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Agent Child [M- LV]


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From the begining, the whole agency was just a cover-up. The outside, helping people find new lives for themselves, but in the shadows was a totally diffrent story.

On the outside, the Humans Resource Agence was about helping people. They try to help criminals, druggies, homeless, it didin't matter. They tried to help them start a new life. They are about the future evolution of our economy. The perfect world in which no one suffers.

But, behind the seems it is the most advanced agency to date. Their agents are so close to one another, they are refered to as 'Brothers' or 'Sisters'. In actually, they are trainers, escourts if you will.

'Brothers' and 'Sisters' are there for one reason, to train the most advanced killing machines ever known. The only problem is that these machines are only children no older than fourteen.

When a 'Brother' or 'Sister' enters the agency, their past is destroyed. They are given a new name, if they want one, new pasts, basically, a new life alltogether. About a year after they enter the agency they are given the chance to become the personal trainer to a new killing machine.

When the agency was first created, the top members decided to select children for they missions. They did this because children are the easiest to convince that they have started a new life. They are easiest to brainwash.

A 'Youth', as they are called by the 'Brothers' and 'Sisters', is only able to become one of these machines if they have nearly died. Their past must be empty. They cannot have a living relative.

If selected, their body is totaly reconstructed. All damaged muscle is replaced with synthetic muscle that increases strenght ten fold.

As soon as they have healed from surgery, which only takes a couple of days, and brainwashing, brainwashing helps prevent the chance of the 'Youth' from going breserk, they begin training.

How they are trained is up to their assigned 'Brother' or 'Sister. They are normally trained in the art of the sword, pistol, any automatic weapon, sniper rifle, knife, and many more. It is up to the trainer to decided on which area to fallow.


That is the brackground info. Thats the set up for the storyline. Here on out, if you decided to participate in the missions of the Humans Resource Agency, you will be contacted by the fallowing P.M. to describe your objectives.

When you get a mission, it will look like the fallowing:

[B]Where[/B]: normally only in US, but it could be i other countries.
[B]When[/B]: Just a time that makes it look more realistic.
[B]Who[/B]: What is the name of your primary target.
[B]Permission to kill[/B]: Sometimes it may be a pure intel mission. In that case, no killing primary target. This also includes any other person that is whith the primary target.
[B]Team members[/B]: In some cases I will like to see how people get along. In some situations, it maybe a solo mission for only a 'Brother' or 'Sister' and their partner, but in other cases I may put people together.

Here is some extra info in case you may be a little lost.

[B]Partners[/B]: This consist of a 'Brother' or 'Sister' and their 'Youth' partner. They are never seperated unless they must be. A 'Youth' never takes orders that are not given by their trainers. They both form a bond that can never be seperated.

[B]Female 'Youth'[/B]: The females are very quick on their feet. They are the fastest, along with the most accurate when shooting.

[B]Male 'Youth'[/B]: They are stronger than females, but not as quick. They can take more hits and still be able to shoot back as well.

Now, on to the profiles.

If you did not realize by now, in this RP, you must take the part of two people. It will be very hard for you not to be both the 'Brother' or 'Sister' and the 'Youth'. For some, this may be a learning experience. Depending on how many sign-ups there are. I could, but I may not judge you on how your profile is laid out. In either case, try to make it as intreseting as possible.

[B]'Brother'/ 'Sister' profile[/B]

[B]Age[/B]:nothing younger than 17, please.
[B]Training methods[/B]: How do you feel it best to train a 'Youth' in the art of likking?
[B]How do you feel about using a child as a killing tool?[/B]
[B]Bio[/B]: How did you first get into the agency? What is your opinion about it? Why did you choose the child you did? Also include any other info that you feel to be improtant.

[B]'Youth' profile[/B]

[B]Age[/B]: 8 - 17 please.
[B]Best wepaon skill[/B]: be creative in this. Try to stand out in a crowd.
[B]Bio[/B]: What was it like when you first awoke in the agency? Do you like your partner? Do you like killing other people to help your self and your country? Also include any other info you feel to be improtant to know about them.

[CENTER]------------------[I][B]Final Note[/B][/I]------------------[/CENTER]

When training a 'Youth', it is best to realize, a partner is teaching them from step one. They are teaching them everything they know, only the 'Youth' will progress, and learn more than their partner.

There is only one 'Youth' per 'Brother' or 'Sister'. They never have more than one. If a 'Youth' fails to learn anything, or is only concidered dead weight, they are terminated.

All verbal comunication between a 'Youth' and their partner is on a first name basis. A 'Youth' conciders their partner as their older 'Brother' or 'Sister', hence the name. Every now and then, it is not unusual to see a 'Brother' or 'Sister' take their 'Youth' partner out to have a little free tim together. The relationship is very close, like family.

