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Art Walken and the Chocolate Factory


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Okay, so...apparently, rumor has it that none other than Christopher Walken was being considered to play Willy Wonka in the new film that just came out. I thought to myself, I know he would have played a kick-*** Wonka, but I wonder what he might have looked like, had he gotten the part?

Well...I just mocked-up what we might have seen. XD Apologies for the size (it's a bit small due to limited resolutions).

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[size=1]That is [i]the most[/i] disturbing version of Wonka I've ever seen. [b]Ever[/b].

However, I'm sorry to say to you that this doesn't look too much like Walken. I saw both pics you used. One of some completely random college kid, and of Walken's appearance from Batman Returns..I think there's another pic there, but I can't tell. And if there is, I don't know what it is.

The head is fuzzy, and looks a bit odd laid on top of the Batman Returns picture because that pic is very rich in color and grain.

It's a fun pic, but I can't say that I'm too fond of it >_>[/size]
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[SIZE=1]Interesting, most interesting.

I have to agree with Annie's first statement, that picture is very, very disturbing, going from Gene Wilder to [i]that[/i] would really take an odd imagination of Dahl's character. That said however I do think the picture is rather good, and has me wondering what Walken would be like as the Chocolate Maker, I think the glasses do suit Walken's face as it takes away from that edge that he always has.

An interesting picture to be sure, and I think Walken could have made a very creepy and yet psychologically fascinating Wonka. Perhaps they could do a sequel with Walken featuring one of Wonka's competitors, Slugworth perhaps.[/SIZE]
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