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RPG Gundam: Side Events (rated M: VLS)


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After Colony 233 Halfway between The Lunar Base and the Earth Federation Stronghold on Mars

The war abruptly started agian with the attack on a caravan of Earth Federation transport ships. The treaty was then, at that moment, concidered a flaw. It meant nothing anymore. Now that the war continued, it was begining to become even more vicious than it had ever been.

Even with the attack, and the stolen Gundams, the Earth Federation was able to keep a cool head about the war and continue their over whelming troops to atack the experienced Zeon troops.

The Zeon were succesful in their plot to steal the Gundams. They made off with four. A few rouge fighters made off with two, and finally, gorrila fighters made off with one. Three of the Gundams were saved by the Earth Federation, to fight Zeon.

With these new Gundams, the war has been levitated to a new level. It has become more vicous with every battle. Both sides can now only hope that the other give up before they must themselves.

Earth Federation Stronghold on Mars

"This is bullshit! Why they hell can't I keep him? I am the one that fought off those Zakus!" Sai looked at the Petty Officer with anger in his eyes."Listen, Ensign. You are a very skilled pilot, yet you lack the level head for the job." Sai slammed his fist onto the desk,"Level head my ass. That still doesnt explain why I can't pilot it." Sai sat back down in the chair as his co folded his arms over his chest,"Now. Tell me agian why you should pilot, Gundam Flair." Sai took in a deep breath and let it out. "Well sir,I have all of the qualifications met, as well as others that no one else have. I feel that with these, I should be the rightful pilot. Please sir. Its either this or I go back to transports." His co looked at him,"Back to transports? How is that worse than piloting a Gundam? Its safer!" "With all do respect, sir, today prooved tht it wasnt." The Petty Officer smiled and looked at Sai in the eyes,"Well, enisgn. I think, as Captain of the Splinter(the New Earth Federation ship that holds the Gundams), that you are perfect for the position of pilot." He stands up and reaches out an arm,"Good luck to you." Sai takes his hand and shakes it,"Cool! This is gonna be great." Sai turnes around and walks out of the room.

A few moments later, he is looking up at his new Gundam,"Well buddy, seems as though we are bound together." He smiled as he walked past it, twards the computer screen that showwed all of the Gundams that were to beard the ship."Man. Thats alot that didnt make it. I wonder why Zeon attacked us? It doesnt make any sence." He stopped when he got the one that showed a new Epyon."I have a bad feeling about that one. Its like it wants to kill me now." HE keeps looking at it until the head mechanic walks by and nudges him,"Hey kid. Get to your room. We are about to launch." Sai nodded as he walked away from the screen.
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Terse breathed a sigh of relief. He pressed the "Eject" button on his control panel, and stepped out of Seiza.

"Well, that was one hell of a test run, Seiza!" He smiled, and kicked it "Even for an old junker like you!"

Terse grinned toothily, chuckling softly to himself. He heard footsteps running to the hangar, and he instinctively put his hand on his pistol. He prided himself on his paranoia. After all, one needed to be high strung to survive in space. The steel was cold, and calmed Terse?s nerves.

The person running towards the hangar stopped in the doorway, and wore a Zeon uniform. The soldier looked tense, and saluted mechanically. ?Captain Namian, sir! You?re back from the test run??

While Terse was lazily searching for hotspots, he gathered that the soldier was a private. Thus, he reasoned, not a threat. ?Yeah, I am. What?s your name, Private??

The Private looked startled at the personal inquiry. ?I?m... uh? Private Myers? Kendra Myers!? She saluted again, clicking her heels together. ?I?m? the ? uh? official mechanic for the? uh? Thing? er? Gundam! Sir!? She was sweating noticeably.

?Stand down, Myers. I won?t bite you. Unless you plan on biting me first?? he joked. He could always joke with the new blood. They were so impressionable that it seemed impossible not to at times. ?So, just a training run. No major damages, Private.? He yanked absently on his jacket, and walked to the end of the hangar. He raised his hand, smiling. ?Don?t hurt Seiza, kid. You may get to fly her someday. Later.?

Kendra just stood dumbstruck. ?Uh? yes? um?? She saluted nervously. ?I will do my best, Captain!?

?And chill out!? he yelled back, ?You act that tense, and you?re gonna mess up my Seiza!?


Terse stepped through the door which led to the Major?s office. He slumped into one of the chairs. ??Sup, Keats?? he said.

The Major just shot him a glance which almost pinned him to the wall.