A 'Youth's has a birthday, it is concidered the day that they began their new lives. Normally, their partner will take them out to dinner, mainly because it is best to teach their 'Youth' partner about civilization.

That should about do it. I know, I know, it is very long. I am sorry. Guessed I dragged this out longer that I should have, but I feel most of it is improtant. If you have any questions, please PM me and I shall try toclear it up for you. Have fun, later.
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Brother/Sister profile:

Name: Irvine Drake

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Personality: Irvine is generally laid back while he's on a mission, though when he is on a mission he is in all seriousness. He is always in deep thought, questioning the universe. The only one who truly understands any thing he says or does is his youth.

Training methods: Kindness, let them come to you rather than you go to them.
How do you feel about using a child as a killing tool?
Irvine likes the idea because it gives the youth a more of a future than they would have had anywhere else.

Bio: Irvine first entered the agency because of an ultimatum. He was offered to either join the agency or be executed. This happened because of a mistake that the agency made. Irvine was supposed to be a youth in the agency. The brothers and sisters thought that he was 17 at the time. In reality, he was 19. It wasn't until after he had seen the agency that the brothers and sisters had received this information. It was then that he received his ultimatum. He chose to work with the agency. He has been a brother for 5 years. (how he chose his youth is in the youth's bio)

Youth profile:

Name: Amanda (more commonly known as Mandie) McCue

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Personality: Mandie is quiet, and generally keeps to herself except when she's around Irvine. Like Irvine she is very laid back while not on a mission.

Best weapon skill: Close Range-Whip Long Range-Autopistol

Bio: When Mandie first awoke in the agency, she basically went crazy, because she had know idea who or where she was. The doctors had to give her sedatives to calm her down and put her back to sleep. The next time she woke up she was more calm. She walked out of her room and into the hall. The first person she saw was Irvine. She immediately clung to him, giving him a hug. She herself didn't know why she did this. Neither did Irvine, but he hugged her back anyway. They both sensed this unknown connection between the two of them that noone else knew about. They stuck together from then on, almost inseperable from each other.
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Name: Seta Maxwell
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Personality: Strict but nice. Usually talks alot unless he has something on his mind. He has a very dark sense of humor and look on things.
Training Methods: Rough, hard, tiring pratice. No holding back and no giving up. Break them down to where they can't even move then build their confidence to where they move on their on will. Mind over body.
How do you feel about using a child as a killing tool?: Doesn't even cross my mind.
Bio: Recruitment, I was the best drill intrusctor in the Marines. Everyone that has passed me wasn't killed in combat. Thought that I would train a good killer. My opinoin ws that it would be good and get rid of a lot of people that we could live without. I choose Joe because he was the most undicsiplined one there was. It would be a good challenge for me.

Name: Joe Hander
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Personality: Unruly and disrespectful. Does not like to be told what to do and perfers to do it his own way.
Best Weapon Skill: Short- Bladed tonfas Long-Bow and Arrow
Bio: Freaky. I lashed out and the first thing that moved which happened to be one of the docters. It took all eight of them to hold me down. No, I do not like Seta. I don't care about killing cause it seems like I have done it before somewhere that I don't remeber.
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Name: Daiske Niwa

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Personality: He is very cheerful. Everyone loves to be around him, mainly because he always has a smile on his face. But, when he is on a mission, the smile fades and a demon in tactics comes out.

Training methods: Teaching the fundamentals is the key. Teach them about life, then about death. Always make sure that your 'Yputh' knows that you don't always have to kill.

How do you feel about using a child as a killing tool?: Personally, he doesnt like it at all. He feels that the agency is only useing the children. He knows that when the children reach a certian age, they could be eliminated.

Bio: When Daiske turned 18, he decided to enter the agency as a social worker. The people behind the seems saw how he workerd, and decided to offer him a job as a 'Brother'. He took it, mainly because of ho much money was involved, and began learning everything there was to know.

His opinion on the agency is a conflict in itself. He likes the idea that a government group is trying to settle their scores without letting the public know, but he hates how they are going about it. He thinks it should be its agents, not children that do their killing.

A year and a half later, he was confronted by the director of his division. The director took him to a hospital, which is where he met Angelica. Looking down at her in that hospital be made him yern for parenthood, so he decided to choose her. Now after three months, they can never be seperated.

'Youth' profile

Name: Angelica "Angel"

Age: 11

Gender: Female

Personality: She is very loving. If there is a problem, she tries her best to settle it before any trainers hear about it. She is strongly attached to Daiske.

Best wepaon skill: Long range. She uses a sniper rifle to cover teamates. For closer range, she uses an experimental semi-auto pistol.

Bio: When she awoke in her room at the agency, she had no clue as to where she was. A few minutes later, Daiske walked through the door and tried to smile. Angelica could tell how nervous he was and tried to comfort him by telling him that everything was alright, she was going to live. He nodded and set the pistol on the foot of her bed. She just looked at it for a minute, then looked back up at Daiske and smiled.

