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RPG Shipwrecked [M-LSV]


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[SIZE=1]OOC: Here it is! The RPG will run on a Chapter system to give me more control over how the story progresses. In order to continue to the next phase of the RPG, you must complete the objective given at the start of the chapter. They will start out easy, and slowly become harder. Please do not kill anyone's character -- only I have the power to do that. With that being said, I cannot guarruntee your character's safety. But don't worry, I don't arbitrarily kill people off.

[COLOR=DarkRed][B]Chapter One:[/B] Washed Ashore[/COLOR]
[B]Objectives:[/B] Elect a leader, construct living spaces.
[B]Characters:[/B] All.
[B]Notes:[/b] Keep posting until you as a group complete the objective. For your first post, rewrite my post from your own perspective, and fill in gaps where my character was not present. PM me with questions. Boats are arranged as following:
[I]Boat 1:[/I] Alexander, Kat, Graham, Elizabeth, James. (over-occupied due to Muse?s post)
[I]Boat 2:[/I] Annabelle, Allie, Rhett, Richard.
[I]Boat 3:[/I] Zachary, Richard, Donovan, NPC #1. (NPC dies)


Alexander breathed heavily, leaning on the rudder with all his weight, trying to steer it towards an island that looked to be about three miles away. The waves battered the small inflatable raft, and the rest of its occupants paddled with oars. They struggled against a looming wave, and they overcame it ? barely. They lost two of the four oars, and the ship was severely waterlogged.

?Shit! We might not be able to make it! Paddle harder, and if we tip, swim like hell to that island, okay?? He shouted at the top of his lungs to the other occupants. They nodded a grim affirmative. Alexander knew they would most definitely sink before making it ashore ? they were carrying an extra passenger, but he was carrying his weight, stroking powerfully at the water. He was more worried about the female occupants, who seemed to fatigue at a much faster rate.

A huge blast of water hit the woman in the front of boat, knocking her off with surprising force. She was sucked away from the vessel, and Alexander banked a hard turn, risking broadside-impacts with the oncoming waves.

?You! Pick her up when we pass!? He shouted to the other female, who nodded in a determined manner, leaning over the side and scanning the frothing water for the other woman. She was quickly spotted, and the woman assigned the duty of saving the other woman?s life succeeded. At least partially, anyway. She did not have the strength to pull her onto the craft. Alexander could not spare a hand, and keep the craft in control, anyway.

?I?m holding onto her! Just go towards the island?? She was cut off by more crashing waves. Alexander listened, turning the boat forward again and speeding faster than ever towards the destination. It was a matter of minutes before the waves became too great to maintain control.

?We?re tipping! Everyone, abandon ship, and swim like hell to the isla?? The boat capsized grandly, shooting water everywhere, and burying him underwater. His eyes snapped open, his adrenaline flowing through his veins. He stroked forward, realizing that the lifejacket would pull him above the waves, and all he had to do was get through them. His muscles burned as he pushed harder through the churning water. He saw several others behind him, struggling just as hard; he wanted to help, but couldn?t. He would die if he deviated from his path.

He gasped for breath, paddling through the water like a madman, and inhaled a large gulp of seawater. The salt overwhelmed his senses, and his vision swirled around him.

[I]I?m going to die. I?m going to die. I?m going to die. I?m going to die.[/I]

He fought harder than ever before, and unbuckled the life-jacket from himself. It was slowing him down, and making it difficult to swim correctly. He figured he was only half a mile away from the shore, anyway. The orange vest flew off him, and was washed backwards in a sucking torrent of wind and water.

At long last, he swam onto the beach, half conscious, vomiting water and coughing it out of his lungs. His head ached, and he succumbed to a wave of nausea, pulling him to his knees. Water washed at his legs, his soaked shoes, and water dripped down his face and onto his shirt. He could not help but stare at the sand before turning around. He managed to see the ship?s bow sliding out of view into the murky depths, and closer to him, a fleet of orange vests. Everyone?s raft had flipped, but luckily, everyone possessed the strength to make it ashore. Some were washed up unconscious, but others were in a dazed state, sprawled across the sandy shore.

?Oh shit? oh shit? she?s unconscious. And so is she. And others? oh shit? Does anyone know CPR?? They did not hear him. Most were vomiting, and coughed up sea water to save their own lives. He was alone.

