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RPG Dogs of War [M-LV maybe S]


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The Admiral watched the logs form the ship then hit a button. "Prepare for war"

Several months later
Dante walked down the hall and into Sho's main office. He was looking out the window watching the snowstrom that was going on. Dante walked up and bowed to one knee in the center of the room. "If bring good news, sir"

"What is it?"

"The human camp has been destroyed like all the others and I have brought you the leader of the group for your questioning"

Sho turned around as another Vorca walked in with a human female in front of him with a collar around her neck that was attached to the chain the Vorca was holding. "Rise"

Dante rose as the other Vorca knelt. The human still stood and the Vorca hit the human in the back as he stood back up causing her to fall to her knees, but she still kept her head up and was staring straight ahead. The Vorca rasied his hand again. "Bow your head human" Dante caught his hand. "Control yourself. Humans are fragile and she is needed to Lord Sho. Have you given her anything to eat or drink?" The cold air made his breathe come out in streams of fog.

The other Vorca snorted and shook his head. "No sir"

Dante knelt to his knee and produced a flask of water which was large to her and a small piece of bread. He took his unarmored hand and gently tilted her head down and set the food and drink in front of her. He then rose and turned to Sho. "I will leave you to your work" He and the other Vorca bowed and left. Dante made his way through the snow covered streets to his house.

Basicly your post should just be something to get you started, like a conversation with one of your slave or with another person or character. Have fun
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Norrick sat silently at his table and clapped his hands, four female slave enterd with trays, two human to of an alien species. They layed the trays infront of him and removed the covers, underneath were large sections of various types of meat with only vegetable garnish. He reached and grabbed one of the slaves and said " Are you happy?" She turned her head slightly down " Would you rather I torture you to death instead." "No, my lord." Norrick smiled " Precisely what I desired to hear. He loved to taunt his slaves as such. "Is anyone unhappy, because if you are it would make me unhappy and we can't have that can we." They all turned there heads to the ground " Well can we." He proclaimed in a loud commanding voice " No, My lord" they all chimmed at once " very good. He began to laugh as he started to eat, ripping huge chunks of meat at a time.

As he eats he hears a slight russel behind him. He cuts a V shape out of a plate and hurrles it behind him with great force, it's the body guard assigned to him by the joint council. "Doran, what are you doing in my house?" Doran realizing he can't pull himself free quickly tries to explain himself " Bt sir the council orderd me, I can't go against there joint decision, not even for you" Norrick sets a large pigs leg down on the table and walks over to Doran and grabs his free arm. he slowly draws his hand down Dorans arm til he reaches his hand. He takes hold of his pinky finger and snaps it as Doran lets out a loud yelp. " If I catch you in my home again i'll break more than this finger." Doran looks u at him " But sir the councils order?" Norrick smiles " Then be extra quiet next time." He pulls the plate free and let's Doran go. He turn and go's back to eating.

He calls for one of his slaves to return. The young woman from before comes out "Yes my Lord, what is your wish?" He ushers her closer. She walks slowly closer, obviously frightend by the smile on his face god only knows why hes so happy. He takes the empty tray and smacks her across the face with it " I'm finished take these plates away and prepare my bath. Shenow bleeding profusely from her nose gets up and quickly gathers the things from the table. Nrrick sits there watching and smiling as she hurries fearing for hear life. Suddenly another slave enters " My Lord you have recieved a summons from the concil" Norrick appearing slightly irratted " What do the old men want? " The slave now appearing even more frightend quickly said " I don't know my Lord." she bowed and left quickly before he took out his frustration on her. "Very well." He turns to the woman cleaning the table as she egins to leave " You, you better have my bath ready before I return or a nose bleed will be the best thing that will happen to you." She turned pale " Yes My Lord" he turned and left to the council building for the meeting.
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Guest Night_wolf
Shaodw alked through the streets of Tockra Vivec. He passed by a large building and stopped. He looked up as he heard yelling inside. He walked in and looked around. They were auctioning off slaves. He looked around and saw Jinsen off in the corner. Shadow retreated into the shadows and appeared behind him. He tapped on the floor to let him know he was there.

