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RPG Fantacies Desire/Realities Sin 3 [M-LSV]


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[RIGHT][SIZE=2][B]Fantasies Desire / Realities Sin [M-LSV][/B][/SIZE][/RIGHT]

[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][CENTER][B][SIZE=1][FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][I][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]In the mountains of Scotland, looking out onto the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean against its rocky shores; is a Mansion named ??Heavenly Home.?? A single man lives within the mansion with a multitude of servants; for years, he has been choosing individuals from all over the world to participate in a game which he has prepared for them. He is very wealthy...and wishes to fulfill the desires of these poor souls.[/COLOR][/I][/FONT][/SIZE][/B]


The house is completely dark...nothing is steering but the wanderings of a naked...withered old man. He is quite old.....and yet he is not. His appearance is younger than the years that have blessed him. It's been so long that he's forgotten his birthday...his memories...lost.

All that remains of him is this grand estate; filled with every desire that can be imagined. Even magic resides here...

Walking through the halls...voices...whispers can be heard in the darkness.......of things...terrible things...unspeakable things...

Arriving finally to his chambers, he takes his seat next to a massive desk with monitors, computers, and every kind of electronic device conceivable in espionage...it seemed like the entire house was under his control from this very spot.

The light from the monitors brightened his face as you could see the black patches underneath his eyes as he glanced at the view of all that he owned and controled.

Leaning over to a microphone...he pressed its yellow button and spoke into it.

[B]"It is time..."[/B]

Immidiately, the entire mansion lite up in all of its magnificant glory as lights burst to life across the estate. Nothing seemed to be covered in darkness....except for certain areas untouched by light.

The masters chambers became bright itself which seemed to bring new life to his face as it changed slightly into a more healthier form........the voices were gone.

Soon the mansion was loud and energetic as hundreds and servants and maids flooded his halls...preparing for their most honored guests. They were to be at their disposal...

Leaning back in his chair...the master of games gave out a sigh as he relaxed his acking body...slowly coming back to life in the light. Over an intercom in his room...a servants voice could be heard.

[B]"Master...we are already receiving responses to your invitations...shall we proceed?"[/B]

Somewhat annoyed at the servants interruption of his rest...the master stood up from his chair and began to dress himself.
"Yes Julius....you may proceed with the preperations...........is it locked?"[/B]

[B]"Yes my master....it is."[/B]

[B]"Excellent...see to it that our guests are warmly welcomed and accomidated in every way. All of their needs are to be met...do you understand?" [/B] The masters voice was soft and yet strong...profound...a tone that demanded obediance and respect.

His choice of attire for this event was that of black robe with red lining underneathe with a white shirt and pants underneathe. The most simplest of colors...and yet the most eligant and most power combination.

Picking up his cane...long and black with a silver handle with a red ruby in its head...the master of games made his way around the castle...to make sure that everything was perfect...anxiously awaiting them to arrive.


Alright...here begins the popular Fantacies Desire/Realities Sin 3. For those who've played this before...it's the same as before with the beginning post. Everyone is to write a email response to the master...including a reaction and opinion about this little game.

After writing the email...be creative...and make your way to the mansion where you will be greeted by everyone else...as well as The Master. Everything else will be explained once you arrive including the rules and boundries of the mansion...I will be posting a underground for any questions or concerns that you may have.

I hope you are looking forward to this just as much as I am. I am determined to see this through to the end...whether it may end with all of you...or just a small few of you.

Be creative...and enjoy...please remember to be curtious of other writers and of the rules and suggestions that have been put in place.

Have fun..........while you still can.........[/CENTER][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Mieruru waited outside the door to the internet café for a full six hours, contemplating happily her good fortune. And for good reason; after living out on the streets for the better part of six years, who wouldn't accept a gracious invitation to a beautiful mansion in a far away land? And on top of that, there was some sort of 'game' to be played. How exciting!

By the time the café closed, it was almost pitch-black outside. Mieruru watched the door patiently, waiting for the last person to leave. She had kept very close watch over everyone that had come and gone since she had gotten kicked out earlier that day. Finally, the last person left. In the blackness of the night, nobody would notice a little girl silently slipping through the closing door as someone left the building.

Mieruru checked, double-checked, and double-double-checked her surroundings, then did the whole thing again. When she was convinced that there was absolutely no possibility of anyone seeing her, even from outside, she pushed a button, and a computer buzzed to life, the moniter flaring up for a moment before displaying the desktop. Mieruru smiled, clicking on the internet icon and accessing her e-mail.

To: the Master of Games
From: mieruru-rin
Subject: the Contest

Dear Mr. Master of Games,
Thank you for this wonderful offer! I would be honored to come to your mansion and play your game. I'm not sure why you picked me to come, or even really how you know about me, but...It sounds like a wonderful time - even without the prize, which I must admit I don't know what I'd do with. The rules you supplied in your e-mail seem a bit strange, but I'm sure it'll be explained when I get there. Once again, I'd like to thank you for this offer.

P.S: Your escort can find me on a bench at Hayatsou and 16th in Tokyo. I'm sorry to say that I'm somewhat...lacking in a proper house at the moment.

Mieruru clicked the 'Send' button, waited for the message to be sent, and silently turned off the computer. By the time she made her way out of the internet café - luckily, nobody ever locked the doors from the inside - the smile that had slowly been creeping across her face couldn't be contained anymore, and she let out a rather inordinately loud giggle as she walked toward the bench she said the escort could find her at.

At roughly three o'clock that morning, Mieruru smiled once again as a sleek black limo pulled up to the curb right in front of her. the tinted window slid silently down, revealing two men seated in lavish leather chairs. The man sitting in the passenger seat looked briefly down at a slip of paper.

"Are you...Mieruru Merrin?" the man asked politely in Japanese, reading her name off the paper. Mieruru smiled and gave a polite bow.

"Yup, that's me!" she answered happily, practically shaking with the excitement.

"Please get in, make yourself comfortable," the man said politely, and the back door opened on it's own. Mieruru nodded with yet another polite smile, and hopped into the limo. They slowly, silently made their way towards the airport with the lights off, as if they didn't want to be seen. Understandable, considering what they were doing, where they were going.

The airport was comepletely uneventful and inconspicuous. There was already a small, private plane waiting for them, and the flight was totally perfect in every way - except there were no peanuts. When they arrived at the mansion at around eight o'clock (according to the time zone the mansion was located in), however, was a totally different experience.

Mieruru's eyes brightened in wonder. How could such a beautiful place exist in the world? Compared to the cramped, city-style atmosphere of Tokyo, this place was like heaven! And she hadn't even gotten to the front gate yet. The two men that formed her escort led her to a wide clearing that seemed almost like a courtyard. On of them looked down and spoke softly to her. "You may wait here. The Master will be arriving shortly."

Mieruru nodded, still in a sort of trance, and waited happily, if admittedly a bit nervously, for the master of this heavenly place to arrive.
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[B]"WHAT?!"[/B]The young lady sits anxiously behind her desk reading and re-reading the invitation on the computer screen not sure if she's reading it right. The clatter behind her only escalating as her freinds move around in the house.

[B]"YOU GOTTA CALL?!"[/B] Her friend, Silvia's, voice rang from the first floor.

[I]She gonna wake the dead with that yelling.[/I] Riana thought as she pushed off from the desk grabbing her cordless phone in the corner of her room.

[B]"GOT IT!"[/B] She yelled back and she picked up the phone and spoke into it.[B]Hello."[/B] Her attitude changed quickly cooing into the phone. Knowing it was a person for one of two things. A night out or, a day in.

[B]"Hey Riana girl it's me CiCi. Um...do you think you could cover at work this weekend?"[/B]

[I]Punta! She knows I requested this weekend off. I've been looking forward to it for the last two weeks.[/I] [B] "No I'm sorry CiCi, I got some things to do this weekend and I can't come in."[/B] She rolled her eyes around the room and tapped her foot nervously on the ground.

[B]"Oh, I'm sorry I forgot you requested this weekend off, but it would be worth your while. I can pay you double for it?!"[/B] She cooed into the phone knowing Riana never did anything for cheap.

[B]"No! I can't...Sorry"[/B] Riana quickly hung up the phone not willing to hear CiCi beg. She could never resist begging. She grabbed her hair and stared back at the screen. [I]I gotta get away from here.[/I]

She tapped on the mouse replying to the offer set before her. This may be her only way. A chance to clear her head, a chance to be free. She signed and leaned back in the chair as the reply screen loaded and the quickly sat up and got to work on the reply.

