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RPG Punishment Divine [M-LVS]

0ber0n the Neko

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In the beginning, there was nothing.

And then, God created the Earth and Heaven.
God then created light, and divided it from the darkness.
He then made firmament among the waters, to divide waters from waters.
Then He created dry land, and all fauna and flora thereupon, and those which dwelt in the waters and in the sky.

Then God made his most powerful creation. God created man.

God smiled at his new creation. "Hello, Adam," he whispered, below that which Gabriel, his scribe, could hear.
Adam looked toward the heavens, and in that single glance, the entire fate of mankind was decided. Adam, God's finest creation, created in His image, to fulfill His purpose, silently hated the more powerful being, which lingered in the sky above. Adam desired power. He wished for the power of a God.

The day shall come... Adam thought.


Eons later, Mankind grew in numbers. They became more powerful amongst themselves, and with their bullion, stocks, and raw materials, created their own gods and deities. They shunned those who believed in the God which had created them. They secretly despised them. They combined against them.

Now, in the year 2073, the final war shall be fought.

It shall be fought amongst Men, by Demons and Angels.


It all began at night.

Ten pushed the cigarette inbetween his lips, mumbling the tune to a song that was stuck in his head. He patted himself down, but was stopped short, as his cancer lighted itself. He turned to see Michael walking towards him, chuckling at the feat. Ten smiled, himself.

"What brings you here, Michael? I haven't seen you for eons." Ten said, with a smile of pleasant suprise.

"I've been around. God's finest creation, my ass..." Michael replied with a hint of laughter. "I've seen Kolob. He's been holding out on us, Leliel."

Ten smiled again, sucking at his cancer. "I've seen it too. Not a shabby place. Earth ain't bad, either. Well, as long as you don't understand it, that is."

The two of them smiled knowingly. Michael shrugged and walked off. "I'd watch yourself, Leli. Bad things afoot. I can tell."

"Same to you." said Ten, avatar of Leliel, Angel of Darkness. He stood, sucking in at the smoke, and blowing it out. He walked until he could not hear Michael's footsteps, and then he looked at a bar. "Sure, why not?" he said, walking in almost innocently.

He sat at the bar, next to a funky-looking man. He smiled and said, "Ten Nebre. What's your name?"

"Norris. Julian Norris." he mumbled.

"What's your poison?" Ten asked politely. "On me."

"Moonshine mocha, on the rocks." Julian responded, disinterested.

The bartender came around. "What'll you have?"

"A Porter for me, and a Moonshine mocha for this guy." Ten replied.

"Coming up." The bartender said. He walked to the other customers to get their orders.

Ten gazed around the establishment. It was misty with cigarette smoke, and smelled of drunk. There were a few pool tables, and a couple of dartboards. He looked at Julian, who was staring at a woman in the corner.

"Who's she?" asked Ten.

"Dunno. Gonna find out, though." Julian replied. "Man, look at her. She must be... what? Barely legal kid."

Ten's face looked concerned. "You're not planning to..."

"They don't get legal for no damn reason, prettyboy." Julian responded in a whimsical tone.

Ten decided not to remark.

The girl suddenly looked directly at Julian, and blushed. She looked like she was hyperventilating. They locked eyes, and Ten noticed something.

"Hey, you're Asmodeus... what are you doing here?" Ten enquired.

OOC: Sorry for the rocky start...
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[size=1](OOC: Ah, I was going to make Julian have a flashy entrance. xD; Julian sounds like a pedaphile now. o_o; Ah well. I'll just go with the flow.)

[color=darkred]Julian raised an eyebrow, and a smirk came across his face.
"Oh really now? Who is this... Asmodues you speak about? Are you sure it's just not my sexiness that attracts that young girl?" He asked playing with his belt.
The man who named himself Nebre, Ten glared at him and laughed.
"I know Asmodues when I see him." He stated. Julian let out a long sigh and gave Ten a hand gesture to leave him alone. He hopped out of the seat and walked over to the young girl and put an arm around her. He turned his head and glared at Ten and smiled, he waved good-bye as he held the door open for the girl.