[I]Gotta save them? him first. Then her. Then her? then him.[/I]

He cut his thoughts off, sprinting to the closest unconscious person, and flipped them on his stomach. He had no idea how to perform CPR, but tried to mimic the motions. He pushed on his stomach, and he vomited water. He repeated, and slowly, less and less water came out. Then, he breathed air into his lungs, and the man sputtered, and began to breath. No time to think. No time to see if he was okay. He moved onto another woman, then a man, then another woman. Despite no previous training, he saw that everyone was breathing, at the very least. Some were vomiting, and others were coughing up huge amounts of seawater.

He glanced around in panic, and decided to drag everyone underneath the palm trees to keep the rain off them temporarily. While he was dragging, a man got up on his own and jogged over to Alexander. He looked just as panicked, and his breathing was quick. However, he kept himself together, not breaking down, as an average man would have.

?What?s your name? I?m Alexander. And could you help me drag these people to the trees??

?Yeah, no problem. I?m Rhett.? They shook hands firmly, looking into one another?s unsure eyes, then simultaneously ran back to moving everyone underneath the trees. During the process, a woman named Annabelle woke up and gave Rhett and Alexander cold glances. She didn?t move to help them, but instead sat underneath the palm trees shivering.

After everyone was underneath the canopy of palm trees, he went around, shaking those who were unconscious awake, and waiting until everyone had finished their bouts of vomiting before talking to them. However, once everyone woke up, they immediately began shouting, arguing, demanding attention. It took a while, but Alex and Rhett got their attention.

?Alright, we?re shipwrecked on an island, to all those who think this is some nightmare. Rhett and I dragged you guys here, and so here we are. What do you all say to finding a dry spot and talking there? The storm?s getting worse?? He looked out to the sea, looking at a solid gray horizon, meeting the water at an indiscernible point. Thunder rolled in the distance, and a bolt of lightening struck the water several miles off shore. After the thunder stopped, he began speaking again.

?I?m Alex, by the way, and that?s Rhett. She?s Annabelle,? he said, gesturing towards them, ?And they?re the only people I know. So ? let?s find a spot to talk for a while, then decide what we want to do. How about it??

?So? we?re supposed to follow [I]you[/I] into an island, when we don?t know you?? A man spoke up, resisting the course of action Alex had outlined. ?I?m Zachary to you,? he added in towards the end.

?Zachary, no one knows anyone. So you?re going to have to trust my judgment, okay??

?Hm? no.? Alex shrugged indifferently as Zach crossed his arms defiantly.

?If you don?t want to, don?t follow. I?m not going to force anyone to do anything ? we?re all equal. Goodbye.? He turned, walking side-by-side with Rhett, asking for his opinion of where to go. They finally stumbled upon a cave, but they did not wander into it too deep without a torch.

?Why don?t we go around saying our names and what we?re good at. That way we can get to know how we can utilize one another?s skills to survive. I?ll start. I?m Alexander, and I spend a lot of my free time outdoors. So I know how mother nature works, and I might be a good hunter, though I?ve never tried.? He looked to the person behind him for their skills and name.[/SIZE]
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Graham, stuck with no paddle from the second he climbed into the boat, had immediately begun to stroke as hard as he could at the freezing water. Though obviously not doing a huge amount of good, at least he had something to keep his mind off the impending doom and death that surrounded him. A wave rose up in front of them, striking the small rubber boat forcibly, rocking it tremendously. Graham, full aware of how much more danger he was in without a life jacket, grasped the side of the boat desperately as it sunk a little due to the large amount of water it was taking in. With his eyes clenched shut from the sting of the salt water and his head hung low from the force of the impact, Graham heard Alexander shouting over the noise.

[B]"Shit! We might not be able to make it! Paddle harder, and if we tip, swim like hell to that island, okay?[/b] Graham shook his head in vain to get his damp hair out of his face and nodded brusquely to Alex, continuing his long strokes to get them farther before the inevitable capsize. Another blast of water sent the woman in front of Graham tumbling out of the boat, and when he made to dive forwards, the other man in the lifeboat grabbed him by the shoulder quickly and told him to keep paddling. Graham did as he was told, and sure enough, the other woman soon had a strong grip on the one who had fallen overboard.

[B]?We?re tipping! Everyone, abandon ship, and swim like hell to the isla?? [/B] He could barely hear Alex yelling over the thunder, and Graham managed to look up just in time before the boat finally capsized, the water pulling him down with no mercy.

