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Sign Up The Rebirth of Dragoon[PG-13, LVS]


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Valmar walked the sands of death as its been 6 days without food or water. He was banished form the city of Fletz for the murder of 13 people. He took one last step and fell on the sandy ground ready to except death. Just when he was closing his eyes, a burst of dark light came form the ground.
"What's this?" He dugged through the sands to have a dark shining stone in his hand. It was glowing brightly in his hand, a sec later another burst of light came from the sands. This time the light was red. He reach and pulled out a red stone of light. A sudden rush of energy flowed inside him. The bright light of the darkness shined over him transforming him. Dark armor appeared on Valmar. Wings of a dragon where on his back.
"...what is this magic?" he felt as though he could control the wings on his back. He focused his energy and he began to float! Then he knew. The power that killed the great Frahma melbu 20 years ago. Dragoon spirit. He smiled evily. He now had the power to destroy Fletz for banishing him to death....no, the power to control the world. He laughed chaoticly and flew to the north.

I've been waiting along time for a sequel, but hey why wait? I could just make a RP out of it! This takes 20 years after the game ended

dragoon spirit: (you don't have to have one)

[I]Dragoon Spirits[/I]

Red-eye Dragoon- Taken by Valmar
Dark dragoon- Taken by Valmar
Divine Dragoon- taken by me....sorry
Jade dragoon
Golden Dargoon
Blue Sea Dragoon
White Silver Dragoon-taken by Elaina Bell
Violet dragoon


Humans-These are creatures who are average in everything. They are no match for some races but with their high intelligence level, they can survive in
the world of many other races. They harnessed the spiritual power of the
Dragons to become dragoons. Together with dragons, they defeated the
winglies during the Dragon Campaign. There are a lot of survivor of this

Winglys-These creatures lived in floating cities. There are five of such cities.
They are Kadessa, Birth City Crystal Palace, Death City Mayfil, Law City
Zenobatos and Magical City Agli. Kadessa was the capital of Winglies and
is the center of politics and military. The Birth City Crystal Palace
was a city where babies were selected to be born. Only those babies with
strong magical power were allowed to be born. The Death City Mayfil was
where the souls of the dead were sent to an infernal world. The Law City
Zenebatos was the city where Wingly laws were made. The laws were
claimed for justice but actually they were used to judge other races. It
is the place where executions and trials were carried out. The Magical
City Aglis was the city where magic was studied. This species were VERY
strong magic users. They dominated the world with their magics. They
feared the birth of the 108th species do they sealed the Virage Embryo
in Crystal Sphere. They drawn enormous amount of magical power from it
and pushed their magic to the limit.

Gigantos-This species is the species with the biggest strength of all. All
gigantos are great warrior who fight with hugh weapons. They are
surprisingly strong in physical offense and defense. They are lousy in
magics and is very slow. Only a few gigantos remain in the world.

Minintos-These are little dwarf like magical creatures. They worn a magician hat.
This is a mysterious species. Little is known about this species. There
are only one or two survivors of this species still struggling in this

Name: Dyon, The son of Dart

Age: 18

Race: Human

Dragoon spirit: Divine Dragoon [URL]http://www.geocities.com/diaz42886/darttrans3.html[/URL]

weapon: Long Sword

Appearance: Looks just like his father.

Personality: Born to be a leader just like his father, Dart. Has a kind heart, but would never back down from a fight. He stands for whats right. Dyon always dreamed of traveling the world.

Backstory: Dyon is sick of staying in the village of seles. One morning, however. There village gets under attacked by a army of demons. Dart defends the city, only to get poisoned by a demon. While Dart rests in bed, Shana tells Dyon to travel Bale for help. Shana also give him Dart's momento! When Dyon reachs Bale, he finds out that a evil Dragoon by the name Valmar has been raising a army of demons to destory the world! Albert tells him to travel to Fletz to learn more of Valmar.

