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Sign Up Amd3: The Reason for Life M-[LVS]


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[FONT=Arial Narrow][COLOR=Sienna]I watched as the Guardian hit the cement sidewalk with her knees, tears streaming down her face as she threw her head back. Even in a moment of great despair, she was still beautiful. Her thin dark hair sliding behind her head, searching for the ground below them. Her delicate fingers wrapped around her neck, her nails threatening to break through her skin as she clawed at her throat. Her whole body spasmming with the surge of power and pain that ran rapid through her veins.

?What the Hell?? Ben, a mere human, asked as he bent down next to her.

?I wouldn?t,? David, a Grigori half-breed, warned when he saw Ben reach for the Guardian?s shoulders.

I was helpless, unable to even speak. So I watched, as Reoan clasped into Ben?s arms, gasping for breath. That was the last time I saw the kinder side of Reoan. For a year and a half, we laid low, killing those set targets that wandered across our path.

I never heard Reoan utter the Guardian?s name that had practically brought her back to life, but I?m sure she missed him even more that I did. Eventually she told us of Kraven?s death, once we had left Spain without her sword. I over heard David, not too long ago, bring up Asariel, the Fallen Angel that was with us, but Reoan refused to talk about it.

Three months ago, on the news, we heard about a Yakuza attack in Japan. It was an estimated half a dozen people were killed. Reoan later informed us that most of them had been the Zodiac, said to be on their way to stop her. It was said that three had survived the attack, but no one was certain.


?Fate has come to settle itself beside you, Guardian. And with her by your side, nothing will ever harm you.? It was Ketheriel?s last words before Reoan took his head.

?What did he mean that Fate was at your side?? I questioned as I ran up beside Reoan.

?Ketheriel was well known for rambling off utter non-sense in an attempt to detract his prey.? Reoan continued to walk towards David, running a cloth over her new blade.

I nodded and let the subject go.

It wasn?t until the two remaining Angels and the Dukes of Hell were left that things grew chaotic again. Reoan, David, Ben and myself would not be able to defeat these foes alone. That?s when Reoan left us to find a fellow Guardian.

?You must wait for me here,? she said. We were in one of the northern cities of Africa when she declared this. We were all shocked, Ben more so then the rest of us.

?I will not let you leave my sight again.? He growled as he stood-up. His behavior completely off from what he use to be.

Reoan turned to face him, a cold, heartless expression on her face. ?Go home,? she hissed. ?You have humans that miss you.? Ben sneered, but said nothing.

?This is my quest, and you have to stay put. Others will be in search of me soon and they?ll need a place to stay,? and with that Reoan threw her bags onto her shoulders and left. (Written from NPC: Amber)[/COLOR]

[CENTER][COLOR=SlateGray]Welcome every one to the last installment of Angels Must Die. I hope that this final chapter will run as well as the first two. I?m going to be trying a new style on all of you, so let?s cross our fingers. I will post NPC information up in the square shortly before the story goes into the Square.

Let?s establish some rules first.

I will be running this through pre-selected sub-chapters to help the story move along cleanly. At the beginning of every sub-chapter I will briefly describe what should occur. I will be Pming people with additional information specific to their character.

This is the final chapter of this RPG, which means characters will be getting killed. Being that all my characters were pre-made, I have already selected which sub-chapter they?re suppose to die in. Please do not be offended when the time comes for your character to say its good-byes.

There will be no god-molding. This makes a story very boring when you do this. My character is stoppable, so even I follow my own guidelines.

There will be no killing of a character unless its authorized by myself or the character?s handler.

My word is final. Please don?t argue with me, it will end in early termination of your character. So will lack of posting. If you have a problem with some one?s post or you will be unable to post, please PM and I will try to work around it.

Here are the characters open for you to play:[/COLOR]

(I will be extremely picky with the person that chooses to play this character. Adiol is Reoan?s ex-lover from her previous life. He and eleven other Angels were the reason Reoan was sent to Hell.)
Race: Angel
Appearance: Male
[COLOR=Red]*Reserved for Kamuro*[/COLOR]

(Said to have helped the Yakuza attack the Zodiac. Was only seen by Capricorn. Knows that Padeal was in love with Adiol.)
Race: Angel
Appearance: Female

(Massive demon with quite a temper and loves to torture his victims.)
Race: Duke of Hell
Appearance: Male

(Once a Duke of Hell, but after a mighty battle with Reoan and Kraven, he lost his wings thus turning him into a mortal.)
Race: Mortal
Appearance: Male
[COLOR=Red]*Reserved for Angelus*[/COLOR]

(The Guardian Reoan searches for.)
Race: Guardian
Appearance: Male
[COLOR=Red]*Reserved for Kairi*[/COLOR]

(Hints had been made that the human housed the soul of Caleb, who was suppose to be the soul Reoan was originally suppose to meet.)
Race: Human
Appearance: Male
[COLOR=Red]*Reserved for Lil Kitsune boy*[/COLOR]

(The fallen Angel that had accompanied Reoan before Jacob?s death. His unknown past made him un-trust worthy despite his luring manner.)
Race: Fallen Angel
Appearance: Male
[COLOR=Red]*Reserved for Seibzeihn*[/COLOR]

(Though the body that Kraven had taken was now died, but his soul lived on. Or so the stories claimed.)
Race: Demon
Appearance: Male
[COLOR=Red]*Reserved for Fallen*[/COLOR]

(One of the three remaining Zodiac. The sun sign Aries allowed this strong woman to weld the power of fire.)
Race: Zodiac
Appearance: Female
[COLOR=Red]*Reserved for Astdis*[/COLOR]

(A charming prince of sorts was known for his ability to heal. But he housed many secrets. The sun sign Pisces.)
Race: Zodiac
Appearance: Male
[COLOR=Red]*Reserved for Reiku*[/COLOR]

(Once a cop, this strong willed woman knows how to get answers. The sun sign Gemini.)
Race: Zodiac
Appearance: Female
[COLOR=Red]*Reserved for Reiku*[/COLOR]
Sign Up:

(Select from the characters above. This is NOT a first come. I will be judging each post for content and the best representation of the character.)
(Angel and Dukes do not have actual genders, but appear to look a certain gender. Please use the gender appearance listed with each character.)
(With/against/natural to Reoan.)
(This should be specific to your character choice.)
(You can use pictures or detailed descriptions.)
(You may have two weapons at the most. Dukes and Angels may NOT use any modern weapons.)
(Briefly explain where you?ve been and what you?ve been doing the last two years Reoan has been on Earth.)
[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Show Time:[/COLOR](Those that have reserved characters do not have to do this part, unless they feel like it.)
(This is were you?ll write a short story about your character. Can be written in any point of view and about any experience. This will show me what your posting quality will be like.)[/CENTER][/FONT]
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[font=Verdana][size=1](OOC: Yes! First to sign up!)