To: The Master of Games
From: Riana M.
Subject: Contest Offer

[CENTER][I] Hello! I am very intriqued by your offer and I am going to accept it. I have been looking for a chance like this and I'm unbelievably happy that you would consider me to participate in this.
The rules, all I can say is that I will follow whatever you put forth. And I hope the orientation will put some of my questions at ease.
Your escort can locate me at 1534 SW 125th Street in Miami Florida. I'll be at home for the next few days. It would be best to catch me between the hours of 8am and 8pm.
Thank you again for this chance, I look forward to meeting you in the near future.[/I][/CENTER]

She double clicked on the send button and sat back looking at the screen. A long sigh escaped her lips as she leaned back again in her chair. She moved about her room for a little bit before settling down and picking out her party clothes. She set aside a red top with black leather pants. She slowly began to apply her make up when she was disturbed by a ring of the door bell.

She happened to glance at her watch, it was going on 7pm and she knew she had to answer it. She was now alone in the house and trudged down the stairs.

[B]"COMING!"[/B] She yelled and pulled the door open with a quick yank. [B]"How may I help..."[/B] Her voice trailed off as she saw a black limo behind the gentelman at the door.

[B]"Ms Riana Martinez, I presume."[/B] The gentelman held out a plane ticket and handed it to her.[B]"Your invitaton has been completed and we are ready to take you now."[/B]

Riana stuttered for a bit and then rushed up stairs to pack her clothes and met the man back downstairs in less than 15 minutes.

[B]" I'm ready now!" [/B]
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[SIZE=1]Kaine grabbed the mug siting next to him and thrust it against the wall against him. He was frustrated. Frustrated with the world, frustrated with himself. He was getting nowhere with his newest novel, and he knew perfectly well why. His thoughts were elsewhere, where exactly, he had no idea.

He had felt like he was missing a part of himself lately, and he couldn't figure why. He sat down in his chair and sighed. His pet dog, Lestat, sat across the room. He called to the dog, who was apparently fightened by his master's outburst of emotion. Kaine tried to speak calmly and kindly.

[B]"Come here, Lestat. You have nothing to be afraid of. I'm okay now. For the most part anyway."[/B] Lestat appeared to smiled and trotted over. Kaine smiled as he scratched behind the dogs ear. He loved Lestat. The dog was the closest living being to him, and he was all the only innocence in Kaine's life. He was always honest with the dog, he couldn't bring himself to lie to him.

[B]"I'm sure inspiration will hit me soon. It's just a matter of t---"[/B] A beep came from his computer, interupting hs sentence. He spun in his chair and looked at the screen. He had one new e-mail. He frowned. The Master of Games? he clicked it open and read the message aloud.[/size]

[QUOTE=The Master of Games][SIZE=1][COLOR=SlateGray]Hello,
I?m writing to you, my friend, to congratulate you on winning an all expense paid trip to the coast of Scotland to live in my mansion for as long as you wish. Beware, this is no ordinary mansion mind you. Within the walls of my home, everything you ever wished for will be granted to you. And I mean....everything. All the deepest, darkest desires of your heart will be yours. Whatever pleasure you seek for yourself...will be granted to you. If you desire love, sex, money, drugs, food...all of life?s commodities will be yours.

If you wish to accept this honor, please...simply reply back with a smile yes or no; and immediate transportation plans will be set in place for you to arrive.

Upon arriving, there are three rules which you must obey while in my home.
1) You must obey your cards...
2) You must stay in the light...
3) You must never go into the Angelic Wing...

That is all...everything will be explained when you arrive...any questions that you have will not be with held from you prior to entering the mansion.

You may be asking yourself...'why would I bother coming to a place such as this?' I?ll tell you why...if you play my little game...if you last living in the house, you will earn half of my family fortune, which comes to around thirteen billion dollars. I?m not joking, I?ve come to realize the worthlessness of money...so I?ve decided to give most of it away to the ones who I find to be worthy. And I will wait as long as it takes to find the right ones. So; whomever can stay within the house for six months, will be declared the winner...and the thirteen billion will be split between those who are left. But hear me...once you enter the mansion, you may not leave the grounds of the estate.

So there you have it; come to my mansion...where all your dreams come true...and have the opportunity to win thirteen billion dollars. No strings attached...and believe me...it will be worth your while.

Oh, one more thing...do not tell anyone of this, for we want to make this as smooth and without interruptions from the outside world. Don?t worry...we?ll know if you tell...which will automatically revoke your chances of coming to my mansion. As clarity for your honesty and silence...I have taken the liberty of electronically sending ten thousand dollars to your personal back account, as a token of my friendship too you.

That is all I will tell you...once you reply back to this email...you will have an escort waiting outside your house within two days to bring you to the mansion.

I have chosen you because I feel you to be worthy of such a reward; for your dedication to society, your love and compassion, your leadership, your strength through turmoil, and last but not least...for just who you are.

Catch ya later...
The Master of Games...[/size][/COLOR][/QUOTE]

[SIZE=1]Kaine was shaking after he finished reading the message. But not from fear. He was shaking with anticpation. His adrenaline was pumping. This sounded quite intriguing. Nothing intersting had happened in his life in so long, an escape from the ordinary was well apreciated.

[B]"This is just what I need. I'm sure to find some inspiration from this. Or, much more desired, maybe he would find someone."[/B] He was suprised by what he had said. His honesty had been prompted by the presence of Lestat, but he hadn't even realized what had excited him so much untill that moment. He sent a message back.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]Master of Games.
You're offer is to tantalizing to pass up, so I will surely be present at your mansion. I will be leaving today, so expect me shortly.

Kaine Maxwell-Kingsley.[/SIZE][/QUOTE]

[size=1]He sent the message, then began packing. He gathered all of his belongings, then took a quick shower. He got out, threw on a long sleeved white shirt with a black stripe going over the chest, a short sleeved black shirt over it, and pair of baggy jean shorts, grabbed his shades, then grabbed his Mp3 player and his cell phone.

He called to his personal pilot and told him to be prepared, for he was taking a trip. He was usually quite a succeful writer, and often used money from the account the Maxwell's had given to him. He then called his 'sister' and asked her if she could watch Lestat. She said she'd come by later and pick him up. Kaine thanked her and hung up, truning back to his beloved pet. He scratched behind his ear again.

[B]"You're gonna go over to Auntie Karen's for a while, okay? I'll be gone for...well, I'm not sure, but don't worry. I assure you I'll be back."[/B] He brought all of his bags outside and was amazed to find a limo waiting for him. He was about to pack his bags in and get enter the limo, when a thug came up from behind and grabbed his arm. Kaine looked over his shoulder and saw that the man wasn;t alone, another was sitting in the mercedes behind him.

[B]"Master Kaine. Your parents request your presence."[/B] [I]Shit![/I] He thought to himself. His parents had racked him down again. He wasn't worried, though. They wouldn't do anything brash to get him to go back to them. But he would to stay away. He dropped his bags and swung around, kicking the man in his chest. The man collapsed and Kaine quickly jumped into the limo. He made it to the airport in no time at all, where he had the pleasure of knocking out the other thug.

He got onto the plane with no problem after that. The plane ride was short, and he was at the mansion at no time. He saw two people there. Both female. He walked up and pulled out his mp3 player, and started playing Fall Out Boy. He sung aloud to Dance, Dance.

[I][B]"She says she no good with words but I'm worst.
Barely stuttered out a joke of a romantical stuck on my tounge.
Weighed down with words too overdramatic.
Tonight is it can't get much worst versus,
no one should ever feel like-

I'm two quarters and a heart down,
and I don't want to forget how your voice sounds.
These words are all I have so I'll write them.
So you need them just to get by?

Dance, Dance,
We're falling apart to half time,
Dance, Dance,
And these are the lives you'd love to lead.
Dance, this is the way they'd love if they knew,
how misery loved me..."[/B][/I][/SIZE]
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Jacqueline sat by the shore, her laptop balanced on her knees. She re-read the e-mail and then called her family?s lawyer in New York.

[B]?Yes Ms. Abney, money has shown up in your private account this morning. Is it a mistake??

?No no, I was just checking on it. It?s for a long needed vacation.?

?Ah. Very good Ms. Abney. Will there be anything else??

