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Art Newest Banner Thread [Image Heavy]


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[size=1]All right, this started because someone asked me to do them a banner/avatar set. I am not experimenting with fonts, because the original wasn't exactly to his tastes. ^_^ So, I decided to create a new thread. I'll go ahead and show you all the ones I have so far.

[b]Banner One[/b]
This was the first banner. I think the font actually goes pretty well with it, but it wasn't what he wanted. :)

[b]Banner Two[/b]
I think I actually like the font on this one best. It's simple, but it works.

[b]Banner Three[/b]
This one is also good to me, the font is clean, but it isn't my favorite.

These are the only ones I have so far. :) What do you all think?[/size]
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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]Wow...they're good.

[B]Banner 1: [/B] I love the cursive font... I wonder why they didn't like it.

[B]Banner 2: [/B] Clean and simple font. I like it.

[B]Banner 3:[/B] I don't know about this but it's okay I guess. I'm not so crazy about the font.

What I like the best is the first one...

Bye! ^ ^

[B]-Who Am I?[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=gray][size=1]You need new fonts, I don't know what program you're using, but the text is bad. If you use MSPaint (as I think you do), you can't help it I guess.

About the banners itself... The border is too thick for my liking. The picture you used is not really good quality.
*looks more carefully* Oh, You placed the black line under a part of the original picture... If you cover up the black line and the text with your fingers, the banner looks nice enough.

I recommend getting paint shop pro or something alike, because I must say that these banners could be a lot better.
PS: the banner is too high for OtakuBoards or is it for something else?..[/color][/size]
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[SIZE=1]Like Boo said, I don't like many of the fonts much. But ... I'll give some analysis.

Since the banners are all the same (minus the font), I'm only gonna post one paragraph. Personally, I don't like the stock too much, but that's a minor detail. The major problem with me is how large the banner is (kinda big, if you ask me), the border (again, a bit too big), the texture, and black bar going across the back. The bar is an admirable attempt at placing the font, which was probably the right idea considering the stock and texture you used. But no matter, the bar interrupts the general flow of the piece. Which leads me to my next point -- the overall texture of these are somewhat grainy, maybe even unintentional noise.

Finally, the font for the banners (more specifics). The first banner, I can see why he didn't like this. The cursive doesn't fit the emotion the stock is portraying. Does this guy look happy or elegant? No.

The second banner is getting warmer, but the color isn't working for you. I'd recommend changing the color to what the background is. It would make this match better.

The third banner's font isn't centered (vertically) on the bar, and I don't like the font so much. I think you need to download some more fonts, and pick what looks good (i.e., matching the emotion). I trust that you know of [B]dafont.com[/B].

[B]Final Suggestions:[/B] Make the stock larger, better quality, scrap the background, and a font to match. (Sorry, I lied about the one paragraph thing at the beginning). Keep up the work![/SIZE]
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[size=1]I have to admit, I was kind of desperate. I see how the font isn't centered on the third one, but I was having fun just keeping it ON the black bar. ^_^; Yes, I am using MSPaint, and it's because I can't get anything better. I can't do much about how grainy the picture is, the entire picture was that way. I think it might have been drawn on something like watercolor paper or something.

Yes, I know I need new fonts, and I [b]want[/b] new fonts, believe me. I don't tend to put font on a banner if I can at all avoid it, but he wanted a font on it. I also don't tend to make my banner's so big, but I was just looking at how big his banners had been before and making my own judgement.

:) Don't worry people, this one is on my list of not so good out of the ones I've done. I do have to say though, the bar through the back was a "fun", a new thing for me to do. Here are a few more with the same picture, but how I would have done them if he hadn't wanted font.



See what I mean?[/size]
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[SIZE=1]Well, since the banner was obviously for me I'll comment. I liked the idea a lot and I thought the picture went well with the background she chose. However, the font was bland and each one is a traditional MS font. It didn't have to be anything spectacular, but with a plain picture and bg it would've been nice to have a font to liven the sig up a bit you know? The pictures I provided are indeed all black and white besides one. This is because Kamuro is a character from a manga. I understand this could cause some problems. Luckily Delta made me an amazing sig that I love, and its exactly what I was looking for.[/SIZE]
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