This is going to be awsome!
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Take it. It wont kill me not to be it. It was kind of cheap of me to do that

Name: Jason Sin

Age: 17

Race: Human

Dragoon Spirit: Orange Yellow Dragoon

Element: Lighting

Weapon: Dia Katanna

Appearance: Come later

Personality: Freindly and outgoing. Puts others first instead of himself

Backstory. Jason prefers not to tell anyone about his past because it brings up sad memories that he wants to keep locked away.
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[SIZE=2][FONT=Georgia]EDIT (yet again): ^-^; Thank you![/FONT][/SIZE]

[SIZE=2][FONT=Georgia][B]Name:[/B] Elaina Bell

[B]Age:[/B] 16

[B]Race:[/B] Human

[B]Dragoon Sprit:[/B] White Silver Dragoon

[B]Weapon:[/B] Bow and arrow (gotta keep to tradition, right?)

[B]Appearance:[/B] She has shoulder-length black hair and wears a simple, tan, mid shin-length dress. Elaina has emerald green eyes and lightly tanned skin.

[B]Personality:[/B] Elaina is always inclined to help people in need. She can never turn her back on someone with a problem, and always strives to change situations for the better. For her good friends, she is a strong ally and a loving friend. For her enemies, she is compassionate, and always offers them a second chance.

[B]Backstory:[/B] Elaina was born and grew up in a very small town near Seles (I know there are none in the game, but I can't remember many of the cities right now, so bear with me XD). When Seles was attacked by demons, she rushed to help beside her mentor, Shana, and her friend Dart. When Dart was poisoned, a man named Dyon was sent to Bale with Dart's Dragoon Spirit. Shana sent Elaina with him, giving her her own Dragoon Spirit. The two traveled to Bale together, where they were told by King Albert to go to the town of Fletz.
(I had to explain how she got Shana's Dragoon Spirit. She had to have known her, otherwise there would have been almost no chance of her getting it. Sorry for sort of changing your story, Lionheart!)[/FONT][/SIZE]
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[I][B]Name: Ryuudo Sky

age: 20

Race: Wingly

Dragoon spirit: (none)

weapon: Dragon Buster, the 2nd.

apperance: has light blue hair with sliver clothing. has the wings of the winglys.

Personality: is very smart of the living world. he is calm during battle, but knows when to give up if the enemy is stronger then him. on his free time, you can see him reading a book or studying nature.

Backstory: on his 20th birthday, they found his brother's dead body in the woods. His body was brutly battred by an unknown enemy. The elders of wingly went to the nearest human city, Deningrad. When they got there, the city was attacked by a new dragoon! They haved learned his name was Valmar. he spared the queen and told her, "This was a warm-up for my abilities. Next time i'm here though, i'm claiming your life!" The elders concluided that Roan (Ryuudo's brother) was murdered by Valmar. Ryuudo volenteered to search for Valmar to destroy him. Before he left, the Wingly forest gave him the Dragon Buster 2 to destroy Valmar.[/B][/I]
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[B]Name: [/B] Dreka Ryon
[B]Age:[/B] looks somewhere around 19ish, but is older than she looks.
[B]Race:[/B] Wingly
[B]Dragoon spirit:[/B] none
[B]Weapon:[/B] a very large squeaky mallet, kidding. Dreka wields a staff, but you can count her feet in too.
[B]Appearance:[/B] Dreka keeps her long silver hair tied up in a high ponytail with a light blue ribbon, matching her crystalline blue eyes. She wears an ocean blue skirt with a light green off-the shoulders top that has short sleeves. Dreka constantly wears a pair of pale grey fingerless gloves.
Personality:[/B] She would whole-heartedly defend those she trusts, and tries to see the good in people, no matter how small that feeling may be. Not necessarily childish, she can sometimes be a little brash. Stubborn as well.

[B]Backstory: [/B] She used to live in the Wingly Forest, one of the few places where her kind still thrive, if you could call it that. Just like Meru before her, she had a bit of wanderlust issues. Of course, this was not without a little scorn and disapproval from a few. After traveling around for a bit, she 'settled down' in Fletz.
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