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Sign Up Myth- Rebirth <M-V,L>


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Many will not remember the great War from over sixty years ago where the Legions of the Light destroyed the dark and soulless that was lead by Balor the Leveller. The King Alric, who at that time was just a powerful mage tricked Balor into revealling himself where Alric then severed the head of Balor and cast it into the great chasm while avoiding The Soulblighter.

Now 60 years have passed since the war and Alric has been crowned king but the darkness is found to be rising once more when a small child is found to have his eyes torn out and tells a story of a man whose chest was heavily scarred and had a frightening grin on his face who carried a huge halberd. The man was surounded by a flock of crows who were even darker than the darkness around him. The scarred man spoke into his mind " The world has fallen into chaos, And from the chaos the greatest fallen lord will arise, Slay the king who stopped me from taking the power of the leveller and bring the dark into the world once more. The figure then turned and walked back into the dark, leaving the crows to attack the boy.
The elves have withdrawn from their once great citys to flee eastwards from the coming darkness and the trow are retreating southwards from the maruding undead and mercenarys.

Now the nearly decimated legion are beginning to reform to fight the darkness that is arising to conquer the once great world and seal the peoples fate. A handful of the soldiers of the light have taken up arms to stop the darkness by severing the leader from his warriors and doing what Alric had done long ago.

Now many of you will think that this RP will be the same as the original but I am making a few changes. First of all I am broadening the Classes, Specifically the Mage classes allowing the people who join to align their magic with an Element and become a Elemental Adept. I am also allowing Multiclassing between certain classes, You will have the strengths of the two classes but also their combinded weaknesses



Weapon: (Nothing futuristic or modern)

Human- No class restrictions, No special skills

Dwarf- Can not choose Warlock, Shaman, Archer or Paladin, Can go beserk and possess infravision

Elf- Cannot become an Alchemist or a Paladin, possess powerful infravision and are able to charm animals.

Half Breed- Cannot become a Paladin, Possess weak Racial Abilities and are shunned by purebreeds.

Gnome- Cannot become an Archer, Ranger, Shaman, Knight or Paladin. Can mix potions quite well, also possess uncanny dodging ability

Trow- Cannot become Any type of Mage, Paladin, Ranger, Knight or Archer, Are werewolves

Old Classes-
Archer- A Ranged unit, Weilds a ranged weapon and a secondary weapon
Paladin- A mix between a cleric and a Warrior, Can carry two weapons
Warrior- A warrior, Can weild any weapon with aptitude. Can Multiclass
Ranger- A mix between a Druid and a Archer, Can weild bows and other weapons adeptly
Shaman- A spellcaster whose magic is deprived from nature
Mage- A spellcaster whose magic comes from anything other than nature. Can Multiclass.
Rogue- A person with no allegiance to anyone can include assassians, spys and theives. Can Multiclass
Cleric- A healer, Their magic is deprived from the gods. Can Multiclass

New Classes-
Soldier- Take a Warrior and make him or her formally trained.

Knight- Think a beefed up Paladin without the magic.

Mage Trainee- A person traing to be a mage. Are not powerful but can multiclass without as big a weakness.

Blaze Adept- A Mage training in the use of Fire magic. Cannot use water magic but can use wind magic well.

Rain Adept- A Mage training in the use of Water and Ice Magic. Cannot use Fire Magic but can use thunder magic well.

Storm Adept- A Mage training in the use of Lightning Magic. Cannot use Earth magic but can use air and water magic.

Air Adept- A Mage training in the use of Air and wind magic. Cannot use Earth magic.

Light Adept- A Mage training to use Light magic. Cannot use Darkness magic.

Dark Adept- A Mage training to use Dark magic. Cannot use Light Magic.

Earth Adept- A Mage training to use Earth magic. Cannot use Water magic but can use Fire magic well.

Appearence: Picture or Detailed description.

Biography: Just have it on how your character got involved in this.
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Name: Edrithic Mazure

Age: 36

Weapon: An enchanted staff of an ancient mage

Race: Human

Class: Dark Adept

Appearance: Edrithic is a frail man, thin, seeming near death. His fingers are spidery, eerie. His eyes are a strange golden brown color, and his skin is pale. What hair he has is grayed. Edrithic is a man who can cause the strong to feel on edge just by being in the room, and when he speaks they are set further on edge, with such a wispy voice.
Edrithic is clothed in many robes that are only slightly longer than he is tall. The robes are black with gold trim, but still very plain and un-assuming. Hidden within are many pockets and pouches in which he can store various materials.
He wears his hood over his head nearly all the time, as well as a pouch under his top robe that contains his precious spell books.

