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Sign Up Given The Choice [PG13


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[size=1]Andy carefully swept back her jet-black, pageboy-cut hair under a beanie and carefully applied mascara to only her upper eyelid. Dusting her eyelids with champagne-colored eye shadow, she looked at herself in the mirror and gave her self an approving smile.

?Andy! Andy, your friends are here!?

?Coming!? Quickly dabbing her lips with the barest bit of gloss, she kissed the mirror, and then flew out of the bathroom. Pulling on her black leather trench coat, she darted down the stairs, and out into the living room. Sitting on the couch, or just generally standing around, were her four closest friends: Maria, Candice, Andrew, and Michael.

Michael and Maria sat next to each other on the loveseat, while Candice perched herself on the arm. Andrew leaned against the wall. They all gave her warm smiles when she showed up. Andrew grinned as he surveyed the very mix-and-match outfit his best had managed to put on.

Tall and bird-boned, Andrea (commonly Andy) topped even basketball player Michael at near six feet tall. With her near-mahogany tanned skin, and bright blue eyes, the short hair made her seem very boyish. A miniskirt in white, fluorescent pink fishnets and knee-high lace up boots, added with the frilly pink top and black trench coat, Andy was a jack-of-all-trades.

Her face slightly flushed with happiness, Andy?s smile lit up the room. ?All right, guys, let?s party!?

Andy?s mom waved to the group as they all left. Andy, Drew, and Candice piled into Andy?s storm grey Mustang GT Convertible, while Michael and Maria got in Michael?s white Chevy. The two cars sped out of the suburbs and onto the deserted highway out into the desert. At night, all the group had to light their way was the cloudless moon-lit sky, and the promise of the big city on the horizon.

The two cars sped on, racing each other on the empty highway ? until the road suddenly wasn?t there, and the cars broke down. A sharp crack, and the five friends passed out.

Andy was the first to wake; as always, she was the first to recover whenever something happened, and the first to register shock and utter surprise.

This succeeded, she screamed.

Drew and Michael shot awake, looking about. ?What?!? Andy glared at them.

?Where are we??

The two cars were gone, and the five teens were lying on the ground in the middle of a forest.

?Well, someone?s perceptive. Please, don?t scream again. We don?t want to attract attention.?

Andy looked up, and her mouth fell open. Standing gat the edge of the clearing was a foot-tall horse, and standing next to it was a young woman ? who was also a foot high. She smiled warmly, and her brown face glowed. ?Hello, my name is Cissa, and you are now in Faeryworld. Welcome, friends.?


HA! I am back and better than ever. I finally have found a muse that will write when I tell her to, and now I have proof. This is a RPG of five friends who suddenly get thrown into another world. Why, you will find out in the RPG itself. And why the RPG is named what it is, you will also find out. But not now.

Now, as a matter of characters: These are the ones open to play.

[b]Andrea/Andy[/b] played by [b]Squiggles[/b]
[b]Andrew/Drew[/b] played by [b]No One[/b]
[b]Candice/Candy[/b] played by [b]No One[/b]
[b]Maria[/b] played by [b]No One[/b]
[b]Michael[/b] played by [b]No One[/b]
[b]Narcissa/Cissa[/b] played by [b] No One[/b]

These are the ones I am letting you play. This isn?t a first come first serve, so even if someone has your character, go ahead and sign up for them anyway. I?ll go through and pick the ones I think are best suited. :) Now, for sign ups:

[b]Age:[/b] (For the teens? between fifteen and 18, please.)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (Picture, or detailed description, or both. J)
[b]Traits:[/b] (Things that define your character as different.)
[b]Character Snippet:[/b] (You should know what this means by now.)

I will put up my sign up once I get a couple entries. ^_^ I have to say, this is the shortest RPG I've done in a while. Have fun![/size]
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[b]Ok its been a while so I will have a tray at this...[/b]

[b]Name:[/b] [size=1]Candice/Candy Harding (Last name is just randomly selected)[/size]
[size=1][b]Age:[/b] 17[/size]
[size=1][b]Gender:[/b] Female[/size]
[size=1][b]Appearance:[/b] She stands at 5' 6'' and weights a mere 112 pounds. She has straight neck long bubble gum or as described by friends 'cotton candy' pink hair and bright BLUE eyes. She is often seen wearing clothes that match her hair or her eyes. This ranges from pink shirts and blue jeans to blue shirts and skirts. If its one of her favorite colors she wears it.[/size]
[size=1][b]Traits:[/b] She doesnt care what others think about her pink and blue outfits and she doesnt care what thye might say about her very happy attitude. She does however get moody at times and will state her opinion no matter how harsh it may be. She is also very flexible in her ways and with her body. She can easily bend backwards and twist herself around. Also known for her sudden outbreaks of uh.. shyness.[/size]

