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Sign Up Rebirth [M-VLS]


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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=4][U][I][CENTER][B]Rebirth[/B] [/CENTER] [/I] [/U] [/SIZE] [/COLOR]

?When the stone is found, death and destruction will reign until the nine join?

Sometime during the medieval period
The miner?s pick struck something hard. ?I think I found smoothing? His voice echoed in the cave as more miners surrounded him and helped him dig out a old chest with weird gothic looking symbols on it. A man in armor standing over him smiled. ?The King will be pleased? He clapped his hands as two more guards enter then take the chest out and load it onto a carriage. The man in armor exited the cave followed by the head miner. ?When do we get our payment?? The soldier smiled. ?Now? Suddenly a group of soldiers ride out from around the corner and into the mine, killing all of the miners. The Captain walked over to the two soldiers who were strapping the chest into place. ?Get to the castle as fast as possible?

7 months later
The king, bruised and bloody, looked with horror in his eyes and a group of nine people surrounded him. He scrambled on all fours backwards until he ran into a wall. ?I?ll give you what ever you want? The strangers moved closer and raised their hands and aimed them at the king. The king gasped. ?I?ll make all of you very?.? He then disappeared in a huge explosion that blew a huge hole in the side of the castle. One of the men walked forward and picked up a rainbow colored stone. ?Finally it?s over? He set the stone back inside the chest and carried it to a lake with the help of one of the others and dropped it in.

March 4, 2017
A scuba diver scrubbed away at some algae on the surface of a sunken ship when a voice came over his headset. ?Hey over here? He swum over to where another diver had uncovered a strange chest. ?The boss will love this,? He radioed back up to a ship floating above them and minutes later a steel cable with a hook came down and was attached to the chest. ?Alright bring her up? the chest slowly lifted of the seafloor and up towards the surface.

1 week later
A man in an expensive suit peered over the shoulder of his top historian. ?So what is it?? The historian flipped through several pages in the book in front of him. ?Ahhh, it says here that this chest contains a very powerful stone inside that makes whoever wears it extremely powerful beyond their wildest dreams. It also says that the stone is very evil? The man in the suit wringed his hands as he turned to the chest. ?Well open it? The historian turned around in his chair. ?Hold your horses Jameson? Jameson turned back to the historian. ?I pay you good money, now open it? The historian got up and walked over to the chest. ?Alright? He brushed his fingers over the symbols then stopped when he came to a weird looking creature and turned it sideways. The chest sprung open revealing a rainbow colored stone that began to pulse as the gazed at it. Jameson stared at the stone for a minute then pulled out a gun. ?Sorry Fred? Then shot the historian in the back of the head. He then picked up the stone and put it around his neck. The stone pulsed faster then stopped. ?I don?t feel any different? He picked up the book and began to read about the stone?s powers. ?Able to use the powers of dark, light, earth, water, plant, fire, electric, wind, and poison? He looked up as a tall man walked in. ?I heard a gunsho?.? He looked from the dead body to Jameson. ?Boss are you okay?? Jameson lifted his hand with his palm facing the newcomer. ?Let?s try this out? A huge stream of fire shoots out and completely incinerated the man before he could scream. ?Awesome? He looked back at the book. ?Says I can also give people the power over one of the nine. Hmmm?? He continued flipping until he came to an old verse. ?When the stone is found, death and destruction will reign, until the nine join? He closed the book. ?No one can stop me? He clenched his fist as a dark flame surrounded it.
The stone has been found once again and it is up to the descendants of the first nine to stop its reign of terror. The stone is inhabited by a demon, which gives it its evil qualities and whoever he gives pwoer to also has a demon inside them, but the demons do not show themselves only give its host power. The descendants of the nine do not know about what the ancestors did because it was so long ago. You can either be one of the nine or one of the ones that is given a power by Jameson (the bad guy). Every one of the nine must have a different power but the bad guys are not restricted to that rule. There can only be a max of four or five males on the nine. The rest will be female. On Jameson?s side I don?t really care. Whatever power you have is represented by the stone that you get (brown for earth, gray for wind, purple for poison you get my drift)

Here is the character profile for one of the nine
*means reserved
() means taken
Power: light, (earth), (water), plant, (wind), (poison), (electric), (dark), or fire
Side: The Nine
Appearance: (I prefer a pic but a description will do fine)
Weapon: (one medieval style weapon that somewhat goes with your power and that is passed down from your ancestor)
Ancestor Bio: (what they did after they killed the king)
Bio: (at least one paragraph that includes how you got your power stone and your ancestor's weapon)

Here are some examples of weapons if you can't think of any (wind-bow and arrow, fire-sword, earth-hammer, plant-whip, poison-daggers, light-spear, water-trident, electric-staff)

Here is the profile for the bad people
(just to reinstate that poeple can have the same power)
Demon Name:
Side: Jameson's
Weapon: ( same except you can get it from anywhere)
Bio: (include how you met Jameson and got your power and weapon)
That?s it for the profile. If you want me to reserve you a power just pm me. Also remember that the nine do not know each other and do not get along at first. The Bad guys just have demons posses them so they all get along.
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Name: Lee Parks
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Power: Water
Side: The Nine
Personality: Get's along with everyone that he meets and loves to hit on girls.
Appearance: below
Weapon: long, ocean blue trident
Ancestor Bio: After the fight with teh king, He returned to the ocean and fished the rest of his life.
Bio: After graduating high school, Lee began packing up his things so he could move into his new house that his parents paid for.