Name: Kraven

Gender: Male

Position: With Reoan

[/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=1] Personality: Since Kraven had been brought back to life after his apparent death at the hands of a legion of demons, he has become focused on two things: finding Reoan and ending the war. However, as he continues to travel, these two things get further and further away, and he now realises that the war is destined to go on forever, so he may as well stay with the side he feels most comfortable at. When he finds Reoan, however, he may change his mind about the whole thing. He is a seasoned fighter, leaving no room for witty banter, merely fighting until he wins, no backchat, nothing. He seems to some to be cold, but he is in fact simply focused on his goals, and once he has become focused on something, he doesn't let go of it, not for anyone.

Appearance: Kraven?s managed to find a body that was pretty close to his old one after he died. He still stands around 6?3?, and still weighs around 150lbs. He has the same jet-black hair, although it is now longer, and falls down slightly into his eyes. His eyes themselves have dark rings around them, and he has a stubbly beard on his chin. He wears almost the same clothes as he did in his last body, the black long-sleeved t-shirt, with an armour plate strapped to his chest, with black cargo trousers and boots. He also has a black leather jacket (not a trench-coat) that he wears over the shirt. His swords cross over on his back. However, in the years of war, his jacket has become extremely frayed, the edges ripped and torn, and his skin has become paler, his whole appearance generally more rugged. Scars now cover his body, with three claw-marks over his left eye, which now only has limite sight.

[/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=1] Weapon: Kraven?s weapons are, and always have been, a pair of swords, named Cain and Abel, shown in the attachment. They contain the spirits of two demonic siblings that were involved in a feud which killed hundreds. Kraven finally managed to put an end to the death by trapping their spirits in his swords. When the two swords are put together, and their power combined, they unleash a terrible force which once destroyed an entire human civilisation. Kraven has never combined their power since.

[/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=1]Kraven also carries an H&K USP handgun, shown in the second attachment.

[/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=1] Bio: Once a demonic warrior for Hell, Kraven met his match when he came face-to-face with Reoan in combat. She slayed his physical form, and his soul flitted between hundreds of bodies in the years after, burning each one out before moving on to another. When his soul was condemned to the Inferno by the Dukes of Hell, he committed an act of treason, and fled from his former masters. Roaming the Earth for centuries, moving between bodies, one thing kept Kraven sane. The lust for revenge against Reoan.

[/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=1]That chance finally came when he faced the ex-Guardian across a river when they combined forces to destroy the angel Raphael. She had a chance to kill him again, but she spared him, and after a long debate with himself, he decided to join Reoan in her quest to destroy the Angels that banished her. He helped her with this as long as she helped him destroy the Dukes of Hell that threatened them both, and they destroyed a number of them together.

[/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=1]After centuries of loathing her, Kraven eventually came to respect Reoan, and soon she became something he had never expected her to be. A friend. She stood by him in times of trouble, and even helped him make Lucifer mortal. Eventually the time came for Kraven to give his life for her.

[/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=1]He was with a Zodiac and the fallen angel Asariel, when legions of demonic footsoldiers attacked them. The three of them fought together, but ultimately there were too many of them to hold back. Kraven did something that no-one was ever supposed to do: he absorbed the power of Hell-Fire. This wiped out the demons, but took Kraven?s physical body with it. His soul escaped, and flitted around, trying to find a new body to inhabit.

[/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=1]After several attempts, Kraven found a worthy body, but then discovered that he was in Australia. As he didn?t know where Reoan and her party were at that time, he has been travelling the world, trying to find any sign of them. It has been a long time, but Kraven thinks he is close now?

[/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=1]
Show Time: Blood trickled out of Kraven?s chest as the bullet drove itself further into his body. He looked down at the scarlet stream that was now oozing from his sternum, and smiled. It was not like he had never seen his own blood before.

[/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=1]It had been a simple mugging. A street thug, probably a homeless person had attacked Kraven, trying to grab his wallet. When Kraven told the man that he had no wallet, he drew a gun. He asked again for the wallet, and when Kraven did not comply, he pulled the trigger. A bullet blasted from the chamber, and thudded into Kraven?s chest, sending a spray of blood splattering to the ground.

[/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=1]After the initial shock, Kraven quickly composed himself, and dropped to the ground, where he grabbed a glass bottle and hurled it at the man. It flew with amazing accuracy, and the edge of the bottle struck the mugger sharply on the forehead, knocking him out before he hit the ground. No sense in killing a member of the race he was supposed to protect. He sighed, and his soul rushed out of the body.

[i]Great, [/i]he thought, [i]Now I have to find another body. I knew I shouldn't have come to bloody England...[/i]
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OOC: let me know if anything need be changed

[COLOR=DarkRed][FONT=Tahoma][SIZE=2][B]Name[/B]: Karizmasophie (Kariz)

[B]Height[/B]: 5? 5?


[B]Age[/B]: 27 (soul 148)

[URL=http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b159/luckywrit/2437-Radarany-01K.jpg]before the war[/URL]

[COLOR=Black]now:[/COLOR] (though normally has a ruffer edge)

[B]Race[/B]: Aries

[B]Position[/B]: neutral. She believes there?s something out there, she?s just not sure what. * Believes in balance in nature.

[B]Power[/B]: can control and start fires with her eyes or with her hands. Also can create and direct heat without flame. Seemed to have gained some wind to back her flames after another Zodiac, Ima, died in her arms...

