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Sign Up City of Angels M(LVS)

Akieen Cloud

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As the earth aged and began to go through its last vestigaes of life humans began to find ways of perserving it and making it new again. As they did this they made terrible mistakes and soon created a world that could fight back. Killing off almost all the human race the earth began anew. The few humans that did survive fought constantly for food and water. They called themsleves the gagns of the new world. They fought wickedly with each other, killing off the weaker gangs and then taking their lands as their own. As years went by the gangs grew and so did their numbers. Once again humans were taking over. As the earth kept changing so did the humans and after genrations of fighting and killing some began to gain abnormal qualities. Some could touch fire and not get burnt, others could sneeze and freeze a patch of grass where they're breath had hit. It grew as so alomost the entire race of humans multiplied and grew to have these qualities, all diffrent and all unique. But there were few of the humans that gained more then these qualities, they gained extra appendages. Wings. They were called the Angles of their time. These young children were raised, one in each gang, maybe more...to hate the others. But these children were special, they had the abilities to see the evil in all beings and could see for themselves that the others like them were far from evil. They turned and began to punish their own clans for their follish ways. As the days rolled into months and thtn years and then centuries they died off and ascended into heaven. But it seems as if their jobs are not yet completed on earth, a new generation of angels has emerged, these wicked and hateful...serving only to kill and destroy. The young angles of the heavens must descned and fight the evil that threatens to take over the world. They must once again fight to purify the land of the humans.

Sign Up:
Powers(if any):

There is no specail number of evil or good angels. So go with what you want and do your thing.

Here is mine:

Name: Evelynn Shade (Evy)
Age: apperes 20
Personality: Strong willed and hard headed she is a fighter to the end. Never turns or backs down from a fight. She is freindly and kind, her disposition giving off the spirit of a innocent and pure child.
Bio: She was born into the Northern gang and was raised to be a weapon of hate and destruction. Seeing her famili;ies evil intent she began to turn on them and teach them the meaning of the word retrobution. Showing her gang and the others that she meant no harm to the neighboring gangs she began to wonder around the world meeting others like herself. They returned to their gangs and began to raise the younger children that the other gangs were not diffrent form themsleves. She died shortly after turning 20, she was murdered by her mother.
Apperance:[URL=http://www.animecubed.com/animegirls/743.jpg.shtml]Give her light blue wings[/URL]
Weapon(s): Evy uses a simple bow and arrow, she keeps a small dagger on her side just in case but she uses her bow more then anything. She is skilled in swordsmenship as well.
Power: She can heal light wounds and use the wind as a weapon.
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Name: Nerus Cold
Age: Looks to be around 25
Personality: Ruthless and ambitious, Nerus epitomizes hatred. His arrogant nature is rivaled only by his hunger for power. He revels in hatred and anger, and has nothing but contempt for the other angels. He is little more then fury and loathing made manifest, and longs to wreak havoc.
Bio: Born in a weak western gang, Nerus was the only survivor when a stronger gang tore through their territory, slaughtering everything. Nerus became bitter and vengeful, but killing the murderers did not calm his fury. He began to wander, searching for a way to end his hatred. Eventually, he succumbed, and allowed his anger and hatred to take over, warping his mind and body into that of a heartless monster.
Appearance: Long blackish blue hair that ends at his shoulders. His skin is a deep tan, and his eyes are dim gray. He wears a simple outfit, consisting of little more then black leather pants and boots but no shirt. He has two belts crisscrossing his chest. They hold his weapon of choice. An ornate black tattoo covers his back, leading from the top of his neck to his waist. He stands around 6'4" with a thin, muscular build. His body is covered with scars, some from battles, others self inflicted. He sports a massive pair of crimson wings.
Weapons: Rage - A massive sword, with large swooping arcs and hooks in the blade, making it a devastating weapon when wielded properly. It stands close to five feet from pommel to tip, and weighs a considerable amount. The word Rage, written in blood, is stained onto the hilt.
Powers(if any): He has incredible strength, remarkable even for an angel. It's the main reason why he's so deadly with Rage.
((Pm me if you want me to change anything!))
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Name: Nicholas "Nick" Pappas

Age: 19

Personality: Very humble. He lives only to do what he thinks is right. He often carries an indifferent expression on his face, though he really is very caring. he wants to see the world prosper in joy. Despite this he is quick to fight in the name of these principles and is often referred to as "the Palladin". His other nick names are things such as "The burning angel" and "Heavens Fire"

Bio: he was born to powerful and tyranical gang. He never questioned there intentions, he believed they wanted what was best. He took on every mission believeing he was out for the sake of what was right. It wasn't til he saw that the ones he was taught to hate were not entirely evil, that his vision began to clear. He could see that he wasn't helping he was making things worse. It was at this time that he rose again and helped banish his own gang for the tyranny that they had envoked and the tyranny they had him preform under a false premise.


Weapon: He carries a powerful septer, a monks staff. The edges are razor sharp and he uses it like a spear.

Power: He carries the power of increased physical strength as well as the power to munipulate and create fire.
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Name: Luna ?Lu? Carriss

Age: 19

Personality: on the surface she is a loner and rather annoying but deep down she is actually quite a sweet girl with a free spirit and a unique personality and view on life she is also very intelligent

Bio: She was born in a gang that was a ragtag group they just killed for no apparent reason they just liked to fight when they arrived at the 1st clan with an angel in it she realized how utterly pointless all the fighting was and left her clan they now continue to hunt her down because she stole a scroll with secret techniques of their clan it is lock with a special lock that can be broken and she is to afraid to steal the key so she uses the scroll which is large and heavy as a weapon

Weapon: a large scroll that is very heavy it is locked so no one can open it, holds the secret techniques of Lu?s clan

Power: she can analyze large amounts of information at a very fast pace and can mimic techniques

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Name: Ledah
Personality: He is mostly quit but when he gets around someone he knows hes all fun and games.
Bio:Orphaned at a young age everyone made fun of him for his looks because of his black wings.
after a few years he found a village of peace he started protecting it.
Now he wonders about his past.
weapon:a black wrapped hilt with a long katana blade its know as Ookami the demon sword.