?You will address me as Major Keaton, or sir. Sit up straight, you miserable human being, before I jettison your sorry ass into the final frontier.? The Major said this patiently, almost eerily so. The Major did not make idle threats.

?Yes sir.? Terse said. ?You called??

Major Keaton nodded slowly, as if it were a practiced routine. ?The Earth Federation is planning an attack on Zeon forces at our outpost on Colony 8869. Closest one we have to Earth, as you should know.? Keaton cleared his throat, and pressed a button on the intercom. ?Bring in the briefing, please.?

Major Keaton was the only military officer that Terse had ever heard use the word ?please?. He had a way of saying it that made you almost feel obligated to comply.

A woman in Zeon uniform stepped in, pushing her glasses up onto the bridge of her nose. She carried a large file, which she handed to Keaton, who smiled and said, ?Thank you, Corporal Anika. Please, excuse yourself. This is a rather confidential conversation.? Major Keaton was always very polite, following the rules of war with everyone he met.

Terse lazily let his gaze caress the woman ever so slightly. She was beautiful, but in her own way. Terse decided to let her be, and returned his gaze to Keaton. The corporal left, and Keaton cleared his throat. ?You will fight a Gundam.?

OOC: Hey, we finally have a girl! ^_^ sweet!
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Tyron wakes up as his radar goes off. "huh" he rubs the sleep out of his eyes as he flips on the main screen and sees ten Zakus guarding what looked like an outpost station about the size of a medium sized asteroid. Station 001 came up onto the screen beside him and listed its specs. "they must be bored haveing to watch this area of space. Nothing ever happens out here" He kills the thrusters as he slowly drifts towards it and past the Zakus. "lets give them a wake up call. he does a quick flash of the thrusters before he lands on the outside of the station

"there it was again" the ensign at the control panel looks at the radar again as the captain of the station walks up next to him.

"i told you it's just another bug. I guess we are going to have to check the systems sooner now"

Tyron waits until the station spins around putting him on the opposite side of the Zakus. "guess they don't care. Time to have some fun" He turns on the jammer.

The captian looks around as everything begins to either shut down or go haywire. "now what" he turns to the ensign. "I want a full di....." a huge green energy blade comes right down the middle of the bridge.

Tyron brings his scythe all the way down leaving a huge gash along the station. A warning comes up on the screen and shows a countdown until the station explodes. He pushes off and turns off his cloak. "hey guys who can't even watch an outpsot" he waves his hand as nine of the Zakus turn around. "your gonna be in big trouble" One of the Zakus hits the one facing the wrong way. "guess he was sleeping" He charges the first one as he brings out his scythe and cuts it in half. "boo...yikes" He boosts around and starts dodging the gunfire. He pulls out his rifle and takes out three more as the station explodes. "pretty" He shots four more and cuts the last two in half. "that was fun" He reengages his cloak as he takes off towards the Sweeper Colony.
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Damon turns his new suit around and watches the gundam take out the five Zakus easy. "He will be trouble later on" he flies into the Zeon's ship cargo bay and climbs out of Epyon. He grabs his bag and heads to his room. Once inside he begans unpacking when the intercom comes on.

"Sergant Risne. The admirail wants to speak to you"

Damon puts his labtop on the table and turns it on. "patch it through" Seconds later a man with gray hair comes up. "Admirial"

"Sarge. Congratulations on your success. The Epyon is now yours to use"

"thank you"

"but I now have another job for you. There is a freighter with supplies and standard issue mobile suits heading to Earth. It is heavily guarded"

"i guess you want me and my squad to destroy it"

"Yes, but I will try to sendyou one of our finest fighters. His name is Terse Namian"

Damon brings up his profile. "he's not with us. He's a bounty hunter"

"He's paying off some debts he owes us. He is extremly good just like you"

Damon looks at his rank. "he's a captain. I've been needing a new one"

"He's not that kind of captain. Send him a mesage and ask him"

"yes sir" He types into his labtop as the admirial's face disappears. 'To Terse, I am asking you to help me with a very important mission. Send me a reply whether you want to or not. -Sergant Rinse' Damon hits send and steeples his fingers as he leans back and thinks of the gundam he saw at the raid.
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Gynth twirls a pen in her fingers as she walks down the hall to the combat training room. She walks through as the doors slide open and looks around. She sees three gundam suits on one side and three on the other, each with a target on its chest. "oh great not this again, unarmed combat" She walks over to her's and climbs inside as the belts come over her. After the cockpit closes she takes out a picture of a man with steel blue eyes, light brown hair, a light tan and wearing a pair of khakis, with a green jacket with orange stripes on each arm and a badge with the Zeon symbol. "too bad I will probably never meet him" She puts the picture in a crevice on the dash. She powers up her gundam as the other five do as well. "Gundam Justice ready" She looks as the two beside her take off without her. "hey!" She watches as the other three knock out the two on her team, but lose one in the process. "I guess I'll have to show these jerks that girls make good pilots" She launches forward and stops as one of the others swing at her. She drops low and side kicks the first one in the target, then does a triple spin kick to the other one's head. "too easy" Gynth's radar suddenly goes off. "what the..." She looks up and sees three gundams land. "what are you doing here?"

