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Given The Choice [PG13 - LSV]


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[size=1]Andy carefully swept back her jet-black, pageboy-cut hair under a beanie and carefully applied mascara to only her upper eyelid. Dusting her eyelids with champagne-colored eye shadow, she looked at herself in the mirror and gave her self an approving smile.

?Andy! Andy, your friends are here!?

?Coming!? Quickly dabbing her lips with the barest bit of gloss, she kissed the mirror, and then flew out of the bathroom. Pulling on her black leather trench coat, she darted down the stairs, and out into the living room. Sitting on the couch, or just generally standing around, were her four closest friends: Maria, Candice, Andrew, and Michael.

Michael and Maria sat next to each other on the loveseat, while Candice perched herself on the arm. Andrew leaned against the wall. They all gave her warm smiles when she showed up. Andrew grinned as he surveyed the very mix-and-match outfit his best had managed to put on.

Tall and bird-boned, Andrea (commonly Andy) topped even basketball player Michael at near six feet tall. With her near-mahogany tanned skin, and bright blue eyes, the short hair made her seem very boyish. A miniskirt in white, fluorescent pink fishnets and knee-high lace up boots, added with the frilly pink top and black trench coat, Andy was a jack-of-all-trades.

Her face slightly flushed with happiness, Andy?s smile lit up the room. ?All right, guys, let?s party!?

Andy?s mom waved to the group as they all left. Andy, Drew, and Candice piled into Andy?s storm grey Mustang GT Convertible, while Michael and Maria got in Michael?s white Chevy. The two cars sped out of the suburbs and onto the deserted highway out into the desert. At night, all the group had to light their way was the cloudless moon-lit sky, and the promise of the big city on the horizon.

The two cars sped on, racing each other on the empty highway ? until the road suddenly wasn?t there, and the cars broke down. A sharp crack, and the five friends passed out.

Andy was the first to wake; as always, she was the first to recover whenever something happened, and the first to register shock and utter surprise.

This succeeded, she screamed.

Drew and Michael shot awake, looking about. ?What?!? Andy glared at them.

?Where are we??

The two cars were gone, and the five teens were lying on the ground in the middle of a forest.

?Well, someone?s perceptive. Please, don?t scream again. We don?t want to attract attention.?

Andy looked up, and her mouth fell open. Standing gat the edge of the clearing was a foot-tall horse, and standing next to it was a young woman ? who was also a foot high. She smiled warmly, and her brown face glowed. ?Hello, my name is Cissa, and you are now in Faeryworld. Welcome, friends.?

Andy gaped at her in total disbelief. Cissa snorted. ?Don?t just sit there staring, introduce yourselves. If we?re going to work together, we need to know each other.? Andy?s mouth opened and closed before she could make something come out.

?Wait, working with you? Why would we be working with you? We need to get home!?

?Miss, you were called here for a reason, and you will not be allowed to go home until that purpose and reason is fulfilled,? Cissa replied patiently. ?Now, what is your name??

Andy had to work again to make her mouth move. ?I?m Andy, and these are my friends, Michael, Maria, Candy, and Drew. Now why are we here?? The last bit she demanded.

Cissa shook her head. ?I will explain later. First, we must get you to a friends place so you can change into something appropriate for this world. In your currently outfits, you?d scare away every creature in sight. Follow me.? Mounting up on the small horse, she set off through the forest. Andy scrambled to her feet, and followed her, hoping her friends would follow behind them.


All right, you all know who you play, and what they are like. Give me your essential reactions to your surroundings. The group has got a couple miles to walk until they get to the ?friends? house, so this should give you enough time to talk and get used to what?s going on. Just one thing: don?t get separated from the group. You might never find them again if you do.[/size]
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Candy had less words than andy did. This place seemed unreal specially for the foot tall person and horse. Candy decided it must have been the earlier day's leftover breakfast that had messed with her head but when she saw Andy scrammble to follow the little lady Candy felt she needed to as well.

She leapt up and followed behind.

[i]What is this place? Who is this 'friend'? And why are we here? I want to be back... you know... Home. The lake... where ever that is normal for me. This is offically NOT normal in Candy's book of normalness.[/i]

She thought to herself as she stayed a few feet behind Andy who was walking a bit slow because eve if it was a horse it wasa still small and a few large steps and andy could have been ahead of them. Though the little horse was quite fast for its own size and Candy thought about that.

[i]Again... This isnt normal. I GOT IT! We were in a car crash or something... This is just a dream somehow. I mean... Could I be in some kinda wierd coma? Of course how does that explain the others being here as well... They dont seem like figments of my imagination... I guess I will have to wait and see...[/i]
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[SIZE=1][OOC: Oh wow! I'm in! Though.. I didn't finish my sign up completely.]

[COLOR=Red]"Outfits?" Andrew questioned. "How will it scare them away? I mean mine's fine."

"According to the stuff you are wearing compared to mine are quite different," Cissa said. "Besides, it looks very disturbing."

Drew looked at his clothing and then Cissa's clothing.

[i]Hmm.. I'd say her clothing is more disturbing.[/I]

Drew looked over to Candy. "Hey. You're pretty quiet. Something on your mind?"

Drew smiled. Candy looked to him. "Oh. No. Nothing's wrong. Just thinking about some stuff."

"This is some weird place, huh?"

"Yup," Candy answered. [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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"So really what are you thinking about?"

Candy smiled at drew with one of her perfected childish smiles, "This is all very neat for a dream. When I wake up this is the first thing going in my journal."

"You seriously think this is a dream?" Drew asked as if she was nuts.

Candy nodded, "Yup!"

Drew pinched himself and pinched her too.

