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Welcome welcome my freinds, to the lives of the ZX, artificial life forms, robots designed as humans. They are hated, because they are machines, yet are able to pass as humans, and they are hated, only because they are machines. Robots are supposed to be just that, machines, not things that can think and act for themselves. The robots are scared, afraid they will be destroyed, all because of the fact they are robots.

The ZX type robots are the most advanced robots ever. There are the ZX-01 types,partially organic, the ZX-02 an even more organictype, and more sophisticated and more human-like than the 01, and then the ZX-03, illegal robots, because they were indeed so advanced that thewy could pose as humans. these types were even able to support a human embryo and give birth, thouth they were not able to get pregnant themselves.

And then there was the ZX-04, illegal, and able to step over the boundries of conventional robotics..... [I]they were able to become pregnant......[/I] Now, there are madmen trying to get rid of the ZX types, because they interfere with the supposed 'laws of nature' it is allegedly wrong that a robot can g\et pregnant, and that their children shouldn't be allowed to live, because they are a blasphemy to God.

The robots aren't just machines. They have feelings, and souls. It is a fight for survival.

But there is something more, to why the robots are being destroyed. There are rumors that one of these robots is a kind of key, a key to unlock a vast treasure, power, and, some say, a force powerful enough to rule the universe. This key is said to be marked somehow, that the serial number is false. The other part of these rumors is that the lock on this power, or rather, the power itself is swayed by the finder's heart and desires. It is also said, that this power is in the form of two twin robots, in the form of beautiful women, and that he who wakes them will be able to control everything.

[I]When robots learn to feel, who decides what is human?[/I]

Okay, basicly, we're searching for the key to the sister robots, and are trying to get to the robots at the same time.
Here's the sign up:

Home planet:
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[color=#141416]I will use quotations around my character's name and possessive pronouns (such as he/she, hers/his) because I'd like my character's gender to be unknown. Let's see who can figure it out ^_^ But for the sake of writing in the RP, when other's refer to my character, they may use the dominant possessive pronoun: "he/him/his". That just makes it easier to write.

[b]Name[/b]- "Seth" Guildsley
[b]Age[/b]- "20"

[b]Race[/b]- "Human" (explained in bio)
[b]Home planet[/b]- Venus

[b]Appearance[/b]- [url=http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/guy/4-1.htm]Seth[/url]
[b]Biography[/b]- For as long as "Seth" could remember, he knew he was different from all of his friends. Seth was far beyond the intelligence expectations for a very young age. Concerned, and curious, his principal forced him--then a third grader--to take a placement test. Seth aced the simple test in a matter of minutes. After a few tries, with harder tests, the principal declared that Seth had the knowledge of seven grades higher than he was.

With this on his shoulders, Seth became what young kids his age dubbed "a freak". It was abnormal for 9 year old child to have a 16 year old's IQ, and beyond. Seth became withdrawn from other children; not that he intended it, but he couldn't help it. He couldn't fit in with children his age, and he would be shoved aside from the older children/teenagers for being a "little twirp". All the tests meant nothing to Seth in trying to figure out his place. What really tipped the scale for him was when he turned 13.

The day of his thirteenth birthday, on the thirteenth of October, Seth was struck with a headache so painful, he had to be rushed to the hospital. His body ached all over, in every possible joint and muscle; his skin felt as if it were on fire, yet, he did not sweat a drop. The only memory he has is the pain, the whiteness of the emergency room, and several doctors staring down at him. When he woke up, it seemed as if his body had never had the aching fit. He felt normal, if not excellent. When he questioned his parents of the details, they hesitated. Both shifted in their seats. His father looking to his mother who sat majestic and calm. Her face did not sway with the anxiety his father's did.

"Seth", his mother began, "you already know you are different from your peers. How different is the question. Your father and I wanted to wait until you were old enough to hear our truth. Though, you were old enough to understand many years ago. However, your [i]mind[/i] would not be able to [i]process[/i] the information we wanted to tell you."

Seth blinked in confusion. His mother was talking to him as if he were programmed.

"Seth, dear," his mother continued, "I am a robot. Model type ZX-04. Your father is human, but I am not. Now, you are part robot in the sense of that you do not have a human brain. Your 'mind' is a computerized chip that is programmed with all of the intelligence you need, but you can still learn. What happened to you yesterday was your program rebooting itself; starting the puberty program/phase of your life. Your body will start to transition and transform as a normal human body would. Aside from your 'mind', you also have special blood. Instead of all human blood cells, your blood is composed of mostly nanomachines. They enable your body to heal rapidly and maintain a stable immune system."

Somehow, Seth knew. It was something he'd always questioned. His mother's mannerisms weren't totally lifeless or cold, but she had seemed to be so opposite of his father. Discussion went further into how she and Seth were illegal, and how no one must know; like Seth had anyone to tell. As the news channels started to touch more on the heated topic of illegal robots, Seth learned about the "key robot" and its powers. Supposedly, this robot held the power to rule the universe, or destroy it. Seth figured that if this robot exsisted and held vast powers, maybe it could grant him the wish of not being a robot.

His wish: To be reborn into humanity in full form. To eliminate all of his miserable childhood memories, and to re-grow up as a normal human child. [/color]
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