?No. Thank you Clark?[/B]

She closed her cell phone and looked out over the water. She looked back at the laptop and hit the reply button.

[I]Dear Sir,
Thank you for your invitation. As a journalist, I am naturally intrigued by and curious about your game. Therefore, I will jump at the opportunity to compete. I will make ready to leave today. Thank you again.

Jacqueline Kay Abney[/I]

She was in her bedroom packing when she heard the doorbell downstairs. She pulled her hair back and went to the door to see a brand new black suv and a man in a black suit standing on her porch.

[B]?Ms. Abney??


?I?m here to take you to the airport. Your flight will be leaving soon, so we must get going.?

?Oh, yes, alright. My suitcase is upstairs.?[/B]

The man came into the house and waited inside the door while she collected her things. He carried her cases to the vehicle while she locked the door and walked away from her current life to enter a new one for who knew how long?

The flight was first class. She watched the in-flight movie with only half her attention. The rest she spent looking out the window at the sky. When they landed, she was taken again in a new black vehicle. [I]She road in silence though she burned to ask the driver some questions. She couldn?t help that. She was a journalist after all.[/I] But she held her tongue and waited patiently for them to arrive.

She grabbed her baggage and walked up the walk to the mansion. She shook out her long black hair and straightened her knee-length skirt. [I]She wanted to make a good impression, even if she had just gotten off a plane.[/I] She walked smartly up to the door, where a butler meet her, handed her things off to another of the staff, and directed her to the main lounge. When she turned the corner, she saw three people; one woman, one girl, and a man singing rather off key to a set of headphones.

[B]?Well, isn?t this an interesting venture??[/B]
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[size=1]Alexander sat on his couch, checking his e-mail in the morning with his daily cup of tea on the stand next to him. Much to his astonishment, he found an e-mail describing a mansion, adventure, money, and desire if he chose to accept. He rubbed his eyes, a thought he might need to switch to coffee to wake up in the morning instead - tea obviously left him seeing things. But he re-read it, and his first notion held true.

"I wonder what it'll be like," he said with unusual calm for someone who had just learned he could potentially inherit a huge fortune. He walked around his Spanish house on the outskirts of Madrid, and began packing his bags. An MP3 player with a massive collection of Classical songs, a laptop, various articles of clothing, and a book for the road titled "Psychology and How the Mind Works." He e-mailed his mother and father with the information he had recieved, and strode out the door of his house in his white trenchcoat, despite the balmy winds of Spain currently blowing.

His reply to the invitation was immediate, and the limo's appearance was even more punctual. As soon as he stepped out into his front yard and sat down on his outside bench and opened his book, the black car pulled up to him.

"Alexander Crowne, I presume?" A man in a crisp business suit asked before getting out of the car.

"Indeed," he replied, as the driver got out to open the door. And so the journey began. The limo transfered him to an airport, where he recieved a First Class flight to Scotland. The instant the plane touched down, another driver escorted him to an identical limo, and they drove to the rather impressive mansion.

"It's the end of the line," the driver said, opened his door. Alexander marked his page at 204, and exited, striding towards the gates. But not before he delieved a polite 'Thank you' to him. Once at the gate, there were several others waiting with luggage. He carried only a briefcase full of his belongings, but in sharp constrast, some of his counterparts.

He took a seat down on a vacant bench, and flipped his book back open,waiting for the gates to welcome him in.[/SIZE]
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[size=1]James got to his feet shakily, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. He walked over to his kitchen, about three metres away from the bed in his open-plan apartment. He poured some coffee from the pot and drank it down, giving himself the caffeine hit he needed so badly. The strong Columbian blend woke him up completely, and he walked over and collapsed on his couch, flicking the TV on.

After an hour of channel-hopping, James grew bored, and wandered over to his computer. He switched the monitor on, and the screen burst into life. He took a seat, and opened his email inbox. The computer pinged, and a message popped up. James opened the email and read it through. At first he thought it was spam, from someone called "The Master Of Games," probably some hacker who thought he was "The Master." But something made him open the message.

After reading, he thought about it for a while, then clicked the "Reply" button. He typed out his reply:

[i]Dear Master Of Games,

I would be delighted to join in your little game. It sounds most intriguing, and I have no doubt you will have picked some colourful characters to participate. And anyway, who could resist the opportunity to win their greatest desire?


James Gregson.

[/i]James went to his wardrobe, and began throwing clothes into a bag. He also packed a wash kit, with shaver and other personal grooming products, and threw a few personal items in. The first was a photograph of his real father, the man whom he had thought was the butler for twelve years, as well as the only picture James owned of his mother, a small, passport-sized photograph of the woman. He threw some clothes on, and left his apartment, putting a pair of wrap-around sunglasses on. He caught the elevator just as it was going down, and left the building, pushing the glass doors open and stepping into the blinding sunlight. A stretch limo was laready waiting to pick him up, so he opened the door and got in.

It was a long drive from London to Scotland, so James amused himself with the music system, and the mini-bar in the back of the limo. There was nothing on the TV, so James settled back and tried to sleep as much as he could...

He was woken by the driver, a cockney man with a friendly, round face, saying to him:

"Mr Gregson, sir, we're here." James was astonished that he had managed to sleep for almost the entire journey. He grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge, and stepped out of the car. It was now around early evening time, and there were a few more people there already, one of whom was singing to a personal music system.

"Well, I guess this is home for the next few months," said James, looking at the mansion in slight awe. He had seen mansions before, but never one of this sheer size. He smiled, and walked over to the others...
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[color=Navy]Sakura had been chatting to her twin brother, Takao when she heard her computer beep, she looked over at the screen and saw an email alert. She got up from her bed beside him and slid into the chair at the computer. She clicked on the alert and a window popped up with one new email.

Sakura looked at it curiously because it was from someone that called themself, "Master of Games". She decided to read it anyway and she read the whole letter silently, then read it again. She wasn't sure if it was a joke or prank, but it was worth it. She hit the 'Reply' button and typed quickly.

[i]"Dear Master of Games-sama,

Arigatou for the wonderful invitation. I have thought it over carefully and have decided to accept gratefully. I shall be waiting for the escort to arrive.

Arigatou gozaimasu,
~Hiwatari Sakura"

[/i]Sakura clicked the 'Send' button and swivelled to look at her twin, she explained it all to him and was as shocked as she was. They both shrugged and Sakura decided she should pack quickly since the escort should be arriving soon. She asked Takao to alert the rest of their family as she quickly and neatly folded her clothes into a suitcase. She packed toiletries, and anything else she would need, and rushed to the door, she hugged her twin brother and left.

As she assumed, there was a limousine already waiting for her outside, the chaufer opened the door for her and took her suitcase, Sakura slipped in with a thanks, he closed the door and put the suitcase in the boot. They drove straight to the airport and she was taken by First Class to Scotland.

Another limousine was waiting and with that she was whisked to the mansion. As they went through the countryside she watched the rolling hills and all the scenery, she compared it to busy Tokyo and realised how free and open it was in comparison while Tokyo was cramped and squishy.

She arrived and was in awe at the shear size of the mansion. Sakura thanked the driver and walked over to the rest of the group. She saw a girl that looked Japanese and sat beside her. Sakura took a chance and tried to speak to her.

[b]"Konnichiwa, Nihon-jin desuka?" [/b]she asked in Japanese.
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Riana glanced around at the other people who were invited. Seven of them so far were here. SHe was a bit worried as to if anymore would come. She didn't need more competition than she already had. Although she wasn't scared of the group that was laying before her as of yet.

Trying to ignore the conversation set forth by the two Japanese young ladies she got up and glanced around the room, soon walking slowly and investigating the details of the mansions architecture and decorating. This room aone made Riana curious as to what lay in wait behind its closed doors. THe outside of it was stunning the pale moonlight of Scotland hitting it just right as she entered the gate.. She felt a chill stepping up to the house but it was immediately warmed away once the courtyard lights were flooding her with its warmth.

[I]Aye qué linda![/I] Her eyes sparkled with wonder. She felt like a kid visiting Walt Disney World for the first time. Her experience was capped quickly as she was ushered into an area with a young Asian girl waiting in it. The butler informing her to relax and wait for The Master of Games.

[I]If its only her and I. This will be no competition or fun at all.[/I] She flopped in a chair and glanced around briefly before throwing her head back and staring at the semi cloudy sky. The waiting game had begun. But soon more contestants filed in one by one.