"Ah, I would never do such a thing to a young child. How rude." He laughed. "I guess I'll just have to wait for this young miss." Julian guided the young girl to a bent and sat her down. He then started to walk off snapping his fingers three times to wear the spell off. He shrugged and chuckled "She's not even old enough to be in a bar." He shoved his hands into his pockets and walked off into the darkness.
Walking through a park he decided to take a break. He docked himself on a bench and sighed. He extended his arms so they rest on the back's top. He then dug through his jacket pocket and took out a pack of cigarettes.

He brought the un-lit cigarette to his mouth and used his personal steel lighter to fire it up. He inhaled his poisons. He then blew the toxic smoke through his nostrils into the air.

"Only someone special would know about the demons and angels." He chuckled. "Ah, that conversation I overheard. I guess he's one of them angels." Julian then once more blew out the toxic smoke, chuckling.[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][CENTER]Fallan walked the cold wet streets of a city he wasn't familiar with. His hands in his pockets the only real light of the city seemed to show from a small pub. He opened the door and walked in, the room clouded with smoke and rough-looking figures. As he walked the smoke parted before him, there was advantages to being able to control the wind. He cleared his way to the bar where he sat, requesting a water from the bartender, who looked at him surprised but decided it was best to fetch him some water.

Fallan looked around the pub, noticing no one of real interest to him. Ten and Julian talked amongst themselves. Fallan found it hard to relate to them, and he disliked their pollution of the air. Ten was always smoking, Fallan couldn't imagine why he did it, and tried to persuade him to stop, but was unsuccessful. He sighed, wondering what would become of him and the rest of the fellow avatars.

The bartender returned with his water and placed it before him. Fallan took a sip, salty unrefined liquids flooding his mouth. He swallowed it grimly, knowing it was the best they could offer. [I]How boring...[/I] he thought to himself, cautiously bringing his lips to the glass once again.[/CENTER][/SIZE][/COLOR]

OOC: Sorry its a bit short, but I'm not quite sure how you wanted us to play this part of the story.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]The streets semmed silent as Amica walked down its cemented path...[I]aerie[/I]...something was wrong. In reality everything was moving quickly, cars beeping, people talking and rushing. But in Amica's mind it was all different, as for she was Sachiel: Angel of Water. She knew when something was wrong, the rythem of the streets seemed tweaked. As she walked seductively down the boulevard, something called her attention. She soon stared upon a rusty looking pub where men must obviously be about harrassing good looking females.

"Great out of [I]all[/I] the things to call my attention.", Amica said sarcastically as she pushed the wooden double doors of the pub.

A few men stared at her in lust, while others seemed to look away in fear. Amica pittied all of them as well as the females who were there looking for men and drinking themselves down to a pulp. She quickly gazed upon an open entrance for her to sit and see if anything cuaght her attention. [/COLOR]
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[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkSlateGray]OOC: Hullo, bit of a latecomer in the sign-up, but 0ber's okay with me.


It was a pub, what did Jan expect? He couldn't sleep when the smoke of cigarettes assaulted his nostrils.

[/COLOR][COLOR=DarkRed][i]Good morning, sunshine,[/i][/COLOR][COLOR=DarkSlateGray] said the demon in the back of his head.

[i]Shut it, Azzy,[/i] thought Jan to Azazel, the Demon of Laziness that he was the avatar of. [i]Waking up to cigarette smoke makes me cranky.[/i]

[/COLOR][COLOR=DarkRed][i]Aww, muffin. I'm so sorry.[/i][/COLOR][COLOR=DarkSlateGray]

Jan removed his face from the table and glanced around the pub. The bottle at his head was just for effect. He found people would hassle him less if he appeared to be a drunkard instead of just a sloth. Some of its denizens seemed oddly familiar.

[/COLOR][COLOR=DarkRed][i]Recognize anyone? I do,[/i][/COLOR][COLOR=DarkSlateGray] chuckled Azazel. [/COLOR][COLOR=DarkRed][i]The one in the trenchcoat smoking the offending weed is Leliel, the Angel of Night. Fancy him chatting with none other than Asmodeus, who appears to be seeking the attentions of some young harlot in the corner.[/i][/COLOR][COLOR=DarkSlateGray]

They watched as the one pegged as Asmodeus sauntered over to the blushing girl. He put his arm around her and, in a move that surprised them, ushered her safely out of the pub.

[i]Looks like the Demon of Lust has standards after all,[/i] noted Jan.