"I was wondering when you were going to come. Figured you be here any minute" He looked up as another slave was sold. 'You can make good money off of this" He steepled his fingers and rested his head on them. "Helps to have you get them before the Vorca do. Then I wouldn't have any business"

Shadow smiled. "Maybe you should pay my more then" He caught movment out of the corner of his eye. A large Vorca was coming with a human girl in tow by a chain and collar. "Yugo"

The Vorca grabbed the girl and threw her on the table in front of them. "Dance" He sat down as she started to dance on the table for them. "Shadow, Lord Jinsen"

Shadow watched the girl move. She was by far one of the more finer slaves. Yugo had to kill her previos owner in order to get her and had killed all of the other ones that tried to do the same to him. "Your going to lose her someday"

Yugo laughed. "Never"

Shadow saw a Thanack come up.

"Lord Jinsen. There has been another meeting called. Both cities are meeting"

Yugo laughed as they stood up. "Now I can show her off" He yanked her down. The force knocking her to the ground. "Get up, bitch"
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Jinsen walked out of his slavery and into a large wagon. It was pulled by many human males. They took off after Shadow and Yugo and his slave got in. After a hour they stopped for the humans to take a break. 'Don't want to kill them now."

Yugo turned away in disgust. "Worthless creatures"

Jinsen stepped out and looked over the desert at the city in the distance. The city was in the exact center of the border. Half in one desert and half in the other. It felt really good there all year round, but only the Alpha's were allowed to stay there. They were the only one's he answered to. 'It will be great to see Sho again. He's really the only Breazon from Fraden that I care to talk to. Him and his Vorca leader. Too bad we don't have him at Tockra"

Yugo snarled. "He's nothing, I'll show you"

Jinsen smiled as they took off again.
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Dante stopped as a Thanack walked up to him.

"you have been summoned, Lord Sho is waiting for you at the wagon"

Dante nodded as he opened the door to his house. "Tasha let's go" He held the door open as a short blondehaired girl walked out. She had blue eyes and a fare skin complextion. She was one of the more sought after slaves and he had already had to kill for her. Unlike most other Vorca he respected her and and treated her fairly. He made sure she was always taken care of. He gently picked her up in his arms and carried her to the wagon. He sat her in the back and climbed in next ot her.

She fixed her black collar with diamonds in it and then her hair.

Dante saw one of Sho's bodyguards turn around and stare at her. He snarled making him whip back around. He knew no one wanted to mess with him. He was by far the strongest in the city. He had used his strength to get Sho to the top after he had listened to his plans of how he was going to do things. The wagon moved as the snowstorm picked up. He took off his helmet and handed it to Tasha, who covered her face as to protect against the wind and snow. He was used to it and it actually made him feel stronger. He noticed the humans were haveing a harder time then usual. The storm was picking up and had become worse then normal ones. Human males were hard to replace for this job, since they weren't take care off. Dante climbed out as the lead human of the team fell down and died. He went to the front and grabbed the two beams and started pulling. He could tell the humans were grateful,but he wasn't doing this for them. Lord Sho was never late and Dante always made sure of that.

OOC: Everyone needs to head to the city of Apha's. They are basiclly the rulars of the planets. And yes Ice_Faclon0 that will be okay.
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Norrick, now fully dressed in battle attire with along blue robe draping over his shoulders with a high collar, began to his carriage and left for the city of Alpha's. He was still slightly irratated since he knew it would just be an hour of old men talking. He yearned for a good fight, something he had been denid for quiet some time. As he left he thought of Dante, his last worthy adversary. True they were of the same army, but Dante was the only one he could never defeat in combat. He desired to find another ,preferably an enemy, who could provde a worthy fight.