"the Fedaration doesn't stand a chance against Zeon, so we are going to help the Zeon" he raises his gun at her.

Gynth ducks at the first shot zips over her head, then rips off one of the ones that she fought"s leg. She boosts towards the first one and nails it in the head with the leg as it falls apart. "crap" she stops as the the other two surround her. "gotcha" She hits a button as a mist coems out of Justice and covers the area.

"what the hell?"

Gynth grabs one of the gundam's beam sword and cuts both of them in half.

"hey guys?" The knocked down toi the ground gets back up. "shit" blows apart.

Gynth drops the beam saber onto the ground and walks back to the hangar. "that was new"
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Sai watches as Justice walked back to its position and secured itself,"Gues she did it agian. I may have to watch out for her." He watches as the female pilot gets out and walks over to the elevator,"Ensign Brent." Sai turned around,"Yo. Whatcha need?" The mechanic looked at him with folded papers in his hands,"These are your new orders. I was told by Captian Tros to give these to you and our other pilots." The mechanic saluted as he ran off twards the Gundams."Well now. Seems as though we have to go to the Lunar base and get some more recruits. This actaully may be a boring ride." He watched as Gynth walked up to him,"Brent! Why didnt you participate in the exercise?" Sai sighed,"First of all, why do you keep calling me brent? Only my mom and friends do that. Its Sai. And secondly, thats the first I've heard of it." Sai tossed her the mission plans,"Here. Its what we are gonna do. Just glance over it." Sai waved as he made his way into the ships main hallway, twards his room.

He found his room hear the hanger, just in case of a suprise attack. The door slid open revealing a cozy room with one twin bed, a desk, and a small compuiter screen."Well I guess this will have to do." He made his way over to the bed as he layed down on it, closintg his eyes as the ship started to move out twards outer space.
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Tyron lands on a huge pile of scrap metal. "this while do nicely" He sets the jammer to low. "that why they won't freak out to their systems being scrambled" He get's out and begins to walk towards the nearest bar. He pushes open the doors and sits on a barstool. "where can I find some pilots?" A man next to him taps his shoulder.

"I'm a pilot. I got my own mobile suit and everything" he downs a glass of scotch. "I also got seven more buddys with their own as well"

"How much do you work for?"

The man laughs. "alot"

Tyron thinks to himself for a second then gets an idea. "how bout this? I take the eight of ya'll on. If ya'll win then I pay double to each of ya'll"

The man's eyes widen. "and if you win?"

Tyron grins. "you work for free"

The man stands up. "give me a second to talk it over with my pals" He walks over to a table where four guys and three girls are sitting. He comes back minutes later. "your on"

Tyron shakes his hand. "scrap yard in two hours" He walks out the door and back to Deathscythe. "we're gonna have a little fun in a little bit. Two hours later a MS-06S Zaku II Commander Type walks into the yard and a man with pointy features comes over the screen.

"name's Rick. Think your going to be able to beat me. I got a 280mm Zaku bazooka and heat hawk"

Tyron begins to laugh to himself as a RX-75-4 Guntank and a RX-77-2 Guncannon come over the hill as well.

The Zaku Commander points to the Guntank. "Lily" points to the Guncannon. "Samantha"

Tyron looks as two twins come on the screen. "sup" The screens go off. "a beam rifle, two 60mm Vulcan Guns, and twin 240mm cannons for the Guncannon. A four-barrel missile launcher in each hand and twin 120mm cannons. Easy" Moments later a MS-07B Gouf comes over and identified himself as Jack, a wiry 16 year old kid. "75mm machine gun built into the left hand, a heat rod, and a heat sword" A MS-09R Dom came over next piloted by a huge musclar man named Francis.

