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Art The Uncanny Work of DW's Mind [Image Heavy]

Dragon Warrior

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I've decided to make a graphics thread for my art and... er... graphics :P I just hope it gets some traffic. Here's my first work to submit in the thread:

[b]Inventor Goes West[/b][/center]

This one is odd. I'm on a Tim Burton high at the moment and made this out of glee of his new film, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I've always liked his work and some of my more artistic, weird side comes from inspiration by him. [b]Inventor Goes West[/b] is no exception. With this piece, I felt like I was drawing a strange inventor traveling the world finding new things to use to invent or get ideas for inventions. In the picture he was going west, I guess :P

I had no idea what I was drawing as I made this. I first drew the top hat and ended by drawing the weird clouds. It was in color too. I looked at it funny and said it needed to be photoshopped. So I took it from Flash (where I drew it) and edited it in Adobe. I was having trouble making everything look right. I just couldn't get the correct feeling. I was only pleased with making his lantern acorn thing glow yellow and then adjusting the lighting effects on the inventor himself. But the background sucks. Then I desaturated it and a whole new light shined. Funny...

I kept the lantern acorn yellow... not sure why. Maybe to demonstrate light will never fade away when someone is determined. Who knows. This piece doesn't have much of a meaning, but I feel those are the best kinds of art. I'm proud of it.

And for those who are retarded, the circle thing near his hat is a pocketwatch hanging from his hat. You can see the string if you look at it. That was one thing that couldn't be fixed when turned black and white. Oh well. Small price to pay :)

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[COLOR=DarkOrange]Ooh. I like. I've always been a fan of clean, simple drawings, and this one is no different.

I love the background, actually, specifically the fence. For some reason, I really, really like that fence.

For another, unknown reason, I think the inventor-guy is cute. Laugh if you will, but I think he's cute. I also really like the lighting effects, and the little clock is a cool touch.

Actually, I think the text in the corner is the only part I [i]don't[/i] like about this picture. The fon't doesn't quite seem to fit, adn the color looks slightly off.

But other than that, kuddos. I like it very much.[/COLOR]
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You need more contrast. The brightest lights make the darks seem darker. It would also help you distinguish certain details. I imagine the image is suppose to be dull and dreary, but as it is it just seems dull.

I like how it looks like you tried to work in a sense of motion with the background, though. Whether it was intentional or not, I don't know, but the zig-zags and the curves give a sense of life to things that are otherwise lifeless. I wish I could say the same about the Inventor, though. He is far too stiff and uninteresting.

Overall, I would say the image is par. A fair concept, but an iffy delivery.
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Thanks for all the comments, folks. But break out the good china, Corpse Bride is comin' soon! I've been waiting for this movie for almost two years now, so I'm super psyched! And to prepare, here are some banner work I've made. Pretty simple stuff, but I have fun with the simple things too.

[b]Corpse Bride Titles[/b]



[b]Corpse Bride and Victor[/b]





[b]Assorted Things[/b]


^This one was just a funny picture, so I had to do it.

Funny how I'm listening to the song "Alive" by Pearl Jam while posting this :P
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I'm not much of an artist these days, but I can tell you that I am a sucker for the cartoony styles. I like how incredibly distorted everything is in the picture; the nifty-ness is further aided by your choice of greys. Great work as usual, DW, and I don't see anything wrong with it. Since when could this style have errors anyway?
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[color=gray][size=1]To start.. Stick to one width of banner atleast for two after eachother >:O

Okay then for the rest of the post.
[b]Corpse Bride Titles[/b]
The first banner is nice, although I think it could be a little wider. The picture is placed nicely (which from now on counts for each graphic unless I say different).
The avater kind of mini-ish banner thing's picture is placed less good than it was in the banner. Although I understand that when you shrink the picture even more to fit it in the 170x85, the text will look bad >>"
The other banner is the best of the three. Nice focal point and good quality.

[b]Corpse Bride and Victor[/B]
You're great with placing images already so the only thing I'd have to say about these banners is already said in my first line ;_;

[b]Assorted Things[/b]
The first two are the best yet. The dog is plain awesome and both the dog and the hand are like shexy quality.

Now excuse me, I'm going to make an avater out of that dog.[/color][/size]
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Thanks for the comments. Here's some more CB banners :^D

[b]More Victor[/b]




[b]More Corpse Bride[/b]



Let go!

Victoria's Parents

Victor's Parents

The Priest (Christopher Lee, dude!)



Victor and Victoria
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