With no life jacket to aid him in breaking the surface, Graham spiralled downwards, the unbearable coldness and shock causing him to gasp and swallow in a large quantity of sea water. Both his mind and his vision went extremely foggy, but nevertheless he kicked as hard as he could with his long, powerful legs and managed to just barely break the surface. He took in a huge breath of air, but it didn't clear up his head at all. He could hear screaming in all directions, but the thunder and crash of the waves soon drowned it all out.

Kicking and swimming with all the strength he could muster, Graham barely managed to get a few feet closer to the island before the water claimed him again.

[i]"Oh, Christ. I'm going to die."[/i] This message floated through Graham's mind, with felt suprisingly like cotton. [i]"I'm going to pass out and drown. What a way to go. Might as well just give up."[/i] This whole idea seemed strangely calming to Graham, but his body wasn't agreeing with his mind. His legs were still kicking as hard as Graham possibly could, and with unbelievable luck, he reached up with his right arm and felt a long strap brushing against it. Not able to think quite so clearly at this point, he simply yanked at it. To his suprise, it pulled him up slightly, not even coming under the water.

[i]"Life jacket?"[/i] He kicked even harder with newfound energy, broke the surface, and grabbed onto the floating device. Sure enough, it was an abandoned life jacket.

[B]"Thank [i]God[/i] for good Karma."[/b] He whispered inaudibly to himself, before wrapping both his arms around it tightly and kicking pathetically with his legs, that felt as heavy as lead, out behind him, hoping he was heading in the right direction.

Sure enough, after his legs decided to quit working altogether and he felt like throwing up everything inside his stomach, Graham literally washed up on shore. He lay in the sand for a few moments before getting up on all fours and crawling to what hopefully seemed like drier land underneath a bunch of trees, still clutching the jacket that had saved his life. He saw plenty of other people washed up on shore, like him, unconscious or absolutely dazed.

Half way to his destination, Graham began trembling uncontrollably from head to toe. He succeeded in his wish to throw up everything, and promptly lost consciousness straight after.

He woke up some time later, not [i]as[/i] wet as before and underneath the trees he had been crawling towards. Some guy with really long hair had been lightly slapping him on the cheeks until he felt obliged to open his eyes. The man gave him a slight smile before walking off to help someone else. Quite confused, Graham just lay on his back, listening to the sounds around him. He was relieved that at least a few of them had made it alive, judging by the groans and complaints around him. He had never had such a terrible head ache in his life, and he figured it was because of the amount of time he had spent holding his breath under the water.

He slowly lifted himself on his elbows, wincing at the pain in his head, when he heard the familiar voice of Alex yelling out something about him and a guy named Rhett and a woman named Annabelle. He suggested that they all find somewhere to talk, and whilst some jerk argued with Alex, Graham worried about the task at hand - standing up. With a loud groan, he managed to do it, but not without stumbling into the woman he remembered to have fallen out of the same boat he was in.

With a quick apology to her while slapping a hand on his forehead, Graham walked slowly after Rhett and Alex, relieved he wasn't the only one looking worse-for-wear. A while later, he found himself sitting much more comfortably inside a warmer cave, rubbing his temples.

[B]?Why don?t we go around saying our names and what we?re good at."[/B] Alex said, taking command quickly. [B]"That way we can get to know how we can utilize one another?s skills to survive. I?ll start. I?m Alexander, and I spend a lot of my free time outdoors. So I know how mother nature works, and I might be a good hunter, though I?ve never tried.?[/B] He looked expectantly behind him, straight at Graham.

[B]"Oh! Is it my turn?"[/B] There were a few snickers, but Graham ignored them. [B]"I'm...um... Graham Coles, and-,"[/B]

[B]"'Um'? Are you sure about that?"[/B] Interrupted the same man who had opposed Alex earlier on, but someone told him to shut up promptly and Graham continued.

[B]"Well, let's see. I'm a member of the Dangerous Sports Club, and so am pretty adept at climbing things and doing stupid shit... I don't know if that will help or anything..."[/B] He trailed off, shrugging, and dropped his head to his hands.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[color=Navy]Kat paddled hard, pushing the piece of wood through the frothing waters that tried to snatch the oar from her hands. They all saw a wave looming, then crashing over them. Kat had taken a deep breath and took a tight grip on her oar. The wave passed over and they all gasped for breath, the inflatable raft was half full with water and two of the four paddles had been swept away. Kat heard the man, that had drank the Cosmopolitan, now identified as Alexander warn them about what to do if the ship capsized. Kat smiled grimly after nodding, it wasn't a case of [i]if[/i], it was a case of [i]when[/i], because it was sure to happen.