The Dom pulled out it's bazooka. "instead of being the regular 360mm giant bazooka, it also can fire the 880mm ones the raketen bazooka can"

"you mean the ones that can almost destroy anything with one hit"

"yep, also got a heat saber and a scattering beam gun" He turns as a MS-14 Gelgoog. "here comes Amber"

"twin bladed beam saber, firing shield, and beam rifle. Standard stuff" Smiles as a red haired, freckled face girl comes on the screen.

"i'll show you" the screen goes blank.
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Tyron begans to yawn as a MSM-04 Acguy comes next piloted by Nathan. "six tube rocket launcher, mega particle gun, extandable claws, and a 75mm machine gun in each arm" Laughs to himself at knowing the GM's specs by heart. Finally the man he talked to in the bar, named Zak, came with a MSM-07S Z'Gok Commander Type. "six 240mm missile launchers built into the head and a mega particle cannon in each arm between the claws.

The Z'Gok turns. "you ready?"

Tyron hits two switches disabling the cloak and jammer. "boo" The Z'Gok comes at him first. "I need a recharge" The bat fang on is arm snakes off and punctures the Z'Gok's back. Tyron watches his level goes up as the Z'Gok's goes down to zero. "that's better" He ducks as a rocket from the Dom flies over his head. He pulls out his and shoots the Dom and the Gelgoog in both leg joints, disabling them. He bringsout the scythe pole as the Zaku Commander comes towards him. "i'll beat you with it off" He lets the Zaku ram him and busts open the back cutting off the power. His bat fang then flies over and wraps around the Guncannon. He lifts it up and slams it into the Acguy, taking both of them out of the fight. "this is fun" Tyron jumps as two shells from the Guntank fly right under him then turns on his cloak and jammer. He sneaks behind the Guntank and flips it on its side. The Gouf comes over then falls to the ground as he drains its power with his bat fang. "Now ya'll work for me. Let's get ya'll fixed back up"
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Gnyth stares out her window as the ship flies through the atmosphere then turns back to her computer. She acceses the ship's crew lists. "damn't" She stops at Sai's name. "why does he have to be on this ship. stupid hoe" she turns off the computer and walks out of her room. "this bites. I don't know the name of the guy that I'm falling head over heels for and I'm stuck with a jerk. This can't get any worse" she walks through the doors to the mess hall as another ensgin comes out and runs into Gynth, spilling her food all over her. "sorry" Gynth looks from her shirt to the ensign. "get your dumbass outta her before I beat the liv'n shit out of you" She takes of her shirt as the esign runs off and feels all of the guys in the mess hall staring at er. "haven't you seen a girl in a bra before. You seen them all the time when your jacking off, that is except if your gay" she gets her food and sits down. The guy a couple tables over from her get's up and walks over to her. "how's it going?"Gynth doesn't even look at him, but punches him in the groin making him fall to the ground then sits on top of him and files her nails. "oh it's been fine except for the fact that I am surrounded by a bunch of dumb horny guys" she stands up and kicks him one more time before grabbing her food and heading to her room.
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Tyron looks at the ship that they won in a bet. "is it big enough?" Nathan turnsto Tyron. "yeah it's big enough. but just barely" Tyron looks at it one more time. "Alright everybody in" He watches as all of their mobile suits pile in and secures his next to the Guntank. He climbs down and meets Rick in the control room with Samantha and Lily at the pilot's and copilot's station. "how's evrything going?" Rick turns to him. "good" points to a chair that they bolted in the middle. "bridge is yours. Tyron sits down and looks around. He sees Rick go the the OPS station and Nathan and the science station with Jack at tatical. "where's Francis and Amber?" Lily spins in her chair to face him. "Theri in the cargo bay uptating our mobile's equipment so we actually will be able to stay with you and provide you support" Shw swings back around. Tyron stand s up and walks around the old junker. "at least they won't think of us as Zeon or a part of the Feds. Take us out" The junkerlifts off the ground and drifts into space. Tyron looks at the screen. "what's the nearest Fed ship?" Rick looks at the radar. "the Splinter and the nearest Zeon ship is the Palmer" Tyron scratches his head. "set a course for the Splinter. Half thrusters" Tyron sits back down before the ship moves forward. "If anybody needs me I will be in my room" Tyron stands up and walks to the captains quarters. He takes off his close and steps into the shower. Five minutes later he gets out and puts on a pair of shorts. "time know for a little nap" He looks up as the door buzzes. "come in" He sees Lily standing in the door. "yeah?" He gets a confused look as she comes in and turns off the lights. "uhh...does your sister know about this?" Lily looks at his outline. "no" Tyron never got to have his little nap.
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OOC: Sorry if I change the field of battle a bit. Trying to speed things up a bit.