[size=1]It was getting dark but she just ignored it as she wrote in her fluffy journal. With its big furry covers and a pen with a big ball of fluff on the end she continued to write about the day and what she thought of it.[/size]

[center][i][size=1]Honestly I dont see why they care. I mean clothes are clothes. What really happend was this. I was just minding my own buisness by my own locker. I had this very journal and pen and was writing about... well if you read the earlier pages you know what I was writing. Anyways I looked around the bland lockers around mine and then took a glance in my own. It had its own set of flashing pink chrsitmas lights and pictures lined the inside. [/size][/i][/center]

[center][i][size=1]Of me and my friends.[/size][/i][/center]

[center][i][size=1]"Honestly now... Thats a rather childish color." A voice behind me hissed. It of course was just one of those random girls who thought looks were everything. I tried to ignore it untill of course they muttered something about my clothes and then something about my friends and their looks. I wheeled around and well... Knocked her flat on her plump rear end. Of course the next thing I knew I was sitting in the principles office but didnt really care. She deserved it for what she said. It just made me so twiggin mad![/size][/i][/center]

[center][i][size=1]Clothes are clothes. I dont care if hot pink is childish and reminds everyone of barbie. I like what I like and cant see why other people have to have such a bad comment about it... It isnt like I am forcing them to wear it.-[/size][/i][/center]

[left][size=1]"Cant see..." She muttered to herself.[/size] [/left]

[left][size=1]She sat there for a few more moments and stared at the darkening sky that loomed overhead. She shut the journal with the pen inside still on the page where she was writing. She took a deep breath of the crisp night air and stood up. She was actually on her roof. She walked along the roof a ways untill she got to a window which was open. Pink curtains flowed with the slight breeze flowing into the room. She stuck a foot in and looked around real quick. She felt the night getting colder and took one last breath of it and went inside. [/size][/left]

[left][size=1]The windows shut almost silently and she locked it. She placed the journal on her desk covered with pictures and homework. The stack of homework depressed her but then she realized she had the whole three day weekend to finish it. She ran her fingers through her bright pink hair and with a large yawn she decided to go to bed.[/size][/left]


[left][size=1][b]Anyways here was my try.[/b] [/size][/left]
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[size=1][b]Name:[/b] Andrea (Andy) Larsson

[b]Age:[/b] 16
[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Appearance:[/b] At five foot eleven, Andy tops most of the boys she knows, and with a willowy, bird-boned figure, has been called ?skinnier than a post?. Her jet-black hair has a page-boy hair cut, only without bangs, often tucked up under a beanie or baseball cap. Her face is all angles with a very full mouth, with a nose that seems to long for her face. Above gently sloping cheekbones rest bright blue eyes that are almond shaped and slanted gently. Her skin is nearly mahogany colored, always tan, and she contrasts every tone in her skin with multi-colored clothes. Her styles varies depending on how she feels, and she often wears bright things, fluorescent colors to brighten her willowy form.

[b]Traits:[/b] Andy?s motto is ?My give-a-damn?s busted?. She honestly doesn?t care if you have problems, but if you are her friend, she?ll listen to you anyway. She?ll sit and stare out the window while you talk, take you out for ice-cream, and then tell you flat out what she thinks. She doesn?t care if she hurts your feelings in the process; she tells you exactly what you need to hear ? or what she thinks you need to hear. She is also on the swim team, chess club, and the art club.

[b]Character Snippet:[/b] ?[b]Amelie, you know I don?t care. Go cry on someone?s shoulder who does care and give me a break.[/b]? With that, Andy whirled on her heel and stalked off, head high. Behind her, the young blonde teen flushed angrily and stalked in the other direction, ranting at the top of her voice. Andy?s cool demeanor hid an angry, and surprisingly, ruffled, teen beneath.

[I]What is that girl?s problem anyway? When will she learn I really don?t give a rat?s *** about her problems? She doesn?t have the brains God gave little green apples. And that?s saying something.[/I]

?[b]Andy! Andy, wait up![/b]?

