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Sign Up Deception: A story of War, Bertrayl and Blades. [M-V,L, Possible S]


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[I]Hill overlooking Village of Kenai Clan, Japan. Day 1 of Siege [/I]

The Warlord surveyed the besieged villiage from atop a high Hilltop to the north and laughed as he watched his forces move to cut off all passes into the valley which the villiage was located. He had always hated the Clan Chieftian so when the man fell out of favour with the Emperor he jumped at the chance to eliminate this pest. This was the third leader which he had attacked the hometown of and each victory only added to his private militia and his territory.
He spun around angrily as one of his Generals approached his viewing point to report that the passes were blocked and there was no chance of any of the scum escaping. The Warlord waved this off and ordered the troops to hold positions, A Starved man cannot fight as well as a Healthy man so they would wait until there would be signs of scuffling inside, then they would attack.

[I]Village of Kenai Clan, Japan. Day 2 of Siege[/I]

As Lady Shun Kenai walked down one of the major streets of the Villiage, She could already sense some unease between her kin and other villiagers. The siege was nearing the peak of the second day of the siege and she was already fearful of her clans survival. "Milady" A voice said behind her which drew her attention away from her people. "Yes Hui?" She asked, wanting something to think about other than her people. "Your Brother has sent for you, He requires assistance devising a way out of this predicerment."
'That is what he would ask,' Shun thought to herself,' I am the most accomplished Strategiest in the villiage after all.' As the servant guided her away, she never saw the fistfight breaking out in a stall down the street, and never noticed the people pouring into the fight.

Half an Hour Later in the Villiage centre; Shun stood alongside her two brothers and her father standing over a table covered with a map of the region. They could define no easy escape from the villiage which wouldn't result in a fight and considering their foes superiour numbers then that wouldn't work too well. But before they could come up with a strategy, they were called away to stop the brawl that had erupted earlier.

Midnight, Village of Kenai Clan, Japan. Day 3 of Siege[/I]

Under cover of Darkness The attack begun; At first there was no signs of attack until the first catapult shots struck the Fortifications. This assult continued until the morning where there were large breachs in the walls, At a command from a General the army charged. The soldiers went through the breachs and started their slaughter, Torching buildings and killing the inhabitants. A litlle way off the bells sounded but it was too late, No one could prepare for battle and no one had a prayer.

Back in the home of the Villiage head, Lady Shun was making preperations but she knew that she couldn't fight and knowing that their enemy wanted the Villiage Head alive she knew that they wouldn't torch her home. Instead she chose to hide, shifting a few wooden planks on the ceiling and crawled through into the space between the roof and the ceiling of her room. Her Sword hung loosely at her side and even though she couldn't weild it well she wouldn't leave it. As she crawled between another narrow space to the roof she could finally see who it was that was responsible for the attack. The Warlord Don Zhu, The highest ranking man in the surrounding regions and The Emperors personally Lap Dog. Although she couldn't hear what was being said between Zhu and her father she could guess that it was about her father being accused of treason. Her father didn't get time to blink however as Zhu beheaded him with one slash of his sword. Shun knew to keep quiet, No matter how sick she wanted to be she couldn't die until Zhu was dead.

This is the same story around the country, Don Zhu whispers lies of Treason to the Emperor and the emperor commands Zhu to eliminate these foes. Dozens of Clans have been destroyed... no one has the numbers to beat this for on their own. The main characters of the RPG are those that are victims of Zhus evil or those that fight against the emperor already. Don Zhu must be stopped before he becomes too powerful for anyone to stop and can seize the reins of a nation.