Her mind comes back to the present a little flashback of the day overrruning her quickly. She remembered leaving with no word, and felt bad for now having her family and friends worry for her. But knew that would be over as soon as she won this contest. The rules seemed very easy to follow but still were weird. She moved about the courtyard. The statues set up around it were quiet attractive. She touched and studied each figure. They shape, their design. Some were flowing with power and courage while others flitted with a certain desire and lust, maybe even a type of coyness was set forth from them. Each statue seemd to be an opposite of another their emotions pulling at one another but they were trapped in the cold marble or metal that they were set in.

She noticed another lady not far from her in age doing the same thing.

[B]"They are absolutely gorgeous aren't they?"[/B] She moved next to the lady and awaited a reply. The lady nodded and continued to look back at the piece.

[B]"I'm sorry, let me introduce myself."[/B] She extended her right hand. [B]"I'm Riana."[/B]

[B]"Nice to meet you Riana,"[/B] she began to speak. [B] "The name's Jacqueline".[/B]
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I have decided that, since I am not the most fluent in Japanese yet, and am to lazy to use a translation site, I will simply put anything being said in Japanese in little "< " ">" thingies. Just a note. Oh, and this post begins when there were only three 'contestants' present.

Mieruru looked curiously at the other people that had been arriving one-by-one. They all seemed to be from different countries from all around the world, though she didn't know which language any of them spoke. Well, except for the man that was singing somewhat absurdly to himself in perfectly good English.

And so the three waited for the Master of Games. Already, Mieruru was getting confused. The Master's e-mail had said nothing of anybody else coming to the island as well. Another woman arrived, for a total of four people, including Mieruru. and still, no sign of the Master. She was getting very anxious to meet the head of this heavenly estate, but there seemed to be no sign of an end to the people that came, as another young man arrived, escorted by some men in black suits - you know, the typical CIA-type getup.

Mieruru yawned and sat down. She was beginning to grow bored of standing, and the ground was fairly comfortable, anyways. Actually, she was instinctively trying to make herself scarce from the others, not wanting any interaction with them, at least for now. six years on the streets can do that to you. Another man arrived, and, like all the others except the singing man, stood in expectant silence, waiting for the Master to arrive.

"Konnichiwa, nehon-jin desuka?"

Mieruru whipped around in surprise, accidentally hitting the woman who had knelt down next to her. Mieruru gasped, her eyes wide. She began to apologize to the woman at a rate of about a hundred miles a minute in rapid-fire-Japanese.

<"I'm sorry! I'm so, so sorry! Did I hurt you? Stupid Mieruru! Stupid, stupid Mieruru!"> The woman smiled reassuringly, and Mieruru quieted down.

<"Relax,"> she said in perfectly fluent Japanese, <"It's nothing. I think,"> she added with a thoughtful smile, <"I'll live."> Mieruru managed a small laugh at that, and decided she was a bit more comfortable talking with someone that knew her language, as opposed to the others.

<"You speak Japanese?"> she asked.

<"I am Japanese,"> the woman laughed. <"My name is Sakura Hiwatari. What's yours?">

<"I'm Mieruru Merrin,"> Mieruru replied with a slight bow. <"Nice to meet you!">
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[B]?It?s nice to meet you.? [/B] Jacqueline turned and looked back toward the main room and shook her head [B]?What do you make of the guy singing to the headphones??[/B]

The woman giggled and nodded [B]?He?s a character isn?t he? He?s been doing that since he got here. Apparently he?s not interested in socializing with us.?[/B]

[I]She seemed like a nice, quiet type of girl, Jacqueline wondered if she?d have what it took to win this thing once things got more cut-throat. [/I] She heard a noise from the doorway and turned to see who had arrived.

A new comer entered and stood for a moment in the door, looking around. He was tall, had long silver hair but couldn?t have been much older than themselves. He glance into the lounge and then over at them. He walked toward them.

[B]?Hello ladies. James Gregson.? [/B] He extended his hand, first to Jacqueline, then to Riana.

[B]?Jacqueline Abney. And this is Riana? I?m sorry, I didn?t catch your last name."[/B]

Riana gave a small smile [B]?Riana Martinez?[/B]

He nodded [B]?A pleasure. How long have you been here? Has our host shown himself??[/B]

Jacqueline shrugged [B]?Not yet. Possibly he?s still waiting for more to arrive.?[/B]

[B]?More? How many people do you think have entered this?? [/B] Riana asked, glancing over to the lounge.

She shrugged again [B]?I don?t know, but one would think he would have introduced himself if these were all the players.?[/B]

James nodded [B]?That makes sense.?[/B] He looked up at the mansion and let out a low whistle. [B]?a master of games could hide a lot of things in a place like this.?[/B]

Jaqueline smirked [B]?true, but there?s only so much you can hide in the light??[/B]
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[CENTER][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1]As everyone continued their relaxation and conversations...their wait was disturbed by the movement of the massive doors into the mansion. The sound was louder and expected...even the man in the headphones jumped in shock at the noise.

Everyone stood perfectly still and anxiously as the doors opened...standing in the entrances center stood the master of games. Standing about 6foot from first glance even as he leaned upon a black cane...he patiently stood...waiting for the others to respond. Mieruru was the first to respond as she walked up the stairs towards the master.

The men who had brought her here followed by lifting up her luggage and carried it up with her. The other instintivily did the same and followed close behind...not saying a word.

They all were at the top of the stairs...the old man still motionless as he blocked their way...finally...he spoke once everyone stopped.

[B]"Welcome everyone..."[/B] his voice was friendly enough...calm and warm. [B]"I see that one of our guests has not arrived...pitty...but I shall not let the rest of you suffer for their actions. I welcome you all to my humble home...and thank you ofr responding to my invitation so swifty."[/B]

Everyone nodded in appreciation...most were trying to catch a peek inside the mansion...the master simply smiled in approval.

[B]"Before we proceed...I would like to say a few words...."[/B] he took a deep breathe...as they prepared to take in what he was about to say.

[B]"Be aware...that once you enter through these doors...you will not be allowed to leave this estate past those gates behind you. If you choose to leave afterwards...you will forfit your chance at the prize."[/B]

Still...everyone stayed silent.
"As for the prize...you will be staying here as long as I so fit...until I decide who the winner is. All of your questions will be answered at dinner...which will be at 6pm. Please...dont be late...for things will be explained to you much further...remember your rules...I warn you. Tread softly, safely, and cautiously. And everything has been prepared for you in your rooms which are marked with your names on them."[/B]

They were getting excited now...knowing that entering was just a moment away...but confused at the warning...they all took note not to get too carried away.

[B]"Everything you ask for will be given and done for you...simply ask one of my servants and it will be done without question. Do you understand what I have told you thus far?"[/B]

Everyone nodded and said yes...

[B]"Oh...how rude of me...I haven't even introduced myself...I am the Master of Games...you may refer to me as master...thank you...now...you may enter..."[/B]

A warm and set sedistic smile fell upon his face as he stepped to the side and stretched out his hand...motioning for them to enter...waiting for them to enter...[/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER]

[RIGHT][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1][B]OOC[/B]: hehe...let us begin then. Reiku hasn't posted so she will be arriving late to the mansion. Everyone...please go to your rooms and explore till dinner is ready. Continue to mingle and await dinner...if you have questions from your character or yourself...please PM me and I will be putting them into my next post at dinner. Cause chances are...if one of you has a question...then others will as well. A picture of the Master is attached to this post in a thumbnail...take a look if you wish. [/SIZE][/COLOR][/RIGHT]
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Mieruru's first impression of the man that had just come through the door was that of some minor god. He seemed old and kind, but still powerful, and the dignified look on his face commanded the greatest respect. Even in the way he dressed, all in black with red lining, and the glimpse of white underneath - his entire being commanded power in his mere presence.

Perhaps that was part of the reason Mieruru had jumped up the stairwell so hurriedly to get a better look at him. She was, and she didn't doubt that anyone would, drawn to him. Perhaps even moreso than her eagerness to enter the Heavenly Mansion. The master left his instructions before turning back through the doorway, beckoning them to enter as he turned around, before being lost behind the door as it closed with a dull thud. Everyone, including Mieruru, was a bit stunned, wondering exactly what to do first. Mieruru decided not to wait for the others to figure out what to do. She took a deep breath, pushed open the doorway, and crossed the threshold into the mansion.