Kat's stress level raised drastically when the craft crashed into the water after going over a large wave, sending spray flying and the occupants gripped the sides.

Suddenly there was a huge blast of water, and the woman who sat at the front of the boat was pushed off from the force and swept out by the ocean currents. Kat stretched out her arm and tried to grab a hold of her as she went past but missed. The vessel banked to the side immediately and Alexander shouted to her about picking her up when they passed.

Kat nodded determindly and passed the oar to the man, Graham, who sat in front of her, preparing herself to reach out. Katchya searched the dark waters, looking out for the bright orange that signalled her life vest. She saw a figure bobbing on the surface, waving her hands frantically and they got closer. As waves brought the ship closer to her, Kat grabbed a hold of her hand, gripping tightly and hauling her closer to the boat, the waves helping ever so slightly.

[b]"Hold on!" [/b]Kat yelled over the howling wind, not being strong enough at the time to haul her into the ship.

Elizabeth nodded and gripped tightly, clinging to her arm. Kat looked down at her, her eyes were glazed from unshed tears and she was worried. Kat trembled, she was cold, after all, she was only wearing a top and skirt.

[b]"I'm holding onto her! Just go toward the island, fast!" [/b]she yelled, but the end of her sentence wasn't heard because of the angry waves.

Alexander steered the boat forward, back to their destination and tried to keep control of the boat. It seemed that the waves were too hard to control and the boat started to shift in one direction. Alexander started to warn them that the boat was capsizing and they all prepared themselves.

[b]"Don't worry, just swim or float toward the island." [/b]Kat told Elizabeth, releasing her hold on the woman.

Before Alexander could finish, the boat capsized. Kat leapt from the boat in a dive position, slipping under the water. She stayed beneath for a while but her life vest pulled her up to the surface. Kat slipped out of the restricting floating device and let go of it, letting it get swept away. She sliced through the water slowly, she was tired but she could make it. Her arms wheeled, face coming up to take breaths as she swam for the island as fast as she could.

Kat finally made it onto the shore. She just stayed there on all fours and coughed up seawater she had inhaled. She wanted to stay awake, but the exhaustion got to her and she fainted.

Katchya woke up later after recieving CPR from Alexander. She checked she had all of her jewellery, since they were all special to her, then she said thanks and listened as he addressed the group, explaining the situation and introducing two others, and another man named Zachary seemed to have a lot of arguments.

The group left for a cave and Kat sat down and rubbed her chest tenderly, trying to warm herself up. She knew it was better to warm up her chest first instead of her arms or legs because the chest would provide heat for the other parts of the body. Kat pulled the soaked hair tie out and wringed out her hair and clothes, trying to get as dry as possible. Alexander proposed an idea to introduce themselves and say what they were good at. He went first, then looked behind him, at Graham. He went next and looked over at Kat. She stood from her position.

[b]"My name's Katchya, you can just call me Kat. I spend a lot of time outdoors too, being sporty and stuff. I have a lot of survival knowledge and medical knowledge from going through those courses at college. So if you need a doctor, you can come to me and I'll help the best I can. I'm also strong, fast, flexible and acrobatic so I think I should be able to help get food, whether it be hunting or foraging. If you all would like to get warmer, rub your chest slowly, you should start to feel warm in a while." [/b]she announced, then she sat down again and went back to rubbing her chest.

She saw a few other people follow her example, she waited patiently for the next person to introduce themselves.

[b][color=Black]OOC: [/color][/b][color=Black]Hope that was ok, let me know for changes.[/color]
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[COLOR=#F84E20][SIZE=1]Elizabeth spluttered as the lifeboat crashed through heavy waves, the small dinghy getting more waterlogged with each slow bit of progress they made. She paddled as hard as she could even though she could feel her muscles burning from exhaustion. Survival was all that was in her mind now and she managed to push the pain of fatigue back so that she could concentrate solely on getting to shore. To land. To life.

Then it hit, that massive wave seemed to come out of nowhere and the force of it knocked her body clean off the boat. She gasped as all the oxygen was knocked from her already depleted lungs and all she drew in was icy water. It seemed to come upon her so quickly, that never ending darkness swallowed her up as she struggled against the pounding water. She was disorientated and didn't know which was to swim and panic, as well as water, was slowly flooding her.