[/COLOR][COLOR=DarkRed][i]Yea, her eyes were the wrong color,[/i][/COLOR][COLOR=DarkSlateGray] cackled the demon. The pub doors swung open, and a new entity entered. [/COLOR][COLOR=DarkRed][i]What a surprise! That's none other than Sahaquiel, the Angel of Sky![/i][/COLOR][COLOR=DarkSlateGray] The Angel sat at the bar counter near Leliel and ordered a water. The sight of him drinking reminded Jan of his own, and he poured himself a glass. The door swung open yet again. [/COLOR][COLOR=DarkRed][i]The holy bastards just keep coming! That's Sachiel? the Angel of Water.[/i][/COLOR][COLOR=DarkSlateGray]

[i]What a night,[/i] thought Jan, taking a sip of his Scotch.

[/COLOR][COLOR=DarkRed][i]Something must be up,[/i][/COLOR][COLOR=DarkSlateGray] said Azazel. [/COLOR][COLOR=DarkRed][i]But if that's the case, why didn't I hear anything?[/i][/COLOR][COLOR=DarkSlateGray] He sounded slightly perturbed. [/COLOR][COLOR=DarkRed][i]Hey! Aren't you gonna introduce me?[/i][/COLOR][COLOR=DarkSlateGray]

Jan grinned haggardly and sighed. He grabbed the bottle and the glass and shuffled over to where the Angels sat.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Entering the pub Beth was immediatly caught in cigarette smoke. [I]Oh joy...[/I] She thought to herself walking over to the only empty seat at the bar. [I]Not to mention avatars swarming, and quite a few drunks.[/I] She ordered a glass of wine and sat down next to a couple of avatars. "Gross." She said, a look of disgust crossing her face as she swallowed a sip of wine. "What do you expect from a run down place like this." The man next to her replied, stifling a laugh. "Gee, thanks for telling me that." She answered pushing the glass away from her. "Water isn't much better." The woman on the other side of her claimed. "Hey, I know you two."
"Well you ought to."
"So, do you guys know when the great battle will be fought?"[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Alex pushed the doors of the bar, and they swung open, revealing to him the smoky interior. The rank stench of cigarette smoke and strong liquor assaulted his nostrils, and he took a step back. He surveyed the scene, now holding a silk handkerchief over his mouth and nose. This kind of atmosphere would play havoc with his pores. Looking around, he saw several familiar faces, including Asmodeus, the demon of Lust, hidden behind his avatar, Julian; Leliel, the Angel of Night, also known as Ten Nebre, and a few others. One of the others, a man named Fallan, turned to the door and gazed vaguely at Alex.

"Hey, Alex," he said, "This isn't the kind of place I would expect to find you."

"That's funny, because this isn't the kind of place I'd expect to see you either, Fallan. However, it's exactly the kind of place I'd expect to see you, Julian," replied Alex.

"Funny. You're a regular riot, Alex," replied Julian. Alex walked over and took a bar stool next to Fallan.

"What can I get you?" asked the bartender.

"Scotch on the rocks," replied Alex. The bartender poured a measure of scotch into a glass with small pieces of ice in it.

"More than that, come on man," Alex said. The bartender poured more and more scotch into the glass, until it was nearly full. Then Alex picked the glass up and drained the contents in one.

"You gotta give it to the men," he said, "They do know how to make some good liquor!"

"Really? I find it kinda bland," replied Fallan, sipping gently at his water.

"Well, that's because you only ever drink water, Fallan. Why don't you try something a little stronger every once in a while?" Fallan shook his head.

"Well, I guess you are an angel. We demons know how to have a good time, right Julian!" Alex shouted across the bar. Julian raised his glass and cheered.

Alex turned back. He clicked his fingers, and a small jet of black hell-fire appeared in his fingers. He began to spin it around his fingers, stopping it from engulfing his hand completely, but just flipping it around. It had proved a good party trick before.

He saw that Fallan was unimpressed, and blew the flame out. He swivelled on his stool to face Fallan.

"What's the matter, Fallan? Aren't you looking forward to the battle? We finally get to give those gods their comeuppance! It's the opportunity we've been waiting for for so long, and now it's finally here! Come on, that's something to be happy about, isn't it?" he said.