Biography: Edrithic is a strong mage, despite his relative youth. He had stumbled across the staff of a lost mage one of his travels, and also found a prized spell book. This put him in the eye of the higher ups, including the King. Edrithic has taken up the study of Black magic, devoting himself to his magic despite the pain endures. During one test he was heavily injured, which is why he looks the way he does.
With the rise of this powerful dark lord Edrithic saw a great possibility of gain. His astonishing success in his studies is what pushed the higher ups to grant him permission to assist in any undertaking to destroy the evil.
Edrithic seems like a self serving bastard many times, but he is loyal to his friends, even if he refuses to use the word friends, or loyalty. He has a strange and twisted way of thinking, and some times his lust for more power may cloud his judgment. But with a bit of persuasion he will come to his senses and realize the task at hand.

Edrithic is not trusted by many, and untrusting of most, but his friends will find that he will prove loyal when he is needed most.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B]Sinnato Saden

[B]Age:[/B] 30

[B]Weapon:[/B] Long Bow and short sword

[B]Race:[/B] Human

[B]Class:[/B] Ranger

[B]Appearence:[/B] Sinnato looks exactly how he lives, a rugged man with dark green clothes and a stong wool cloak with leather boots build just for the rough tarrain of the forest. His arms and chest a bit more muscular then the rest of his body, considering his bow is hard to pull, his eyes are a dark brown and his hair is a light brown coming just below his shoulder. He always has his hair tied back so it doesn't get in his eyes when he shoots his bow or is forced to fight with his short sword. His cloak has a broad hood to cover his face during the raining seasons, he wears a short sleeved ranger hide armor which could resist a sword attack but a strong arrow could penetrate easily. When he speaks his voice is very commanding but quiet, he chooses to talk very few words and only speaks aloud when it becomes use full to anybody he is working with.

[B]Biography:[/B] Sinnato started out as a simple farm boy, he would work on the farm for most of the day then go back to his home and play with his brothers and sisters. This was true for several years, until he turned 16, on that day Sinnato would walk away a different person. One day when Sinnato was playing with little sister, someone knocked on the door and his father answered, a man in a black cloak was standing outside of his door his face covered due to the rain. When the man in black came into their home he began to discuss things with his father, Sin wasn't sure what they were talking about but the more they talked the more his father got angry. After about 5 more minutes of them talking his father stood up and drew a knife, Sin heard the man in black laugh and pulled out a wicked look dagger and stabbed Sins father in the stomach. And from that point, it went down hill for Sin. His mother was killed next, then his oldest sister was killed, then his youngest brother, next was his littlest sister and he was the last left over. Sin was on his knees over his little sister that had just been killed, the man was standing over him ready to finsih this family and be done with it. Then Sin looked up and stared in the mans eyes that were now visible, the man seem to faulter, he tweacked his head a little and saw anger and hate in the eyes of a once kind and friendly boy. Right then the man decided that he would train this boy to be a wilderness survivor, he would make this boy a ranger. After he took Sin out o fhis home, the man burned down the house and carried Sin off into the forest, from that point he used Sins' anger and hate for him to fuel his determination to be the best ranger he could. During the course of several years the man in black taught Sin everything there was to know about survival in the forest. He learned everything from how to track down a deer when it rained to how to shoot a bow to how to use a dagger effectivly. When Sin turned 26 he had learned everytihing the man taught him he made on quick and deadly move, he killed his master. He didn't feel bad doing so either, he felt like he did his family a service, after that he disappered into the forest. He reappered 4 years later in this new conflict, after seeing so many familys killed and so many homes burned he knew he should do the samething he did so long ago.[/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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Name: Sylava Whitehammer

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Race: Half Breed (Human 3/4,Elf 1/4)

Weapons: Sylvana uses a Long Sword that all Knights in Training are given.

Class: Knight of Tyr, 3rd class Trainee

Appearence: [IMG]http://www.suikosource.com/images/chars/c/chris01.jpg[/IMG]
Sylvana already wears the traditional armour and garb of a Knight even though she should wear the Tunic and leggings. She does not look Elven except for her eyes.

Sylvana was born into a Family of Soldiers who lived in the walled city of Sulon Dhalis and was trained to fight since she was 12. Until her 21st birthday, Everything happened smothly and without trouble until she was accepted into the Knighthood of Tyr which was past the Plains of Death. Nevertheless, Sylvana attempted to cross the plains and nearly lost her life if not some Desert Dwelling Half breed Outcasts. They cared for her and aided her in her travels but did not leave the Plains of Death because they were the scum of society, Those of mixed blood who were not accepted anywhere.

After more travelling, Sylvana found Tyr and finally began her formal training as a Knight in defense of the Human Capital city of Tyr. Her small world was turned upside down when she was intoduced to a way of living where Honour and Loyalty was everything. She is nearing her completon of training as a Knight and was told that if she could help defeat Soulblighter then she would be accepted as a fully fledged Knight, First Class.
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