The humans slowly dredged through the visous snow storm outside. They sufferd at Norricks amusement. If he couldn't fight he was miserable so he liked to see others in misery as well, this pleased him greatly. He continued to think to himself what they could be calling a meeting for. " Maybe a new war to fight." He said to himself almost trembling with excitement. he looked outside and saw that they were approaching alpha city. He was curious and already a little bored.

He walked toward the door to the council chamber and made his ususal commanding entrance, slamming the double doors open with a loud thump and demanding to know the reason for his summoning. The alpha leaders calmly looked down on him " Head Vorca council from Fraden Vivec please tack your chair while others arrive." He seemed even more irritated, bowed slightly and took his seat to await the arrival of the others. This was already turning out boring.
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Miya was halfway dragged from the carrige when they reached the city. She despised how she was treated but couldn't do a thing about it. If she did then she would be punished. After they entered she was put on the bar and told to dance. She did her normal routine as she always did.

Yugo went around and showed her off. "This is the best slave in both Vivecs"

Another Vorca pointed over where a Vorca in black armor with another girl sitting on his knee dressed in black fur were at. "I don't know, maybe if you had both of them. Cause she is a fine slave I hear. But I wouldn't mess with him"

Yugo's ears went up. "Why is that?" He grabbed Miya off the table.

Miya fell to the floor from the force and was yanked up by a yank from the chain.

The Vorca leaned in close. "That's Dante, the strongest Vorca in both Vivec's they say"

Yugo laughed. "I seriously doubt that. I'm the strongest in Tockra Vivec and we are always stronger than the Fraden Vorca"

The Vorca frowned. "Why don't you go test that?"

Yugo dragged Miya across the floor and over to the table were Dante and Tasha were waiting at while Sho was in the council. "You Dante?"

Dante looked up, his eyes cold and harsh. "And if I am"

Yugo threw Miya in front of him. "I challange you to Sloca Tri. A fight to see who is strongest" The room went quiet.

Miya hung her head. Her master was always out proving he was the best and now he was going to kill someone from Fraden to prove that they were weaker. She looked up as the council doors opened and one of the Alpha's was standing there.

"Sloca Tri. Get the place ready" He clapped his hands.

Miya was put on a table as the center of the room was cleared and most of the Vorca were yelling as were the Purain and Thanack. The Breazon were silently watching. She knew what they were doing. Trying to find out who the winner was so they could ally themselves with them. She watched as Dante slowly stood up setting Tasha gently on the table and laid his weapons next to her.

Yugo threw his weapons to the ground and cracked his knuckles. as they both walked to the middle. Yugo started to pace around Dante who just stood there. "So your they mighty Dante, the one who killed a thousand Tockra soldiers with your own hands. One of the few Vorca able to see a Thanack and able to even slightly hear a Purain. I say all that is shit" Yugo charged Dante.
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Dante dodged Yugo's strikes easily. He hadn't doen this in a long time. His eyes remained cold and harsh, all of the killing and war could be seen in his face. He sidestepped another strike easily. 'You should of fought Norrick first. If you could beat him then my secoond then you would be ready to fight me" He dodged another. 'Doubt that you could of beat Norrick though, strong fighter he is and has great potential. He will make a fine leader when I'm gone"

Yugo snarled. 'Looks like he is going to get a promotion soon, cause after I beat you, I'm going to kill you and take your slave bitch"

Dante caught his hand. His eyes were like blue snowstorms. He punched Yugo in the stomach sending him across the room and into the wall breaking several tables on the way.

The Alpha clapped. "End" The room was completely silent.