"I guess," sighed Fallan.

"Oh, come on, I know you're looking forward to it somewhere in there. There's a part of Sahaquiel in there that wants to kick some celestial ass, I know it."

(OOC: Sorry it's kind of all over the place, but I didn't know what you wanted as a first post)[/SIZE]
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[size=1]Becca Lonestar was leaning against the doorway to the pub, a smile quirking her lips upwards as she listened to the banter. Tabris lingered in the back of her mind, unlike those in the other avatars ? Tabris and Becca had a mutual agreement that Becca was one person, and Tabris another. Tabris was not going to control Becca.

Going in, she made her way towards the bar, earning hoots and hollers from most of the male customers. She tossed her hair over one shoulder, and winked, getting another round of hoots and whistles. Sliding onto a bar stool, she said in her low, husky, purring voice, [b]?Martini, dirty, two olives.?[/b]

The bar tender hurried to fill her order, and she turned to the man next to her with a smile. ?[b]Nice to see you all happy and drunk, Lucifer.[/b]? The man chuckled.

[b]?Not quite drunk, dear Tabris.?[/b]

Becca snorted, and accepted her martini. ?[b]I?m Becca. Tabris and I have this agreement on being one person? we aren?t. So call me Becca. I?ll let you know when Tabris wakes up, the lazy ass.[/b]?

[I][color=red]I heard that, Becca?[/color]

You were meant to.[/I]

Stirring her martini, she brought the olives to her mouth, sliding one off with her lips, and then into her mouth. ?[b]You doing anything later? I?d love to show you what I can do.[/b]? Becca asked with a purr, sipping her drink, tilting the glass between her thumb and forefinger. In the back of her mind, Tabris snorted.

[I][color=red]That?s just sick, Becca.[/color]

Shut up, I?m having fun. Lucifer?s drunk anyway, or almost drunk. An angel needs to loosen up once in a while.[/I]

OOC: Hope that?s all right, Anarchy.[/size]
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[size=1]( OCC: Julian is everywhere. o_o; Ah well I'll make this work somehow. This is becoming quite messy. xD; )

[color=darkred]Julian then once again sighed. He spit out the cigarette and stomped on it putting it out. He just sat there, in wonder.
He smiled slightly.
[i]"I guess the bar is a good place to look for women."[/i]
He stood up from the bench. And shoved his hand down his pockets once more. And started to walk off. He found himself staring at the outside of the pub. The stench of liquior and smoke mixed together went up his nostril. He then used his foot to open the door and he stepped in.

He sat himself down on a stool and asked for something strong, vodka on the rocks. The bartender nodded his head and hurried to poor his costumer a drink. Julian placed a $10 on the counter and the bartender slid it into his pocket.
Julian looked around. He then saw what seemed to be dear ol' Lucifer's avatar, Alexander who sat himself down next to Fallan. He then spotted two women who caught his attention. But he felt a weird vibe from them. He still smirked though. He then heard Fallan talking about demons knowing how to party.

"Right Julian?" He shouted. Julian couldn't help but laugh, he raised up his glass let out a Whoo! Julian then thought to himself.

[i]"I guess Angels and Demons sure do like hanging out in this place. Heh, now becoming close allies. We'll all overcome the Gods we hate most."[/i] He closed his eyes imagining the world free of the Gods. Right when he opened them he saw an attractive young women who seemed to be flirting with Alex. He chuckled and smirked. [i]"I should get a little closer... Angel or whatnot. It's a girl."[/i] Julian stood up and took a seat next to girl whom was chatting with Alex. [i]"I don't really know any of the angels. So I might as well just introduce myself..."[/i] Picking up his confidence he waited till Alex and her conversation slowed down. Which did in minutes.

"Hello my dear. What might your name be?" He asked in a flirtious tone.[/color]

( OCC: Hope I didn't ruin any moment there. xD )[/size]
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Solomon leaned up against the cold bricks of his condominium building, painstakingly finishing his second-to-last cigarette, cherishing it. He promised he?d take a walk, but now he wasn?t too sure. His visiting mother had laid on the guilt and reprimanded him for being inside for so long, so, to shut her up, he said he?d go for a walk. Going for a walk, of course, meant buying another pack of his ?medicine?.

