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Sign Up The Great Dragonball Hunt [R: Violence, Language, Sexual Content (groping, kissing) ]


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The legend of the Dragon Balls...they say that if all seven are gathered, the ancient eternal dragon, Shenron, can be summoned and grant the user one wish. It could be almost anything that you wanted, within the dragongs seemingly unlimitless power...

There once was a boy by the name of Goku, whom after teaming up with a young teeage girl named Bulma Briefs, went out in search of the Dragon Balls. They traveled all over the world, defending the defenseless and gathering the seven mystical orbs as well. In the end, Goku had not only successfully found all seven balls, he also had saved the planet from the evil clutches of the Red Ribbon Army.

Over the many years of Goku's life, the Dragon Balls were used for good and sometimes evil, and were a symbol of ultimate power. Goku had saved the Earth with the help of the Dragon Balls on many occassions, and even done so without their help at one point.

But what of the journeys of the people before Goku? What of their trials, secrets, challenges and dreams? This is their story......


A young boy, seemingly of 17, stepped off of a giant rock and stared on ahead. A drop of sweat dripped off of his face onto the scorching desert ground.

'Damn...this sun is hot!' He thought.

A girl, seemingly of 15, stepped out from behind the rock, and laid her left hand on the boys left shoulder from behind.

"Come on Matthew. It's burning up. Lets take a rest...I'm beat!"

"Alright Samantha...we can rest."

Matthew and Samantha turned around towards a large tent, and crawled inside. Matthew reached into his shirt and pulled out a small heart shaped locket, which had an image of a blonde haired girl in it.

'Peggy...I'm gonna get you back sis...I'll bring you back...' He thought.


Okay, this is an RP idea that I've had for a long time and now I am making it real. The deal is, this RP is about the people that searched out the Dragon Balls before Goku's time. The time setting is 10 years before Goku and Bulma's search. The Dragon Radar has not been made, but their are devices that can point out the vicinity of a ball.

-Sign Up-
Name: Make it anything you want, as long as it's pronouncable.
Age: At least 14, no more than 50.
Gender: Male or Female.
Appearence: Pic will do and so will a typed description.
Short Bio: Make it at least 2 years back from the age of the character.
Reason For Searching: Give a legit reason. It can be almost anything, but NOTHING stupid.

I'll post my character tomorrow or Saturday. I'll be playing Matthew. Anyone else can play Samantha. They are boyfriend/girlfriend as well, so, if any of you play her, don't forget that. If no one does, I'll play her.

Have fun on the hunt!
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[b]OOC: [/b]Changed my mind, I'll quickly do this before I go. But now I have to leave so I'll do the rest later.

How old's she supposed to be?

[color=Navy][b]Name:[/b] Samantha
[b] Age:[/b] At least 14, no more than 50.
[b] Gender:[/b] Female
[b] Appearence:[/b] Pic will do and so will a typed description.
[b] Short Bio:[/b] Make it at least 2 years back from the age of the character.
[b] Reason For Searching:[/b] Following Matthew and wants to wish back her dead brother.
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Name: Sikura Tyran
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Appearance: see below
Short Bio: Sikura is a rogue Sain who came apon Earth as he went along anniliating races for a whole year and fell in love with a woman named Sarah Winert and married her. They lived happily for a year when she died from a unknown illness.
Reason for Searching: To bring back his wife
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Name: Dikure Tyran
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Appearance: See below
Bio: Dikure is Sikura's older brother, who searched for him after he abanoded his duties to the Sayan Empire's goals. He main task right now is to destroy any planets he comes across, and kill his brother and set way for an invasion of Earth and take what ever is vauble
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