Yugo climbed out of the wreckage. 'Lucky hit and that you knocked me on my back. He picked up his war hammer and let out a bark. Four more Vorca one with a large sword, another with a zimbato, one with a flail, and one with a halbred circled him. 'Kill him"

Dante ducked under the zimbato and stabbed the Vorca in the chest with the claws on his armored arm. He caught the flail's chain as the ball went by and pulled the vorca towards him. He wrapped it around the Vorca's head and tightened it. The Vorca's neck crushed istantly. Dante stepped back as the mace came for his head then quickly went in putting his claws through the Vorca's neck. The Vorca with the halbred charged him from the front as Yugo came form behind. Dante grabbed the halbred below the blade and flipped the Vorca into the air. He dodged Yugo's strike as he threw the halbred pinning its owner to the wall dead. He caught Yugo by the scruff of the neck. 'Next time you need to..." He stopped as he knocked the hammer away. "...wait there isn't going to be a next time" He cut a huge gash in Yugo and let him fall to the floor dead. "Get your dead Tockra Vivec" Several soldiers came out and cleaned up the mess as Dante walked over to Miya. Dante bought his hand up and reached for Miya's collar. She slowly began to back away. Dante gently wrapped his arm around her stopping her and broke her collar off. He then brought out on simliar to Tasha's and fastened it around her neck. He carried her over and set her down next to Tasha. "Can I get a drink over here?" He saw Sho ,who nodded at him as he and the other members went back inside. Dante thought to himslef as the place went back to normal. "Hope they declare war, I need to fight again"
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Occ: Sorry I wasnt able to post. My internet was on the fritz.

Show quietly took his seat and closed his eyes. He listened intentivly to what the other members had to say. Every now and then he would give a grunt or a small grunt of a laugh when they asked him something.

"Breazon Sho. What is your opinion on the matter concerning the portal to the human home planet?" Another elder Purian asked as the entire cauncil sat down from their conversation.

"Well, if you ask me. There are a lot of difficult situations with this matter. Firstly, what is their planet like? How are we going to adept to their environment? Yes, we know that we can survive on their planet, because the captives we have now survive unless we push them, but what differences are there?" He slowly opened his eyes as a Vorca stood up.

"This is bill shit! I say that we go and kill them all. Who cares what the procedures are?"

"Norrick, do you really want to be responsible for the death of your entire troops is the human's conditions are different? I don't think that you are even that stupid." Sho stood and began to walk out of the council.

"Sho, why do you leave? Your opinion is well needed." The oldest elder stopped him at the door.

"Forgive me elder. He may be on the council, but he has no respect for the lives of his men. The same men that protect him from being killed by an army like mine." He made as small grunt and walked out of the Great Hallway.

"Sho, that was a quick meeting. You normally take about two hours." Dante stood up and walked over to Sho, his two slaves fallowing behind him.

"They are all a bunch of ignorant muts. You of all people should know how I feel about this council. I thaught it was much better before all of the newer members joined." Sho sighed as they both took a seat.

"That I do old freind. Where does the council stand on the matter at hand? Do not share if you do not feel the need to." Dante took another sip of his drink as the waitress braught another one for Sho.

"Norrick is as dumb as ever. He wishes to just charge into battle, not even knowing what the conditions are."

"Is that not why you are here? You are probably the best tactition this planet has, yet you do not wish to decide a plan with the council. Why?" Dante looked from his slaves back to Sho.

"It is not that I do not wish to help, yet it is that I do not feel like I should. I only wish to protect my home, not everyone elses. If the enamy come knocking at my door, then I shall be the one that does more than knock back." He smiled as he turned to Tasha, who bowed.

"Where are my manners, Tasha, it is good to see you agian. You look like you have been well taked care of." He smiled faintly as she nodded.

"And who might you be? The result of that little dispute? Seems like you have gotten yourself another good one my friend." He turned to the new slave who looked down and away.

"T-thank you, sir."

"Now, Dante, tell me. Where do you stand on your army? I wish to now their status. Are they ready for a war?" He turned back to DAnte who looked from the new slave back at Sho.
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Dante smiled. "When have I not been ready. Every attack on our city. It was always my troops to be the first ones out and the last back. We make sure everything is done. Tockra Vivec on the other hand is always ill prepared."

A Breazon stood up along with several Vorca and Thanack. "What was that? You should watch your mouth?"