Terse tensed. ?Another? Is it independent?? he asked, suddenly serious.

Keaton shook his head. ?Earth Federation, I?m afraid. The pilot?s supposed to be talented.

Almost as talented? as yourself.? The Major smiled. ?But? I must admit I?m rather anxious to see you in action. I assume you plan on taking up this mission??

Terse relaxed. ?Doesn?t sound like I have much choice. Where?s the battlefield??

Keaton smiled the kind of smile that a shark gives a fish. ?Earth.?

Terse suppressed the urge to vomit, then had to restrain himself from grabbing the Major by the throat and choking him to death. All he managed was a croak, vaguely interpreted as ?Earth??

Keaton handed Terse the brief. ?Good luck, and Godspeed.?

Terse found himself trudging out of the office. He looked over the plans. ?Codename: Justice Gundam? Kind of a weird name for a machine of war?? Terse chuckled. ?War never brings justice. Hope the pilot knows that. Let?s see? Gynth Ronk? what a strange name! Well, a strange name for a strange gundam.?

He paused. ?A girl? Well, I hope she doesn?t think I?m going easy on her. It?s gonna be a great fight. Or it better be??

OOC: Just giving you an opening, chars_fury. Shine, baby, shine!
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Damon looks at his watch. "he's not coming" He turns to where his team of Doms and Zakus are being loaded. "let's move out" Damon moves Epyon and secures him then climbs out. He walks to the bridge. "Take us out of the spacedock" The ship moves forward and out of the clamps. "set a course for the target vessel" An officer puts in the location. "aye sir" Damon watches the screen as the ship does a wide 90 degree turn and take off at full speed. "I'm going for a walk" He enters the elevator and hits deck 2. He thinks to himself as the elevator moves. "too bad I didn't get that Terse fellow. He would have made a vaulable pilot in this misson. Damon gets off as it stops. He walks down the corridor and into the confrence room where two captains are waiting. "can I help you?" The captains turn around and salute. Damon returns the salute. "at ease" The first officer, a short, stocky man, steps forward. "Seems there has been a change in plans. We lost contact with one of our outpost stations. It was attacked by this" An image of Deathscythe slicing three Zakus in half comes up on the screen. "this was taken seconds before the station blew. "there were none survivors" Damon looks at the image. "Taht was on the transport vessel as well" The second captain spoke up. "after we destroy the freighter, your next job is to destroy this gundam" Damon stands up. "Gotcha. NOW GET OUT OF MY CONFRENCE ROOM!" He smiles as they run out. "always wanted to say that"
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Gynth walks into the captian's study and salutes. "you called?" The captain looks up for his work. "yes, I have a special misson just for you. Our contacts in the Zeon army informed us that a rogue fighter looking to pay off some debts to the Zeon is on its way to Earth" Gynth looks at him confused. "why would he be going there?" The captian gets a grave look on his face. "he was sent to kill you. Here is his gundam and picture" Gynth looks at the screen as a picture of a gundam comes up then gasps as a picture of a man similiar to the one in hers comes up. "it's him" The captian looks at her. "what?" Gynth regains her compouser. "I'm on it" She salutes then steps outside and rips off the Earth Federation badge on her suit and heads to her room. She quickly packs her things and head towards the hangar. She walks over to a mechanic. "I need you to take off that Fed symbol" The mechanic looks at her. "why?" Gynth begins to grow impaitent. "I'm going undercover" The mechanic nods. "alright" He raise the platform and begins to take it off. After a couple minutes he comes back down. "all set" Gynth climbs in the cockpit and turns Justice on as the hatch closes. She moves over to the doors and waits for them to open. "Justice launch" She slingshots out into space and heads for where the love of her life is heading. "now i'm going to join the Zeon and meet this man that has me going crazy"
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Tyron walks into the control room, still a little tired and ses Lily at the controls next to Samantha. Rick walks up to him. "we detected a Fed freighter on the radar" Tyron looks at him. "set a cours for it. We need somthing better then this peice of junk" Lily types in the coordinates. "course set" An hour later they reach the freighter. Tyron looks at it. "that's perfect" He turns to the rest of his group. "here's the plan. Zak and Jack you both take out the engines if we need to, Francis you get on of those 880mm rockets locked on but don't fire, we just want to scare them, Lily and Samantha will stay on board, and the rest are with me" A man comes on the screen. "identify your....Zak how's it going?" Zak turns to the screen. "James, I thought I recongized that ship. Why are you with the Federation?" Jamnes smiles. "I'm not I'm just making some money, Why are ya'll out here?" Zak luaghs. "we were fixing to take over your ship" James smiles. "well come right on over. We could use a good captian like you" Zak returns the smile. "on my way" Tyron looks at Zak as the screen goes blank. "okay scratch that. We'll be able to get in trouble with the Feds without even haveing to do anything" Rick looks at him. "why do you want to be in trouble anyway?" Tyron smiles. "Join the army without having to take all those tests that they make the ones who signup take. Plus you get to kill the enemy and only halfway listen to orders" Tyron makes his way to the cargo bay with everyone behind him and finds all of their bags packed. Amber smiles. "I went ahead and packed everyone's things" Tyron looks at the Guntank. "Lily, how are we going to get you over?" Lily smiles. "Mine has space thrusters. Specially made for the Guntank. I'm actually quite mobile" Tyron smiles. "alright lets go" He climbs up into Deathscythe and waits foe the others to file out first then boosts out after the Acguy and lands in the others hangar. He secures himself then climbs out and makes his way to the bridge. "Send a distress message saying that you have been taken over. "James types into the computer and sends it. "Done. Here you go Zak" He gives the center chair to Zak and moves to tatical. "oh and by the way, we now have an army of volunteer troops. They were going to join the Fed but will be happy to find out that they are fighting under someone else but still doing something good for their colonies" Tyron smiles. "that's good to hear. Zak takes us on course that will brings us about 1,000 feet in front of the Splinter" Zak turns to the pilots of the ship. "you heard the man"
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Sai watches as Gynth flies out of the hanger,"Where the hell is she going?" He notices that her symbol is missing then stops and looks at Flair,"Shit. Shes gonna get herself killed!" He ran over to a computer screen as the comunications officer comes onot the screen,"Yes? How may I help you?" "Get me Tros." A few seconds later his CO comes onto the screen,"What do you want Ensign?" "Listen Tros. Why the hell was she sent out and not me?" His CO laughed then wipped his eyes,"Because I wanted her to have all of the fun. In anycase. There is another ship out there. I want you to go and say hello." Sai sighes as he is about to walk away from the screen,"Oh and Sai. Use your new weapon." Sai noddes as he jumps over the railing twards his Gundam. He runs into a mechanic on the way,"Hey. Is the new weapon on yet?" The mechanic nods as he pulls out a sheet of paper with a giant sword on it."This is known as the 'Incinerator'. It basically a sword that turns your gundam into a giant fireball. Sai smiles as he pushes off of the mechanic twards the cockpit.

