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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1][QUOTE=The London Times, November 2nd, 1998][SIZE=1][COLOR=SlateGray]Yesterday, a tragedy occured in a small town outside of Stuttgart, Germany, as respected Physician Rudolph Kass Faustus, 38, and his wife, Mallory, 36, were found murdered in their home. The Stuttgart police have investigated the home and questioned neighbours, but no evidence has been found as of yet. From coroners reports, both died of severe lascerations and witnesses upon their removal from the scene by medical personel have reported that both were extremely mutilated.

The police state that they have no suspects as of this time, but they are continuing to question colleagues of Dr. Faustus', who was apparently on the verge of a major breakthrough.

The attack as left the Faustus' two children, Wolfgang and Allyson, mainly uninjured. Wolfgang, 16, has suffered injuries to his eyes, as has Allyson, 12, but neither is life-threatening or, states Dr. Rupert Vossburg of Stuttgart General Hospital, "immediately injurious to either child's vision."

So far, the only clues the police have is some ash residue on the ground and what neighbours report as, "a lingering smell of bad eggs." Police representatives are refusing comment on these clues at this time.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=The LA Times, October 21st, 2006][SIZE=1][COLOR=SlateGray]In two days time, on October 23rd, 2006, the Nobel Prize will once again be given out for those who have achieved great things this past year. But standing above the great events is the even greater history of one recipient of an award, Dr. Wolfgang Bernard Faustus.

In the winter of 1998, Dr. Faustus lost his family at the hands of a still uncaptured killer who left his parents brutally murdered, and his younger sister and him orphaned, to be placed in the care of their grandparents, Ulrich and Grizelda Faustus. And while this tragedy would crush the spirit of some, it seems that it only inspired Dr. Faustus to great things.

Only a year after the death of his parents, Faustus entered the Berlin School of Medicine at the young age of 17. His brilliant mind propelled him through the courses and, in only 5 years times, he had recieved his Masters Degree in Biochemistry. This monumental achievement was made in spite of the gradual blindness that was developing in his left eye - a remnant of the attack that took his parents.

Now, Dr. Faustus is to recieve the Nobel Prize in Science and Medicine for his work on the AIDS virus, with help from his research team, consisting solely of his sister Alyssa Faustus, his research assistants Drs. Karl Heidelburg and Johannes Mann, and himself.

Dr. Faustus will be making his way to the stage with his eccentric sister and his prized Rottweiler, Holly.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/QUOTE]

1. A person, especially a physician, dentist, or veterinarian, trained in the healing arts and licensed to practice.
[INDENT]a. A person who has earned the highest academic degree awarded by a college or university in a specified discipline.
b. A person awarded an honorary degree by a college or university. [/INDENT]
3. [I]Abbr.[/I] [B]Dr.[/B] Used as a title and form of address for a person holding the degree of doctor.

One who practices sorcery; a wizard.

1: one who practices magic or sorcery [syn: sorcerer, magician, wizard]
2: one who practices divination by conjuring up the dead

1. often Devil In many religions, the major personified spirit of evil, ruler of Hell, and foe of God. Used with the.
2. A subordinate evil spirit; a demon.
3. A wicked or malevolent person.

1. The prescribed order of a religious ceremony.
2. The body of ceremonies or rites used in a place of worship.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=The Tome of Verrücktarzt][SIZE=1][COLOR=SlateGray]Take up your cauldron, black as coal
Poure in thy waters of a downed man
Add the ashes of arson,
Leafes that inspire the dark lust
Stir in the bloode of a harlot, and spittle of a greate wolfe
With teethe of silver
Stir the brewe with blood-stained sword
Then, ye add the viper's venome
And the hearts of three violent men
Wing of bat, feather of a flaming birde
Obsidian powder, and black sand too
Thick oil, a baby's life, and tongue of a begger
Last, the ring of a faithless wife and forged coin, wrapped in snake's skin
With winde at your back, water at your front, cold stone beneath, and fire burn 'round
Pour it int the skull of an angel, and add last the slothful soul and eyes of a sorcerer
Drink deep, and the dark shalle rise again[/COLOR][/SIZE][/QUOTE]

These are but a few of the hand-scrawled notes, newspaper clippings, and torn pages that fill the secret folder one Dr. Faustus has hidden in his office. Only he and his "research team" are privvy to their secrets, as only they could unwravel the mysteries.

