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Art Hellsing work.


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[COLOR=#FF3399][SIZE=1]I like the idea you had for these, but there are a few things I'd like to point out (if I may be so bold).

I like the text and the picture, but only because I know Hellsing and it's characters can I tell that it's Alucard in the background with one of his guns. It would have been good if you used a pixel font and made ?Hellsing? smaller in the corner so the avatar focussed on the picture.

Again, I like the writing and the cross that you used but it looks off centre. Also, the picture looks a bit squished. Cropped would have been good with that.

Also, I think both of them need a one pixel thick black border to finish them off but that may just be my opinion.

Like I say, I like the ideas for the set, just a bit of tweaking could make them look that much better. ^_^[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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