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Gaming Super.Monkey.Ball

DaRk DrAgOn

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[COLOR=firebrick][SIZE=1]Well, it has a mini-game of bowling in it. . but really, it is . . a puzzle game. . let me elaborate a bit:

You are a monkey, put inside a large ball (sort of like a hamster in a running ball). You have to navigate courses by making your monkey run inside of the ball, and having him gather speed to be able to make it up hills, slow him down on down-hills, etc etc. His objective is to navigate each puzzle, and try to get to the end of the level (while collecting Dole bannannas - yes, they put their name into the game, I love it). There are TONS of puzzles, and each one is more difficult then the next one, giving you tons of playtime on just the normal one-player. If this isn't ENOUGH, Sega put in tons of extra's in the game.

They have a game where you race down the course, like Mario Kart, with powerups, and speed patches, and weapons in the course. They also have a version of Pool that you can play, which looks, in the least, incredible just from the few movies I have seen. They also have a bowling version of the game, which looks like tons of fun ^_^ And although there are a few more extras, the last one that comes to my mind is a glider style game, where the Ball that the monkey runs around in, turns into a giant glider (both halves of the ball become each wing. . not really giant now is it?). You have to navigate your way over the water (or whatever he glides over) and land on a giant platform with a target, while dodging floating mines, and other obstructions.

All in all, this game looks very worthy of a few nights of unrelenting sleep LOL, and I am looking forward to getting it, even though. . well. . .might have to wait till late December or early January :D[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by kizu [/i]
[B]Nope i haven't played it, but it looks fun. don't you move by turning the entire board at an angle? i think that was how you were suppose to do it. kinda like kirby tilt any tumble. [/B][/QUOTE]

[COLOR=firebrick][SIZE=1]Although I might be mistaken, I believe that the camera is just situated behind you(the monkey) and as you turn, the camera turns with you, making it seem like the board rotates. . so. . I suppose in a sense you are correct Kizu, and are also wrong (Me. . the philosopher, LOL)[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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I've rented this game and 5-day experiencing SMB was a great experience.It's filled with great mini games like golf,bowling,and billards I enjoy Bowling most.:)

And as more you get used to the game the funner it gets.When you reach higher levels the course of the stages gets harder.Like the Expert mode that is one challenging mode.And for the question I didn't beat SMB yet but its a nice game with with good replay value.:)
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