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Welcome. The matrix........ is it real??????

Thos who take the blue pill find out.

Those who take the red......they do not.

What is it, really? The matrix...... a superficial world, not real. The adults are not the only ones to realize this. Children do too........ this is their story.

The ship Nexus, is pioloted by children who escaped the Matrix. There are both young, age 6, and old, age 15. All are extrordinary in their various talents....... both in reality and in the Matrix. The powers of humanity reside within these children.... human hearts at their purest. But the dark secret.... that the world they knew.... it was a truth... but a truth that had long since ceaced to be reality. Their truth was no longer a tuth, but an elaborate work of fiction....and yet, it was no longer their truth.

We are those children.... the children of Xion. We are all genious in our steed. We were all taken from our fictional truth, that which we assumed was real.

okay.... here we go!!!!!

Appearence: (out of the matrix)
Appearence: (within the Matrix)
Biography: Include what you left behind, and how you were freed from the matrix
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Name: Meg Jackson (Some call her M.J.)
Age: 14
Appearence: [URL=http://satchie.free.fr/blog/images/Desktop/Grand/anime.jpg]Meg out of the matrix[/URL]. Except with grey eyes.
Appearence: [URL=http://www.hydepark.co.il/hydepark/upload06/050201_191932-20_Rag04.jpg]Meg in matrix[/URL]
Biography: Meg was the only daughter of rich drug lord. She never knew her mother and traveled all over the world, and got almost everything she wanted, except for the love of her father.

This effected her emotionally and physically. Meg started to become jealous of the other kids she saw with thier parents, wich made her seem angry almost all the time.

Meg was a child genius when it came to computers. She had already a famouse hacker when she was nine years old, going by the name of " Dark child".

When Meg turned twelve she met another mysterious hacker who told her about the matrix. One day she finally decided to meet the hacker, and find out what the matrix really was.

That night she entered into a place she could never imagine... Xion.
Now two years later she herself and her crew mates are helping people realize the truth about the "Matrix". And fighting the "Agents".
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