"Iiv been hurt in dreams before so the whole pinch me thing doesnt work. I broke my arm in my dream once and it hurt like hell. Woke up and I realized I fell of the bunkbed and broke my arm. It hurt like hell. Dream pain and real pain... Same difference to me!"

"I seriously think that you had a dream of breaking your arm after you broke your arm then because this is no dream. I am no dream."

"That is what dreams are supposed to say!"
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[size=1]Calling back over her shoulder to Candy, "[b]And how do you explain the fact that you've never been a lucid dreamer before? I mean, honestly, Candy, you have never known you were dreaming while you were dreaming.[/b]"

Her bud scrunched up her nose, and snorted. "[b]There's a first time for everything.[/b]"

Andy began walking backwards, facing her friends, but watching Cissa and the horse out of the corner of her eye. "[b]Not with you. You've always been that way.[/b]" Candy rolled her eyes.

Andy grinned at the bubblegum-haired girl. "[b]Besides, if you were got hurt in real life and you felt it in your dream, than, if we got in a car crash, and you were hurt enough to be knocked out, you would feel it here, too, right? And besides, when I have dreams that seem realistic, I never think they're different enough from reality to think they're dreams. Only the whacky, completely insane ones. This one is totally not whacky, just wierd. So, essentially, you aren't hurting, you think it's a dream, so it can't be a dream![/b]" This was typical Andy-to-Candy logic.

There was silence as Candy puzzled this out. Cissa chuckled. "[b]Let me reassure you, child, this is no dream[/b]" They left it at that.

OOC: Okay, I need the other players to post once or twice and then I'll get to the good stuff, all right?[/size]
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[size=1][color=blue]Maria's mind scrambled for any possible logical reason as to why the world around her now was so different from that of which she was used to.

Was it a prank, being pulled by a group of kids? No, their budget would be unimaginable to create a set like this. Besides, why would they want to pull a prank on Maria and the rest? Was it some messed up daydream, caused by stress or a car accident, like Candy mentioned? No, the others disproved that quickly. She scrolled through many other ideas before letting out a sigh and slowing behind the others.

[i]"Damn.. What's going on?!"[/i]

Maria, having lost hope in ever discovering a logical reason for any of what she was now witnessing, ran to catch up and gripped Micheal's hand tight. He blinked at her, then gave her a quick hug.

"Everything's going to be alright," he cooed into her ear. It was calming hearing his voice. She felt safe with him. Finally relaxed enough to stop frantically wondering about where they were and how they got their, Maria began to examine and take in her surroundings instead of being frightened by them.

It was beautiful.

As the group walked on, Maria detected a heavenly scent coming from beyond the trees. Her hand still tightly gripping Micheal's, she hesitated to investigate, and wondered if she was the only one who could smell it. Soon, the scent engulfed her. She felt as if she was floating, and her eyelids became heavy.

[i]"That's it, young one.. Sleep.. Then you shall float into the sky in peace.."[/i] she heard a voice chuckling. It was soft, yet gruff at the same time. She felt tired. Like she could sleep forever..


Her eyes shot open, and her lightheadedness disappeared. She heard a loud shriek, followed by shouting, though it grew fainter as the seconds ticked by.

She looked around, and noticed that the others were no where in sight. All she could see was leaves. And then, she looked down.

"Woah!" she cried awkwardly, finding it difficult to balance all of sudden. She was floating in the air, and rising at a steadily increasing pace. The others were scrambling beneath her, and she noticed that their tiny guide had disappeared. "Get me down!" she shouted. Suddenly, she let out a shriek as she flipped downward, her feet now pulling the rest of her up into the sky.

[i]"Damn this place is weird!"[/i] she thought angrily as she scrambled to try and grab some of the branches she was being pulled through.

OOC: Mleh. Bored. :p Hope you don't mind. ^_^;;[/size][/color]
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[color=darkslategray][size=1]Mike was worried about Maria, as she floated out of reach. His hands scrambled for a branch, to pull himself up the tree. His hands propelled himself up, desparate to get to Maria, as she drifted for the clouds. A branch slapped across his face, a small giggle that was mixed with malicious intent followed. Michael ignored it, the sharp stinging in his face swelling to a chrisendo.

Her hand was in sight. The foilage of trees was thick, but his determination was thicker. The sky wasn't going to have Maria, and Mike would make sure of that. Something grabbed his long hair, trying to pull him down. His foot propelling backwards, Mike kicked off the small wood imp that had grabbed his hair.

Maria was grabbing at the branches, only slowing her ascent. Her hand was almost in sight again, and suddenly, it was within reach.

[b]"Grab my hand, Maria!"[/b] Michael yelled out, holding the slender appendage that was his hand out to Maria, and she took it. There was a soft layer of leaves waiting below, along with a huge patch of mushrooms. Holding her close, Mike whispered in Maria's ear.

"Hold me close, make sure I land first." And before she could respond, his feet and body left the tree, falling for the foilage of leaves and mushrooms, and he thumped down hard, groaning slightly. He hoped she wouldn't float away again.[/color][/size]
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Candy coughed, "Now that, You cannot deny, is something I have only seen in dreams...." She said watching the whole Maria Mike scene unfold.

"Its not a dream but I do say that was quite odd." Andy said.

Maria seemed quite shaken and Mike seemed to be in slight pain from the landing but was saying nothing of it. Candy just watched for a few minutes and waited.

"So uh... Are we going to like be getting anywhere anytime soon?" She asked no one in particular. She was impatient at the moment and just wanted to go home.

ooc short but candy had to say something lol
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[size=1]Cissa reappeared with a look on her face that could have knocked a dragon flat ? and did, on occasion. ?[b]I apologize for that. We should have no more interruptions. We are near the cottage. Follow me exactly ? watch where my feet go.[/b]? Then she turned and walked again, slowly.