"Dad, where's my fish'n pole?" Lee scrounged through his room unable to find it.

"Did ya check 'n the basement?"

"I'll look" Lee walked downstairs and flipped the basement light on. "There it is" He walked over to it and picked it up knocking over a tall thin box. "****" Lee reached down and picked it up . "I wonder what this is?" Lee opened it up and took out a long trident the color of the ocean. "Wow" He spun it around and acidently cut his mothers old vase in half. "****" He pack the trident when he noticed a small box in the fragments of the vase. He picked it up and took out a stone the same color as his new trident. "I think I'll take this too"
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...heh...told you I would join, just didnt think it would be at 3 in tha mornin bro....

Name: Troa

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Power: Earth(modified a little bit. He has the control over the elemensts in earth. Like all of the metals and componets that make it up, iron, coal, dimonds, gold, etc..)

side: The Nine

personality: He is very quiet. He likes to keep to himself a little bit, but he will talk to most people after he gets to know them, and trust them.

Appearence: see below

Weapon: A short sword that is made out of a rare material, only found deep underground.

Ancestor Bio: Because his ancester used too much of his power with the fight, his punishment for it was that he had to become one with the Earth.

Bio: He lived in the mountains all of his life and learned to treat the wild life with respect. Throughout his family's past, the males have always been given a locked for their 17 birthday. When Troa got his, he wanted to go for a little hike.

While on the clif, he lost his footing and fell. When he landed, the locked suddenly opened and there was a stone inside, from his ancestor. it began to glow when he touched it, then the ground started to shake.

A few seconds later, a metalic blue sword slowly made its way out of the ground. when Troa grabbed the hilt, the sword began to glow, then it went back into the ground, waiting to be called on agian.

Ok, I think that does it. PM me if I need to change anything bro.....
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Name: Jason

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Power: Dark

Side: The Nine

Personality: A mysterious person with a dark sense of humor.

Appearance: below

Weapon: A large scythe made of pure dark energy

Ancsetor Bio: Disappeared during the final blast that killed the king

Bio: Jason moves like an asassain. When he turned 20 he recived a small package from his grandpa that contained a box with wierd symbols and a note that said you have a package at the post office.

Inside the box was a stone that seemed to pulse with darkness and give off a dark mist until he put it on. Inside the package at the post office was a large sycthe that seemed to do the same as the stone only didn't stop when he grabbed it.
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(yep, I'm joining both of yours)

[size=1][b]Name:[/b] Cowboy

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Age:[/b] 23

[b]Power:[/b] Poison

[b]Side:[/b] The Nine

[b]Personality:[/b] A little twisted, there's obviously something wrong with his brain, though we're unsure what. He is quite serious. He doesn't believe in or participate in small talk, when he says something it's to be assumed that it's important. He's the perfect killer. People wonder if he really sees others for who they are, or just how easily he could kill them. His style doesn't seem to have the capacity for this, but he is incredibly honorable about it. Killing is his sex and blood is his ecstasy.

[b]Appearance:[/b] Sorry, no picture, I'll draw one if you want. Axed shoulder-length black hair. Eye color doesn't matter, as it's always covered by a wide-rimmed hat. He wears mostly black, very worn, most of it looks gray. He wears a vest and cowboy shoes (pointed, with that star in the back, you know what I'm talking about) with one of the stars broken off.

[b]Weapon:[/b] This takes some explaining. He was bitten by a snake and the poison was speading. His piece of the stone attached to his necklace was glowing. Somehow he knew to take it off the necklace and hold it to the bite, his hand turned mostly purple, it was the opison stone's power going into his blood. The purple blood spread all the way to his feet and all the way to his other hand. After some experimentation, he decided the best way to use his new poison-inflicting powers was to make gloves with long nails that were drilled into veins in his hand. This would supply the "fangs" with poison from his blood. His power also allows him to pressurize his blood and shoot the fangs out, but he can't do that to often, as blood sprays out with the nail.

[b]Ancestor bio:[/b] Gave the phrase "Choose your poison" a new meaning. He was an alchemist who had a major drinking problem. He'd drink anything, and he'd do anything when he was drunk, even help eight of his friends kill the king.