She managed to gain a little control over her body and realised she was floating upwards, tugged by the life jacket strapped tightly around her torso. In a few seconds that seemed like an eternity her head broke the surface of the foamy water, the salt stinging in her eyes and throat. Instincts kicked into gear and Beth thrust her arms up into the air, noticing the small rubber raft turning to be hit by another wave.

She felt so guilty and desperately wanted to shout for them to leave her and head to the island but almost immediately a hand was gripping the middle of her forearm and Beth lifted her soaked head to see another woman looking down at her, a determined but never the less exhausted expression on her gentle features. Beth reached out with her other hand to grasp her saviour?s wrist, forming a strong link between the two women.

She saw the woman's mouth moving, though the rushing of water around Beth's ears meant she couldn?t hear a thing. She knew what was going to happen though and almost immediately freed herself from the grasp of the brunette in the boat, pushing herself as far away from the boat as possible. In dismay she watched as it lurched violently to the side, it's passengers thrown out with amazing force. She couldn?t watch much longer and instead paddled to the shore, her body screaming in protest.

She wasn't strong enough, she knew it, and the seawater that had already flooded her lungs was still there. Even though the shore was only a short swim away, Beth felt her head spin and she slipped into darkness, twisting in the waves until she was eventually washed up to shore.

When she woke up she saw Alexander above her, his face settling into an expression of relief as she sat up slowly, a small trickle of seawater mixed with saliva running down her chin. Beth coughed and some more water spilled out, all she could do was nod her thanks to Alex as he stood and helped her up.

She swiped the back of her hand over her chin and followed, a little shakily, to where everyone was collected in a crowd. Alex soon took the incentive and addressed the crowd, introducing himself to get the ball rolling. Eventually others did the same and Beth noticed the woman who had saved her introduce herself as Kat and suggested that people start rubbing their chests to warm themselves up. Beth took the advice and got shakily to her feet to introduce herself.

[B]"My name is Beth and I think I can be quite helpful when it comes to food. I studied cooking for quite a number of years and it's certainly paid off, if anyone can provide me with food I should be able to make a good meal for everyone." [/B] she saw quite a few relieved faces. "[B]Also, like Kat, I keep myself in good shape so if anyone needs help in building or collecting supplies I'll gladly give assistance." [/B] she sat down again and looked around the crowd to see who would stand up next. A nice warm feeling of lethargy was settling over her body but Beth knew that sleep wasn't what she needed. Warmth came first, then organising somewhere to stay. She hoped dearly that everyone here would at least try to get on, given the extreme circumstances.

[B]OOC Hope that's all good ^_^ [/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Zachary sat silent amidst the roar of the water and the screams from the surrounding boats. The two other men on board often exchanged terrified glances with each other, but did not speak.

Another wave rocked the boat violently, forcing Zach to brace himself. The spray of salt water made him sputter and blink, and in a second the man furthest from him had fallen overboard.

The other man screamed and rushed to the side his companion had fallen from. The boat, meanwhile, tipped even further as the weight moved dramatically from one end to the other.

Zach swore passionatley, uttering obscenities that had once earned him a place a target for a judge's gavel, when he had spoken them with regards to the judge's offspring. Furious, he lept off the boat just as it capsized.

Completely soaked, he tread water hard to draw breath. The shock of it began to set in, and he felt the weight of his shoes and clothes. Like a madman, he swam for the still-bobbing lifeboat that had cast him out. Reaching it, he attempted to overturn it once more.

Gasping with effort, he flung the water-logged boat over, assisted by the swell of another wave. Climbing in, he attempted to start the motor. After a few false starts it rewarded him with a loud, friendly engine noise.

"Wait!" Gasped a voice to starboard. Zach spotted the imbecile who had capsized his lifeboat. From the looks of it, he wasn't a very strong swimmer, either. Sneering, Zach gunned the motor, leaving the hapless man to scream loudly until he was silenced by the next wave.

As he neared the island, the engine sputtered and died. With a curse, Zach attempted to persuade the motor to restart. No luck. As he sat several hundred feet, he noticed that his sodden feet were getting wetter. Swearing all the more violently, he began to bail.