Wolfgang Bernard Faustus was but a child when he heard the tale of his ancestor, the legendary Johannes Faustus. And when the story was through, he knew that he had to know what the old man did. On his tenth birthday, Faustus summoned up the devil Mephistopheles, and a pact was made. Faustus recieved knowledge in all fields, especially black magic, in exchange for something of great value. Not his soul, no, but something even greater for the wiley demon.

He wanted the boy's eyes.

Because Mephistopheles has found the Ritual of Schwarzgott, and with the aid of the Lords of Hell, he is going to carry it out. And if he succedes, he will break the barrier between Earth and Hell, and let the Apocalypse come forth.

When Faustus was 16, the devil came calling. He wanted to collect his prize, but the boy's parents made a tantelizing offer. Their souls, for the boys life. They bought him and his sister time...but time is running out. Distasters are popping up all over the world, tied to bizarre supernatural events. And only the tortured doctor and his few believers can end it.

With his Hellhound at his side, and the secrets of black magic at hand, Faustus plans to stop Mephistopheles. But terrible things stand in his way...[/SIZE][/COLOR]


[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]This is an idea that has been percolating in my mind for awhile now. I've always been fascinated by Demonology, and lately, the writers who deal with it. Now, I've decided to bring Faust back to the surface, along with his old enemy, Mephistopheles.

if anyone's actually interested in this, I may start it up as early as this weekend. So far, I'm planning on a series, since there's so much going on and an RPG can only last so long...

Ideas? Criticisms? Comments? Send 'em my way.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Hm....interesting background. I like how you brought up the clippings amd definitions to add somewhat of a dramatic touch to it. I'd definately be interesting if there would be other roles. The plot to the story is well written as well and I couldn't give much to add myself. I could try to tell you something but I'd have no clue how to word it. Anyway, hope you can use anything you can get out of this.

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[SIZE=1]This sounds great, babe, I'm actually surprised you haven't done anything like it sooner.

When I saw 'Faust' in the title I was all like, "Trevor done an RPG about his puppy!"

...so, yeah....tired...

But seriously, you've written this very well and I don't have any criticism at all, I'd definitely be interested in joining this, especially if gory murder is involved. ^_~[/SIZE]
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Dude, I had planned something like this with info from another site, after I saw his name in the dictionary.

Hold on... Here's were I got it from:

[QUOTE=pitt.edu]Doctor Johann Faustus
Abstracted from the Faust Chapbook of 1587
Johann Faustus was born in Roda in the province of Weimar, of God-fearing parents.

Although he often lacked common sense and understanding, at an early age he proved himself a scholar, mastering not only the Holy Scriptures, but also the sciences of medicine, mathematics, astrology, sorcery, prophesy, and necromancy.

These pursuits aroused in him a desire to commune with the Devil, so--having made the necessary evil preparations--he repaired one night to a crossroads in the Spesser Forest near Wittenberg. Between nine and ten o'clock he described certain circles with his staff and thus conjured up the Devil.

Feigning anger at having been summoned against his will, the Devil arrived in the midst of a great storm. After the winds and lightning had subsided the Devil asked Dr. Faustus to reveal his will, to which the scholar replied that he was willing to enter into a pact. The Devil, for his part, would agree:

to serve Dr. Faustus for as long as he should live,
to provide Dr. Faustus with whatever information he might request, and
never to utter an untruth to Dr. Faustus.
The Devil agreed to these particulars, on the condition that Dr. Faustus would promise:

at the expiration of twenty-four years to surrender his body and soul to the Devil,
to confirm the pact with a signature written in his own blood, and
to renounce his Christian faith.
Having reached an agreement, the pact was drawn up, and Dr. Faustus formalized it with his own blood.