However, Solomon didn?t realize that the drug store by his house would be closed, as it was rather late.

[i]?She had it planned all along??[/i] He thought glumly, taking a very small drag from his cigarette. He sat there for a few more seconds, gave in to temptation, and sucked in the rest of the cig, closing his eyes in ecstasy as it filled his lungs, probably killing him. He knew he was taking advantage over the fact he was definitely the avatar of an angel, but it was his way of getting back at Matarael for ruining his life. Therefore, all the cigarettes he smoked at an unearthly rate did little to no damage to him or his body, except for his disgusting finger tips, dyed yellow from the nicotine.

He chucked the spent cigarette to the ground and mashed it up with his foot, subconsciously reaching for another before realizing there was only one left. Absolutely desperate and trying his best not to just grab the little sucker, Solomon began hopping from foot to foot like a spoiled little boy. He could hear soft laughing in the back of his head, but quickly tuned out his angel, knowing he would say something along the lines of [i]?I told you so, stupid. You can?t live without these cigarettes?Just quit and you?ll be a lot happier!?[/i] It was what Matarael said every time something like this happened.

Trying to keep his mind off cigarettes, Solomon desperately snapped his fingers loudly, and instantly a soothing rain storm fell around the world in front of him. Across the street and over a few buildings, he saw a drunken man stumble out of the bar and stagger down the street.

[i]?Holy hell.?[/i] He thought to himself in silent realization, mentally kicking himself for not thinking of it quicker. The bar would have plenty of loose cigarettes?and drinks. Those were always fun. With a quick, safe look on both sides of the street, he jogged across and turned to the right towards the pub. The man he had seen leave his destination a second ago tumbled into him and uttered a slurred apology before jumping into a nearby alleyway, making some awful retching noises that made Solomon cringe.

[i]?Okay, I wont have any drinks tonight.?[/i] He found himself thinking sagely as he continued, the sounds of the pub reaching his ears. He heard Matarael clapping sarcastically somewhere, [i]?Well, maybe just one.?[/i] He decided with contempt, and his ?other self? stopped his noises completely.

Before entering the bar, Solomon lit his last cigarette (so he didn?t have to go around asking for some as soon as he got in) and pushed open the door. The smoke pleased him to no end, but the liquor stench was repulsive. There were many pretty women around, so he figured he?d have a pull at some later, after he was settled in. Not wanting to be bothered so early, Solomon stared down at the ground as he walked, knowing that if any ladies saw his eyes or his ridiculous cheeks, he?d be swamped with offers before he was ready.

Solomon leaned up against the bar, smiling slightly, trying to be as polite as possible, and asked for a simple bottle of Smirnoffs then slapped some money on the counter. He took a seat while waiting for his order, taking another puff of his cig and glancing around casually before being slightly surprised by a loud yell of [B]?Matarael! Long time no-?[/B]

[B]?Zimmy.?[/B] Solomon corrected whoever it was impatiently, taking another puff before swiveling around to see who it was who had recognized him.
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1]Fallan finished his water, nonchalantly watching Becca flirt with Alex. Fallan was never really interested in women, but he enjoyed watching Alex squirm around them. When Alex was drunk he often made an ass of himself, and Fallan enjoyed this as well. But before anything happened Julian walked over and began talking with Becca. [I]Oh geez[/I] Fallan thought to himself. Julian was always attempting to sweep women off their feet, seldomly succeeding.

Fallan left the bar and took a seat at an empty table. He took a watch from his pocket and checked the time. It was given to him by his human father and he kept it with him always. It gleamed in the smokey bar light and ticked silently as he returned it to his pocket. Fallan leaned back in his chair, sighing intently. He never really got along well with the rest of his kind. He grew up away from them, and found it hard to fit in and couldn't really make conversation.

