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Discuss Battle For Haven Underground [M-VLS]


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[size=1]Ok, this is the underground thread for "Battle For Haven." This is where I will be posting details of what is going to happen in the RP, as well as character information, and information on the gangs.

Here is a list of members for both gangs:


[/u][/b]Lucifer-the leader
Satan-his second in command
Abaddon-[i]Umbra II


[/b][/u]Michael-the leader
Gabriel-his second in command, now renegade

Some of these positions are up to be played, excluding the following: Lucifer, Michael, Azrael, Uriel. No-one may play these characters, but the rest are all up for grabs.

Also, please use this thread for any questions you might have about the RP.
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I have a question.
SInce our charactors are near the top (the angels and demons gangs) surely our charactors have had run-ins with each other, because they're fighting so much. Since the odds of opponents knowing each other are quite well, could you fabricate some charactor-to-charactor histories? I'm sure that the plot would be much sweeter if there are personal vendetta's going on, or romances, or the like. For instance, Abbadon could have been asigned to take out, say, Arel, but one of the charactors who signed up was the body guard, and Abbadon couldn't complete the mission, so he holds a respectful grudge against them.
Also I already have an ending in mind for my charactor, but I'm not sure where to put it. (I can't put it here or I'll ruin it for the otehr players) so, do I message you?
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[size=1]Yeah, if you have an idea for your character, then just PM me and I'll get back to you on it.

Also, thanks for the idea of the character-to-character histories, that's a great one, so I will come up with some and I will post them here when I am done.
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[color=Navy]I was just wondering, do we all stay together? If so, where do we stay? And another thing is what's the bar look like? Does it have more than one level etc.?

These little things make it easier to post and stuff.
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[size=1]Ok, here is a description of the bar:

It is your basic, bog-standard bar. Dark red walls, little lights uplighting the ceiling, a bar made of solid, dark oak lines one wall, with bottles hanging behind the bar. Dirty floor, probably roaches and stuff on the floor. It is pretty run-down, really. The carpet is pretty threadbare, and there is a full-size pool table in one corner.

Hope that helps.

Also, for now I want you all to stay together, but we can split up later, and probably will, but for now stay together.

Hope this answers any questions.
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