<"Oh, wow!"> Mieruru gasped, taken aback by the splendor of the mansion. It seemed an anfinite palace, brightly illuminated from chandeliers hanging elegantly over the entryway. She was briefly reminded of the second rule on the invitation: You must stay in the light. It didn't seem like this would be a difficult task; it seemed almost brighter in here than it was outside. She suddenly became aware of a man in a suit standing silently behind her.

<"Do you require assistance locating your room, miss?"> he asked politely, bowing respectfully to her (something she thought must look kinda funny, a man bowing to a girl most likely less than a quarter his age).

<"Ummm...only if it's not too much trouble for you, sir,"> she replied, remembering one should always respect their elders. Then it suddenly occurred to her that he was obviously was here to help her find her room. The man smiled warmly.

<"Not at all, miss. This way, please."> He led her down the first hall to the left, and indicated a door with her name inscribed on it. In Japanese. Mieruru hadn't really noticed until now, but the man that had led her here had also spoken in Japanese. This Master of Games guy was good...

She carefully opened the door, peeping through the tiny crack she had made. What she saw inside made her gasp. She closed the door, her heart racing. She rubbed her eyes once, and peered through the door again, and suddenly let out a squeal of delight. It hadn't been some illusion her hopes had tricked up! The room she was looking into was really her room. It was wonderful! There was a four-poster bed in the middle that was much bigger than any bed she'd ever seen, much less slept in, and the rest of the room, though amazingly huge (Mieruru figured you could probably fit two master bedrooms inside it - a bit naive, but accurate, nonetheless), was completely empty.

<"The master apologizes,"> the man said in a regretful tone, <"but he had no idea what to put in your room. If you find it to your dissatisfaction, we will of course bring in anything you-"> the man stopped suddenly as he realised Mieruru was bouncing up and down on the bed, giggling, and there was an extremely thin chance she was listening. She did hear him, though, and stopped jumping. By way of cannonball.

Bounce, bounce, bounce...thud.

<"I'm sorry, what was that?"> she asked, with the grin of an extremely satisfied four-year old on her face. The man chuckled warmly.

<"Nothing at all, miss,"> he laughed airily, before casually pointing out a clock ticking silently away on the far wall, <"Just remember your appointment with the master at Six.">

<"Okay! Thank you!"> Mieruru said heartily, and with a smile and a wave, the man was gone through the door.

[FONT=Tahoma][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]Hehehe, I've barely seen the place, and I already like it. :catgirl: [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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Riana's eyes couldn't have been more amazed as she entered the house. It was on a far grander scale than she could imagine and was utterly amazed. She could spend weeks studying each painting, statue, wondering about their history, making the emotion trapped within each. She almost cried but kept that to herself.

[B]Ms. Riana.[/B] The voice stopped her emotions from wheeling and she abruptly turned to face the voice. [B] I will show you to your room, then you will be more than welcome to explore the mansion. [/B]

Riana understood the request to be a command.

[I]Passive agressive.....[/I] She bit her tongue and nodded at her escort, following him up the grand stairway to her room.

The other contestants were already up the staircase. She purposefully moved slowly as to spot which directions they would go. She was observing them all and placing it in her memory. She came to the top of the staircase and turned left, following a few contestants whom she did not know, but she would be sure to introduce herself at dinner.

The competition hadn't started yet, so she could remain civil for the time being. Her room was not far down the hall and her name was presented in a very plain but lovely marker. The letters scarlet in color.

[I] I love scarlet. How....[/I] She traced her finger over her name plate and the escort cleared his throat as he waited in her room.

She snapped back to reality and stepped in the room her breathe taken away by the openness of the room. It was everything she could imagine. A canopy bed with a deep comforter set on it. The posts of the bed in black laquer with matching night stands and dressers. The lamps around the room matched the color scheme as well but the bright light within the room shown briliant on it. Her window large and she overlooked the countryside. As of now the window was open, bringing in the cool breeze with a scent of the incense burning not far from it.

In the corner was a small desk with a laptop computer and speakers. She figured there would be no internet access but she didn't need it. She was now going to be able to type and listen to her music with no interruptions. Well except for when the contest demanded her participation.

[B]" I leave you to enjoy your new surronding Ms Riana. Please be prompt to dinner."[/B]

The door closed she had forgotten about the escort and immediately plopped down on her bed laying back and just reveling in her luck.

[I] THANK YOU GOD![/I] Was her immediate reaction to this all and she could only squeal to express her giddiness. She jumped off the bed and began to unpack immediately.

This was her new home. She was going to explore it immediately, but first she needed to dress.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] for dinner.
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Jacqueline followed the group up the stairs and was lead to a room at the end of the hall. [I]Perfect.[/I] She could turn easily and see where the other players were staying by tilting her head slightly to the left.[I] James was two doors down and Riana was four. The rest she made note of their appearances and basic placement in the hall. The [/I] woman escorting her waited patiently behind her.

[B]?Oh, I?m sorry, just taking it all in.?

?Of course miss.?[/B]

Jacqueline opened the door and gaped. The entire room was done in cherry wood. There was a queen bed, a dresser with two full mirrors (one across it and one beside it), a brown leather armchair and a desk. On either side of the bed and by the desk the two walls were full windows that over looked the courtyard and gardens on one side and the countryside on the other. The room smelled of warm vanilla and hints of the tropics. The carpet was deep and a rich cream color. Her stiletto heels sunk in as she walked into the room. There were two bouquets of pink island lilies. [I]That was where the tropical sent had come. [/I] She ran a hand over the dark red comforter on the bed as she walked to the windows.

[B]?Is everything to your satisfaction miss??[/B]

She turned sharply, having forgotten there was anyone else in the room.
[B]?Oh! Yes, thank you. If I do need something before dinner, how would I let you know??

?just ring the bell on your bedside table miss. Dinner at 6, dress formally remember.?

?Yes, yes thank you again.?[/B]

The woman nodded and left. Jacqueline turned to the closet beside the dresser and drew it open, intending to place her things inside. On hangers were gorgeous dresses of different styles and colors. She ran her hand gently over them and smiled.

[B]?Hmmmm...these had better fit??[/B]
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OOC: Sorry for posting soooo late. Things got out of hand here. Kairi knows because I have explained to him. Anyway, thought it would give you something for my Card Kairi, you evil evil man.

[color=#CC0000][size=1]Allegra scrolled down through the lovely email this Master-of-Games had sent her. The offer was very enticing, but she couldn't help but feel there had to be some sort of catch to this. The rules were peculiar to say the least. She didn't understand them at this present moment in time, however, once she arrived at this mansion, she would probably understand.

She began typing her reply:

[INDENT]To the Master Of Games,

I will happily agree to play your little game with you. I expect this shall be fun to your twisted humour, no offense intented. Just an observation from your email to which I am replying to currently. I will be waiting your transportation.

Yours playfully,
Allegra Judas[/INDENT]

With one click of her mouse, she sent the message to this Master of Games. Allegra began to pack her things that she needed for a trip. The contents of the email kept going through her head. She needed to pound those rules into her mind so it would become second nature. After her things were packed, she rang her brother, Kato.

" Hello?" he answered on the other side.
" Kato. Nice to hear that you're back from Spain."
" You never introduce yourself in your first sentence when you call do you Allegra?"
" It's a habit." She heard his chuckle to himself.
" So what is my little sister calling me about?"
" Do you have the next couple of monthes off?"
" Yeah, I do. Why?"
" Good. I'm going on a holiday. I know its sudden and all but my leave just came through. And I was wondering if you could take care of my place for a while? I know Mirra isn't here because she's in America doing what she does."
" So I'm second choice huh?"
" You know I don't..."
" Just kidding with you. Sure, I'll take care of your place. And Oliver?"
" Oh, could you take care of him too please?"
" Sure. Me and him will have a great time. Just the cat and me."
" I'm sure Julia won't mind him."
" Nah... she loves cats."
" Good." There was the sound of a taxi beeping down on the street. " That's my exit cue. Later bro. Say hi to Mirra for me if she comes home earlier than expected."
" Sure. Have fun."