[B]Morph[/B]: tiger

[B]Weapons[/B]: 9.38in (blade) Jungle Commander Bowie, 13 3/8" (blade) Jungle Khukri Style Survival Machete and a customized (for humidity) .40 s&w. Now also carries Ima's [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v641/ozyssite/loheng.jpg]sword[/URL] and [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v641/ozyssite/BlackbirdsGlock.jpg]glock[/URL]

[B]Bio[/B]: [I]grew up on the beach near the city of Rio de Janeiro in South America with her ?Pai? (father), three brothers (one older, two younger), and her ?Avó? (grandmother). Her mother had died in a boating accident when she was 7.

Her pai raised her like the boys, so she grew up beautiful and strong. She played soccer in school and went on hunting trips with her pai and brothers in the jungles.

Her avó noticed her powers before she did, always telling her she was a blessed child. When Kariz turned sixteen, Avó gave her a raw-cut ruby pendent the size of a quarter, telling her it would bring her luck and never to remove it.

Once while wondering the city after dark, a strange man attempted to rape Kariz. His hands on her wrists blistered and burned and his sleeves caught fire.

She ran home and told Avó. For the next 8 years she trained to control and embrace her gift. While her pai and brothers didn?t understand it, they took it as a gift from God and supported her training.[/I]


She joined up with the Zodiac two years before to bring balance to the world, to find a way to restore a basic peace and equilibrium; also to protect her brothers and her family. This was a noble and foolish cause.

Their once strong and large group of Zodiac had been killed in a hotel room in Japan. Only she, Raven, and Zane survived. It was a massacre. It was during this battle she had first morphed into her tiger form, and used its teeth too rip the throats from her enemies. Once back in human form, she had held Ima?s hand as she died. Her friend, her closest companion in all this, was gone. Her anger at the sight of the room after battle had caused the hotel to burn to the ground.

After this, she and the two remaining Zodiac went in search out Reoan, to find some answer, some explanation that may bring balance and an end to this horrible war. Kariz is also looking for a human named Ben, who once fought with the Zodiac. She feels he was hiding something from them, something that may have saved the others from dieing had she known it.

Kariz knows that at least one of her brothers, Anthonio, is dead. She doesn't know about the rest.

They don?t know if there are any other Zodiac left out there, they?re just doing what they can to end this, once and for all.
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][CENTER][SIZE=1]Name: Rubedo



At heart...Rubedo is very intelligent and wise. When he was first with the Zodiacs in the beginnings of their persuit for Reoan, he was a lost individual. His master let him go of the burdens of the Guardian...letting him have the will to do what he wanted. In their travels Rubedo became very fond of Raven...one of the Zodiacs. And at one point...it warmed his heart...and helped him to become almost human.

But with the war at hand...he left her side and saught to bring back balance to this plain, as well as of heaven and hell...so was his purpose...to bring peace...to protect. In the process, Rubedo killed his master Albedo who he found to be working for Reoan. This shattered any sense of direction in his life...

Within these two years...Rubedo has become quite psychotic...a killing machine that the heavens did not intend. He was already very sufficiant at his work...and he finally became what they all feared...uncontrolable with no chains...

Now...he wanders the world...killing humans, Guardians, Grigoir, Angels, Demons and Half-Breeds alike. Rubedo wishes to kill everything till there is nothing left...to bring back balance...and to rebuild in the grace of God.

However...with this...his persona is calm...which is very scary for the things that run through his mind, and the things that he does. Being psychotic...wise...and intelligent about everything he has learned through his hundreds of years of living...is a very scary thing. And everyone in all plains have seen this transformation...a dream he's come to realize...was in his masters plans all along.

Though he continues to search...something to truly live for...


[B][U][URL=http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y158/IceSton2/vin.jpg]Years After Wandering (Present Day)[/URL] [/U]

The above picture is what Rubedo looked like before he left the Zodiacs. The link below shows his appearance now. His golden hair has grown significantly in length covering his golden eyes. (ignore skeletons and gun)

Rubedo once wielded two scimitars which he has used throughout the years...passing from one life to the other. Recently he's formed them into one blade which stretches out 45 inches alone in the blade.

Aside from this he has mastered his powers as a Guardian in healing...as well as the white flames which dwell within him. He possess god-like speed and is like a tank when it comes to taking damage. (from past storyline)
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid][FONT=Arial Narrow][CENTER]Name:
Reoan (pronounced Re-oan the oan being like loan) Fehu
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5" Weight:120 -- At first glance the ex-Guardian looks to be nothing more than a young girl in her late teens. Her smile hidden behind her dark expressive less eyes. Her hair long with a small tint of red floating amongst the dark strands that lay about her shoulders, chest and back. Her structure firm and built from the well worn beatings she endured while in Hell. Her body being sent directly from the Pits to Earth retained a scar for every injury she endured. A constant reminder of the torment she had to suffer through.
Do I have to state this?
With the help of Jacob, a fellow Guardian, Reoan began to loosen her tight grip on the old and began to enjoy her stay on Earth. But after the Guardian?s death at the hands of Lucifer and then losing Kraven shortly afterwards, Reoan has grown cold and distant again. She has now focused on her tasks at hand and nothing else.

Born and raised in the ancient world, Reoan will not use guns of any sort.
See Attachment

Bio: When Reoan was thrown from Hell back to Earth a Guardian by the name of Jacob found her and took her in. He spent weeks healing her wounds and restoring her human body the best he could, but erasing the scars and the memories they held was impossible.

The Guardian followed Reoan loyally not because of fear, but because he felt a sense of belonging with her. A connection was created that was far beyond just lust and worldly pleasures. A love that neither Guardian could explain nor deny.

Two others were soon to join their quest to destroy the twelve Angels that condemned Reoan to her to Hell. Amber, a young girl around the age of 13 with the soul of a demon. Her past a hidden mess, but her love and dedication unquestionable. The other was David, a Spanish Grigori half breed. Despite his hideous appearance and lack of intelligence, David's strength was for Reoan and Reoan alone. Each of the ex-Guardian's companions found something different and brought something new to her cause.

Reoan?s clan grew in ranks with Asariel, a fallen angel, Kraven, a demon, and K, a Zodiac. Asariel was shrouded in mystery, while K was easy to read, but the one that Reoan found herself to bond the closest to was the demon that she had killed in one of her lifetimes before. Despite the connect and understanding Asariel showed, Kraven seemed to be more than just another demon.