He watched Julian fumble his words with Becca, laughing a bit. He wondered whether or not she was taking to him. But he gave up trying to read her signals.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

OOC: "All by myself, don't wanna be, all by myself" lol. It was playing in my head the whole post.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Getting tired of the of examining the usual drunks and idiots, Beth began whatching the avatars.
Looking over she recognized Julian attempting to win over Becca, who was enjoying Alex's present state of drunkenness.
Fallen was also looking at the 3, stifling laughs.
Amica was being stared at by a bunch of men, and Jan was apparently trying to rouse himself out of his constantly lazy attitude.
Zimmy was correcting some idiot who called him Matarael.
Ten was busying himself by talking to a couple of avatars.
"Oh boy, what fun." She said to herself.
At that she decided to attempt a conversation with Fallen.
Walking over, she took an empty seat at the table. "Anything new?" Beth asked.
"Hmm... What do you think." He answered, avoiding eye contact.
"You know the only reason people don't talk to you a lot is because your always distancing yourself from others." She replied, leaning back in her chair.
"I didn't know that, thank-you for enlighting me." He answered sarcastically.
"Come on, don't you have anything you want to say. Something, I don't know, constructive."
He thought of this for a moment, "Constructive huh? You know, there are a bunch of humans here who could use help. There's a few right there. Go get them tiger."
He said refering to a bunch of men in the back who were staring at Beth.
"I'm not leaving until you hold a decent conversation." She replied, crossing her arms.[/COLOR]

OCC: x kakashi x , I hope I didn't change your characters attitude. :animeswea
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[size=1]Becca fluttered her eyes at Julian. ?[b]Becca. And who might you be?[/b]?

?[b]Julian. Come here often?[/b]?

Becca laughed, a husky laugh. ?[b]No, not really.[/b]?

Julian smiled slyly at her. ?[b]And what would a pretty young girl like you be doing here alone?[/b]?

Becca smiled back at him, eyes half closed teasingly. ?[b]Oh, cruising for attractive men like yourself. And give it up, Asmodeus. I?m not quite that green.[/b]?

Julian looked a tad flustered until Becca leaned over, showing off quite a bit of cleavage, and whispered something obscene in his ear, lips tickling the lobe teasingly. Julian nearly turned bright red, but instead grinned. ?[b]Well? Yes? Or no?[/b]?

Becca had to give it to the guy, he was definitely good looking. The pink was probably a little over the top, but she had to admit, it took guts for a guy to wear pink. As the Demon of Lust, she knew he had to be pretty secure in his masculinity to wear pink.

Julian leaned forward, and wrapped an arm around Becca?s waist. ?[b]You should know the answer to that.[/b]? Becca leaned against him, sliding off the bar stool into his lap. She winked at Alex over her shoulder, and laughed.

OOC: Not at all, Hatake. Hope this is all right with you. ^_~[/size]
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OOC: srry for showing up late! -_-''


Katie walked into the pub; her hands were in her pockets, and she wore a bored expression. She sat down on a nearby stool, and glanced around the room. At the corner of her eye, she saw the Bartender glaring at her.

[B]"Hey! You're not allowed in here!"[/B] he snapped at her.

Katie glanced at him, [B]"So?"[/B] she asked, [B]"Does it look like I care? I ain't gonna drink anythin', so piss off, old-man,"[/B]

The Bartender gave one last glare, and went to serve another few custimors (sp?).

Katie glanced at the other avatars with interest. She noticed, Alex, who appeared to be drunk, and began to giggle. The giggling subsided when she saw the angel avatars.

She glanced at Fallen, and walked over to him. She sat across from him, and smirked.

[B]"So, what's someone like [I]you[/I] doin' here?"[/B] she asked.
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[CENTER][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1]Fallan sat up attentively as the Beth and Katie joined him at the table. He was a little confused as to why, he was never much of a people person so most strayed away from him. "Nothing inparticular" Fallan answered Katie quietly. "And what are you doing here Katie?" Beth asked, jumping into the conversation. "Nothing better to do, and what about you Beth, shouldn't you be off playing music somewhere?" Beth gave a short "Hmph, very funny."

Fallan knew of Beth and Katie, but had never met them in person before. Beth was an angel of music, and although it had just been the subject of Katie's pun, Fallan had heard it before and thought it beautiful. Katie was a demon of course, the demon of anger to be exact. Although he was an avatar, he found himself more attracted to Katie and tried to pursue some kind of conversation.

"So, how is the great "demon of anger" these days?" Fallan asked. She shrugged "Same as always I guess." Beth glared quietly, lacking attention.[/COLOR][/CENTER]

OOC: You didn't really take him out of character, but hes not an asshole, hes just quiet. And its spelled Fallan :p . On to either of you.[/SIZE]
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OOC: whups! my bad :animestun lol


Katie glanced at Beth, who seemed to be a little pissed off.

