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Sign Up The Dead [M-VL]

Box Hoy

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[B]::THE DEAD::[/B]
[Color=red][B]Note: This rpg will contain scenes of intense violence and gore as well as language. Don't participate if you are offended by these themes.[/B][/color]

[CENTER][B]Project Utopia: Phase 2[/B][/CENTER]
That was when the suffering had begun
Phase 2 was the beginning of the doom
In an underground laboratory the U.S. government had been paying a group of scientists to build the first humans that were controlled by computers within their own mind but using all the organic material you'd find in any human.
They were being built to replace city law enforcment and soldiers in the armed forces. It would be the dawn of a new age where cyborgs controlled our wars instead of mortals.
It didn't turn out that way.
The mechumans as many called them, were released into the public of Red City, NY as the test run. For awhile they ran efficiently. It seemed like everything was normal. Until September 13, 2005.
Red City became the victim of one of the worst mistakes in the history of mankind. The main computer had been corrupted somehow. It signalled for the mechumans to beserk. Thus they began their rampage. They became individual with only the thought of total annihilation flowing through their mind. The mechumans became what we like to call zombies. Totally mindless and uncontrollable, hunting endlessly.

These aren't like supernatural zombies which were bitten by vampires or something. These are cyborgs gone wrong. What happened. Nobody knows. Not many details were released about the mechumans. We knew only what we could see. The zombies hunt not for blood but simply to kill. But that could change. The mechumans are designed to take on any task that can be generated. If the main computer reaches the cpu within the mechumans again whoever or whatever caused the corruption could order them to do even more destructive things. Slowly but surely a small band of strangers is realizing this. And that group is us.

Description: [Fit for a dark background in a thrashed city]
Background: [Details]
Social Rank: [Citizen/Officer/Politician]

I'll post mine after at least two sign up.
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Name:Chris Siege
Age: 16
Description:A 5'11" young man with A black leather jacket with torn off sleeves, black jeans,black and gold nike's,whiteT-shirt,a black braclet with upside down silver cross's, and a silver ring with a pentagram.
Background: When all the problems started I was in school, me and a few friends where slacken off in the back of the room as usual and the cybernetic officer that patrolled that hall busted through the door and shoot the students nearest the door and throw their table at the people at the front of the class. I ran out the backdoor only to run into more of the cybernetic officers. I ran to the nearest gate and down the street only to find a line of cars full of bullet holes and body's. The closest car was a green plymouth breeze, I pulled the driver out and took off thats how I ended up here.
Social Rank: Citizen

This sounds pretty cool hope it gets started soon :D
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Name: Alex Heathman (Heth-mun)
Age: 15
Description:about 5'9''or 5'10'' with a black T-shirt with a picture of cthulhu on it, Jeans that a bit old and torn with black spikey hair. He always has his mp3 player in his pocket and a laptop in his backpack. Some described him as a "Nerd in the wrong crowd" but he never paid attention to them, he would help the more popular kids with their homework and projects and in return got the rep he wanted and the gear he wanted, He didnt care how he got any of the new parts for his laptop. He goes to the same school as all the other kids in the team. He is the tech wiz of the group.
Social Status: Citizen
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Name: Derrek Warren

Age: 19

Description: Click for a pic of him and his sister [url]http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=warofgenesis&image=51[/url]

Backround: He's a cool guy, but his taste is sexual partners is often deemed wrong. He's a good marksman and one hell of a fighter. His own dark past remains hidden from the world, he's ashamed of his deeds. Pepole often wonder why he's cold, and insensitive, but they like him for his blatant honesty, and if they manage to befreind him, his loyalty.

Social status: citizen
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Alright this is awesome. Now if we could get some female characters to join that'd be awesome. Thanks for signing up all 3 of you and you're all accepted. If you could help me get some more members for this rp than I'd be very grateful.

And like I said, here's my sign up.

Name: Matt Reed
Age: 18
Description: About 6' and 150 pounds. We wears a plain ripped black tank top and some long green camoe shorts. He wears a black wristband on his right hand and wears a chain on his left side. He wears skate shoes. He has two tattoos. One is his left arm below his shoulder of a very detailed dragon and his other is of a hooded figure holding a lantern on the back of his right calve.
Background: Matt is finishing his high school. His peers would call him a bit of a psychopath. He likes hard rock and dressing trashy and out of the popularity scheme. He's not all that popular among the big social groups of the school but he's cool with his own friends. He's somewhat of a leader but his judgement can be impared from time to time. He lives to be different.
Social Rank: Citizen
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I guess I'm expected to sign up as a woman? Too bad. I don't play women, Matt, not after ROR. ^_-

[b]Name:[/b] Eathan Dye.
[b]Age:[/b] 20
[b]Sex:[/b] Male
[b]Description:[/b] I'll get back to you on this with a sketch or a picture.
[b]Background:[/b] Someone you'd feel safe with watching your back at a fight, and someone you'd be scared stiff if you got on his bad side. He's protective of those he's got close ties with, and skeptical about those he's not protective of. Not much of a leader, but more of a bodyguard. The words he chooses are ideal and well thought. He'll never speak useless words and never make judges or desicions on impulse. Extreamly violent and strong, Eathan doesn't have a clean backround at all.
[b]Social Rank:[/b] Citizen
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