After both Kraven and Jacob?s death, Reoan lost herself in her revenge, focusing only on her goal, to send Adiol to Purgatory to be judged for his crimes. To feel the pain and burden that she had when he sent her to Hell.[/CENTER][/FONT][/COLOR]
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[b]Name:[/b] Asariel ([i]Whom God Has Bound[/i])
[b]Age:[/b] 20 (Around since Mesopotamia era)
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Side:[/b] With Reoan
[b]Race:[/b] Angel (Fallen)
[b]Appearance:[/b] [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=24528&stc=1]Here[/URL]
Asariel stands at about 5'11'' and weighs 151 lbs. Tall and physically attractive (albeit in a somewhat feminine way), Asariel's eyes appear to range in color from deep purple to an almost blood-red, depending upon the light and his mood. Well-muscled despite his slender build, Asariel exudes an aura of dark seduction or sin, akin to a slow-burning flame within one's veins.
[b]Personality:[/b] Contrary to his cool and collected exterior, Asariel hides within him a storm of emotion. Prone to furious outbursts and fits of rage at times, the fallen angel is otherwise darkly calm, a perpetual teasing smile upon his face. Though he tends to end up at the center of attention, Asariel sometimes prefers to work from the shadows -- though he understands and respects direct confrontation, as it has its uses. Though cruel and merciless in combat, Asariel has a caring side as well (though most of the time, only if it benefits himself) and will fight to protect those he believes are worth protecting, or those who have gained his respect. But most of all, Asariel embodies worldly pleasure, lust and jealousy. Like the twisted emotions he represents (love, lust, ire and envy), Asariel can be seductive one moment and furiously vicious the next, depending on the situation.

[b]Weapon:[/b] A glaive called [i]Ashen Hand[/i]. The spearhaft is six feet long, and of black metal inlaid with silver spiraling designs. The blade of the glaive is straight and double-sided, keener than a razor and created of a brilliant silver metal of some kind. On the blade, the word [i]Lachryma[/i] ([i]Tears[/i] in Latin) is engraved. Asariel also carries two semi-automatic pistols, or a sniper rifle (depending on the situation)

[b]Bio:[/b] Once an angel like the others, Asariel was a Second Lieutenant in the battle of Heaven and Hell during the time of the Crusades. Though an excellent fighter, Asariel was still unsure of himself and his position in God's army, as he was still a 'young' angel at the time. During one such battle with the demonic army, however, Asariel was wounded and captured by the enemy. Tortured for information (and for the sheer delight of it), Asariel began to form a strange connection with the interrogation leader, a female demon who called herself Saithe. He came to care for her and became like a pet to a mistress, guarding her against all dangers. During the time they spent together, Asariel learned that Saithe was weary of war and merely wished to live her own life, apart from Angels and Demons. She believed that God was the cause of such wars, and accused Him as being corrupt Himself.

Together, the two hatched a plan. They were going to escape the war and travel far away, where they would start a new life together. However, on the eve of their departure, Angels attacked and reclaimed Asariel from the demonic prison. Brought on trial, Asariel was charged with treason and conspiracy, as well as love for a demon (his greatest crime). Saithe was also captured, and executed immediately the following day -- as Asariel was forced to watch. Banished to Hell by God, Asariel was later reincarnated in a human body on Earth, thanks to Reoan's war against the mortal world weakening the celestial powers that held his soul in the infernal Pit. Determined to strike against God for the sin of loving, Asariel inherited his mistress's masochistic tendencies, as well as a portion of her beauty, granting him all the tools he needed to manipulate mortals to suit his needs. With a hidden rage that knew no bounds, Asariel resolved to make Earth -- and one day Heaven -- into what God despised. A land of sinners.

Having heard news of Reoan while within the world of fire, and knowing of Adoil as well, Asariel set out determined to find this fallen Guardian who had indirectly caused his release from Hell. He felt as if he owed her something, and Asariel hated being in debt. In addition, though he preferred to work alone, Asariel knew that what they both desired was similar, and therefore he saw it as a way by which his plans might sooner come to bear fruit. Asariel was quite sure that their combined strength would be more than enough to lay waste to Earth...

[b]OOC: Yes, copy-pasted from Thinning Time :P Asariel really hasn't gone through any significant changes since then, and the few that he has I will let the story reveal.[/b]

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[CENTER][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkOrange]Demonchild ok'd my comeback, so...hi.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER]

[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][B]Name:[/B] Imahyn Eliandro

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Position[/B]: Nuetral, believes both sides aren't telling the full story.

[B]Age:[/B] appearence 24, soul 152.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v257/OzymandiusJones/cv2.jpg]Ima[/url]

[B]Height:[/B] 5'4''

[B]Weight: [/B]115

[B]Race:[/B] Zodiac (Aquarius)

[B]Power:[/B] Air and wind. She can create small tornadoes, manipulate air molecules to heat them, or cool them, can slow the passage of air to the point that it becomes almost a net.

[B]Morph: [/B][URL=http://img.thefreedictionary.com/wiki/0/02/Black_bear_large.jpg]Bear[/URL]

Weapon:[/B] Since recovering, Ima has obtained a new [url=http://www.afflictedyard.com/images/glock/glock2.JPG]glock[/url] with a lot of extra ammo; she never wants to run out. She also is fairly profecient with a [url=http://www.militarysabers.com/images/01-155-army-saber-hi.jpg]saber[/url] that she stole - she would claim borrowed - from an antique shop.

[B]Personality:[/B] Imahyn used to be strictly a follower; for the last two years, however, she has wandered on her own. Understandably, this would change her personality a bit from follower to self sufficiant. She doesn't like this fact, as she's usually lonely. She's more quiet, and less trusting, and always searching for companionship.

[B]Bio:[/B] Ima, as she is known, grew up along the coast of Costa Rica. Most of her life, she thought she was a normal human. She went to school, had a job, basically anything a normal human would do.

Until one day, while at her lifegaurd job, she was actually able to make a boy start breathing without using CPR or any such techniques. Alarmed, she lost control of her powers, causing a windstorm on the beach. Disaster was averted only by the arrival of Kadar, the Sagittarius, unofficial leader of the Zodiac.

Since then, she has had help in mastering her powers by Kariz, Aries in the Zodiac, and has traveled much of the globe. Her powers grew in strength, but she prefered to fight back-up for Kariz, adding the power of oxygen to Kariz's firepower.