The girl stopped, and turned indigo eyes upon her closest and truest friend in the world: Candice. The girl came to a stop huffing slightly. ?[b]Hey, Drew wants us all to meet at your place and go for a ride down to Salt Lake. You game?[/b]?

Andy grinned, showing a row of fine white teeth. ?[b]I?m there. We meet at my place tomorrow night at eight?[/b]? Candice nodded, and then ran off again, waving over her shoulder.

Andy made her way to her locker with a sigh, and then left for next period.

O-O Teh awesome Blanko-sama has signed up for my RPG. I feel honored. Unless anyone else signs up, you hold the place for Candice. :)[looks about] And nobody else wants to sign up! This is pathetic. [crosses her arms] All right, sign ups open till Sunday ? and if I don?t reply before then, don?t worry, I?ve got school and I?m busy. Thanks![/size]
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[color=blue][size=1][b]Name:[/b] Maria Kingsley [Lame random name.. sorry. >_<]
[b]Age:[/b] 17
[b]Gender:[/b] Female [I would hope so! What with a name like Maria.. [/randommumblings]]

[b]Appearance:[/b] Maria is a tall young woman, though she doesn't match Andy's height. Standing little over 5'9", and weighing around 100 lbs, you'd think she was rather frail, but in reality, she's quite strong. She has long jet black hair, like Andy, but it shines navy blue in the light, and she also has neon blue streaks in it. Her eyes are a piercing green color, but seem to change depending on the weather. Maria dresses in mainly tank tops and baggy shorts, but wears elegant skirts and blouses when on her dates with Michael.

[b]Traits:[/b] Maria has the tendency to be very violent, yet sensitive at the same time. She can beat anyone up, and will constantly wrestle with guys, but certain things will get her to run out of the room in tears. But stuff about her own life doesn't seem to bug her much at all. In fact, she normally takes a casual approach to talking about how insane her life is becoming. She's not easily embarrassed, but tends to embarrass everyone else when she gets too excited or angry, or any other extreme emotion.

[b]Character Snippet:[/b] "Damn I'm tired.." Maria mumbled into her desk.

"That's what you get for staying up on the phone with Mike with no sleep for three out of four days," Drew replied, a large smirk on his face.

"Oh, shut it," she barked quietly, lifting her face up, one of her papers with it.

"Heh. Let me get that for you," he chuckled, pulling it off for her and replacing it back on her desk. Though he was smiling, her face was expressionless as she stared back at him. A few more moments passed, the teacher's voice droning on in the background, before she blinked and he asked her if anything was wrong.

"Huh? Oh.. No. Nothing besides the usual crap I have to deal with. But I won't bore you with my stupid problems," she replied, slowly turning her head to face the front of the classroom. Drew stared at her a little more with a questioning expression before doing the same.

After another class together, the two of them headed towards the lunch room.

"Ah.. My favorite period," Maria grinned, stretching her arms high above her head. Drew glanced at her. "What's up with you? Ever since History you've been zoned out."

"You know, you worry me sometimes," he sighed finally. Stopping as they reached the line.

"Mike says that, too," she replied casually, grabbing a tray. He seemed to flinch briefly, then grabbed a tray as well. "What?" she asked, stepping forward as the line moved.

"Nothing... Damn."

"What now?" she asked, a bit annoyed.

"I hate cafeteria food," he grimaced as he glared down at the food the lunch lady had just slopped onto his tray. She looked at his tray, then down at hers. She gagged a bit as she pulled it up to her face to inspect.

"Yuck.. Yeah. Better than the slop Jennifer serves, though."

"Jennifer? You mean your mom?"

Maria was quiet when he said 'mom', but attacked the box of utensils for a fork. Drew let out a weak laugh, having forgotten how Maria hated people referring to her mother as 'mom'. Finally pulling out a very bent fork, she walked off to a table. Drew grabbed a fork out of the box, which turned out to be a little less bent from the force of Maria's angry hand, then walked over and sat down across from her.

They forked at their trays in silence until they were joined by Candice and Michael. Candice stood beside the table while Michael sat beside Maria, a plate of something resembling spaghetti resting on his tray. Drew gawked at it.

"Where'd you get [i]that[/i]?"

"This? What's so special about it?"

"It looks a lot better than what we got!" he replied, pointing at his and Maria's trays.