Dante looked at Sho. "May dispose of these insolonets who have no respect for their elders"

Sho cocked his head. "Your about the same age as them"

Dante frowned. "That doesn't matter. I need to keep my skills up and humans are too easy and stationary targets don't taste good and are boring"
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Jinsen frowned as Sho left the room. "Still the same old mutt he's always been" He looked as one of the Aplha walked over to him.

"What is your decision?"

"All out war, we could use the food and the slaves. That's what I say and since The fraden Vivec goverener walked out and I know that all of Tockra Vivec is behind me, my word goes"

The Alpha raised his hands. "It is decided then, we prepare for war and finish the gate"

Jinsen walked out of the council room and saw Dante and Sho sitting there. "Weak like always, I see. Funny how all I have to do is wait for you to leave then whatever I want happens" He smiled as a frown appeared on Sho's face. He turned and walked outside and into the wagon with Shadow, and his bodyguard behind him. "Back to Tockra Vivec, we must prepare immediatly"
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Miya watched Jinsen leave then looked at Yugo's dead body. She was glad to get away from him, but now she was with another one, who could somehow be worse. She sat down next to the other girl and stared at the floor.

"What's your name?"

Miya looked up at the other girl. "Uhhh...Miya" She was confused at how she didn't get slapped for talking.

"Mine's Tasha and he is Dante. That guy right there is Sho and the Vorca over there is Norrick"

Miya looked up at Dante then back at Tasha. "Why do you not get punished for talking when you are not supposed to?"

Tasha got a confused look. "Umm because Dante is nice and doesn't do that. He took me from the ship so no one sles got a hold of me. He said that they would do terribl things to me"

"You don't want to know what. So he gets you nice clothes and everything"

Tasha motioned with the fur coat around her. "Yep, he'll buy you stuff to"
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Guest Night_wolf
Shadow sat beside Jinsen in the wagon. "So what is the plan?"

"We build our army stronger to take care of this Human threat and if those mutts from Fraden Vivec try anything, we will be ready"

"Basiclly a war is going to start" He smiled as Jinsen nodded. "Good, I've been wanting to put them in their place"

After they reached Tockra Vivec, Shadow headed for the traing grounds where the Purain usually practiced. He walked in and looked around. "Who is ready for a challange"

Several Purain came into view with weapons drwan. "So you want to fight Lord Shadow"

"I said I hated that" He drew his twin short swords and charged, letting off all the stress and worries that were bothering him.
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Sho looked down at Tasha and smiled. "Tasha, you should know better. You know that Dante is not the only one to give you presents. What about that necklace you always wear?" He watched her blush a little.

"Please forgive me, Lord Sho. I forgot that you give me gifts as well." He bowed her head as Sho put his hand on it and gently rubbed it a little.

"Now, back to buisness. Dante, I was wondering. The gate should be open in about a week. Do think your troops will be ready then?"

"Of course. You know my troops are always ready. Will you have the strategy we need when its ready?" He gave a teasing smile.

"Depends. I would like to send Leon, and a member of his team to check things out first." Sho looked down at his left wrist at his crossbow.

"Your Purian? Explain why. If you don't mind."

"I do not want the humans to see us at first. I want them to get a feel of the place and give me a report on the conditions that our armies will undertake."

"I understand. They are the quietist, and the most level headed after you." He watched as Sho stood up and sighed.

"Dante, you do know that one day I will find another way to make a gate. There has to be another way besides the life of another." He extended his hand for Dante.

"Somehow, I understand, but the side of me that likes to kill thinks its the best way to deal with certian slaves." He shook Sho's hand and stood himself.

"I am going to return to Fraden Vivec. The council members there will want a report on the discussions here."

"Shall we go with you? It is a dangerous trip."

"Do not worry, my friend. Take the time off. You need to make sure that new girl is properly taken care of. And we both know that this is the best place to get her everything she needs." He patted Dante on the back before stepping into his wagon and headed twards Fraden Vivec.
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