Fortunately, the boat had not completely sunk by the time it glided onto shore. Amused, Zach surveyed his various peers who were not so fortunate. Almost half a dozen unconscious men and women lay on the beach, the shattered remains of at least one boat floating in the surf. Two of their number started to revive the fallen. Zach hopped off and strode towards them.

The least bedraggled man was speaking. [B]?Alright, we?re shipwrecked on an island, to all those who think this is some nightmare. Rhett and I dragged you guys here, and so here we are. What do you all say to finding a dry spot and talking there? The storm?s getting worse??[/B] He paused to stare back at the sea, which was breifly illminated by lightning.

[B]?I?m Alex, by the way, and that?s Rhett. She?s Annabelle,?[/B] He said as the thunder echoes receeded. [B]?And they?re the only people I know. So ? let?s find a spot to talk for a while, then decide what we want to do. How about it??[/B]

[B]?So? we?re supposed to follow you into an island, when we don?t know you??[/B] Zach interjected brazenly. [B]?I?m Zachary to you,?[/B] he added.

[B]?Zachary, no one knows anyone. So you?re going to have to trust my judgment, okay??[/B] Alex said, a bit rankled.

[B]?Hm? no.?[/B] Zach crossed his arms and stared at him.
?If you don?t want to, don?t follow. I?m not going to force anyone to do anything ? we?re all equal. Goodbye.?[/B] Alex said with a shrug. He turned away, in conversation with Rhett. The party, with some furtive looks at Zach and a few coughs, eventually followed. In disgust, Zach joined them. Apparently, this Alex fellow had a bit more to him than Zach thought. Still, if anyone was going to get them off the the island, it would be Zach. Only he could make the decisions that no one else had the guts to make. That, he was certain of.

After a while the party regrouped in a small cave. Alex was yammering again. [B]?Why don?t we go around saying our names and what we?re good at. That way we can get to know how we can utilize one another?s skills to survive. I?ll start. I?m Alexander, and I spend a lot of my free time outdoors. So I know how mother nature works, and I might be a good hunter, though I?ve never tried.?[/B] He looked around, as others timidly began to offer up their knowledge of some paltry hobby.

"Excuse me," Zachary interrupted after a few had spoken. "But who do any of you think you are? Cooking from berries and nuts? Knowing 'mother nature'? We're [I]lawyers[/I]. This is like an extremely poor joke, 'ten lawyers trapped on a desert island.'" Despite themselves, a few of them laughed. Alex looked as though he might say something, but Zach kept going. "We're not going to survive in this kind of environment, even if we make ourselves into savages. Don't you get it?" Zach took another step forward. "We need to be [I]rescued[/I]. Come on, you act as though it's impossible. You're forgetting that we have two salvagable lifeboats with some equipment. How do any of you even know that we're not just five miles from a larger island? A ship came this close to this island once, how many ships do you think come to Hawai'i every week? We have enough supplies to last us a few days, why don't we actually try and get [I]off[/I] this godforsaken place?!"

The others ceased their shivering and looked at one another. Despite the distaste for Zach that Alex had oh-so-gently cultivated in them, the allure of rescue and civilization had a powerful effect on them.

OOC: Sorry if this is a bit hostile, but I've noticed that no one else is roleplaying the evil jerk. Any desert island situation needs one, ... figured I'd take it on myself.

Edit OOC: Hope this is better, the boat is broken and unseaworthy. Also Zach says the boats are salvagable not intact. Not sure what I was thinking there ... having too much fun I guess. Sorry.
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[SIZE=1]Alexander looked at Zachary incredulously, his still-dizzy head swam for the right words to speak. After a brief moment of silence, he started his response.

?I will admit that a rescue is ideal, Zachary. I mean, it?s possible that we?ll be found, but I highly doubt it, and here?s why,? he took a moment, letting everyone brace themselves. Their moments of hope granted to them by Zachary would be sadly crushed. ?We were sailing on a yacht, which was for our intents and purposes, private. No black box to open up for the coordinates. This private yacht had no way to contact our harboring cities, so the rescue teams will have to retrace our planned path, and any possible deviations from that. Those deviations are probably miles wide ? they don?t know when we went down, how far we deviated from the plotted course, in which direction, how fast, none of those variables. The teams are going to search this huge expanse of ocean for the slight chance we managed to stumble onto a rock. Meaning?? he sighed at the end, ?they won?t search too hard.?

Zachary sneered at his comments, and returned the attack. ?But the ship came within a few miles of the island ? it?s definitely plotted and will be searched.?