Ima continued to prefer the background, lending support instead of being a main fighter. Together, Kariz and Ima seemed unstoppable; to the point where Ima could draw on some of Kariz's powers even when they were seperated.

No one's quite sure what happened; while still in Japan after an attempt to find Zodiac Capricorn, the Zodiac were attacked by the Yakuza. No one knows who sent them, whether it was random, whether they were sent - but the Zodiac were unprepared, and it was a massacre. Most of the Zodiac were slain; those who weren't killed were badly injured, including Ima, who was injured almost to the point of death. She too believed she was going to die, and accepted the darkness when it came.

When she awoke, she was no longer in the wreckage of the hotel room...she remembers flames, and that's about it. Though she has been trying for two years, she can find no one she knew...her past life is a wreck. She remembers bits and peices, nothing of who saved her, nothing of why she still alive, nothing of who she was, who her friends were, or [i]what[/i] she is. The one thing she remembers that she thinks might help is the flames...and the tiger.[/COLOR]
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[color=#000080]Here goes nothing, normally I dont play big characters but I wanna be in this.

[/color][font=Arial Narrow][size=1][color=darkred][b]Name:[/b] Beelzebub

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Position:[/b] Against Reoan

[b]Personality[/b]: Beelzebub is the definition of sadist, he takes great pleasure in bringing pain unto others. Thier screams are one of the few things that will turn his usual frown into an all out sinister smile. He views everyone as inferior beings, and is rather spiteful towards the human race, who now have no honor or guts according to him. He is quick to anger, which normally ends in violence and the majority of the time death. Beelzebub is a very instictive though intelligent all at the same time.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Arial Narrow][size=1][color=darkred][b]Appearance:[/b] See attachment 1, Beelzebulb stands just shy of 7', making him tower over all but the most tall individuals. He weighs in at about 260 lbs with a well honed muscular physique. His eyes are a deep crimson red like that of blood and tend to glow when angered. Beezlebub tends to wear baggy black pants and black boots. For his upper body he has a red tank top with a black button up vest that is covered in steel plates over it. To top it all of he wears a black cloak that trails behind Beezlebub on the ground. For armor he wears a pair of guantlets as well as shoulder guards.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Arial Narrow][size=1][color=darkred][b]Weapon:[/b] The sword and axe seen in attachments 2 and 3. He will only use his axe on most opponents he saves his sword specifically for honorable opponents or soldiers of the sword.
[font=Arial Narrow][size=1][color=darkred][b]Bio:[/b] Beezlebub was once an angel of the highest degree, though he was one of the first to be cast down alongside Lucifer and Leviathan. Since then he has forsaken his previous self from all but his name, dawning large batlike wing to replace his feathers. [/color][/size][/font]

[font=Arial Narrow][size=1][color=darkred]From his throne of darkness and flame he has been behind, or had a part in a majority of wars and controversies to strike the human race. Beezlebub takes credit for the works of Vlad the Impaler, as well as devising the Plauge. He along with some of the other Dukes where responsible for the inhumane acts commited in WWII. [/color][/size][/font]

[font=Arial Narrow][size=1][color=darkred]Although with the recent events at hand has forced him to take more physical action. He has left his throne in hades, for the time subtile whisperings and the twisting of ones souls has passed. The tasks at hand need to be dealt with first hand with the power of a true demon, he will avenge the fallen Dukes by returning to hell with the souls of Reoan and Kraven as trophies. Their punishments in hell preiviously will be nothing compaired to an eternity with him.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Arial Narrow][size=1][color=darkred][b]Show Time:[/b] Beelzebub's heavy boots echoed softly against the alley walls as he entered the alley. His plight had brought him to England, and the closest he has been to one of his targets. His footsteps stopped as he stood between to men, both lying on the ground, though one lay in a puddle of deep crimson blood, the other next to a bottle. Kneeling next to the dead man Beezlebub placed his large hand just above the bodies face.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Arial Narrow][size=1][color=darkred]"So you where here, though your soul fled some time ago" Beezlebub muttered to himself, as the other man awoke.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Arial Narrow][size=1][color=darkred]The other man struggled to stand and gain his bearings. Beezlebub stood slowly before turning to face the thug. As the man came to his senses, he glanced down at the body behind the large man in front of him before mustering a shakey voice to ask.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Arial Narrow][size=1][color=darkred]"Wh-wh-w-who are you"[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Arial Narrow][size=1][color=darkred]"The man you killed, he was a, how should I put this...........friend of mine" Beelzebub laughed his deep voice shaking the alley. "Now I am going to have to find him again" He added his laughter fading to anger as he sprouted his large black wings in a bloody display.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Arial Narrow][size=1][color=darkred]The man's eyes before him grew wide with fear as the behemoth stepped forward. "What are you?" He exclaimed taking a shot with the gun he had used to slay the other man.[/color][/size][/font]
[size=1][color=#8b0000]The bullet burrowed into Beezlebub's arm causing a look of disgust to appear on his face. A gun was the weapon of a coward in his eyes, it was the embodiment of loss and lack of honor amongst the human race.[/color][/size]

[font=Arial Narrow][size=1][color=darkred]"Pitiful" Beezlebub mumbled as he drew his axe and threw it.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Arial Narrow][size=1][color=darkred]The blade wizzed through the air before stopping with a crash as it stuck into the brick wall. The crook screamed, as he realized the blade had severed the arm that held the gun at the shoulder. The man stumbled backwards seeking strength from the wall as he leant against it, Beezlebub continuing to advance till he stood in front of the maimed human. Ferociously he grabbed the man's head with one hand and lifted him to eye level.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Arial Narrow][size=1][color=darkred]"This pain you feel is only a sliver of what you can hope to feel in hell" Beezlebub growled as he crushed the thug's skull.[/color][/size][/font]

I hope thats ok demonchild, let me know if there is anything I need to change or work on.
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[FONT=Arial Narrow]Welcome back every one! I'm glad to see that all have you remembered that its been about two years time and I like the different appearances and personalities. :)

I love your post shadowofdeath13. You may have the part as Beelzebub because I don't believe any one can come as close to his character as you did. :)

This will be up until the end of the wkend and then you should start looking for it in the square! If any one needs more time or anything at all just PM me.