Andy followed closely, looking back every now and to make sure the rest were following. Soon, however, the group came upon a cottage. I will describe it for you.

It stood one story tall, made of solid white rock, and it had ivy twining up the sides, arching gracefully around and over two double windows. The windows had the shutters open, and curtains hung still but bright in the open places. There was a door in the center, and it was open. A warm, spicy smell wafted out of it invitingly, and everyone looked at each other hungrily.

There was a garden surrounding the house. It was full of bushes and trees, herbs and flowers, and spread twenty feet away from the walls. There was a fence around it, and a walkway down the center, towards the door. In the middle was a fountain, and sitting at that fountain was a woman.

This woman was unlike any other woman. Her looks were simple, but there was a gentle, dignified air around her that told the teens this woman was not ordinary. She had a gentle, heart-shaped face with a small nose and small, rosebud mouth. Her eyes were slanted and a gentle grey, and her hair framed her face in mouse-brown waves. It fell, unbound, to the ground, and some trailed behind her in the water of the fountain. She was dressed in a simple smock.

The woman turned sightless eyes on the small group, and Andy went to her knees. The woman was an elf. ?[b]Welcome to my home, children of another world. My name is Kirra.[/b]? Her voice was also gentle, but husky, and sad.

?[b]Please, be welcome here. If you will follow me, I can show you a place where you may rest and eat, and Cissa will help me find you suitable clothing.[/b]?

Kirra stood, and Andy was amazed. The woman topped her by two inches. Kirra turned, and led the bewildered group into the cottage. Inside, it was warm and bright, and the source of the spicy smell became evident. Sitting in the middle of the cottage, on an oaken table, was three loaves of dark bread. In one wall of the cottage, a fireplace held a warm fire, and over it was a pot of stew.

Andy looked away from the food, and her jaw dropped. The inside of the cottage was huge. The inside was larger than the outside, and in one corner, a pair of stairs led up, and in the opposite corner, a pair led down. Along the walls, beneath large windows, were counters, some with food on them, some with flower cuttings, others utterly clean. Between the stairs, was a door. Kirra smiled at the confounded look on the groups face. ?[b]I will explain everything to you once you have eaten and rested. Please, take a seat at the table.[/b]?

Kirra began ladeling out stew, while Cissa cut bread (standing on a stool), and the teens were served.


All right, everyone begin eating. :) You can all do small-talk over dinner, and then Cissa will show you to your rooms ? which are right through that door.[/size]
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[color=darkslategray][size=1]Michael sat down at the table, the rough wood of the chair countered by the soft cushion that was placed upon it. He motioned for Maria to sit next to him, as he looked at the food. After all that had happened, he sure was hungry. Without a second thought, Mike began on his meal, and said dryly,

[b]"Much better than cafeteria food..."[/b] And it certainly was. It was a melody of spice, and the hint of rosemary shone through slightly, the stew being rather aromatic.

[b]"So, what do ya guys think we're here for?"[/b] Michael asked, taking a bite of the stew. [b]"I'm sure people like us don't get ported here everyway, like some Warcraft game or sumthin'."[/b] He was highly skeptical, thinking that it was a dream. His long hair swished past the chair gently, and he realized something. What [i]were[/i] they doing here? Being lead around by that farie or gnome or whatever she was.

And the whole flying Maria incident.

[b]"I don't know, but we should just eat while we can, and listen to what Kirra says. Ain't you hungry?"[/b] Maria said, almost abesentmindedly.

[b]"Doesn't hurt to be skeptical." Mike told her, almost finished with his food. It was quite filling, and flavorful.[/color][/size]
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[color=darkorange]Candy however did not care whyshe was here now. It wasnt a dream, she was here, and that was enough said for her. She dipped a piece of the bread into the stew and soaked it a bit. A few seconds later she pulled up the bread and bit into it taking every soggy piece. The flavor was overwhelming. It was far better than school's food and better than her mothers cooking which was almost at the same level as the school.[/color]
[color=darkorange][b]"This... I have to say."[/b] She said between a bite, [b]"Is delicious!"[/b] [/color]
[color=darkorange]She looked at Mike and Maria who were opposite of her and drew was to her right and andy was to her left.[/color]
[color=darkorange]After a bit though Candy realized she had made a mistake.[b] "Wow... That bread is quite filling!"[/b] She took a bite of sme unknown thing that was in her stwe and smiled. It was all quite good. She was getting full though. She had a bit more and pushed herself farther from the table.[/color]
[color=darkorange][b][color=red]"What is wrong?"[/color][/b] Drew asked her after looking down at her barely eaten slice of bread and bowl of stew.[/color]
[b][color=darkorange]"Oh... I ate to much of that bread with my stew and I am simply full."[/color][/b]
[color=darkorange][b][color=red]"You sure didnt eat much of the bread though..."[/color][/b] He pointed out that her first piece wasnt even completely finished.[/color]
[color=darkorange]Candy's smile faded slightly and she sighed, [b]"Well uh... It is like rice. It expands. I guess the bread is the same."[/b][/color]
[color=darkorange]Everyone glanced at her slightly and Cissa noticed the tired and uncomfortable look on Candy's face. [/color][color=black][b]"Come child Ill take you to your room where you can rest now."[/b][/color]
[color=darkorange]Candy nodded and left her barely eaten meal and confused friends behind. Cissa led her through the door between the stairs. Candy didnt feel like taking in the area she was in though and kept her eyes on the floor mostly. Once she stoppped because Cissa stopped she looked up.[/color]

[b][color=black]"I suppose I am to say if you need anything dont hesitate to ask."[/color][/b]
[color=darkorange]Candy frowned, [b]"Dont worry I wont be needing anything for now."[/b] With that said Cissa left the room and without even looking around Candy fell face first onto the nearest bed.[/color]

ooc: Figured id leave waht the resting area looked like up to someone more creative... I keep wanting to describe the cottage in finding neverland *cough* so someone else can have at it.
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[COLOR=Red][SIZE=1]After Candy left the table, Drew was a bit worried.