As she got older in the next five months, she became closer to Daiske. She began trying to do teh best possible to show how much she cares for him. Daiske began to take her on missions, which in turn he saw how she went balk as she killed the targets. It had no affect on her. He was releaved, and she was happy that he was.
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Name: Renee Smith
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Personaltiy: Quiet and keeps to herself. She doesn't talk much even when spoken to.
Training methods: Meditation and martial arts
Bio: My mom worked for the agency so I wanted to follow in her footsteps. A another way of bringing justice. I felt a special bond at first sight.

Name: Asuke Veina
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Personality: same as her sister
Best Weapon skills: katanna and shuriken
Bio: a little unnerving. Yes. It does not bother me at all.
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Guest thrashax
sounds cool. here goes.

'Brother' profile:

name: Calvin Summers



personality: calvin is a cold, ruthless killer. he enjoys hand to hand combat and is a perfect shot. he rarely lets anyone get close, but he has a connection with his current youth and seems companionable with him alone.

training methods: hand to hand combat is neccesary for strength, skill and speed. a youth should be taught to improvise. if they are doing badly, just let them know you are dissapointed. if they get tired, tough, they have to complete the task they're given no matter what.

How do you feel about using a child as a killing tool? i feel that anyone has the potential to be a killer, but children are more volatile.

Bio: Calvin joined the HRA simply for the fact that it was the place where you got the best fights.little else is known about him. he has a scar going down his left eye.

'youth' profile:

name:doesn't talk about his old name. only uses his new one: Pyro



personality: serious and pedantic. can be funny.a bit shy. cold and deadly serious on a mission.

best weapon skill: custom gauntlets(metal running from wrist to elbow, metal gloves)for close range and belt of daggers(like brother) for long range.

Bio: When Pyro awoke he felt different, and was confused. he went to the door and kicked it open. it flew across the corridor and hit the wall. He gaped. He turned just in time to see Calvin run up and slam him against the wall, holding his throat. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Calvin said quietly. Pyro looked up defiantley. Calvin gasped, seeing the scar on his right eye. it was almost identical to the one on his left. "Get your hands off me." Said Pyro, in an equally quiet, furious voice. Calvin threw his head back and laughed. "So this is my new youth. I like him." He then let go o fPyro and walked away. Pyro rubbed his neck and got up to see Calvin and a doctor walking away."As I said, he is almost fully recovered....."Said the doctor's voice as it trailed away. Pyro went back into the room and just before he fell asleep, he wondered 'How did i hear the doctor's voice from so far away?'
As he got to know Calvin he grew to like him, and developed a strong bond, until they were really like brothers.
He will kill whoever Calvin tells him to.
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[COLOR=Maroon][size=1]uhm, can I join?

[u]'Sister' profile[/u]

[b]Name:[/b] Kiki Ayu
[b]Age:[/b] 19
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Personality:[/b] She seems a bit dense at first sight, but is very deep and calm when you get to know her.
[b]Training methods:[/b] Do not show emotion, or weakness during battle. Calm and rational will make it easier to win.
[b]How do you feel about using a child as a killing tool?[/b] Anyone can be a killer even the smallest child, or even the most quiet adult. If you push them too hard, you are a fool and will more than likely to get hurt, or worse.
[b]BIO:[/b] Kiki is new at the agency, but a skilled "shinobi". When she met Suzuki she saw no emotion in her face. It startles her at first, but then she tries to talk to her. All Hana says is "Where am I?" Kiki gives a faint, possibly fake smile and just tells her "Everything will be alright." As soon as Hana starts training with Kiki, she is surprised of how much effort she has accomplished. Whenever Hana asks something about "Where are you from?" or "How did you learn this?" Kiki always freezes up and then says "That doesn't matter, keep training". She thinks that Hana will be a fine fighter, and lets her know she doesn't have to always kill her opponent, but make sure that she doesn't die.

[u]'Youth' profile[/u]

[b]Name:[/b] Hana
[b]Age:[/b] 12
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Personality:[/b] Quiet, not very talktive and mostly seen around with at least a book. She use to cry out of no where, but Kiki taught her how to control her emotions.
[b]Best wepaon skill:[/b] Archery (bow and arrow)
[b]BIO:[/b] She doesn't remember anything in her past, and only tries to move on when something tradic happens. She felt alone when she first awoke in the agency, but felt a kind of click when she met Kiki. She sees Kiki like an older sister. She likes to read a lot and does in her spare time. She forgets the first time that she meets Kiki, but only remembers the click feeling and she starts to cry out of no where.[/size][/COLOR]
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Good. I would like to thank everyone that signed up. I am trying to get this moved over to the square as soon as I am able to. Sign-ups will remain open for a little while longer. About a week or until I think we have enough people in this. Thanks agian.
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