OOC:PM me if i need to change anything
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These sound great everyone...I made a booboo, I forgot to ask you to put what side your one so if you could just pM that to me...I can basicly get it off your signups but I need it for the final draft...if you get the picture. lol sorry for that...I haven't had one up in a long time. So PM that info to me and that'll give you all a sure seat in the Rp. Thanks!
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Name:Herst Tellvar
Age: 21
Personality: He is a kind hearted person, though he generally keeps to himself and prefers to trust no one. But if you manage to get him to trust you he is unparrelled by his loyalty and willingness to protect his friends.
Bio: When he was 15 years old his clan tortered his parents to death because they refused to let them make use of his powers, they told him that if he didn't cooperate that they would do the same thing to him, but to their surprise he retaliated, killing many of their best fighters and steeling the weapon of the leader, Reaper, a massive spear, for which they still hunt him to retrieve it.
Apperance: He stands at 5'9, with piercing blue eyes, white hair, and white wings. He is extremelyt stocky and able to weild his 60 pound spear with perfect ease.
Weapons: Reaper, a massive spear, from end to end stands 6 feet tall. Though the blade is nothing short of pure evil, he is able to wield it because he has no evil intentions in his heart and thus can't be controlled by it. The blade never dulls and can not be broken.
Powers(if any): He has the ability to move extremely fast, unoticable by the naked eye, though using this ability at it's best has harsh effects on his body. And his last ability is he can see were an enemy intends to attack by means of red lines that flash before him.
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Here are the two characters I spoke with you about, Lyuann. Please let me know if you want anything adjusted. Also, if anyone wants to be one of the people who is hunting my characters PM me so we can work out a background.

[b]Edit:[/b] I will expand upon Aria's background and how it fits with the story as the RPG progresses, so for now, please accept the light read that is her background.

Name: Logan Pryde (Human)

Age: 21

Personality: Calm, composed, and quite. Logan is more content with sitting in the middle of crowd unnoticed, than being the center of attention. He is naturally distrusting of others, but his caring behavior toward Aria shows proof of a gentle side that can trust others. Above all else Logan would do what he had to in order to protect Aria.

Bio: Logan grew up in a heavily wooded area of the world that had once belonged to Russia. The gang he belonged to was adept at hiding and waiting patiently in the cold forest they lived in, which gave them a natural defense against other gangs. Logan has learned this form of patient concealment, and combined it with the brawling techniques he learned through many hand-to-hand engagements.

Everything changed on the day he met Aria. Her appearance heralded the end of the gang as an outside force attacked them in order to get her back. Logan and Aria were the only two to escape, so far as anyone knows, and now try to seek a calm life, away from fighting, in a world engulfed in turmoil.

Appearance: Logan stands about six-foot tall, with raven-black hair, and green eyes. He has a well muscled, if a bit thin, build which has the occasional scar from years of fighting. His normal attire is a long-sleeve, grey T-shirt, a blue denim jacket, black denim jeans, and a pair of boots that provide good movement and protection from the abundant snow.

Weapons: Logan carries a dragger sheathed in his right boot, and a kris (dagger with a long, wavy blade) in a sheath strapped to his back, under his jacket.

Powers (if any): Being a normal human, Logan has no special powers. However the fact that only he can communicate with Aria suggests latent telepathic abilities.

Name: Aria (Angel)

Age: Appears to be between 5-7 years old

Personality: Aria is almost the incarnation of child-like innocence and purity. She is usually happy and playful, though she does become shy around new people. Even when using her abilities she tries not to cause harm, and feels remorse when she has to harm someone. She seems happiest around Logan, and rarely leaves his side. Aria never speaks vocally.

Bio: Nothing is known about Aria?s past before she wandered into Logan?s village. Everyone in the gang lacked interest in why she was there, and merely saw her as the opportunity to fight back they had been looking for. This mindset disgusted Logan. Using a child as a weapon was just sick. It was perhaps this belief which caused Aria to bond with him, and ?speak? in only a way he could hear. Even with the way the gang had planned to use her, Aria told Logan many times that she held no ill will against them. On the day the village was attacked Aria fled with Logan?s aid. For now she follows him with hopes of one day finding peace for the both of them.

Appearance: Aria is about average height for a child her age (or the age she appears to be), with light blonde hair and deep purple eyes. Despite the colder temperatures she always wears a flowing, sleeveless white dress. Around the neck of the dress is a half-cape that circles her lower back, elbows, and abdomen, and also hides her small wings. White socks, and white, formal dress-like shoes cover her feet.

Weapons: She does not carry any weapons

Powers (if any): Aria has the ability to communicate with Logan telepathically; she does not seem to be able to do so with others. Her strongest ability is the use of a psionic (mental) force, which takes the form of a high-pitch shriek that causes debilitating pain to the target. Normally the shriek is used to stun someone, but applied correctly it can kill them. (Side note: This power is directed at the target?s mind, and is heard by them as a shriek. As such, it cannot be avoided by covering their ears.)
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