[I]I hope she's okay. I mean she didn't eat anything. I wonder if she's depressed.[/I]

Drew finished the last of his soup until Cissa asked, "Who wants seconds?!?!"

Drew jumped and said, "I DO!!!"

His friends laughed and they continued chatting amongst themselves and eating. Drew finished his seconds plate and decided to check up on Candy.

[I]Knock, knock... [/I]

There was no response but Drew knocked again.

[I]Knock, knock...[/I]

"Who is it?"

"It's me, Drew."[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[SIZE=1][OOC: Sorry Frankie... Just wanted to make it interesting for us.][/SIZE]
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ooc: Right oh!

[color=darkorange]Candy lifted her head off the bed and groaned, [b]"Come in..."[/b][/color]

[color=darkorange]Drew opened the door and stepped in. [/color][color=red][b]"What is wrong?"[/b][/color]

[color=darkorange]Candy glanced at him without moving,[b] "What makes you think something is wrong?"[/b][/color]

[color=darkorange]Drew gave her one of thosel ooks that told her she wasnt fooling him ONE BIT. [/color][color=red][b]"Because I know you. Good food doesnt stand a chance when you are near. Yet you hardly ate five bites before insisitng you were full. Honestly I dont beleive it."[/b][/color]

[color=darkorange][b]"Well... Neither do I."[/b] Candy sighed.[/color]

[color=darkorange][color=red][b]"Now this might be a stupid question but again I will ask. What is wrong?"[/b][/color] He said sitting down in a nearby chair.[/color]

[color=darkorange][b]"Well. I liked my dream theory so much better. I mean i felt fine but the moment everyone seemed to heartlessly slash my hopes i felt something strange come over me. Not just depression but also a physicle thing too. I just dont feel good."[/b][/color]

[b][color=red]"Do you think something here made you sick?"[/color][/b]

[color=darkorange][b]"I am unsure. The food was good but the more I ate the worse it got."[/b][/color]

[color=darkorange][b][color=red]"You should have told Cissa about it."[/color][/b] He said shifing in his chair.[/color]

[color=darkorange]Candy laughed slightly, [/color][b][color=darkorange]"Nah. I doubt it is serious. I think I am just stressed over the whole not in my world thing. And then the Maria off to space thing too. Yet you dont seem bothered by it at all. If there is a reason we are here I think something got lost in the translation. There is nothng special about me... Nothing that could help."[/color][/b]

[color=darkorange][b][color=red]"Candice...."[/color][/b] His deep growl and thefact he used her real name so seriously told her he disapproved of the attitude she had.[/color]

[color=darkorange][b]"Sorry..."[/b] She leaned up and clutched at a wierd pillow as she rested her back against the headboard[b], "I just dont see why We have to be here. Or at least why I am here. You guys have talents of different sorts. All I got going for me is my super cute pink hair!" [/b]She sounded better than before but it still wasnt normal.[/color]
OOC: Enter Negative candy pink haired, happy looking part time negative girl. More like miss unsure
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[COLOR=Red][SIZE=1]Drew looked at her sternly. He patted her in the back, "You're pink hair is wonderful. It lights up people's faces, like mine!" Drew smiled.

Candy looked at him and then back down. She seemed really down.

"Ya' know what?" Drew grinned.

[B]"What?" [/B]

"Let's play a game. Maybe that'll cheer you up!"

[B]"Umm.." [/B]

"Com' on. It'll be fun. Like the good ol' days!" Drew looked at her.

She didn't seem to by it.

"Please... pretty please. I'll play [I]Princess[/I].."

Candy frowned. Then Drew quickly added, "Unless you don't want to.."

[b]"It's alright, Drew.. I'm fine. Really. You don't have to worry about it."[/b]



Drew looked at her as she said his full [i]first[/i] name. "Andrew?"

[B]"Yeah.. Andrew. Don't worry."[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]

[SIZE=1][OOC: Sorry if it kind of seemed arkward.. :animeswea ][/SIZE]
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She thought for a moment and smiled, "I am ust stressed and tired. No need to put the tiara on to make me smile I would if I wasnt so tired."

"Ti... Ok." Drew looked around, "Seriously though."

"There is nothing to worry about. Actually..."

He waited but she just sat there with an odd look on her face, "What?" He asked quickly.

She gave him a playful evil grin, "The one thing you should worry about is what the others will think with you being in here with me." She paused and before he could ask what she meant she grined even more, "Alone..."

He sat there for a moment, "They dont have to worry about me."

Her grin didnt fade, "I never said you would be the one they needed to worry about."


Shesmiled and looked at the ceiling, "I am kidding of course. I wouldnt do anything. Just wanted to see the look on your face."
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[size=1]Andy was waiting quietly for Cissa to come out, and looked over at Maria and Michael. The two were fawning over each other, and, like always, it made her nervous. Cissa returned, and Andy stood up. ?[b]Miss? um, do you think I could find somewhere to bathe?[/b]? As always, Andy wasn?t afraid to ask.

Cissa smiled. ?[b]Of course. Follow me.[/b]? The small woman made her way to the stairs leading down, and Andy followed. They went down, and came out in a hallway. Three doors connected to it. Cissa led them out the one on their left, and Andy stood very still in shock.