"Oh.. Yeah, it does. Heh. I was in the vegetarian line. Always better stuff there," he laughed, taking his fork and poking Maria's meal with it. "Why don't you sit down Candice?"

"Hmm? Oh. I've gotta go grab Andy first. Hey, you still want to go to the lake?" she asked, turning to Drew.

"Yeah," he nodded, returning his attention to his own tray.

"Lake?" Michael and Maria asked in unison.

"Yeah. Must've forgotten to tell you 'bout it. Sorry," he said blankly, still staring at his plate. The two waited silently before reminding him that he still hadn't told them about it.

"Sorry," he apologized again, "I told Candice this morning that I was planning to go down to Salt Lake after meeting at Andy's place. She was supposed to have told Andy during first period, since they have class together.."

Candice blushed. "Well [i]sorry[/i]. I forgot," she replied angrily before walking off to go tell Andy. The three remaining turned back to each other, Michael draping his right arm over Maria's shoulders.

"Set a time yet?" Michael wondered aloud.


"Eh. Andy'll do it," Maria muttered, still forking angrily at her supposed "meal".

Hope that was okay. Made it a little long, but oh well. I do that a lot. >_>[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=Red][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Andrew/Drew

[b]Age:[/B] 16

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://www.matmice.com/home/ashleykat_anime/li1.gif]CLick Here [/URL] Stands at the height of 6'3'' [edit]

[B]Traits:[/B] Tends to act very childish despite his age. He is fun-loving and caring. Though he's childish, he can stand up for people whenever they're down. He likes to be the "brother" of his friends. He likes to wander and explore around areas and find things. He is the silent type sometimes, he tends to keep things quiet.

[B]Character Snippet:[/B] (Putting in first person if you don't mind)

-______- o O zZZZzzzzZZz

That's me sleeping...

"Yo DREW!!! WAKE UP!!!!"


I'm wide awake now. That was my older brother..

"I'm awake.." I moaned and stretched my arms.

Rubbing my eyes, my brother said, "Good. Your friends are downstairs."

"Huh?" I looked at him questionly.

"Can you read my lips?" He said and I nodded. "Well then, GO DOWN!"

I couldn't believe that my friends were here but then I stood up and dragged my feet. I walked downstairs with my eyes half-open.

"Puhahaha!!" Michael laughed. "What kind of pajamas are those?"


[i]They are here... It seems pretty early.[/i]

"Yeah... what are those?" Andrea AKA Andy pointed.

I looked down. I was wearing a blue shirt with some bright green pants that had rubby duckies on them. "Uhh..." I got a bit red. "There just pj's." I tried to act casual.

"Rubby duckies?? How old are you??" Candy giggled. [EDIT]

[SIZE=1]OOC: Are you gonna continue this one? Well since there are girls playing, I'm picking out a guy. Hope I'm in.
Will edit later, writer's block. >__<[/SIZE]
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[size=1]*is loviong the sign ups* You guys are great. I love the characters, they are so unique, individual. ^-^ Especially Drew. *grins* Anybody else think it's incredibly funny that the girl's nickname is Andy and not the guys? *crickets* >.>;

Sign ups are still open, shortening the date to Friday, at the latest, but so far you guys have got it. And that would be because no one else has signed up, but I'm not complaining; I really like your sign ups.[/size]
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I figured that we all could kind of play the left over characters if they arent taken (I mean those of us who get ot participate incase a few more people sign up all the sudden and compete for our characters)

And squiggles.... since when have i been... awesome blanko-sama? I dont mind its just... I had to look up what sama ment *laughs* I didnt really know whatthe san chan kun and such like that ment took me awhile. And i dont mind it all I was just curious.

If no one else signs up when will this start?
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[size=1]You're just one on a list of older memebers that I stand in awe of. Your old-ness (OBwise) and such overwhelm me. :) A couple like that are Arcadia, James, Charles, and Panda. A lot of mods. I would say Annie and Queen Asuka, but I've already RPed with them before so I'm a little less shy around them. :) Blanko is teh awesomeness. I think you were here way back when I first joined, back in, what 2003?

And yeah, if we have left over characters (which I suspect we might have), we'll all play them. Or, conversely, we could each choose a leftover and make them into a second character.[/size]
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four of us and two left over... heh

As for my ob oldnes... indeed I have been here a long time. As a matter of fact I joined originaly in Version2 but then they went to 3 and i had to get a new account like everyone else. And that one was this one.