Thats the backstory of the RPG and now to the rules. The RPG is set in fuedal Japan so try and have your character act like its from that period, No Magical Powers, No Modern weapons and No God-Modding. Guns are limited to Single Shot Flinters so don't get sneaky.

~~~~~~~~~~Character Generation~~~~~~~~

Name: Please, try and keep it Eastern.
Age: 14 +
Gender: Do I have to explain this?
Character Class:
Warrior- Your basic fighter class, No glaring weaknessess although not exactly too bright. No Weapon restrictions.

Sniper- Your basic long ranged character. Restricted to One handed Swords, Maces + Clubs, Daggers, Staves, Flinters, Bows and Crossbows. Are more likely to hit a Vital Spot with bows and arrows.

Rogue- A Robber, Quick on their feet and can disable traps easily. Can only weild One Handed Swords, Daggers, Maces + Clubs, Small Bows and Crossbows.

Priest- A Holy Man, They are Diplomatic and incredibly intelligent. Cannot weild bladed or Pointed weapons.

Samurai- Honourable Warriors, They are bound by a strict code and cannot break it on pain of death. Cannot weild Long Ranged weapons.

Ronin- A Samurai that has broken the code but has not commited Ritual Suicide. They can weild all weapons now that they are free from their code.

Ninja aka Assassisn- A Rogue that has been trained in the arts of Infilatraion, Stealth and murder. They are limited to smallish weapons and Smoke Bombs. They will also use things like Poisons, throwing daggers, Shuriukens. You know, Typical Ninja stuff.

I am open for suggestions about other character classes.

Weapon(s): Up to two, Keep it in mind with your class.

Personality: What your character is like in battle and outside of battle.

Appearence: Picture or Detailed Written Desctiption. See the emphasis of Detailed.

Biography: How your character got caught up in all of this and there lives up to this point.
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[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Michi/alias-Mikoshen

[B]Age:[/B] 17

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Character Class:[/B] Sniper

[B]Weapon(s):[/B] crossbow & daggers

[B]Personality:[/B] ?Tch. A personality? Who needs one of those? In battle, it?s either you or him. One of you has to die. There?s none of this said ?mercy? during the endless slaughter?you must be a cold and calculating as possible.? A least, that?s what the girl had said. Once fighting mode clicks in, there?s no mercy. She wouldn?t expect any, so she won?t show any. Michi prefers to kill quickly and move on to the next target. Her facial expression would be a constant frown.

?Oh no, kind sir. I?m just a traveling priestess, going where I am needed.? Out of battle however, is a different story. She?s a girl showing kindness and respect to everyone, even the enemy. Very laid back and carefree, she can bring a hopeful smile to anyone?s face just by her soft presence. Always with a smile and a light heart, a cryptic answer may sometimes follow another?s questions, whether spoken or unspoken. She is driven by her desire to stop Don Zhu.

[B]Appearance:[/B] A young lady walked down a road in the countryside, in the traditional robes of a wandering priestess. The long, wide hem red pants swished around her slender legs, and the wide sleeves of the white, red embroidered top fluttered in the breeze. The wind blew the strands of her long, light brown hair behind her, revealing the crossbow and arrows. Nothing but kindness and joy shown in her dark eyes as she stepped lightly down the road, earning a smile from those she passed.

This young lady had a secret. In the home of a kind local (a rebel contact) that was giving her shelter for the night, she changed into a plain, dark red kimono. There was a well-hidden slit in each side, for easy movement if things went wrong. A long ribbon held her locks of hair in a high ponytail, the ends of the black satin cloth at the exact height of her hair. They moved with her hair, weaving in and out with the locks, creating a darker hue in dimmer light. Daggers were at all times hidden on her person, now two of them were in a sash. The kind look was gone, replaced by a frown. The hard look in her eyes seemed to have turned their color to more of a mahogany hue. She had ?business? to complete.

[B]Biography: [/B] Lady Michi is the daughter of the leader of her home village. Although Don Zhu?s forces have not hit it yet yet, they heard what was happening all over the country. It was unacceptable. Her father wanted to stay secluded in the mountain village, honing the ?Great Plan? for defense against the day they all knew would arrive. He depended on the dangerous terrain and higher altitude to give them an advantage.

Michi knew that wasn?t enough. She practiced long hours every day, with help from the best sniper in the village. She had made known her plans to few people, leaving even her father out of the loop. She planed to leave the village to travel; helping rebel plans all over the country. However, before that could happen, Michi had to cool her fiery spirit down a bit through meditation, which she did at night.

On the day of her departure, Michi finally confronted her father, who of course disapproved. ?Posing as a priestess? What are you thinking?!? He had said, forcing to calm his anger. We would not want to worry the rest of the people in the village. ?To help out the people in other villages is in my head. We cannot wait until he gets to us, by then it?ll be to late!? She had the most determined look in her eyes, on that never lost a fight. Michi continued. ?If I can help just a little bit, or even lessen his forces by just a little bit, maybe I can even get word out and send help here.? No matter how much he disapproved and worried about her safety, not even the stern rule of her father could change her mind. ?If I forbade you to go, you would anyway,? he sighed. ?So I give you my blessing. Good fortune, Michi.? With a big hug, Michi was out the door and on her journey, now as the wandering priestess, Mikoshen.

To this day, she has traveled the country, hooking up with rebels and trying to help as much as she could, ether it be eliminating Don Zhu?s spies, or delegating to bring peace and allies to an allied fight. She refused to let the Emperor?s lap dog from taking over the country in mass slaughter. She cannot be everywhere at once though, and doesn?t know if her home village is still standing. She wanders the county known only by her alias of Mikoshen. [/SIZE]
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