The bathing room was huge. A very large tub (the size of a swimming pool) was filled with hot water, and was filled with sweet-smelling bubbles. One wall was full of white soft towels, the other had small doors leading from it. Cissa explained. ?[b]You go through one of those doors, and clean yourself. You?ll find soap and such, and when you are thoroughly clean, you can come out here and soak. You should find everything you need, and if you would like anything ? books, food, anything ? just ring the bell at that end. A small elf should come help you. But don?t stay too long.[/b]?

With that, the small woman seemed to vanish. Andy stood quietly for a few more moments before heading for one of the small rooms.

OOC: You guys can make up whatever you like for your rooms to look like. They?re likely to be midevil, and have an almost Native American-like touch to it. :) Other than that, you can make it what you want.[/size]
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After a few more moments of silence Drew stood up, "Aw so my face is funny huh?"

"Well not like 'oh my got thats the funniest face iv ever seen... does anyone have an eraser?' funny but nore like 'you should have seen the look on your face' kind of funny. Shock... kinda."

"Hah" He laughed, "Well at least your in better hurmor now. Ill leave now so you can get some rest."


Once he was gone she noticed what the room actually looked like. She realized she had missed all details when she came in. The bed's pillows were full of feathers. She could feel them as she clutched it. The mattress was almost the same. The bed itself was dark grey stone with very odd designes carved in the legs and headboard.

The walls were a lighter stone and had different decorations. A picture of a tree, a weird mask of something she didnt recognise and then she saw something she did recognise. A dream catcher like thing with very bright colored feathers hanging from it. No bird she ever knew had feathers that had each color on it. The red was at th base and black ended at the tip. Orange, green, blue, yellow, and purple were inbetween the others.

There was one window but it was huge and the glass wasnt clear. It let light in but you couldnt see out. She figured if you could see out what you would see was mostly trees. She fell back into the bed and shut her eyes.

ooc: we need plot.... We need the story to move alongy.... give us details squig...gles...
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[color=darkslategray][size=1] Sighing, Mike lifted himself from the table, running a hand through his hair. [i]What's it going to be like here? Faries and dragons and funny people wearing armor? I don't know, I'm just glad I have the group here with me. That's the only comfort. And that these people seem pretty friendly.[/i] The long blond strands tickled across the back of his neck, another comfort.

Through the hall, he went to find his room. It was small, cozy, and made of stone, decorated with depictions of battles and such. It also had a picture of a kusari gama, so Mike knew this must of been made custom tailored. Or something to the sort. Just another oddity to the puzzle. Oddity indeed.

He sat down on the bed, which was dressed in a few sheets, and was quite comfortable. Michael shrugged off the jean vest, and kicked off his shoes, laying down on the bed in just his red shirt with the english flad and his faded blue jeans.

What a day...[/color][/size]
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[color=blue][size=1]Maria blinked, looked up from her plate and realized that she was the only one remaining at the table. Cissa had left with Andy to show her around, Kirra had seemingly vanished, and the others had all left to their own rooms. She blinked a few more times before realizing that she was full, and had just stayed at the table to not be left alone.

"Well, [i]that[/i] plan worked, didn't it?" she asked herself sarcastically, standing up and angrily throwing her napkin back on the table.

Following what the others had done, Maria walked through the door at the end of the dining room and proceeded to stumble over something in the darkened hallway. As she found her way by leaning against the wall of the corridor, she busied herself in thought.

[i]'Ha. Alone again. It's times like these that make me wonder.. Why am I always left behind?'[/i]

Strangely, she had to fight the urge to cry. She hated it when she was left alone. Though it happened quite often. But she didn't blame anyone but herself. She often told herself that it was her damn hormones making her so sensitive, and she was probably right. But that never got rid of the desire to cry.

"Fuck.. I hate being so angsty," she complained aloud.

After a few minutes of walking, she stopped. Glancing around, there were three ways to go. Straight ahead, turn to the right, or back the way she came. "Damnit. Lost."

At the moment, she desired nothing more than for someone to come riding to her rescue, even if it was foot-tall Cissa who was to help her find her way. Why was it so hard for her to find the room? The others had probably found their rooms immediately and gone to bed or something.

"It's dark.. I can't see. Don't blame me," she began muttering to herself. When alone, sometimes an old habit of hers would resurface: talking to her subconcious. The 'two' of them often had very interesting conversations, though those nearby would only hear one side of it.

[i]"If it's so dark, find a light switch or something."[/i]

"How the hell am I supposed to find one?"

[i]"How 'bout by actually [b]looking[/b]?"[/i]

"Shut it. You can't do any better than me," Maria growled, roaming the walls with her hand, looking for that which she was so accustomed to having back in "the real world".

"What are you doing?"

"Yaaah!" she shouted, jumping at the sudden voice. She turned her head, her face with a strange expression like a mix between fright and insane anger.

"Sorry. Didn't mean to scare ya," the voice apologized. She took a moment to analyze the voice and view the figure standing to her left. ".. Drew?"

"Heh. Yeah. You lost or something? Damn it's dark in here.. Kirra must've turned off the lights, thinking everyone had gone to their rooms, I guess," Drew mused.

"Not everyone," Maria grumbled.


"Nothing. Do you know where my room might be? I can't find anything in this place," she asked.

"Yeah. C'mon," he chuckled. He turned around after signaling her to follow, and began walking towards where the rooms were. Maria continued to argue with her subconcious, or whatever it was, though more silently now.