(I at a time had forgotten about OB and returned a while later and learned my original account no longer existed so I made Blanko_el_miez ... Which i realized is all messed up. First of all Blanko needs to be spelled blanco (to mean white) and the order was messed up. So i cnaged it to just plain Blanko (not wanting it to mean white... just a strange name lol) an after a year or couple more than that I beleive most people who knew me by blanko had left so... I changed it to Frankie just recently because that IS my real name after all. (Yes i am a girl) Though i dislike the name I needed a change in obnames so i just used what came to mind first.

So what kind of other characters will there be? (question to kinda keep this post about the rpg itself lol streying off into memory land)


It says you joined [b]03-06-2004[/b] in your profile. And i made this account on... [b]08-26-2001[/b]
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[size=1]Small talk now move to the Underground thread. (I thought this might go on for a while.)

Basically our group has just been dropped into a fantasy world, and for a reason. Rather cliche', actually. But you will find out all about that when we start playing. Oh, mini-people, mini animals, fantasy animals from cokatrice to unicorns to basilisks. :) and all races of people you can think of.[/size]
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When will this start? I am already starting to forget details about my character and the story. I have to keep coming back here to re-read. Not only that but im anxious to play this rpg. Its been a long while since iv found an rpg to get me excited.
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[color=darkslategray][size=1][b]Name:[/b] Michael Roahnoak

[b]Age:[/b] 16

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Appearance:[/b] [url=http://img286.imageshack.us/img286/8461/gg174th5yy.png]Lose the Kusari gama.[/url]

[b]Traits:[/b] Mike is a calm guy, passive-agressive some might say. Due to his training in the kusari gama, no one's messed with him, and if they did, he'd only do enough to stop them, and make them [b]understand[/b], that violence isn't his way, unless provoked. And it takes a lot to provoke him, but messing with Maria will usually do it. Even though she can take care of herself, and he fully knows it. That still doesn't stop him from beating them into a pulp. It seems like Maria and him are perfect for each other.

[b]Character Snippit:[/b]

He ate with his left arm, his right draped over Maria's shoulders caringly. The food...wasn't so great. It was tasteless, really. A bland sort of something probably shipped from a mass producing company.

[b]"Maybe I'll start going in the veggie line...this stuff, frankly, tastes like the mystery meat is cigarette butts or something."[/b] He poked at it with his fork, to see if the noodles moved, out of suspicion. None did. [b]"Had to make sure it wasn't something they found in the backyard of the cook's house."[/b] Maria laughed shortly, as he tentatively took another bite.

[b]"You sure you want to eat that, Mike?"[/b] She looked at him, and Michael made a face at it, in disgust. His fork jutted over to her's, and he took a bite, before she could notice. When she did, Mike just smiled and told her,

[b]"Take some of mine if you want, I couldn't be happier."[/b] Michael's hands went up, as if someone was pointing a gun to his head. Maria just looked at him, and he just took another bite of her's. This went on for quite a while, but Mike wouldn't let it get serious.

After lunch, and taking up his trey, still filled with whatever these people considered lunch, he sat back down next to Maria.

[b]"Math finals today. Anyone think I can fake sickness well enough to get out of it?"[/b] Mike wondered aloud. He didn't want to take it, Math was his worst subject.

[b]"Oh, shut up and just do it. Two tests in a row-they might get suspicious."[/b] Maria told him, looking at him slightly annoyed that he wanted to fake sickness once again.

[b]"Alright, alright..."[/b] Mike's arm back around her, he kissed her cheek quickly, and grinned at her. [/color][/size]
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[size=1][b]Candy[/b] played by [b]Frankie[/b]
[b]Michael[/b] played by [b]Deucalion[/b]
[b]Andy[/b] played by [b]Me[/b]
[b]Drew[/b] played by [b]Wo Am I?[/b]
[b]Maria[/b] played by [b]Kitty[/b]

And Cissa is played by no one, so I will play her. All right, sign ups are officially closed. Hopefully today or tomorrow, I will start it up in the Arena. Don't expect all that much activity from me during the week, because I'm swamped with highschool, and am likely to take a nap in the afternoons when I get home. (Five o'clock is when I get up, and I have four hour and a half classes. School starts at seven twenty. I get home at three fifteen.) So I will post maybe once a day, so don't zoom on without me, all right?[/size]
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