The cockpit door opens as he climbs inside,"Alright. Lets get this over with." HE positions the gundam onto the slingshot,"Gundam Flair, launching!" He maxes the thrusters as he is flung inot space. When he gats about 200 feet from the ship he turns twards the freighter,"Alright. Start talking you guys. Who are you, and what do you want?" HE slowly thrusts his way to the front of the big ship.
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Damon looks at the screen frusterated. "where is it?" The ensign at the senor controls looks back at the readings. "it was here, but then took off on a different course" Damon walks over to him. "so it's not heading for Earth anymore?" The ensign shook his head. "no sir" A petty officer over at the communications station turns in his chair. "Sarge, I think you should come here this" Damon walks over. "what is it son?" He listens to a message saying 'we are being taken over, pl.......nd help, repeat w...........old the....ff much long....' then goes dead. Damon stands up and strokes his chin. "seems like a group of raiders did our job for us" He turns to the head pilot of the ship. "follow that ship's trail. I want to destroy it anyway. Raiders with supplies like that can't be up to any good" The head pilot puts in the coordinates. Damon retursn to his seat. "i'll find you"
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Tyron looks at the screen. "Damn't, why does he have to be here"

Francis gets up from his chair. "i'll take care of him"

Tyron holds out his hand. "And you'd get the shit beat out of you" He stops at the lift then turns to James. "do ya'll have upgraded versions of their mobile's?"