OOC: Wow.. I think this place is driving Maria insane. xD[/size][/color]
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[color=darkorange]Her sleep was quiet for the most part untill it began to flooded with odd clips of dreams she had before.[/color]

[color=darkorange]It was all normal and she didnt mind it and barely moved. Untill things got odd.[/color]

[i][color=darkorange]She was walking down a large stone hallway that led down to two huge solid wooden doors. The giant doors swung open on their own and she was blinded by daylight. Her eyes soon re-adjusted and she was standing in a huge garden. The trees filtering light down onto the many strange unknown flowers and plants. A strange fountain stood in the center spreying water into its bowl. Some water sprinkled down on some of the flowers that seemed to constantly soak it up as though they were wade to drink constantly.[/color][/i]

[i][color=darkorange]The statues on the fountains were of dragons that looked much different from the ones she had seen before. More human like they stood on their hind legs with wings spread wide. She also noticed they had hands like humans only sharper and feelt like humans with large claw like toes. Three stood in a circle, their wings touching, around an even larger dragon figure who looked more like a normal dragon. Its wings were folded in and water flowed from its mouth and hort tips. Water sprinkled out of the more humanish dragon figures palms and small horns.[/color][/i]

[i][color=darkorange]She stared at this fountain and then looked at her reflection in the pool of water. It seemed normal untill an orange dragonish figure appeared almost exactly behind her. She whirled around to come face to face with one of the humanish dragon figures she was just looking at on the fountain. This one was real though. It stared at her silently for a moment and she had no more ability in any muscle to move.[/color][/i]

[i][b]"I would say welcome but i didnt invite you in here."[/b] [color=darkorange]It said, clearly male by the voice. That was the only way she could tell for the body looked completely genderless. Although the chest pointed towards male but she could hardly tell with the very odd armor it wore.[/color][/i]

[i][color=darkorange]She tried to back up but was stopped by the fountain. It just stared at her as if he had never seen a human before. Perhaps it was her hair though. His amber eyes with thin slits just stared at her. Occsaionally glancing at her bubblegum pink hair.[/color][/i]

[i][b][color=darkorange]"I uh... Am sorry to intrude. I was walking down a hallway and the only way out was through those big doors."[/color][/b][/i]

[i][color=darkorange]The dragonoid looked behind him and nodded,[/color][b] "Indeed. The hall of confusion will do that to a person. There are many doorways but sometimes the hall itself wishes you not to find them."[/b][/i]

[i][b][color=darkorange]"The... Hall itself?"[/color][/b][/i]

[i][b]"Oh yes. It has a mind of its own. Spells of the wizards I might add."[/b][/i]

[i][color=darkorange]She nodded, [b]"Ok next question. What are you?"[/b][/color][/i]

[i][color=darkorange]He looked downright offended,[/color] [b]"What kind of question is that? I beleive you should no exactly what I am!"[/b][/i]

[i][color=darkorange]She again began feeling fear, [b]"Well I have just only seen you. The fountain behind me... thats the first I've ever seen of your kind. I dont think I am from this world. Its far to beautiful to be my own[/b]."[/color][/i]

[i][b]"Aye. We have a very complicated name, my kind, so I will just have you call me by my name."[/b][/i]


[i][b]"I must know the name of who I am talk to first?"[/b][/i]

[i][color=darkorange][b]"Why?"[/b] She asked. Watching his very sharp claws twitch at her question. She figured he was getting rather annoyed by how little she knew.[/color][/i]

[i][b][color=black]"Our kind cannot speak our name unless we know the name of the one who wishes to know. it isnt a concious choice. It is something we have no say in."[/color][/b][/i]

[i][color=darkorange]She nodded and for some odd reason she seemed to understand, [b]"Right. My name is Candice but most people call me Candy."[/b][/color][/i]

[i][color=darkorange]He nodded, [color=black][b]"Because iv never heard my own name in your tongue before ill speak it in my own. You wont understand it and most likely wont be able to pronounce it evene but at least you will know."[/b][/color] After that he made this very strange growl like noise that had an echo that resembled words of some sort. He was right. She never in a thousand years could even try to pronounce what she just heard.[/color][/i]

[i][b]"[color=darkorange]Uh... Is there something... easier I could call you?"[/color][/b][/i]

[i][color=darkorange]He thought for a moment. A sharp shiny finger scratched under his chin,[/color] [b]"Yes... Call me Nogard."[/b][/i]

[i][color=darkorange]She instantly laughed and he seemed offended. She saw this and shut up, [b]"I am sorry about laughing. Its just that... isnt Nogard just... Dragon spelled backwards?"[/b][/color][/i]

[i][color=darkorange]He laughed in his own way,[/color][b] "Indeed it is kid. But it is also my 'human' name. People like you cant say my real name so they dubbed me Nogard. Apparently they werent creative enough to give me a name like candy..."[/b][/i]

[i][color=darkorange]Candy snickered, [b]"I doubt you would want a name like candy anyways."[/b][/color][/i]

[i][color=darkorange]He looked at her hair and frowned[/color], [b]"I have never seen a human with KaRain flower colored hair before."[/b][/i]

[i][b][color=darkorange]"That might be because it isnt real."[/color][/b][/i]

[i][color=darkorange]Before she could say or do anything he reached a claw out and touched her hair,[/color] [b]"It feels real..."[/b][/i]

[i][b][color=darkorange]"Well... Yeah the hair is real the color is not!"[/color][/b][/i]

[i][color=darkorange]He spread out his wings as if to stretch them,[/color] [b]"Some kind of... spell?"[/b][/i]

[i][color=darkorange]Candy smiled, "[b]No its a simple thing called hair dye."[/b][/color][/i]

[color=darkorange]Suddenly candy awaoke. The thought of her natural hair color showing if she was stuck here to long... Seemed more frighting than a dragon man.[/color]