[b]Bio:[/b] Cowboy (yes, that's his real name) was a little odd as a youngster, he did insane things on impulse, have seizures, uncontrollably twitch, and many other things. It just got worse as he got older, all of the little things stopped and something inside him eventually cracked, with no explanation. He loved playing with knives, he cut himself without an excuse occaisonally. He murdered his first person at 14 years old. Just some random person that got on his nerves. This brought about a life of killing, as the record states, he's killed one million people... 1...2...3...4...5, make that a million and one. Not a team player, but he doesn't mind being in a group as long as people don't mess with him.

As for that extra stuff you guys put at the end about current things, check my Weapon entry.[/size]

EDIT: I edtied a few personality defects, he basically is made less insane, due to the lack of "A constant wide smile." I normally like to play as quirky people but I didn't like how Cowboy came out on paper.
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Name: Gabrielle La Croix

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Power: wind

Side: The Nine

Personality: Gabrielle is the quiet one. When she isn't trying to master her powers of wind, she's a paramedic with a touch of healing powers. People in her care who shouldn't have lived often do. She tends to be soft spoken and slow to anger. She's book-smart, but not worldly-wise. She tends to take people too literally, and if you joke or tease her, she frequently needs to be told that you're just kidding before she knows to laugh. She has a big heart and a soft nature.

The one thing she cannot abide is people causing harm to others, person or animal, on purpose. This is why she will always stand strong against evil. She is quite shy around men, not having much experience with them; but she does her best to not let that get in the way of helping others.

Appearance: See picture below . . . reddish brown, long, waivy hair & green eyes. She's 5' 7" tall and curvy.

Weapon: Long Bow & Arrows

Ancestor Bio: Her ancestor died in childbirth a few years after the king was defeated, but she made certain that she had written all she could of the magical account in her journal. She locked it, her stone and her bow away in a steel case with a spell. None could open it, save a decendant with a good heart and the determination to control the powers therein.

Bio: Gabrielle grew up in a convent. Her mother had died in childbirth (as women in her family are prone to do) and her father had been overwhelmed with the task of raising a baby alone, so he gave her to the sisters to raise, forsaking all claims to her. She was named for the Reverand Mother's favorite angel. Her last name was her mothers (according to her father).
She went to school there in the convent with girls of privlage and wealth. Being a foundling, she never really fit in with them, and so turned to books and animals for companionship. The only athletics she ever excelled in was the archery team. She's an excelent marksman, but not much of a runner or jumper.

Upon graduating from school at 18, the Reverand Mother bestowed Gabrielle with her "birthright" from her mother. It was a long steel box. Her father had left it with the sisters, swearing that it MUST be given to her whe she became an adult, as was the ancestrial tradition of her mother's family. He had also told the sisters that Gabrielle's mother had never been able to open it. When the Reverand Mother placed the box in the young woman's hands, the lid sprang open and it's contents, a bow, a stone and an ancient journal, were revealed. The journal was written in an archaic script that Gabrielle, three years later, is still trying to puzzle through.
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Name: Chihiro Sakurazuka

Gender: I'm a girl!

Age: 23

Power: Electricity

Side: The Nine

Personality: Chihiro is a hard working college student that some how also finds the time to have her fun. She works at a local newspaper in the morning, shes the photographer entertainment colloum. Then its off to school for 5 hours then she works a night job three days a week at the local movie theater. She is studying to become a professional photographer. She loves music and is never seen without her mp3 player, and she always has her skate board. Her attitude toward life is easy going and take it as it comes, and she got a great sense of humor. She tries to make friends everywhere she goes, so she has a lot of friends.

Shes not real protective of herself, but man you touch one of her friends or bully someone who dosen't deserve it then she will tear you apart. More likely vocaly than physically but she can do it either way. Her one hear is that she is horribly afraid of death, wheather it be hers or those around her, shes just simply terrified of the thought of death.

Weapon: Kasari-kama (spiked weight and kama conected by a long chain)

Ancestor Bio: After her battle with the king she returned to her homeland and lived the rest of her life in meditative peace. She made sure to pass down her family's martial art and weapon skill.

Bio: Chihiro was raised by her parents in the family dojo, she was taught martial arts; this is where she learned to use her weapon, and also how to live as n Omyohji. She grew up hearing the tales of the original nine and believed every word of it. Her family is also a well known Omyohji clan, but her older brother became the better of the two when it came to actually using those powers, but she does have a small bit of Omyohji power. She was given her ancesteral Kasari-kama when her brother recieved the highest level of Omyohji. Oh yeah throughout her life she has been constanly teased about the fact that she looks so young for her age.

Shes at the bottom of the page, she has black that just kinda sticks out everywhere, and o matter how hard she tries she just can't seem to control it. She's got bright green eyes (very odd for the orient), she wears mostly camo-cargos that are pink, purple and black, accompanied by a white or black t-shirt, oh yeah and a BRIGHT green tie that has the word Weiss Kreuz embroidered in crimson. Musn't forget she wears black and pink skater shoes, and purple shaded silver framed sunglasses.
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