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[Font=Garamond] [Color=red] If anyone has seen G4s E3 coverage, thus far, I'd like to know your thoughts regarding it. I, personally, though that the PS3 videos were absolutely amazing. KZ2 blew me away with that supposedly in-game-scene, moreso than anything else. And, while I was entertained with Microsoft's claims, the like of their system being the most powerful, I wasn't much interested in them, I'll admit. Good titles here & there, but I was more intrigued in both the Revolution, & The PS3. Even if the latter had a boomer-rang a a controller. But, eh.

The next-gen for consoles looks to be amazing, in more ways than one, rivaling PCs. Frankly, I found this a bit scary, but it show-cases a large amount of advances for the consoles. Hopefully, the PS3 will have a decent price - I don't want to be spending $600 on a system, just because of the admittingly great tech specs.

Then again, I'd love to know what the hell the Revolution is. Even so far, Nintendo is, apparently, keeping their mouth shut. Information=Good. For me, anyway. Heh, despite this, I can't wait till more coverage comes from E3. Hopefully more information will come, because right now, it's lacking on some respects.

Thoughts, everyone? [/Font] [/Color]
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I would have killed to go to E3 but unfortunatly I am on the wrong continent for it. Anyway to my point, I don't really think too much about the 360 either. Even if there is so much coverage on it at E3 you won't catch me looking at the Chunky Sunna-ma-*****. I am dissapointed by the lack of Info on the Revolution which I am really looking foward to.
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