[b][color=darkorange]"What if I am stuck here so long my hair grows out... Ill look even freakier than i do now! I mean ugh not funny! Black hair with pink ends is fine but goodness iv never liked the blak hair..."[/color][/b]

[color=darkorange]Her thought was broken by hearing people walk by her door. She heard Maria and Drew but thought nothing of it. She put her head back on her pillow and closed her eyes. Hopefully this time she would dream a little more normaly.[/color]

Ooc: Me and a friend one day started talking backwards.. every word was backassward and so I said NOGARD! because i have several dragon things in my room (its like a shrine i tell ya) and Nogard has stuck ever since. I decided to incorperate that into her odd dream which i just completely madeup off the top of my head to pass time. Not only that but iv been imagining human looking dragons lately and decided what better dreaming meterial than a dragonish dude. Nothing to really do wit hte story except the worry about her hair...
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[COLOR=Red][SIZE=1]Drew walked continuously through the halls with Maria. Maria seemed a bit tensed and so Drew asked, "Something the matter?"

[I]Somehow I feel like a worrier.. first to Candy and then to Maria. Oh well, I guess I like doing this, huh?[/I]

"Oh nothing.. I'm just not used to this place. I mean I get lost...."

"I see. Well don't be so down!"


"Well at least can you smile for me?"

"Umm.." Maria gave a short smile.

"If you get lost again.. just yell my name alright?"


"Well here's your room.." Drew directed her towards her room.

She walked in and thanked him.

[I]Now let's get to my room..[/I][/SIZE][/COLOR]

[SIZE=1][OOC: Hope this is alright Kitty..][/SIZE]
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[size=1]OOC: Sorry for no info till now. ^_^; I?ve been busy, and thought I?d give you something to keep you occupied. This post is much longer.

Andy emerged from the bathing room an hour later wrapped in a towel, and happily pink. Quietly she made it back upstairs, and slipped into a room. The room was occupied with a twin-sized featherbed, centered on the back wall, which had a mural of the forest surrounding the cottage. Closing the door behind her, she noticed a small, oak door harp hanging off the back, and she smiled. On either side of the bed were night tables, with lamps. And, in the window over the head of the bed, was a dream catcher of white leather, white and gold feathers, and black beads.

The bed had a woven black and gold blanket folded at the end, and sitting at the end of the bed was a trunk. She opened it curiously, and found inside clothing. She pulled out a pair of tawny, skin-tight britches, and a loose white shirt and vest. Setting them aside, she grabbed a loose, flowing nightgown, and happily slipped it on. Moments later, she was in the bed and asleep.

Some time later, she was awoken by the smell of cinnamon and oranges, and she blinked groggily to look at the side table. Sitting on it was a mug and a plate of cinnamon rolls. She sat up with a yawn, and began eating. A little while later, she made her way to the kitchen, dressed in the clothes she had laid aside earlier. She had her black hair clipped back carefully, and she glanced about nervously. She sat down at the table and waited.

Momentarily, the rest joined her. Maria sat next to her, between she and Michael, and on her other side was Candy, with Drew on her other side. Cissa and Kirra joined them. Kirra smiled as she saw what they all wore, but frowned slightly as she saw Andy. The other two girls wore skirts, while Andy?s outfit was a little more boyish. Then the elf shrugged. ?[b]Everyone, get comfortable. This is going to take a while to explain.[/b]?

?[b]First, some back-up story so you know what?s been going on. This world is called Faeryworld by all, and respectively other things depending on the race. We elves call it Tihall, meaning Magic Calm. Unfortunately, Tihall has become Tiwren, meaning Magic Chaos. Most of the world is forest, that we know of, with the occasional field spanning it, and to the north, there is the largest field and the kingdom of Lirar. Lirar is the largest kingdom other than the forest, and lately, things have been going on there. The weather is controlled by how the King or Queen is feeling, physically, and lately, the sky has been black and it storms every night.

We know that this is not natural. In fact, the current Queen is very healthy, and her citizens have been fine. SO someone must be in the castle, working from within, and creating this weather. We have lost many people to these storms. But that isn?t all. Animals and children are disappearing in the night, and when they show up, their bodies are sucked dry, or are walking dead. Something is going on, and we need you.[/b]?

Kirra turned her eyes on the young people sitting at the table. ?[b]For each of you have an indispensable quality. Candy, you are a Dreamer. Your dreams tell you things no one would know, and this is valuable. Everything you have ever dreamed has had a purpose, and now I will ask you to remember those dreams. Drew, you are a swift thinker. Logic has no boundaries in your mind. Not only that, you are skilled in weapons our world has never known. Maria, you are a Searcher. Your powers have not yet surfaced, but they are budding. You find things without meaning to, and that is the way I know you are a Searcher. You will become able to find places, people, just by being told they are lost. Andy, you are a Healer. Yes, a Healer.[/b]? she confirmed when Andy gave her a look. ?[b]You mend things. Not people, I?m afraid to say, but plants, animals, and objects. A touch and something will become unbroken. And Michael?[/b]?

The whole room got quiet. Kirra was staring straight at him. ?[b]You, young one, are a Tyfling. You can change shapes, and morph things into the shapes you want them in. This is a great power, and the most signifigant.[/b]?

Everyone was glancing at one another. Kirra smiled softly. ?[b]Now I must show you something. Close your eyes.[/b]? Each did so. The smell of burning flowers and iced dirt invaded their senses, and with a sudden sense of calmness, each dropped into a trance.