James stands up. "Of course folloew me" The ten of them ride down the lift and into the hangar. James points to a mobile in the corner. "That is RX-75 Guntank"

Lily walks over to it. "Its got the space thrusters too, plus 180mm recoiless cannons, a crane arm, dozer blade, and a 80mm machine gun added to the arm along with the regular rockets. I'll take it"

James points at another one."There's a RGC-83 GM Cannon II"

Samantha strides over to her new one and starts it up at the same time as Lily "Hey this has two beam cannons, 2 60mm vulcan gun, beam saber, a 90mm GM rifle, and a shield"

He points to two more. " MS-09RII Rick Dom II Colony Attack Type and MS-07H8 Flight Gouf"

Francis climbs into his. "Its got everything the others have including two panzer fausts"

Jack scrambles into his and activates it. "Its got a 3-Barrel 35mm Machine Gun on the left forearm, heat saber, and a 75mm Gatling Gun attached to a shield. Plus it's twice as fast"

James turns to the other side. "There is a MS-14Jg Gelgoog Jaeger"

Amber gets up into the cockpit. "A beam machine gun, 2 arm mounted 110mm machineguns, and has a added heat saber"
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James points to a blue suit. "MS-18E Kaempfer"

Rick walks over and climbs in. "two shotguns, 2 360mm giant bazookas, 2 panzer fausts, and a chain mine whip. Awsome"

James points to a aqua colored one. "MSM-03C Hygogg"

Nathan gets into the cockpit. "2 vice claws, 2 75mm machine guns, 2 beam cannons, 4 torpedo launchers, and 2 hand missle units"

James turns to the lift. "Zak has already got his"

Tyron looks around alright, how am I going to put this?" He climbs into the cockpit. "I'm sorry for stealing this and taking over a freighter, can I please make it up?" Tyron shakes his head as he boosts out of the back of the ship. "No that will just get me shot" He thrusts over to the gundam in front of their ship. Tyron boosts over and stops 600 feet in front of the other gundam. "State your reasons for blocking us" He then begins to think to himself. "Please don't be in the mood for a fight, I'm really tired" A voice comes over his intercom. "sir I'm reading heat levels coming of the gundam. Very strong ones and they cover your heat signiture. I suggest using cloak but not alot because if it gets much hotter then the heat waves will be too strong for the cloak to compensate for and will bounce off of you and show a cold spot on his radar" Tyron thinks to himself for a second. "well it's good I haven't activated the cloak. What would the jammer do?" The ensign comes back on. "I wouldn't recommend it. The heat would amplify it and shut down everything, inculding both ships and anything for a long way out after that" Tyron gets an idea. "how long would that happen?" The voice comes back with an answer. "about ten minutes for the heat to dissapate" Tyron turns back to the newcomer. "alright" He shuts of the intercom and repeats his message. "State your reasons"
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"Sir we are picking up the freighter, nine mobile suits, and a Federation destroyer. "I suggest we engage the cloak" Damon looks at the science officer. "This ship has cloak?" The science officer looks at him. "the only one. It's a prototype and it hides the heat as well" Damon looks at the screen. "so we can get right next to them and do barrel rolls and they won't know that we're here?" The science officer smiles. "exactly, except lets not try out the barrel rolls" Damon grins. "good advice. Engage the cloak and positiion us close enough to destroy all of them if we need to. We do have enough more than enough fiepower but I want every gun ready" The bridge starts buzzing as commands go throughout every part of the ship. Damon turns to the head mechanic. "get down there and prepare every soldier we have" The mechanic looks at him. "but even with half we would outnumber them two to one" Damon stares down at him. "are you questioning my orders?" The mechanic darts for the elevator. "no sir" Damon turns to the screen and watches the standoff between one with a silimiar build to his, known as Deathscythe, and the one he saw at the raid. "Gundam Flair, now I get to see if I need to worry about them at all" He looks at Deathscythe. "I already know that if that one wins, then I'm in trouble. Let's see how you do in a fight against another trained pilot, Tryon Maxwell" The captain standing next to him turns his head. "You know him?" Damon nods. "he's my nephew" The captain looks at him confused. "how do you know?" Damon points to the way Deathscythe is poised, ready to strike. "I know that fighting stance anywhere. Plus he's always wanted to pilot Deathscythe like his father"
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Sai watched as one of the stolen Gundams flys out of the hanger and twards him, stopping about 500 feet away,"Alright punk. Why the hell di you take it?" Sai slowly moved the gundams hand to the sword,"Oh and dont even think about useing your active camo. I have already been breifed on how to fight agianst it." Sai watched as eight more suits moved to the outside the ship,"This may be a little harder than I thought." His grim hardened on the tsword. Out of nowhere the other pilot came onto his screen,"Why the hell is your gundam so hot?" Sai smiled," It cancels out most jammers. Like it?" HE saw that the other pilot was contemplating something,"How long will it take for your heat to reach my ship?" Sai scratched his head,"I dont know. I guess about ten minutes." He smiled to himself thinking about his sword. "So big guy. Whatcha gonna do? You make the first move."
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Tyron thinks for a moment, then hits the intercom so the other pilot can hear. "Francis, lock a 880mm rocket on him"

Francis voice comes back. "That's a little strong for one gundam"

Tyron hits for a private channel with the ship. "you said that the heat would amplify my jammer"

The ensign answers. "Only with the correct frequency"

Tyron starts getting impatient. "Well what's the frequency?"