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[COLOR=DarkGreen][size=1][b]Name:[/b] Raven Melancton

[b]Height:[/b] 5' 8"

[b]Weight:[/b] 63 kg

[b]Age: [/b]
Appearance - 23
Soul - 153

[b]Appearance:[/b] [IMG]http://img243.imageshack.us/img243/7479/blizzardgirl4iz.jpg[/IMG]

[b]Race:[/b] Zodiac - Gemini

[b]Position:[/b] Against Reoan


Manipulation of Lightning - Raven can manipulate lightning to her very whim. Storm clouds gather. She can summon the vicious powers of the sky.

Thunder Phoenix - Raven can summon a bird made purely of lightning. It becomes like a pet of sorts.

[b]Morph:[/b] Raven/crow


[u]A pair of H&K P8[/u]

[u]One of the Viper Blades[/u]

[b]Bio:[/b] (for everyone's information, the area in which Raven grew up was very backwards, technology and ethically wise)

Raven grew up in the mountains of Greece. She lived with her only guardian, her elderly grandfather. They didn't have much money since neither of them could get work. Her grandfather was too old and Raven was too weak to do any work for the nearby farmers. They lived off the land, gathering what food they could to eat from nature.

One day when Raven was 7 years old, her grandfather grew gravely ill. In order to pay for a doctor and medicine, Raven sold herself as a slave to one of the farmers to pay for her grandfather's well-being.

Forced to do work from before dawn until well after dusk, Raven withered away and became frail. The endless hours of labour and little-to-no sustainance were taking a toll on the small child. Her grandfather watched on helplessly as she got whipped for collapsing in the field day after day.

In one incident when she was being punished, Raven managed to electrocute the punisher to death. At that moment, she enjoyed the feeling of killing. Like all Gemini, Raven has two sides. In this incident, the evil side emerged. From then on, Raven grew stronger and stronger, becoming more resilient and confident.

Years later, after her grandfather's death, Raven joined the police force. The reason was because of her upbringing. She wished for no other to feel the injustice of slavery and punishment. As the years progressed, Raven grew into one of the best police officers in the country. Her resilience, courage, intelligence and never-say-die attitude made her who she is.

[i]Before present day...[/i]

Raven had met Rubedo, a guardian, in a rather strange fashion. Being a police officer, she arrested him for certain offences he had committed. While in prison, Rubedo shared some information on who and what Raven was, even letting slip a little about himself. Rubedo managed to escape with Raven's help in a fantastic plan which involved the electric chair and execution.

After a while, Raven began to warm to Rubedo before two other Zodiac turned up - Ima and Kariz. While leaving Rubedo to fight against the angel named God's hand, the three Zodiac flew to Morocco to find another Zodiac, the Pisces. There was a rather tense moment between the Zodiacs when shadow demons attacked them at Zane's house and when a new arrival to the ranks appeared in the form of Ben.

Then the Zodiacs flew to Japan, to find one of the last Zodiac. At the airport, Rubedo decided to leave to search for something. He had been at Raven's side until that moment. The parting was painful, but Raven decided that she would see him again... someday.

After the massacre of the Zodiac, Raven returned to Greece and back to her job as a police officer. However, her job was never the same again. She couldn't stop thinking about the surviving Zodiac, Reoan, her duty as a Zodiac, and most of all, Rubedo. She used her electric powers to help her in cases, and even revealed all her true powers to her Chief, which was a little startled at the start but accepted them greatly as an asset.

She returned to her apartment, some of Rubedo's belongings still there.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[COLOR=Navy][FONT=Times New Roman][b]Name:[/b] Zane Wyatt
[b]Height:[/b] 6' 1"
[b]Weight: [/b]88 kg
Body - 29
Soul - 252
[b]Appearance:[/b] [IMG]http://img243.imageshack.us/img243/6641/guys528xs.opt.jpg[/IMG]
[b]Race:[/b] Pisces
[b]Position:[/b] Against Reaon

[i]1.[/i] Illusion - Zane can create any illusion. Usually he uses this for good purposes, however, sometimes, the reaction from the illusion is disasterous.

[i]2.[/i] Water Manipulation - Zane can manipulate water to his advantage. Being a doctor, he realises how important water is to the body and helps his patients using his powers.

[i]3.[/i] Evil Eye - Can show people an illusion for a full minute. Usually this illusion is a nightmare of sorts.

[b]Morph:[/b] Blue-jay
[b]Weapon:[/b] [URL=http://otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=22981]Zane's sword[/URL]

[URL=http://otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=22982]Zane's two guns[/URL]

Zane was originally born in England. There he grew up a peaceful and calm child. Nothing much seemed to bother him. All the way through primary school and through high-school, Zane was the mediator - the cool, calm and collected guy. He was very popular with the ladies and had a great many friends, both male and female. Throughout his compulsory schooling life, Zane worked hard and received very good grades.

At his graduation, Zane was the one who made the farewell speech for the departing seniors. He wove his words around the audience and captivated them, causing most to break down into tears. Unknown to him, that was the first time he used his power of creating illusions.

Continuing on, Zane was granted a scholarship in Cambridge with aspirations of becoming a doctor. Ever since he was small, he wanted to help people and creatures. If ever he saw an injured bird or small animal, he would pick it up, take it home and care for it until it was well enough to fend for itself again.

Five years later, Zane completed his degree with Honours ahead of scheduled time. He worked very hard, his passion for helping people growing. After graduating at the top of his class, he moved to Morocco where there was an abundance of work with the poor and needy. He has been living there ever since.

[i]Before present day...[/i]

Sensing when the other Zodiacs arrived in his country, Zane invited them to have dinner with him. He became particularly interested in Camilla when she entered into the restaurant all the Zodiacs and Rubedo were supposed to have dinner at. Afterwards, Zane displayed his Evil Eye ability to the group via the attack of a group of upset men.

He accompanied the Zodiac group to Japan to find the other Zodiac after being attacked by more demons on the plane.

