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Sign Up Inu-Yasha: Ties that bind [M - V, poss S]

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Almost 19 years have passed since Naraku was defeated for good. Kikyo has been laid to rest once more, and Inu-Yasha and Kagome have had a child. His name is Heero. It is strange, how identical Heero is to his father. He lives in both the feudal era, and the present.

But something is amiss, Heero, fighting against a demon, was flung into a hidden well, one that was sealed long before the adventures of Kikyo and Inu-Yasha. This well has opened up a whole new world to explore, and all of Heero's family's freinds can travel through this well.

But there is a great power in this new world, called Gaia. It is said to be even more astounding than the power of the Shikon Jewel. And it has been stolen.

Now, along side Heero, new people fight to save this power, the 5 jewels of the elements. Wind, water, earth, fire, and even the power of love. In the wrong hands, this power can destroy both worlds.

Now here's the sign up:

Race: (this can be a variety of things, human or demon, as well as angel)
Era: (what time and place you're from)

Name: Heero
Race: human/dog demon
Era: Sengoku jidaii
Bio: Heero is the son of Inu-Yasha and Kagome, and the only difference between Inu-Yasha and his son is that Heero wears a black kimono and hakama. A spell duplicated Inu-Yasha's fire rat coat, and they dyed it black. H has both the powers his father uses as well as the powers of his mother. He even has a few of his own, and justbecause he is only one quarter demon, he is thought to be weak. But this is a foolish conception, he is by no means weak.
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Name: Sienna
Race: Dragon demon
Era: Modern Times
Bio: Sienna is the last pure-bred dragon demon of modern times, and she must do something heroic to earn her place with her ancestors.She has pink hair and emerald eyes, her dragon wings, which are also pink also show. She wears a pale yellow kimono with a bright yellow diamond pattern on the sleeve. She has pyrokinetic abilities and she can transform into her full demon form, a large metallic pink European style dragon. She is very expressive, and has a hard time hiding her emotions.
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Ooh! Awesome story line! You need to put a rating so this doesn't close!:

Name: Orikal
Race: Angel
Era: Feudal - The New World (where Gaia is)
Bio: Orikal is very talented with very unique ablities. She has been able to change her appearence very easily. She is known to freak people out like that. Orikal was sent to jail before, but for a trivial matter, and she broke out. She is on the run from the law, but it doesn't seem rough to hide from them. While hiding somewhere in the facility, she found a mysterious pendant-one that hasn't been seen for seven centuries-she found it by two beautiful earrings. She fled the place with one of the metal locks from her cell still on her ankle.
Appearence-I figure you'll need it for what her face, the mysterious pendant and earrings, and type of clothes she wears: [url=http://www.angelroms.com/anime/girls/angels/1/3.html]Click Here[/url]
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killer dude....this looks great..an please dont let it close!!!

Name: Trace

Race: Fox demon

Era: Fudel
Bio: Trace is the uncle that Shippo never knew. He was never able to see Shippo due to the fact that he thought he was dead after Shippo's father was killed. When he learned that Shippo was still alive, he did everything possible to find him. When he did, he took shippo in and trated him like his brother, Shippo's father, wanted him to.

Now tha the passage to the new world is open, he wanted to go with Shippo and Heero to make sure that they would not hurt themselves.

Appearance: I figured ya'll would like to know what he looked like. so see below
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Name: Saikoro

Race: Demon

Era: Present

Bio: She is the daughter of Sesshomaru and a full-blooded, demon-tribe leader. She knows Heero because of their relations. Although her father held a great grudge against InuYasha she managed to become friends with him and his family. She often receives lessons from Kigome and InuYasha about weopons and has learned all about preistesses. Also she got her sword from her father and learned all his tricks. She has the powers of the spirits from her mother. She was invited along by Heero and eagerly accepted. In her full demon form she looks like Sesshomaru in his demon form.