[B]"Whas a matter with the [I]Great Angel of Music[/I]?"[/B] she asked mockingly, [B]"Not enough attention I gather,"[/B]

[B]"Shouldn't you be blowing something up or something?"[/B] Beth asked, annoyed.

Katie shrugged, [B]"That's more of Alex's job, I'm more of a, [I]Kill ya with my bare-hands[/I] sorta person. But that's just me,"[/B]

She then turned to Fallan, [B]"And how's the [I]Angel of Wind[/I] today?[/B]" she asked.
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[size=1][color=darkred]Julian couldn't help but grin as Becca took a seat on his lap. he let out a chuckle.
"Hehe, you're my kind of girl." He snickered. Becca couldn't help but giggle and smile. "So, anything really intresting happen...? Besides meeting me."

"No, not really. Nothing that comes to mind."

"You know... You're just way to beautiful for me..." He whispeared, blowing some air into her ear. She shuddered in pleasure and rearranged herself. Julian would've turned a bright red, but instead just grinned widely. He then wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer. "How about, we go take a walk in the park...?" He said raising an eyebrow. Becca looked at him giving him a "What are his intentions" look.

(OCC: Sorry for the short post. I hope this is ok. o_o; When will we actually get to the plot of the story? Julian's waiting. >_<)[/color][/size]
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OOC: Alright, now that nearly everyone is here... Let's get some action going, shall we?


Ten finished talking to a few of the regulars, and leaned back in his chair. He looked over at Julian and Becca, and sighed deeply. He felt a pain in his chest that nearly overtook him. "Love... such a human emotion..." He chuckled silently.

He stood, and walked out of the bar. Michael was out there, about to enter. "Ten. There's something you should know about..."

Ten looked serious. "What?"

Michael looked grim. "There's a whole lot of Dollaris guys coming in to check out the huge avatar concentration. We need to either split up or kill the guards. They're advancing pretty fast, so we gotta to make that a rush order..."

Ten nodded. He stood, thinking for a moment. He smiled weakly. "'What is this dagger I see before me?'" he grinned.

Michael smiled. "Always were the one for soliloquoy."

"Let's take the bastards down, eh?"


Ten drew a kukri, and ran into the bar. He tapped the shoulders of all the avatars he could find, and told them of the forces closing in on them. Many of them smiled.

It was to be a night on the town.

OOC: Aorry for the shortness, asnd the interruption of the little *ahem* [i]thing[/i] between Julian and Becca. Good luck, and be prepared!
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Solomon watched uninterestedly as Ten ran about the bar, tapping the shoulders of all the avatars, whom Solomon had just noticed where all there. Something was going on, and he would be pulled into it. With a sigh, he chugged down the rest of his Smirnoffs and lit a bummed cigarette, waiting for the God of Darkness to reach him.

Eventually and expectedly, Ten ran up tp him excitedly, grinning. [B]Hey, Zimmy. We got a problem outside, man."[/B] Ten patted him encouragingly on his shoulder and sped off to Becca and Julian. When Ten finally went outside, all the somewhat confused avatars stared at one another, and Solomon cleared his throat politely, earning their attention.

[B]"Nobody minds, right?"[/B] He said cryptically, but the rest all understood and nodded. With a small smile, Solomon snapped his fingers very loudly, a long [i]snap![/i] echoing throughout the bar, causing even the drunks to look over in alarm. The next second, the dark sky was lit with a long sliver of lightning, and an echoing boom of thunder made even Solomon jump slightly. Rain pounded harder against the window sil, making Solomon smile even wider.

[i]"Show off."[/i] Matarael sneered in the back of Solomon's head.

[B]"Environment."[/B] Solomon said outloud, laughing slightly.

He took his cigarette between his thumb and forefinger on his right hand, and using the same fingers on his left, moved them up and down on his cig, centimeters away from touching. It glowed a very faint shade of blue before returning to regular color.

A few avatars stared at him for a second, so Solomon simply dipped the cigarette into Fallan's water and pulled it out. The tip was still on fire and the cig completely dry.

