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Discuss Rebellion of Calormen [PG-VL]


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[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][b]Based on the Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis[/SIZE][/B]

[SIZE=4][b]Learn About Calormen[/B][/SIZE]

[SIZE=2][FONT=Arial][b]Across miles after miles of the Great Desert lays the country that doths the name Calormen. To the north of it lays Archland, a green beautiful country that is across from the magical land called Narnia. But Calormen is a harsh desert country, unlike Narnia, they do not believe in or have things such as magic, talking beasts and trees, and all the things that Narnia possesses. It is four times the size of Narnia. They fear not the lion that rules the country, who goes by the name of Aslan because they believe in a variety of gods who they fear. Tash is the supreme god, a four armed vulture-headed creature who brings death, Zardeenah the goddess of moon, night and unwed maidens, and Azaroth the god of union and difference. There is also Efreet and Jiin who are desert spirits. This country is ruled by one man, The Tisroc.


The Tisroc is a mere mortal man, who is the Emperor that runs all the happenings in the land of Calormen, everyone must obey him. He lives in the capital of Tashbaan, a city that stands on an island between two streams and is considered "one of the wonders of the world". It is enclosed in a circle with highwalls and towers, the island rises in a hill that is smothered packed with buildings but at the very top lays the Temple of Tash and The Tisroc's Palace.

The whole country is made up of many different cities, but they all follow the same strict chaste system that they have had for centuries. It starts off with the Tisroc. For it is tradition that after they even speak his name, they say "May he live forever". Then there are Tarkaan's and Tarkheenas. Tarkheenas are usually Tarkaan's wives but also can be their daughters of Tarkaan's. Arranged marriages are common among them. They are considered Lords or Knights of the Tisorc, who they fight for and are also considered upper class. Tarkaan's also can be pronounced as their last names. Example : Aravis Tarkheena. Then there are peasants. Poor or common people. Then Servants. Those who serve Tarkaan's or richer folk as maids. And Slaves. That are also owned by many Tarkaan's and even poor people and do most of the dirt work, the bottom of the chain. All those born in Calormen are called Calormenes.

Other facts about the Calormen is that their economy is very bad. They eat oil on their toast instead of butter, and are an arabian type of country which means they eat a lot of dry food from living in the desert. They are most known for their fiersome battles and also for their elaborate storytelling style.[/b][/SIZE][/FONT]

[SIZE=4][b]Cities and Towns[/B][/SIZE]

[SIZE=2][b]Tashbaan -[/b] Look above.
[b]Mezreel -[/b]In the Valley of a Thousand Perfumes lies Mezreel, and the lake which shares the name of the beautiful resort.
[b]Teebeth -[/b]Religious center of Calormen, site of many temples.
[b]Zalindreh -[/b]A port city, the center of trade with the islands.
[b]Tehishbaan - [/b]A remote border town, said to be involved in freeing slaves.[/SIZE][/FONT]

If you come from somewhere else, go [URL=www.chroniclesofnarnia.com][Here][/URL] to find your city or location.

[SIZE=4][B]FAQ & Anwsers[/B][/SIZE]
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]Have a question? Need an anwser? Just respond below. I've posted some simple ones.[/FONT][/SIZE]

[b]What is Chronicles of Narnia?[/b]
Narnia is part of a book series called "Chronicles of Narnia" by author C.S. Lewis. There is also the movie coming out of the most famous book "The Witch,The Wardrobe and The Lion". You can find out more about Narnia on this website [URL=www.chroniclesofNarnia.com]ChroniclesOfNarnia.com[/URL] where it explains a lot of the basics. It's a seven book series, you don't have to know much about Narnia though to join this RPG, but it would certainly make things easier for those that have.

[B]Is this a Narnia RPG?[/B]
In a way, yes this is a Narnia RPG. I love Narnia, although its not in the setting of Narnia, this is about Calormen. Good question though. Although I must admit, some characters that may play in this RPG could be from Narnia, the plot will mostly be in Calormen only. Hope that clears everything up.

[b]Are you going to be strict with Sign-Ups?[/b]
I kind of want to be, but I don't want that to discourage new members or anyone from not signing up. As long as you come up with a unique character, you'll be suprised that I'll be easily impressed. The fact is I think I'm only going to allow 5 to 7 characters at most. I haven't decided on the exact number but there will be a limitation. I want there to be atleast one person on the Tisroc's side also.

[b]What style of roleplaying are you looking to do?[/b]
I thought about doing the Chapter system. I hear that makes things more organized. This is my first time making an RPG here on OB, so I don't really know what works best. If anyone can give me advice that'd be great. I'm really excited about it.

[b]What do you mean by rebellion? Is there a war going on?[/b]
A rebellion is something that goes against the government right? Well the rebellion is a group of people that are going against the government of Calormen, to put it simply, to overthrow the Tisroc. They want to free the slaves, peasants, and to make it a peaceful land for it has been run horribly for centuries. As for a war...hmm....well you never know. We shall see.

[b]Have Any other Questions? Please Post Below [/b]

[FONT=Arial][SIZE=1]A big thank you to these people for your help
Banner @ Ozymandius Jones
Uploading Midis @ Aiyisha
Chronicles of Narnia Series @ C.S. Lewis


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Guest RosePetaldoll
how do you get to be part? i absolutely adore narnia are we making our own charecters or what? i want to know! please help me by sending me a message with more information.
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