?Yes, the ship came within a few miles of the storm. However, the ship was off course to begin with. We really have no idea how far off, since they didn?t tell anything. While we think we were in charted water, we cannot be certain.?

Zachary began to interject, but Alexander cut him off for the full effect of making his point.

?Which is precisely why we must act as if we are not going to be saved. Two out-of-gas, battered boats won?t get us but another few miles. How about this: whoever wants to try to leave, can hop in the remaining lifeboat and leave.?

No one took up the offer. Everyone eyed their neighbor, looking for someone selfish enough to even attempt to leave everyone else behind. Zachary?s eyes, however, remained fixed on Alexander with a tint of rage to them. Alexander?s intent was not to be rude, or heckle Zachary; merely to make sure the group understood that waiting for a savior was not the wisest plan of action.

?Zachary, is that you name?? Another man, whom Alex did not know spoke with sureness in his voice, slightly irritated. ?I resent the comment that we?re all going to die. We?re going to live if we actually try and not be a quitter like you.?

Again, silence enveloped the group, and after a respectable interval of time, the next person opened their mouth to introduce themselves to the group.[/SIZE]
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[color=darkslategray][size=1][i]Capsizing? What the hell?[/i] People screamed, a wailing, and quite annoying sound in his hair. Looking around, bewildered, Rick managed to gather that the storm had indeed done damage, and the ship, well, was going under at an alarming rate.

So Rick did what any sane person would do on a sinking ship. Grabbed his kinfe, his wits, and ran, trying to navigate the now drowning ship, as water began to fill in tiny holes, pouring into the boat with an ever increasing fevor. Rick just stuck with one command in his mind. [i]Run to lifeboats. Run to lifeboats. Run to lifeboats.[/i]

However, he managed to make a wrong turn, and end up in the kitchen. Cussing out the kitchen in a rage often unseen, he took the time to gather his knowledge of the ship. According to where he had been so far, he concluded that if he kept going forward in the hall ajacent to the kitchen's main doors, and took a few turns, through a few more rooms, and straight, he should have a straight run.

Nothing was ever that simple though. Another death moan and shake of the boat threw Rick from his feet, and the falling kitchenware threatened his very survival and conciousness, but as he managed to scramble to his feet, the door suddenly seemed so close, to the hallway. Running with his arm out, other oen wrapped around his face softly, the decorated glass door shattered as Rick crashed through.

His hand bleeding, a little while later Rick was piling into a life boat with some guy named Zachary, Donovan, and Jean. One guy wouldn't make it off that lifeboat and onto whatever shore the crew of the boat might meet on, though Rick didn't know it.

With a huge wave from the now almost fully sunken ship, the lifeboat capsized, trapping Rick and Jean, who hadn't managed to make it out. Thank god for the Carrol High Swim team. Rick's hands strayed to his lifejacket, and he took it off, as Jean resisted all attempts of Rick to help him get the yellow object off. Shrugging, knowing the boat would kill him soon, Rick took a breath, and plunged into the rocky cold water. Rick turned to see Zachary flip the boat back over, and get in, riding off without him.

"YOU SOUNVA..." Rick screamed, and started to swim after it, as the waves pushed him forward. However, the boat sped out of sight. Soon, Rick was too tired, and simply braced himself, trying to let the waves carry him to where he saw the lifeboats.

Rick let himself ride on the waves gently up to the shore, his blond hair wet and matted, his bandana somehow magically staying on. As everyone soon arrived, Rick felt bad for having left Jean. He had no time for regret, however, as Zachary the man "Zachary" made it clear that he was being a pessimist. Pulling his knees to his chest, and locking his hands, Rick told him,

"Zachary, is that you name?? Rick was a little irrtated that he couldn't see the good luck that they had gotten off the boat alive. ?I resent the comment that we?re all going to die. We?re going to live if we actually try and not be a quitter like you.?

Rick didn't know if Zachary was going to explode at him or not, so he continued on for the group. He was still pissed off that Zachary had left him behind.

"I've done my fair share of stuff, from writing to music. I guess I could record the amounts of supplies we have here, and write down scedules for what we should have as jobs. And the name's Richard, but call me Rick." [/color][/size]
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Allie wasn?t sure what happened to her. One moment, the lifeboats were heading for the island ? the next, she was lying face-up on a beach, and someone was leaning over her. She groaned, and rolled her head to the side. She hurt, and her skin felt raw. Sand scraped her skin painfully, and she began to cough up sea-water.