Henceforth Dr. Faustus' life was filled with comfort and luxury, but marked by excess and perversion. Everything was within his grasp: elegant clothing, fine wines, sumptuous food, beautiful women--even Helen of Troy and the concubines from the Turkish sultan's harem. He became the most famous astrologer in the land, for his horoscopes never failed. No longer limited by earthly constraints, he traveled from the depths of hell to the most distant stars. He amazed his students and fellow scholars with his knowledge of heaven and earth.

However, for all his fame and fortune, Dr. Faustus could not revoke the twenty-four year limit to the Devil's indenture. Finally recognizing the folly of his ways, he grew ever more melancholy. He bequeathed his worldly goods to his young apprentice, a student named Christoph Wagner from the University of Wittenberg .

Shortly after midnight on the last day of the twenty-fourth year, the students who had assembled at the home of the ailing Dr. Faustus heard a great commotion. First came the sound of a ferocious storm and then the shouts--first terrifyingly loud then ever weaker--from their mentor.

At daybreak they ventured into his room. Bloodstains were everywhere. Bits of brain clung to the walls. Here they discovered an eye, and there a few teeth. Outside they found the corpse, its members still twitching, lying on a manure pile.

His horrible death thus taught them the lesson that had escaped their master during his lifetime: to hold fast to the ways of God, and to reject the Devil and all his temptations.[/QUOTE]

Kinda weird... Notice the left behind eye in his room...

(I was thinking of originally making a Fullmetal Alchemist RPG with Faust as a bad alchemist... but hell, this sounds cool too, what you got.)[/color][/size]
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[size=1]Oooh, I've always liked the story of Faustus. Pardon me, [i]Doctor[/i] Faustus. The set up so far is very cool and pretty original. We've got a great story with only those few little "clippings" and it definitely has the makings to be epic. ^_^ Nice work.

I'm not sure if anybody else has read the play or not (it's by Christopher Marlowe for those interested), but I was curious to see if you would be incorporating anything about the power circles and the things Faustus used to call upon his power. I can't remember for the life of me what the thing is specifically called, but I do have a [url=http://www.bartleby.com/19/2/11.html][b]link to the play[/b][/url] for you guys to check out. It mentions his "lines, circles, scenes, letters, and characters" a number of times. [url=http://www.bartleby.com/19/2/13.html][b]This page[/b][/url] in particular talks about his set up. If I can find a picture of it or something I'll post it.

So yeah, obviously, Faustus interests me. :p[/size]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Well, 'tis nice to see all this positive feedback. Well, got a few return comments, or, something to give.

First of all, a "thank you" to both Arcadia and Mugen for their information. I hadn't seen that exstensive a bio, and I hadn't had any access to the play until you sent me that version, Arcadia. Well, I'd seen it in the past. Buh...pardon the brain-badness.

To Kayin, and to you all, really, I'll relieve your weary and troubled minds that Faust, his sister, and his two assistants aren't the only roles. I've got a lot more planned, like innocent bystanders and such. Besides, I doubt a 4-person RP would be much fun...

This will probably start up Saturday or Sunday, since I see quite a bit of interest. Hope to see you all then.


PS. To Delacroix...Heh, no, I'm not writing an RP about Faust the puppy. Though...Faustus' Hellhound, Holly, is visually based on my dog. So...yeah.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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I recently joined the Faustus RPG. For any that are curious, my character is based on an actual 18th century alchemist/necromancer named David Christianus, whom is played as my character's ancestor. He is famous for being one of the most widely known creators of a 'homunculus' artificial human. His accounts were never really true, but I thought it would be cool to have my character tied to the past like Faust is. Also, I thought my wolf-man homunculus servant would play a cool part in the story (maybe have a strange rivalry with the hellhound, Holly, maybe?), and he'll be doing most of the fighting for David, unless a demon romes too closely to him, in which he zap them with some sort of spell or curse from his ancestors' (yes, like a plural) note book.

I hope this is all acceptable in this RPG... do tell.[/color][/size]
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Well I just now found out it is up in the Inn and have read it, I will now go in my thinking mood of creativity and researching...I will deffinatly be signing up, wonderful Idea of an rpg^.~

Edit:Sure ignore my baffling...I won't be able to sign up do to online restriction...::Must stop procrastinating on project::
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