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Discuss Paradox- My Story <M-V,L>


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The young theif shifted uncomftorbly in his seat, He was not even a proper member of the theives guild and he was called to the Guild Masters office. 'This could only be trouble,' He told himself as the second-in-command read through the formalities which caused even more unease with the youth. Once the speech finished, The Guild Master began to talk about Honour amongst theives and about his inpending entry into the guild.

"Now, I'm sure that you'll want to just get onto assignments and the such but this is important" The Guild master said with a sly edge to his voice. When the Guild Master told him of his first assignment, His jaw nearly dropped; He was told that he was to rob the mansion of the most powerful man in the city so he could be seen as a true Theif. Once he was dismissed, The youth nearly ran out of the room to prepare for what would happen tonight.... Not knowing that this job would change his life.

In the mansion the theif will find an amulet of Dimension Warping which causes him to dissapear then reappear in another world when he accidentaly activates it. The theif reappears in a city that is full of vagabonds, outcasts and other people who were bought here by accident or design. While he is Unconcious from the pain of Dimension Travelling, The amulet is stolen so he is forced to enlist help to find the amulet which was given as a gift to a local Overlord who just happens to command powerful magic and a large army.


Well, That is the story behind it and it is an odd storyline to say the least. This thread is just to say what you think of it.
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I will be setting up a Recruiting thread for this RPG but It will proberbly be sometime during this week. I'm scripting the Game which this is in conjunction with on RPG Maker 2003 as well as being out of school with Lyrengitis and Pheryngitis.
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