"Hold on" a soft music comes over for ten minutes. "I'm sending it now"

Tyron looks as it scrolls on his computer then enters it in. "Thank you bitch" He looks at the other gundam then patches the intercom privatly to him. "Alright. I will tell you everything you need to know. My name is Tyron Maxwell, son of Duo Maxwell. Its has been my dream to pilot this gundam after my dad told me all of the stories. He was mad when they took his and destroyed it, but they made a new one. So I decided to get it back for him. And no I didn't really take over this ship, we were brought aboard. You can ask the captain. I did it so that you would come. I wanted to fight on the same side as my father but not have to take all of those tests and be able to leave whenever I want. If you don't believe then I don't know what to tell you"
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Gynth stops at the location she was given. "where is he? He should of been here by now" She does several scans and gives a sigh of frustration when nothing turns up. "I should of know it was too good to be true" She flies into a nearby asteriod belt and begins blowing them up. "stupid Federation" She destroys over half of the asteriod belt then turns to Earth. "it's so pretty" She turns to look at the stars. "anyone of those could be him"
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Terse straightened his jacket, racing through the hall. He reached Private Myers, who began to salute. "Hello sir, the repairs are done-"

That's all she could get out before Terse was in the cockpit, and ready to launch. "Get me unhooked, Private."

"Yes... sir?" Myers managed. She pulled a lever, and the walkway moved. It came to a stop, and Seiza took off.


Terse scanned his brief, and programmed the co-ordinates into his autopilot. He tossed the briefer into an empty cardboard box behind him, and awaited his swift arrival to Earth. There was a low rumble, and Seiza was two miles from Earth's atmosphere.

He radioed in. "Keaton? I'm in position. Awaiting your command. Over."

"Command given. Over."

"Roger. Over and out."

Seiza plunged into the atmosphere, thanking God for the durability of Gundamanium. It landed within seeing ditance of the Justice Gundam.

"Peekaboo..." he smirked. He turned on the radio to contact the other pilot.

"Hey, Gynth Ronk! Nice Gundam. I think the mission doesn't start for another two minutes, so you've got that long to make peace with whatever God you may have angered during the course of your life!"

There was a soft crackle, and a crisp reply. "I'm not here on orders, Terse..."

The voice was pleasant. "Well, Gynth, that might be a problem. See, I was sent here to take out an EF Gundam, and you're..." He looked at his monitor. "Not... with EF..."

"Like I said, I'm not here on orders." Gynth replied, almost a whisper through the radio lines. The Gundam gestured towards the place where the emblem used to be.

"Is this some sort of weird suprise tactic?" Terse asked.


"Prove it."

There was a pause. "How?"

Another pause. "Er... I dunno... be creative. You've got a minute."

The other gundam's hatch opened. A pretty young girl stepped out, not wearing any weapons. A faint signal came in, as she raised her hands in surrender. "That good enough?"

Terse scratced his head, and checked his radar. No enemies. This was real.

Terse walked Seiza close to Justice, and opened his hatch. He stepped out, and waved. "Surrender accepted!" he shouted. He smiled. "Now what!?" he asked.

"Can you get any closer!?" Gynth yelled.

Terse was taken aback. "Why!? I should be the one making demands here! You surrendered!"

"I... I have my reasons!"

Terse sighed, and brushed his pistol with is hand. "Forward, Seiza."

Seiza plodded forward until they finally reached normal speaking range. "Stop, Seiza!"

He looked at her, smiling. "This had better be good..."

OOC: Hey, Silverwolf fang, you need to post one at a time. Two in a row is against the rules in this forum. Sorry.
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Gynth looks at Terse while she thinks for a minute. "why do guys always have to be so stubborn?" She turns and looks into her cockpit trying to find something to help her. She spies the picture in the dash and picks it up. "this might work. Or I could just flash him" She shakes her head. "no, he might think I'm trying to seduce him" She begins to grow a little frusterated. "I can't screw this up now, not after waiting so long" She walks back out onto the hatch and onto Justice's hand. "down" She rides his hand down and walks in bewtween the two gundam's and holds up the picture. "here's proof. Come and get it"
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