I hope that's alright...[/COLOR]
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[I][COLOR=Teal][B]Name:[/B] Koal
[B]Race:[/B] Wolf Demon, Dog Demon, Human (this is what I call mixed breed)
[B]Era:[/B] Fedual Era
[B]Bio:[/B] (I'll get to you on this)

Tell me if I can play two characters please! :catgirl: [/COLOR][/I]
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you might want to hurry and pm a mod the ratings for this or this great story will be closed if

Name: Kobe
Race:mongoose demon/human
Era: Feudal
Bio: Kobe is part mongoose demon his father traveled with met Inuyasha on while he was traveling his father can summon the elemental spirits from the sprit world his mother was a mongoose demon who was a blacksmith Kobe can summon two sprits and has one of his mom's weapons it is a sword but it has a chain inside it so he can use it long range he is very agile and has a few speacil abilitites he can use an attack known as "shadow strike" much like inuyasha's wind scar as a matter of fact Inuyasha taght him the technie to use it
apperance: has short black hair and dark green eyes wears black training shirt (sleeveless) with white wristbands and light green under shirt that has long sleeves black pants and sandels
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okay, this is great!! a bit too many half demons, but that's okay

and Raze, souta can't travel through the well. change that please. if you aren't sure how, then try in modern times.

also: all exept inuyasha, kagome, Naraku are available to play as.

kikyo, or someone like her would very much be welcome in this. however, she or he would need to be from Gaia.
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Yay! A totally new kind of InuYasha story! Count me in. . .

Name: Kitra
Race: 1/4 angel, 3/4 human
Era: Gaia, during the time of the story
Bio: A priestess of the same powers of Kagome and Kikyo, only she was a caretaker of the jewel of fire. She was badly hurt (physically and spiritually) when it was stolen, and she's just managed to heal enough to go in search of the lost jewels. She always felt a bit inadiquate as the priestess of the fire jewel, because she just isn't very firey. She's a little shy, and tends to be non-confrontational. However, she has been known to get really passive-aggressive at times. When she was called as the priestess for fire, she was told she was just a placeholder till the stone she was destined for needed a new priestess (she still doesn't know which that is) and the new 'true' fire priestess is made known. Thus, she carries a touch of an inferiority complex when it comes to her powers. Everyone on Gaia knows she was a fill-in, and many blame her 'weakness' as a priestess as the reason the jewels could be stolen. She's very determined to prove the masses wrong by helping to win back the elemental jewels.

Appearance: She's about 5' 6" tall with waist-length brown-black hair and green eyes. Her priestess garb is alot like Kikyo's, but blue and white instead of red and white. She is never without a bow and a quiver of arrows. Her skin is creamy white. She does not have the ability to shape-change, but she can call her feathered wings into exsistance every-so-often. She usually doesn't use them unless she needs to travel very fast.
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Guest wrathstouch
name: Sesshomaru
race: dog demon
Era: Sengoku Jidaii
Bio: does this identy really need a bio?

Appearance:5'7 long goldish silver hair both arms and a jewelto turn his hair goldish and to keep his arm and it triples his strength and speed he wears it around his neck
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  • 4 weeks later...
Name: Riyuna Shintoso (Ree-Yuna)

Race: HUMAN 100%

Era: Gaia

Bio: Riyuna was a scribe at the shrine of the Earth Jewel, she had been for almost 8 years. She never had any interest in becoming a priestess but she did enjoy thier company. She was out of the village on an errend for Master Hiten when the shrine was attacked, so luckily she was not targeted. Unfortunately since the shrine was destroyed shes also "out of the job", so she has decieded to move along and take to the road.

Riyuna dosen't have any special abilities, accept that she is really smart, throw a fight at her and shes very talented at hiding. However she does own a weapon and shes actually really good with it, its just a matter of making her use it. Her weapon is a long spear. Shes easy going, and lives by the saying "why do today, what I can do tomorrow?". Her favorite hobby is... knowing everything, and learning anything. She also comes across as very sarcastic every once and a while, alright all the time.

Appearence: She's elegantly tall, about 5'10. She has long raven colored hair that flows gently down her back, that she normally wears tied back tightly. Her eyes are a peircing blue that matches the color of the moon. She wears a Crimson colored travel kimono, that is altered for battle purposes. She wears a black satchel that she is very protective over and allows no one to see whats inside of it, and she carrries a long spear.
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Name: Meteo Dragoon
Race: Hellspawn Demon
Era: Fuedal era
Bio: A demon that wants to try to keep the balance of earth before a massive power struggle begins. Meteo carries two katanas that are called soul Calibur and the Soul Edge that he got from the great swordsmith Totosai. The Katanas are used when he needs to envoke the spirits of the dead to pass on or to kill an annoying opponent that he cannot kill with his strength. He also use the spiked chains he has arround his waist as a weapon.
Appearance: [IMG]http://www.awn.com/mag/issue5.04/5.04images/peszko02.gif[/IMG]
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Name: Specter
Race: 1/3 demon, 1/3 angel, 1/3 human
Era: Pre-Inuyasha Era
Bio: Has been searching for the five elemental jewels to return turn them to their rightful owners.
Apperance: (see attachment)
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