Allegra hung up. [i]Have fun...[/i] She smiled to herself as her brother's last words rang in her ears. Picking up her suitcase and her backpack, she walked downstairs, gave the keys to Pierre, the manager of the apartment building, telling him that Kato was going to pick them up later, and walked out to the taxi. The taxi driver got out and gave a small bow.
" Miss Judas... I'm here to take you to the airport."
There was a sudden rumbling in the sky. Allegra hadn't noticed that a storm had brewed. She looked back at the driver and shrugged her shoulders.
" Looks like I'm going to be late to the party."


It was well after dusk when Allegra arrived at the Master's mansion. It was truly a sight to behold. A magnificent Scottish mansion on a green hillside, surrounded by spectacular gardens. Pity she couldn't see much of it as the limousine's tires crunched the gravel beneath it, arriving at the mansion.

When the car stopped, Allegra got out and, with the help of the driver, lugged her luggage into the foyer room. There was no one inside, as she had expected from being so late. Allegra was kind of put-out from not being able to meet anyone, but she couldn't help with the weather.

A maid came down the magnificent Grand staircase and greeted Allegra warming.
" Hello. Welcome to the Master's mansion."
" Hi," Allegra replied warmly. " Sorry about the lateness. There was a nice delaying blizzard in Switzerland."
" Yes, the Master already knows. He wishes to instruct me to show you your room and to tell you that dinner is at 6pm sharp."
" Oh... well lead me."

The maid turned on her heel and walked up the staircase. Allegra followed, hauling both her suitcase and her backpack now. It was minutes later when they came to Allegra's room. It looked much like her room when she was a child in Tuscany. Shivers ran down her spine as she entered. It looked uncannily like her room in Tuscany. The Master had done his research well, finding out the skeleton in her closet.

The maid left with a small bow and shut the door behind her. It was 5.30pm. Allegra quickly had a shower and got herself dressed in a nice red holter neck top with dark denim hipster jeans. She adorned her ears with large hoop earrings and her neck with a small necklace of a cross with a phoenix wrapped around it. This was the symbol of her family and she wore it on special occasions only.

Walking out into the corridor, Allegra made her way to the dining hall. She found that it was yet another magnificent room, lavishly adorned with golden pieces of crockery and cutlery. There were a few other people sitting at the table already. Allegra found herself a spare seat, not beside anyone for the moment, and waited for dinner to begin.[/color][/size]
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[size=1][B]OOC:[/B] I'm trying to squeeze a post in, because I have restricted access during the weekdays.

Alexander walked through the swiveling gates with poise, containing his excitement until he got into an isolated room. Remaining conservative in front of strangers was always the best idea, to him, at least. He took his baggage up a spiral staircase, and down a corridor containing rooms on either side of it, hearing squeals of delight, and the sound of clothes falling out of bags.

"Looks like home," he remarked with a broad smile playing across his face as he saw the luxurious room he was given. His bed was rather unconventional, being circular with soft colored lights pointing at the bed, all of the hues resembling sky blue or navy. He turned his eyes to his dresser, which was of sleek modern design, and then to a huge set of canvas and paint supplies.

"I'm no painter... but I can try it out," he whispered to himself, absorbing all the detail. He tossed his suitcase onto his bed, and walked into his bathroom. It was pure white marble, with a large jacuzzi, double nozzle shower, stainless steel faucet, and towels made of silk. He audibly gasped at the accomodations, and then chuckled to himself with glee. Alexander turned back into his room, where he realized he had a massive collection of classical music CDs, with a surround sound speaker system; and the speakers played through his bed so he could listen to it while he slept. The controls were all spoken commands - it was the cutting edge of technology.

"Beethoven's 9th Symphony in D minor, if you will. Half volume." To his surprise, the command was followed flawlessly, playing the symphony at a respectable volume. The sound poured from underneath his luscious covers.

"Ten percent volume," he said. He inspected the rest of his room with great care, the gentle symphony pouring from around the room into his ears. He was interrupted by a knock at his door.

"Sir, time for dinner." Alexander nodded silently at the servant, and followed him into a grand dining hall. He did not need to worry about formal attire, as he always had it on. At the present he donned a white trenchcoat, resembling more of a cloak with red highlights, and underneath he had on white slacks and a matching dress shirt with the top button undone.

In the hall, a woman was sitting down with her hands folded neatly in her lap, quietly observing the fine room. Even the table was enough to captivate Alexander for several minutes, and the adornments could last him at least an hour. [i]A man this rich... unfathomable.[/i]

He took a seat on the opposite side of the woman, and a few seats away to grant respectable distance. There was a peaceful silence for a time, until he decided to intitiate a conversation. Strictly small talk.

"Hello, my name's Allegra," he said, with an accent that interested him.

"Pleased to meet you. My name's Alexander. You wouldn't be from...," he pondered for a moment before continuing, "Switzerland, would you?"

"Yes, I am. Very perceptive of you. Where might you be from, if I could ask?" She returned his question. She furrowed her brows, attempting to mentally guess where he was from.

"Well, I was born in the United States. I moved to England to study at Oxford, and then I moved to Spain," he said.

"You seem to have picked up a bit of an accent while over there," she replied with a polite smile. Inwardly, Alexander wondered where everyone else was, when dinner would be served, and what the house would hold. He held in his queries, focusing on the coversation at hand and maintaining his ettique.[/size]
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[size=1]James was taken to his room by a manservant, and he looked around in wonder as the servant left, shutting the door behind him. There was everything in this room that he would ever need. An en-suite bathroom, a TV, a laser-disc player. He flopped down onto the double bed, and felt the softness of the mattress. It must have been some special kind of down in there. He felt as though he could just fall asleep there and then, but he rolled over and looked at the LCD on the clock. It was already 5:40. He had twenty minutes before dinner, so he tore his clothes off and ran into the shower.

Minutes later, he emerged, dripping, from the steaming shower cubicle, and dried himself hurriedly, throwing some clothes on and shaving at the same time. He cleaned his teeth quickly and tried to style his aimless hair, but, failing in his attempt, gave up quickly. He stopped, took a deep breath and looked at himself in the mirror. He was wearing a plain white dress shirt, with a pair of smart, but faded jeans. That would have to do. Hopefully the Master of Games wasn't too picky about what his guests wore at dinner.

He pulled a pair of suede shoes on and let the room, looking at his Rolex to check the time. He had five minutes to find the dining hall. He jumped down the last few steps and swerved round the corner, bumping into someone, knocking them over.

"I'm so sorry," he said, helping them up, "I'm in kind of a hurry, I was late for dinner."

"Don't worry, so was I," replied the woman he had knocked down. A beautiful, dark-skinned woman, the woman he had spoken to earlier, Jacqueline.

"Do you want to turn up together? It might make us look a little better," said James warmly.

"Sure," replied Jacqueline, smiling. They walked down the hall towards the dining room. The huge doors were pulled open, and the two guests hurried into the room and sat down, taking places next to each other.

"Ok, it doesn't look like the Master of Games is here yet, so I think we're ok," whispered James, looking around the table. There were a couple of other people sitting already, including one that James hadn't seen outside. This must have been the one that the Master had mentioned. She was talking to one of the men, but James couldn't recall his name. After thinking about it, James realised there weren't as many men as there were women here.

"So where are you from, Jacqueline?" he asked politely, turning his attention back to the lady.

"I'm from the Hawaiian islands. I wasn't born on Hawaii itself, but I have been there several times. It is only about half an hour's boat ride away from where I live. And I take it you are English?"

"Pure Brit, born and bred. Currently I'm living in London, but I never like to stay in one place for too long. Unless there's a special something there that I wouldn't leave," he said with a sly smile.

"I understand exactly. I love to travel. That's why people say I follow in my father's footsteps. He was a traveller at heart, but he was anchored down when he married my mother."

"So, what do you think of the house? Of the Master?" asked James.

"The house is beautiful. It's a lot bigger than I imagined, and a lot grander. I imagined somewhere with a more cosy sort of charm, if you understand," James nodded at this, and Jacqueline took this as a sign to carry on, "And the Master himself is a little creepy, but I imagine we will get used to him."

"Well, someone worth thirteen billion can afford somewhere like this. He doesn't need cosy charm with that kind of cash in his pocket."

At this, a gong sounded. James looked around, and saw that everyone was now in the hall. The Master was arriving...
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[COLOR=Navy]OOC: Fallen: Jacqueline isn?t a native of the Hawaiian islands (though she would be tan from having been there for a few years). She went there for college and stayed. Sorry my sheet wasn't clearer on that. No big :catgirl: [/COLOR]


Jacqueline checked her reflection in the mirror. All the dresses had fit perfectly. She liked this one best though. It was blue silk that went to her knees. She turned and ran a brush through her hair, deciding that she didn?t really have time to put it up since she still had to find the dinning room.