Once her lungs were cleared, she closed her eyes and tried to sort through her thoughts. As she did so, she listened to what the people around her were saying. She was helped to sit up, and then she listened closely to the rest of the conversation. She frowned. ?[b]My name is Allie, but all I can do is teach, and I know plants. I mean, I really know plants. I can tell what just about any plant is.[/b]?

She looked at Zachary with a baleful glare, and said, ?[b]And personally, I?m not sure I know what your problem is, but if any of us are going to survive, we have to work together.[/b]? There was a few nods of assent, and then Allie fought to urge to pass out again.

"[b]And now, I'm going to lie back down. I feel sick. If anyone needs me, I'm not going anywhere.[/b]"Blinking rapidly, she lay back down, laying one arm across her eyes to hide them from light, and she fought down nausea.

OOC: Rather short for a first post, but I don?t have all that much creativity working for me right now. -_- My posts will get better.
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[SIZE=1]Rhett was shoved back and forth violently as the passersby ran towards the area of lifeboats. He had already been outside, watching as the storm progressed. He was a little confused of what his chances might be. Should he make his way through the confused throng of passengers or simply dive into the water and hope for the best? Without much thought he removed his jacket, throwing it to the side as he leapt from the boat, his pointed hands the first to meet the cold water, followed by the rest of his arched body. He paddled heavily towards the closest mound of land. The jaded brown of sand just barely visible on the horizon as the water fought back valiantly.

Closeby was a boat with only two women aboard. They tried their best to paddle against the current, but without a strong frontal force the boat would flip long before it reached the island. His head hit the raft with a thud, causing them both to jump as he attempted to pull himself in. His fingertips just barely touching the floor, gripping tightly as he flung his dampened body to the bottom of the boat. He sat up quickly, shaking the hair from his face and grabbing a paddle. "Hey ladies," he said jokingly, making his way to the front of the boat and slamming his ore against the salty water below.

They both looked at him skeptically, but neither would deny help at such a desperate time. "Both of you paddle as hard as you can, I'll keep us on course and get us as close to the island as possible!" he shouted back at them. "What do you mean "close"? We've got to make it to the island," one of them spoke up, her face worried and covered by locks of moistened hair. "We won't be able to make it all the way, but we'll get close. Just swim as hard as you can, we'll make it, I promise." Rhett assured them, nodding in her direction so she might attempt to paddle and help save them.

The water never ceased in it's violent attempt to keep the boat from it's destination. The weather was relentless, Rhett's hair flapping wildly in the wind as the jets of water splashed over the edge of the boat, knocking him from side to side. He took the brunt of the ocean's fury, and it was beginning to wear on him. As they approached the island he finally lost control, the boat sliding far to one side and sweeping the ground from under them. Three bodies could be heard crashing into the water below, muffled shouts and splashing from the girls as they attempted to stay afloat.

- - -

Rhett used all the strength he had left to push himself from the giving sand of the beach. He made it, the muscles in his arms burned coarsely, causing him to wince a bit as he stretched them. Bodies were scattered along the beach, few actually showing signs of life as he walked along the cluttered shore. Soon he found Alexander, another like himself, still able to move after such an intense battle with the unforgiving sea. He was tired, yet agreed to help drag bodies from the shore and into the safety of the nearby jungle.

The rest of them began to wake one by one, not at all pleased with their surroundings and the constant release of water from their lungs. Alexander assumed the leader role almost immediately, doing his best to comfort the fellow island inhabitants and form some sort of plan for their stay on the island. As of now, however, we all thought it best to take shelter in a nearby cave. The storm hadn't yet ceased to rage and everyone was still in danger out here in the open.

Some of the group seemed skeptical of Alexander and his ideas were already being skewed and second guessed before anything had even happened. Rhett had already formed some sort of unspoken bond with this man and decided to support him in the decision, causing others to follow and branch away from the rebels already making themselves known within the group. As each person spoke up about themselves, Rhett finally decided it was his turn.

"The names Rhett," he said, rising from the cold rock floor and regaining balance on his weakened legs. "I don't do much," he said with a laugh, nervously scratching his head as the rest of the team watched on. "But I'm a pretty good swimmer, I might be able to catch us some fish now and then," he said somewhat confidently, attempting to gain the respect of the others.

[B]OOC: Hope this is alright.[/B][/SIZE]
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