOC: If my deal is too far fetched, or doesn't work, I can change it. Great idea.
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[B]OOC:[/B] Never knew people would sign up for this...well Momo, someone else also wants to be his aid as well. So I'll make another sign up for you and that other person. For now, I'm gonna wait until more people sign up but if not then I'll just post up the story Friday or Saturday. (Still deciding).

[U][B]My Sign Up:[/B][/U]
[B]Name:[/B] Mark Smith

[B]Age:[/B] 25

[B]Gender: [/B] Male

[B]Appearance:[/B] [B][URL=http://animevisions.net/Pictures/guys/cloud2.jpg]Click Here[/URL] [/B]

[B]Personality:[/B] Mysterious and intellegent person. (Finish soon)

[B]Bio:[/B] As a young child he wanted to help the world. He thought he could change it. Make better tachnology, cure cancer, or something. He wanted to help but his dreams were not going according to plan. One night he got lost in a dark and deep forest. It was raining a lot. He was scare, helpless, and was cold. He looked around and no one was there. He looked some more and then found a mysterious black figure floating around. That's when he met a man, a man who gave him a curse. The curse was the ability to see and talk to ghosts. He never knew that he could give the powers to other people as well.
He hated this power. This curse. Everyone called him weird because he could see ghosts but they couldn't see it. I guess he kind of helped people, like Hannah, to see her friend. So I guess he could help people but also hate the fact that they would probably have a curse, the way he calls it. [/COLOR]

[U][B]His Aid Sign Up:[/B][/U]
[B]Name: [/B]

[B]Age:[/B] Around his age

[B]Gender: [/B]




[B]Character Snipit:[/B] I want to know how you met him. Like where and what happened. Like did he meet you or you met him. [/COLOR]

[B]OOC:[/B] Well gotta finish my sign up later because my computer keeps shutting down on me. Have fun!
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Name: Reki Metiko

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Appearance: [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v495/azurasea/darklycute-002.jpg]Click Here[/url] She has red hair and black highlights and green eyes.

Personality: Cold, depressing-she just wants piece with herself, and everthing else. She really downs herself for all of her mistakes. Her boyfriend made her happy, content, warm and loving, but since then, her aspect in life was nothing but emptiness, like a void.

Who died: Boyfriend-soon to be fiance

What was your deal with Mark: To never love again.

OOC: Ok if my deal doesn't work just tell me and I'll make a new one-I have plenty of ideas.
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Well I guess that person who wanted to be Mark's aid wasn't going to do it, since that person didn't sign up yet. Well Momo, the job is going to be yours as soon as you sign up. I'm finishing mine and soon I'll post it soon maybe Monday or Tuesday. I'm still deciding.

[B]Sign ups are still open. [/B]

I'll post this soon on Adventure Square, ASAP.
Sorry about the waiting.
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[COLOR=DarkRed][U][B]His Aid Sign Up:[/B][/U]

[B]-Name:[/B] Alexis Brooke

[B]-Age: [/B] 24

[B]-Gender: [/B] Female

[B]-Appearance: [/B] [I]{Pending...}[/I]

[B]Personality:[/B] She is very wise and optimistic at mind, but nonetheless her actions are done in reason?no matter what it is. She gives no mercy, pity, emotions upon others; But let it be known she is no mystery. Despite her being emotionless, Alexis is kind hearted. Every emotion that should be felt is kept locked inside her heart?just maybe one day she?ll let it a out.

[B]Bio:[/B] Since the age of 10, Alexis has changed from a normal child to an emotionless person. Her family was known for it?s fame and riches, but also held its darkest secrets. ?The Brooke Royalty ?, was the name they were known by?riches?secrets?fame. They were stars to other people, but for Alex she knew them well. Her mother died when she gave birth to her sixth child, so Alex barely knew her; Since she herself was the fifth child. Her father was a mystery, never home; It felt like if he wasn?t in the family. She and her other five siblings were raised by hired nannies. Alexis soon realized as she grew her siblings were spoiled and foolish, she did not want to be like them. From age ten to her late teens she has been the black sheep, but Alex didn?t care?she was unique. Even though her father was never around, he knew everything that went on. Her father wasn?t pleased ; He spoke to Alexis and warned her, but she would not listen. At seventeen she was disowned from the family. Alexis was homeless for one month, living in the streets, searching for food, feeling hopeless?lost. But she soon awoke from her depression of loneness and searched for a job and went back to school. At age nineteen she had graduated, went to college, had honors every year. Finally at age twenty three, Alexis had succeeded in everything she wanted to. Alexis had become a nutritionist at a children?s hospital. But one thing still remained her loneness at heart. One day she had met the love of her life, he made her fell complete. They lasted for about five months, the reason why was he had died of an illness; He had never told her of it?left her broken?just when she was being an emotional person. {Lol?ummm I got caught up on the bio sorry ^.^}

Character Snippet: [I]{?Pending?}[/I][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][FONT=Arial][COLOR=Navy][B]-Name:[/B][/COLOR] Kitty V (No one really knows if 'V' is her real last name, but they assume not, and she won't give any other name to anyone)

[COLOR=Navy][B]-Age:[/B][/COLOR] 17

[COLOR=Navy][B]-Gender:[/B][/COLOR] Female

[COLOR=Navy][B]-Appearance:[/B][/COLOR] attached

[COLOR=Navy][B]-Personality:[/B][/COLOR] Shy and quiet, and only a few people actually can figure out what she's feeling. A natural author, she spends most her time indoors on her computer. But when Isan died, she refused to even turn her computer on. Until, that is, her deal with Mark. (Hmm...this is kinda bio-like...oh well...)

[COLOR=Navy][B]-Who died:[/B][/COLOR] Best friend/crush

[COLOR=Navy][B]-What was your deal with Mark:[/B][/COLOR] Her right arm

It's not too late to join, is it?[/FONT][/SIZE]
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