Zane returned to Greece with Raven, since his home in Morocco had been destroyed by the shadow demons. He helps Raven with her work and helps the less fortunate people in Athens.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[CENTER]-Enter suject name here [U]SARTAEL[/U]-
-Basic Info Compiled-
-Report Start-[/CENTER]


[U]Yet to be determined[/U]

[U] Very sercetive.
Very manipulative.
But strictly loyal.
Hates others who are outright liars or wishy-wasy.
Expects those she confides in to be the same way.
See below for a preview of her personality when she is betrayed. [/U]

[U]Reports state that she is 5'10" tall with long dark hair that reaches her hips.
Her eyes have been said to be of a hazel color with blue around the pupil.
She has a light brown complexion and a thin frame.[/U]

[U]Prefers hand to hand contact.
Has been known to utilize strands of her own hair to make a long whip of unknown origin and possibly indestructible.[/U]
[B]STATUS[/B] Unconfirmed.
[U] She also has a pair of sais that she keeps hidden somewhere on her body possibly even made from her own skeletal structure.[/U]
[B]STATUS[/B] Unconfirmed. [/COLOR]

According to scattered reports, Sartael is an descended angel, also known as Saratel, in control of hidden things. Although her name means "God's Side" her power caused her to desend to earth to continue to oversee her domain. Her parts in various events are also done in sercet and she is almost never connected to anything.
Only recently has she been told to be sided with the Yazuka in attacking the Zodiacs. Seen by the one called Capricorn. But those reports are still coming in. More information is to be obtained.
No other files have been obtained on this subject..

-Report end-[/CENTER]



[I]Ignore his voice you have a mission to complete.[/I]


[I]Keep going you're almost there only a little bit further.[/I]


The ground beneathe her stopped moving and her body zipped down to the ground. Landing in a knelt position her head looking up first at the male figure who had been pursuing her for the past 500 or so miles. Her calculation of the distance was the least of her worries. She had something to do and he was complicating the mission. She stood slowly her hands laying casually by her waist and her hair whipping around in the wind, some drawing back from in front of her face and over her shoulder to reveal her hazel and brown eyes staring wildly into his face.

A smirk crawled over her face as she looked at him. She said nothing. There was no need.

"Stop this madness!" He yelled his voice buffered by the howling wind. They had landed in the middle of a sandstorm. Yet his voice did not suffer any effects. The sand stung some but it only bounced off her and behind her. As it did him.

"Attacking the Zodiacs! What will that accomplish, but to piss them off?"

"Who are you to assume that is my mission?" Her words alone stung him. He was a nice built for an angel. Dark curly hair. Piercing blue eyes and a normally pale skin that had been tanned by the Earth's sun. "You no longer hold that aspect of my being. You were deemed by the fates to leave my side for another. So don't let your past feelings take over where your head should have control."

His eyes strayed from her but she only shifted positions quickly to catch them once again.

"I now hold the desire, the power to do as I feel. Even God himself has shunned me for many eons hoping that I will change my ways but you...YOU.. have no right to question me." She spat onto the ground and without a second thought jammed a sai into his heart. "I, who loved you, was shunned by you,who I thought loved me. I do this without consiousness and without regret. You will not be remembered and I will do this..."

She bent down and whispered her mission in his ear. His eyes widening in horror at the concept. She withdrew the sai from his chest and his body sank to the ground dissolving into the dust storm in just a matter of seconds. She replaced the sai and took off once again heading to a predetermined location. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[LEFT][B]Name[/B]: Adiol

[B]Gender[/B]: Male

[B]Position[/B]: Angel

[B]Personality[/B]: Adiol's personality is tough to decipher and it's nearly impossible for someone who hasn't known him for years to make it past his mental clutter and to it's core. He has tendencies, as most do, but these are much more difficult to understand, and he expects those around him to simply follow his orders, no questions asked. Many fear that his somewhat "rebellious" past and troublesome history will lead him to choose the side best suited for his own well-being, rather then that of all Angels. However, they have been assured that although his intentions are not always so admirable, he's been left with no choice but to support God, for his own cause.

Adiol has a strong presence and a mere stare from his forlorn eyes could turn the body cold and mind immobile. Although he often curses free will and the burden it has created for him over the years, no one expresses it more then himself. He fulfills God's wishes, but on his own terms, and even such a divine being has failed to control Adiol's aspirations and power of choice. Despite all the negative talk of him, Adiol is a good person, his soul is often in turmoil and his past has shaped him to be somewhat of a heretic mold. His beliefs are traditional, and even through his reserved character, one can see the simple eyes of a lost cherub.

[B]Appearance[/B]: Adiol's divine ancestry has left with him several angelic qualities layered upon some of his own unique ones. His hair is long and of a light blonde variety, known for it's remarkable luster. It's tips persistently streak over his right eye, which is almost always hidden from veiw. His left eye is a bright shade of blue while the right is a sharp golden yellow. As the tips of his hair fray to the side a delicate face shows through. His lips, the perfect size and skin, soft to the touch. His pale white shirt flows smoothly down his chest, it's top covered by a long, undulating, white scarf. Over his shirt is a loose, unbuttoned vest with a slight gold trim. His pants share the pale white color, streaking down his legs and slightly over the tongue of his shoes. He most often conceals his wings until they're needed.

[B]Weapon[/B]: Adiol uses two golden short swords.

[B]Bio[/B]: Adiol's past is a mystery to most and he expects to keep it that way. The past few years of his life havn't been to his liking, forced to serve as the Hand of God and carry out his mindless tasks. The latest has burdened him with the execution of Reoan in an attempt to restore the balance of power. Along with several other people, Adiol plans to extinguish Reoan's rebellion and return all worlds to their previous states.

[B]Show Time[/B]: "Everyone is waiting for you sir," spoke Heaven's messenger.

"Tell them I'll be there soon," said Adiol, dismissing the angel and returning to his previous thoughts. It was time, everyone was gathering. Some for Reoan, some for himself, and even some for the likes of Hell. Nothing was sure as of now, but every room was full of tension and everyone knew a revolution was about to begin.

[I]I expect you'll follow all my orders precisely as I gave them[/I] rumbled the voice in his head, startling him from an idle silence.

"Stop doing that," Adiol spat, an angry look upon his face, yet no one to show it to.

[I]Hold your tongue angel, you will address me with respect[/I] the voice boomed again. [I]You're the only one who can defeat Reoan, and I'm the only one who can give you the solace you so desire, we need each other[/I] he spoke again.

"Hmph, lucky for you. It must be nice, not having a physical form. Just blatantly entering people's heads uninvited and shouting about as if you had any right," Adiol spoke menacingly. He was the only one who had the audacity to speak to the epitome of divinity with such disregard. This alone was considered pure blasphemy among the other angels, most of which weren't at all pleased having to serve under such heresy.