She left the room and looked around. No one else was in the hall. She sighed. [I]She had hoped there?d be someone else wandering around looking for the room[/I]. She went down the stairs and turned first to her right. There she found a library full from ceiling to floor with books and smelled of comforting old leather bindings. A little further on was a large open circular room with no furniture just a marble floor with an old piano in one corner and a balcony which must, she assumed, look over the country side. She gasped at the sparkling beauty of the crystal chandelier and the glint off the mirrors around the room? [I]she had never seen an antique ballroom in a modern mansion before.[/I] And at the end of the hall, she could hear sounds of a meal being prepared; the sizzle of steam, the clanging of pots, and the voices of people preparing a grand meal.

[I]The dinning room must be on the other side of the stairs.[/I] She turned and walked back around the base of the stairs. There was the lounge in which they had originally waited for the master. She looked inside to see if anyone was there. Finding the room empty, she turned to continue down the hall and was knocked over sharply.

[B]"I'm so sorry,"[/B] she heard someone say as a hand appeared in front of her to help her back on her feet, [B]"I'm in kind of a hurry, I was late for dinner." [/B] James smiled down at her and she took his outstretched hand.

[B]"Don't worry, so am I"[/B] she stood and brushed her hands down her dress to straighten it. She tossed her hair from her face and looked at him

[B]"Do you want to turn up together? It might make us look a little better," [/B] he said warmly.

[B]"Sure" [/B] They walked down the hall towards the dining room. The huge doors were pulled open, and the two guests hurried into the room and sat down, taking places next to each other.

[B]"Ok, it doesn't look like the Master of Games is here yet, so I think we're ok," [/B] whispered James, looking around the table. Jacqueline noticed a new comer sitting two seats down from her. She was the one missing from their group at the start. Jacqueline wondered which room she was in on their hall.

Not everyone was there yet. [I]She wondered what would happen to them if they were late for dinner...[/I]

[B]"So where are you from, Jacqueline?" [/B]
"I'm from the Hawaiian islands, that?s where I went to college and I decided to stay. Not on Hawaii itself, but I have been there several times. It is only about half an hour's boat ride away from where I live. And I take it you are English?" [/B] His accent made this obvious, she had traveled enough to know different dilects.

[B]"Pure Brit, born and bred. Currently I'm living in London, but I never like to stay in one place for too long. Unless there's a special something there that I wouldn't leave,"[/B] he said. It didn't sound as if that had happened yet

[B]"I understand exactly. I love to travel. That's why people say I follow in my father's footsteps. He was a traveler at heart, but he was anchored down when he married my mother."[/B] [I]Anchored down by the shopping bills from every country from Spain to Germany[/I] she thought wryly to herself.

[B]"So, what do you think of the house? Of the Master?"[/B] asked James.

[B]"The house is beautiful. It's a lot bigger than I imagined, and a lot grander. I imagined somewhere with a more cozy sort of charm, if you understand," [/B] James nodded at this, so she continued, [B]"And the Master himself is a little creepy, but I imagine we will get used to him."[/B]

[B]"Well, someone worth thirteen billion can afford somewhere like this. He doesn't need cozy charm with that kind of cash in his pocket."[/B]

Jacqueline supposed this was true. She couldn?t say herself what kind of mansion she?d have with his kind of money, [I]but it would have an amazing kitchen [/I] she thought, smiling to herself. A gong sounded. She looked up to find the other chairs had filled while she had been talking. Servants hurried to form a line against the far wall. [I]The Master must be coming?[/I]
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Riana moved quietly through the halls before the dinner started athough not much time was alotted to her to explore she just took her time moving down the steps and checking the artwork she had passed on her way up the stairs. She couldn't believe the emotion tapped into each one. She even felt the teture of some of the paintings gathering, or at least trying, what the painter felt when his brush touched the canvas.

She examined a painting of a house awaiting a storm. The painter captured the outside distrubance and its effect on a particular set of drapes that blew wildly in the wind. A few leaves had been scattered on the bare wooden floor.

For a moment she was able to compare that to her life at this moment. Preparing herself for a possible hellish competition, and it slowly started to disturb her that she had no idea what the Master of Games had set up for them.

Thinking about dinner she glanced at her watch and saw only a few minutes remained before she needed to be in the dining room.[I]Maldígalo.[/I] She moved quickly away from the painting and towards the direction of the dining room. As she passed the stairs she gulped when she saw the Master waiting at the top of the stairs. She wondered how long he had been there but paid it no true mind, she nodded in acknowledgement of him and continued to speed to the dining room.

She noted an empty chair as well as the other contestants in prestine form sitting at the table. Luckily there was an empty chair next to Jacqueline, who was deeply enraptured in the conversation with James. She sat quietly smiling at the other contestants. She continued to look at everyone her black gown luckily cutting down on some of the curves she tried to hide. She only minimal applied make- up allowing her natural features to show through. She was very impressed with some of the other gowns that were worn.

Jacquelines was very beautiful as were the dresses of the Japanese ladies who were among them. A new face was among them too she noted but her observation was cut short when the gong rung.

She noted his thin figure moving through the doors. Although he was fragile he still exhumed power and the ability to kick her out of the game. She sat there staring at him for a moment before standing welcoming him to the table. Soon followed by the other contestants.

[B]"Please sit." [/B]He started. [B]"Enjoy your meals and converse. All will be explained soon.[/B]

As he spoke at least a dozen servants filed into the room bringing with them drinks and appetizers. Going to each person and filling their plates with their hearts desire, from the choices brought before them. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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5:54 PM, Mieruru's room

Mieruru had barely noticed the time, lounging in her fantasy room, contemplating how she could make it perfect. She simply stared at the blank walls, the empty room, imagining the possibilities. Her room was a blank canvas, ready for her to paint in her own vision of perfection. She could begin with an outdoor-ish wallpaper. She was reminded of a cartoon once, in which one of the characters' rooms had all the look and feel of an outdoor park. She could just see the night sky, dotted with little stars. The trees, either fake or simply part of the wallpaper. Maybe even a little plant under the clock...

The clock.

Mieruru shrieked in horror. She had exactly forty-three seconds to get to the dining room before Six! In the blink of an eye, Mieruru was out of there. As in Out. Of. There. She frantically flew down the hallway, unsure which direction to go. She had been stupid enough not to ask for directions when the servant-boy had been with her. Mieruru was a moving blur, racing up and down the hallways, this way and that, until she stopped. Dead in her tracks. She remembered that there was some 'angelic wing' that she was supposed to never, ever go into. She looked around, frightened. But she didn't see anything there, so she shrugged, and turned back. Lucky thing for her, too, as she had stopped four inches in front of the Angelic Wing, though she didn't know.

Mieruru quite literally burst through the door to the dining room, took a wild glance around, and jumped into her seat at precisely 6:02 and 48 seconds. The others, who had already arrived, looked at her strangely, and she stared down into her lap shamefully. I guess...I guess I should've taken the time to explore the mansion after all...she thought. She looked up, and her heart sank.

The Master of Games was already there. And he was looking at her. Right. At. Her. As if being two minutes late was like some kind of mortal sin. He seemed to notice her looking at him, and the expression on his face softened into a kindly smile. "I see our youngest guest is somewhat less than punctual," he said in the most casual voice, drawing a polite laughter from the other contestants. How embarrasing...Mieruru thought to herself. "Ah, well, it's no matter," the Master continued. Mieruru could've sworn she'd seen him holding some slips of paper or something, but he quickly tucked whatever it is he might've been holding into an inside pocket in the very stylish suit he was wearing. Dinner continued as normal for a while.

After everyone (including Mieruru) had eaten their fill, the Master of games stood up quietly. A simple gesture, but from such a strange and enigmatic man, even the simplest of gestures could have infinite meaning. He cleared his throat before speaking.

"Now, everyone. Welcome, my friends. I have called you to this hall to make a few...announcements. So, to the business at hand..."

[FONT=Tahoma][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]---Heh, I made myself a little late so I wouldn't make the Master enter the room for a third time. :catgirl: [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[color=Navy][b][color=Black]OOC: [/color][/b][color=Black]Sorry I haven't posted in a while. No time lately.[/color]

Sakura walked through the halls, looking at the design and architecture, it was magnificently done.

