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Art [OBGT] Doc vs. Sakurasuka


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[B][I][CENTER]Round 1, Match 7: Doc vs. Sakurasuka[/CENTER][/I][/B]
[B]Date Due:[/B] Friday, September 23

[B]Dimensions:[/B] 600 x 80
Theme:[/B] Nightmares

Once you have posted your submission (fulfilling the mentioned criteria), other members will vote on your work. We permit those who are participating in the tournament to vote as well. There will be no poll option ? you will be required to post a paragraph at least four sentences in length, explaining why you voted the way you did. If you fail to type a complete paragraph, your vote will not be counted, and you will receive a PM saying so. I will count & tally votes.

Thank you very much for participating. Good luck!

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[size=1]I wanted a demented clown/circus/freak show... but this will do. The stock image is copyright of Coheed and Cambria.


I've had multiple people it creeps them out... so... =P
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[b]Sakurasuka[/b]: Okay then, this piece doesn't seem to work for me personally, all it seems to me is a crop of Green Day, with the text added in. I don't think the text placement works well either, or the fading of the words. I enjoy a lot of your pieces, and this is by far the worst you've came up with. Which I'm sorry to say.

[*]Font: Perfect
[*]Text: Perfect
[*]Word Placement: Perfect
[*]Stock Image: Damn right =D[/list]
Doc, this is magic, not your bes, but it's beautiful, the simplicity of such a piece is 'rockin' without the g, 'cause it's so cool. You've placed the text spot on and used the perfect font to create a good atmosphere for the theme. Congrats!

My vote go's to [b]Doc[/b].[/SIZE]
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[b]Sakurasuka[/b]: Sakura to be very truthful with you, I do not like this piece at all. If you had not mentioned that it was Green Day I would have not guessed what it was. The text is somewhat unclear, and it's hard to make out when there's a guy's face in the way. The black collides a bit with the faces and it all just seems really centered and cluttered. I've seen a lot of your works from time to time and they're great. But this piece definately doesn't have the quality that you've put out with all of your other works.

[b]Doc[/b]: My, my. This piece is great. As Sean said everything seems flawless. I usually don't like the messy text but the message is very clear in this piece. I just think the main focal point in these pieces is in the text. With such a small canvas space you're going to need the text to stand out. And I feel that you made a great attempt at trying to make that happen.

[B]Even though both pieces were good, I feel that Doc captured the theme a bit better than SakuraSuka and executed it well. [/B]
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[size=1][b]Sakura-chan[/b]- Though the cleanliness and over-all quality of your image is great, I can't say that it impresses me further than that. It takes more of a humorous tone, and something that just can't really capture the fright of "nightmares'". I like the font, I like the splatters of paint, and I'm a huge fan of black/white. I feel like it would've had more of an impact with just his wide-eyed expression. That seems to be the only thing haunting.

[b]Doc-kun[/b]- This submission is pretty interesting. Again, usage of black/white is a plus. The image itself is in a way disturbing, and might give me a fright if I wasn't used to seeing things like that, lol. The choice of font is perfect for the image, however, I felt it stood out a bit. Too "bright" compared to the rest of the graphic. I enjoy the image though. It looks deformed and twisted, and tormented. The very things nightmares are made of, and can cause if severe enough. The thought of closing your eyes and knowing what will happen when it happens is the scary thought..and what becomes the nightmare.

Good job, both of you. My vote goes to [b]Doc[/b].[/size]
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[COLOR=#006aaf][SIZE=1]I really have to start voting before I get asked to. xD It makes me look lazy. .. Though I am, indeed, quite lazy, lol. [i]Anyway[/i]. >.>

[b]Sakurasuka[/b]: Your entry is okay, but there are quite a few things I don't like. The font doesn't really flow with the rest of it, and it's hard to see in some parts. The stock is just.. there. It doesn't blend with the background or anything (and it took me a minute to realize who it was). Plus the background is sort of plain as well. All together, it looks decent, but not up to par.

[b]Doc[/b]: You've always been extra good with text, and this is no exception. The font, the quote, and the text placement together are just [i]awesome[/i]. Plus, the stock image blends very well with the background, and the text fits perfectly with it, as well. I just want to know.. What [i]is[/i] your stock image, anyway, lol?

I'd have to say my vote goes to [b]Doc[/b]. Great job.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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My vote goes to Doc, though not by as much of a long shot as everyone else has said. I liked Sakura's higher use of black a lot more than the more light-gray oriented submission from Doc. I didn't, however, like the mundane font, the fact that the faces just kind of pop out more than they should (try putting some kind of filter over them or something), and the fact that the guy on the right is grinning like a complete ***, lol.

Doc's picture rocks, his font is well-suited (if generic), but the text sucks. Phil, you're an emo pansy. And as I said before, I think having a lot darker values would make it that much more nightmarish.
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