[B]"Nifty."[/B] Solomon said simply, winking, and finding his way out of the bar towards Ten.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=Red]As Amica sat silently on the round chair, she observed the avatar,'Foolish emotions'. Amica never let her human emotion shine through her soul, she took control of her human self and hardly let it out. Amica simply grew tired of the scenery and the pitiful men in the wreched bar. As she walked out the door she saw Ten alerting the avatars, instead of going to see...she went outside prepared to fight.

"Well hopefully they've put their human side behind...a lot of bloodshed is about to begin.", She spoke softly.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Looking intently at Ten, Beth stood up and walked behind Zimmy as he was dumping his cigarette in Fallan's water. "Nice trick," she said sarcatically, just loud enough for him to hear. She approached Ten, "What is it this time?" She asked, glad to get away from the hostile glare of Katie. "Guards, lots of them. We have to take them out." He replied looking at her. "Finally, I've been waiting for a good fight."
"Yeah well, it's been awhile." Ten remarked, glancing at the rest of the avatars.
"So, can you still fight?" He smirked. "Hm, better then you know." She answered, walking towards the door.[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]"Oh yes," said Alex, cracking the tendons in his neck. He threw the shot glass full of intense alcohol down his neck, shuddered and slammed the glass down on the bar. He stood up and whirled his jacket on. He drew the two swords from his back, and checked the blades. They were as sharp as the day they had been forged.

He walked up so he was standing level with Ten, and his weapons glinted in the moonlight. Demons and angels stood united in the darkness, united against a common enemy. The followers of the god Dollaris.

Alex had nothing particular against Dollaris, but he could use a good fight, and they were coming up quickly enough, so he thought he may as well give it a go.[/SIZE]
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Katie stood up from her seat, feeling the energy of Dolarris' men. She scowled instantly.

[B]"Something wrong?"[/B] Fallan asked.

[B]"It's Dollaris."[/B] Katie explained, [B]"God, I hate that man-made god!"[/B]

She waved slightly, [B]"I'll be right back,"[/B] she said and walked outside, where she saw Ten, Alex, Solomon, Beth and Amica.

[B]"Let's get this over with,"[/B] she said, drawing her dagger from its sheath.
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[COLOR=Purple][SIZE=1]John thanked God for giving man the ability to put food in a bar. This meant he actually acknowledged that God did do some smart things.

The food wasn't great, but it was filling, but the beer was superb. Good German import, he lived for this stuff.

John's attention to the food made the other avatars not notice him as the avatar for Beelzebub Demon of Gluttony. He had been the first of the avatars to arrive at the bar, but unlike the others, food took precedence over conversation, he could really care less about what is going on, unless Nebution had something to do with it. He hated that man-made S.O.B.

John was working on his fourth helping of pork roast and kraut when the other avatars started to look a bit wild.

Leliel looked to be behind it all, but he could be mistaken. Hopefully they wouldn't need his assistance, he had far too much food to consume.... "Well damnit, no more food."

[COLOR=DarkRed][I]Then why don't you go help out your friends?[/I] [/COLOR] Beelzebub said to him in his head.

[I]I would rather not, this food is not half bad..[/I]

[COLOR=DarkRed][I]You'll need them, help them, use your other talents to help them out.[/I] [/COLOR]


John slid his chair away from the table and put a hundred dollar bill next to the plate then walked outside to join the others. Being quiet they barely noticed he was there and he just prepared himself for whatever they were preparing themselves for. Though it didn't really concern him.

He pulled out his dagger and started to give himself a manicure whilst he waited.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Gray][SIZE=1]Fallan sighed as he finished his glass and rose from the table. Smoke parted once again, leaving a path of clean air behind him as he walked from the bar. The door swung open and he noticed the cheering avatars as well as Katie, her weapons drawn. He sighed again and put his hand on Katie's shoulder "Its not worth it you know." he spoke calmly. Katie turned quickly, scowling at him "Quiet Fallan!" Fallan left her their, making his way to the side of the avatars "I am an avatar you know, and my ties to them are greater then my ties to you."

Katie growled silently, placing her dagger back in it's sheath. "You'll pay for that..." she mumbled as she walked away. The rest of the avatars patted Fallan on the back, praising his choice in the situation. He sighed accepting their compliments, but wishing he wouldn't have to choose. He hated to choose...[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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