Andy felt a weird sensation take over her. She opened her eyes, and suddenly she was up in the air. She couldn?t control what she was seeing. She was in a bird?s body, she knew, from the way the images were coming in, but what bird, she didn?t know. The bird circled over a scene that made her sick. Below them lay the ruins of a small village. It was flooded, and the small thatch roofs were burned. In the middle, people were gathered ? no, Andy corrected herself, bodies. A hundred of them. Mothers, fathers, daughters, and sons. And riding off in a cloud of dust was a lone rider on a pony of coal black, and the rider was dressed in black.[/size]

OOC: All right, I apologize, but I?ve been busy. ^_^; Once you trance, you will go to a scene seen by animals eyes. Not the same animal, mind you. And you will all see something gruesome or sad, or sickeningly joyful, and the black rider will be in it. Be creative.
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[color=darkslategray][size=1][i]Run run run! Turn! No, go that way! He's gonna get the stee-Gagh...![/i] When Michael opened his eyes, he was watching something through colorblind eyes. He tried to lift his hand as he saw someone get hit with an arrow, but he couldn't. He was in the body of a Timber Wolf, a tall, proud and majestic animal. He could only watch, so Mike relaxed, and thought of the power that he had...Tyfli...ng...

His thoughts were cut short as the timber wolf dashed to the side as another corpse careened past, crashing into a bail of hay, where blood blossomed in a sick but almost beautiful way, the way that poetry sometimes flowed from his hands onto paper...a message in crimson.

That thought was cut short as a huge blast of fire ran past the wolf's head, the back of his tail singed. Michael felt a deep sort of pain in his lower back, and guessed it was part of his Tyfling powers. Or something else more arcane.

A man on a black horse, draped in a black cloak. A wave of some masochistic energy ran off of this man, or whatever it was. He looked at the timber wolf, and grinned a smile that would kill roses that bloomed from the ground nearby. Michael desparately willed the wolf to follow the horse.

The hoofs slammed into the ground, kicking up dirt. Luckily, the timber wolf with it's brown and white coat, followed, lost in the dust. Mike had no problem seeing through the eyes of the creature as it followed the Rider. To a scene that Mike could of gone his life without seeing.

A small cottage in the middle of a clearing. Bodies cleaved in twain, spilling the story of their lives onto the grass in a sad, and in no way poetic way. The stares of death burned in the wolf's eyes, as it gently nuzzled the black rider. It was obiviously tamed, the wolf, as it had not taken to eating the corpses. This must of been it's owners.

That became obivous as the wolf's nose crinkled up, and it grolwed. Leaping for the black rider, the vision faded for a while, as the rider batted it away with his blade, knocking it unconsious. It would wake up soon.[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=Red][SIZE=1][I]Hello. Am I dead? If I am.. why would I be talking to myself? I should be talking to someone if I were dead.. come on Drew. Wake up! Wake up! WAKE UP!!![/I]

He shook his head. He began to stand up.

[I]Huh? I don't remember being on fours?[/I]

He looked down.


[I]I'm a horse! What the--[/I]

He began to take off with amazing speed.

[I]Woah horsy! Woah! Wait.. aren't I the horse?[/I]

The animal began to quicken its speed. It ran across the forest to a small village. It ran and ran.. it seemed as though he were following something like he was in a.... trance?? Suddenly I felt myself stop. I saw something.

[I]Who is that?[/I] I thought. A mysterious figure was watching.. watching me.

[I]Who are you?[/I] I wanted to shout but I was in an animal's body. The mysterious figure lunged towards me. The horse quickly turned around. Somehow the figure grabbed me.. actually the horse.

[I]Let go of me!![/I] I couldn't speak. The horse trappled over the figure, he stopped on the figure. The horse seemed to go mad.

[B][I]Black rider..[/I] [/B]

[I]Black rider?? Was this horse talking to me?? What is it saying???[/I]

[B][I]Black ri---[/I][/B]

I blacked out. I guess the horse fell. But fell for what??[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=darkorange]Candy slowly openend her eyes and triedto scream but had no ability to. No sound. She was hundreds of feet in the air flying over the forest. She couldnt get any noiseto come out untill she realized it wasnt her in the air. She slightly relaxed because she knew she had no control.[/color]
[color=darkorange]What she saw below was horrifying... to her. But for some reason she could feel that the one she was seeing thorugh felt only sad... as if he had seen this kind of thing before. She realized she could tell it was A he. She didnt even question how she knew and prefered not to know.[/color]
[color=darkorange]With his superior eyesigh she could almost see bugs on leaves many feet below. They flew over a clearing and the horror was worse. The dead bodies just left laying around in the forest below was nothing compared to the clearing. The stench of burning flesh seered her hosts nose and he shook his head. She then noticed he had rather large wings and yet arms as well. His skin was scaley and she realized a moment later it looked similar to the creature in her dream.[/color]
[color=darkorange]Several bodies were piled up and set ablaze.It smelled horrible. She could tell the dream creature had hightened senses because she could hear and see well and the smell was far worse than she ever expected such a thing to smell like. Suddenly she felt as though her stomach was left behind as the creature closed his wings and dove. He went soaring zipping towards the ground and opeened his wings and began flying quickly between the tress on the outskirt of the clearing. [/color]
[color=darkorange]She could see huts scattered through the forest and most were in shambles. The creature zipped from one side to the other and avoided trees as he investigated everything. He landed suddenly by a hut and looked at the remains of what was once a home. He looked into the forest and saw a black figure and a black horse. They were leaving the scene and she could feel the creature's sadness asshe felt it too.[/color] [i][color=darkorange][b]Why were so many killed?[/b][/color][/i] [color=darkorange]She asked herself.[/color]

[b]"There is evil afoot"[/b] [color=darkorange]The creature said to himself as if to answer her question... It almost seemed that he knew she was seeing through him but she figured it impossible. Suddenly she was shouded in darkness. No longer able to see hear smell or feel anything she waited.[/color]
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