[I]Your words mean nothing, you will serve me. Or you will die, or better yet, continue living[/I] the voice spoke again, followed by a short laugh.

"Enjoy your fun, I assure you, it won't last long. Now leave me be, if I'm expected to work with such a misfit army I need adequate time to prepare, time free of your annoying dramatics," he spoke again, finding no answer.

[B]OOC: I wasn't very specific with the bio or character info since it's something to find out as the story progresses. Hopefully DC is pleased.[/B][/LEFT]

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[FONT=Garamond][COLOR=DarkRed]Name: Lucifer

Gender: Male

Position: Vague

Personality: Lucifer is a simple creature, with only one or two things to occupy his thoughts that keeps him going. He is a soul driven by determination and will, with little that can deter him from his goals. He does not feel love or compassion as an instrument of the holy spectrum and will spare very little of it to those near him.

Lucifer doesn't allow for anyone or anything to come close to him, and he will appear cold and aloof more often than not. He also comes off as cruel and angry, although he doesn't realize it himself. There are times when he is calm and lethargic, but those periods are breif and far apart.

Appearance: Upon first appearance he would appear tall and slender, perhaps weak were it not for the way he carries himself. His skin is pale and clear, a few white scars etched ghostily over his body. In days past his hair was long and ashen, yet since he became human it was shorn short, but still kept the same pitch color. His eyes are as dark and as souless as any creature that crawled from hell, yet hold an eerie light when he is either angered or excited. His wings which were once a dim grey as result of his repentance are there no more, where he is human and bleeds as such.

Weapons: None.

Bio: Years and years before Adam walked among the beauty of Eden, or before his creation was ever contemplated, there was a being created by God. This being was blessed with the name of Lucifer.

Lucifer was for a time the most blessed and praised creation of God, blessed with golden hair and pristine wings. He stood between God and the other angels, acting as the highest choir possible. This did not settle with Lucifer however. He wanted to be worshiped by the other angels, and steal a bit of God's spotlight. But this would no do, for it was against God's will, all creatures and angels were to worship and look up to him only.

Lucifer's dissobedience was ignored for a great while as God planned to create a new world with new beings that would eventually become his most favored creation. This infuriated Lucifer and he confronted his Father God, crying out his disspleasure in these creatures that would be known as humans. He said that he and his bretheren came first, and should be greater than the humans. This however, was not so.

As it were, the Angels became servants of the humans. This only angered Lucifer furthur as he began to place seeds of distrust and lies in the minds of the pther angels, some beleived, and some did not. Those who did joined Lucifer's war on God and were struck down by Michael and his Angels. God, infuriated by the actions of his once favored Angel sent him below to hell where Satan resided (for Satan and Lucifer are not the same beings as it is thought). There Lucifer's pristine wings burned into a midnight coal and his hair singed into a darkened ash, he was miserable and punished for his actions by Satan himself, who took pleasure in defiling one of the greatest creations God had wrought.

Eventually Lucifer had repented for his harsh actions, but was not done for his betrayal. He would forever be condemned to earth and hell, keeping the fallen angels and demons in line. He would be the keeper of the damned, and made sure that none of them would do anything against God's will.

Things remained the same for centuries untill he came across the likes of Reoan, a guardian that sparked his interest when he was near her. This interest wasn't sparked by lust or inklings of love that were emotions he purged years before. It seemed more an interest of her rebellious disposition that reminded him of his old ways. Her presence gives him an odd feeling of reminiscence that he finds quite appealing. It was to his absolute delight to find that she had been banished to Hell. There, he would occasionaly keep her company, or watch her being tortured from a distance.

Lucifer was offered a great opertunity from God to join the angels in battle against Reoan. Were he sucessfull he could return to Heaven with his companion Azrael. It was that one thing he wanted most, and he fought hard to acheive it. However, though battle he lost his beloved Azrael and lost his wings, becomming mortal.

Lucifer was left for dead after his wings were ripped from his body and his soul had become a mortal one. He was found days later to be alive by a few currious humans and is now resting, healing and comatose in a Hospital unbeknownst to him as a John Doe. An unknown man with an unknown past.

Show Time:

[[Will finish later!]][/COLOR][/FONT]
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  • 2 weeks later...
Name: Benjamin Hawthorne

Gender: Male

Position: Formerly with Reoan

Personality: Sarcastic and cocky, but lately this demeanor has faltered in strange ways.

Appearance: Picture coming soon.

Weapon: Large Broadsword and a pair of modified Colt 1911's.

Bio: Formerly a local band member and street punk, he was drawn into the conflict between Reoan and the forces of Heaven. He joined with Reoan for some time before being pulled along with the Zodiacs to Tokyo, until he escaped to find Reoan again.

Show Time:

'Son of a *****!' Ben growled as he punched a nearby wall. He gritted his teeth as small shards sailed past his face. Amber jumped at the sudden violence and the grigori sighed.

'What are you so angry about?' he asked as Ben pulled his fist away from the wall.

Ben ignored him as he turned away from the direction Reoan went. He took a step before Amber stopped him.

'Where are you going?' she asked.

'She said to leave,' Ben said in a harsh voice, 'If she doesn't want me, then there's no point in wasting any more of my time.'

'Two years was a waste of your time?' Amber asked, disbelievingly. He turned, his eyes dark and frightening.

'Apparently.' he said, before turning to walk away, alone.

'Where is he going?' Amber asked, turning to David.

'I don't know.' he replied.

'He's gotten stronger, hasn't he?' Amber asked.

'Much, as strong as any Angel,' he said, 'Quite a feat for a human... I wonder what gives him such strength.'

'Do you think he'll come back?' Amber asked, a hopeful look in her eyes.

'He's not the type to hold onto an alliance once it's broken,' David sighed, 'I don't think he'll help us again, after this.'

'Do you really think he's that angry?'

David looked down at her, a sad look overtook his eyes.

'That one is lost to us.' was the only answer he could give.

Is David right? Has Ben given up on Reoan? Will he return? Will he fight against her? Will I stop making this look like a 'To be continued...' montage from the Power Rangers?

Anyway, good to see this up and going, again. Can't wait to get started. :animesmil
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