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[OBGT] Ozymandius Jones vs. Kitty


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[CENTER][B][I]Round 2, Match 4: Ozymandius Jones vs. Kitty[/I]
[B]Date Due:[/B] Tuesday, October 18

[B]Dimensions:[/B] 600 x 130

[B]Theme:[/B] Miracles

Once you have posted your submission (fulfilling the mentioned criteria), other members will vote on your work. We permit those who are participating in the tournament to vote as well. There will be no poll option ? you will be required to post a paragraph at least four sentences in length, explaining why you voted the way you did. If you fail to type a complete paragraph, your vote will not be counted, and you will receive a PM saying so. I will count & tally votes.

Thank you very much for participating. Good luck!

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[COLOR=#006aaf][SIZE=1]The Specs:
[list][*] The idea of my entry is [strike][i]laaaaaame!!![/i][/strike] about how the big bang and the universe itself are a miracle. I mean, after all, it came out of nothingness billions of years ago. Pretty damn impressive, right? ;D[/list]
[list][*] The fonts used are called "Hurry Up" and "Mulder Handwriting" and were gotten off of [url=www.dafont.com]Dafont[/url].[/list]
[list][*] The main part of the image is really the stars and light off to the upper left, but those were made with brushes and a filter, so I can't really say where they came from. The brushes I got off of [url=www.deviantart.com]DeviantART[/url] by doing a search for photoshop brushes, though.[/list]
[list][*]And lastly, I'd like to thank Doc, Sun, and Lrb for being so helpful (even if I didn't use any of your suggestions for the entry. xD).[/list]

Sooo yeah. Best of luck to Ozy, and I really hope she gets her entry up soon. Winning by default again would suck. D:[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[b]Birth is a Miracle[/b][/CENTER]
[list][*]The base is a photo my sister took at the local fair; every year they have chicks in an incubator, and you can watch them hatching. The one in the banner is only thirty to forty-five minutes old. It's amazing, watching an egg hatch to become a fluffy little feathery thing.
[*]Again, I lost count of the layers, but there's a bunch; mostly lighting effects.I think I also used a few style filters.
[*]The font is, like Kitty's, from [url=http://www.dafont.com]DaFont[/url]. It's called Akbar.
[*]Thanks to Sage Kaley, Starrstruck, Cosmo and Snarktastic for advice; some of which was taken, some which was not.

Also: Like I would let someone win by default. Pssssh. >:P[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[CENTER][b]//For Starters//[/b][/CENTER]
Lol, it took me 5 minutes to remember what I was posting about. First of all I'd like to start off by saying that this took me quite some time to decide. In fact I haven't decided yet. But by the end of the post I'll know. So, here we go!

[CENTER][b][:Kitty's Artwork:][/b][/CENTER]
Kitty, I thought your piece was great. It's very artistic and is very attractive. It draws your eyes to the picture instead of just seeing the picture on a grey background. The font is fairly nice and the placing of the text is good aswell. But there is one problem I had; the picture doesn't really have much to do with Miracles. Yes, after you [i]explain[/i] what it's about one can understand. But art is supposed to speak for itself. And yours just doesn't. Sorry. ^-^

[CENTER][b][:Ozymandius Jones' Artwork:][/b][/CENTER]
Your submittion is very well cropped for starts. I also found it very appealling to the eye. However, I am not too fond of the text. It is nicely placed and the font is nice, but I don't like the colour you chose. Somehow it just doesn't fit in my opinion. Now, the main reason I like your submission is because it has [i]alot[/i] to do with the theme. It is easily related to miracles within 2 seconds of looking at the picture. This impressed me so much...

...that I vote for [b]Ozymandius Jones[/b]. But It was very, [i]very[/i] close.[/size][/color]
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^^ I still haven't entirely decided yet. xD But like Lrb I'll decide by the end of this post. xD

[b]Kitty[/b]: I couldn't figure out what it was at first. I was wondering why you mentioned stars even though I couldn't see any. Although your description [i]does[/i] explain and it makes a lot of sense with it, I don't know if it counts... ^^ I love the picture on the left though. The more I look at it, the more I'm drawn in. And it definately draws you in... so mesmerizing...
I like the typeface you used too. ^^

[b]Ozymandius Jones[/b]: The picture you used matches the theme perfectly. It also gives a happy sort of feeling. xD Your colours all match and are great for the theme, I think. My beef is with your text. I'm of reversed opinions of Lrb. I like the colour that you used, it fits with your theme, but I don't think the font you used.
Akbar. xD That's the Simpson's font. xD

I'm going to have to go with [B]Ozymandius Jone[/B]s too. But like Lrb, it was very, [i]very[/i] close.

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[size=1][b]Kitty:[/b] You've done a quality job on this one, I must say. Your picture, without a doubt reminds me of the Big Bang, explosions of life, our origins, all of those questions are here. Very good. Also, I find that the use of such an obvious focal point makes me feel... relaxed as I look at this. The typography is only an added bonus - wonderful choices there. It's all extremely well done. Awesome job.

[b]Ozymandius Jones:[/b] The color was perfectly chosen, and the crop was masterfully done, Ozy. However, I'm not a fan of the Duplicate Stock Layer > Gaussian Blur > Overlay/Soft light effect here... or at least I think that's what you've done. The lines look too firm for such a gentle piece. The typography is pretty good; I'm not a huge fan of it, but at the same time, I cannot figure out a way to make it better. Lastly, your border is, as always, unorthodox. For sure, I like it better than your 1st round submission, but again, it's a bit too imposing for such a delicate, soft theme.

[B]My vote goes to Kitty.[/B] Good show here, both of you.[/size]
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Firstly, to get it out of the way, I dont like the fonts. I think the piece is generally subtle and the font just doesnt do it justice I dont think, too bulky and "in your face". (although I do like the glow effect you have on the text)

The background to this however I find very pleasing to look at, the subtlety of the background with obvious complexity is very effective and I think this has been overlooked. The big bang theory, not something I would have thought of for this theme but that in itself is compelling and fits perfectly with this piece.

[B]Ozymandius Jones[/B]

I'd agree with Retribution about the colours, perfectly chosen, soft, warm and calming. Again, im not fond of the text and I think the border really takes away the simplicity and depth of the image.

So my vote would have to go with [b]Kitty[/b] purely because it has the artistic side to it as well as the theme. (although it [i]was[/i] close)
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[size=1]Well, here comes my attempt at a critique...Please, bare with me.

[b]Kitty[/b]: All the points brought up are very true. Your piece doesn't give the straight off message that is explained. I do enjoy the image though. I can see the abstract, and tonel differences can represent the sky, stars, and universe. *That's what I'm interpreting them as* Retri has summed up the rest of what I would have said... ^_^ Amazing job Kitteh, and I feel this is a great quality piece.

[b]Ozy[/b]: Well, the theme is spot on, birth is a wonderful miracle. The colors are all very appropriate, and warm. I do not, of course, like the text. The font choice is nice, but the coloring is just awkward... Also, what Retri brought up is starting to nag at my eyes...

Well, even though I don't have much to say, I'm sure my vote goes to [b]Kitty[/b]... I feel her piece is alot more attractive, of a higher quality, and presents the Miracle theme well.
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