[b]"Sugoi..." [/b]she whispered.

She was slowly following the servant who was leading her to her room, but she was taking her time to absorb everything, she made sure to memorise her way so she wouldn't get lost next time. Sakura noticed that they had come to a stop at a door, she peered at it and noticed that it had her name engraved flourishedly on a plate that was stuck on the door. The servant opened the door and allowed her to go in first, then he placed her luggage just inside the door.

[b]"Will there be anything else you need, Miss?" [/b]he asked.

[b]"No thankyou, I'll be just fine." [/b]Sakura told him.

He nodded and bowed before leaving the room.

Sakura looked around her room and saw that it was the splitting image of her old room, with more and better things in it. The floor was made of oak floorboards, and the walls were a deep navy blue. There was a large window near her queen sized bed with matching oak shutters that she could pull up. She did so and climbed out of the window, it was perfect, there was even a sakura tree right outside her window. Inside there was a surround sound, plasma tv set up, and a hi-fi system with a big stack of her favourite CDs, and there were game consoles with all her favourite games.

She relaxed around her room and unpacked her things until it was time to go to dinner, then she got herself ready and left for the dining hall. She took a seat with some of the others who were there and started talking to them in clear English, she had taken many classes back in Japan, it was her second best language, second only to her mothertongue.

When it was time for the food, they all ate until they were full, then they were addressed by the Master of Games. Everyone payed attention to what he had to say, and there was silence.
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[SIZE=1]Kaine shook himself to conciousness. He had fallen asleep almost instantly after viewing his beautifully adorned room. He jumped up from bed quickly and ran into the bathroom, showering as fast as he could. He jumped out, dressed quickly into his favorite suit and glanced at the clock. He rubbed his eyes quickly to make sure he was reading it right.

[B]"6:00! Damnit! I have to go! Now!"[/B] He waked over to the door swiftly and exited his room. He was in a rush, but it would have been rude to run into the dining room out of breath and sweating. He quickened his pace, but slowed down a little to look at the brilliant artwork on the walls. He smiled.

[B]"Amazing. This Master sure has good taste. Why would he be so eager to give away his money, though?"[/B] Kaine kept walking for a bit, and found that the dining room was directly before him. He walked over and took between a silent man and an attractive woman he had seen earlier. He smiled and tried to initiate conversation.

[B]"Hello. It's quite a beautiful mansion, wouldn't you agree?"[/B] The man looked at him curiosly, not sure if he was a guest or one of the butlers. The woman looked over at him and glanced him over. The gentleman shook of his thoughts and responded.

[B]"It is. Very lavish, I love the way the masion is constructed. My name's Alexander, by the way. I don't believe I caught yours."[/B] Kaine's smile faltered slightly, then returned to normal. He hadn't meant to skip giving his name to this stranger, and he now felt disrespectful.

[B]"So sorry. I've forgotten my manors. My name is Kaine. A pleasure. And yours? If it's of no incovenience to you?"[/B] he said politely, turning to face the woman. He instantly wished he could retract the statement, it had sounded more like sarcasm than politeness. She hadn't interpretted it that way, fortunately, and responded kindly.

[B]"My name is Allegra. I haven't actually had much time to look around the mansion, as I arrived late."[/B] Kaine and Alexander leaned in as Allegra told of her troubles coming to the mansion. After she finished, they launched into another conversation, and dinner was served. By the time dinner had finished, the three were engaged in a conversation regarding fine art, and the master walked in. The table fell eerily silen at his presence.


[B]OOC:[/B] Sorry for the shortness, but I don't have a lot of time on my hands, and I wanted to make sure I posted. Hope everything is fine, Kairi, and I hope Reiku and Retri are fine with my post as well.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][CENTER]As everyone began to eat their food...the Master tapped his wine glass with a spoon. It rang throughout the entire dinning hall as everyone fell silent. They knew that this was the moment that they were all waiting for.

[B]"Good evening everyone...I pray that you have found everything so far to be of your satisfaction."
Everyone agreed and nodded their heads...still not touching any more of their food.

The Master finally stood up from his seat from the round table and began to walk in its circle while he talked.

[B]"I will make my speech quick.........first off....the rules. Rule number one...no one is to go into the Angelic Wing...this must never be broken or you will suffer a punishment far worse than death."[/B]

The entire table seemed to die at hearing these words...this kind, gentle, but creepy old man suddenly turned into a violent and threatening individual. And just as quickly, he calmed himself as he continued his walk.

[B]"Rule number two....never enter the dark...never leave the light. I cannot stress this enough...if you dare to defy this rule...you will learn soon enough why you have been warned. Rule number three.........you must always obey your cards..."[/B]

And with this...eight servants quickly flooded their way into the dinning room and placed in each of the individuals laps a white envelope with gold lettering addressing their name.

[B]"This is what the game is all about ladies and gentlement..."[/B] then turning to Mieruru quickly with a warm smile...[B]"and little girls..."[/B]

[B]"You must never tell anyone what is written your card...doing so will eliminate you from the game completely. Not completing a task on your card will result in punishment...these rules will be inforced...and believe me........I will know."[/B]

The Master finally made his way to the exit of the dinning room and opened the door to leave...halfway out he stopped once more without turning around...

[B]"If you have any questions of comments...feel free to express them to me...remember...your cards cannot change...and follow their directions closely and carefully. You will be receiving new cardS periodically throughout the six months that you are here...and every night...we will come together at this table for dinner. The rest of the time in this mansion...are yours.....good luck..."[/B]

And with that....he was gone. All the servants left...leaving everyone else to the white envelope that now lay in front of them. [/CENTER][/COLOR]

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[SIZE=1]OOC: Seems simple enough. Whee!

Alexander opened up his envelope when the Master left the room. He did not take notice of the rest of the world as he saw his name in cursive, spread elegantly across the white paper. The contents were vaguely interesting at best, but felt childish and juvenile. He inwardly shrugged, but was confused at the gasps and ill looks flashing across other people's faces. He didn't really question them, and decided they should have their own privacy.

"Well, I'll be off," he said vaguely with a smile. No one really took notice to him, but he remained unshaken. He strolled up to his room, and got the new mp3 player he was provided by the Master, full of hours worth of classical music. He smiled at the full charge, and went back downstairs into the dining room to check on everyone. A few people had left, but others were still sitting, awestruck.

[i]Must be something serious. Jeez.[/i]

He mentally wished the best for them, and walked out of the massive door, shutting it behind him, and gazed at the star-filled sky. The night was cool, perhaps 60 degrees and getting colder as the night grew older. Inhaling deeply the fresh night air and the sounds of Bach, he set off down the lit path with the envelope in his pocket. At last he reached the bench, and took a moment to observe the excellent craftsmanship. Oak of the finest kind, expertly crafted together, with a laquered finish to preserve its sheen and pristine condition, even through the harshest weather. Underneath he caught sight of another envelope.

"This is it," he said, feeling slightly anxious, and opened it quickly to get it over with. He skimmed it once, and got the immediate impression of a cakewalk. However, upon closer observation, he discovered it might be one of the harder tasks presented to everyone. He inhaled slowly with his eyes closed and his head cocked back to the sky, calming himself down.

[i]You need to stretch for this.[/i] He quickly complied with his thoughts, performing every stretch he knew, which consumed the greater part of twenty minutes. He sang loudly, in an attempt to expell all laden energy hiding in his body, until he finally gained the courage to lay on the bench, his face towards the sky. His trenchcoat lay on top of his body, so as to shield it from rain or the cold, and his mp3 player was on constant repeat and shuffle.

[i]Well, I'm comfy, and I have a great view, too.[/i] All the lights shut off that connected his path back to the mansion. He was now marrooned on a patch of darkness - something that he would have scoffed at and strode through had it been just 24 hours earlier. He remained still, smiling at the stars and connected paths between them. He thought of stories that involved them, and his music's tempo and temper controlled the mood, characters, and plot. He was enchanted at his use of his imagination, filling the relatively dull hours of the night. Perhaps he would fall asleep in such a position that night; he felt relatively comfortable and had no real desire to move around anyway.

[i]Quiet. Solitude. Strange, but good,[/i] he concluded, before being carried to another ethereal plane of his powerful imagination.
[PM me if you want to negotiate something, but don't move him without permission][/size]
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